Bathroom Mirror Ideas Reflective Interior Design Elements

58+ Bathroom Mirror Ideas

ID# 107412 | – Credit© Concept 8 Architects

Gold Framed Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas with White and Gray Backsplash

Custom furniture gives a unique overall look to this contemporary bathroom. The black vanity table offers a romantic atmosphere with its gray flower patterns. The gold framed round mirror adds glam to the design and contributes to the luxurious feel created by the marble tiles. White and gray square backsplash tiles provide a distinctive backdrop for the vanity. The glass bubble pendant makes a warm glow and highlights the beauty of the tiles and mirror.

ID# 107443 | – Credit© Amazing Cabinetry & Bath

Modern Bathroom with Green Starburst Hexagon Tiles

Green lovers will love this stunning design! Luxurious details and natural textures blend so well in this bathroom. Green starburst hexagon tiles turn this space into a jewel box with a bold touch. Natural wood floating vanity and potted plants complete the natural atmosphere created by the green shades. The arched mirror with a gold frame creates a focal point on the green wall. Marble walls and gold accents such as faucet, shower kit, give a luxurious feel.

Reflective Interior Design Elements: Bathroom Mirrors

Although mirrors are not seen as the most important feature of the bathroom, they offer endless style capacity. The mirror’s importance goes beyond the function. If you want the see how mirrors incorporate the bathroom, scroll down and find the stylish bathroom mirror designs that will inspire you!

Elevate your bathroom with a beautiful mirror

The bathroom mirror plays a crucial role. Mirrors are necessary to check your appearance or to make up. But its importance is much more than that! A bathroom mirror gives a sense of spaciousness, makes space feel larger, reflects the natural light, and adds a tone of character to your space. From large round mirrors to frameless rectangular mirrors, there are a wide variety of bathroom mirrors. No matter its size, shape, or style, a bathroom mirror can elevate the design in a way that is more beautiful than you can imagine.

So, are you ready to dive into the best bathroom mirror ideas?

ID# 107401 | – Credit© Capital Construction

All-white Bathroom with Floating Vanity and Round Mirror

The white bathroom represents perfectly the beauty of simplicity! All-white features and clean lines create a minimalist contemporary design. The oversized round mirror adds a touch of softness to the bathroom and blends seamlessly with the blank white wall. The backlit lights emphasize the characteristic look of the mirror while the white floating vanity and freestanding bathtub creating a clean and fresh look.

ID# 107402 | – Credit© ABI Interiors

Orange Clay Tiles with Wood Vanity and Arched Mirror

We absolutely adore this coastal, modern beach bathroom! The clay-orange-colored tiles give a personality and a more intimate feel to the bathroom. The orange backsplash tiles carried from wall to floor which creates a continuous look. The wood floating vanity paired with a concrete vessel sink complements the orange tiles. The thin black framed arched mirror creates a focal point above the vanity and fills the blank white wall.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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Modern white glass & quartz mosaic tile, ideal for a backsplash

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Elegant Rhomboid White Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 107403 | – Credit© Gibson Contracting

Contemporary Bathroom with Walk-in Shower and Vanity Area

In this contemporary bathroom the gap between the shower and wall evaluated by a makeup vanity stand. The white vanity table perfectly fits between the walls even the space is so small. The black framed mirror creates a contrasting look with the whites while fury pouf adding a dose of luxury. In the walk-in shower, marble tiles surround all the wet areas which also provides a luxurious look.

ID# 107404 | – Credit© Ariana Ahmad Interior Design

Contemporary Bathroom with the Elegance of Brown Onyx

The brown onyx dominates all surfaces and provides a sleek modern look. Also, the soft brown shade of the onyx slabs creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The mirror above perfectly matches the scale of the vanity and adds a dimension to space. white sconces on the mirror add glam with its gold finishes. Because of the onyx material, the floating vanity acts as part of the wall and is paired with a brown countertop and white vessel sink.

ID# 107405 | – Credit© Peter Schaad Design Studio

Transitional Bathroom with Black and White Patterned Floor

The combination of the glossy whites and matte blacks creates a strong characteristic look in this transitional bathroom. Glossy white wall tiles provide a clean and fresh bathroom feel. The white wall-mounted sink contributes to this freshness. Since there is no storage space other than a single shelf under the sink, the medicine cabinet is hidden behind the bathroom mirror which completes the design without disrupting its existing flow. The black and white patterned floor tiles bring a traditional feel.

