Rustic Bathroom Ideas Old School Furniture & Rough Surfaces

64+ Rustic Bathroom Ideas

ID# 106702 | – Credit© Стащук Татьяна

Wood Vanity with Stone Vessel Sink and Stone Backsplash

The overall color scheme is based on the dominance of a warm color palette with subtle, pastel accents. Stone subway tiles as a backsplash create an accent behind the wood vanity with a stone vessel sink. Wood vanity complements the wood ceiling while the gray floor and wall tiles creating a sleek look. Wood mirror frame and metallic wall sconce in a harmony with the gray tiles.

ID# 106736 | – Credit© Alder and Tweed Design Co.

Shaker Vanity with White Countertop and Stone Vessel Sink

Inspiration of a rustic bathroom with dark wood floating vanity, white quartz countertop, stone vessel sink, wall-mounted faucets, wood-look wall tiles, framed mirror, black sconces, and marble floor tiles. The white countertop of the vanity and the marble floor tiles bring a clean and fresh look between the dark colors and brighten the atmosphere.

Calm, Intimate and Welcoming Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Rustic bathrooms can help you give the calm and relaxing atmosphere that you want in the bathroom. With the natural elements and earthy tones, rustic bathrooms offer a serene, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Here are some of our favorite rustic bathroom design ideas to give some inspiration to decorate your personal space!

Combine the old-school furniture with rough surfaces

The rustic style abundant organic elements and influences from nature into the home. The rustic design incorporates unrefined elements such as rough surfaces, old-school light fixtures, barn doors, natural wood textures and they can make any space look more inviting. You can create a more welcoming atmosphere in your modern bathroom with rustic decors or you can go big and turn the space into an oasis with wood panels and aged furniture. Whether your style is modern or classic, you can create a rustic bathroom with timeless appeal!

There are endless opportunities to create a rustic bathroom. Scroll down and find the best one that suits your style!

ID# 106701 | – Credit© Design Associates – Lynette Zambon, Carol Merica

Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Concrete Vanity and Wood Panels

Wood paneling on the walls and wood cabinets add a raw element to otherwise modern spaces, so it’s a great pick for a small rustic bathroom. Concrete vanity paired with brown stand with open shelves and double black faucets. Stone backsplash contributes to the vanity design. Even the colors of the towels on the bathroom shelf in a harmony with the color scheme. Black sconces, wall-mounted faucets, wicker baskets, and decors in the cabinets complete the rustic atmosphere perfectly.


ID# 106703 | – Credit© Faure Halvorsen Architects

Mountain Style Bathroom with White Tub and Stone Wall

The stone wall makes an architectural statement in this mountain-style bathroom. The fireplace and reclaimed wood floor and ceiling create a warm atmosphere while the white freestanding bathtub bringing a fresh modern appeal to the bathroom. The white curtain contributes to this fresh look.

Rustic Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 106704 | – CreditHelliwell + Smith | Blue Sky Architecture | © Martin Tessler

Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Stunning Nature View

Thanks to the window walls the stunning nature view becomes a design element in this master bathroom. Wood frames of the windows, wood ceiling and wood chair complements nature and bring warmth to the atmosphere. Large granite wall tiles provide an eye-catching backdrop for a white freestanding bathtub. The recessed wall niche provides a space for bath products.


ID# 106706 | – Credit© Pearson Design Group

Metal Polished Freestanding Bathtub with Beige Curtains

This mountain retreat offers a haven of relaxation! The wood structure of the building gives an instant character to space. The metal polished freestanding bathtub creates a perfectly symmetrical look in front of the window and brings a luxurious feel. Beige walls and bathroom curtains in a harmony with the atmosphere.

ID# 106708 | – Credit© Design Alpino

Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Concrete Tiles

This rustic modern bathroom is covered with stone and wood effect stoneware tiles. Natural wood vanity paired with stone vessel sinks and serves a rustic look while concrete wall and floor tiles and white toilet and bidet bringing a modern appeal.


