Bathroom Window Ideas Create Spacious and Bright Atmosphere

59+ Bathroom Window Ideas

ID# 107719 | – Credit © Clay Imports

Arched Bathroom Window Ideas with Black Mermaid Floor Tiles

Tree-arched windows provide a stunning backdrop for the freestanding bathtub. Oversized mermaid tiles bring the ocean feeling under your foot! Wood stool, wicker pendant light, and custom design rug complete this nautical style bathroom. Multicolored wall tiles in a harmony with the freestanding tub.

ID# 107747 | – Credit © Shanade McAllister-Fisher Design

Scandinavian Bathroom with Geometric Patterned Backsplash

This Scandinavian bathroom design is tricky because of its long and narrow shape. Bur with the well-organized placement the space usage was maximized. Even if it is a small bathroom, the white freestanding bath is perfectly placed in Infront of the large bathroom window which provides a bright and spacious atmosphere. Gray floor-to-ceiling curtains provide privacy. The geometric-patterned backsplash behind the basin continues the Scandinavian theme. The bubble pendant lights with brass finishes keep everything cohesive.

Bathroom Window Ideas to Create Spacious Atmosphere

We always want a fresh and spacious atmosphere in bathrooms. Windows are architectural design elements that give the feeling of spaciousness the best. Here’s our pick of the best bathroom window ideas. Scroll down and find some inspiration!

Picture, arched, rounded, cottage and more!

Windows are the crucial architectural elements of the bathrooms. Whether you live in a multi-story residence or a house with a garden, bathroom windows provide the bright atmosphere we want in the bathrooms and add a sense of spaciousness. Also, they create a frame for beautiful views. With a well-designed window, you can make the magnificent view become part of the bathroom. Scroll through these remarkable bathroom window ideas to see that how to incorporate windows in the bathrooms.

While you want as much natural light as possible, you also think the privacy. So, don’t forget to check also some stylish window treatments that will provide privacy for your bathroom without sacrificing the style.

ID# 107701 | – Credit © Norton Homes

Black Framed Bathroom Windows Ideas with Black Freestanding Tub

Placing the freestanding tub next to the windows enhances the relaxing atmosphere while taking a bath. In this modern bathroom, a black and white freestanding bathtub makes a statement with its bold color and brings a luxury feel. Black framed bathroom windows stand out between the white walls and provides a frame for the beautiful nature view. The wood vanity and wood legs of the pots bring warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 107703 | – Credit © Cook Construction

Picture Bathroom Window Ideas with Thin Black Frames

The impressive 23’ custom windows reveal breathtaking panoramic views of the city and surrounding bay. Windows placed both two walls of the bathroom which maximizes the natural light in the space. The frameless glass separation of the shower provides a seamless look. The beige walls and floor, wood vanity with a waterfall countertop, and white freestanding bathtub serve a calm and relaxing spa-like bathroom.

ID# 107704 | – Credit © Michelle Ruben Interior Design

Vertical Bathroom Window Ideas with White Bathtub and Wicker Basket

The vertical placement of the multiple bathroom windows makes a strong impact in this contemporary white bathroom. Instead of positioning a single large window, preferring thin and long windows adds dynamism to the environment. The white freestanding bathtub is paired with a nickel faucet kit. The potted tree complements the nature behind the windows and makes the room more livable. The wicker basket and wooden stool bring warmth to the atmosphere.


ID# 107705 | – Credit

Modern Bathroom with Marble Bathtub and Window Wall

Window walls are the best way to take maximum daylight. They also look stunning and modern. Although, this modern bathroom has a long and narrow space, thank the window wall and skylight, the stuffy atmosphere turns into a bright and spacious. The high wooden fence of the garden provides privacy for the bathroom and acts as a window treatment. Marble wall tiles and marble bathtub carry splendor to the bathroom while the wood floor creating a warmer atmosphere.

