Large Tile Backsplash Create Sleek Look with Larger Tiles

31+ Large Tile Backsplash

ID# 134303 | – Credit© Kresswell Interiors

Black Kitchen with Large Tile Backsplash and Oak Accents

A unique and tasteful kitchen shows how the contrast of oak against black can create an air of class! All vertical surfaces in the kitchen are harmonious in color, such as the black flat paneled cabinets, black walls, and finally the black backsplash. The herringbone tiles are chosen in a large size, becoming the focal point of the kitchen and the higher than usual vertical span of the backsplash allowing for room to breathe. Choosing oak shelves, furniture, flooring with brass hardware would compliment and bring out the black even more.

ID# 134322 | – Credit© Du Bois Design Ltd

Calm Kitchen with Grey Cabinets and Marble Countertop

In this transitional laundry room, the square tiles are used to create one continuous wall effect with minimal grout lines. The square tiles with their minimal shape allow you to create a wall of tiles without looking like a wall of tiles. Using slightly textured matte ceramic tiles will draw attention from grout lines, concealing seams. The dove gray of the tiles and the shaker cabinets match the marble countertops and the white walls for a calming feel. Opting for an ashy wooden floor material will also complement the overall color palette. To add a bit of shine without being loud, you can use silver hardware.

Large Tile Backsplash

You are in need of renovating your backsplash but are tired of the traditional small tiled look? Look no further! The large tile backsplash is the solution you are looking for! The vast surface of these tiles will not only make your space look expansive but also expensive. These tiles are a great way to minimize your grout lines on the surface, creating an illusion of one surface. Thus, you end up with a modern, clean kitchen with a touch of elegant design.

When it comes to choosing the right tile type for your next backsplash design, the large tiles are just as varied as their smaller peers. You can choose from different materials, colors, finishes, and styles that fit your kitchen and your imagination the best. Additionally, with these tiles, you can show off the material you choose by allowing for it to span more area such as showing those beautiful veins of a marble backsplash. Or you may choose to be bold and opt for a 3D surfaced tile that will add dimension to your space, which is a unique characteristic of the large tiles.

Thinking about the ease of cleaning and saving on money due to a lot less need for grout lines, large tiles may be the design you are looking for! For even more ideas on how to utilize these tiles, read on our selection!

ID# 134301 | – Credit© The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

Modern Marble Kitchen with Gold Accents

A complete modern look that will wow any of your guests with its expensive look! This space feels fresh yet anchored due to its minimal yet strong choices of material and color. While the overall white feeling from shaker cabinets, marble backsplash, and light concrete island expands the space, the golden accents take the focal point. The decorative pendants, the faucet, gold detailed high stools are chosen carefully and tastefully to become the main speakers. The marble backsplash, with its minimal grout lines, frames these accents keeping the space from becoming too busy.

ID# 134302 | – Credit© Danze & Davis Architects, Inc.

Cozy and Modern Kitchen with Walnut Wood Walls

This contemporary kitchen dons walnut wall coverings that give the kitchen a cabin feel. The stainless steel appliances, the concrete countertop, and flat paneled white cabinets add the modern touch adding sleekness to the coziness of the wood. With its unusual color combination of grey and dark brown, the backsplash acts as the connector between the two. The texture and the alignment of the tiles speak to the wooden panels, while the coloring address that of the countertop.

Porcelain Mosaic Tiles

Modern light gray long porcelain mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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Brown and bronze mixture of glass, ceramic for a clean contemporary kitchen backsplash

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Brown red beige small square kitchen backsplash and bathroom tile.

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6 x 6 Red & Silver color luxury look porcelain tile, Made in Italy

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ID# 134304 | – Credit© Colossus Mfg.

