Modern Bathroom Ideas Natural Materials & Geometrical Shapes

60+ Modern Bathroom Ideas

ID# 106504 | – Credit© Smith & Ragsdale Interior Design

Transitional Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Brass Accents

This transitional bathroom features a wood vanity, white countertop, vessel sinks, gold accents, freestanding tub, gray wall, and floor tiles. Wood vanity makes a traditional touch while bathtub and gray wall tiles creating a modern and fresh appeal. Gold faucet kit, gold-framed mirror, and sconce above the vanity complete the traditional vibe and add a sense of luxury.

ID# 106512 | – Credit© Marc Julien Homes

Luxurious Master Bathroom with Wood Wall Panel

This master bathroom offers a modern vibe with an organic interplay of warmth & sophistication. Wood vanity paired with white countertop, undermount sinks, and nickel faucets and it provides plenty of storage space for bath products and towels. Frameless glass doors of the walk-in shower provide a seamless look for the wood wall panel in the shower.

Elegant and Stylish Modern Bathroom Ideas

Geometrical shapes, natural materials, minimalist decors, and basic color schemes. When it comes to modern bathroom design, these design strategies are first coming to mind. If you are looking for modern bathroom ideas, you’ll be inspired by some of these examples!

Modern bathroom ideas with clean lines, neutral colors, and minimalist decors

The bathroom design should give a sense of calm and relaxing atmosphere, and modern bathrooms provide this environment with their sleek looks. Whether your bathroom has a small or big space, from modern bathroom furniture, lighting, baths, basins, to the latest trends in color and texture, there are countless design materials to create your dreamy bathroom with modern appeal! Scroll down and find stylish modern bathroom design ideas that will inspire you.

You can combine clean lines with luxurious materials like marble and brass, to create timeless modern bathrooms.

ID# 106502 | – Credit© Obras Y Reformas Vera, S.l.

Marble Vanity with White Drawers and Gray Floor

A combination of white, gray, and marble serves an elegant modern look. Gray marble vanity with white drawers and a marble alcove bathtub makes a big statement. Black frames of the large mirrors create a strong contrast with the white walls. The gold sconce next to the mirrors completes this luxurious look.

ID# 106503 | – Credit© Mowery Marsh Architects LLC

Custom Walnut Vanity with Marble Backsplash

In this elegant bathroom, the Clé Tile floor, custom walnut vanity, marble countertop, and marble backsplash fashion a luxe retreat. Walnut vanity brings warmth to the atmosphere while matte built-in matter black dressers serving an elegant look. The large mirror reflects the beautiful nature view and creates a stunning look. Modern bubble pendant lights, black poufs, and matte black accents bring a contemporary appeal.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 106505 | – Credit© Luxinteriorswa

Contemporary Walk-in Shower with Black Shower Kit

This ensuite design is brimming with creativity. The bathroom features a creative contemporary design with a flow of curvature throughout the layout that is complimented in the fixtures. The custom tiled wall brings a contemporary appeal with its curved shape and is used as a separate unit between the toilet and shower. Black shower kit in a harmony with the gray wall and floor tiles. Thanks to the large window opening, the bathroom has a quite bright atmosphere.

ID# 106506 | – Credit© AIB Contractors Ltd.

Freestanding Tub with Black Faucet Kit and Concrete Walls

We love the idea that placing a bathtub next to the window. You can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while taking a bath. The curved shape of the tub and matte black faucet kit create a modern look. Concrete floor and walls contribute to this sleek and relaxing atmosphere.

ID# 106507 | – Credit© AIB Contractors Ltd.

Gray Blue Vanity with Black Countertop and Vessel Sink

Attic rooms are always tricky to design but you can try to maximize the space usage with the furniture. In this small attic bathroom, gray-blue vanity perfectly fits between the walls and becomes a statement piece of furniture in this small attic bathroom. It is paired with a black countertop and white vessel sink. Concrete walls create a stunning backdrop for the vanity. The Black framed mirror and black finish of the sconce complement the countertop.