ID# 107706 | – Credit © Michael Hennessey Architecture

Wood Floating Vanity with Frosted Bathroom Window Ideas

If you want to place a picture window but still want some privacy, frosted glass can be your solution. In this minimalist bathroom, the picture window brings the beautiful blue shades of the sky and It feels like you’re above the clouds! The wood floating vanity, white quartz countertop, frameless mirror, white toilet, and gray concrete floor tiles create a modern minimalist bathroom design.

ID# 107707 | – Credit © 小川晋一都市建築設計事務所

All-white Modern Bathroom with Stunning Nature View

The window wall becomes the very important element of this all-white bathroom, as it brings the different seasonal environments into the bathroom, it also transforms the rational design into a space full of expression. The long frameless mirror all along with the vanity reflects the beautiful nature view and emphasizes the effect of the window. The white floating vanity enhances the depth of the room with the frameless bathroom mirror above it. White bathtub, toilet, and the shower with a glass separation wall, provide a clean and fresh look.

ID# 107709 | – Credit © HCD Group Corp

Modern Bathroom with Wood Wall Panels and Marble Tiles

Who would not want to take a bath through this breathtaking ocean view! If your house facing the ocean, you should definitely take advantage of this view as much as possible. In this Modern luxury bathroom, the custom picture bathroom windows provide a seamless look and bring the ocean into the bathroom. The wood wall panels behind the bathtub give a coastal vibe with the ocean while marble tiles on the floor and walls, and a white freestanding bathtub creating a luxurious bathroom feel.

ID# 107710 | – Credit © Wunderle + Partner Architekten

White Freestanding Tub with Gray Bathroom Treatments

Covering the all-bathroom walls with windows is a bold move but definitely works! Also, with these stunning vies you don’t have to add too much furniture in the bathroom. A freestanding bathtub can be enough. Of course, you need also privacy in the bathroom. The gray floor-to-ceiling curtains provide this need and convey the feelings of elegance and tranquility.


ID# 107712 | – Credit © Big House Little House

Contemporary Bathroom with Wood Vanity and White Vessel Sinks

Shutter blinds are great for maximizing privacy. They allow in sunlight and protect the homeowner from prying eyes! In this contemporary bathroom, black shutters cover the bathroom window perfectly and pull the attention through the bath area with its black color. The wood floating vanity paired with gray countertop and white vessel sinks and brings warmth to the atmosphere. The white hexagon backsplash tile adds a nice texture behind the vanity and the frameless mirror.

ID# 107713 | – Credit © Seamless Surfaces

Elegant Bathroom with Brown Backsplash Tile and Round Mirror

Sleek, elegant, and beautiful! This modern bathroom serves an elegant look with its high-end materials. A large window and a skylight are a great choice to brighten this otherwise dark and catastrophic atmosphere. The dark brown backsplash tile provides a sleek backdrop for the white sink and creates a contrast to the long and narrow shape of the bathroom with its vertical layout. The frameless round mirror brings softness with its circular shape.

ID# 107714 | – Credit © Tidal Interiors

Transitional Bathroom with Multicolored Floor and Wood Wall Panels

The warm feeling of the natural lights surrounds the whole atmosphere thanks to the black-framed windows. The wood accent wall behind the bathtub contributes to this warm atmosphere. Multicolored floor tiles bring dynamism to space and add a traditional vibe.

ID# 107715 | – Credit © Fraher and Findlay

Eclectic Bathroom with Green Walls and Marble Tiles

This eclectic bathroom is absolutely to die for! The beautiful green paint of the walls dominates the room and creates a unique bathroom design. The green walls are accentuated by marble tiles on the lower parts of the walls which adds a dose of luxury. Adding a roof window in the sloped ceiling in addition to a small black framed bathroom window maximizes the natural light in the room. The black freestanding tub and a black fireplace in a harmony with the marble tiles. The graphic monochromatic tiled floors add a nice texture and give a fun and quirky look.

ID# 107716 | – Credit © Giulietti Schouten Weber Architects

Wide Bathroom Window Ideas with Black Frames and White Blinds

This contemporary bathroom provides a rural retreat and it is the perfect respite from the suburban sprawl! A wide bathroom window fitted with black frames and provide direct access to their lush surroundings. The white blind of the window provides privacy when you need it. The potted tree brings beautiful nature into the bathroom while the white freestanding bathtub, walls, and floor tiles creating a clean and fresh look.

