Very Small Bathroom Ideas It Is All About the Placement and Materials

78+ Small Bathroom Ideas

ID# 119202 | – Credit© Ravenwood Developers LTD.

Midcentury Modern Bathroom with Black and White mosaics and Walnut Vanity

It’s a simple, modern, geometrical, high contrast bathroom that has less in quantity but more in quality as a midcentury bathroom should. There are very simple and striking details such as the black and white hexagonal mosaic tile detail on the shower wall and the custom-made walnut cabinet. The rest is basically black and white; white countertop with double vessel sink, white porcelain tile floor, matte black minimalistic faucets, matte black square mirror, and brass triple-globe wall lamp.

ID# 119241 | – Credit© Hrs Build

Contemporary Bathroom with Hexagon Tiles and Warm Wood Accents

Natural wooden warmth is very eye-catching in this white and gray dominant bathroom. Hexagonal tiles have covered the floor and the walls partially and are completed with gray wall paint and wooden pieces in a way that enhancing the hexagon shape even more. Small space is used efficiently with placing all the waterworks on one wall which is the single wall mounted sink with wooden vanity, toilet, and shower.

Very Small Bathroom Ideas; It Is All About the Placement and Materials!

Modern city life has compelled us to live in smaller houses and bathrooms are one of the most significant rooms in our lives; the smaller they get, the more time we consume in bathrooms decreases because we only use them to quickly get cleaned and prepared. However, it’s in the designer’s hands to create enjoyable small bathrooms with the right choices of materials and placements. Scroll down and how to work with very small bathroom ideas!

Say goodbye to the bathtubs, walk-in showers are the best!

The lack of square footage and limited natural light is one of the most challenging points of the small bathroom design ideas. As our bathrooms are getting smaller, we’re starting to get rid of the big bathtubs and use our spaces more lightly with walk-in showers. With minimal elements, our bathrooms are becoming more spacious and enjoyable, especially with frameless shower separations we perceive the room without any distraction. When a small bathroom is planned effectively, it’s time to choose the right materials; bigger surfaces like floors, ceilings, and walls are better being in light colors and if patterns are going to be applied smaller patterns would be more appropriate.

Vanity and cabinets are to support the style choices and can be chosen according to the shape of the room. Accessories and the fittings are the key elements to complete the style, most likely they can be in any color and style because they are most likely very small surfaces.

Calacatta Gold Dark Bathroom Vanity 3
18 Inch Gray Vanity
24 Inch Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity 1
18 Inch White Bathroom Vanity Bathroom 1
30 Inch Gray Bathroom Vanity 1
30 Inch Green Bathroom Vanity 1
24 Inch Gray Bathroom Vanity 1
24 Inch Green Bathroom Vanity 1 1
30 Inch White Bathroom Vanity 1
60 Inch Green Double Bathroom Vanity 1
72 Inch Gray Bathroom Vanity 1
72 Inch Green Bathroom Vanity 1
72 Inch Navy Blue Bathroom Sink 1
Beige Gold Black Bathroom Vanity
Beige Gold Mixed Bathroom Vanity
Black Gold Bathroom Vanity
Blue Bathroom Vanity Drawers
Gold And White Marble Bahroom Vanity
Blue Bathroom Vanity
Calacatta Gold Dark Bathroom Vanity 2
Calacatta Gold Dark Bathroom Vanity
Gold White Bathroom Vanity
Gold Gray Bathroom Vanity
Pink Gold Bathroom Vanity
Silver White Bathroom Vanity
Silver White Black Marbletop Bathroom Vanity
White Modern Bathroom Vanity
Calacatta Gold Dark Bathroom Vanity 3 18 Inch Gray Vanity 24 Inch Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity 1 18 Inch White Bathroom Vanity Bathroom 1 30 Inch Gray Bathroom Vanity 1 30 Inch Green Bathroom Vanity 1 24 Inch Gray Bathroom Vanity 1 24 Inch Green Bathroom Vanity 1 1 30 Inch White Bathroom Vanity 1 60 Inch Green Double Bathroom Vanity 1 72 Inch Gray Bathroom Vanity 1 72 Inch Green Bathroom Vanity 1 72 Inch Navy Blue Bathroom Sink 1 Beige Gold Black Bathroom Vanity Beige Gold Mixed Bathroom Vanity Black Gold Bathroom Vanity Blue Bathroom Vanity Drawers Gold And White Marble Bahroom Vanity Blue Bathroom Vanity Calacatta Gold Dark Bathroom Vanity 2 Calacatta Gold Dark Bathroom Vanity Gold White Bathroom Vanity Gold Gray Bathroom Vanity Pink Gold Bathroom Vanity Silver White Bathroom Vanity Silver White Black Marbletop Bathroom Vanity White Modern Bathroom Vanity

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All wood cabinet interiors and exteriors are sealed with moisture and UV resistant finishes. Soft-close, under-mount drawer slides. Drawer bottoms feature a leather finish for worry-free storage of liquids, easy cleaning, and a simple, modern aesthetic.