ID# 106710 | – Credit© Trauner Fay Designs

Rustic Powder Room with Vanity and Gray Wallpaper

When the natural wood meets with modern touches space stands out in all its elegance! Gray bathroom wallpaper surrounds all the walls and creates a sleek and elegant atmosphere. Wood vanity acts like the part of the wallpaper because of its texture. The dark wood framed mirror creates a focal point above the vanity. Glass pendant light makes a modern touch with its geometrical shape and black finishes.


ID# 106711 | – Credit© Streamline Design Ltd. – Kevin Simoes

Wood Paneled Alcove Bathtub and Walk-in Shower with Stone Tiles

This beautiful master bathroom features wood walls and a countertop with a floor-to-ceiling stone walk-in shower. Wood textures complement the beautiful nature view and bring the warmth of nature into space. A wood-paneled alcove bathroom creates a spa feeling to the bathroom. Multicolored granite tiles are used in the walk-in shower and add a nice texture to space.

Slate Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 106712 | – Credit© Ark Buro

Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Brick Wall and White Sink

This bathroom features a marvelous brick wall, which brings an industrial feeling to space. White sink completed with natural wood stand and it creates a clean and fresh look between the rough surfaces. Beige wall tiles create a sleek backdrop for the vanity and wood-framed mirror. The gold chandelier and wall sconces next to the mirror make a warm glow.


ID# 106713 | – Credit© Груздев Сергей Владимирович

Unique Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Flower Patterned Ceiling Panel

The unique appearance of this bathroom will make you fall in love with it for the very first sight! Wood walls make an architectural statement and give a character to space. White freestanding bathtub and gray and white curtains bring a luxurious feel. The bathtub placed on the wood stand and the stool placed to reach it. The unique ceiling panel brings joy with its flower patterns.


ID# 106715 | – Credit© Oliya Latypova Design and Decor

Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Black Vanity and Toilet 

Colorful rich textiles and black furniture create an elegant luxury appearance in this long and narrow bathroom. Wood walls and ceiling provide a rustic atmosphere while the black floor, black toilet, and vanity make a bold statement in the room. Blue velvet shower curtain and purple rug complete the look beautifully. The large window opening provides a bright atmosphere to this otherwise dark bathroom.


ID# 106716 | – Credit© Дизайнер и декоратор Жанна Рафальская

Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Wood Wall Paneling and Bronze Chandelier

This bathroom is beautifully presented with the lovely effects of the pallet wood used for the wooden wall paneling. Wood freestanding bathtub and vanity bring a modern appeal while walls creating a rustic backdrop for them. Bronze finished chandelier and copper-look wall tiles add an industrial feeling to space.


ID# 106717 | – Credit© Traditional Bathrooms

Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Gold Freestanding Tub and Beige Floor

What a glamorous bathtub design! This gold polished freestanding tub can make a statement in any bathroom. It creates a contemporary look between the natural materials. Wood walls, picture frames, and pieces of art on the white wall provide a stunning backdrop for this tub. Timeless, lovely, and yet with a rough touch, all the details harmonize into a very successful dream bathroom.


ID# 106718 | – Credit© Richard Kissane Building Contractor Ltd.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Custom Framed Mirror

The rustic master bathroom features wood walls, black stone floor tiles, a white sink with a nickel stand, a walk-in shower, and a custom framed mirror. The beige framed mirror above the sink brings a movement into the flat surfaces with its coffered surface. Wood paneling covers all the room and provides a calm atmosphere.


ID# 106719 | – Credit© Liv4 Architecture

High Ceiling Master Bathroom with Dual Wood Vanities

Thanks to the high ceiling and high-quality furniture this bathroom design serves a luxury appearance. Wood vanities placed opposite walls and paired with quartz countertops. The white clawfoot bathtub creates a symmetrical look with its position. The wood chandelier highlights the bath is and makes a warm glow with the wall sconces.

