Concrete Bathtub Ideas Natural Look! Unique & Personalized Bathtubs

17+ Concrete Bathtub Ideas

ID# 90513 | – Credit© Architects

Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom with Concrete Tile Alcove Tub

Reminiscent of Japanese traditional baths, this contemporary minimalist bathroom gives off a zen ambience. Featured here is an alcove tub of concrete tiles trimmed in a slab of concrete. Composite wood decking tastefully conceals the drainage system, met by a seamless concrete floor.The walls of wood siding in natural finish warmly complements the stark coolness of the concrete. Matte black fixtures stand out in a non-opposing way, juxtaposed against blonde wood furniture forms. Louvered windows allow for ventilation and maximization of natural light.


ID# 90507 | – Credit© Kronfoto

Contemporary Scandinavian Bathroom with Alcove Tub and Perfectly Harmonized Neutral Palette

Soothing and calming are two words that come to mind when describing this Contemporary tile Scandinavian bathroom. The cement-tiled alcove tub is tastefully trimmed in brown granite, which parallels the 12×24” chocolate brown tiled floor. Wood strips in painted flat white make up the wall in the background. An elongated shower shelf is perched above the tub, which is minimally yet tastefully accessorized. A large window to the corner allows natural light to stream into the space.


Amazing modern to contemporary bathroom concrete bathtub Ideas

Custom concrete bathtub for creative bathroom designs. Concrete has come a long way, from its crude beginnings in ancient times of crushed then burned limestone or gypsum to today’s Portland cement, sand, and coarse aggregates.

  • Modern, Contemporary, Rustic or Zen Design Styles
  • Rich color scheme
  • Any shape designs
  • Indoor or outdoor usage

Natural Look! Unique & Personalized; Concrete Bathtub

Concrete presently has a wide range of applications because it is a durable and versatile yet inexpensive material, used anywhere from building construction to interior finishing. Fortunately, in this day and age, it is possible to craft concrete into beautiful bespoke bathtubs to add character to your bathroom.

Concrete Bathtub Cost / Price;

Concrete bathtub varies between $5000 and $20000

ID# 90501 | – Credit© Wendy O’Brien Interior Planning & Design

Scandinavian Modern Bathroom with Concrete Tub

One would take long, cozy showers in this contemporary bathroom. The concrete used in this stand-alone bathtub is of a deeper, darker shade of gray–a lovely contrast with the subdued, predominantly neutral colors. The rounded corners of the freestanding tub give it a sleek look. The accent wall in the background is composed of intricately positioned marble backsplash tiles forming a lozenge pattern. Ceramic floor tiles mimic classic hardwood flooring without compromising material integrity. Note the sectioned tree trunk side table, a warm accent piece that complements the coolness of the concrete tub. The factory window-style shower divider gives the bathroom a spacious feel, all the while contributing to the contemporary look of the space.


ID# 90502 | – Credit© Verner Architects

Contemporary Whimsical Bathroom with Concrete Tub

This contemporary bathroom is playfully whimsical, what with the abundance of free flowing forms.The concrete bathtub employed here is freestanding and rounded, and is of a warmer hue of gray. The free flowing, abstract script patterns on the accent wall are complemented by the subdued, 2×2” veined mosaic tile floor. Conversely, the adjacent wall of 24×24” imitation marble tiles matches the floor as well. More organic influence is seen in the curvy lavatory, which parallels the curvature of the tub and abstractness of the accent wall. The clear glass shower enclosure opens up the space more, and the clerestory windows allow for maximization of natural light.



  • Concrete itself is a super material!: – Concrete bathtubs are great because of concrete’s inherent properties. The material’s versatility allows for creative freedom, as concrete can assume virtually almost limitless shapes and forms. Concrete is also extremely durable, being able to withstand great pressure, and is fire-resistant.
  • Aesthetically-pleasing yet functional: – While smooth enough that it is not uncomfortable to lie on, concrete’s texture makes for a raw, industrial aesthetic, doubling as a non-slip surface ideal for wet areas.
  • Indoor or outdoor: – Concrete bathtub can be used for indoor or outdoor projects.