ID# 119201 | – Credit© Christine Kimberlee Designs

Traditional White and Blue Bathroom with Walk-in Shower

This bathroom has a simple modern plan configuration, however, the style is very traditional and ornated with recessed panel cabinets, molded edge countertop with undermounted sink, traditional style faucets, diamond-patterned gray and white marble floor, wainscoted walk-in shower panel, elegant navy-blue porcelain subway tiles and accent wall in shower which is covered with olive-color ornamented tiles which goes very well with navy-blue.

ID# 119203 | – Credit© 1625 DB

Transitional Black and White Bathroom with Brass Accents

“Black and white” is a classic minimal preference to create a stylish room and when it’s complemented with the metallics it becomes even more elegant. In this room floor is covered with hexagonal black porcelain tiles, walls are basic white, there’s an integrated bathtub with black framed separator panel and the internal walls of the bathtub are covered with white subway tiles, the brass detailed console sink with marble countertop and undermounted sink and other brass accessories such as faucet, mirror and wall lamp is in great contrast with the rest of the room.

ID# 119204 | – Credit© Finch Interior Design

Victorian Bathroom with Checkerboard Floor

Victorian style is all about the glory and the glory is achieved here with an all-time favorite classic design preference: black and white. Checkerboard patterned marble-look porcelain tile floor, black and white ornate toilet, white sink, the black divided framed glass panel of the walk-in shower, and white subway tiles with black wall paint are combined with gold accessories such as gold console sink, faucets, fittings, mirror frame, and wall lamps. Space usage is very efficient, in such a small bathroom like this, it feels very lightweight and spacious because of the vanity and shower choice.

White Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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White interlocking marble glass & metal mosaic tile contemporary look mosaic

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Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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Modern look white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

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ID# 119205 | – Credit | © Виктория Скоробогатько

Very Small Bathroom Ideas with Lime and Gray Accents

This small bathroom is all about flat surfaces and minimalism in all design choices. Bathtub and shower are placed separately and vanity is located between them, the inserted bathtub is covered with lime and white striped porcelain tiles, walls are plain white, a gray flat panel cabinet with inserted white sink creates contrast together with the gray birdcage pendant light, neon limes and yellows are applied in different places as accents such as shower niche, ceiling decor, and cabinet.

ID# 119206 | – Credit© Alexandra Angle Interior Design

Contemporary Yellow and White Themed Very Small Bathroom Ideas

Yellow might be the happiest color because of the energetic and positive vibe that reminds us of the sun and it perfectly matches with the bright whites. In this bathroom; the walls, ceiling, toilet, towel shelves, shower, and curtain are all white and combined with yellow accessories such as towels, baskets, and floor carpet which covers the whole floor.

ID# 119207 | – Credit© Kelly Mcguill Home

White Bathroom with Marble Console Sink and Gray Floor

This bathroom is very bright and chic with white painted and white subway tile-covered walls, integrated bathtub with white curtain, white divided framed large window that lets so much light into the room, white toilet, light grayish-white block marble console sink with chrome legs, faucet and fittings, and dark gray contrast porcelain tile floor. Rattan baskets under the sink also add a fresh touch.

ID# 119208 | – Credit© Molly Erin Designs Inc.

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom with Vintage Accents

This bright bathroom is a combination of different styles, modern matte black hexagonal porcelain tile floor, flat-panel walnut cabinets and countertop which creates mid-century vibes, vintage muted textile products, minimal color choices of black white and warm wood, alcove bathtub with black joint white porcelain tiles. The black floor and ceiling with white walls create a more horizontally wide space and that really works with this narrow space, also not using any cabinet under the sink contributes to this idea. The floating vanity top enhances the floor space.

ID# 119210 | – Credit© Christian Torres

Contemporary Very Small Bathroom Ideas with Soft Color Palette 

This bathroom has a very soft and calming vibe with very light gray porcelain tile walls, muted brown square mosaic floor, gray marble countertop with undermounted double sink, wood flat-panel cabinet, very simple oval freestanding bathtub, modern chrome faucets, and bohemian rug.

Modern Scandinavian Attic Bathroom with Separated Walk-in Shower

In this very small bathroom, limited space is used efficiently in terms of the human scale under the attic, toilet and shower are located according to the necessary heights and the decoration is kept simple with white walls, gray concrete-look porcelain tile floor and shower, white toilet, chrome faucet, and white ceiling. Separating the shower with a partition is a great way to evaluate unused wall space.