ID# 106508 | – Credit© De.Arch

Black and White Modern Bathroom Ideas with Nature View

Inspiration for a large contemporary bathroom with white floating vanity, light gray countertop, vessel sink, large frameless mirror, black faucets, white walls, and concrete floor. Thanks to the large window opening, the beautiful nature view creates a focal point and with the potted plant, this stunning view moves indoors.


white glass Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 106510 | – Credit© Periana Architecture

Luxury High Ceiling Bathroom with Marble Details

Floating wood vanity and wicker baskets add a rustic feeling to this luxury bathroom. The marble countertop of the vanity and marble floor tiles give the luxurious feel perfectly. Tall mirrors and floor-to-ceiling glass separation for the wet spaces make space feel higher. The black frame of the separation unit and window bring a modern appeal to the bathroom.

ID# 106511 | – CreditVoit Schreinerei + Planung Gmbh | © Jonathan Sage

Scandinavian Modern Bathroom Ideas with Wood Counter and Black Vessel Sink

Warm wood tones soften black and white features in this gorgeous Scandinavian-inspired bathroom. Black accents and fixtures such as vessel sink, mirror frame, and pendant light pop against a white background. Wood towel rack and potted plant complement the counter. The Gray floor provides a smooth transition between the blacks and whites.

ID# 106513 | – Credit© Brandon Architects, Inc.

Modern Bathroom Ideas with Wood and Marble Details

Cubby-style cabinets and brown marble floors warm up all that white atmosphere. This keeps the entire look feeling rich and grounded. Calacatta marble countertop of the vanity and abstract herringbone marble tiles give a luxurious feel to space. The thick countertop is complemented by the marble shower seat. This created a very streamlined look and let the stones stand out and make their own statement.


ID# 106514 | – Credit© Amalfi Tiles

Modern Bathroom Ideas with Black Hex Tiles and Marble Slab

This black and white bathroom boasts a variety of mosaic tiles, subway tiles, and stone slabs. White subway tiles are used on walls and create a clean and fresh look. Marble slab as a separate unit between the shower and toilet, add a luxurious feel. Black hexagon tiles on the floor and black wood vanity create a strong contrast with the whites.


ID# 106515 | – Credit© South Shore Cabinetry Ltd.

Contemporary White Bathroom with Walk-in Shower Design

Thanks to the white color and large window openings this bathroom has a bright and spacious atmosphere. the bathroom features white vanity with a quartz countertop and frameless oversized mirror, a walk-in shower, and a freestanding bathtub. Gray shaded floor tiles add a nice texture.

ID# 106516 | – Credit | © Still Waters Bath

Freestanding Tub with Concrete Wall Tiles and Wall Art

Inspiration for a large modern master bathroom with a white freestanding bathtub, nickel faucet kit, concrete wall tiles, and white abstract painting. The white painting above the bathtub creates a focal point and in a harmony with the concrete wall tiles. A neutral color palette and small stones provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

ID# 106517 | – Credit© Home by Raiya

White Modern Bathroom Ideas with Onyx Wall Panel

This amazing custom master bath shows the ultimate in luxury. It features built-in custom cabinets, a custom-designed tub area to house amazing plants, and beautiful red onyx for a splash of color. The onyx wall panel makes a big statement in this white bathroom and definitely elevates the look.

ID# 106518 | – Credit© Abaco, Architecture Et Design

Modern Bathroom Ideas with White Tub and Gray Floor

The generous proportions of the place and the mostly white color scheme made it possible to design a bathroom with a spa atmosphere. The shades of white and gray which naturally increase space feel tenfold reinforced an impression. White floating vanity paired with white countertop and matte black faucet. Potted plants and wood wall panels contribute to this spa feeling.


ID# 106519 | – Credit© Finnes Building Group

Modern Walk-in Shower with Hexagon Wall Tiles

This minimalistic walk-in shower design serves an eye-catching look with white hexagon wiles. The black grout of the tiles brings an instant character to space. The black frame of the door opening complements the black grouts while the wood-look floor bringing warmth to the atmosphere. Nickel shower kit and mini shelf for bath products in a harmony with the hex tiles.

ID# 106520 | – Credit© Florian Peallat

Contemporary Bathroom with Hex Tiles and Wood Parquets

The neutral color palette gives a total spa feeling in this contemporary bathroom. Gray hexagon tiles meet with the wood planks but instead of the sharp straight there’s more of a gradual tradition and the surfaces seem to ‘flow’ into each other. This combination gives a characteristic look to the place. Matte black accents and finishes bring a contemporary appeal.

