White Shower Tile Ideas Create Bright and Fresh Atmosphere

34+ White Shower Tile Ideas

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Herringbone Layout to Bring Visual Interest to your Bathrooms

There are many layouts you can achieve with subway tiles. One of them is the herringbone layout. The white shower tiles with gray grout complement the black accents. These accents create a contrast to the white bathroom design. So, a simple yet stylish bathroom design with white tiles which you can get inspired by!

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Herringbones with a Wood Niche for a Contemporary Bathroom Design

While the black and white floor tiles draw attention, the white large shower tiles provide a canvas for the wood niche to make it stand out. The wood vanity design and the niche complement each other creating a matching look with naturality. The black framed round mirror adds a contrast to the sharp geometry of the bathroom design element

White Shower Tile Ideas

It makes sense why white shower tile ideas are the most popular choice for bathrooms. They maintain the room’s brightness, seem modern, and fit into both a neutral and a color-accented design. They are also timelessly fashionable and won’t outgrow a space. White shower tile is also quite adaptable. Even the most meticulous remodelers may get a variety of styles for their bathroom design goals by varying the tile’s format and size, finish (gloss or matte, textured or smooth), shade of white, and substance.

Whether your design style is contemporary or bohemian, white shower tile ideas will fit into your bathroom design. There are numerous materials and tile styles you can apply to your showers. Let’s scroll down and see some of the gorgeous white shower tile ideas that we have gathered for you to get inspired by!

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White Shower Tile Ideas with Gray Floor Tiles

High ceilings create such an airy atmosphere. The gray floor tiles and the marble countertops complement each other and the black cabinetry of the vanity adds a monochromatic appeal. This appeal is enlightened by the white shower wall tiles with a niche.

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Mosaic Squares for a Contemporary Bathroom Design

If you want to have a textured surface with a contemporary design look, you can try out white mosaic tile walls in your bathrooms. The little square tiles give movement and texture to the bathroom harmonizing with the wooden vanity design. Brass hardware enriches the bathroom with glam.

What kind of tile is best for showers?

Since they are waterproof and non-slip when glazed, ceramic and porcelain tiles are ideal for shower walls in addition to shower floors. In reality, many shower walls in American houses are made of ceramic and porcelain tiles. There are extra tile possibilities that could work well, though, as shower walls do not receive as much direct touch as the flooring do. Consider the cost, tile size and look, water resistance, and ease of cleaning when selecting shower wall tiles. For shower walls, larger tiles, for instance, might be useful because they do not need to be as non-slip as shower floors.

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White Shower Tile Idea with a Niche for a Scandinavian Bathroom

The stacked layout of the white wall tiles provides the classic minimalistic appeal of the Scandinavian design style. The floating wood vanity increases the simplicity with a modern design look. The niche brings ease of use and space. The white shower tiles and walls create movement in the bathroom.

White Mosaic Tiles


The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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White interlocking marble glass & metal mosaic tile contemporary look mosaic

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Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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Modern look white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

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Contemporary Bathroom with a Flat-Panel Vanity Design

The timeless look of the white subway tiles brings a classic design look to the bathroom. The flat-panel wood vanity and white countertops harmonize with the subway tiles naturally. The vessel sink and the plain design of the wood vanity bring simplicity with a contemporary design look. The wood texture creates a warm atmosphere.

What color tile is best for a shower?

The most common tile color, particularly for tiny bathrooms, is still white. Your little bathroom will appear larger and brighter if the tiles are a light hue such as pale blue, light green, white, or soft beige. White tiles are a timeless and sensible option, particularly in bathrooms with little to no natural light.

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Simplicity with White Shower Tile Ideas for Bathrooms

White shower tile ideas are a perfect fit if you want a fresh atmosphere in your showers. The white shower tiles’ clean and bright look increases the shower’s airy atmosphere. The black accents create a contrasting appeal. The marble bench and the white shower tiles have an elegant harmony adding a luxurious feel to the shower.

Tile Styles for White Shower Tile Ideas

We often go to the bathroom to unwind and recharge. Having a quiet space that is calming, neutral, and peaceful makes it easier to relax after a hard day at work in a hot bubble bath or a steaming walk-in shower. Ideas for white shower tile and furnishings provide a unified space that looks both stylish and timeless. You may search online for tile styles for white shower tile ideas to create a serene, neutral, and peaceful setting with an opulent appearance. White shower tile ideas come in a variety of tile designs, including hexagons, subway tiles, penny tiles, and even big white tiles.

