Cute Bathroom Ideas Colorful, Positive and Eye-catching Designs

66+ Cute Bathroom Ideas

ID# 119301 | – CreditAugust & Co Design | © Stephanie Creagh

Black and White Bathroom with Pink Walls and Fun Accessories

The traditional black and white bathroom idea becomes a fun one here with sketchy patterned cement floor tiles, paper-mâché zebra sculpture, b/w striped towels, classy freestanding bathtub, black glass chandelier, black vanity, glass door, and multicolored child’s chair. Pink wall paint over the subway tiles added a glamorous effect to this old-school design.

ID# 119353 | – Credit© Studiotamat

Contemporary Cute Bathroom Ideas with Pastel Green and Lilac Walls

Sharp geometrical style trend is with us, this time the color selection is very pastel and soft with lilac walls, mint green 15×15 tile walls with lilac joints, black and white simple and sharp console sink with thin black legs and thin white sink, wall mount matte black faucet, fittings, and plug socket. Ro.und mirrors also follow the same manner and have thin black frames.


Colorful, Positive, and Cute Bathroom Ideas

Do you ever think that a bathroom design can put smiles on your face every time you enter? No matter which style the room has; modern, contemporary, classy, romantic, or eclectic, with some color and texture applications the bathrooms become very cute. Check out our cute bathroom ideas to create eye-catching and joyful designs.

Pick your favorite colors and apply!

Often cute bathrooms are kid’s bathrooms which are designed to make them learn and love to spend time in bathrooms; taking baths, brushing teeth, and doing self-care routines, a child would get these habits very hard but a considerately designed funny and eye-catching bathroom can make it happen very easily. Surely not only children have cute bathrooms but adults also can with some quirky, funny, and mood booster design choices for example using modern style furniture with unexpected colors and texture or picking original vintage objects.

Wallpapers, cement tiles, glossy polishes, mosaics, tiles, fabrics, rugs; options are endless for the decorating ideas and results are generally substantial.

ID# 119303 | – Credit© Ulfbuilt

Black and White Shower Design with Red Heart Mosaic

Basic, unexpected, romantic, and modern. This bathroom brings all of it with an unexpected red heart mosaic on the wall which is framed with black tiles like an artwork, on very basic and classic white subway porcelain tile walls, black penny mosaic floor, chrome wall mounted shower faucet, wooden stool, and black-framed shampoo niche. Heart-shaped mosaics add joy to this shower.

ID# 119302 | – Credit© Widney Pierson Interior Design

Coastal Bathroom with Lemon Patterned Wallpaper

One classic white coastal bathroom turns into a very eye-catching fresh bathroom with this lemon patterned wallpapers, lemons, and leaves give very optimistic energy. Other parts are quite calm to emphasize the walls; white shaker vanity with gray marble countertop, chrome faucet, white and gray porcelain floor tiles, black classic framed mirror, black wall lamps, corner shower with hinged door, pale blue towels, and big white framed window.

ID# 119304 | – Credit© FINE Architecture Ltd.

Cute Shower Idea with Pacman Themed Mosaic Wall

When it comes to mosaics, there is no limit to creativity. Just like this fun bathroom, one of the most known computer games, Pacman is covered on this shower’s wall and floor without missing any detail. The other walls and ceiling are plain white, the shower door is frameless and hinged, the showerhead is wall-mounted, they all highlight the colorful mosaic more.

Colorful Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 119307 | – Credit© Hisbalit

Turquois Bathroom with Penny Mosaics and Contrast Red Accessories

This cute bathroom brings the seas and the sky into the house with different shades of blue. Very summery, very serene, also very exciting with the contrast orange accents. Turquois penny mosaics, wooden leg console sinks, cyan blue high ceiling, blue framed lank windows, very bright vermilion towels, red and blue hand sculptures, light cream porcelain tiles; all work complementarily.

ID# 119308 | – Credit© Elliot Walsh

Freestanding Bathtub Idea in Vintage Bathroom

There’s one marvelous thing about vintage interiors, they work together with the modern elements in a very fun way just like we see in this bathroom design. It’s a very old room with the vintage painted wooden plank floor, fireplace, classic gold distressed mirror, vintage accessories such as clock and telephone, on the other hand, some changes turn this room into a modern and fun one, starting with the purple wall which seems very glamorous behind the gold mirror, white modern freestanding bathtub and floor mounted chrome faucet, white walls and last but not least; the flamingo sculpture.