Scandinavian Modern Kitchen with Blue Decorative Large Tile Backsplash

For a feeling of harmony between coziness and modernity, take a look at this kitchen. Oak, black, and white are used in a classic combination with cabinets, flooring, ceiling, almost all furniture is oak. Above eye level, the space is white giving the illusion of high ceilings and adding to the Scandinavian feeling. The black light fixtures are the perfect contrast, having been chosen from sleek modern wall scones. The focal point, however, is the large tile backsplash that spans all the way to the ceiling in a decorative design. Some of the tiles are chosen blue to add color and uniqueness to the space, drawing inspiration from the art hanging next to it creating a full circle.

Can you use large tiles for a backsplash?

Large tiles are perfectly okay to use as a backsplash. Thanks to technological developments, backsplash tiles were able to get larger in width and length without becoming thicker which adds weight. Another great thing about a large tile backsplash is that larger tiles mean fewer grout lines, saving you time every time you clean your kitchen! Large tiles, also, show off whatever texture, color, or finish you choose for your backsplash, letting you get the most out of your design.

ID# 134305 | – Credit© Robert Thomas Homes

Bright Kitchen with Picket Glossy Backsplash

This transitional kitchen features large windows bringing in so much daylight. The space accommodates and utilizes this asset by using light colors throughout. The white classic cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and polished quartzite countertops create the background for the beautiful tiling used on the backsplash. The picket style of the tiles creates an alluring space, while the glossy ceramic material catches the daylight beautifully. The large surface of the tiles is perfect for creating that sea shell feeling.

White Mosaic Tiles

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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Modern look white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

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ID# 134306 | – Credit© John Audet – Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

Cozy Bright Small Kitchen with Wave Backsplash and Walnut Accent

Do you have a small kitchen? Using lighter colors will instantly help expand your space visually, creating room to breathe. The bone-white shaker cabinets with their black hardware are a kitchen classic, cozying up the space, while the stainless steel appliances and glossy grey countertops add a modern edge. Utilizing geometrical wave tiles such as the backsplash here will no doubt keep with the cozy feeling of the kitchen, while the light it catches not only further deepens the space but also winks at the rest of the glossy surfaces of the kitchen.

Tile Shapes

While deciding what aura your space to give off, picking the tile shape is vital. Especially, when the large tile backsplash is concerned. Due to their size, the shape of the tiles stands out allowing you even more control of the design of the space. From traditional shapes such as herringbone and hexagon to unique ones like ogee and teardrop, you can change the feel of your space from traditional to modern to cozy with just a touch. Keep reading to find out just how much fun you can have designing with large tiles!

Large Subway Tile Backsplash

Perhaps a classic choice, subway tiles allow you to bring attention to the tile itself, with its color, grout thickness, finish, and more. Or you can simply choose your backsplash to be classic and simple, acting as a background for the rich details of your kitchen. Subway tiles are also adaptable regardless of which style of kitchen you dream about. Their simple shape allows them to be traditional like oyster-shell finishes that catch the daylight beautifully or modern like a matt dove grey tiling with white grout lines.

ID# 134307 | – Credit© Soorikian Architecture

Bright Farmhouse Kitchen with Spanish Tile Flooring

This beautiful kitchen carries the classic combination of white, black, and brass in a farmhouse setting. The large windows bring a ton of daylight in, perfect for the glossy white subway tiles to reflect adding to the bright feeling. Here, the tiles take a secondary position and allow the rest of the space to shine. A perfect example of how the minimal beauty of subway tiles can be utilized in space. White countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a white farmhouse sink also fade into the background. The glossy off-black cabinets with brass hardware complement the brass globe pendants above. Did you know you can use these tiles as a backsplash as well? Check out our article: “Spanish Tile Backsplash Unique Patterns & Vibrant Colors” to learn how!

ID# 134308 | – Credit© Butter Lutz Interiors, LLC

Cozy Traditional Kitchen with White Subway Tile Walls

Your simple white large subway tile backsplash does not always have to fade into the background. You can have it shine by simply opting for black grout instead of classic white. You can also choose to tile your whole kitchen with the tiles blending your space into one harmonious language. Keeping the rest of the space relatively darker will create the needed contrast with the white. You can choose deep colors such as bright oak, anthracite, and dark brown leathering to match the black grout lines and the black hardware. It is important to keep a balance though, opting for white cabinets at times will keep the space from becoming too dark.