ID# 107406 | – Credit© Studio Blu

Black Vanity with White Shiplap Walls and Flower-Patterned Floor

The black stone vanity with a black base brings an instant character to this contemporary bathroom. The white shiplap wall creates a contrasting look with the vanity and helps enhance sunlight with the white shower tiles. While the shiplap wall and white tiles give the feeling of spaciousness to the bathroom with its horizontal pattern, the long rectangular bathroom mirror extends the length of the space together with the black vanity. Black pendant lights complement the modern vanity design. Black flower-patterned floor tiles bring joy to the atmosphere.

Metal Mosaic Tiles

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Sleek brown metal and glass mixed modern kitchen backsplash & bathroom tile

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Gray white marble & metal kitchen backsplash tile for modern projects

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ID# 107407 | – Credit© Matteo Martini Architetto

Scandinavian Bathroom with Wood Vanity and White Vessel Sink

Scandinavian style is simple yet so soothing. Natural elements and blacks and whites come together beautifully. You can transform your bathroom into an airy retreat by merging these elements like this design. The wood vanity with a shelf paired with white vessel sinks complements the vertical white tile walls. The black-framed round mirror above the vanity adds a softness between the sharp edges and creates a harmonious look with the other black accents.

ID# 107408 | – Credit | © JUST JESS Designs

Gold Framed Bathroom Mirror Ideas with Gold Sconces and White Subway Tile

The combination of the white subway tiles and black grout makes a big impact in this transitional bathroom. Matte black accents contribute to the strong impact of the black grout. The wood vanity with a marble countertop creates a cozy atmosphere while gold sconces and gold framed mirror adding glam to the design and complementing the luxurious feel of the marble countertop.

ID# 107409 | – Credit© Amber-Tru Construction

Wood Vanity with Quartz Countertop and Arched Bathroom Mirror Ideas

There is nothing better than a beautiful mirror design to liven up the white walls in the bathroom. In this transitional bathroom, metallic framed arched mirrors create a focal point above the vanity and serve a characteristic look. The large-format subway tile on the tub apron matches the shower tiles for a sophisticated, dramatic design. The diamond-shaped marble floor tiles and quartz countertop of the wood vanity also contribute to this sophisticated look. The wood vanity brings warmth to the atmosphere with its natural material.

ID# 107410 | – Credit© Sky Architect Studio

Wood Floating Vanity with Frameless Bathroom Mirror

The main bathroom features a serene and relaxing color palette. A tall, reflective full-length mirror makes space feel larger and reflects the stunning marbles beautifully. Wood vanity paired with quartz countertop which provides a continuous look with the marble walls and floor. Drawers and open shelves of the vanity provide clutter-free space.

ID# 107411 | – Credit© Shine Design

Dark Gray Shaker Vanity with White Countertop and Marble Floor

The gray and white color scheme of this transitional bathroom offers timeless elegance. The dark gray shaker vanity is paired with a white countertop and black handles. The white wood wall panels create a bright and spacious atmosphere and allow vanity to stand out. The thin black framed bathroom mirror serves a minimalistic look and makes the final touch beautifully. The marble floor is laid on with a distinctive pattern which provides a beautiful base for the vanity.

ID# 107413 | – Credit© Guggenheim Architecture + Design Studio

Wood Floating Vanity with Quartz Countertop and Black Accents

You can transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat with wooden vanity and two minimalistic mirrors like this Scandinavian bathroom. Here, the wood flat-panel vanity paired with a white quartz countertop and black accents. Black framed round mirrors add softness without disturbing the flawless design. The stark white walls and food framed window above the vanity, provide a bright and spacious atmosphere while the black floor creating a strong contrast with the whites.

ID# 107414 | – Credit© Bayside Built

Oversized Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas with Matte White Wall Tile

The oversized round mirror is definitely a statement maker! It adds a stunning chic factor and becomes decorative from the functional design element in this contemporary bathroom. The dark wood floating vanity is completed with a white countertop and black vessel sink which complements the circular shape of the bathroom mirror. Wall-mounted faucet, glass shower separation, and matte white wall tiles contribute to the open and airy feel created by the mirror. Black and brown diamond-patterned floor brings dynamism to space.