ID# 106720 | – CreditVivante | © Tegosophie

Minimalistic Bathroom with Glossy White Wall Tiles

The minimalistic bathroom features a concrete vanity, vessel sink, gold faucet, frameless mirror, wall-mounted toilet, gray wall paint, glossy white wall tiles, and beige floor tiles. The wooden structure of the house gives a rustic feeling while glossy white square tiles creating a clean and fresh backdrop for the vanity and toilet.

ID# 106722 | – Credit© JLF & Associates, Inc.

Beige Vanity with Natural Stone Wall and Shiplap Ceiling

In this small bathroom, modern furniture blends beautifully with the natural stone walls. Beige vanity paired with gray granite countertop, undermount sink, and nickel faucet kit. The lighting fixture and black framed bathroom mirror complete this modern look while natural stone walls and gray stone floor tiles creating a rustic appearance. A large crystal chandelier hanging from the white shiplap ceiling.

ID# 106725 | – Credit© Two Fold Interiors

Alcove Bathtub with Concrete Tiles and Breath-taking Lake View

This dreamy spa-like bathroom features large picture windows framing breathtaking views of the lake. Wood panels on the walls and ceiling and concrete tiles on the floor and around the alcove bathtub contribute to this calm and relaxing atmosphere.


ID# 106726 | – Credit | © Devernois Home

Elegant Bathroom with White Bathtub and Wood Paneling

Wood textures dominate the space and create a welcoming atmosphere. Wood floating vanity act like the part of the wood panels and provide a continuous look. A large frameless mirror almost disappears between the wall panels and creates a visual illusion. White freestanding bathtub and white tiles provide a fresh and clean look.

ID# 106729 | – Credit© Miller-Roodell Architects Ltd.

Relaxing Mountain Retreat with Natural Materials

This mountain retreat offers a calm and relaxing spa feeling with its earthy tones and materials. The bathroom features natural wood vanity cabinet, wood-framed mirror, alcove bathtub with wood paneling, wall sconces, stone walls, exposed beams, wood-look floor, bronze pendant light, beige store curtains, and traditional patterned rug. The rug makes the space more intimate.

ID# 106731 | – Credit© Conrad Brothers Construction

Rough-hewn Vanity with Bronze Vessel Sink and Round Mirror

A rough-hewn wooden table was transformed into a vanity with the addition of a vessel sink and towel bar. The round mirror above the vanity in a harmony with the stone wall. The stone wall brings a natural texture as a backsplash. White pendants with bronze finishes bring joy to this rustic bathroom with their flower shapes.

ID# 106732 | – Credit© Pearson Design Group

Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Gold Accents

The combination of wood materials with white wall paint and gold fixtures creates an elegant modern rustic look. Wood vanity paired with black painted countertop and white vessel sink. Gold faucets, sconces, and gold-framed mirrors glow up against the white wall and make a luxurious touch. Wicker baskets in the vanity shelf create a cozier atmosphere and provide a clutter-free look.


ID# 106733 | – Credit | © Sustainable Lumber Co.

Rustic Vanity with Quartz Countertop and Wicker Baskets

This rustic style bathroom embraces the beauty of the outdoors with raw, natural materials and warm, cozy textiles. The quartz countertop of the wood vanity stands out amongst the wood and creates a luxurious effect. The large wood framed mirror makes space feel larger. The Wall sconce on the wood-paneled wall makes a warm glow.

ID# 106735 | – Credit© Maria Vasilenko

Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Mix of Black and Wood

You can change the modern impression of your bathroom into the wonderful mix-up of rustic modern appearance with the natural wood textures like this design. Wood vanity table, wood-framed mirror, wood accent wall, and door bring a rustic appearance while black toilet, vessel sink, wall-mounted faucet, and gray walls and floor creating a modern look.


ID# 106737 | – Credit© Asher Custom Homes

Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Concrete Freestanding Tub and Pebbled Floor

The stunning mountain view which framing by the wood picture window, provides a breath-taking backdrop for this bright rustic bathroom. A concrete freestanding bathtub placed on a pebbled floor and creates a calm Zen atmosphere. White walls accentuated with wood ceiling and floor. Floating vanities bring a rustic appeal with their rough surfaces while gray marble countertops adding a luxurious feel.


