Shipping FAQ / Cost

The majority of our orders are boxed and shipped by FedEx Ground. Small samples are shipped by USPS

Insuring your order arrives on time and undamaged is our number one priority!
99.9% OF ALL MATERIAL ARRIVES IN PERFECT CONDITION charges shipping on most items.


“Free shipping is not free. Somebody is paying for it”

—Bala Ganesh, UPS

Every body loves FREE SHIPPING, but you’re paying an inflated price for the item to make up for this “free shipping” You may don’t want to pay shipping but if you compare total amount you may not really getting best deal.

Most other businesses are offering “FREE SHIPPING” but as usual they markup their product prices to cover shipping cost. Thats what we call is “hidden fees”. You think shipping is free but reality you are paying shipping cost.

  • Their way to sell: 1 sheet item $15.00 + “$3.00 (Hidden Fee)” = $18.00 + Free Shipping
  • Our way to sell: 1 sheet item $15.00 = $15.00 + Shipping Cost

We are charging for shipping but most of times we offer huge discounts and keep our prices low. Also some customers wants to pick-up their items and some states shipping cost lower than others.

We don’t want to raise our prices to cover shipping cost. We hope that all of our customers are satisfied with their purchase.