ID# 107415 | – Credit© Atlas Architects

Gray Bathroom with White Vessel Sinks and Black Faucets

Black, white and gray, the beautiful combination of all time! This gray-dominated bathroom offers a timeless appearance with a touch of white and black. The gray wood vanity with white countertop and vessel sinks creates a harmonious look with the vertical white wall tile. Black wall. Mounted faucets and the black finish of the bubble sconce make a strong contrast with the whites and provide a characteristic design. Rounded edges of the frameless bathroom mirrors and circular vessel sinks keep the design soft and enhance the welcoming atmosphere.

ID# 107416 | – Credit© Smart Style Bathrooms

White Shaker Vanity with Black Accents and Concrete Floor

Frameless mirrors are a great idea to enhances the space feel and create a more spacious atmosphere. In this white bathroom, a large frameless mirror covers all surfaces between the wall and glass shower separation. The white shaker vanity comes front further with the matte black knobs and faucets. White hexagon tiles add a nice texture without striking the eye. The concrete floor provides a smooth transition between the stark whites and bold blacks.

ID# 107417 | – Credit© ABI Interiors

Pastel Pink Vanity with Arched Bathroom Mirror Ideas and Wood Shelf

Colorful vanities are on trend now and a great way to add a jolt of personality. in this modern bathroom the paste pink vanity in a harmony with the soft color scheme but still pulls the attention. The wood-framed arched mirror brings warmth to the atmosphere and lends an organic element. The wood shelf under the vanity and wood floor also has a natural texture but thanks to the darker shade of the frame, the mirror comes forward more. The arched recessed wall niche complements the mirror while providing a space for bath products.

ID# 107418 | – Credit© Eurodale Developments Inc.

Black Shaker Vanity with Round Mirror and Marble Floor

The black vanity, black frame glass shower, and matching fixtures and hardware contrast against the stark white walls for a luxurious, yet simple and clean aesthetic. The black shaker vanity makes a bold statement while black accents and a round mirror with a thin black frame creating a focal point above it.

ID# 107419 | – Credit© Danielle Interior Design & Decor

Modern Bathroom with Double Faucet Sink and Beige Floor

Keeping the walls white and adding neutral tile and finishes make the room feel fresh and clean. The wall-mounted black sink enhances the floor place and contributes to the open and airy feel in the bathroom. Above the vanity, a black framed mirror with round edges matches the size of the sink and makes space feel larger. The recessed niche next to the toilet provides storage space for towels or other bath products.

ID# 107420 | – Credit© Bluedoor Design Group

Metallic Wall Tile with Purple Ceiling and Baseboards

If you want to create a glamorous look, there is no better way than placing metallic wall tiles! In this contemporary bathroom, diamond-shaped metallic tiles give the glam till the end. When the walls are the star of the bathroom you need a bathroom mirror in a supporting role. The acrylic frame of the round mirror fulfills this task successfully and it showcases the tiles instead of concealing them. White vanity with metallic legs complements the wall tiles. Purple ceilings and baseboards increase the luxury level of the space.

ID# 107421 | – Credit | © Norcrossandscott

Wood Floating Vanity with Large Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas

The perfect placement of the vanity area between the two frosted glass doors maximizes the function of the space and offers a beautiful appearance. The navy-blue wood wall panels provide a sleek elegant backdrop for the wood floating vanity, large round mirror, and wall sconces. The large round mirror distracts the compact dimensions of the space while complementing the wood vanity with its wood frame. Bubble sconces with gold finishes make a warm glow. Metallic baskets under the vanity provide a space for towels or toilet paper.

ID# 107422 | – Credit© Aker Interiors

Wood Vanity with Black Quartz Countertop and Hexagon Floor

Bold black quartz countertop, black hexagon floor tiles, and other black accents break the cozy look created by the wood vanity and create a characteristic bathroom. Round edges of the mirrors bring softness while the black quartz countertop adding a dose of luxury. Keeping the walls in all white provides a spacious bathroom feel and allows black features to stand out.

ID# 107423 | – Credit© Côme Ménage (Re-a.d)

Small Bathroom with White Furniture and Wood Accent Wall

Small yet eye-catching! Adding an accent wall with wood panels and supporting them with round mirrors, distracts the compact size of this contemporary bathroom. Wicker frames and rope hangers of the round mirror in a harmony with the wood wall panels and together they create a warm and intimate atmosphere. The white floating vanity, white bubble pendant light, and white toilet striking the eye in front of the woods but thanks to the clean and simple lines they do not steal the attention from the backdrop.