ID# 119212 | – Credit© Allan B déco

Black and White Scandinavian Bathroom with Warm Wood Accents

This bathroom is so small that the shower room is not separated with any kind of glass or panel and that sink might be the narrowest sink ever existed. In terms of the colors, white is picked for the general background color so that it makes the room look more spacious. Little contrast details are applied on the tops of the white, such as matte black faucets, warm wood countertop, and wooden thick mirror frames.

ID# 119213 | – Credit© Natalia Zubizarreta Interiorismo

Small Cozy Bathroom with Muted Colors

Light blue has very calming effects when used in interiors, in this bathroom the ceiling and the textiles are very light pastel blue and combined with light pastel wood mirror frame and ladder shelf system and countertop, beige cabinet, white beveled edge porcelain tile walls, beige matte tile floor and white wall mounted toilet seat. The large wood-framed mirror makes space feel larger.

ID# 119214 | – Credit© Freeman & Whitehouse

Gold Details in a Grayscale Very Small Bathroom Ideas

In this bathroom, every design choice is very muted such as gray walls, white subway tiles, shelves, mirror frame, wall-mounted sink, freestanding bathtub, window, ceiling, and geometrical patterned gray and grayish blue cement tiles on the floor; whereas three gold pieces very pop in this environment and add some luxury feeling; gold sink faucet, fittings, and floor mounted freestanding bathtub faucet.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White interlocking marble glass & metal mosaic tile contemporary look mosaic

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Modern white glass & quartz mosaic tile, ideal for a backsplash

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Elegant Rhomboid White Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 119215 | – Credit© Dream Design Sthlm

Minimal Scandinavian Bathroom with Freestanding Bathtub

In this minimal Scandinavian style bathroom; white freestanding bathtub, white integrated sink with flat-panel cabinet, white framed large window, white ceiling, polished concrete floor, and walls are in great harmony and has a very lightweight feeling with help of the big amount of natural light coming in from the large window, also the same material usage on the walls and the floor made space look taller.

ID# 119216 | – Credit© GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens

Modern Bathroom with Multicolored Cement Tiles and Brass Accents

This bathroom is designed very modernistic and minimal in terms of forms and shapes of the elements, whereas orange and fuchsia authentic patterned cement tiles add a very original effect to the design. Patterns and textures are used very effectively, such as white herringbone porcelain tile walls, orange textured cabinets, white countertop with integrated sink, upper cabinets with mirror doors, lightweight frameless glass shower panel, and elegant minimal brass accessories.

ID# 119218 | – Credit© Icon Interior Design Pte Ltd.

Very Small Grayscale Bathroom Ideas with Bended Countertop Detail

This grayscale bathroom catches the eye with the bent countertop detail. The toilet and sink have different required mounting heights, as a result, they are mounted to the wall apart from each other both horizontally and vertically. Toilet, countertop, vessel bowl sink, cabinets, and ceiling are white and very harmonious with the gray floor and wall tiles.

ID# 119219 | – Credit© Boulder Valley Builders LLC

Very Small Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas with Wooden Cabinets and Penny Mosaic Floor

In this bathroom, the walls and the ceiling are both kept white with subway tile walls and penny mosaic floor to create a spacious and fresh room and small black details around the room catch the eye and create great contrast as knobs, faucets, lamp, and penny mosaic pieces, cabinets are mid-tone wooden flat panel which adds a little bit warmness and coziness to the room. The overall effect of the design is very calming, minimal, and fresh.

Vintage Scandinavian Bathroom with Dark Green Walls and Walnut Cabinet

This bathroom feels very cozy, vintage, and peaceful with dark forest green tiles on the walls and white joints that match the white-painted upper walls and white integrated bathtub, light wooden plank floor, furniture-like freestanding walnut vintage cabinet with white vessel sink, and wall-mounted chrome faucet which gives all the cozy vintage vibe, globe pendant lights and round mirror support this idea as well.

Scandinavian White Bathroom with Gray Matte Tile Floor and Wooden Drawers

Minimalism steps into another level in this bathroom, there’s no texture, color, anything glossy or fancy, every surface is plain, yet it is very stunning because nothing bothers the eye. It’s pure Scandinavian minimalism with all-white porcelain tile walls, ceiling, and bathtub; lightweight wall mounted vanity with integrated sink and only colored element wooden drawer; gray matte one-surface tile floor; basic matte black wall mounted faucets for sink and bathtub and black and white patterned textiles which give a little bit movement to space.

Modern and Simple Black and White Bathroom

Black, white and gray shades are the most popular colors of the Scandinavian style, usually, a warm wood is also added. In this example, even wood doesn’t take place, rather small patterned tiles are applied on the floor to cheer up the atmosphere a little bit. Black paint is applied on the ceiling and the upper walls and the rest of the walls are covered with white subway tiles and the white vanity is mounted with black contrast knobs.