ID# 119309 | – Credit© Studio Hooton

Kid’s Bathroom with Concrete Floor and Biker Illustrations

This mid-size eclectic kid’s bathroom has a concrete floor, half blue half beige walls, acrobat red biker illustrations on the walls which creates a contrast, solid surface gray vanity counter without cabinet, vessel bowl sink with chrome vessel sink faucet, wall-mounted toilet, and black subway tiles behind the toilet with a book niche.

ID# 119310 | – Credit© Built

Colorful Mosaic Wall Idea in Contemporary Small Bathroom

The mosaics are mostly used to create images on the walls but in this case, different colored porcelains conjoined randomly and created this wall, it looks like many little pixels and the overall work is a pleaser; soft, harmonious, and cute, also the windows are quite big enough to get the sunshine in. The mosaics are combined with wood vanity cabinets, an integrated double white sink, a large frameless mirror, white walls, and a door.

ID# 119311 | – Credit© London Basement

Contemporary Kid’s Bathroom in Roof with Wonder Woman Murals

This kid’s bathroom would absolutely be children’s favorite place in the house, which is usually not. DC character Wonder Woman mural is painted on the walls with some comic book style quotes, eye-catching three main colors combination, and lots of bubbles. The rest of the bathroom is generally like a white blank paper with a claw-foot freestanding bathtub and contrast black plinth.

ID# 119313 | – Credit© Ensoul Ltd.

Children’s Cute Bathroom Ideas with Freestanding Bathtub and b/w Pebble Floor

This cute bathroom with blue porcelain tile walls, black and white pebble floor, white modern freestanding bathtub, niches for shampoos or rubber duckies, large window for daylight, and children’s all-time favorite yellow Winnie the Pooh illustrations on the walls; shows the blue color’s tranquilizer aspect and complement it with yellow and orange-based fun elements, consequently makes the bathing experience easier to the children.


ID# 119320 | – Credit© Shannon Ggem Design

Coastal Turquoise and Orange Cute Bathroom Idea

The fun, Optimistic and coastal idea of a bathroom catches our eyes here. The very cute hue of turquoise cabinets with acrylic glass knobs matches the bright and energetic orange of the funny shower curtain, other parts are very basic, white subway tiles on the walls, light wood floor, white ceiling, and gray soapstone countertop.

ID# 119324 | – Credit© Casa Mexicana Imports

Southwestern Farmhouse Bathroom Idea with Hexagon Stone Floor

This bathroom is rustic, Southwestern, and bohemian with the blues, oranges, and woods. All elements have a strict style; earthy color hexagonal stone floor, blue porcelain floor tiles, rustic wooden vanity, amazing rustic copper freestanding bathtub, turquoise accessories, pale and mustardy orange walls, vaulted wooden ceiling, and dark rattan pendant light, also the large windows with a view change the mood very much.

Decorative Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 119325 | – Credit© Arnold Brothers Construction, Inc.

Southwestern Coastal Bathroom Idea

In this southwestern style bathroom, we see the terra-cotta stone floor, countertop with dark blue and emerald handmade porcelain tiles with lilac and gold floral patterns, overmount white sink, black faucet, wooden shelves, rattan baskets, white subway tiles in the shower, ethnic small rug, and white toilet. Interestingly, no edge is sharp here, every single edge is rounded and smoothed with plaster.

ID# 119326 | – Credit© Alison Kandler Interior Design

Shabby Chic White Bathroom

Shabby Chic style is all about romanticism, femininity, vintage furniture, floral patterns, etc. This is an example of shabby chic with white vintage cabinets, turquoise knobs, hinged door shower, and floral pattern shower floor, white marble countertop, white marble floor, white porcelain subway tile walls, vintage photos, and paintings. White cabinets provide plenty of storage space.

ID# 119327 | – Credit© Sturman & Co

Mermaid Tile Bathroom Idea with Freestanding Bathtub

The soothing effect of the blue is all around in this design, with the dark greenish-blue on the upper walls, turquoise porcelain mermaid tiles under, abstract painting of blue shades, white ceiling, white bathtub, and toilet; to complement and bring out the blues, a little tint of mustard color is added with the rug and flower.