White Shower Subway Tile Ideas

For many years, subway tiles have been a well-liked architectural feature in both residential and commercial structures. Traditional ceramic tiles have been employed in a wide range of architectural designs, from lavish baths to farmhouse-chic kitchens, and everything in between. This tile shape may be given a standard hue, like white, to create something novel and innovative. A white shower subway tile idea gives a trendy movement, boosts the clean appearance, and adds value to your bathroom design.
White subway tiles provide a distinctive flare to bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes, laundry rooms, and any other surface in the home. They are smart, beautiful, and extremely adaptable. A white shower subway tile is ideal if you want to add an opulent feel to your bathroom. The traditional style of subway tiles may give your bathroom a chic and upscale appearance. Your bathroom will appear classy and sophisticated with white subway tile walls!

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White Shower Subway Tile Ideas for a Scandinavian Bathroom Design

While the white subway tiles bring a classic and stylish appeal to the bathroom, the black accents create a contrast to the white environment. The movement of the white subway tiles is boosted by the floral patterns of the floor tiles. The gray shaker cabinets complement the classic appeal of the white shower subway tiles.

Subway Mosaic Tiles

Modern look, slim white marble mosaic tile, for kitchen backsplash and bathroom projects.

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Dark gray slate subway tile for a contemporary yet timeless kitchen backsplash

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Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Modern Subway Rosewood and Gray Marble Backsplash Tile

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Traditional Bathroom with a Classic Contrast of Black and White

The white subway tiles and their black grout complement the contrast between the black and white colors of the floor tiles. The patterns of the floor tiles are balanced by the white subway tiles. The white vanity design and the white environment prevent the overwhelming feel of the contrast between the black and white colors.

Are white tiles in a bathroom a good idea?

Over the course of our lives, we have all used many restrooms, and the majority of them have white tiles. White tiles are so well-liked by homeowners for a few reasons and are a good idea for bathrooms. White conveys cleanliness and lightness, and if you mark or stain darker tiles, it will usually be much more obvious. These tiles will only help keep your bathroom looking clean for visitors, which is always one of the worst fears people have: that guests will think they have a dirty bathroom.

Another benefit of choosing white bathroom tiles is that they are probably never going to go out of style, staying current with current trends. It won’t ever become dull. This color is popular among tile lovers because it gives bathrooms a light, contemporary, and opulent feel.

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Contemporary Bathroom with Beige Floor Tiles and a White Shower Subway Tile Idea

The beige colors in the bathroom harmonize with the white subway tiles perfectly. The warm and welcoming effect of the light wood provides a contemporary touch thanks to the plain design of the vanity. White shower subway tiles add an ageless and stylish look to the bathroom’s general appeal.

ID# 144009 | Houzz.com – Credit© Tommaso Giunchi Architetti

Blue Floors and a Vanity with Beige Countertops

The aesthetic contrast between the brown and blue colors is well achieved in this contemporary bathroom design. The blue floors and the flat-panel light wood vanity with beige countertops provide that elegant contrast. The white walls and plain mirror keep the color palette balanced and the white shower subway tiles bring movement.

How do you keep white tiles clean?

To create a solution, just combine a cup of vinegar with a few glasses of hot water while stirring vigorously. Take a dry, soft mop and dunk it in this mixture. Clear away the excess liquid and clean the floors with the mop, ideally in a circular motion.

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Plain Design for a Bathroom with a White Shower Subway Tile Idea

The timeless appeal of the white subway tiles brings an opulent and familiar appeal to the bathroom. The wall niche expands from the shower to the backsplash wall creating visual interest with illusion thanks to the white subway tiles with gray grout. Darker grout colors will help you to bring texture and more movement to your plain design.