ID# 106738 | – Credit© Rebal Design

Rustic Vanity with White Countertop and Glass Chandelier

Wooden paneling as a backdrop creates an accent behind the vanity. Dark wood vanity completed with white quartz countertop and a vessel sink. Oil-rubbed bronze faucet and handles complete the rustic look created by the vanity. Even the vanity is not so big, a small makeup stand is included with a leather stool. The large frameless mirror makes space feel larger. Glass chandelier with chrome finish highlights the vanity area and makes a warm glow.

ID# 106740 | – Credit© Conrad Brothers Construction

Rustic Mountain Cabin with White Tub and Curtains

What a great place to pamper yourself! This bathroom is cozy yet spacious and rustic yet elegant. A white freestanding bathtub makes a statement and provides a clean and fresh look between the rough surfaces. Thanks to the large window opening the bathroom have a quite bright atmosphere. Green and yellow flowers in the vase brighten up space and bring joy.

ID# 106741 | – Credit© Conrad Brothers Construction

Rustic Kids Bathroom Ideas with Black Trough Sink and Wood Walls

This rustic mountain cabin has a bathroom decorating down pat. Wood walls reflect the rustic atmosphere beautifully and the black and white trough sink in harmony with the walls. The red mirror and vintage flower bucket add a bit of energy while a braided rug adds comfort underfoot. Dark blue bath cabinet paired with stainless steel countertop and it provides plenty of storage space.


ID# 106742 | – Credit© High Camp Home

Vintage Vanity with Stone Countertop and Rustic Bathroom Decor

A chic and rustic styled interior design with a beige floor and walls create the perfect space for relaxing. Wood vanity with stone countertop, framed mirror, pebbled floor, and sconces represent the rustic style beautifully. The shelves are perfectly placed between the wall and the shower and provide ample room for storage without sacrificing style. Wall sconces and chandeliers create a dramatic atmosphere with their warm glows.

ID# 106743 | – Credit© Rufty Custom Built Homes and Remodeling

Mountain Style Powder Room with Stone Accent Wall

The stone wall is accentuated with gray walls and it provides a stunning backdrop for the vanity and mirror. The floating wood vanity paired with black granite countertop and stone vessel sink. The wooden framed mirror creates a focal point above the vanity. Wood-look floor tiles, black pendant lights, and wood stool in a harmony with the mountain style.

ID# 106744 | – Credit© Cherry Ridge Construction

Luxury Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Multicolored Floor Tiles

A great example of a rustic bathroom with wood vanity cabinets, granite countertop, black vessel sinks, wooden framed mirrors, stone walls, white freestanding tub, multicolored floor tiles, and a shower with gray floor. Wooden framed mirrors are designed like a barn door and contribute to the rustic style. Different stones create a nice texture. Frameless glass separations of the shower provide a seamless look.


ID# 106746

White Vanity with Quartz Countertop and Bronze Penny Tiles

In this black bathroom, the bronze penny tiles create a glamorous backdrop for the vanity with their glossy surfaces. A white vanity table with a waterfall quartz countertop stands out between the dark shades and creates a contrasting look. Gold handles and the gold frame of the mirror complete the glamorous look. Black vanity chair with gray cushion in a harmony with the white vanity. Yellow flowers brighten up space.


ID# 106747 | – Credit© J Reeser Architect LLC

White Clawfoot Tub with Wood Wainscoting and Red Pendant Light

Warm tones of the wood material offer a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Wood vanity paired with granite countertop, white sinks, and nickel faucets. The white clawfoot bathtub creates a clean and fresh look. Beige walls accentuated wood bathroom wainscoting and support this cozy atmosphere. Wood-framed medicine cabinets and black sconces above the cabinets in a harmony with the beige wall paint. Red pendant light highlights the bathtub and makes a colorful touch.