ID# 119328 | – Credit | © Beatfilms

Kid’s Bathroom with Summery Colors

This bathroom is a joyful kid’s bathroom with half yellow wall, geometrically patterned shower curtain, white vanity with vessel sink and wall-mounted faucet, lots of toys to make the kids like to spend time in the bathroom, grey epoxy floor to make it clean all the time and the rest is bright white since the room doesn’t get any sunlight from anywhere.

ID# 119329 | – Credit© МАРИНА БУСЕЛ интерьерный дизайн

Yellow and Black Bathroom with Glossy Wall and Floor Tiles

Glossy and high-contrast combinations are seen in this bathroom. Generally, black and yellow color combination indicates a warning, in this case, the design group has a similar feeling, one wouldn’t be calm and peaceful here but be induced all the time by the colors and reflected surfaces such as fully covered glossy porcelain yellow tile walls, glossy brown porcelain tile floor, reflected toilets, stool, and door, inserted bathtub covered with yellow tiles and the framed print which intensifies the mood even more.

ID# 119330 | – Credit© Jaffa Group Design-Build

Contemporary Cute Bathroom Ideas with Yellow Tile Accent Wall

This contemporary cute bathroom starts very minimalistic; gray porcelain tile floor, white walls, black door, flat white vanity, undermount sink, chrome accessories, and red roped pendant lights; all of these basic elements are placed in front of a very bright yellow accent wall and overall created a happy place.


ID# 119331 | – Credit© Marsh & Parsons

Eclectic Vintage Bathroom with Yellow and White Striped Mosaics

This is an eclectic vintage master bathroom with yellow and white striped porcelain mosaics all around the walls and floor, white pedestal sink, black classy mirror frame, black and white wall mounted toilet, vintage faucets, white ceiling, and vintage brass chandelier.

ID# 119332 | – Credit© Tommaso Giunchi

Yellow Cabinets and Emerald Walls Idea with Inox Vessel Sink

Contemporary, high-contrast, and masculine; with yellow flat-panel knobless round-edged cabinets, matte black countertop, inox rounded rectangle vessel sink, inox wall-mounted faucet, a thin black frame around the vanity and pendant lights mounted to the frame, wall mounted white toilets, ¾ porcelain pale emerald wall tiles, gray terrazzo floor, and walk-in inox framed shower.

ID# 119333 | – Credit© Krysten Ledet Interiors

Colorful Cute Bathroom Ideas with Abstract Walls

Colorful brush strokes are covered all of the walls in this small bathroom; yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, and black colors are painted on a white canvas and created a fun effect; pink drawer cabinet with acrylic glass knobs, white marble countertop, brass faucet, mirror, and wall lamps are all very garish, plinths and doors are white lacquered, the floor is white porcelain mosaic.


ID# 119335 | – Credit© Classic Coastal

Colorful Cute Bathroom Ideas with Penny Mosaic Floor

This coastal bathroom is much more “under the sea” than coastal with the seaweed and fish paintings and colorful design language. The floor is made of blue penny mosaic, walls are covered with white subway tiles and white wall paint, the sink is industrial style wall mounted red which is the best friend of blue in marine designs. The floral kid’s step is also very coherent with the overall look.


ID# 119336 | – Credit© Lowe’s Home Improvement

Contemporary Cute Bathroom Ideas with Light Blue Vanity

This is a small and chic bath with bright blue painted vanity, beige marble-look laminate countertop with overmounted sink, brushed-nickel faucet and towel ring, three-light fixture, molding-framed mirror and plinth, tiled backsplash, beige porcelain tile floor, light beige walls, and the integrative DIY wall art.


ID# 119337 | – Credit© Green Sheep Collective

Emerald Mermaid Tile Idea in Modern Bathroom

This bathroom had a modern minimal style with black porcelain floor tiles, wood cabinets, a white countertop and sink, chrome faucets, white porcelain tile walls, a white ceiling, and a white toilet; then these marvelous green porcelain mermaid tiles on the shower’s wall changed the vibes into the glam. The large mirror also doubles the green wall and emphasizes the effect it.

ID# 119340 | – Credit© Langlois Design

Pink Mosaic Bathroom with Yellow Wallpaper and White Vanity

Pink is usually a very romantic color, whereas some tones of pink are very exciting and energetic rather than romantic just like this example. This pink bathroom has a very energetic feeling with the pink mosaic tiles all around, the greenish bright yellow wallpaper, integrated white double sink, and reflective surfaces such as chrome faucets and upper cabinets with mirror doors.