ID# 107717 | – Credit © City Homes, LLC

Double Bathroom Window Ideas with Black Frames

Instead of using one large window, the positioning of windows contributes to the bathroom’s symmetrical balance. Black frames of the windows emphasized the beautiful view and create a sleek frame for it. The white freestanding bathtub contributes to this symmetrical view. The wood vanity with a marble countertop creates a warmer atmosphere while gray floor tiles provide a smooth transition between the bold blacks and stark whites.

ID# 107718 | – Credit © Black Lacquer Design

White Bathtub with Traditional Rug and Bathroom Window Ideas

With the combination of modern furniture and some eclectic touches, this bathroom became a space full of sophisticated, modern materials that complemented the architecture. The black framed mirror and freestanding bathtub are placed perfectly between the recessed wall and create a bright atmosphere with the help of the beautiful nature view behind the window. The traditional rug, yellow pouf with black stand, and modern lighting fixture make the space more livable and more welcoming.

ID# 107720 | – Credit © Rustic Touch Pty Ltd.

Beach Style Bathroom Ideas with Corner Window and Black Herringbone Floor

Corner windows are a great way to create a stronger connection to the landscape and take advantage of the view in a better way because there are no distractions between the glasses. In this beach-style bathroom, the corner window creates a focal point end the end of the bathtub. Wood vanity brings warmth to the atmosphere. Black floor tiles are laid on herringbone patterns which create a strong characteristic look.

ID# 107721 | – Credit © Ben Scott Garden Design

White Bathtub with Matte Black Faucet and Glossy White Subway Tile

If you have a detached house, there is no need to cover the beautiful view of nature with a curtain. In this contemporary bathroom, the large bathroom window provides a seamless look for the garden. The high wall of the house provides privacy. The black frame of the window contrasts with the white bathtub and glossy white wall tiles while the concrete floor providing a smooth transition between the black and whites.

ID# 107722 | – Credit © Lissa Lee Hickman

Black Framed Bathroom Window Ideas with White Bathtub and Marble Floor

If you want to add a sense of luxury to your bathroom, you don’t need to fill the room too much. A freestanding bathtub can give this feel perfectly! Marble floor tiles contribute to this feeling and provide a beautiful base for the bathtub. Black frames of the window create a powerful backdrop for the tub and stand out between the white walls. White roman shades provide some privacy and light control when needed.

ID# 107723 | – Credit © De.Arch

Black and White Modern Bathroom with Nature View

Inspiration for a large contemporary bathroom with white floating vanity, light gray countertop, vessel sink, large frameless mirror, black faucets, white walls, and concrete floor. Thanks to the large window opening, a beautiful nature view creates a focal point and with the potted plant, this stunning view moves indoors.

ID# 107724 | – Credit © McQuay Architects

Square Bathtub with Square Bathroom Window Ideas

In this contemporary bathroom, the black-framed picture window matches the size of the white bathtub which provides perfect symmetry. The rock view behind the window continuous as a concrete backsplash in the bathroom. The wood vanity paired with a marble countertop adds a luxury feel while black accents complementing the black frame of the window.

ID# 107726 | – Credit © Beasley & Henley Interior Design

Transitional Bathroom with Bathtub and Beige Bathroom Window Treatment

The white freestanding bathtub is elevated by the two steps and takes the all credits in this transitional bathroom. A large bathroom window is placed behind the tub and provides a stunning backdrop. The large frameless mirror above the beige vanity doubles up the impact of the view and brings depth to the atmosphere. Beige floor to ceiling fabric as a curtain in a harmony with the beige vanity.

Contemporary Walk In Shower With Glossy White Wall Tiles

ID# 107727 | – Credit © Ed Hughey, Architect & Realtor

Contemporary Walk-in Shower with Glossy White Wall Tiles

Thanks to the large bathroom window, the beautiful green view looks like a painting that hung on the wall and makes this minimalist walk-in shower more livable. The glossy white shower tiles create a clean and fresh look while smaller white tiles on the floor and shorter walls bringing a mosaic appeal. The recessed niche provides a space for bath products without disturbing the flawless design.