ID# 106521 | – Credit© Adriano Pupilli Architects

Modern Bathroom Ideas with Wood Vanity and Mini White Wall Tiles

This small bathroom shows the importance of the bathroom layout. Each piece of furniture is placed cleverly and maximum space usage is provided. Wood washstand with a vessel sink adds warmth to the atmosphere while mini white wall tiles creating a fresh and clean look. Frameless glass separations of the shower provide a seamless look and give an open and airy feeling. Brass accents such as faucets, shower kits make a luxurious touch.


ID# 106522 | – Credit | © Sergepevzner

Modern Rustic Bathroom with Concrete Wall and Floor Tiles

The gray bathroom features a floating dark wood vanity with a white countertop, concrete wall and floor tiles, and a walk-in shower. Concrete tiles and the wood texture serve a modern rustic appearance in this bright bathroom. The frameless glass separation wall of the shower contributes to this atmosphere and provides a seamless look.

ID# 106523 | – Credit© Penman Brown Interior Design

Floating Vanity with Thick Marble Countertop and Bronze Accents

Inspiration for a large contemporary bathroom with double sink marble countertop, dark wood vanity, frameless mirror, gray-shaded square wall tiles, concrete floor, and bronze accents. The marble counter of the floating vanity makes a statement in this room. Bronze accents such as shower kit, faucets bring a vintage vibe to the atmosphere. frameless glass separation wall of the shower provides a seamless look and allows to shine these eye-catching wall tiles out.

ID# 106524 | – Credit© Mmad Architecture

Modern Bathroom Ideas with Wood Vanity and Concrete Countertop

A combination of gray, white, and wood creates a cool and intimate atmosphere. Wood floating vanity paired with concrete countertop and vessel sinks. Thanks to the white wall tiles space have a bright atmosphere. Wood vanity, mirrored cabinets, and open shelves provide a clutter-free space with plenty of storage spaces. dark gray floor tiles create a contrasting look.


ID# 106526 | – Credit© Hommel Küchen- und Möbelmanufaktur GmbH

Gray Modern Bathroom Ideas with Floating Vanity and Walk-in Shower

Clean lines and sharp edges create a modern appearance in this gray bathroom. Gray color also contributes to this modern look well. Floating vanity paired with vessel sinks and nickel faucets. In the walk. in the shower, a nickel shower kit was used and a bench was placed.


ID# 106527 | – Credit© Gga Gardini Gibertini Architetti

Modern Bathroom Ideas with Concrete Walls and Wood Details

This bathroom is built almost entirely in concrete as well and gives it a very modern vibe. The horizontal shape of the concrete blocks and frameless mirror above the vanity brings depth to space and makes space feel longer. Concrete vanity provides a continuous look with the walls and is paired with curved vessel sinks. Freestanding bathtub placed on the elevated wood stage. Brown floor completes the contemporary look perfectly.


ID# 106528 | – Credit© Hodgson Design Associates

All-White Bathroom with Blue Shaded Wall Panel

We loved this abstract wall panel in the alcove shower. It brings the ocean feeling while you are taking shower and creates a serene and eye-catching atmosphere between the white walls. White floating vanity and toilet serve a simple look so, the wall panel steals all the attention. Black faucets and shower kits create a contrast with the whites and make a modern touch with their matte surfaces.

ID# 106529 | – Credit© Mckimm Residential Design

Concrete Bathroom with Floating Vanity

This concrete bathroom shows a minimalistic and contemporary aesthetic based on simple forms and materials. The floating vanity boasts a white countertop and wood drawers. Concrete walls create a sleek and serene atmosphere. The large frameless mirror makes space feel larger. Thanks to the tall window opening, natural light comes into space.

ID# 106532 | – Credit© Architect’s Guild LLC

Small Powder Room with Onyx Wall Design

Onyx material is the best way to add interest to the bathroom in a dramatic way. The onyx wall and counter design take the stage in this small, otherwise ordinary powder room. Other white features and white walls keep a simple look and allow onyx designs’ steal attention.

ID# 106535 | – Credit© Volta

Minimalist Bathroom with Black Counter and Marble Elegance

The minimalist aesthetic of this bathroom is very pleasing and calming to the eye. A simple black and white color scheme add crisp definition and a contemporary feel while the wood floor-to-ceiling cabinet bringing warmth to the atmosphere. Calacatta marble tiles surround all the space and help to create a timeless and stylish look.