ID# 119223 | – Credit© 7th House Interiors

Black and White Bathroom with Brass and Wood Accents

In this modern and minimal bathroom, there are flat surfaces, a basic color scheme, and a little bit mid-century vibe with matte black hexagonal porcelain tile floor, white walls, integrated bathtub, shower curtain, and toilet seat, wooden mid-century cabinet with integrated sink and modular geometrical custom-made brass knobs which match with the other brass elements such as faucets, wall lamp, and frame of the artwork hanging on the wall.

ID# 119224 | – Credit© Oïkos Architectes

Fun Scandinavian Bathroom with Black and White patterns and Orange Cabinets

One bathroom can be fun and calm at the same time, we could see that in this example. All the floors and the shower’s wall are covered with dynamic grayscale patterned porcelain tiles and combined with soft peachy orange flat panel cabinets with small gray round knobs, white round vessel sink, and round mirror. The way that every element has a strict geometric shape and flatform makes the user feel very calm and consistent. The vanity and full-height cabinets provide storage space.

ID# 119225 | – Credit© Кристина Плеер

Very Small Modern Neutral Color Palette Bathroom Ideas

Materials and textures are used very effectively in this bathroom with wood-look warm mid-tone porcelain tile wall and floor, diagonal stripe textured beige tiles on the integrated bathtub and same textured cabinet door, white large subway tiles with black joints, wooden thin countertop with white overmounted sink and black accessories as faucets, furniture legs, towel hangers, and mirror.

ID# 119226 | – Credit© Decorotation Interiors

Black Vanity with Wood Countertop and White Vessel Sink

The designer has used the most classic idea “black and white” in a very eye-catching way here with this triangular high contrast dynamic porcelain tile floor which is combined with white rectangular mosaic walls, black knobless flat panel cabinet, striking wooden countertop, white vessel sink, black-framed mirror, matte black faucets, and black wall lamp.

ID# 119227 | – Credit© OLJ Designs Ltd.

Very Small Bathroom Ideas with Black CAnity and White Herringbone Tiles

White tiles, black joints; sink, black cabinet; bathtub, black faucets; white wall, black mirror; everything in this compact bathroom is used black and white but in a complementing manner, for every big white element there’s a small black one and it works on the contrary as well. The outcome of this idea creates a very balanced and consistent yin&yang bathroom.

ID# 119228 | – Credit | © Beatfilms

Kid’s Bathroom with Summery Colors

This bathroom is a joyful kid’s bathroom with half yellow wall, geometrical pattern summery colors (yellow turquoise green and red) shower curtain, white vanity with vessel sink and wall-mounted faucet, lots of toys to make the kid’s like to spend time in the bathroom, grey epoxy floor to make it clean all the time and the rest is bright white since the room doesn’t get any sunlight from anywhere.

ID# 119229 | – Credit© Atelier Nyood

Scandinavian Bathroom with Terra-Cotta Tiles and Modern Console Sink

Terra-Cotta color is one of the trendiest choices of recent years and in this example, terra cotta wall tiles are combined with cement floor tiles, white walls, and ceiling, modern double console sink with thin black legs, black walk-in shower panel, black faucets, boho rug, and rattan baskets.

ID# 119230 | – Credit© Kitty Lee Architecture

Wood Vanity with Pink Wall Tiles and Terrazzo Floor

This Scandinavian bathroom is very modern, cozy, and fresh with pink tile walls which are semi-glossy and dimensional looking with dark and light pieces, terrazzo flooring that perfectly unites all the colors, warm mid-tone wooden wall mounted vanity, bronze wall-mounted faucets, minimal concrete vessel sink, and white freestanding bathtub.

ID# 119231 | – Credit© Интерьерная студия AI

Very Small Black and Concrete Bathroom Ideas with Walk-in Shower

Space planning is a significant issue in very small bathrooms, we often see side-by-side placements with only needed widths according to the human scale. In this black and white bathroom, shower and toilet are placed side-by-side to save the space on the half mosaic-half painted black feature wall with a wooden niche in the middle with led lights which warms up the environment and concrete-look wall and floor tiles are supporting the depth of the black wall with their light color.

ID# 119232 | – Credit© INT2architecture

Wood Vanity with Gray Square Shower Tiles and Black Grout

The shower in this bathroom reminds us of the squared notebooks with white square tiles and dark gray joints all over the walls, floor, and ceiling of the shower. This basic and effective material is combined with gray concrete-look floor tiles, light gray walls and shower curtain, chrome faucets, rectangular vessel sink, and freestanding flat panel dark wood cabinets.