ID# 107728 | – Credit © Cathie Hong Interiors

White Bathroom Window Ideas with Bathtub and Herringbone Tiles

This Scandinavian bathroom serves a timeless look with lots of earthy material and neutral color palettes. Black herringbone tiles create an accent between the white walls and provide a stylish backdrop for the freestanding bathtub. The white framed bathroom window pops up between the black tiles. Wood vanity paired with white countertop and matte black faucets. Thin black frames of the rectangular mirrors and black sconces bring a contemporary appeal.

ID# 107729 | – Credit © Lux Interiors

Small Bathroom Window Ideas with Marble Hexagon Tiles and Concrete Floor

Generally, bathroom windows are placed behind the bathtub in a symmetrical look. But in this contemporary bathroom, the black-framed window is placed close to the left wall. In this way, both a spacious atmosphere was created and privacy was preserved. Also, the frosted glass provides privacy. Marble wall tiles are laid on a hexagon pattern which brings a nice texture to space.

ID# 107730 | – Credit © Pringle & Pringle

Curved Bathtub with Corner Bathroom Window Ideas

A combination of soft beiges and wood materials offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere in this bathroom. The white freestanding tub is elevated with two wooden stairs. In this way, the bathtub gets closer to the windows and it allows you to watch this beautiful view while taking a bath. On the side, the full-height cabinets provide plenty of storage space. White ladder, potted plant, gray stool with green legs and blue and white striped rug makes this bathroom more livable.

ID# 107732 | – Credit © Model Design Inc.

Mediterranean Bathroom with Black Framed Arched Windows

The Mediterranean style is very well known for its grand and luxurious-looking designs and this bathroom reflects this style as much as possible! Thanks to the u-shape of the bathroom, the spectacular ocean view comes into the bathroom with the help of the three windows. The black frames of the windows contrast with the whites for a more characteristic look. White freestanding bathtub, beige armchair, and white rug provide a minimal bathroom design. So, the ocean view takes the whole credit.

ID# 107733 | – Credit © Cornerstone Architects

Beige Bathroom with Glossy White Hexagon Floor Tile

Calm beiges and relaxing greens create a harmonious look in this transitional bathroom. Thanks to the bathroom mirrors, the beautiful view of the garden became part of the bathroom. There is also a sliding door that provides direct access to the garden. The glossy white hexagon tiles are placed between the beige tiles and acts as a rug under the white bathtub.

ID# 107734 | – Credit © Kevin O’Sullivan + Associates

Marble Pedestal Sink with Floor to Ceiling Bathroom Window Ideas

Even if the powder room has a small space, with floor-to-ceiling windows the otherwise dark and catastrophic room turns into a bright one. The marble pedestal sink is definitely a statement maker. It brings instant character to the room. The marble stone carried from sink to wall as a backsplash and was accentuated by the gray wall paint on the upper parts.

ID# 107735 | – Credit © Patterson Custom Homes

Farmhouse Bathroom with Exposed Beams and Black Herringbone Floor

Blacks, whites, and natural elements come together harmoniously in this farmhouse bathroom. The white freestanding bathtub and white walls create a clean and modern look. Black frames of the mirror complement the black floor tiles while the window providing a bright and spacious atmosphere. The wood ladder, stool, wicker pendant lights, and colorful rug bring warmth between the sharp contrast created by the blacks and whites.

ID# 107736 | – Credit © CIOT | Stone & Tile

Luxury Master Bathroom with Vaulted Ceiling and Unique Chandelier

In this luxury bathroom design, the beautiful arched iron window with a tub set in the center draws attention at the first sight. The unique oversized chandelier above the tub, emphasizes the beautiful view behind the window. The dramatic onyx slabs on the floor were inspired by the rocky cliffs and they help to turn eyes towards the window with the direction of the striking patterns.

ID# 107737 | – Credit © Beyond Beige Interior Design Inc.