ID# 107424 | – Credit | © Mitzi by Hudson Valley

Arched Bathroom Mirror Ideas on a Wood Floating Shelf

If you want to go something different, this bathroom mirror definitely pulls your attention. As you can see in this contemporary bathroom, you don’t have to hang the mirror on the wall. with a single shelf, you can provide a space for a mirror actually space for two! The arched mirrors act as a piece of art and absolutely elevates the look. The blue vanity paired with a white countertop and sink and stands out between the whites. The gold wall sconce mixes classic with contemporary and makes the final touch glamorously.

ID# 107425 | – Credit© Fresh Start Contracting Company

Tilted Bathroom Mirror Ideas with Black Patterned Beige Wallpaper

In this modern meet rustic bathroom, rough surfaces and clean lines blend harmoniously. The dark wood vanity with a white countertop and black faucet stands out between the whites and beiges and makes a statement. The tilted forward position of the mirror provides a wider viewing angle. The black patterned beige wallpaper contributes to the warm tone of the vanity. White hexagon tiled floor brings a modern appeal.

ID# 107426 | – Credit© Petko Slavov Architectural and Interior

Attic Bathroom with Sloped Bathroom Mirror Ideas and Marble Vanity

Attic bathroom designs can be tricky and can feel overwhelming if not properly laid out. This is a great example that how to create a bright and spacious attic bathroom. Bathroom mirrors are placed under the slope perfectly and evaluate the unused area. Upper cabinets are hidden behind the mirrors which provide storage space without disturbing the flawless design. The thick marble floating sink sits in the alcove bathtub on the right side and it looks like a one-piece with the walls and bathtub. The single black bathroom shelf under the vanity breaks the domination of white and contrasts with white to create a strong impact.

ID# 107428 | – Credit© Álvaro Valdecantos

Hanging Bathroom Mirror Ideas with Geometric Patterned White Wallpaper

The circular hanging mirror completes the stylish bathroom design, building on the high contrast between black and white. The geometric printed white wallpaper offers a distinctive yet minimalist backdrop. White wall-mounted sink paired with wood cabinets at the bottom and the gap between them creates an open and airy feel. The small tray keeps tidy the everyday essentials. The green glass vase and green leaves in it liven up the atmosphere and complement wood vanity with their natural color.

ID# 107429 | – Credit© Kitty Lee Architecture

Wood Vanity with Aquamarine Mosaic Tiles and Mirrored Cabinets

Muted finishes, soft color schemes, and simple geometries evoke a sense of calm. Mirrored upper cabinets enhance the feel of spaciousness besides their storage function. Aquamarine mosaic tiles on the recessed niche, balanced by the warmth of the wood floating cabinetry. Also, the long-recessed niche provides a space for bath products or some decors. The shower separated by a wall and each part takes advantage of the natural light that comes from the large window.

ID# 107430 | – Credit© Brio Interior Design

Dark Floral Wallpaper with Oval Bathroom Mirror Ideas and Gold Accents

This dark floral wallpaper is full of life and excitement! It gives a romantic yet luxurious feel. But when the wallpaper is the star of the bathroom, the bathroom mirror needs to serve a more minimal look, so, the stunning wallpaper can take the whole credit. The frameless oval mirror in a harmony with the wallpaper, and it acts as the part of the wallpaper with the reflection on it. The white bathroom wainscoting on the lower walls provides a clean and fresh backdrop for the brown vanity. Gold bubble sconces, faucet, handles, and towel rack adds glam to the design and enhances the luxury feel.

ID# 107432 | – Credit© TM Design Studio

Glossy White Subway Tiles with Mirrored Cabinets and Wood Frame

Thanks to the glossy white subway tiles, the bathroom has a bright and spacious atmosphere. White subway tiles continuous on the tub apron. Mirrored cabinets enhanced the brightness and emphasized by a wood frame that complements the wood vanity. White subway tiles continuous on the tub apron. The frameless glass separation of the shower area provides a seamless look and gives an airy look. The black floor contrast with the whites to create a big impact.