ID# 119341 | – Credit© Jannat Vasi Interior Design

Cute Pop-Art Bathroom Ideas with Winnie-the-Pooh Illustration

This is a very fun graphic bathroom with all-matte surfaces, sharp edges, contrast colors, and Pop-Art Winnie-the-Pooh illustration on the vanity. The vanity is custom made with black, blue, mustard, and fuchsia surfaces, an integrated rectangular sink, and a wall-mounted minimal matte black faucet while other parts of the room are taking the backseat, such as the white walls and grey porcelain tile floor.


ID# 119342 | – Credit© Handwerk

Mint Green Cute Bathroom Ideas with Terrazzo Floor

This contemporary bathroom has different shades of pastel green; on the walls light, mid and dark tones of porcelain tiles are combined and each one has a different dimension, finished work looks like a patchwork, with terrazzo flooring. Vanity is also a pastel mint green and has trendy half-circle rounded sides with a grayish-white countertop and vessel sink. Faucets are gold and they catch the half-circle trend as well and a full circle mirror completes the style.

Contemporary Bathroom With Concrete Floor And Yellow Epoxy Shower

ID# 119345 | – Credit© Haeccity Studio Architecture

Contemporary Bathroom with Concrete Floor and Yellow Epoxy Shower

Yellow is the happiest color, and this bathroom is the evidence of this with the optimistic vibe it has. Apart from the yellow epoxy shower and the abstract illustration on the wall; everything is colorless; white walls, ceiling, toilet, vanity, and mirror, and concrete floor are combined with little black details such as faucets, frame, shampoo holder, and toilet paper holder.

ID# 119346 | – Credit© Skelly Home

Yellow Cute Bathroom Vanity with White Countertop and Bubble Pendant

This contemporary bathroom has a very trendy style in which everything is shaped very geometrically and sharp. On the white canvas of walls, the yellow flat panel cabinet looks very attractive, and black accents create a nice contrast such as the thin black framed mirror, black hanger globe light, black faucet, and towel ring; whereas brown epoxy floor and wooden door makes the atmosphere cozier.

ID# 119347 | – Credit© Barn Light Electric Company

White Herringbone Tiles and Yellow Paint Combination in Modern Bathroom

This bathroom has the colors of the summer with yellow wall paint, white porcelain herringbone wall tiles, turquoise blue pendant light, colorful mirror frame and colorful baskets, black wood vanity, white undermount sink, black faucet, white toilet, and wooden flooring.

Small Trendy Pink and Gold Bathroom

This cute bathroom is very feminine and has a positive vibe with the trendy arch-topped pink shades porcelain wall tiles combined with same shaped white tiles on the upper wall, white small countertop and round vessel sink, beige porcelain tile floor, and gold accessories which are sprucing up the design such as walk-in shower panel frame, small shelves for shampoo, faucets, shower head, and mirror.

ID# 119349 | – Credit© Winwood Mckenzie Architecture

Trendy Scandinavian Bathroom with Pink Cement Tile Floor

This bathroom has a very trendy style; sharp geometrical shapes such as quarter and half circles and rectangles everywhere. It almost looks like there’s the math behind the design. Pink and red cement tile floor, penny mosaic walls, wooden decorative cabinets and mirror cabinet above the vanity, white wall mounted double sink with black matte faucets, knob, towel hangers, and fittings.

ID# 119350 | – Credit© Gabriele Merolli

Small Eclectic Bathroom with Cement Tile Backsplash and Pipe Faucet

This small bathroom is very vintage and industrial with the small wooden countertop, overmount sink, white walls, colorful and vintage porcelain cement tiles which gives an excitement to the topic, copper pipe faucet, and metal white trash can.

ID# 119306 | – CreditClare Gaskin Interiors | © Nick Smith

Cute Coastal Children’s Bathroom with Marine Blue Cabinet and Wallpaper

Marine theme is applied in this children’s bathroom in a modern way, with white vanity, marine blue open cabinet, marine-themed white and blue wallpaper with cute illustrations, also the storage spaces are well taught with individual rattan baskets which let the owners store the things according to their classifications.