ID# 106748 | – Credit© Johnson Custom Homes

Claret Red Walls with Dark Wood Bathroom Wainscoting

Claret red wall paint creates a dramatic yet stylish look in this rustic bathroom. The red walls are accentuated with dark wood bathroom wainscoting which complements the wood vanity with black granite countertop. Wood frames of the window, Rusted ceiling, and wood-look floor tiles complete this rustic appeal beautifully. Bronze sconce, wall-mounted faucet, and bronze chicken sculpture make the final touch.

ID# 106749 | – Credit© Татьяна Ильина (Сорокина)

Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Black Stone Accent Wall

This black bathroom features a marvelous black stone wall, which provides the perfect backdrop for the wooden vanity and wood framed mirror. The accent wall is completed with wooden walls and a ceiling. Wooden vanity paired with stone countertop and stone vessel sink. The unique vessel sink brings a movement to the vanity with its raw surface. The black stone wall features multicolored tiles which add a nice texture.


ID# 106750 | – Credit© Татьяна Ильина (Сорокина)

Shiny Copper Bathtub with Traditional Patterned Curtains

This copper bathtub quickly becomes the most striking piece of the entire room and creates a glamorous look between the rustic atmosphere with its shiny surface. Wood wall paneling completed with stone tiles on the bottom. Colorful patterned curtains and rug on the beige floor make a traditional touch. The crystal chandelier completes the glam created by the bathtub.

ID# 106751 | – Credit© Setus Design

Contemporary Bathroom with Outstanding Wall Design

This small bathroom stands out with its unique design elements and it shows that even the small spaces can transform into eye-catching designs. Oversized wood logs create a stunning backdrop for the white sink and round mirror. The freestanding sink provides a clean look between the woods. Wooden side tables with black stands make an elegant touch while glass pendants completing the look beautifully.

ID# 106752 | – Credit© Merabymera

White Bathtub with Gray Mosaic Floor Tiles

Inspiration for a rustic master bathroom with white freestanding tub, natural wood wall paneling, wall mounted lights, concrete wall tiles, light wood ceiling, and gray floor tiles. Gray shaded floor tiles bring a mosaic appeal while natural wood walls creating a rustic atmosphere in the space. Wall sconces make a warm glow on the wood and provide a dramatic look.

ID# 106753 | – Credit© Lkid

Mountain Style Bathroom with Large Window Openings

Who wouldn’t take a bath through this stunning mountain view! Thanks to the large windows nature become part of the bathroom. Wooden floating vanity placed right under the window and paired with white thick countertop. The vanity serves a modern appeal with its sharp edges and clean lines. A mirror hanging from the ceiling with a black stand without stealing the attention from the view.

Small Bathroom Ideas with Concrete Walk-in Shower

In this small bathroom wood and concrete, materials blend beautifully. Wooden washstand paired with stone vessel sink, nickel faucet, and wooden countertop. The wood frame of the window acts as part of the wooden wall and provides a continuous look. In the walk-in shower, concrete was used and it brings a contemporary appeal.

ID# 106755 | – Credit© Woodland Designs, Inc.

Mountain Retreat with Wall Mounted Lantern Lights

In this mountain retreat, natural wooden elements bring the beauty of nature inside. The wooden vanity cabinet is extended with a wooden countertop. Wood logs as a leg of the counter and frame of the mirror, look like a real tree! Wood-look wallpaper under the wood wall panels adds another texture with its vertical stripes.

ID# 106756 | – Credit© Horizon Pacific Contracting

Contemporary Walk-in Shower with Crystal Chandelier

A combination of stone and wood offers a calm and relaxing retreat. The natural stone wall creates an accent while gray wood-look tiles surrounding the bathtub. The bronze faucet kit and bronze handle make a strong impact between the soft tones. The crystal chandelier makes a warm glow above the tub and adds a luxurious feeling.

ID# 106757 | – Credit© Charpente et Menuiserie de l’Oisans

Minimalistic Walk-in Shower with Wall Décor

Bronze wall décor makes a big impact in this minimalistic shower design. Beige walls, wood ceiling, and wood window framed to provide a relaxing spa feel. Stone floor tiles add a nice texture with diagonal white grouts.