ID# 107433 | – Credit© Studio 187

Minimalist Bathroom with White Vanity and Wood Shelf

Minimalist yet luxurious! Hanging mirrors are a great way to add a character to minimalist bathrooms especially when it creates a contrasting look like this design. The black-framed hanging mirror fills up perfectly the blank white walls and gives an impactful effect between the whites. Other black accents contribute to this effect. The white floating vanity blends seamlessly with the white walls. Although it has a simple and minimal shape, the single wood shelf brings warmth to the atmosphere. Marble floor tiles are laid on a hexagon shape which adds a nice texture.

ID# 107434 | – Credit© TDDP architects

Gray Bathroom with Long Mirrored Cabinets and Marbe Vanity

For a longer space feel, you can stretch the gray and white bathroom mirror from one end of the vanity to the next. And if there are hidden cabinets behind the mirrors, even better! These long-mirrored cabinets harmonize the space and add style and texture while providing a large storage space without disturbing the flawless design. LED lights under the cabinets emphasize the mirrors. Gray granite floor tiles complement the combination of grey elements, black accents, and white furniture and create a luxury bathroom design.

ID# 107435 | – Credit© St James Residential

Small Contemporary Bathroom with White Benchtop and Gray Vessel Sink

The combination of the concrete subway tiles, white vanity, Black accents, and gray vessel sink, serves a minimalistic elegant look. The white floating benchtop paired with an additional shelf on the bottom and provides an open and airy feel. A Black framed round mirror creates a focal point between the concrete subway tiles and complements the black accents. The gray vessel sink brings a dose of luxurious feel with its gold inner surface.

Built-in Wood Cabinets with Mirrored Doors and Concrete Wall

Built-in cabinets are definitely a space-saver for small spaces. Also, if the cabinets are hidden behind the mirrors and placed over the sink, the function of the space is maximized. In this contemporary bathroom wood, built-in cabinets are hidden by rectangular mirrors on both sides and open shelves placed between the mirrors. This compact design serves much more than a regular cabinet! White wall-mounted sink, toilet, and sconces placed on a concrete wall which provides a sleek backdrop for the bathroom.

ID# 107437 | – Credit© Red Hills Construction, Inc.

Farmhouse Bathroom with Star Patterned Floor Tile

As we told you in the other example you don’t have to hang the mirrors on the wall. A single shelf can provide a space for mirrors which can give a unique bathroom design. Here the wood shelf complements the vanity, holds the metallic framed mirrors, and creates a more intimate feel. The star-patterned floor tiles create a striking look. The smooth, semi-vitreous glossy surface of the gray subway backsplash tile adds a soothing touch behind the vanity and mirrors.

ID# 107438 | – Credit© LOUD Architecture & Interior Design

Bathroom Mirror Ideas with Faux Plants as a Frame

WE love to incorporate plants into the interiors, they kept the environment fresh and create more livable places. This bathroom really displays the plants in a very interesting way. Faux plants surround the bathroom mirror and literally bring nature into the bathroom. Thanks to the white-dominated design, the bathroom mirror is the star of the bathroom. The single wood shelf brings warmth and complements the faux plants. Even the bathroom has a small space, the freestanding bathtub is placed cleverly and gives a luxurious feel.

ID# 107439 | – Credit© Claire Bloom Interiors

Navy-blue Vanity with Marble Countertop and Glass Shelf

Coloring up the vanities is a great way to create a welcoming atmosphere, especially in the small powder rooms. The navy-blue vanity with a marble countertop makes a strong impact. The oval mirror with a thin black frame brings softness. The glass shelf above the vanity provides additional space for everyday essentials without disturbing the overall look of the bathroom. Multicolored floor tiles serve a distinctive look against the stark white walls.

ID# 107440 | – Credit© Blackband Design

Black Onyx Vanity with Gray Linen Wallpaper and Wood Shelf

Small space but big impact! The black onyx vanity makes a strong statement in this transitional powder room. The unique appearance of the onyx creates a dramatic atmosphere while adding a dose of luxury. The onyx slab is also used as a backsplash which emphasizes the characteristic look of the onyx. The gray linen wallpaper provides a sleek backdrop. Black framed bathroom mirror in a harmony with the gray wallpaper. The wood shelf under the vanity brings warmth while metallic pendant lights give a contemporary vibe.