ID# 119351 | – Credit© Whitman Wilde Architects

Scandinavian Cute Bathroom Ideas with Pink Geometric Tile Wall and Floor

This bright calm bathroom is very fresh, minimal, and full of sunlight. All-white walls, white flat-panel cabinets, and white freestanding bathtub are combined with light beige and pastel dark pink geometric shaped porcelain tile backsplash and floor, large mirror and window, concrete vessel sink and gold accessories such as wall mount faucet and gold knob, also the plants are refreshing the mood.


ID# 119354 | – Credit© Banner Day Interiors

Modern Glamorous Cute Bathroom Ideas with Pastel Pink and Green

Romantic and glamorous just like a bouquet of pink and white roses, this bathroom gives the vibe with the classic white cabinets with white countertop, gold knobs, an undermount single sink, a pale pink tasseled pouf, gold faucet, gold detailed mirror, and vintage style wall lamps. The mint green subway porcelain tiles are also very harmonious with all other elements of the design so is the wallpaper with pastel floral drawings on it.


ID# 119355 | – CreditJoseph Olson Interiors | © Molly Culver

Powder Room with Console Sink and Fish Themed Wallpaper

This small powder room brought a new approach to the coastal style with this wallpaper which has cute realistic fish illustrations all around on the pale blue canvas. The console sink has white-gray marble countertop, chrome faucet, legs, fittings, wall lamps and towel ring. The colors are very calm because of the pale blue and greys but the fishes are orange, brown and yellow to create contrast.

ID# 119357 | – Credit© Plaid Fox Studio

Eclectic Cute Bathroom Ideas with Blush Wood Cabinet

Modern but classy, romantic but funny; this bathroom has variable sensations and very pleasing with classic white walls and thin black decorative frames with artworks, brushstroke patterned black and grey cement tile floor, white porcelain tiles on walls, white quartz countertop, and concrete vessel sink, blush light wood flat-panel cabinet, two-piece white toilet, pink flowers in a black and white brushed vase and gold faucet.


ID# 119359 | – Credit© Windust Architecture x Interiors

Scandinavian Cute Bathroom Ideas with Geometrical Patterned Tiles

This is a very bright and calm attic bathroom with white porcelain tile walls, white vanity with arched mirror, white integrated solid surface countertop, and flat-panel cabinets, pastel earthy pink, green and white irregular geometrical patterned floor constitute a very modern Scandinavian bathroom, whereas the matte gold wall mounted faucets and gold ceiling mounted shower head spruce up the look.


ID# 119360 | – Credit | © Faulkner Perrin Custom Homes

Romantic Pink and White Transitional Bathroom Idea

White, gold, and light pink have met and this very elegant and romantic bathroom is created. Light pink shaker cabinets with glass and gold knobs, white marble countertop and undermount sink, white mermaid tiles with gold joints, gold faucet, gold mirror, gold flower wall lamp, and large white windows with white and pink striped mini curtains; they all speak the same feminine and romantic language.


ID# 119362 | – Credit© Tish L Delozier Designs

Shabby Chic Powder Room with Wallpaper and Vintage Appliances

Classy, Vintage, Shabby & Chic with brass vintage mirror, brass wall lamps, vintage wood cabinets, white marble countertop with undermount sink and bronze faucet are all very harmonious, at the same time this slightly modern blue red and cream patterned wallpaper takes the whole vibe to a new level of fun and room becomes more pleasant and dynamic.


ID# 119363 | – Credit© Alisberg Parker

Modern Cute Bathroom Ideas with Pink Cabinets and Gray Flooring

This modernized and chic version of farmhouse style is very soft and pleasant with the light pink flat-panel cabinets, gray geometrical patterned porcelain tile floor, white countertop with double undermount sink, chrome faucets, bubbly pendant light, custom made wood knobs, and wood wall lamps on a white background of walls and ceiling.


ID# 119338

Red, Black, and White Farmhouse Bathroom with Patterned Wallpaper

A classic color combination with a new approach; black red and white may seem very high-contrast and strong but in this case, the way that they are put together is very vintage, soft, and pleasing with the many textured application. White subway tiles and wainscotting, black molding and red&white drawing patterned wallpaper on the walls, two-pieced black and white toilet, large black&white framed window, white countertop, red shaker cabinets with black knobs, black detailed wall lamps, black&white mosaic floor corner shower, and 2 very compatible rugs.