ID# 106758 | – CreditCapri | © Frenchie Cristogatin

Wooden Washstand with Rustic Stone Countertop and Backsplash

The wooden washstand gives a warmer feeling to the bathroom in a rustic atmosphere. The countertop and backsplash look very rusty which is made from colored concrete to make it more stylish. Stone vessel sink in harmony with the countertop with its raw surface. Wooden upper cabinets provide an additional space even if they are small. The rectangular mirror perfectly fits between the cabinets and it acts as the part of the backsplash with its bronze frame.

ID# 106759 | – Credit© Fishcamp Custom LLC.

All-Wood Bathroom with Shaker Vanity with White Sconce

All wood bathroom design offers a welcoming mountain retreat. Wood shaker vanity completed with beige quartz countertop, bronze vessel sinks, and faucet. Alcove bathtub covered with the same wood panels as the walls and provides a continuous look. Wooden framed mirror in a harmony with the wooden walls. The white wall sconce above the mirror makes a glamorous touch with its gold finish.

Farmhouse Bathroom with Stone Shower Design

The stone shower design takes this farmhouse bathroom to next level. It gives a rustic cave feeling while white walls creating a fresh and bright atmosphere. Floating washstand with white sink hanged on wooden wall paneling. Glass shelf above the washstand provides a seamless look.

ID# 106761 | – Credit© CK Design

Rustic Modern Bathroom Ideas with Beige Subway Tiles

This interior design showcases how to incorporate rustic bathroom furniture while keeping the space fresh and modern at the same time. Dark wood vanity serves an elegant look with its quartz countertop. Same wood material used on the alcove bathtubs’ covering. Beige subway tiles provide a bright and spacious atmosphere. The frameless mirror above the vanity makes space feel larger.


Brown Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 106762 | – Credit© Lukonina Nata

Custom Made Vanity with Hexagon Mirror and Bronze Sconces

The custom-made wooden vanity turns this bathroom into an oasis! Wooden wall panels create a continuous look behind the vanity. White vessel sinks contrast with the natural materials with its clean and fresh surface. Wood-framed hexagon mirror and bronze wall sconces in a harmony with the wooden panel.

ID# 106763 | – Credit© Kevin Gray Interiors

Copper Freestanding Tub with Pebbled Floor Tiles

The copper freestanding bathtub placed on pebble tile raised floor and steals the attention at the first sight. The pebbled tiles give a more dramatic and rustic feel and support the bathtub perfectly. Frameless glass separations of the walk-in shower provide a seamless look for the beautiful shower tiles. The exposed ceiling beams create a strong characteristic look.

ID# 106764 | – Credit | © Artists Collaboration

Contemporary Bathroom with White Chandelier and Marble Tiles

Different styles, textures, and materials coming together harmoniously in this contemporary bathroom. The white crystal chandelier adds glam to space for sure! The marble wall tiles under the wood paneling complete the luxurious feeling of the freestanding bathtub source. The leaf patterns on the wooden panels bring joy to the atmosphere. Gray floating vanity with marble countertop and vessel sinks brings a modern appeal.

ID# 106705

Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Natural Wood Structure

This bathroom already has a personality with buildings’ wooden structures. Large wood beams and columns give the rustic feeling perfectly. Wood shelves act like the part of the structure and provide a pace for towels and bath products. The white bathtub brings a clean and fresh look between the wood surfaces.


ID# 106707

Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Walk-in Shower and Stone Wall Tiles

The unique and stylish stone walls create a cool bathroom. Gray toilet in a harmony with the stones. The small painting above the toilet brings joy to the atmosphere. In the walk-in shower, large stones were used. Glass door and separation panel provide a seamless look for the shower.