ID# 134309 | – Credit© H2D Architecture + Design

Bright Minimal Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinets

This transitional kitchen features dark blue cabinets with brushed gold hardware and walnut wood accents creating an almost naval feeling. While the deep blue of the shaker cabinets anchors the space, above the eye-level surfaces are kept white to allow for brightness. The usage of white subway tiles adds to the minimal and traditional feeling and matches the white countertops. The wooden accents are used tastefully above eye level and frame the space with the wooden flooring. A perfect example of how to achieve a kitchen that looks elegant without using over-the-top features, if you wish to leave out the frills.

How to install large tile backsplash?

As with any tiling project, you must start by prepping your walls. Making sure your walls are plumb will ensure a level installation and any future maintenance or aesthetic problems. If your wall is not plumb, the wall may need to be adjusted or sanded. Seal and fill any cracks or holes in the wall as well. After, cleaning and priming the wall with a primer, your wall is ready to be tiled!


As larger tiles are heavier than the smaller ones, they require a substrate that will properly support the tiles. It is best to discuss what options of mortars are best and available upon buying the tiles but the two key points are; the adhesive should have minimal shrinkage to avoid any cracks in tiles due to movement, and it should be able to hold the large tile in place while setting to avoid any slippage. Make sure to support the tiles as they are set and avoid uneven walls to prevent tiles from cracking or sloping.

Unlike smaller tiles, it will be harder to disguise any errors on the wall. Then, add a layer to the wall as recommended by the product and make sure to back butter the tile as well. It is important to layout your design of tiles before application of the adhesive to ensure fitting to the wall and determine the starting point.


Once you have tiled your wall, wait for the adhesive to set in as recommended, and then apply your chosen grout. Choosing a color of grout closer to your tiles and opting for minimal thickness will create a feeling of cohesive surface, for a more modern look you can pick a contrasting color. Apply the grout at a 45-degree angle to the grout lines, filling in as evenly as possible. Then allow the grout to dry enough before cleaning the tile surfaces of any excess with a wet sponge. Seal the connection points between surfaces.

ID# 134310 | – Credit© Ali Attenborough

Industrial Space with Eclectic Furniture

Just how versatile white large subway tiles can be? This example proves that no matter what you are going for this type of tiling won’t fail you. This beautiful industrial space features an unusual combination of colors and textures of sun yellow with grass green, copper, and bright oak. The watercolor-like texture, a fluffy geometrical rug with worn wood flooring creates a unique enough space that you may want to use a versatile simple tiling to connect all together. Add touches of potted plants and interesting pendant fixtures to add to the space. With a white background, you can opt to combine anything!

ID# 134311 | – Credit© DEANE Inc | Distinctive Design & Cabinetry

Big Kitchen with Two Islands and Dark Blue Cabinets

Adding just a few bold touches can modernize your space while the rest can be in traditional style to preserve the hominess. Such a large kitchen using mostly traditional features keeps the space from becoming too artificial or commercial. Playful accents such as using different countertops for each of the double islands, white shaker cabinets combined with dark blue ones, and using a vast stainless steel hood to match the hardware will no wonder shake up the space. As always use the classic white large subway tile to connect all the dots!

Large Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Another classic, hexagon tile, while a little more eye-catching than subway tiles will still give you the versatile nature of a classic shape tile. Unlike the subway tiles, you can use the hexagon tiles to create designs on the wall also combining in ways to make your space feel unique without breaking the bank. Follow along to discover interesting ways to utilize this tile!

