Bathroom Accent Wall Tiles Create Focal Point with Stunning Tile Ideas

20+ Bathroom Accent Wall Tiles

Geometric Hexagon Design with Bathroom Accent Wall Tiles

The bathroom design, which consists of intertwined hexagonal patterns, has a stylish stance. The continuation of the same tiles on the floor creates a cool concept. A white modern tub takes its place, while the floor-to-ceiling window provides a modern and spacious environment.

While the bronze shower mixers display an elegant stance, the pendant lighting right above the tub completes the space with its modern stylish look. It is a bathroom design dominated by white and accentuated wall tiles that add movement.

Wood Vanity with Black and White Patterned Elongated Hex Tiles

In this bathroom design, which creates a hypnotic effect with wall tiles, white paint is preferred for all walls. The bathroom cabinet, which consists of wooden flat cabinets and drawers, is accompanied by a white countertop and an under-counter sink. The black sink mixer settles in. While the round-cornered rectangular mirror takes its place, the appliqués with brass details on both sides add an elegant look. By choosing elegant pieces of brass hardware on the cabinet handles, a luxurious effect prevails in the bathroom. Additionally, right on the back wall of the washbasin, the white tile consisting of black linear shapes draws all the attention to it, leaving a blocking effect on people’s eyes. It adds a dynamic effect to the calmness of the place. It also provides a harmonious combination of white, wood, and brass hardware.

Bathroom Accent Wall Tiles

Bathrooms are places of renewal and purification. It is the last stop before you go to bed when you come home and wake up when you leave the house. Bathrooms have become the place to showcase incredible interior designs in recent years. It is important that bathrooms, which are one of the most spent areas of the house, give them a relaxing, calm, and fresh feeling. And, it is important to create a balanced space by considering our needs while designing a bathroom. Whether you’re working in a small bathroom or a large master bathroom, functionality is paramount when it comes to looks and design. However, visuality is also another aspect and tiles are perfect materials to add visual interest to the bathrooms. And if you want to highlight your tiles by creating a focal point, you will love these bathroom accent wall tiles!

Various concept designs are available such as traditional, modern, rustic and transitional. There are unlimited design options suitable for the desired bathroom. Accent wall tiles are the number one element of bathroom designs. Because the real effect passes through the walls to the user. Successful designs can be achieved with various material types such as marble, ceramic, mosaic, glass, and stone and flooring types such as subway, herringbone, and hexagon.

Bacteria and mold thrive in damp areas. Wall tiles are available in options with antimicrobial properties that can suppress and even destroy harmful microorganisms such as mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. So it can help create a healthy environment. They are also very easy to use and the tiles do not stain easily and can be cleaned with a little soap and water, which makes cleaning very easy. So, are you ready to dive into stunning bathroom accent wall tiles? Scroll down and find some inspiration!

White Vanity with Black Herringbone Tiles and Penny Floor

We are faced with the magnificent transition of black and white in the bathroom design, which consists of a contrasting harmony. A patterned floor consisting of small mosaic black and white tiles creates stylish effects, while black herringbone wall tiles create an accentuating effect. The rebellious and sharp stance of black creates a stylish look. The bathroom cabinet with white drawers offers a classic look. It creates a traditional bathroom design with a vintage basin mixer, a brass framed mirror, and two sconces with brass details. Brass hardware is chosen for details such as cabinet handles and towel holders to create an elegant design. Additionally, the remaining parts of the black herringbone walls are chosen in gray paint, while the bathroom door is settled in black. A full black and white combination is provided.

Modern Bathroom with Wood Floating Vanity 

Fresh air is felt in the bathroom design, consisting of white vertical wall tiles. White tiles are accentuating, offering a fresh, clean look. The wooden drawer-closed suspended washbasin cabinet provides a stylish look. It has a modern appearance by being designed with double sinks. Wall-mounted, black basin mixers give an elegant stance. It is also a bathroom design with minimal elegance.

Minimalist Bathroom Design with Unique Pink Vanity

In the bathroom design, which consists of gray vertical wall tiles, a pastel sweet look is created by applying them together with pink grout. Rice. While the small and unique pink vanity with a detailed white countertop displays a very stylish stance, the washbasin in its pink original form is in a sweet elegance. Wall-mounted, brass hardware accompanies sink faucets. And again rice. The round mirror with hardware frames serves as a complementary element. Also, a simple barber design is completed with minimal pendant lighting.

Where do you put an accent tile in a bathroom?

You can create a border parallel to the floor and surrounding of your shower, or you can make accentuating effects on the entire interior of the shower. Adding a touch of style to the space without becoming overwhelming is a minimal design way. Various designs can be provided, taking into account the shape, size, and desired concept of the bathroom.