Farmhouse Bathroom with Exposed Beams and Stone Wall

Thanks to the exposed wood beams and stunning stone walls, this farmhouse bathroom has already had a strong character. Taking advantage of the high ceiling, another window was added above the window behind the freestanding bathtub which enhances the sense of spaciousness. The crystal chandelier hung from the beam and highlights the bath area and also adds glam. Even the stones and woods give a rustic feeling, the curved bathtub, black frames of the windows and frameless glass doors of the shower modernize the bathroom.

ID# 107738 | – Credit © Open Arch. Windows & Doors

Copper Bathtub with Marble Wall Covering and Copper Chandelier

This copper bathtub can instantly elevate any bathroom! The copper bathtub has an antique appeal and gives the room a time-tested vintage character. The copper chandelier complements the bathtub and emphasizes the characteristic look it. Wooden frames of the bathroom windows contrast with the luxurious elements and bring warmth to the atmosphere. The marble wall coverings provide an eye-catching backdrop and are accentuated by black marble baseboards which continue as a floor tile.

ID# 107739 | – Credit © Cathie Hong Interiors

White Clawfoot Bathtub with Gold Faucet Kit and Wood Ladder

The luxurious white clawfoot bathtub makes a statement in this farmhouse bathroom. The black clawfeet emphasize the impact of the tub. The gold faucet kit adds a glamorous look to the tub while beige wall tiles and white shutters of the windows creating a clean and fresh backdrop. The beige hexagon floor tiles add a nice texture. The wood ladder and stool bring warmth to the atmosphere and are in a harmony with the soft color scheme.

ID# 107741 | – Credit © Nicholson Companies

Wood Vanity with Quartz Countertop and Limestone Flooring

The contemporary master bathroom is awash in natural light from the large window behind the bathtub, and skylight. The relaxing green tone of the trees brightens the atmosphere. The wood vanity with a white quartz countertop stands out between the whites and brings warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 107742 | – Credit © Spaces Designed, Interior Design Studio, LLC

Modern Walk-in Shower with Blue Glass Mosaic Tiles

The black-framed window wall gives you the feeling of taking a bath on the trees! The window wall is accentuated by blue glass mosaic tiles on both sides which adds a sparkle to the room. The frameless glass door of the shower provides a seamless look for this spectacular view. The infinity shower head, white vanity with a waterfall countertop, and other nickel accents bring a modern appeal.

ID# 107743 | – Credit © Anna West Interiors, LLC

Midcentury Bathroom with White Countertop and Brass Accents

You don’t have to use a wide window opening in your bathroom. You can create a bright and spacious atmosphere even with the small ones. In this Midcentury bathroom, the walk-in shower creates a sleek look et the end of the room and the shower takes the advantages of the window above the recessed niche. The wood vanity perfectly reflects the midcentury style with a quartz countertop and brass accents. Frameless mirrors above the vanity contribute to the spacious atmosphere.

ID# 107744 | – Credit © NARI Bucks-Mont Chapter

Victorian Bathroom with Metallic Bathtub and Cream Curtains

With crisp lines, handsome detailing, fine materials, and functionality, this Victorian bathroom serve everything that you want in a bathroom. The metallic bathtub, floor-to-ceiling door, and cream curtains create a luxurious black bathroom to die for! The bathtub sits on the striking patterned monochromatic floor and thanks to the glossy surface emphasizes the tiles with reflection on it. The glass door with black frames provides direct access to the terrace and also provides a spacious atmosphere for this otherwise dark bathroom. The floor-to-ceiling cream curtains make a soft touch to the blacks and whites.

ID# 107745 | – Credit © Knowles Design

Traditional Bathroom with Gray Walls and White Wainscoting

If you want privacy in your bathroom, you can provide it with curtains but you don’t need to cover up all windows with them. A bathroom curtain that covers half of the window ensures privacy and natural light. The white bathroom wainscoting is placed under the light gray walls which incorporates the luxury feel created by the white bathtub.

ID# 107746 | – Credit © Choeff Levy Fischman, P.A.