White Shower Hexagon Tile Ideas

One of the most often used patterns in design is the hexagon. Hexagons are flexible and geometric shapes. Hexagons may be seen in many places, including bathrooms, living rooms, and even some modern foyers and kitchens. White shower hexagon tile ideas may be utilized to provide a twist to a soft contemporary design or to create a modern design with clean lines and sharp edges.
A modern bathroom design has white shower hexagon tile ideas with grout that contrasts with the tile color. The hexagon mosaic may be used in industrial, contemporary, or modern settings, and it will give each of them something special. Create a striking white hexagon tile shower design for a traditional look. White hexagon tile adds a distinctive touch to black and white hexagon mosaics, which can have a mid-century modern feel.

ID# 144012 | Houzz.com – Credit© Dinnissen Design Co Ltd

White Shower Hexagon Tile Ideas with Black Contrast

If you want to make a difference, try the contrast of the black and white colors with hexagon tiles. These tiles are so versatile that can harmonize with every design style, as in this modern bathroom. The gray shaker cabinets and white countertops complement the floor and shower tiles with a classic and stylish look.

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Contemporary Bathroom Design with Wood Cabinets

The beautiful hexagon tiles welcome you into this bathroom with a contemporary design style touch. Smaller hexagons are used on the shower wall with a niche that brings illusion while the larger hexagons are used on the bathroom floors that create a unified appeal. Gray grout and black accents complement each other keeping the contrasting look alive. The wood cabinets provide a warm and familiar atmosphere.

ID# 144014 | Houzz.com – Credit© Erica Gelman Design Inc.

White Shower Hexagon Tile Ideas with Brass Accents

The large hexagon floor tiles draw attention while the smaller hexagons of the shower niche bring a texture and mural appeal to the shower. The white shower hexagon tiles create a stylish contrast to the white environment and complement the floor tiles perfectly. The brass accents bring a luxurious feel with glam to the bathroom.

White Shower Penny Tile Ideas

Looking for a striking pattern for your white shower tile ideas? Your best option may be white shower penny tile ideas. These little tiles add a nice texture and improve the visual value of the spaces. White shower penny tile ideas are an unusual notion to stand out in the present tile market since, unlike white subway tiles, they may not be the most popular alternative for your bathrooms. You may use these tiles to make a classic and chic shower decor due to their delicate texture.

Elegant, bold, and gorgeous! White, without a doubt, has a special quality that may significantly alter the ambiance of a room by giving it a light and airy appeal. Your white shower penny tile idea will benefit from adding gray or black grout to enhance its remarkable attractiveness. Your shower will seem unique and intriguing because of the stark contrast. Let’s look at some stylish and lovely designs for white shower penny tile ideas!

ID# 144015 | Houzz.com – Credit© Hibou Design & Co.

White Shower Penny Tile Ideas with a Concept of Black and White

The use of penny tiles can be on the walls or floors. You can create patterns and morals to attract yourself in the shower. The contrast between the black and white colors is achieved with details, a black freestanding bathtub, and a white environment. This contrast is boosted by the gray and white colors of the penny tiles.

ID# 144016 | Houzz.com – Credit© CAB Architects

Modern Design with Black and White Colors

The black shower frame expands to 4 sides of the shower and creates a unified appeal. The white penny tiles bring texture and depth to this modern and small bathroom design. The wood vanity and white quartz countertops complement the white environment with a natural touch. The large tiles of the floors add extra naturality.

How to make shower tiles white again?

Mix one part warm water and one part white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray this solution into the strained regions, wait five minutes, and then scrub it off with a brush with firm bristles. Rinse the area with warm water if necessary. If your tiles are composed of marble or any type of natural stone, avoid using this.

ID# 144017 | Houzz.com – Credit© Eagleview Construction

White Shower Penny Tile Ideas with White Subway Tiles

If you want to move up the movement of your white tiles, you can accentuate them with white penny tiles. Having accent tile walls or floors will bring visual interest and movement to your bathroom. In this transitional bathroom design, you can see the white penny shower floor tiles are used also on the bathroom floors to create a unified appeal with a matching look.

What grout color is good for white shower tiles?

Because it pairs well with most tiles and looks and feels clean and fresh, white grout is a popular option in many American bathrooms. White grout, like other light hues, unfortunately, tends to get dirty and soiled with time, especially in high-traffic areas. However, the fast and simple solution to this problem is to repaint the grout. We can recommend using light gray or beige hues for the tile grout, additionally, you can have texture and depth with the light-colored grout.