Pink Herringbone Tiles with Black Freestanding Bathtub

In the bathroom design that blows the vintage winds, the classic free-standing bathtub is in a cool elegance with the dark green outer surface. Pink, herringbone wall tiles look both cute and stylish with an emphatic effect. Its glossy surface exhibits a quality stance. A harmonious combination is provided by laying tiles in pink and gray tones on the floor. A luxurious effect is created with the shower mixers selected with brass hardware. An authentic pendant lighting on the ceiling creates the details that complete the space. It is also an elegant and warm bathroom design.

Colorful Bathroom Design with Classic White Bathtub

In the bathroom design, where two different color wall tiles are applied, green and blue square tiles leave an accentuating effect on the bathroom walls. The calm effect of green and blue is reflected in the whole area, while a modern, modern bathtub takes its place. Green square tiles are laid from the ground to a certain height, and from there to the ceiling, blue square tiles. A white dot patterned tile is laid on the floor. On the other walls, there is white and gray paint. Wicker pendant lighting adds an authentic atmosphere. Together with the tiny plants located in the space, it becomes a natural, fresh bathroom design.

Subway Tile Bathroom Accent Wall

Subway tile has become an instant classic since it was introduced at NYC subway stations in the early 1900s, a genre still enjoyed today. These tiles are simple to apply, durable, and very easy to clean. He works in a variety of interior design styles, from industrial to contemporary or traditional to modern. They are applied in many points of the house such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mud rooms.
Bathroom designs can be created by adding unique accents with various material types such as ceramic, marble, mosaic, and glass, and with different color options. Design in bathrooms, which is the most used place of relaxation and renewal in the house, has recently become a very important issue. With Subway tile options, designs can be made according to every taste and desire. It is a very useful and timeless form of tile.

Wood Double Sink Vanity with Light Wood Flooring

The bathroom design, which consists of modern lines, consists of wooden flat cabinets, a white countertop, and two sinks under the counter. Two brass-framed bathroom mirrors are placed at the level of the washbasin. And stylish appliques with brass details are positioned on both sides. Only on the wall where the sink is, do the dark blue subway wall tiles leave an emphasizing effect. It is applied together with the white joint, providing a sharp appearance. The other walls in the bathroom are white. On the floor, light beige tiles are laid. It is a modern bathroom design.

Modern Gray Bathroom with Black Accents

Wall ceramics in bathrooms affect all the energy in the space. The gray bathroom design consists of gray herringbone wall tiles, a close-to-gray wooden suspended washbasin cabinet, and a white countertop match. The white bowl sink accompanies them. They take their places from the wall with their black basin mixer and black framed round mirror style stances. On the floor, gray, white, and green mosaic patterned tiles create a vintage breeze. harmoniously combined with gray herringbone wall tiles. The bathroom design is completed with a floor-standing toilet, a white modern bathtub, and a shower.

Are our accent tiles out of style?

Accent flooring can be any style. There are endless types of tiles available, from mosaics to ceramic patterned tiles. It never goes out of style as more and more designs are released every day and accent tiles are examples of timeless design for your design.

Black Subway Tile Accent Wall Effect for Bathroom Design

We are faced with bathroom design in a cool style. There is a combination of a concrete countertop and an under-counter basin in the metal structure bathroom cabinet with medium-tone wooden drawers. A chrome basin mixer and rectangular flat mirror with rounded corners take their places. Industrial style pendant lighting presents a stylish stance. The shower starts right next to the sink, and there is the wall where the two of them are located and the subway wall tiles of different sizes. Consisting of shades of black, this tile has a noble elegant appearance. On the other wall and floor of the shower, gray terrazzo tiles are applied. They are a duo with a very stylish stance. The rest of the walls are also preferred white, providing a cool and spacious environment.

Mosaic Tile Bathroom Accent Wall

We can define mosaic tiles as tiles that are smaller than average. Mosaic tiles are equally well known for their natural creativity. Mosaics can be formed in any combination of tile colors, shapes, and sizes. Whatever design you choose, the tiles are placed in a specific or repeating pattern or randomly. It can be mounted on a mesh layer for ease of installation.
They provide quite impressive looks for bathroom wall tiles. Successful designs can be achieved by applying the chosen one at the point that will give the most impressive results in the bathroom. It is a very useful and beautiful-looking bathroom wall tile material.

Small Bathroom with Blue Mosaic Tile Backsplash 

In the modern bathroom design consisting of gray large-size tiles, the floor and walls are laid with the same gray tiles. The bathroom cabinet, which consists of a mid-tone wooden hanging cabinet and a large bowl, is complemented by a large round mirror. The wall, on which the sink and shower mixers are mounted, creates an interesting effect with blue mosaic pattern tiles. Between the gray tiles, it adds vitality and movement. A warm atmosphere is created by applying wooden panels on the ceiling, and minimal pendant lighting looks modern and stylish.


