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35+ Girls Bathroom Ideas

Luxury Bathroom With Pink Ceiling And White Subway Tiles

ID# 106410 | Source – Credit© Tamra Rubin Design

Luxury Bathroom with Pink Ceiling and White Subway Tiles

The extraordinary pink-painted ceiling makes this white bathroom design more enjoyable. The window treatment that has a big pink chandelier motif creates a harmonious look with the ceiling. Small orange tiled niche provides additional space between the white gloss subway tiles. White vanity paired with cream countertop and vessel sink.

White Floating Vanity With White Countertop And Teal Penny Tiles

ID# 106421 | Source – CreditLucy Interior Design | © Spacecrafting

White Floating Vanity with White Countertop and Teal Penny Tiles

Floating vanity with white quartz countertop enhances the footprint and allows to shine teal floor tiles out. Sconces next to the metallic framed mirrors complement the nautical style. The yellow painting noticeable and filling the empty white wall behind it.

Cute, Colorful and Elegant Girls Bathroom Ideas

Your daughter may need a separate bathroom while growing. If there is enough space in your house to equip a very own bathroom for her, your daughter will appreciate it a lot! In our girl’s bathroom ideas, you can find lots of inspiration from little princesses to young girls.

Equip by with her preferences and interests

You should not be afraid of the bright and vibrant colors and expressive décor in the girl’s bathroom. You can decorate it with her favorite characters of a certain animated movie for your toddlers or create an elegant and stylish bathroom with pops-up colors for your teenage girl. No matter how you decorate your daughter’s bathroom, it will encourage a sense of independence in the girl. Go ahead and check out the girl’s bathroom ideas below to get some inspirations that any girl would love!

With clever storage options, you can create a bathroom not only elegant but practical.

Contemporary Girls Bathroom Ideas with Yellow Details and Beige Tiles

ID# 106401 | Source – Credit© M.Int – мастерская интерьера

Contemporary Girls Bathroom Ideas with Yellow Details and Beige Tiles

Entertaining, elegant, and joyful girl bathroom! Yellow birds and gray leaves on the wall panel make a sophisticated and creative look for this small bathroom. Yellow stool complements the birds. Beige rectangular tiles and white bathtub creates the plain look and allows to shine beautiful paint out.

Red Vanity With Black Countertop And Black Floor Tiles

ID# 106402 | Source – CreditChango & Co. | © Sarah Elliott

Red Vanity with Black Countertop and Black Floor Tiles

Modern farmhouse girl bathroom with shiplap wall boasting a red with black granite countertop. Matte black floor tiles bring a sleek finish displaying a cream striped rug. The red sconce complements the vanity while other decors creating a neutral appeal.

Neutral Girls Bathroom Ideas with White and Beige Square Tiles

ID# 106403 | Source – Credit© Gommez-Vaëz Architecte

Neutral Girls Bathroom Ideas with White and Beige Square Tiles

This is a great example of a teenage girl who doesn’t like too much color! Inspiration for a large kid’s bathroom with wood vanity, white tiles, black-framed mirrors, and beige floor tiles. White tiles cover the walls and create a bright atmosphere. Also, the same tiles continued on the countertop of the wood vanity. Floor to ceiling frameless mirror provides a wider and larger atmosphere.

Wood Vanity With White Countertop And Black Pendants

ID# 106404 | Source – CreditStudio Munroe | © Thomas Kuoh

Wood Vanity with White Countertop and Black Pendants

This transitional bathroom creates a cozy feeling with a wood vanity. The gap between the wood cabinets provides a space for towels and some bathroom products. Subway tiles between the mirror and white countertop add texture. Black pendant lights and black and white floor complete the look beautifully.

White Girls Bathroom Ideas with Gray Shaded Hexagon Floor Tiles

ID# 106405 | Source – Credit© Studio 203

White Girls Bathroom Ideas with Gray Shaded Hexagon Floor Tiles

Fun and functional white bathroom for kids! Dynamic geometric floor breaks the domination of white and brings an eye-catching look. Wall-mounted white sink, white subway tiles, and mirror create a clean and simple look over the floor. Yellow ladder popping up between the blacks and whites.