ID# 134312 | – Credit© Kelly Martin Interiors

Fun Kitchen with Cerulean Hexagon Tiles and Orange Appliances

Have an open plan kitchen and want to upgrade so it will catch the eye of every guest? This is how you can achieve that! This fun kitchen utilizes the playful nature of hexagon tiles to render the kitchen as a focal point, utilizing an especially large size in bright cerulean blue to not only show off the design but also the cloudy texture of the tiles. Utilizing complementary colors such as bright orange -like fun orange appliances- and dark walnut will also serve in framing the accent wall. Make sure to keep the rest of the space white and uniform to prevent business. You can choose to have your accent wall looking outside if you have a garden view such as this to frame.

ID# 134313 | – Credit© AAA Development, Inc.

Bright White Traditional Kitchen with an Island and Picket Blue Large Tile Backsplash

The elongated cousin of the hexagon tiles, the picket tile backsplash is the focal point of this kitchen. A large tile backsplash is a great choice for the glazed finish of the tiles to catch the light reflecting off the white surfaces. White shaker cabinets and the white island blend with the stainless steel appliances and the deep dark brown leather of high stools match the grey-blue color of the backsplash. For an even more bright and glossy look, you can choose blown glass pendants as here.

What size tile should I use for backsplash?

What size you pick is entirely up to your preference! While you can pick field tiles such as 18×18” to cover an entire wall or just simply to show off the material’s characteristics, you can also opt for tiles in the 8×8” range and go for a unique cut of tiles and create a design on your backsplash. However, going for a unique cut in a field size may inhibit showing off the design of the tiling so make sure to always lay out your tiles before installing to ensure your vision translates to reality.

ID# 134314 | – Credit© IQ Construction

Contemporary Kitchen with Interesting Grey Hexagon Tile Backsplash Design

Just as they could be traditional, hexagon tiles can also fit perfectly into a contemporary kitchen due to their highly geometric shape. This kitchen features a unique accent wall where the usually separate backsplash and plaster wall blend into each other. In a kitchen that lacks upper cabinets, the interesting edge of the hexagon tiles can blur the usual abrupt ending of a square tile. The rest of the contemporary kitchen features all-white cabinetry with stainless steel appliances and black metal framing. The light oak flooring matches this classic feeling. To create a playful edge to the space designer pendants and slight variations on backsplash tiles are added.

ID# 134315 | – Credit© Du Bois Design Ltd

Contemporary Kitchen with Concrete Island and Marble Hexagon Backsplash

For an open-plan contemporary kitchen, you can wow your guests with a tiled accent wall! This will also help create invisible borders between spaces. The beautiful simple concrete island in the space with a sleek recessed stove calls for a design that will match its elegant nature. The hexagon-tiled black marble accent wall does just that! Even though grout lines are almost invisible, opting for a non-rectangular shape such as a hexagon will create variations in a textured material such as marble where its veins create a unique pattern in this example. The flat-paneled grey cabinetry, big yet simple pendant and black hardware avoid being too loud for the island and accent wall to create the contemporary air that screams class.

Large Herringbone Tile Backsplash

Though familiar, herringbone never fails to add the wow effect to a space. Its simple yet highly designed arrangement goes a long way in creating a focal point in your kitchen. You can choose to tile a whole wall for an accent wall or just your backsplash to add texture. The large herringbone tile backsplash due to its size offers highlights its design even more.

Herringbone tiles can be organized in two ways, one is to lay them out in a diagonal fashion for the classic look, for a more modern and unique approach you may also align the tiles in a ninety-degree pattern. You may also opt to use subway tiles for a more elongated and artistic design of this pattern. There is no wrong answer here!

ID# 134316 | – Credit© MAC Building Solutions Ltd

Indoor Outdoor Modern Kitchen with a Garden

Sometimes contemporary kitchens turn out boring due to their non-textured surfaces and minimal features. Here you can see just how a herringbone backsplash can help you break that! The general verticality of the kitchen is broken by the diagonal nature of the tile pattern adding an eye-catching highlight. With this sort of element, the rest of the kitchen can stay minimal with its gray flat-paneled cabinetry, bronze hardware, and limestone countertops. The minimality in this kitchen is also utilized to create continuity with the adjacent garden carrying the materials inside. With the floor-to-ceiling glazing, the kitchen expands into the garden, perfect for your next dinner party!