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Colorful Mosaic Bathroom Accent Wall Tiles in Beige Bathroom

In the beige bathroom design where the walls and floors are made of white tiles, the wall-to-wall mirrored upper cabinets are functional cabinets that add depth to the space and also store many materials. Just below it, the white wall-hung washbasin and the white toilet seat. Between the upper cabinets and the sink, a niche shelf is designed and colored mosaic tiles are laid inside. The same colored mosaic pattern wall tiles are also applied to the wall inside the shower, leaving fun and lively effects. Additionally, it is a fresh and dynamic bathroom design.

White Tile Bathroom Accent Wall

White is a color that never goes out of fashion, as a representation of cleanliness and purity, creating timeless designs. This bright color, which is a classic color choice, provides a clean and fresh look in bathrooms, while at the same time it can provide a calming atmosphere. Since bathrooms are points of renewal and refreshment, using white is a very popular and useful color. At the same time, white bathrooms pave the way for creative designs as they act as a black canvas. If you want to add a warm atmosphere to the simplicity of white, you can add natural wood textures. If you want to achieve a more effective look, you can create a stylish contrast by adding highlights in dark tones such as black, navy blue, and green. Feeling the elegance of white in the bathroom, with different accentuating wall tiles, creates an indescribable visual and feel.

Rustic Modern Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Chevron Backsplash

In a modern bathroom design, chevron, white wall tiles are laid until slightly above the level of the sink mixer. And the rest continues as gray paint up to the ceiling. The contrast harmony of white and gray offers a stylish look. White tiles offer a clean and spacious look. While the vintage-style wooden bathroom cabinet takes its place, a bowl sink is positioned on it. Brass hardware cabinet handles and brass hardware sink mixer display a stylish stance. While the black framed round mirror takes its place with its minimal elegance, two simple light bulbs and pendant lighting are the fine details that complete the space. While a few small plants color the space, black-framed white paintings take their place on the walls. It is also a beautiful bathroom design in modern lines.

How wide should bathroom accent tile be?

Generally, there are no set guidelines for the size of accent shower tiles that run horizontally. But most of the time the strip is 4”-8” wide.

Small Powder Room with White Zellige Tiles and Gray Vessel Sink

We are faced with the elegant harmony of white and gold. The powder room, which consists of small square, white wall tiles, is made with the same tiles on the sink counter. Small white Zellige tiles provide a natural look. A wooden open shelf just below creates a warm texture. While the gray stone bowl takes the place of the washbasin, the brass hardware basin mixers impress with their luxurious appearance. The wicker mirror creates an authentic elegance. Brass detailed appliqués on both sides support the luxurious atmosphere. It is chosen following the authentic atmosphere in wicker boxes placed on wooden shelves. In this powder room dominated by white, a stylish design is formed with beautiful touches.

Glass Tile Bathroom Accent Wall

Glass tile materials have their unique design styles. It is a type of tile that is usually in mosaic forms. They have an elegant and stylish design appearance. Glass tiles create successful designs by displaying a dynamic stance. Glass tiles are highly durable materials and are resistant to stains and mildew. These glossy tiles are also interesting due to their reflective properties and are also useful in rooms where there is not much lighting. It is a very popular and useful material type in bathroom designs. They provide quality looks with their glossy surfaces.


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Blue Glass Bathroom Accent Wall Tiles with Open Shelves

The bathroom design is made of blue color, glass tiles, it is a design that opens people up thanks to the calm and spacious feeling of blue. Its glossy surfaces offer a cool look. The bathroom design, which consists of a medium-tone wooden sink counter shelf and adjacent open shelves, has a minimal elegance. A white bowl sink and a round mirror take their places elegantly. The metal basin mixer and connection apparatus offer a stylish look. White tiles are laid on the floor. Additionally, glass tile creates a modern and simple design by leaving dazzling effects.

Ceramic Tile Bathroom Accent Wall

Bathrooms are one of the most important parts of the house. Since it is an area where we feel most comfortable and peaceful, it should be designed as carefully and in the best way possible. The feeling when we walk in is very important. Since it is a place where we are cleaned, refreshed, and rested, that ambiance should be captured as soon as you enter. In this way, we can create magnificent bathroom designs with an unlimited variety of ceramic tile models.

Ceramic tiles are the most widely applied material types. It is a very easy product to install and maintain. It can be obtained in different designs with unlimited color, pattern, and size options. There are samples for every taste and every style. In this way, it can attract every user. With accent wall works, designs that will make a name for themselves can be made. It is a great feature that ceramic tiles can be made in any way desired.