Modern Kids Bathroom With Wood Vanity And Pink Step Stools

ID# 106406 | Source – CreditA.GRUPPO Architects – San Marcos | © Craig Kuhner Architectural

Modern Kids Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Pink Step Stools

The modern bathroom features a wood vanity with a black countertop, vessel sinks, black floor tiles, a frameless mirror, and pink step stools. These cute stools transform this formal look into an entertaining bathroom for kids.

Minimalist Girls Bathroom Ideas with White Shelves

ID# 106407 | Source – Credit© Sharon Neuman Architects

Minimalist Girls Bathroom Ideas with White Shelves

This white bathroom represents the beauty of simplicity. White shelves perfectly fit between the walls and provide an additional space to display decors. Black cabinet paired with modern white sink and wall-mounted faucets. A large rectangular mirror brings depth to this small bathroom.

Nautical Girls Bathroom Ideas with Blue Vanity and White Countertop

ID# 106408 | Source – Credit© Emily Moss Designs

Nautical Girls Bathroom Ideas with Blue Vanity and White Countertop

Generally, pink or red are using for girl’s bathrooms but isn’t it so cool this nautical bathroom for little sailors? In this blue and white bathroom, blue vanity paired with white quartz countertop and undermount sink. Brass faucet and handles make an elegant touch to vanity. Blue and white mermaid tiles on the wall bring the feeling of the sea perfectly and the green white shower curtain support this feel. Tiny fish decors above the toilet add some fun and complete the theme.

Traditional Girls Bathroom Ideas with Pink Wallpaper and Green Curtain

ID# 106409 | Source – Credit© Finch Photo

Traditional Girls Bathroom Ideas with Pink Wallpaper and Green Curtain

We loved the harmony between green and pink and we think your teen will also love it! Pink floral wallpaper and green curtain bring a romantic atmosphere while white pedestal sink and white framed medicine cabinet creating a clean and fresh look. Pink zebra rug layered over the blue and yellow tiled floor.

Freestanding Bathtub With Red Wall And Fish Stickers

ID# 106411 | Source – Credit© Cindy Ridgway, Compass Real Estate Agent

Freestanding Bathtub with Red Wall and Fish Stickers

Entertaining stickers can transform the bathroom into an attractive area for your kids. Here, fish stickers are placed on a vibrant red wall paint creates an accent wall. A white freestanding bathtub creates a clean and elegant look between the subway tiles and monochrome floor tiles.

Blue Vanity With Pink Vessel Sink And Pink Hexagon Tiles

ID# 106412 | Source – CreditAlexander Owen Architecture | © Mlr Photo

Blue Vanity with Pink Vessel Sink and Pink Hexagon Tiles

The pink is playful and youthful, and the blue is calming and grounding in this delightful contemporary bathroom. Blue vanity paired with soft pink vessel sink and wall-mounted faucets. Soft pink hexagon tiles surround the walls while white hexagon tiles creating a bright look on the floor.

Kids Bathroom With Fuchsia Wall Paint And White Accents

ID# 106413 | Source – Credit© Glynis Wood Interiors

Kids Bathroom with Fuchsia Wall Paint and White Accents

Fuchsia wall paint brings brightness and eclectic charm to this girl’s bathroom. White vanity with white countertop, white floating cabinet, toilet, and white framed mirror brings a simple look next to the vibrant fuchsia. Open shelves of the vanity provide a space for towels.

Traditional Bathroom With White Vanity And Pink Mirrors

ID# 106414 | Source – Credit© Jessica Delaney

Traditional Bathroom with White Vanity and Pink Mirrors

In this white bathroom design, pink framed mirrors break the domination of white while adding a traditional charm. The marble countertop of the white vanity makes a sense of luxury. Tiny white hexagon tiles create an eye-catching floor with black finishes.

Beach Style Bathroom With Colorful Curtain And Shiplap Walls

ID# 106415 | Source – Credit© Tara Seawright Interior Design

Beach Style Bathroom with Colorful Curtain and Shiplap Walls

The colorful curtain becomes the focal point of this white bathroom and makes it look more inviting. White vanity, built-in cabinet, and toilet create a fresh look with the shiplap walls.