ID# 106536 | – CreditChristopher Polly Architect | © Brett Boardman

Calm and Relaxing Modern Bathroom with Concrete Walls

The neutral color palette of this Scandinavian bathroom offers a Zen feeling. Natural wood floating vanity paired with grey vessel sink and provide a warmer atmosphere. Concrete walls and floor and black matte shower kit bring a contemporary feel. Curved freestanding bathtub in a harmony with the concretes. Black geometrical patterned towels compliment the black accents.

ID# 106537 | – CreditEco Outdoor USA | © Derek Swalwell

Japanese Walk-in Shower with Gray Granite Walls

Gray granite tiles surround all the space and serve a sleek modern look. Matte black shower kits in a harmony with the granites. The separation unit provides a separate space for two people. Wood stools and other wood products add warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 106538 | – CreditTo the Mil Excellence in Construction | © Simon Wood

White Modern Bathroom Ideas with Multicolored Floor

The multicolored floor gives a dramatic look to this white room. Large white subway tiles create a clean and fresh backdrop. A wall-mounted sink and toilet contribute to this sleek look in a simple way. Frameless glass separation of the shower provides a seamless look. Mirrored medicine cabinet above the vanity makes space feel larger. Gold shower kit and faucets add a luxury.


ID# 106539 | – Credit© Dimpat

Pale Oak Vanity with Stone Floor Tile and Freestanding Tub

The bathroom remains a light and bright atmosphere with classic white ceramic wall tile, pale oak cabinetry, and Fibonacci Stone floor tile. Frameless glass separation almost disappeared in the room. Pale oak floating vanity brings a rustic vibe and paired with a white countertop, undermount sinks, and black faucets. Mirrored cabinets make the space feel large. The white freestanding bathtub creates a beautifully symmetrical look with the window opening.

ID# 106540 | – Credit© Joe Adsett Architects Pty Ltd.

Modern Gray Bathroom with Granite Floor and Wall Tiles

Look at the elegance of simplicity by the gray color palette! Gray granite tiles which are covering walls and floor, a white freestanding bathtub, gray floating vanity, and mirrored cabinets create a modern and timeless look.

ID# 106541 | – Credit© Marble Builder Direct

Marble Stone Wall with Marble Sink and Wood Floor

This powder room design shows us the use of a single material can be impactful and elegant in an environment. The wall-mounted stone sink integrates seamlessly into the stone wall behind it. Purple details of the marbles add a glam to the look. Black framed mirror above the sink, white toilet, and glass doors of the shower serve a simple look and don’t steal attention. Light wood floor and wood towel basket provide a warmer atmosphere.

ID# 106543 | – Credit | © Marble Builder Direct

Navy-Blue Marble Stone Sink with Marble Sconces

Navy blue is a perfect color for a modern, minimalist black bathroom design and when it combines with marble, the timeless elegance will show. This tiny bathroom brings the major drama with a navy-blue marble stone sink fitted in between two walls, with an equally petite sunken ledge in the basin for flowers and soap. Gold framed mirror and marble sconces in a harmony with the navy-blue wall paint.

ID# 106544 | – Credit© Elc Architecture and Interior

Modern Bathroom Ideas with Gray Marble Elegance

The elegant bathroom features a black floating vanity, white countertop, vessel sink, gold accents, and gray marble tiles. Gray marble tiles are used both on walls and floor and definitely elevates the look. Gold faucets and shower kits contribute to the luxury feeling of the marbles. Matte black surfaces such as vanity, frames of the windows bring a modern appeal.


ID# 106545 | – Credit© Allaround Lab

Black Vanity with White Square Backsplash Tile

Although the bathroom is compact and not luxurious, it is not ordinary. The black floating vanity makes a statement in the room. white square tiles as a backsplash add a nice texture behind the vanity and mirrored cabinets. The wood floor brings warmth to the atmosphere. Toilet separated with a white sliding door and gray granite tiles used on the toilet part. Black shelves above the toilet complement the vanity.

ID# 106547 | – Credit© Alchemy Builders

Modern Bahtroom Ideas with Freestanding Bathtub and Wood Stool

Simple yet elegant! A freestanding bathtub and a bath stool can create a beautiful bathroom. White walls and bathtub provide a clean and fresh look. Wood stool complements the lighter wood floor and they create a warm and intimate atmosphere. A wall-mounted faucet complements the look without disturbing the eye.