ID# 134317 | – Credit© Improva

Cozy Kitchen Bar with Dark Blue Cabinets and Large Herringbone Tile Backsplash

A herringbone backsplash never fails to give your kitchen a cozy feeling, so it is the perfect tiling to combine with your wooden elements. In this contemporary kitchen, the white backsplash is matched with the walnut oak and the rich brown leather. Adding flat-panel cabinetry with a recessed opening and oak flooring gives that Scandinavian clean feeling. Opting for a deep blue color instead of the usual black will not only enrich the space but also add to that coziness. Using minimal light fixtures such as the globe glass pendants here will blend them into the design. If you like the idea of white herringbone backsplash check out our article: White Herringbone Backsplash Ideas!

Large Square Tile Backsplash

Who said square is a boring shape? Perhaps the most versatile of the tile shapes, square tiles can blend into the background or create designs to create a focal point. You can also mix match the other patterns throughout your kitchen with the square tiles for a unique finish. The large square tile backsplash can be finished in whatever material you desire and can have varying colors and textures even between tiles on the same wall. Keep reading to learn how you can utilize this tile to maximize the design of your space!

ID# 134318 | – Credit© gamble + design

Soothing Oak Kitchen with Limestone Square Tile Backsplash

This kitchen just soothes the soul even from looking at the picture! The Scandinavian feel of the space is no doubt due to the light oak and sea blue flat cabinetry yet the limestone backsplash draws inspiration from Spanish summer houses right into the space. Just as here, the large format tile can be chosen in tonal colors to create the texture of a stone wall. Make sure to add darker elements like the black hardware and walnut wood flooring to keep the space from becoming bland. Interesting yet thin plants, minimal small light fixtures, stainless steel appliances will keep the space easy on the eyes.

ID# 134319 | – Credit© АР-КА бюро – Илона Болейшиц, Игорь Орлов

Monochrome Cerulean Kitchen with Unique Design

For a unique kitchen, you can choose to design a monochrome kitchen. This cerulean kitchen with its bright color and interesting design becomes the center of the house! Using the unique ceramic backsplash will give it a sea feeling and break the cerulean color just enough. From the grey of the tiles, black countertops and cabinet bases are used to further break the solid fields of the blue. Using these sorts of breaks in the space will keep the monochrome look from becoming overbearing. While the bright color helps with creating a unique kitchen even with its small footprint.

ID# 134320 | – Credit© Pizzale Design Inc.

Sage Green Laundry Room with Oriental Square Tiles

Tiles are not just for kitchens, of course. Here, the large format tiles are used as a laundry room backsplash to add an artistic element. An advantage of square tiles, you may choose from many different textures, patterns, colors, finishes without worrying if they will match the overall design of the tiling. Square tiles can accommodate any design choice while choosing a larger size will allow you to choose more intricate patterns. The oriental design of the tiles here is combined with matching desaturated sage green cabinetry. To add the wow effect opt for gold elements such as the faucet or the hardware.

Tile Materials

Now that we have covered what shape of the tile is best for your next renovation, we can speak about materials. There are tons of materials to choose from when it comes to large tile backsplash, and you can be playful with the materials and show off the characteristics of the material due to the larger surface area of the tiles. We gathered a selection of material options to inspire you in your design journey!

Large Marble Tile Backsplash

Adding marble to your space will instantly give an elegant air. Using it with solid, non-textured materials will highlight the marble, and metallic hardware will add to the sleek feeling. For a more cozy feeling incorporate wood and fabric into the space. Perhaps marble’s most important aspect is the glamorous veins it inhabits. To show off the texture, opting for a large tile will create a continuous surface. Of course, marble comes in many different colors from black to classic white. With this many endless options, we gathered a few ideas for you to get inspired.