ID# 119305

Romantic Cute Bathroom Ideas with Butterfly Wallpaper

This is a classic white bathroom with white vanity, white marble countertop, white ceiling and toilet, very light gray marble floor, brushed nickel knobs, and faucet. In the meantime, the canvas of this design has caught a colorful and romantic vibe with this wallpaper full of butterflies, birds, and tree branches, also the pink bird object supports the idea.

ID# 119312

Children’s Bathroom with Three Main Colors

This is a children’s bathroom with a double vessel sink, round-framed window, white walls and white porcelain penny mosaic floor, pendant light, shaker storage cabinets, and vanity which is striped with the three main colors. Children might learn the colors much easier in this way.

Minimal Kid’s Bathroom with Skylight

A minimal white basic room is a good idea but the minimal white basic room with children’s drawings is a way more positive idea; white walls, freestanding bathtub, vanity counter, vessel bowl sinks, and ceiling are combined with a wooden console, beige porcelain floor tiles, and colorful children’s drawings. The skylight over the bathtub is also a mood changer and provides a good amount of sunlight in the bathroom.

ID# 119315

Pink and Orange Cute Bathroom Ideas

The femininity and romanticism of the pink meet the excitement and energizing vibes of the orange and the result is a bathroom of sweetness and positiveness. Clawfoot freestanding pink bathtub, powder pink walls, white cabinet lacquered cabinet, white porcelain tile floor, large white framed windows and name embroidered towels are the parts of this sweet combination.

Floor Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 119316

Modern Cute Bathroom Ideas with Blue Accents

This modern white and blue bathroom has a calming effect because of the blue accents. White porcelain floor and wall tiles, white vanity with flat-panel cabinets, blue knobs, and integrated white sink and chrome faucets are used. The walk-in shower has a frameless glass panel and a blue feature wall that has porcelain wall tiles with dynamic geometrical patterns.

ID# 119317

This modern cut bathroom catches our eyes with the grass green flat panel glossy cabinets with double vessel sink and chrome faucets, rainbow-themed rug on white penny mosaic flooring, white porcelain tile walls, and white painted wood ceiling with a skylight to get the sunlight. These colors appear more vibrant because of the white canvas behind them.

ID# 119318

Kid’s Bathroom with Red Vanity and Black Countertop

This bathroom has a very specific vibrant palette that consists only of the main colors; everything is red green blue or yellow and this is a very good trick to make the kids learn the colors. Yellow wall, red vanity and blue countertop, stoplight object, colorful striped rug, and shower curtain are all speaking the same vibrant language, whereas the floor has concrete gray porcelain tiles and the wall behind the vanity is grey, that makes everything stand out more.

ID# 119319

Freestanding Bathtub Idea Visible from the House

This kind of application is very bold and rare, the bathtub is placed in front of a window which is parallel to another window that opens to the trees, that means the bathtub is visible from the corridor and from this perspective we can also see the colorful lightbulb chandelier of the corridor which adds a cute vibe. The white bathtub is combined with a floor-mounted freestanding faucet, dark wood floor, blue&white walls, and light wood-framed windows.

ID# 119321

Lime Green and Marine Blue Beach Style Bathroom Idea

Various Patterns and various colors of different tiles have covered the walls and the floor of this bathroom very harmoniously; lime green subway tiles on the walls, blue backsplash tiles, and metallic gray mermaid tiles on the floor. Lime green and marine blue create a very pleasant contrast with each other. White ceiling, white cabinets, undermount toilet, and white bathtub.

ID# 119322

Coastal Children’s Bathroom with Industrial Triple Sink

This marine-themed bathroom is designed to make the children feel themselves as sailors, with the “No Diving” written white and blue porcelain penny mosaic floor, marine red and white flotation ring, blue rattan basket, industrial style triple wall mounted sink, white painted wood plank walls and wood lath, large mirror, stools with names of the children and industrial wall lamps.

ID# 119323

Colorful Kid’s Bathroom with Terra-cotta Tiles

Southwestern Bathroom Idea with the brown epoxy floor; dark wood cabinet, door, and mirror; mint yellow and terra-cotta porcelain tile countertop and blue mounted sink; same tiles on the walls with one patterned line of tiles that has blue, terracotta, and green all together to match the colors, colorful towels, and paintings of the kids; last but not least, turtle stool and towel which are probably the most important elements of the bathroom according to the owner kids.