Eclectic Bathroom With Purple Walls And Dark Wood Vanity

ID# 106416 | Source – Credit© Great Kitchens & Baths

Eclectic Bathroom with Purple Walls and Dark Wood Vanity

This is a great way to amp up the colorful component for a kid’s bathroom area. Cute stickers and floral canvases in a harmony with the purple wall paint. Dark wood vanity with gray countertop separated by the large potted purple flower.

Patchwork Wallpaper With Blue Hexagon Tiles And White Vanity

ID# 106417 | Source – Credit© Mi-Kin Creations, Inc.

Patchwork Wallpaper with Blue Hexagon Tiles and White Vanity

This patchwork wallpaper with pastel colors in blocks is the main attractive point from this girl’s bathroom. Also, wallpaper matches with the tiny blue hexagon tiles while highlighting the vanity area. Bright flower décor makes a beautiful finishing touch.

Traditional Bathroom Colorful Window Treatment And Granite Countertop

ID# 106418 | Source – Credit© Count and Castle Interior Design

Traditional Bathroom Colorful Window Treatment and Granite Countertop

Inspiration for a timeless girl bathroom with alcove bathtub with granite countertop and gray tiles, floral window treatment, gray bathroom curtains, and beige floor tiles. Colorful pillows and pouf complement the curtain and bring joy to the atmosphere.

Girls Bathroom Ideas with Pink Bathtub and Green Vanity

ID# 106419 | Source – Credit© Alison Kandler Interior Design

Girls Bathroom Ideas with Pink Bathtub and Green Vanity

A combination of pink and green creates an entertaining and beautiful bathroom for girls. Yellow patterned wallpaper in a harmony with the pink claw foot tub and the green vanity with white quartz countertop. Yellow tiles on the shower floor popping up behind the glass door.

White Luxury Bathroom With Pink Rug And Oversized Mirror

ID# 106420 | Source – CreditRoss Painting | © R. Brad Knipstein

White Luxury Bathroom with Pink Rug and Oversized Mirror

In this white bathroom, a pink rug adds a textural warmth and comfortable underfoot while breaking the white atmosphere. Silver framed large mirror above the alcove bathtub brings depth to space. White vanities and cream square floor tiles provide a bright bathroom.

Orange Bathtub With Floral Wallpaper And White Subway Tiles

ID# 106422 | Source – Credit© Alison Kandler Interior Design

Orange Bathtub with Floral Wallpaper and White Subway Tiles

Vibrant colors popping all around this joyful bathroom! White subway tiles separate floral wallpaper from the painted wood floors and provide a bright atmosphere. An Orange freestanding bathtub creates a beautiful contrast with the floor while matching with the flowers on the wallpaper.

Neutral Girls Bathroom Ideas with Wood Vanity and Colorful Details

ID# 106423 | Source – Credit© Raw Sunshine Coast

Neutral Girls Bathroom Ideas with Wood Vanity and Colorful Details

You can enliven your neutral bathrooms with small colorful details like towels or rug like this design! Here, a wood floating vanity with a white countertop and vessel sink creates a modern look on white subway tiles. Yellow towels and pink rugs bring joy to the atmosphere.

Purple Vanity With Pink Mirrors And Bubble Glass Pendants

ID# 106424 | Source – Credit | © Brio Interior Design

Purple Vanity with Pink Mirrors and Bubble Glass Pendants

Isn’t the purple look so elegant? Purple vanity paired with white quartz countertop and undermount sinks. A transparent acrylic finish gives mirrors a fluorescent pink glow and it stands out against the white wall and hexagon backsplash.

Eclectic Bathroom With Colorful Wallpaper And Pedestal Sink

ID# 106425 | Source – Credit© Hoogstraten Builders, Inc.

Eclectic Girl Bathroom with Colorful Wallpaper and Pedestal Sink

We loved the vintage and rustic vibes of this girl’s bathroom. Floral wallpaper breaks the heavy atmosphere. Wood-framed medicine cabinet placed above the pedestal sink. Black and white hexagon tiles and nostalgic pictures on the wall complete the look.

Black and White Girls Bathroom Ideas with Pastel Pink Wall Paint

ID# 106426 | Source – CreditCrisp Architects | © Rob Karosis

Black and White Girls Bathroom Ideas with Pastel Pink Wall Paint

Dazzling, rich, and creamy pink make a huge impact in this black and white bathroom with white vanity with a black countertop and black handles. Subway tiles are preferred in the shower. White bathroom wainscoting defines the wet spaces and accentuated by pink wall paint. Wicker baskets in the open shelf of the vanity bring warmth to space.