ID# 107441 | – Credit© Smarterbathrooms+

Pink Freestanding Sinks with Vertical Marble Slabs

Double mirrors over double sinks: space for two! This contemporary bathroom is full of personality. The vanity area is used as a separate unit between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. The placement provides a feeling of spaciousness and also maximizes space usage. The pink freestanding sinks are already a statement-maker. With the vertical marble slabs fitted with frosted glass, the pink sinks stand out further. The round-edged bathroom mirrors on the marble slabs, make the final touch softly.

ID# 107442 | – Credit© MPink Design LLC

Teal Vanity with Colorful Graphic Patterned Rug

Vibrant colors popping up in this white bathroom! Teal blue vanity with white countertop makes a big statement and brings a characteristic look. Colorful graphic patterned rug laid on the oversized starburst hexagon floor tile. Gold accents such as the frame of the mirror and handless bring vintage vibes while white subway tiles and black framed glass shower doors creating a modern appeal.

ID# 107444 | – Credit© Marble Builder Direct

Eclectic Bathroom with Wooden Vanity and Stone Countertop

The pastel neutral color scheme of the bathroom creates a calm and cozy atmosphere. Large wooden vanity paired with beige stone countertop and make a statement in front of the glossy white tiles. The oversized round mirror above the vanity creates a focal point and gives a sense of spaciousness. Stone trays and floating wood shelves organize the space perfectly. Soft pink tug on the white floor tiles, bubble sconces, and pampas complete the interior design.

ID# 107445 | – Credit© Marble Builder Direct

Mirrored Built-in Cabinets with Wood Vanity and Marble Countertop

Who says mirrors are limited to the wall? In this transitional bathroom, built-in cabinets are covered with mirrors which makes space feel larger. The wood floating vanity is paired with a marble countertop and brass faucets. The marble countertop continuous through the wall as a backsplash. The single wood shelf under the vanity provides a space for towels to create a clutter-free look. The gold-framed mirrors and bubble sconces create a glamorous look while the brown rug brings an eclectic vibe.

ID# 107446 | – Credit© Marble Builder Direct

Marble Stone Wall with Marble Sink and Wood Floor

This powder room design shows us the use of a single material can be impactful and elegant in an environment. The wall-mounted stone sink integrates seamlessly into the stone wall behind it. Purple details of the marbles add glam to the look. The Black framed mirror above the sink, white toilet, and glass doors of the shower serve a simple look and don’t steal the attention. Light wood floor and wood towel basket provide a warmer atmosphere.

ID# 107448 | – Credit© Vernich Interiors

Farmhouse Powder Room with Diagonal White Wood Paneling

The farmhouse powder room features a dark wood washstand with a white sink, rubbed oil bronze faucet, oval mirror, glass pendant lights, diagonal wall paneling, and gray floor tiles. The diagonal wall panel behind the vanity adds a nice texture to space. The basket on the shelf of the washstand provides a space for towels without looking sloppy or disorganized.

ID# 107452 | – Credit© Marianne Simon Design

Luxury White Bathroom with Shiplap Walls and Crystal Chandelier

Shiplap is the answer to your white farmhouse bathroom dreams. It provides a sleek and clean backdrop for the bathrooms like this design. White shaker vanity completely covers the space between the walls and maximizes space usage. Black framed rectangular mirrors in a harmony with the shiplap wall. Brass accents like faucets, handles and sconces, crystal chandelier, and marble countertop and floor tiles bring an elegant luxurious feel.

ID# 107455 | – Credit© Dk Interiors

Elegant Powder Room with Onyx Backsplash and Navy-Blue Vanity

In this minimalist powder room, the eye-catching backsplash features a cross-section of agate stone which creates an impactful look between the round mirror and the vanity. The gold framed round mirror brings softness and makes the final touch elegantly. The navy-blue vanity blends flawlessly with the dark blue walls. The brass faucet complements the gold frame of the mirror.

ID# 107456 | – Credit© Nathan Taylor for Obelisk Home

Glamorous Powder Room with Textural Gold Framed Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Metallic surfaces take the stage in this transitional powder room. The unique textural-gold frame of the bathroom mirror pops against the dotted wallpaper and beige bathroom wainscoting. The marble-and-polished-nickel vanity contributes to the glamorous appearance of the large round mirror and complements it with its gold accents.

ID# 107457 | – Credit© Jane Henderson Interior Design

Live-edge Walnut Counter with Dark Blue Door and Baseboards

The door and baseboards in Benjamin Moore’s New York State of Mind help pull out the blue of the geometric wallpaper pattern in this farmhouse powder room and make a statement with its bold color. A floating live-edge walnut counter keeps the space feeling open and supports a vessel sink. The geometric mirror and brass accents like a wall-mounted faucet, towel rack, make the design more unique.