Large White Shower Tile Ideas

Remodeling the bathroom is one of the best ways to raise the value of your home. Looking at images of modern and contemporary bathrooms on Pinterest or other social media platforms may give you some confusing ideas about the finest white shower tile designs to use. The most popular focal points in showers are the large white shower tile ideas. The large white tile shower tiles have raised the bar for bathroom décor to previously unheard-of heights.

Tiles that are at least 12 by 12 are typically used in luxury shower designs. On the other hand, a linear 12 x 24 or 24 x 48 tile may give any surface a modern look. Try out several tile arrangements, and then use accent tiles to complete the look and provide depth to your large white shower tile ideas. Less grout is required for larger tile showers. If you want a really simple design, think about large white shower tile ideas. The result of matching the tile and grout is a design with seamless definition and continuous mottling or grain patterns.

ID# 144018 | Houzz.com – Credit© de.arch

Large White Shower Tile Idea for a Modern Bathroom Design

The pinky hue of the terra-cotta floor tiles reflects from the white large tiles creating a warm ambiance in the bathroom. The wood flat-panel floating vanity complements the floor tiles increasing the familiar view. The white large wall tiles enlighten the environment creating a modern and clean appeal.

ID# 144020 | Houzz.com – Credit© my build

Large White Shower Tile Idea with a Bathtub for a Contemporary Design

If you want to balance the patterns and colors, having large white tiles is a perfect idea! The large white tiles create a seamless appeal with a clean and contemporary view. The black and white patterns of the floor tiles are balanced perfectly with the large white shower tiles. The wood flat-panel vanity and white countertops with integrated sink complement the contemporary design look.

Tile Materials for White Shower Tile

You’ve decided on the tile designs for your white shower tile ideas, but what about the available tile materials for white shower tiles? The tile materials for white shower tiles may be something you want to learn more about to protect your walls from moisture or water splashes and to enhance the beauty of our bathrooms as a design component.
There are many different types of white shower tile available, each with different care requirements, toughness, water resistance, and heat resistance. The most common material is ceramic, but you may also use marble, glass tile, or even both. For suggestions, let’s look at a few different tile materials for white shower tiles.

White Ceramic Shower Tile

Are you a stylish and frugal homeowner looking for inexpensive bathroom design ideas? If so, you’ll enjoy the showers and bathrooms in this post! White ceramic shower tile ideas are a durable, cost-effective material that will add personality to any bathroom. The low-cost tile alternatives available today also replicate several high-end surfaces, including European mosaics, wood grain, and even travertine stone in its natural state.

Sand, quartz, water, and clay are some of the other natural materials used to make ceramic tiles. They are frequently used in bathrooms and kitchens of households, eateries, businesses, and retail establishments. They are competitively priced, and easy to install, clean, and maintain. So, if you’re unsure about what to use for your shower tile installation, consider white ceramic shower tile options. You may use them to construct the bathroom of your dreams and make a distinctive area!

ID# 144021 | Houzz.com

White Ceramic Shower Tile with Black Hexagon Tile Bathroom Floors

Thanks to the large amount of visual creativity that can be used on the ceramic tile surface can help you to make difference in your bathrooms. The black patterns of the white ceramic shower tile walls complement the hexagon shape of the floor tiles. The white vanity design balances the patterns and colors while the brass details bring luxury to the environment.

ID# 144022 | Houzz.com – Credit© Studio Z Design

Stacked Layout for Walls and Colorful Diamond Tiles for Floors in a Contemporary Bathroom

The aesthetic contrast between the brown and blue colors is used on the floor tiles. The diamond shape and the colors draw all the attention. The white stacked ceramic tile layout adds a minimalistic appeal to the bathroom’s general appearance. The white vanity complements the minimalistic design approach with a plain look.

ID# 144023 | Houzz.com – Credit© Lindsay O. Creative

Mid-Century Master Bathroom with Black Hexagon Floors and Herringbone Walls

While the black hexagon bathroom floor tiles draw attention, the white ceramic herringbone shower tiles create a focal point with their unique layout. The black grout of the wall tiles matches the black floor tiles, and the white grout of the floor tiles matches the white wall tiles creating visual interest in the bathroom.

