Rustic Stone Backsplash Organic Warmth & Natural Texture

28+ Rustic Stone Backsplash

ID# 134401 | – Credit© Nicole Mizrahi Interiors

Rustic Stone Backsplash in a Farmhouse Kitchen with White Shaker Cabinets

A perfect example of how a rustic stone material can become the highlight of the space! This farmhouse kitchen goes quite classic with its overall design with its off-white shaker cabinets, silver hardware, and stainless steel appliances. Leaving the floor to the rustic stone backsplash. The darker colors on the stone create a true cave-like feeling warming up the space. It also adds depth through the thickness that can be seen in window bays. The stone sizes are chosen proportionally to the area of the kitchen. While the ceiling is kept white to increase the spacious feeling and frame the backsplash, the flooring draws inspiration from the stones and is also from a natural-looking material. Note that upper cabinetry is skipped in the space to avoid cramping up the stone and over-crowding the space.

ID# 134417 | – Credit© Carriage Lane Design-Build Inc.

Grey Open Plan Kitchen with Faux Stone Backsplash and Blue Island

It is always a good idea to create an accent wall with your backsplash if you have an opening between your upper cabinetry or a statement hood as here. This way you get a lot more out of your design choice and create a spacious feel. Using grey stone subway tile backsplash is perfect with the medium grey cabinetry and the stainless steel appliances making it the perfect backdrop for the lovely sky blue island. Due to the open plan of the kitchen, the white countertop ties in the kitchen to the rest of the area. For a bit of a warm touch, dark wood high chairs with fabric cushions are perfect.

Rustic Stone Backsplash

Do you want to renovate your kitchen, but desire a unique, eye-catching design? A rustic stone backsplash might be just what you are looking for! The austere, rough look of the backsplash adds a taste of industrial coziness to your kitchen, making your kitchen quite literally the anchor of your home. The natural feeling of the stone is also perfect for any indoor-outdoor ideas you may have, where you can easily carry the material to the exterior of your home.

One thing to beware though is, if you are a messy cook, this material requires a bit more maintenance than the traditional backsplash materials. The dust and splashes can collect in the nooks and creaks of the stone and the stone will need to be resealed regularly depending on the type of stone installed. But, nothing that can’t be handled with a well-planned cleaning schedule! A small price to pay for such a beautiful texture if you ask us!

ID# 134402 | – Credit© Terra Firma Custom Homes

Castle-like Large Kitchen with a Rustic Stone Accent Wall

Truly out of a medieval castle! This rustic kitchen modernizes medieval elements to create the air of a dining hall in a castle creating a true gathering venue for the house. Save for the stainless steel appliances, the design avoids using any modern materials sticking to stone, black metal, and natural wood. The open ceiling of the space creates a large volume, while also showing off the wooden beams. While the large windows all around bring in tons of daylight and create a relationship with the outdoor space. The rustic stone backsplash connects all these elements giving that castle feel. The stones are chosen to be various in color and not too big in size keeping the space large and light.

Rustic Mosaic Tiles

Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Chevron Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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Rusty brown and gray color slate tile mixed with burgundy color iridescent glass tiles.

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Picket Design Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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6 x 6 Red & Silver color luxury look porcelain tile, Made in Italy

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ID# 134403 | – Credit© Dakota Timber Co.

Mountain Cabin Kitchen with Worn Wood Cabinetry and Rustic Stone Backsplash

This rustic kitchen looks like it could be located in a mountain cabin. Almost fully wooden elements – cabinetry, flooring, ceiling – have matte black metal accents. The stone tile backsplash carries many different colored stones giving the space an effortless, natural look. The stainless steel appliances and recessed spots blend into the background yet modernize the space just enough. An island in the middle optimizes the usage of the kitchen, with a beige countertop and walnut wood to match. The mountainous feeling is translated literally with the accent side of the island that houses large rustic stone tiling. In a large kitchen as such with lots of daylight, you can also opt for darker and heavier materials without worrying about overloading the space.

Does stone make a good backsplash?

Stone backsplashes are a timeless and versatile option for your backsplash. There are many textures, finishes, colors, and varieties to choose from that will match any kitchen style you have in mind. Stone backsplashes are durable and heat-resistant, and some are non-porous. Since no piece of stone is the same, it makes your backsplash entirely unique and tends to increase the market value of your house.