  • Prone to Cracking: – However, it is important to note that concrete is prone to cracking, due to mishandling it in application or extreme weather changes.
  • Expensive to Hire a Professional – While concrete itself is relatively inexpensive, the labor costs might make for most of the budget, as you would need to hire a concrete craftsman with the expert knowledge on how to manipulate the material.

Buying Options Where to Buy Concrete Bathtub

  • Concreteworks East is a full-service custom architectural precast firm that creates innovative design solutions from one of the world’s most flexible, beautiful, and sustainable materials.; Concreteworks

ID# 90503 | – Credit© Concreteworks

Modern Zen Bathroom with Concrete Tub

One would truly feel relaxed in this modern zen bathroom. The freestanding concrete tub is of a smaller scale when juxtaposed with the large window overlooking a landscaped garden. This gives the illusion of being one with nature. The travertine tile paver flooring are dual purpose as they are both aesthetically pleasing and non-slip. The pebbled flooring by the tub and lavatory make for tastefully concealed drainage systems. Slate tile veneer clad the walls of this bathroom, perfectly harmonizing with the concrete tub. Slate mosaic tile idea give rustic look for any project. Skylights and the large scale window maximize natural lighting while simultaneously blurring the line between interior and exterior.


ID# 90504 | – Credit© Dana Benson Construction

Modern Bathroom with Concrete Bathtub and Streamlined Fixtures

This bathroom exudes masculinity, what with the sleek, streamlined fixtures and accessories complementing the freestanding rounded concrete tub. It is interesting to note the almost ivory-like color of the concrete, giving it a lighter, more elegant feel. 24×24” limestone tiles in dark gray contrast with the ivory tub and bare concrete walls. Floor to ceiling windows maximize natural light and overlook the landscaped exterior.


ID# 90517 | – Credit | © Таша Протопопова

Contemporary Scandinavian Bathroom with Concrete Corner Tub

The Scandinavian aesthetic is known for being timeless, and this bathroom perfectly encapsulates just that. The “unfinished” concrete corner tub juxtaposed against the veined marble walls make for an elegant look. Minimal furnishings selected are that of wood, which carefully stand out against the subdued tones of the interior. Cast-in-place concrete floors and walls transition seamlessly from the tub, all of which is perfectly illuminated by the natural light streaming in from the clerestory windows.


ID# 90509 | – Credit© A Collective Architects

Modern Masculine Bathroom with Sunken Concrete Tile Tub

An aura of masculinity is exhibited in the combination of dark shades of grey and deep, brown wood grains in this modern bathroom. Featured here is a sunken tub of iron gray concrete tiles, which makes for a sleek look. Luxury vinyl planks mimic luxurious hardwood flooring. Walls are simply painted to balance out the strong browns and grays. Tastefully positioned mirrors give the illusion of a larger space. The interesting ceiling layout of painted wood studs in a series seamlessly merges with the double lavatory area.


ID# 90506 | – Credit© JRA Green Building, Inc.

Industrial Chic Bathroom with Concrete Corner Tub

Want something industrial yet feminine? This industrial chic bathroom is just that: a feminine pop of pink on the walls and the shabby chic rugs complement the industrial concrete corner tub and metal stool. Usually wood isn’t used as flooring for bathrooms as moisture would damage it, but here, the floor is protected by the shaggy ecru shower mats. Glass panels protect the simply painted walls. Note the stoneware-like vessel lavatory, an elegant fixture to complete the feminine yet industrial look.


ID# 90505 | – Credit© Unique Home Stays

Modern Industrial Bathroom with Concrete Alcove Tub

This modern industrial bathroom would excite steampunk enthusiasts, as the warm colors, exposed piping, and metal applications are reminiscent of the aesthetic. Employed here is an alcove tub of a warmer grey. The tub seamlessly transitions to flooring of the same material, whereas the walls cladded in raw, “unfinished” planks of wood provide tasteful contrast. The corrugated metal wall framing the alcove tub greatly contributes to the industrial look, along with the brass shower fixtures. A skylight directly above the tub maximizes natural light.