Transparent Acrylic Bathtub with Spectacular Ocean View

The transparent bathtub is something really modern, with a clean and minimalistic look and it will definitely be a conversation piece! And with this stunning ocean view, you will never want to leave the bathroom. If you have such a strong design element like this tub, there is no need for other elements. Just white curtains to provide some privacy.

ID# 107750 | – Credit © McNally Architects

Wood Vanity with White Framed Bathroom Mirror and Gray Curtains

Inspiration of a transitional bathroom with wood vanity, white vessel sink, white framed bathroom window, gray bathroom window treatments, colorful glass blocks, and wood floor. The arched beam pulls the attention through the vanity area and enhances the impact of the beautiful view behind the white framed window. The colorful glass blocks above the windows bring joy to the design. Gray curtains give a cozy yet chic feel.

ID# 1077551 | – Credit © Nicole Davis Interiors

Modern Rustic Bathroom with Glamorous Chandelier and Marble Floor

The combination of the natural elements, blacks and whites, and a dose of luxury, serves a modern cozy bathroom design. The black frame of the bathroom window creates strong contrast with the whites for a more impactful look. White bathroom window treatments bring softness to the room. The white freestanding bathtub sits on the marble floor which gives the luxury feel and is highlighted by the crystal chandelier above it. Exposed wood beams, shiplap ceiling, and wood stool create a warmer atmosphere.

ID# 107752 | – Credit © Eastwood Development

Corner Bathroom Window Ideas with White Curved Bathtub

The large corner windows provide a stunning panoramic view of the city and white a freestanding bathtub you can enjoy this wonderful view! The thin black frames of the windows support them without disturbing the view. Windows accentuated by white walls on the top and gray tiles on the floor.

ID# 107753 | – Credit © Space Control Design

Attic Bathroom with Distinctive Wallpaper and Long Skylight

Attic bathrooms can be tricky because of their sloped ceiling and usually, there are no windows on these floors. But natural light is always best. So, you might consider a skylight. In this transitional bathroom, the slanted ceiling incorporates a narrow window ever so cleverly! It continues along with the tub which provides maximum daylight. The green and white patterned wallpaper creates an eye-catching backdrop for the bathtub. The black iron vanity with a marble countertop and white vessel sink serves a minimalistic yet impactful look.

ID# 107754 | – Credit © Casework

Wood Vanity with Black Hexagon Floor Tiles and Brass Accents

The minimal but effective color palette of this transitional bathroom offers an elegant bathroom overall. The wood vanity with a white countertop provides plenty of bathroom storage space. White shower tiles create a clean and fresh look and contrast with the black hexagon floor tiles for stronger impact. The small bathroom window brings a sense of spaciousness. Brass accents and fixtures add glam to the design while potted plants making the space more livable.

ID# 107755 | – Credit © Brickworks Building Products

Modern Walk-in Shower with Black Vanity and White Square Tiles

The effortless aesthetic of this modern walk-in shower design complements the rural and rugged scenery outside. The small garden behind the wide bathroom window provides a beautiful backdrop for the black vanity. White square tiles give a strong impact with their black grouts which complement the vanity.

ID# 107756 | – Credit © Armstrong Keyworth

Gray Bathroom with Concrete Floor and Mirrored Cabinet

Since there is a skylight on the slanted ceiling, dark tones are used comfortably in this small black bathroom. The black vanity is paired with white sink and nickel handles. The mirrored cabinet above the vanity makes space feel larger. Concrete tiles used on the flooring, tubs’ apron, and wall. Another shade of gray is preferred as a backsplash.

ID# 107757 | – Credit © Black Door Building

Onyx Vanity with Wood Drawers and Wood Framed Mirror

The elegance of the onyx stone beautifully surrounds the atmosphere and provides a timeless look! The onyx vanity is continuous on the wall as a backsplash which emphasizes the impact of the stone. Wooden drawers are placed under the vanity separately. Wood-framed mirrors complement the drawers. The bathroom window beside the vanity and the skylight bring the natural light into the bathroom while the white shutter of the window providing privacy.