ID# 106709

Wood Vanity with Stone Countertop and Wood Vessel Sink

Inspiration for a rustic bathroom with natural wood vanity, stone countertop, wood vessel sink, wall-mounted faucet, stone walls, wood-framed mirror, gray wall paint, wood floor, and walk-in shower with nickel faucet kit. Wood-paneled shower separation makes a big impact with stone columns.

ID# 106721

Wood Vanity Board with Beige Shiplap Walls and Rustic Bathroom Decor

The shiplap beige wall is accentuated with textured stone and connected by the thick wooden vanity with a stone vessel sink. Stone accent wall provides a stunning backdrop for the wood-framed mirror, vanity, and sconces. Flowers brighten the space and bring nature inside. The Red patterned rug makes a traditional touch with its high-quality material.

ID# 106723

Black Stone Vanity with Wood Log Wall Decor

The adorable rustic decor instantly changes the boring impression of the bathroom into the elegant one. Wood logs were used as wall décor and placed the wall around the vanity. Black stone double sink paired with black stand and make a statement between the wood logs. A metallic framed mirror above the vanity brings depth to space. A small recessed niche in the wood logs provides a space for bottles.

ID# 106724

Rustic Luxury Walk-in Shower Ideas with Marble Slabs

In this walk-in shower, design mountain rocks and stone floors create a rustic country style while white marble slabs making a luxurious touch. Luxury and rustic style blending beautifully in this interior design. Frameless glass separation units provide a seamless look and this eye-catching design stands out!

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 106714

Walk-in Shower with Stone Wall and Black Accents

In this walk-in shower design, a stone wall creates an accent. It also gives a 3D effect with its surface. Recessed wall niche placed center of the wall and provide a space for bath products. Beige stone subway tiles create a calm and relaxing atmosphere while vintage black accents completing the design.

ID# 106727

Marble Walk-in Shower with Roughhewn Stones

When it comes to design a bathroom, we want relaxing spaces with terrific tiles. Roughhewn stones take this marble walk-in shower to a different level and bring a rustic appearance. The recessed wall niche provides a space for bath products. Gray shaded floor tiles create a mosaic appeal. Chrome shower kit and faucets complete the loo without disturbing the eye.

ID# 106728

Master Bathroom with Bronze Freestanding Bathtub

The master bathroom has a strong nature influence in it. Stonewall and large picture window which framing a beautiful nature view provide a stunning backdrop for the bronze freestanding bathtub. Wood-look floor contributes to the rustic atmosphere perfectly. Castile chandelier highlights the bath area and makes a warm glow above it.

ID# 106734

Rustic Powder Room with Oil-rubbed Bronze Accents

Wood material dominates the room and creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. The washstand paired with oil-rubbed bronze accents completes the rustic appeal perfectly. Wood-framed mirror and wall sconces next to the mirror in a harmony with the wood wall. Colorful flowers in the vase bring joy to space.

ID# 106730

Floating Vanity with Black Countertop and Chic Tile Design

The stunning tile design steal attention at the first sight! Wood and beige patterns of the tiles provide an eye-catching backdrop for wood vanity and frameless mirror. Natural wood floating vanity paired with the black countertop, chrome sink, and black faucet. Wicker baskets in the vanities’ open shelves provide a clutter-free look. Traditional patterned rug completes the design beautifully.

ID# 106739

Luxury Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Oval Mirrors and Sconces

This luxury rustic bathroom has all the glam one could crave, from the high-quality vanity to the weathered wood walls. The large vanity paired with quartz countertop and vessel sinks increase the luxury feel. Large cabinets provide plenty of storage space. Oval mirrors and wall sconces in a harmony with the wood walls.


ID# 106745

 Marble Slab with Gold Accents and Rustic Bathroom Decor

The gray marble slab creates an accent behind the vanity with its eye-catching texture and glamorous accents. Recessed niches on the slab provide a space for both mirrors and some decors. Wood vanity breaks the glamorous look with its rough surface and brings a rustic look while stone vessel sinks complementing the slab. Glass bubble pendant lights with black finishes create a modern appeal and make a warm glow along the wall.

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