ID# 119233 | – Credit© Design Squared Architects

Small Black and White Bathroom with Stained Glass Window

Basic black and the white color combination are enriched with different shapes and textures here such as white herringbone tiles on walls with dark joints and black hexagon tile floor with white star detail. Although it is a small bathroom there’s an inverted bathtub without a curtain or separation. Whitewall mounted sink and toilet are space-saving choices with black accessories and stained glass window provides privacy and also adds aesthetic.

Boho-Chic Very Small Bathroom Ideas with Marble Floor and Brass Accessories

Marble, white and brass combination is very elegant and timeless just like in this boho-chic bathroom that has white&gray marble floor, alcove wainscoted bathtub, white wall mounted sink, light gray painted walls, white long thick plinth, and brass accessories such as fittings, faucets, lamps, curtain rail, and pouf toe.

ID# 119235 | – Credit© Coastal Cabinets

Cozy Coastal Powder Room with Wooden Plank walls

In this small bathroom, walls are all covered with wooden planks which makes the room very cozy and fresh, combined with beige floor tiles, beige ceiling, and wall-mounted single concrete sink. There’s no cabinet under the sink, however, a thick shelf is placed right under the fittings and that creates a very unique look.

ID# 119236 | – Credit | © Meg Blu Home

Small Minimalistic Black and White Bathroom

We see the ultimate black and white minimalism in this bathroom with the white tiles and dark gray joints on the walls, concrete-look mermaid tile floor, white flat panel wall mounted vanity with quartz countertop and integrated sink, gray painted wall, and black and white patterned shower curtain.

ID# 119237 | – Credit© Gathered

Very Small Coastal Bathroom Ideas with Natural Wooden Countertop

This bathroom is so small that some of the countertops are placed over the toilet seat, however, the natural and thin form of that countertop has a very light feeling, it almost looks like it doesn’t take any space and it perfectly fits. Blue hexagon penny mosaics and blue wallpaper over the white wainscotings are giving the coastal vibe and the bamboo curtain supports them.

ID# 119238 | – Credit

Side-by-side Bathtub and Shower with Wood Vanity

Modern style is the ruler in this bathroom with these flat surfaces, muted natural colors, and sharp edges. Marble-look white herringbone tiles on the walls, gray concrete-look floor tiles, white ceiling, mid-tone flat panel wall mounted vanity with white quartz countertop, thin round framed mirror, lightweight walk-in shower panel, modern shower drain, and minimal alcove bathtub are combined harmoniously and also small black details added an eye-catching contrast.

ID# 119239 | – Credit© Ciara Tapia Design

Contemporary Tiny Bathroom with Walk-in Shower and Bath Area

In this small fresh bathroom, everything is based on simplicity; the walls are all white, however, they have a nice texture because of the subway tiles, there’s a window above the bathtub that lets the sunlight in, the floor is covered with gray penny mosaics, sanitary wares are white and the cabinet is a warm mid-tone wood. The shower and bathtub area looks very spacious with frameless glass separation.

ID# 119240 | – Credit© Kitty Lee Architecture

Scandinavian Bathroom with Cement Floor Tiles and Soft Colors

Although it’s a very small bathroom, it looks very spacious with the right choices of furniture and soft color palette; blue and beige cement tile floor, white porcelain tile walls, wall mounted small concrete-look sink, frameless glass shower panel, and the inserted upper cabinets with mirror doors above the niche. Brass faucets and fittings give an elegant vibe.

ID# 119242 | – Credit© Gia Mar Interiors

Contemporary Very Small Bathroom Ideas with Blue Herringbone Floor and White Walls

When a bathroom is too small, it’s even harder to make it sophisticated. Whereas in this bathroom modern and clever use of material and space planning bakes it very enjoyable with white square tile walls, blue scale herringbone tile mosaic floor, vanity with vessel sink, all matte black accents such as shower panel frame, knobs, holders, faucets and lighting fixtures. The small shelf with a plant and lotion plate cheers up space a little.

ID# 119243 | – Credit© KSB Build

Sophisticated Bathroom with Black, White and Gold Color Scheme

The fully-covered white subway tile walls and bathtub are combined with very sophisticated details such as black and white hexagonal marble floor, furniture-like freestanding vanity with black countertop, black frames of the niche and bathtub and in a black and white bathroom like this, gold details are very eye-catching such as knobs, mirror frame, lighting fixtures, and faucets.

ID# 119244 | – Credit© Crickett Kinser

Vintage White Bathroom with Blue Cement Tile Floor and Wooden vanity

White subway tile walls and light blue wall paint create a soft atmosphere that brings the blue patterned cement tile floor forward. Single furniture-like free-standing dark wood vanity adds a vintage effect and black metal ware creates a great contrast such as mirror, lighting fixture, curtain rail, and faucets.