ID# 134404 | – Credit© Élysée

Large Bright Kitchen with Outdoor BBQ and Stone Backsplash

Of course, a rustic kitchen does not always need to feel heavy. By balancing lighter modern elements with the heavy stones you can achieve a calming natural space. This rustic kitchen adds a modern twist to the traditional rustic kitchen. A more tidy grey stone backsplash is matched with light oak above, while the rustic furniture stands upon a textureless light linoleum flooring. The lightness of the space no doubt comes from very high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and the large floor area. The balance of the heavy stone with the glass allows the kitchen to be a part of the bbq area outdoor without being demanding. Protip: when mixing and matching between different styles it is always good to stick to a more tonal color palette for a cohesive space!

ID# 134405 | – Credit© GDC Construction

Traditional Kitchen with Ornate Cabinetry and Rustic Stone Backsplash

One thing about a rustic stone backsplash is that it is truly versatile. This traditional kitchen makes use of the material beautifully creating a cozy space for the guests. The kitchen uses an array of rustic stone, combining rough stone walls, brick-like herringbone flooring, ogee cut lighter stone backsplash with walnut and white wood cabinetry. The island and the wall cabinetry use alternating colors. The curved, ornamented, and paneled nature of the cabinetry supports the traditional air with midcentury modern pendants. For a true lantern feeling, you can choose candelabra bulbs in the shape of a small flame.

Is a stone backsplash hard to clean?

Stone backsplashes can relatively require more effort and care than other textureless materials as dirt can build up in the nooks of the stone. Additionally, while choosing a cleaning product for your stone, you should choose carefully to avoid any chemicals that may discolor your backsplash. Generally, cleaners that are safe for natural stones will have a neutral pH. Do not use any cleaning product that contains ammonia, bleach, or vinegar. However, with regular resealing and a good cleaning schedule, your stone backsplash will outlast them all. To avoid any stains, clean off any splatters immediately.

ID# 134406 | – Credit© Promenade Design + Build

Small but Spacious Kitchen with Unique Appliances and Brick Wall

If you like the cozy nature of traditional kitchens, but don’t care for the over-the-top ornamentation, this idea may influence your next project! This traditional kitchen lets a couple of elements lead the style while leaving the rest simple. This is a great design direction for a small kitchen as such, as it avoids overcrowding the space. The unique appliances with gold ornamentation for sure are the highlight of the kitchen, while the sage green shaker cabinets flank them on either side. The shelves above keep the space light but have done ornate metal supports. The brick wall behind connects all these pieces, contrasting the black of the appliances and flooring with its light red coloring. Another good choice is to give a spacious feel.

Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Grey blue with rusty earth tones Brazilian slate mosaic tile with red glass inserts.

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White & gray marble flower pattern floor wall mosaic tile

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White pearl and marble mixed mosaic tile, elegant look for projects.

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ID# 134407 | – Credit© Pearson Design Group

Mountain Cabin Kitchen with Ribbon Window and Rustic Stone Backsplash

Perhaps for your next mountain cabin, you would like a kitchen that resonates with a cave. Look no further! The key to such a space is keeping a simple material palette and choosing textured finishes. This kitchen covers all its walls with a rustic stone backsplash that varies enough to look natural. Matching this with heavily textured wood cabinetry, island, and ceiling completes the aura. To prevent overloading the space, texture-less materials such as concrete are good to use on secondary surfaces. A ribbon window adds a modern twist while staying true to the air through the usage of worn black metal. Opting for long pendants with metal and glass detailing will upgrade the space further.

Material Options for Rustic Stone Backsplash

So you have decided to use a rustic stone backsplash but don’t know what stone to choose? We are here to help! There is a stone for any style you are aiming for, easily creating a focal point in your home. But of course, not all stones match all designs, and there are lots of options to choose from. To aid you in your decisions, from stacked stone to brick, we collected a selection of ideas down below to inspire your next kitchen project.

Rustic Stacked Stone Backsplash

Stacked stones are a great way to add character to your kitchen as no natural stone is the same! You create an accent wall or just a focal point in your kitchen, use it as a connector piece of all elements or a contrasting piece; however you wish to use this material the results will surely be bold and unique! Just like you!

ID# 134408 | – Credit© John Rogers Renovations

Rustic Open Plan Kitchen with an Island and Walnut Cabinetry

If you have an open plan kitchen you can always carry the materials in from other living areas for a cohesive environment. This rustic kitchen features glamorous polished dark wood cabinetry that gives the wow effect to the space. The central island is topped with a light granite countertop that delightfully contrasts and highlights the cabinetry. The flooring and the stone backsplash are chosen in a color that is a couple of tones lighter than the wood to match but keep the space from becoming monochromatic. The stone of the backsplash can also be seen on the back wall leading out of the kitchen creating one harmonious room. To learn what else you can do to highlight your brown cabinetry, check out our article: “Backsplash for Brown Kitchen Cabinets”.