Contemporary Bathroom by the Beach with Freestanding Concrete Tub

This bathroom overlooking a scenic beach is a paragon of “a breath of fresh air”. The freestanding rounded concrete tub is positioned next to a large window for a truly relaxing bath experience. 8×24” tiles with concrete texture make up the flooring and walls. The elongated counter of engineered quartz provides ample counter space, featuring a lovely stoneware-like vessel lavatory. Large louvered windows allow for ventilation as well as natural lighting. Note the stacked stones, which make for an interesting, quirky side table.


ID# 90512 | – Credit© Design Loft Interiors

Contemporary Country Style Bathroom with Freestanding Concrete Tub

This quaint country bathroom exudes warmth and coziness. The freestanding rounded concrete tub is nestled cozily in a niche, framed by a bay window. Majority of the flooring is of 12×24” faux marble tiles, whereas the flooring by the tub emulates a golden onyx pebbled mosaic floor. Note the glass backsplash tile by the vanity is of patterned scintillating glass tiles. Woven baskets complete the rustic country look while simultaneously functioning as bathroom storage pieces. The mirrors are backlit for proper illumination, complemented by the natural light streaming in through the bay windows.


ID# 90516 | – Credit© Bluetomatophotos

Warm Contemporary Bathroom with Alcove Concrete Tub

Bare yet beautiful is one way to describe this simple contemporary bathroom. Minimal styling is applied and yet the bare material speaks for itself. Featured here is a concrete alcove tub in a lovely warm, creamy color—the same material used for the walls. The floor is of a cooler, darker grey, yet it pleasantly complements the otherwise warm interior. Large windows provide both natural light and a scenic, landscaped view.


ID# 90515 | – Credit© Kelle Contine Interior Design, LLC

Contemporary Bathroom with Freestanding Concrete Tub

Simple yet elegant, this contemporary bathroom is a great example of no-frills yet aesthetically-pleasing design. Featured here is a freestanding rounded tub of stone-like concrete, which makes for a nice contrast to its lighter colored surroundings. The flooring is of 12×12” ceramic tiles in a warm light grey, whereas the walls employ 6×6” geometric-patterned cement tiles. Touches of warmth are seen in the wood laminate cabinetry and the quirky tree trunk side table. Large windows provide a scenic view and simultaneously allow natural light to stream in.


ID# 90508 | – Credit© Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes

Modern Zen Bathroom Outdoors with Freestanding Concrete Tub

This modern zen bathroom will definitely give one the illusion of being at a luxurious spa. The freestanding rounded concrete tub almost emulates carved stone, perched perfectly on wood composite decking. The 12×24” antiqued travertine backsplash tile cladded wall adds to the illusion of Roman spas of ancient times. The incorporation of landscaped plants makes for a therapeutic oneness with nature.


ID# 90511

Contemporary Industrial Bathroom with Elevated Concrete Tub

This contemporary industrial bathroom is interesting because the tub is elevated to a point in which you would need to climb a few steps to access it. The warmth of the wood steps complement the stark coolness of the concrete tub and the 8×20” iron gray tiled floor. The tinted glass that forms the semi-enclosure by the tub gives the space a more intimate feel. The walls are simply painted a flat white, but the suspended track lights complete the industrial look. Large windows maximize natural lighting.

ID# 90514

Rustic Contemporary Bathroom with Concrete Corner Tub

This bathroom is appealing as it gives cozy feelings, what with the ample application of natural wood, balanced out by the tub of lighter-colored concrete. Emphasis is placed on the wood grains, as the walls are vertically cladded in wood planks. Simple yet functional, this bathroom shows attention to detail in the towels that match the concrete and cabinetry. Note the convenient location of towel racks for ease of access to the user.

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