ID# 119246 | – Credit© White Sands Coastal Development

Coastal Bathroom with Mosaic Tile Floor and Indigo Vanity

This bathroom has a very small space but with the right color scheme and right material usage, it feels more spacious. Penny mosaic floor is created with tiny pieces of tiles and it creates a bigger floor appearance, also white walls provide a very light atmosphere. Grayish blue cabinets, black details, and colorful towel hangers create contrast and make the bathroom very enjoyable.

ID# 119247 | – Credit© Hampstead Design Hub

Transitional Very Small Bathroom Ideas with Turquoise Wainscoting and Pedestal Sink

In this small bathroom, very bright turquoise half wainscoting and half white painted walls are very outstanding. These walls are combined with other thoughtful choices such as gray and white traditional patterned cement tiles, white traditional pedestal sink and toilet, white framed window, and contrast yellow mirror.

ID# 119248 | – Credit© Prime Renovations

Elegant Bathroom with Butterfly Wallpaper Detail and White Wainscoting

This small elegant bathroom is full of different textures and patterns in one perspective; such as a grey marble-look tile wall near the half butterfly wallpaper half white wainscoted wall with hexagonal white mosaic and black border, combined with white pedestal sink, toilet, and black framed mirror.

ID# 119251 | – Credit© LBG Designs

Modern Black and White Very Small Bathroom Ideas with Romantic Floral Wallpaper

The impact that wallpaper can make is what we see in this design. A very modern contemporary bathroom with black glossy flat panel wall mounted vanity, marble-like black tiles, white glossy countertop with undermounted sink, basic white painted plinths, and lower half walls are combined with brown-palette dramatic floral wallpaper and brass accessories to create a romantic finish.

ID# 119252 | – Credit© Jefferson Street Designs

Soft Bathroom with Modern and Boheme Elements

This bathroom has different styles mixed such as modern white subway tile walls and black hexagonal tile floor, walk-in shower, and matte black shower faucet; boho-chic rattan basket, small rug, brass mirror, and lighting fixture; farmhouse-style wall mounted sink and traditional toilet seat. Overall these different elements are put together very harmoniously.

ID# 119253 | – Credit© Katy Costner Interiors

Very Small Transitional Bathroom Ideas with Marble Floor and Green Wallpaper

Marble mosaic and white wainscoting together are one of the all-time favorite combinations. In this bathroom, hexagonal marble mosaics and white half-wainscoted walls are complemented with classy chain patterned emerald wallpapers, white classic pedestal sink, and toilet, alcove shower with shower curtain.

ID# 119254 | – Credit© William Holland Ltd.

Boheme Very Small Bathroom Ideas with Board and Batten Walls and Copper Bathtub

Such a small bathroom with a tremendous amount of luxury gives us bohemian vibes at the same time with the brushed copper William Holland bathtub, basin, and mirror. These ultra-attractive surfaces are combined with some visual textures to lighten the mood even more; multicolored cement tiles and whiteboard and batten walls.

ID# 119255 | – Credit© Brooke Copp-Barton Interiors

Vintage Bathroom with Burgundy-Navy color scheme

Applying color is a very serious job in interior design, the more color we use the harder it becomes sophisticated so it needs to be handled very carefully. In this case, dark red, navy blue, and dusty salmon-pink are combined in a very balanced way with dark red and beige geometrical cement tiles, dark red clawfoot bathtub, navy blue bathroom wainscoting, and salmon painted walls, white sanitary ware, and brass accessories.

ID# 119256 | – Credit© luetomatophotos

Contemporary Custom-Built Concrete Very Small Bathroom Ideas

Besides the fact that this bathroom is very small and narrow, the designer made it very usable and enjoyable with custom-made appliances as the concrete vanity, shower separation following the vanity, concrete walls, floor, and ceiling related. These millimetric solutions and the one-texture concrete material choices made this small space very spacious. The concrete is enhanced even more with black details as the window and mosaics in the sink and walk-in shower.

ID# 119257 | – Credit© Clémentine Mailhac

Very Small Black and White Bathroom Ideas with Angular Walls and Warm Wood

Bathrooms are very tricky when they have angular walls, in this bathroom, everything is fitted on the edge, however, it’s a fun bathroom that doesn’t feel as bad about the jammed configuration with black square tile floor, white subway tile walls, white painted walls, wooden angular open shelf vanity and niche corner for lightweight storage areas, white vessel sink, and rattan baskets.

ID# 119258 | – Credit© Mon Concept Habitation – London

Contemporary Bathroom with Black Floor, White Walls and Wooden Vanity

This bathroom has the modern minimal feeling with the black floor tiles, fully glazed corner shower with hinged door, white subway tile walls, light warm flat panel wall mounted vanity with vessel sink, small black details as the faucets, wall lamp, and mirror.