ID# 134323 | – Credit© Cabinet IQ

Grey Kitchen with Marble Countertops and Backsplash

In this transitional kitchen, from grey shaker cabinets to stainless steel appliances, the design relies heavily on flat glossy or matte grey surfaces. Though the brass hardware, glass pendants, walnut accents, and brown leather of the high stools add warmth to the space, the main highlight is the marble backsplash. The intricate diamond design of the backsplash truly comes out due to the color variations in the heavily textured natural stone material. This is the perfect example of how the design of the tiles can work together with the material to create unique spaces. A subdued marble with subtle veins is used on the countertops to match but not overpower.

ID# 134324 | – Credit© HanStone Quartz by HYUNDAI L&C USA, LLC

Contemporary Kitchen with Walnut Cabinets and Large Marble Backsplash

The minimalist feeling of this contemporary kitchen is thanks to the small palette of materials used. The flat panel upper cabinetry is white, while below the eye-level bottom cabinets and the bottom of the island along with the flooring is walnut wood. A brass contemporary chandelier hangs above the island adding to the feeling. The picket tile backsplash in the space breaks these minimal surfaces creating noise and texture. Shying away from a continuous marble surface but rather using a picket style not only is a unique approach but also shows off variations of the marble that contains the colors of the space. The hardware is matched to the chandelier’s material to keep the materiality minimal. You can use varying handles on the cabinetry but make sure to stick to one family of styles.

ID# 134325 | – Credit© Artistic Tile

Large Marble Kitchen with Steel Appliances and Dark Wood Island

This mostly unornamented kitchen utilizes marble tiles perfectly to create the classic traditional feeling. The large marble tiles show off the texture of the material and are kept in a simple rectangular shape to not overbear the artistic design of the built-in shelving. Tonal materials are added to the rest of the space such as herringbone ashy wooden flooring and stainless steel appliances. The shelves that match the steel hood add a thoughtful and modern edge to the overall design. Using marble and wood as versatile materials you can play with the rest of the decorations mixing and matching from different styles. Here, the simple traditional style cone pendants are matched with the contemporary high stools around the dark wood island.

Large Glass Tile Backsplash

Glass is that perfect material that adds depth and shine to any space. And it has just so many colors, aesthetics, and shapes to choose from! From a grungy finish to a complex design glass can accommodate any dream you have for your next kitchen. Not to mention this means it complements whatever style or material you chose for your design. A large tile backsplash shows off any difference in finishes and design while also allowing the glass to catch as much light as it can. But the best thing about a glass backsplash? It is water-proof and stain-resistant; reducing the effort needed for maintenance and giving you more time to enjoy your kitchen.

ID# 134326 | – Credit© Supreme International USA

Transitional Kitchen with Quartz and Walnut Island and Blue Glass Backsplash

This transitional kitchen brings together a variety of materials tonally. The center island is a complex quartz countertop that continues on the sides with recessed walnut lower cabinets, allowing room for legs if chosen to sit at it. The rest of the kitchen frames this centerpiece with cream shaker cabinets, textureless gray countertop, and stainless steel appliances. In the overall white kitchen, the light temperature is kept warm to bring coziness. In the midst of this relatively desaturated color palette, the backsplash stands out as the sole pop of color. The bright blue large glass tile backsplash adds depth and artistic flair to the space. The tiling follows the movements in the kitchen, rising and lowering as it wraps around.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

Try a Sample

Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

Try a Sample

Modern chevron backsplash tile, white gray brown color mixed chevron tile

Try a Sample

ID# 134327 | – Credit© Trevor Fulmer Design

Trendy White Open Plan Kitchen with Glass Tile Backsplash

This contemporary kitchen carries the very little color and relies on differing textures to create a bright and trendy space. The quartz countertops, flat-panel cabinets, white plaster walls, and glass subway tiles come together to create this effect. The usually staggered glass tiles are kept orderly to add to the contemporary feel and follow the ninety-degree lines of the design. One of the sole colors in the kitchen, gray, is used sparingly on the floor to anchor the space and by picking stainless steel appliances. The sleek linear pendants above the island match the appliances. To brighten up such a space, you may treat it as a gallery as such, mounting your favorite art piece on the wall.