How to install stone backsplash?

With any other backsplash installation, you start with making sure your surface is even and clean. Next, it is important to layout your stone design ahead of time to make sure you have enough supplies and you will get the best results. Once you have prepared your compound, with stone tiles, you can back butter each stone instead of applying the compound to the wall as you would with some other materials. Going from bottom to top horizontally, apply your tiles with a gap and make sure the edges are mostly aligned. With a rustic stone backsplash, you may be able to get away with slightly off alignments.

Adhering your stones one by one will make it easier to go around any outlets and break off pieces at the edges. Once all your tiles are up, let them sit overnight. When applying grout lines, you will want to wet the surface of the stone as it is very absorbent. Using a rubber float, apply the grout by gently pushing it in between tiles. Clean excess grout after letting the grout set for about 10 minutes with a wet sponge. Finally, if you are applying a sealer, you can seal the stone before the grout is fully dried.

ID# 134409 | – Credit© Élysée

Cozy Forest Cabin Kitchen with Stone Wall and Knotty Wood Cabinetry

For an extra playful kitchen, you can layer up different materials and textures. Here, the kitchen is mostly designed around the beautiful highly knotty wood that already adds interest. The monolithic nature of the cabinetry allows the texture to flow continuously. This more curvaceous material is then paired with the hard lines of the stacked stone backsplash where harmony is created through contrast. The lack of upper cabinetry allows the stone to be tiled as an accent wall framing and draws the eye to the beautiful forest views outside. In order to identify and draw the borders between textures, black countertops or window frames are crucial. This contains textures and avoids a cluttered look. Completing the design with subdued secondary elements such as stainless steel appliances or tonal textureless stone square tile flooring will create the perfect backdrop!

Are stone backsplashes still in style?

Stone backsplashes are timeless. From marble to travertine to brick, these backsplashes can be used and reused even if you remodel your kitchen in a different style. Especially if you are buying your house with resale in mind, choosing a timeless material like stone will ensure that your kitchen is in style five, ten, or fifteen years from now.

ID# 134410 | – Credit© KBF by Audi Contractors

Transitional Kitchen with Brown Cabinets, Granite Countertops, and Stone Accent Wall

The various colors in a stone backsplash allow you to use the backsplash as a connector piece between all the design elements. In this transitional kitchen, the space features ashy brown cabinetry, while also having light granite countertops. Both colors can be found inside the stone texture that spans all the way up to the wall, creating a bridge between the solid field of the cabinetry and the noisy texture of the granite. The flooring also matches the color variations of the stone. To add a pop of color, designer furniture such as the high chairs here can be added in warm and bright colors as the highlight of the space. In a bright kitchen with lots of daylight, using darker colors is a great way to add depth to your kitchen.

ID# 134411 | – Credit© Janet Brooks Design

Large Rustic Kitchen with an Island Bar and Stone Wall

This large rustic kitchen is definitely designed to entertain! The kitchen overall balances the dark wood color with the white, where walls and countertops are kept light, the cabinetry, and the raised bar off of the island is kept dark. The flooring is a medium color between perfect as a backdrop. The blackened steel appliances are so unique and definitely give the space a rustic feel. Looking at the layout of the space most of the flow and the seating is directed towards the back wall. This is a perfect location to create an accent wall out of rustic stacked stone backsplash bringing aesthetics and functionality together.

ID# 134412 | – Credit© Homoly Signature Homes

Contemporary Kitchen with Large Windows and Stone Wall with an Island Bar

This contemporary kitchen is something to dream about! The open plan makes the kitchen the perfect lingering spot where the space is flanked by floor-to-ceiling windows framing beautiful nature views. The rest of the space is kept pretty simple, most of the materials continuing onto other spaces such as the grey stone tiled floors and white walls. The dark wood island features the same language where all surfaces are plain, unobstructed, and of one material. The monolithic nature of the bar island is alleviated by the recessed lighting at the bottom. Finally, to anchor and define the space, a rustic stone wall is used, which not just adds texture but also creates the perfect space to pause for a drink and chat. Do not forget to complete this look with contemporary furniture such as sleek black cylinder pendants or steel high stools.