White Glass Shower Tile

Bathroom renovations are exciting and well-liked. Older bathrooms are more vulnerable to water damage and shoddy building, so a more contemporary design, such as white glass shower tile ideas for bathrooms, may considerably benefit them. Glass is the best material to utilize to add updated, modern style to your bathrooms because of its practical and beautiful look, which gives you clean lines, the appearance of more space, and an easy-to-clean and hygienic surface. Try using white glass shower tiles instead of entirely remodeling your bathroom or changing your tubs to accommodate more glass!

Glass tiles are small, individually burnt pieces of glass with a transparent glaze finish. Glass tiles are available in a wide range of hues, textures, and finishes to offer each bathroom a unique look. You may buy and install individual glass tiles as well as sheets and mosaics. Thanks to its wide range of options, glass wall tile ideas for bathrooms have virtually unlimited possibilities. Glass tiles look fantastic when displayed on shower walls. Get motivated by the white glass shower tile designs we have gathered for you by scrolling down!

ID# 144024 | Houzz.com – Credit© Jodie Rosen Design

White Glass Shower Tiles for a Transitional Bathroom Design

The beauty of the tiny glass mosaic tiles brings a fresh and stylish appeal to the bathroom. The white and gray hues create a modern look blending with the chrome accents. Thanks to the window there is beautiful daylight in the bathroom.

ID# 144025 | Houzz.com – Credit© Ha2 Architectural Design

Large Black Walls and Floors with a Wood Niche

The naturality of the wood niche stands out, however, the organic shape of the white glass tile shower wall draws attention. Thanks to the black slate floor tiles and wall tiles there is a sophisticated atmosphere in the shower.

White Marble Shower Tile

What is there not to like about ideas for white marble shower tiles in bathrooms? A look that emanates elegance, natural styling, and vibrant fresh colors. Marble is often a great option for bathroom décor since it is both timeless and lovely. It is beautiful, and traditional, and increases the value of your house. Any interior designer will inform you that marble is now the most popular stone kind. Any wall area gains character from the lovely and striking veining. The drawback of natural marble is that it is expensive and needs sealing and maintenance. The reward, though, is worth the effort if you’re up for it: a stunning, classic bathroom that will last the test of time.

Marble may be used with a variety of bathroom designs, from ornate to futuristic, from monochromatic to simple. It radiates elegance and wealth, giving any bathroom an upscale appearance. Like marble worktops in kitchens, white marble shower tile ideas are a versatile solution for your bathroom decor since they are available in a variety of hues and vein patterns. It may be used to tie together a minimalist bathroom design with straightforward white furnishings or to contrast with bright colors.

ID# 144026 | Houzz.com – Credit© Neelam Interiors

White Marble Shower Tile with Black Accents and Niches

The marble shower tiles bring a sense of luxury to the bathroom. The freshness and airy atmosphere are boosted by the white marble tiles. The black accents create contrast and the unique gray veins of the marble tiles join that contrast creating an organic flow.

Does white grout get dirty in the shower?

However, white grout’s most visible flaw is that it will quickly become filthy. It will be hard to keep clean and will show stains. It is essentially impossible to keep it free from stains and discoloration over time, even with regular cleaning.

ID# 144027 | Houzz.com – Credit© Shane Marsh Architects

Contemporary Bathroom Design with a Monochromatic Look

The all-white environment is balanced by the gray floor tiles and glass mosaic shower tile wall. The zig-zags create movement and bring a dynamic atmosphere to the shower. The gray floor tiles and the glass mosaic tile shower wall combine adding a monochromatic look to the white tiles.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles


The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

Try a Sample

Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

Try a Sample

Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Brown iridescent glass with light, medium & dark color travertine mosaic backsplash tile

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

ID# 144028 | Houzz.com – Credit© Shane Marsh Architects

Simplicity with White Marble Shower Tiles for a Contemporary Bathroom

The large white marble shower tiles provide a seamless surface in the bathroom. The simplicity and the plain design complement each other creating a luxurious atmosphere thanks to the marble’s expensive feel. The chrome materials harmonize with the light gray veins of the white marble tiles.

Application Areas for White Shower Tiles

It might be a little intimidating to develop a new bathroom and shower design concept. Even if there are so many options available, choosing the right décor may become more difficult as a result. This is especially true in terms of bathroom tile design ideas. White shower tile ideas might seem a little, well, boring when there is so much color and design to choose from. We respectfully disagree. Numerous vibrant and lovely designs can be built upon the base of white shower tiles. Application areas for white shower tiles can help you to make differences with tile layouts, shapes, and textures such as matte or glossy tiles.