ID# 106549 | – Credit© Hill Construction Company

Beige Bathroom with Onyx Stone Design

The onyx stone designs make a big impact in this otherwise ordinary bathroom. The onyx wall panel and countertop add a luxurious feel to space. Wood vanity drawers in a harmony with the countertop and provide a clutter-free look. Beige floor tiles complete the bathroom look beautifully.

ID# 106550 | – Credit | © Leehar Home Ltd.

Rustic Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Concrete Countertop

The modern rustic bathroom features a wood floating vanity, concrete countertop, vessel sinks, faucets, circular mirrors, wood shelf, walk-in shower, toilet, gray wall tiles, and concrete floor. The neutral color palette gives a calm and relaxing feeling. The wood shelf under the vanity provides additional space for towels. Black frames of the mirrors and glass door of the shower create a characteristic look.

ID# 106552 | – Credit© Shoberg Custom Homes

Rustic Bathroom with Wood Cabinets and Black Vanity

Thanks to the wide windows nature has come to a design element in this rustic bathroom. Floor to ceiling wood cabinets bringing the beauty of nature into the room. Black vanity paired with quartz countertop and it brings a luxurious feel. Plain pendant lights hang above the vanity and make a warm glow.

ID# 106554 | – Credit© StudioBecker

Unique Vanity Design with Mirrored Cabinets

In this ultra-modern interior design concrete vanities paired with black stands and mirrored cabinets. Sharp edges and clean lines of the vanities serve the beauty of the minimalistic aesthetic. Multicolored floor tile with the glossy surface in a harmony with the vanity design.

ID# 106555 | – Credit© Urban Angles

Minimalistic Modern Bathroom with Long White Vanity

The white dotted floor-to-ceiling curtain creates a stunning backdrop for vanity and brings instant character to this minimalistic space. Long white vanity serves a clean and plain look. Nickel faucets, handle and legs in a harmony with the vanity. Mirrors hung from a transparent panel seem like floating in the air.

ID# 106556 | – Credit© Rezac Construction

Modern Bathroom Ideas with Colorful Piece of Art

Using a colorful piece of fine art in the bathroom gives it a whole different feel. The impact of the art piece is impressive. Floating wood vanity paired with quartz countertop and rectangular vessel sink. A vertical frameless mirror reaches the ceiling. Metallic lights bring a modern contemporary appeal. Black floor tiles create a contrasting look.


ID# 106558 | – Credit© MPink Design LLC

Teal Vanity with Colorful Graphic Patterned Rug

Vibrant colors popping up in this white bathroom! Teal blue vanity with a white countertop makes a big statement and brings a characteristic look. Colorful graphic patterned rug laid on the oversized starburst hexagon floor tile. Gold accents such as the frame of the mirror and handless bring vintage vibes while white subway tiles and black framed glass shower doors creating a modern appeal.

ID# 106559 | – Credit© Amazing Cabinetry & Bath

Modern Bathroom Ideas with Green Starburst Hexagon Tiles

Green lovers will love this stunning design! Luxurious details and natural textures blend so well in this bathroom. Green starburst hexagon tiles this space into a jewel box with a bold touch. Natural wood floating vanity and potted plants complete the natural atmosphere created by the green shades. Marble walls and gold accents such as faucets, shower kit, give a luxurious feel.


ID# 106534

Custom White Oak Vanity with Onyx Trough Sink

Custom white oak shiplap wall paneling to the ceiling gives the vanity a natural and modern presence. The large trough-style sink in purple onyx highlights the beauty of the stone. The same onyx design is used on the shower wall and creates a focal point between the white walls and floor. Glass pendants above the vanity complete this modern look with its black finishes while gold accents adding glam to space.

ID# 106501

Modern Bathroom Ideas with Custom Wood Washstand

The unique washstand is made from recycled tires and steals all attention in the room. The wood texture of the washstand brings warmth to the atmosphere while metallic accents adding a contemporary look. The tall frameless mirror makes space feel larger. The concrete look floor completes the look beautifully.


ID# 106509

Wood Floating Vanity with Black Accent Wall and Bubble Pendants

This contemporary look offers a minimalist and relaxing space. Black wall tiles create an accent while wood vanity and other wood details bringing warmth to the atmosphere. Also, the wood texture breaks the strong and sharp look of the black. Glass bubble pendant lights hang on either side of the double vanity and vessel sinks, creates a simple and elegant symmetry in this elegant interior.