Rustic Brick Stone Backsplash

An exposed brick wall instantly adds an artistic edge to any space due to its rough texture, industrial look, and versatile nature. You can opt for this material regardless of what style you are going for in your home. In a rustic kitchen, the brick’s roughness adds that primitive air, while its relatively modular and repeating units allow you to design any pattern you want. You can stagger them or even create a herringbone pattern. Perhaps brick is the most versatile out of all the natural stone options! To learn how else to use a brick backsplash, check out our article: “Brick Backsplash Distressed Glamour with Strong Durability”.

ID# 134413 | – Credit© Knight Custom Homes

Industrial Kitchen with Exposed Brick Wall and Marble Backsplash

In this kitchen, an overall industrial feeling is created. Perhaps in a repurposed old house, the exposed brick wall is a prized possession! A rustic brick stone backsplash is always a great anchor for the industrial look. Pairing the brick with another texture such as the cloudy marble backsplash and countertop is a clever way to enhance the worn look of the space. It is also clever to use a stone that is much more resistant to stains behind the stove where most of the splashing occurs to decrease the needed maintenance. A worn metal hood is perhaps the statement piece in the kitchen completing the industrial style. Make sure to combine your stylistic elements with clean ones such as the dove gray cabinetry and brushed gold hardware to freshen up the space.

ID# 134414 | – Credit© Arnolds Kitchens

Large Farmhouse Kitchen with Big Island and Exposed Brick Backsplash

Who said brick is overdone? This kitchen spices up its cozy farmhouse feel with a herringbone style rustic brick backsplash. The open ceiling and the pitched roof create an enormous volume to entertain many guests around the oak and navy island while allowing the brick backsplash to continue all the way to the top. It is clever to tile a rectangular shape and surround it with windows on the perimeter in irregular shapes to keep the costs down but also add depth to the stone. Deep red cabinetry is very farmhouse and draws inspiration from the colors of the brick. The wooden structural elements are kept bare, while the rest of the functional surfaces such as the appliances, ceiling, and flooring are grey creating a balance of clean and pastoral.

ID# 134415 | – Credit© Hudson Construction Group

Calm Farmhouse Kitchen with Grey Cabinetry and Whitewashed Brick Backsplash

This calm kitchen is a prime example of just how homey a farmhouse kitchen can be. The soothing color palette is never broken and a combination of natural materials adds that warmth. The wooden flooring, the marble countertops, exposed worn wood beams above pair well with the rustic brick stone backsplash. Whitewashed brick is used on the wall to soften the traditional bright red and keep with the soothing effect of the space. Grey cabinetry and stainless steel appliances complete the flow of the design. You can throw in a couple of designer pieces of furniture to the space to add a modern edge, but keeping with worn and natural materials will avoid disturbing the space.

ID# 134416 | – Credit© Inna Hart Interiors

Bright Kitchen with Brick Accent Wall and Skylight

Such a bright and lovely kitchen! This kitchen will truly make you want to stay in all day long. The open plan kitchen continues the white walls of the other living areas but makes sure to add a pop of color with an accent wall. The exposed brick backsplash pops the space with its red hues and matches the oak countertop and the sky blue cabinetry very well. The other white features blend into the background such as the white appliances, the simple island, and the stone tiled floor. The outdoor feeling in the kitchen is very apparent with not just a backdoor leading outside but also the unique skylight above. Avoid using upper cabinetry in this sort of design for the rough texture of the brick to catch the daylight from a unique angle and opt for floating shelves instead.

Rustic Faux Stone Backsplash

You may want to add an organic touch to your cooking space but may lack the wall support or the financial means to invest in a real stone backsplash. Then the faux stone backsplash may be for you! Looking just like the real thing, these backsplashes come in veneers and are about an inch thick generally. Not to mention due to their production methods, they are a lot easier to maintain than their real stone versions.

ID# 134418 | – Credit© Студия дизайна Бойчук Марии

Open Plan Modern Dark Grey Kitchen with Daylight

This open-concept modern kitchen keeps all the design lines minimal and allows the textures to speak. Continuous textures are used all around the space such as the knotty wood cabinetry, laminate countertops, or the stone backsplash. The rest is kept modern yet simple such as the dark grey flat panel cabinetry with recessed handles, black appliances, exposed bulb pendant lighting, or the metal high stools with minimal lines. Generally in a kitchen utilizing dark or medium colors all-around maybe risky, however, if your kitchen has a large window that allows for enough daylight, it is perfectly fine to play around with deep and rich colors.