ID# 119259 | – Credit© Carolyn Elleman – Case Design Remodeling Inc.

Contemporary-Chich Bathroom with Warm Wood and Brass Details

The modern white bathroom might have very different vibes with the chosen furniture and metalware, in this case, the cherry veneer wooden vanity is combined and enhanced with the brushed and stressed brass elements as knobs, hinged-door handle, shower door frame, mirror, faucets, and wall lamp and created a very classy and chic vibe.

ID# 119260 | – Credit© Shannon Ggem Design

Contemporary Very Small Bathroom Ideas with 5-Point Star Details

In this small contemporary bathroom, the black and white 5-point star-patterned floor is complemented with warm wood accent shelf and beige marble surfaces in vanity and alcove shower, gold faucets, gold wall lamps, gold door frame, and bronze round mirror which has a 5-point star hanging part.

ID# 119261 | – Credit© Model Projects Ltd.

White Very Small Bathroom Ideas with Different Textures and Patterns

White color is used with many different patterns and textures here such as herringbone pattern wall, subway pattern wall, cement tile floor, terrazzo floating vanity countertop, and these surfaces are combined with brass accents and planters to create coziness.

ID# 119262 | – Credit© RBuilder Construction Inc.

High-Contrast Very Small Bathroom Ideas with Black White and Wood

In this bathroom, wooden and black elements are put on the softest white background to be enhanced the most. Black concrete-looking floor tiles, a wooden built-in shelf, custom-made corner vanity with a wooden countertop, and a concrete vessel sink are creating a high-contrast atmosphere.

ID# 119263 | – Credit© Campbell Cadey

Contemporary Very Small Bathroom Ideas with Concrete Walls and Wooden Panel

This minimal and enjoyable bathroom has concrete walls in and out of the shower, a wooden wall panel to cozy up the room, and black thin accessories like faucets, shower glass frame, and soap dispenser to create the contrast.

ID# 119264 | – Credit© Pencil Shavings Studio

White and Blue Patterned Beach Style Bathroom with Wooden Vanity

Beach colors always calm the users in interiors, in this case, white and soft blue is used with different patterns as cement tiles on the walls and the floor. The integrated bathtub is totally separated from the light wood vanity with a partition wall and this creates a private atmosphere in this blue and white bathroom.

ID# 119265 | – Credit© WINN Design+Build

Tropical Wallpaper with Black Vanity and Marble Countertop

A formal and traditional design is turned into a fun one with one simple detail, wallpaper. This banana leaves patterned tropical wallpaper adds dimension, color, and freshness to the traditional bathroom with black and white diamond mosaic floor and furniture-like vanity.

ID# 119266 | – Credit© Ocean Bathrooms .com LTD.

Black and White Powder Room with Cartoon Wallpaper

This powder room is simply black and white and it’s very funny because of the cartoon wallpaper which is combined with a white plank wall, round black framed mirror, white cylinder wall mounted sink, small shelf above the toilet, matte black faucet, and towel holder.

ID# 119267 | – Credit© Joshua Alan Interiors

Green Vanity with Gold Accessories and Black Vessel Sink

The very soft and muted atmosphere with light gray concrete-look wall tiles and monochromatic hexagonal cement tiles are completed with bold and contrast choices of furniture like emerald green flat panel vanity, black vessel sink, and gold accessories.

ID# 119268 | – CreditsO Interior | © Becca Wallace

Modern Powder Room with Oak Cabinets and Stone-Tile Walls

This bathroom has a very modern and soft finish with matte beige tile floor, stone tile walls, light oak flat-panel cabinets, undermounted sink, and simple frameless mirror, double pendant lights, and wall mounted toilet seat.


ID# 119269 | – Credit© Stuart Osman

Coastal Concrete Floor Powder Room with Wooden Vanity

In this coastal powder room, there’s a contrast of unnatural coolness of the concrete and natural rustic wooden warmth. Concrete floor, white painted walls, and concrete vessel sink are combined with rustic wooden vanity and log basket and finished with black plank accent wall behind the toilet seat.

ID# 119270 | – Credit© Falken Reynolds Interiors

Scandinavian Powder Room with Wooden Walls and Floor

A warm and light wooden texture is applied on every surface in this powder room. This simple yet bold choice is complemented with very minimal other elements like black and white modern console sink and sphere pendant light.


ID# 119271 | – Credit© Mandarina Studio Interior Design

Eclectic Powder Room with Mint Green Wallpaper and Brass Details

Wallpapers in bathrooms change the mood immediately, just like in this example, painted or tile-covered walls wouldn’t be this effective in such a simple powder room. Mint green wallpaper is combined with monochrome mint penny tile mosaic floor, simple wall-mounted sink, and toilet. Brass mirrors, fittings, and faucets are also elevating this soft-chic environment.