ID# 107758 | – Credit © Lewis / Schoeplein architects

Pink Vanity with Quartz Countertop and Gray Floor Tiles

The lovely tone of the vanity brightens the space and creates a cute yet stylish bathroom. The patterns on the gray floor tiles bring dynamism to the room while beige square wall tiles providing a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to the large bathroom window the room has a spacious feel.

ID# 107702

All-white Modern Bathroom with Marble Floor and Unique Chandelier

The all-white features and wide sliding bathroom windows provide a bright and spacious atmosphere as much as possible. The sharp edges of the bathtub complement the bathroom window. Marble floor tiles and a stunning chandelier complete the look luxuriously.

ID# 107708

Minimalist Walk-in Shower with Zen Garden and Forest View

Forests have a relaxing effect created by the beautiful shades of green. Incorporating this beautiful feeling into your bathroom with a wide window and supporting it with a Zen garden, provides a calm getaway retreat. The Black painted wood frame of the window helps minimize its visual impact. The nickel shower kit, cream walls, and recessed wall niches serve a minimalistic design. In this way, this stunning view becomes the star of this shower.

ID# 107711

Walk-in Shower Design with White Subway Tile Gray Floor Tiles

Open style showers have a luxurious, contemporary feel. Completing this feel with a bathroom window opens up the bathroom area visually and provides a brighter space. In this mostly white bathroom, thank the window wall, the beautiful greenery view becomes the part of the bathroom and acts as an accent wall in the shower. The gray floor tiles contrast with the white shaker vanity with gray countertop, white walls, and white subway tiles in the shower and emphasize the design.

ID# 107725

Long and Narrow Bathroom Window Ideas with Stunning Miami View

This luxury bathroom facing eastern exposure with unobstructed views of Miami. Black framed mirrors provide to take advantage of this stunning view in a maximized way. Also, black frames emphasize the long shape of the bathroom. Because the windows are floor-to-ceiling, the pleasure of taking a bath in this freestanding bathtub reaches its climax.

ID# 107731

Farmhouse Bathroom with Glass Block Window and Pebbled Floor

This guest bath has a light and airy feel with an organic element and pop of color. The glass block window gives an open feel and allows the natural light in this small bathroom. The frameless glass rolling shower door with matte black hardware support this airy feel and provides a seamless look. White subway tiles in an offset pattern are used on all three walls in the shower which creates a fresh and clean look. The brass shower kit adds glam to the design while the pebbled shower floor adding an organic element.

ID# 107740

Trapezoid Bathroom Window Ideas with Diagonal Patternes

When privacy is an issue but you want natural light, covering the window with partial panels can be a creative way! When the light beams coming through the diagonal patterns on the windows create a visual feast inside the room. The trapezoid shapes of the bathroom in a harmony with the patterns. The vaulted ceiling above the bathtub brings softness and complements the curved bathtub.

ID# 107748

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom with Black Herringbone Floor and Pink Rug

Thanks to the large bathroom window, the tub is filled with a beautiful and provides a relaxing atmosphere. The black frames of the bathroom window contrast with the whites to create a stronger impact. White curtains beautifully blend with the white walls. The chrome freestanding telephone faucet adds a bit of vintage charm to space. Black herringbone floor tiles bring a texture to space while the pink rug adding a traditional vibe.

ID# 107749

White Master Bathroom with Vaulted Ceiling and Skylights

The all-white features, wide window opening, and skylights provide a bright atmosphere. The glass pendant light with gold details hung from the vaulted ceiling and highlights the oval bathtub. Tree stump accent tables beside the bathtub, curly tug with black geometric patterns, and white striped window coverings create a more welcoming and intimate bathroom feel.

ID# 107759

Bali Inspired Walk-in Shower with Black Mosaic Tiles

The earthy tones of this shower create an intimate atmosphere. The walk-in shower features a slatted stained teak deck floor, dual shower heads, and a glass door that leads outside. Mini black wall tiles bring a mosaic appeal corporation all rights reserved. Matte black shower kit in a harmony with the black tiles. Wood floor and wall panels break the sharp look of the black and bring warmth.

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