ID# 107458 | – Credit© Sam Kachmar Architects

Leopard Print Bathroom Wallpaper with Red Vanity

The black and white leopard print wallpaper covers all the walls, even the ceiling, and offers an eye-catching and stylish style for the bathroom. The minimal design of the bathroom mirror provides a seamless look and blends harmoniously with the wallpaper. The red vanity pops up in the black and white design and creates a contrasting look with the blacks. The vanity is finished with a brass faucet, gold knobs, and a slatted shelf. The hexagon patterns of the black floor tiles add another texture to space.

ID# 107427

Farmhouse Bathroom with Black and White Patterned Floor Tiles

Inspiration of white farmhouse bathroom with black vanity mirror, brass sconces, silver faucet, peacock blue bathroom vanity, modern freestanding tub, shiplap wall, and white counters. Shiplap wall and shaker vanity reflect the beauty of coastal vibes while black and white patterned floor tiles bringing a traditional appeal to this farmhouse bathroom.

ID# 107431

Black Sink with White Subway Backsplash and Black Hexagon Floor Tile

The metallic framed bathroom mirror looks like opened a passage between the white subway tiles which enhances the spaciousness of the bathroom. The Kohler Brockway Sink is mounted against white subway backsplash tiles. White subway tiles are accentuated by black hexagon tiles on the floor which complement the wall-mounted sink. Gold accents bring a luxurious feel while the wood shelf on the side wall adding warmth to the black and white bathroom.

ID# 107447

Gray Vanity with Shiplap Wall and Rope Framed Bathroom Mirror Ideas

The rope-framed round mirror accentuates the coastal vibe in this small powder room. The gray vanity with a quartz countertop gives a calm and relaxing feel. The white shiplap wall provides a sleek backdrop for the vanity and the mirror. The metallic sconce makes a warm glow above the bathroom mirror.

ID# 107449

Small Beach Style Powder Room with Beige Striped Wallpaper

Whether your bathroom size small or big, the unique bathroom mirror ideas are the perfect way to add an extra punch of personal style. In this beach-style powder room, the round mirror makes a big impact and brings dynamism with its white 3D frame. The stripes on the beige wallpaper distract the compact sizes of the room and bring depth to space while wood bathroom vanity with a white countertop creating a cozy appearance.

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Midcentury Bathroom with Gold Accents and Pink Rug

If we are talking about the Midcentury style, brass accents are the key elements of the design like this bathroom. Here, Brass used sconces, faucets, mirror frames, and handles and took this bathroom to the next level. Black vanity as bathroom storage paired with thick marble countertop which complements the marble herringbone floor tiles. The vanity creates strong contrast with the whites and brings an elegant look with the brasses. A pink rug with colorful patterns is the only colorful element in the room but it completes the design without disrupting the design.

Bright and Spacious Powder Room with Unique Bathroom Mirror Ideas

This transitional powder room blends beautifully the modern and traditional style. The brass accents and gold framed vanity mirror pull the attention at the first sight and give a vintage look to space while the rectangular sink and white hexagon floor tiles bringing a modern appeal to space. Although the black and white wallpaper creates a strong contrast, it creates a beautiful background without being glaring.

ID# 107453

Wood Floating Vanity with Black Accent Wall and Bubble Pendants

This contemporary look offers a minimalist and relaxing space. Black wall tiles create an accent while wood vanity and other wood details bringing warmth to the atmosphere. The frameless mirrors placed vertically enhances the height of the room and creates a fresh and open feel between the black tiles. Also, the wood texture breaks the strong and sharp look of the black. Glass bubble pendant lights hang on either side of the double vanity and vessel sinks, creates a simple and elegant symmetry in this elegant interior.

ID# 107454

Soft Blue Washstand with Rectangular Bathroom Mirror Ideas

The floating soft blue washstand accented with square glass knobs, quartz countertop, undermount sinks, and polished nickel cross handle faucets. The metallic frame of the bathroom mirrors complements the glossy subway tiles. It provides enough bathroom storage with its large drawers. The geometrical patterned mosaic floor tiles elevate the look while white subway tile creating a clean and fresh backdrop with its glossy surface for this blue and white bathroom.

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