ID# 134419 | – Credit© DF Design Inc

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen with Wood Cabinetry and Exposed Brick Wall

In an open kitchen, it is a good design choice to continue the material of the surfaces to create a cohesive space. In this rustic kitchen, the exposed brick wall is carried onto the rest with the help of the faux stone backsplash. The dark red of the brick perfectly completes the knotty medium-colored monolithic cabinetry. The wood textures in the flooring and window frames create a continuous look. The white wall of cabinetry and countertops balance out the darker colors. The white appliances create one form with the cabinetry. The metal chain pendants with exposed bulbs complete the mountain cabin air.

How to seal stone backsplash?

To maintain your natural stone backsplash, it is recommended to seal it at least two to three times a year. If your chosen stone is more porous or on surfaces more vulnerable to stains such as the back of the stove, sealing may be needed more frequently. However, sealing a stone is so easy that you won’t see it as a chore!

Start off by making sure your backsplash is clean. After, prepare your preferred sealer by pouring it into a cup that the brush can fit into. Due to fumes, opening a window for ventilation is a good idea. Then going in with a foam brush, use broad and overlapping strokes to paint the sealer to the surface. Going from top to bottom can prevent any drippings. Once the sealer is on, wait 10 minutes for the stone to absorb the sealer. Then go in circular motions with a soft cloth to buff out any sealer that is not absorbed until the stone does not feel tacky. You are done!

ID# 134420 | – Credit© JDR Designs, LLC

Rustic Mountain Kitchen with Faux Stone Backsplash and Darkwood Hood

No doubt the focal point of this kitchen is the dark wood range hood. The rest of the kitchen is designed to accommodate the central element. The dark wood contrasts with cloudy stone backsplash while the shaker cabinets around the hood have a worn white aesthetic. The faux stone of the backsplash adds the texture and depth a natural stone will give while its clean finish avoids overpowering the wood. The black hardware completes the frame, opting for simple knobs or slightly ornamented cup handles will do the job. The island is an excellent pairing piece to the kitchen with the glossy marble countertop and the dark wood base. It is always a good idea to reuse your materials such as the deep open shelving with the stone backdrop, to create a unified space.

ID# 134421 | – Credit© Lawlor Architects

Transitional Kitchen with Faux Stone Backsplash

Of course, a rustic stone does not always need to be used in a rustic kitchen. This transitional kitchen with flat-paneled white cabinetry, classic oak flooring, a white marble waterfall island serves a textureless and simple appeal. To add a focal point and much-needed texture, a faux stone backsplash brings a rustic feel. The tonal differences in the stone both complement and contrast the cabinetry for a unique look while keeping the space from becoming too bland. The stool choice of blue fabric and warm oak complete the transitional style. For more ideas on white cabinets with stone combinations, head to our article: “White Cabinets with Marble Backsplash Timeless Elegance of Simplicity”.

Color Options for Rustic Stone Backsplash

Even though stone is a natural material it comes in many different color options. Given this and the inherent eye-catching texture of the stone, choosing the right color for your next rustic stone backsplash becomes imperative. Adding just the right touch to your space can allow you to move between styles or create novel combinations for a one-of-a-kind experience. Thinking most of the design ideas generally prefer to tile the whole wall with the chosen stone, you can imagine the impact it will have on your space. Though this sounds like a huge commitment doesn’t worry! We gathered down below a selection of ideas to make this choice as easy on you as possible!

Rustic Gray Stone Backsplash

A grey rustic stone backsplash is timeless and versatile. Perhaps the first image that comes to mind when we say “rustic stone backsplash”, this material lives up to its name. You can use it in your modern, farmhouse, or rustic kitchen. This stone is especially good if you would like to carry on the material to other areas of the living space, for example, a garden that your kitchen opens up to.

ID# 134422 | – Credit© Architecture Saville Isaacs

Airy Beach House Bar with Concrete Floors and Rustic Stone Backsplash

This beautiful open-plan bar is set in a beach house and is perfect for holding a summer garden party! The large glass façades bring in lots of daylight. The rustic stone backsplash anchors the space and creates a natural backdrop. The colors of the stone and this natural feeling is kept throughout the space through modern plush fabric couches, luxurious concrete flooring covered partially with minimal grey rugs, flat-panel medium wood cabinetry with hidden hardware, sparingly used basket, and leather pieces that keep the space light and airy allowing the stone to connect them all. For a clean look that allows for so many elements and materials to come together.