ID# 106525

Thanks to the large window opening, a beautiful nature view comes into this white bathroom. Curved freestanding bathtub placed next to the window and provides a calm and relaxing bath time. White flat panel vanity paired with marble countertop and undermount sink. The large frameless mirror makes space feel larger. Black floor tiles and frames of the window create a contrasting look with the whites.

Matte Mosaic tiles

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ID# 106530

Scandinavian Bathroom with Wood Counter and Hexagon Backsplash

The neutral color palette of this Scandinavian bathroom keeps the space feel just as serene as any spa! Using an elegant wood floating counter instead of a bulky vanity cabinet creates a sleek, minimal aesthetic. The large sink design completes this look perfectly. White hexagon tiles with black grout serve as a stunning backdrop and add a nice texture to space. The frameless mirror reflects the glass bridge above.

ID# 106531

Gray Bathroom with Wood Look Floor

White bath vanity paired with wood shelves and provide a clutter-free look for the bathroom. Vessel sinks and the shelves create a stunning symmetrical look. The large frameless mirror reflects whole the bathroom and makes space feel larger and deeper. A concrete walk-in shower provides a modern appeal while the wood floor bringing warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 106533

Modern Walk-in Shower with Rose Gold Accents

This walk-in shower gives a feeling of cleanness perfectly with the white wall tiles. Black and white geometrical floor tiles add a nice texture to space and break the domination of the whites. Rose gold shower kit and faucet make a luxurious touch and complement the rose gold chandelier.

Modern Bathroom Ideas with Wood and Concrete Texture

The minimalist style of the bathroom creates a serene and tranquil atmosphere. A combination of the soft and warm tones make the bathroom exude elegance. Glass separation unit perfectly fits the sloped ceiling and provides waterproofing. Concrete material is used in the shower and around the bathtub. The wood ceiling and wood bench make space feel longer and bring depth with their vertical positions.


ID# 106546

Modern Powder Room with Marble Stone Sink and Wood Cabinetry

This bathroom modern serves a dramatic look with wood and stone textures. The marble stone sink makes a big statement in the room and elevates this small powder room. Wood floor-to-ceiling cabinets provide plenty of storage space. The concrete wall and floor in a harmony with the sconces and contribute to this dramatic look perfectly.

ID# 106548

Bright White Bathroom with Wood Vanity

The Interior designer maximizes the space usage with the wood vanity cabinets along the wall. Cabinets paired with white countertop and vessel sinks. It also features a makeup stand and provides plenty of storage space for bath products and towels. Large frameless mirrors separate the vanity for different people. White freestanding bathtub in a harmony with the white walls. Thanks to the wide window openings and high ceilings the bathroom has a bright and spacious atmosphere.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 106551

Bright Bathroom Design with Gray Subway Floor Tiles

Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling window openings the bathroom has a bright and spacious atmosphere. Wood benchtop placed next to the window but its not disturbing the beautiful nature view. Gray subway tiles give a sidewalk impression on the floor. recessed niches placed perfectly between the windows and provide a space for bath products.

ID# 106553

Custom Wood Vanity with Beige Wall Paint

This bright bathroom boasts his-and-her sinks while staying sleek and minimalistic. Large wood vanity and cabinets increase the space’s functionality. The open bathroom shelf between the cabinets provides a clutter-free look for towels. Beige wall paint and wood-look floor create a calm and relaxing spa feeling.

ID# 106557

Contemporary White Bathroom with Chevron Stripe Floor Tiles

Beautiful Chevron stripe tile work enlarges this white bathroom visually and giving a sense of depth. The white bathroom features a marble vanity, walk-in shower, and white wall tiles. The frameless glass shower door helps to create a more spacious and airier environment.

ID# 106560

Bali Inspired Walk-in Shower with Black Mosaic Tiles

The earthy tones of this shower create an intimate atmosphere. The walk-in shower features a slatted stained teak deck floor, dual shower heads, and a glass door that leads outside. Mini black wall tiles bring a mosaic appeal. Matte black shower kit in a harmony with the black tiles. Wood floor and wall panels break the sharp look of the black and bring warmth.

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