The white bathroom tile ideas offered not only come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures but also in a variety of grout colors. This makes it simple to design a style you enjoy and alter your bathroom later on without incurring additional costs. Because you can add so many unique elements to make white tiles stand out in a variety of different application areas for white shower tiles, white is a fantastic tile color.

White Shower Wall Tile

One of the application areas for white shower tiles is the shower walls. One of the most coveted spaces in any house is a truly soothing bathroom. White shower wall tile ideas enhance this room’s relaxing characteristics. You can surround yourself with the aesthetic freshness of the white shower wall tiles. It is possible to have colorful or textured niches such as wood or stone niches on the white tile shower walls. The soothing effect of the white shower wall tiles will make you feel fresh and awakened. Let’s check some of the gorgeous examples of white shower wall tiles.

ID# 144029 | Houzz.com – Credit© Daniela Fulford Photograph

White Shower Wall Tile Ideas with a Black Contrast for a Contemporary Bathroom

The black floor tiles and the white shower wall tiles provide a striking contrast in the bathroom creating an eye-catchy look. The black countertops of the wood flat-panel floating vanity harmonize with the black floor tiles increasing the sophisticated simplicity of the contemporary design style. The white shower wall tiles enlighten the black color providing a fresh and bright atmosphere.

ID# 144030 | Houzz.com – Credit© Eliza Blair Architecture

Plain Design with Simplicity and Black Accents

The simplicity of the white shower is accentuated by the white wall tiles. They bring texture and depth to the shower while the black accents provide a contrast to the white environment. The multicolored floor tiles increase the movement and balance the contrast between the black and white colors in the bathroom.

ID# 144031 | Houzz.com – Credit© Big House Little House

Monochromatic Look with White Shower Wall Tiles for a Contemporary Design Style

The white shower wall tiles and the niche provide simplicity with a monochromatic appeal thanks to the gray floor tiles and the black floating vanity design. The white countertops and the vessel sink blend with the white shower wall tiles enlightening the dark color palette of this contemporary bathroom design.

White Shower Floor Tile

It should come as no surprise that many bathrooms prefer to use white shower floor tile designs. They may be utilized in either a neutral or colorful design, seem brand-new, and help keep the space bright. They also won’t outdate a space in the future because they are timeless. Additionally, white shower floor tiles are very flexible. Even the most meticulous remodelers will be able to realize their bathroom ideas with the right tile format and size, finish (gloss or matte, textured or smooth), white color, and tile material.

There are various possibilities for a white shower floor tile while evaluating the bathroom’s overall design. For instance, you may create a sophisticated, dark design with dark wood and other dark-colored elements, and then use contrast to draw attention to the white shower floor tile. A range of materials, including ceramic, pebbles, marble, and porcelain tiles, can be utilized with white colors.

ID# 144032 | Houzz.com – Credit© Wendourie Constructions

White Shower Floor Tiles for a Transitional Bathroom Design Style

The soft beige undertone of the white floor tiles brings a warm atmosphere to the shower while the stark white wall tiles enlighten the environment with a crisp look. The black flat-panel floating vanity adds a striking contrast with the white quartz countertops. The walk-in shower and the free-standing bathtub have a fresh and airy look.

ID# 144033 | Houzz.com – Credit

Traditional Bathroom with a Timeless Design

The white subway tile shower walls provide the timeless design look of this traditional bathroom design while the white penny floor tiles bring texture and familiar appeal. The white subway tiles create the classic movement and contrast to penny-round floor tiles in terms of geometry. The hinged shower door and the chrome accents complement the gray walls providing a modern look.

ID# 144034 | Houzz.com – Credit© Hibou Design & Co.

Black and White Concept with White Shower Floor Tiles in a Scandinavian Bathroom

The black and white floral patterns of the mosaic floor tiles provide a striking contrast with stylish movement. The other black accents complement this contrast while the wood flat-panel built-in vanity design adds warm appeal to the stark white environment. The black hardware provides a minimalistic contrast to the vanity design. The white countertops join the white environment providing a bright appeal.

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