Slate Mosaic Tiles

Try a Sample

Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

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Grey blue with rusty earth tones Brazilian slate mosaic tile with red glass inserts.

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Dark gray slate subway tile for a contemporary yet timeless kitchen backsplash

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Chevron Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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Rusty brown and gray color slate tile mixed with burgundy color iridescent glass tiles.

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Picket Design Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

ID# 134423 | – Credit© Atlantic Lighting Design

Trendy Farmhouse Kitchen with Whitewashed Brick Wall

A farmhouse kitchen does not always need to consist of many elements. It is more important to select elements that bring in the texture and coziness a farmhouse kitchen offers to the space. This kitchen does a beautiful job of achieving lots with very little. The knotty worn wood island in the middle is the focal point of the space. Also. the natural feel of the wood brings a homey feeling. Pairing this island with worn metal simple high stools keeps the language from going overboard. The white walls and hard black metal frames offer a modern edge. As connector pieces the modernized lantern-like big pendants and whitewashed brick wall make you feel like you are in a castle but are still light.

ID# 134424 | – Credit© Brent Campbell, Architect

Trendy Farmhouse Kitchen with Rustic Stone Backsplash and Island

The best way to achieve that farmhouse look is perhaps to opt for a rustic stone backsplash. The exposed brick feeling will instantly cozy up the space and the rough texture will complement the worn look of the rest of the pieces. You can prefer a darker stone color for a contrast effect. Here, the dark grey island and the metal high chairs perfectly complete the worn white shaker cabinets and the range hood. The grey ceramic tiles on the floor are the perfect middle piece. The cup handles, the industrial pendants, and the stainless steel appliances all add a slightly industrial feel to a farmhouse.

Rustic Black Stone Backsplash

For a unique look, you can opt for a rustic black stone backsplash. This unusual material will be the perfect accent wall to your space and will instantly add contrast. Putting this material against lighter elements is provide the full effect.

ID# 134425 | – Credit | © John

Rustic Kitchen with Black Stacked Stone Backsplash

Black stone does not always have to be sleek. A rough and stacked stone can be perfect for your rustic kitchen dreams! Here, though eye-catching the material palette is very simple as the textures were chosen are loud enough themselves. Around the stone backsplash, the cabinetry adds further texture to the look. The black and white light fixtures do not clutter the space.

Rustic Beige Stone Backsplash

Due to its color, a rustic beige stone backsplash can act as a connector piece between the other elements of your design. Perhaps usually counted as a rather dull color, beige gains a whole new character when found in the rough texture of the stone.

ID# 134426 | – Credit© KTG Design

Large Rustic Kitchen with Beige Stone Accent Wall

Choosing a wood color close to the color of the beige stone can aid you in achieving a cohesive look throughout the space. In this large rustic kitchen, this method served well in unifying. The wood of the cabinetry also matches the color of the stone floor. Making sure to choose a wood with a subtle texture will keep with the natural language but won’t overpower the stone of the wall. The white countertops keep the space from becoming too much of one color. The worn metal elements such as the large black hood or the small pendants complete the rustic look.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample

ID# 134427 | – Credit© KTG Design

Large Rustic Kitchen with Beige Stone Accent Wall

This is the perfect example of how a beige stone backsplash can become the connector piece in the design. This cozy rustic kitchen uses bright wood and white alternatively throughout the space. While the cabinetry, the island, and the ceiling are white, the exposed beams and the floor highlight the bright wood. The furniture like the high chairs inhabits both. Anthracite countertops and hardware along with stainless steel appliances with red accents add depth to the space. The worn metal large hood in the middle of the space becomes the focal point creating the rustic feel. Connecting all these elements is, as mentioned, the beige backsplash. Not too textured, leave for the subtle tonal changes, the stone becomes the perfect backdrop for the hood.

ID# 134428 | – Credit© Paper Moon Painting

Traditional Kitchen with Dark Wood Island and Rough Stacked Stone Backsplash

This traditional kitchen wraps around the dark wood island as its centerpiece. The rest of the shaker cabinetry along the walls creates a white and simple appeal. The flooring matches the wood of the island. As the space brings in a lot of daylight, the white cabinetry catches the light perfectly keeping the space airy. The rustic beige stone backsplash brings in the much-needed texture, the roughness of it highlighted by the under cabinet lighting. Choosing a beige granite countertop will pair well with this sort of stone as well.

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