Is it easier to tile with large or small tiles?

This largely depends on what you would consider being easier at installation. While the installation processes are generally the same, larger size tiles do require special handling due to their weight. Double checking that your surface is even and straight to avoid cracking and using the appropriate mortar that will bolster your tiles sufficiently should ensure the best results! Larger tiles, on the other hand, allow for shorter times of installation due to fewer pieces and fewer grout lines which will make your life easier in the long run. Just gauging what you would like to get out of your backsplash will answer this question for you.

ID# 134328 | – Credit© DG Kitchen & Bath

Calm Tonal Beige Kitchen with an Island

It is not always easy to create a mono-color space, but you may have a color that you love and want to see on every surface. Fear not, this kitchen applies that idea beautifully. The overall beige feeling creates a soothing air, tonal variations of the color are mixed with different textures to highlight surfaces without breaking the homage to the color. The cream shaker cabinets with walnut flooring, cream marble, and dove grey island come together. The glass tile backsplash adds a novel texture to the space with its cloudy design. The coloring is a connector between the browns and greys, creating a focal point.

Large Porcelain Tile Backsplash

A wide variety of options make porcelain a great material to opt for. From glossy surfaces to unique colorations porcelain tiles offer you expansive finish, color, shape options. Not to mention, porcelain’s dense structure makes the tiles less likely to chip or crack, and water-resistant. Water droplets just roll off the surface making it hard for any stains to stick. So if you are a messy cook, no worries, you will be able to clean any splashes right off the tiles. If you are looking for durability, flexible design, or easy maintenance; porcelain tiles have it all!

ID# 134329 | – Credit© Laad Studio

Bright Modern Kitchen with Oak Cabinetry and Marble Large Tile Backsplash

So Bauhaus! This modern kitchen offers a calm and bright space for your morning coffee without trying too hard. The use of white in flat-panel tiling up above and the cabinetry gives the space a minimal feeling. The addition of the oak softens up the atmosphere and adds color. The island features the same combination of materials, while the hardware is chosen as thin minimal brushed gold elements for a little sparkle and elegance. Finally, the needed texture is added by the porcelain marble large tile backsplash. The large size of the panels creates a cohesive surface that matches the unified nature of the flooring. For even more ideas on how to match your white cabinetry to the marble texture check out our article: “White Cabinets with Marble Backsplash Timeless Elegance of Simplicity”.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample

ID# 134330 | – Credit© Zarkua Anastasia

Elegant Deep Green Kitchen with Porcelain Backsplash

Who said dark colors can’t dominate a space? This deep emerald kitchen begs to differ! The forest green cabinets are finished glossy for them to allow to catch the light like a true gemstone. Their reflective nature is matched by the brass hardware and the deep green is continued at the top part of the wall. The kitchen uses other deep colors such as dark wood shelves and matte anthracite appliances to complete this beautiful and elegant palette. However, when you take the chance of playing with deep colors in your next design, make sure to mix in one light element as a breather! In this kitchen, the porcelain backsplash is chosen in a classic white marble texture, not just adding that lightness but also enhancing the elegance of the space.

ID# 134331 | – Credit | © goro_da

Porcelain Marble and Wood Large Kitchen with an Island

This large cabin kitchen utilizes very minimal materials but creates a harmonious surface. You can also create such a kitchen without splurging on various materials for one project! Here, the wooden cabinetry and island is adding warmth and texture to the large space to not let the volume reduce the coziness. Additionally, adding marble texture to the space will no doubt make this large kitchen the gathering space of the house. The glamorous large porcelain tile backsplash and countertops have a glossy finish in contrast to the matte wood. We have seen the wooden flooring time and time again, but adding large porcelain hexagon matte tiles on the floor is a great idea to create a playful space! Porcelain due to its density is a great material for heavy traffic areas, allowing you to use the material both on your walls and your floors.

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