ID# 119272 | – Credit© Designs by Human.

Transitional Very Small Bathroom Ideas with Gold Accessories

White is a very appropriate color choice in very small bathroom ideas because it makes them look more spacious. In this bathroom, white tile walls, painted walls, integrated bathtub, curtain, furniture-like vanity, and sanitary wares are combined with black and white tile floor and gold accessories like knobs and faucets.

ID# 119273 | – Credit© Design Neu Pte Ltd.

Scandinavian Bathroom with Indigo Wall Tiles and Concrete-Look Floor

This bathroom has a cool environment with concrete-look tiles on the floor and the shower and indigo wall tiles on the accent wall. The matte handmade-like surface of the indigo tiles brings a very tactile experience. The cool environment is warmed up a little bit with some oak elements like shelves, frame, basket, and soap dispenser and combined with modern white sink and toilet.

Very Small Contemporary Pink and White Bathroom Ideas with Mermaid Tiles

This contemporary bathroom has monochromatic mermaid pink tiles with different shades on half of the walls with white mermaid tiles on the upper half of the walls to create balance. This white and pink environment has become even more romantic with gold accessories like a walk-in shower separation frame, faucets, shampoo holders, and a mirror.

ID# 119275 | – Credit© SS + D

Postmodern Lilac Very Small Bathroom Ideas with Black and White Accents

This bathroom has very sharp edges with lilac-painted walls, white square mosaic tile floor, black lined edges and corners, frameless glass hinged door shower, arched mirror in the shower, chrome accessories, and black-framed white niche with a gold planter in it which is displayed almost like artwork.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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Modern chevron backsplash tile, white gray brown color mixed chevron tile

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ID# 119276 | – Credit© Gabriele Merolli

Eclectic Multicolored Wall and Copper Pipes in Small Bathroom

These multicolored cement tiles are used in a very eclectic environment which ends up very harmonious with copper wall-mounted pipes as faucets, green painted open shelf counter and vintage trash can.


ID# 119277 | – Credit | © Amaloka Rural Home

Eclectic Black and White Vintage Bathroom with Multicolored Door

There’s a lot of vintage elements in this bathroom, yet it’s a bathroom of our day with modern minimal black and white color combination. Classic pedestal sink, vintage bronze faucet, modern plain white walls and matte black square tile shower wall, gray tile floor, black vintage mirror, and wall lamp are combined with a multicolored collage door which cheers up the environment.

ID# 119209

Modern White Bathroom with Hexagonal Grayscale Mosaic Floor

This all-white bathroom looks very spacious besides the fact that it’s actually very small, white freestanding vanity with white countertop and undermounted sink, alcove shower with hinged door, subway tiles in the shower with a shower niche and white painted walls are combined with monochromatic gray hexagonal penny mosaics and small gold and black details such as black door handles, faucets, fittings, soap dispenser, gold knobs, and gold wall lamp.

ID# 119217

Modern Colorful Kid’s Bathroom with Grass Green Cabinet and Rainbow Rug

Minimal, modern, and calm; this bathroom is all about flat surfaces, minimalistic choices, and Scandinavian feeling with concrete-look porcelain 60×60 tiles on walls and floor, oak wall mounted cabinet with integrated sink, oak bin and mirror frame, white simple freestanding bathtub, white toilet, ceiling and window, modern matte black faucets and gray wall lamp.

Elegant Navy and White Bathroom with Brass Accents

Navy and brass are some of the most elegant color couples ever, especially when combined with white they become even more outstanding. In this bathroom white subway tile walls, white painted walls, and white sanitary ware are combined with navy blue single freestanding recessed-panel vanity, mirror frame, vase; brass knobs, faucets, framed artwork, shower panel frame, and vase. Navy and grey patterned white cement tiles provide unity with the rest of the room.

ID# 119249

Elegant Farmhouse Bathroom with Emerald Green Vanity and Wallpaper

Black and white are used in a very classy way here with white wainscoting details, white toilet seat, black herringbone tile floor, white framed hung window with black sashes, black marble countertop, door, wall lamps, and mirror. This classy environment is enriched with emerald green furniture-like vanity, green patterned wallpaper, and rattan baskets.

ID# 119250

White Bathroom with Open Shower and Chrome Leg Console Sink

This bathroom is an all-white space with white marble mosaic floor, subway tile walls, white painted ceiling, and white console sink combined with chrome details such as faucet, console sink’s legs, self-standing shelf, and mirror frame.

ID# 119278

Transitional Powder Room with Palm Wallpaper and Cement Tiles

In this small transitional powder room, elements of different styles are combined such as black and white minimal cement tile floor, golden palm patterned beige wallpapers, beachy rattan baskets, vintage black faucet, and fittings, and classic white sanitary ware.

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