Pink Girls Bathroom Ideas with Coral Vanity and Oval Bathtub

ID# 106427 | Source – CreditChango & Co. | © Sarah Elliott See

Pink Girls Bathroom Ideas with Coral Vanity and Oval Bathtub

Pink color creates visual interest in an otherwise small and boring bathroom. Coral vanity with white quartz countertop works harmoniously with the pink wall while creating a sense of warmth. Marble floor an oval freestanding tub complete the design in a luxurious way.

Small Contemporary Bathroom With Colorful Wallpaper And Wall Decor

ID# 106428 | Source – Credit | © Hakuna Haus

Small Contemporary Bathroom with Colorful Wallpaper and Wall Decor

If you want to transform your small bathroom into an eye-catching design colorful wallpaper can be your solution. This bold wallpaper covers all walls and changes the atmosphere without straining the eye. Tiny shelf and painting above the toilet in a harmony with the wallpaper.

Pastel Pink Washstand With Brass Handles And Herringbone Floor

ID# 106429 | Source – Credit© Faulkner Perrin Custom Homes

Pastel Pink Washstand with Brass Handles and Herringbone Floor

The pink vanity is accented with gold hardware and a white quartz countertop with a gold faucet. Gold sconces are fixed to a frameless vanity mirror and complement the gold handles. Geometric wallpaper and marble herringbone tiles complete this luxurious look.

White Girls Bathroom Ideas with Multicolored Hexagon Floor Tiles

ID# 106430 | Source – Credit© Tim Barber Architects

White Girls Bathroom Ideas with Multicolored Hexagon Floor Tiles

This girl’s bathroom features red, gray, and black hexagon floor tiles around white finishes. white vanities paired with white countertops and built-in medicine cabinets. Lilac sconces are placed on both sides of the mirror.

White Washstand With Gray Marble Countertop And Eclectic Wallpaper

ID# 106431 | Source – CreditManello Construction, LLC | © Dustin.Peck.Photography.Inc

White Washstand with Gray Marble Countertop and Eclectic Wallpaper

Colorful camel and elephant patterned wallpaper enlivens this kid’s bathroom and brings some eclectic charms. Yellow framed mirror catches this eclectic vibe.The white vanity sits on diagonal pattern marble floor tiles and completed with gray marble countertop.

Cute Pink Girls Bathroom Ideas with Black and White Polka Dot Tiles

ID# 106432 | Source – Credit© Marker Girl Home

Cute Pink Girls Bathroom Ideas with Black and White Polka Dot Tiles

This cute and elegant bathroom is perfect for a little princess! Pastel pink vanity with white quartz countertop supported with black and white polka dot tiles. The touch of brass adds a low-key luxury to the design. Frameless mirror covers almost all the walls and provides a larger and spacious atmosphere.

Polka Dot Walls With Metal Framed Circular Mirrors

ID# 106433 | Source – CreditTobi Fairley Interior Design | © Nancy Nolan

Polka Dot Walls with Metal Framed Circular Mirrors

Colorful polka dots surround the white features and create a fun and cheerful atmosphere. Built-in white vanity topped with cream quartz countertop and shallow vessel sinks. Hot pink flower lamp and chair catching the eye.

Transitional Bathroom With Pink And Orange Details

ID# 106434 | Source – Credit© Eleven Interiors

Transitional Bathroom with Pink and Orange Details

A stunning pink bathtub creates a focal point between the whites. A pink and orange patterned rug to complement the bathtub while providing soft underfoot on the white floor tiles. Natural light comes through the large window opening and makes a bright atmosphere.

Nautical Bathroom With Turquoise Decors And Circular Mirror

ID# 106435 | Source – CreditTouijer Designs | © Regan Wood

Nautical Girl’s Bathroom with Turquoise Decors and Circular Mirror

Turquoise accessories are the first thing that strikes the eye in this bathroom with white vanity, marble countertop, and white floor tiles. Whitewall sconce and wood and the white circular mirror reflect perfectly the nautical theme.

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