ID# 119334

Industrial Coastal Bathroom with Wooden Floor

Coastal bathrooms are all about whites, blues, and woods, so this bathroom is; wood parquet floor, dark blue rug, dark blue industrial sink, white toilet, white wooden plank wall, ship window style mirror, compatible faucet and wave, and fish illustrated shower curtain constitute this style.

ID# 119339

Colorful Farmhouse Bathroom Idea with Orange Freestanding Bathtub

This is a very energetic and refreshing example of a bathroom that has a very summery and fresh color combination; white, orange, light green, and turquoise. Bright orange claw foot freestanding bathtub gives very energetic and positive energy and matches with the knobs of the white vanity and towels, the floor is made of wood but painted as a light green and turquoise checkered pattern, walls are covered with half white subway tiles and half-bird and branch patterned wallpaper which brings all the colors together.

Colorful Submarine Themed Cute Bathroom

This submarine themed bathroom has all the colors of the sea; different kinds of fishes, crabs, octopuses, sea serpents, seaweeds, and lots of other colorful creatures are portrayed with porcelain tiles, it almost looks like a painting and to create the illusion of the real sea, the upper corners and the edges of the walls are rounded to the ceiling. The pink terrazzo floor is combined with the blue sea and to enhance the submarine theme more, circle windows are used and a real submarine is placed over the freestanding bathtub.

ID# 119344

Colorful DIY Spotted Wall Idea in Small Cute Bathroom

This is actually a classy white bathroom with a double sink vanity, shaker cabinets and white solid surface countertop, white overmounted sinks, chrome faucet, chrome framed mirror, white door, and white ceiling, whereas on this white environment, multicolored spots are hand-painted and changed all the mood, created a cute vibe and match with the pink painted chair.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 119356

Transitional Cute Bathroom Ideas with Quirky Patterns

This bathroom has the most quirky but pleasing color and pattern combinations. Modern but classic, elegant but shabby with blue backsplash tiles with two types of niches; gold detailed white marble one for the cosmetics and the mustardy gold watercolor patterned one for the mirror. Gold faucet and gold three-fixture wall lamp match with other gold details, white quartz countertop and undermount sink create contrast and fuchsia shaker cabinet is unexpectedly exciting.

ID# 119358

Transitional Cute Bathroom Ideas with Leaf Patterned Wallpaper

This bathroom is very classy and romantic with the white recessed-panel cabinets, white quartz countertop and backsplash with integrated sink, green leaves pattern on powder pink wallpaper covered feature wall behind the vanity, white porcelain mosaic tile floor, white plinth and door, gold knobs, gold wall lamps, and gold faucets and last but not least; the flower shaped pink and gold mirrors.

ID# 119361

Transitional Cute Bathroom Ideas with Pastel Color Palette and Pet Illustrations

This might be the cutest bathroom ever with its extra-soft color palette and the pet illustrations on the wallpapers. Pale light blue shaker cabinet, white countertop, white two-piece toilet and illustrated white and grey wallpaper are very harmonious with the gold faucet, mirror, towel ring, and wall lamps, the design language of these gold accessories is very modern tough. Cute bathroom decor on the wall creates harmony with the wallpaper.

ID# 119364

Farmhouse Cute Bathroom Ideas with the Shades of Pink

This farmhouse bathroom steals our hearts with the sweetness of the pinks and corals; light pink walls, coral pink shaker cabinets, an open shelf with mauve baskets, a vintage coral pink rug with a white ceiling, window, countertop, freestanding bathtub, inox faucets, and beige marble floor. The different colored framed prints on the walls create contrast and visual diversity.

ID# 119365

Vibrant Colors and Hexagon Tiles in Kid’s Bathroom

Fun is the dominant feeling in this eclectic kid’s bathroom with extra bright tones of yellow blue and green. White hexagon porcelain tile floor and wall, all-white vanity with double under-mounted sink, faucets, solid surface countertop, and child-friendly knobs brings other colorful elements forward such as yellow hexagonal tile wall, light neon green pouf, and blue radiator.

ID# 119366

Vintage Bathroom with Blue Tiles and Orange Floral Wallpaper

Blue and Orange are one of the complementary color couples and in this bathroom this energetic couple is used; blue striped rug, light blue porcelain floor and wall tiles, bathtub and countertop are complemented with the wallpaper which has orange floral illustrations on blue canvas, also the curtain has the same pattern, so when it is closed the visual doesn’t interrupt by anything.

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