Geometric Style Ceramic Bathroom Accent Wall Tiles

Ceramic wall tiles with white and black geometric patterns provide a stylish and interesting look. On the floor, black marble-like tiles fit in elegantly and stylishly. The black marble countertop with its washbasin creates a cool look. Copper-colored basin mixers also take their place by choosing wall-mounted. On the counter designed as a double sink, two mirrors are placed at the level of the sink. Minimal appliqués mounted right next to them offer a stylish look. This bathroom design, which draws attention with its dynamic structure, is also a stylish design with a characteristic style.

Can you have an accent wall in the bathroom?

In bathrooms, an accent wall provides the perfect canvas for you to try different ideas. You can create a focal point with mirrors or apply open shelves to make your bathroom a relaxing environment. For some style inspiration, there are these gorgeous bathroom accent wall ideas. Or you can create perfect results by changing the whole atmosphere with an accent tile without going into different things.

Pastel Tones with Ceramic Tile in Bathroom Accent Wall Design

We are faced with a sweet bathroom design designed with pastel tones. In the bathroom where pink square ceramic tiles are applied, the same color joint is applied as the ceramics, and a self-shelf is made at the end of the ceramic applied up to the mirror level, while the paint continues in pink tones from that level to the ceiling. While the suspended washbasin with an original design is replaced by purple, basin mixers made of white and yellow colors are installed. It also takes its place in the yellow framed mirror by adding a lively color. Additionally, it is a very sympathetic bathroom design.

Stone Tile Bathroom Accent Wall

Stone tiles are available in various types such as natural stone, marble, brick, and quartz. They are very high quality and useful materials. Especially marble tiles leave dazzling effects with their luxurious appearance. It can be applied to plates as well as cut into shapes such as hexagonal, herringbone, and subway and used in small pieces. They are a type of material that is easy to maintain and are very useful, especially in bathroom designs, and exhibit very stylish appearances. They also offer unique looks with their quality lines. It is a type of tile that is very suitable for calm and spacious bathroom designs and according to the purpose.


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Gray Effect with Hexagon Stone Tile in Bathroom Design

The bathroom design, which consists of gray large-size tiles, is tiled with these ceramic tiles on the floor, inside the tub, and in the area up to the taps. While the white suspended washbasin and white toilet take their place, all fixtures are chosen in copper color. While all the connections of the tub, washbasin, and closet go on a single wall, the opposite walls are white paint and the other wall and the side wall of the tub are laid with hexagonal stone tiles, giving a stylish effect. Additionally, the luxurious stance of the hexagonal tiles leaves a perfect impression in the bathroom. It is also a sophisticated, cool bathroom design dominated by gray color.

Marble Hex Tiles with Modern White Bathtub

In a modern bathroom design, an elegant bathtub takes its place, while all the walls are white. Hexagonal stone tiles are laid only from the floor to the ceiling on the wall where the bathtub is located. A magnificent design is created with the luxurious texture of stone tiles. Metal shower mixers are mounted. A natural atmosphere is created by planting. White pendant lighting exhibits a modern stance. Gray tiles are also applied to the floor. Additionally, there is a detail that adds a natural effect to the wooden stool. It is also a very successful design for renewal and relaxation.

How to tile a bathroom accent wall?

To lay bathroom accent wall tiles, you first need a sander, sponge, paint tape, fine-tuning mortar, notched trowel, tape measure, wet saw, grout float, grout sealer, and caulk gun. Then you need to clean and sand the application area to create a smooth surface.

Before starting to build, if using patterned and especially sequential tiles, place them elsewhere and create the layout. In this way, you can easily find which parts need to be cut. When cutting tiles, if you are using ceramic or porcelain tile, a simple tile cutter will do the job. On the other hand, for natural stone tiles such as marble, a wet saw with a diamond blade can be used to prevent cracking.

You can lay the tiles on the mortar by spreading the adhesive mortar in small sections with a notched trowel. To fix the tiles, place spacers between the tiles (this is not necessary if you are using tiles with a small tile mesh.) and follow these steps until you have covered all surfaces and wait until it dries and the tiles adhere. Next, remove the spacers, if you are using a sealant, you can do this after the tiles are completely dry. Apply the joint mortar you prepared with a trowel and wait for it to dry. After the mortar dries, you can clean the tile surfaces with a damp cloth.

Herringbone Stone Tile Accent Wall Effect for White Bathroom Design

The bathroom design is dominated by white, all walls are painted with white paint and penny tile tiles are laid on the floor. While the wooden bathroom cabinet and white tiles are placed on it, the pink bowl sink takes its place with a sweet elegance. The washing section is separated by a glass partition and is completed with a shower and a modern bathtub next to it. The wall where the tub is located is covered with herringbone white stone tile, giving an accentuating effect. The quality stance of the herringbone upholstery is eye-catching. All fixtures such as shower mixers, glass divider registers, and towel holders are applied in copper color to provide an elegant and stylish look. It is also a magnificent bathroom design with a noble stance and stylish details of white.

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