Gray Bathroom Ideas Go Glam with Stylish and Elegant Bathrooms

55+ Gray Bathroom Ideas

Transitional Bathroom With Grey Shaker Vanity And Quartz Countertop

ID# 105624 | – Credit© Jeffrey Neve Interior Design

Transitional Bathroom with Grey Shaker Vanity and Quartz Countertop

A grey bathroom wall complements a light gray washstand accented with a quartz countertop and rectangular mirrors. Multicolored hexagon floor tiles bring a stunning mosaic appeal to a bright transitional bathroom. The mirrors pair perfectly with the grey washstand illuminated by bubble sconces.

Wood Vanity With Black Countertop And Gray Backsplash

ID# 105630 | – Credit© Stacy Whitworth Interiors

Wood Vanity with Black Countertop and Gray Backsplash

Gray backsplash tiles bring texture to this elegant bathroom. Medium tone wood vanity paired with the black countertop, black handles, undermount sink, and black wall mounted faucet. Circular mirror and black pendant lights complete the look in a modern way.

Elegant, Chic, and Stylish Gray Bathroom Ideas

You can think that gray is a boring color but with the right approach, gray can work in an elegant, sophisticated, and stylish bathroom! Check out our beautiful gray bathroom design ideas to find some inspiration for your own design.

Go Glam with Gray Bathroom Ideas!

The hue of the gray color is an easy jumping-off point for space’s overall color palette. You can combine gray with some black accents to create a luxury look or merge with some wooden elements to bring a cozier and warmer atmosphere. Whether you choose gray color will elevate your bathroom in any style and size. Check out this incredible collection of gray bathroom ideas!

From marble tiles to beautiful vanities, there are endless options to use to decorate gray bathrooms!

Gray Shaker Vanity With Quartz Countertop And Black Herringbone Floor

ID# 105601 | – Credit© Cohesively Curated

Gray Shaker Vanity with Quartz Countertop and Black Herringbone Floor

This transitional gray bathroom shows us that we can create elegant bathrooms even in small spaces. Gray shaker vanity provides a smooth transition between the white wall color and black herringbone floor tiles. Black handles, faucet, and shower kit complement the black flooring.

Gray Wood Vanity With Marble Backsplash And Wood Floor

ID# 105603 | – Credit© Meredith Owen Interiors

Gray Bathroom with Marble Backsplash and Wood Floor

Love the harmony of natural materials and luxurious details. Gray wood vanity paired with white quartz countertop, gold handles, and vintage faucet. Marble backsplash definitely elevates the atmosphere. Gold framed mirror and gold detailed sconces placed above the vanity. Brown leather pouf and wood floor bring warmth to space.

Modern Gray Bathroom With Concrete Alcove Bathtub

ID# 105604 | – Credit© Nicholas Moriarty Interiors (NMI, LLC.)

Modern Gray Bathroom with Concrete Alcove Bathtub

Inspiration for a bathroom gray with floating vanities, marble countertops, gray wall tiles, concrete floor, and concrete bathtub. Thanks to the large window opening and skylights this otherwise dark bathroom has a bright atmosphere.

Contemporary Bathroom With Marble Floating Vanity

ID# 105605 | – Credit© Penman Brown Interior Design

Contemporary Gray Bathroom with Marble Floating Vanity

This design purveys elegance through modern simplicity. Marble floating vanity makes a big impact in the space and creates a harmonious look with the gray backsplash tiles and circular mirror. Bronze faucets make a vintage touch to this contemporary look.

Minimalist Contemporary Bathroom Design With Skylight

ID# 105607 | – Credit© Kirsten Johnstone Architecture

Minimalist Contemporary Bathroom Design with Skylight

Simple, plain but effective! White freestanding bathtub in a harmony with the concrete walls and floor. The wood stool adds natural warmth to the atmosphere. The skylight over the bathroom brings a shaft of light to illuminate the feature bath, creating a touch of luxury.

Modern Gray Bathroom With Granite Floor And Wall Tiles

ID# 105608 | – Credit© Joe Adsett Architects Pty Ltd.

Modern Gray Bathroom with Granite Floor and Wall Tiles

Look at the elegance of simplicity by the gray color palette! Gray granite tiles which are covering walls and floor, a white freestanding bathtub, gray floating vanity, and mirrored cabinets create a modern and timeless look.

Small Bathroom Design With Black Marble Accent Wall

ID# 105609 | – Credit© Studio SHK

Small Bathroom Design with Black Marble Accent Wall

This eye-catching marble material creates a big impact in this relatively small space and brings a fresh and relaxing look. The marble has a bold texture, but the way we laid out the pattern was not overpowering. The freestanding tub is nestled in the sun-drenched corner. Glass bubble pendant light completes this look in a clean way.

Minimalist Modern Bathroom With Amazing Nature View

ID# 105610 | – Credit© Brickworks Building Products

Minimalist Modern Bathroom with Amazing Nature View

Thank to the large window opening, this bright gray bathroom is connected to the beautiful nature view. Freestanding bathtub, wall-mounted sinks, glossy white backsplash and floor tiles, rectangular mirrors, and concrete walls create a sleek modern bathroom.

Wood Vanity With White Countertop And Gray Tiles

ID# 105611 | – Credit© My Little Empire

Wood Vanity with White Countertop and Gray Tiles

Adding a natural warmth between the grays and whites creates an elegant and spacious atmosphere. Wood floating vanity paired with white quartz countertop, vessel sink, and black wall mounted faucet. Gray wall tiles create a beautiful backdrop for the bathroom and add a nice texture. A large circular mirror brings depth to the atmosphere.

Black Marble Elegancy In Contemporary Master Bathroom

ID# 105612 | – Credit | © Александр Хом

Black Marble Elegance in Contemporary Bathroom

This beautiful marble black marble backsplash creates a beautiful and eye-catching backdrop for the contemporary bathroom. Light gray floating vanity paired with white countertop and stone vessel sink. The large frameless mirror makes space feel larger. Glass bubble pendant lights complete the look in a modern and clean way.

Gray Walk In Shower With Concrete Tiles And Wood Bench

ID# 105613 | – Credit© Quadrant Design Architects

Gray Walk-in Shower with Concrete Tiles and Wood Bench

In this minimalist walk-in shower design, concrete wall tiles and a black shower kit create an elegant look. The recessed wall niche provides space for bathroom products. Wall-mounted wood benches bring warmth to the atmosphere besides their function. Thanks to the skylight this otherwise dark bathroom has a bright environment.

High Ceiling Modern Bathroom With Marble Backsplash

ID# 105614 | – Credit© DLM Architects Limited

High Ceiling Gray Bathroom with Marble Backsplash

Thanks to the high ceiling architecture of the bathroom, space has a bright and spacious atmosphere. Light wood vanity paired with concrete double sink, black wall-mounted faucets, oversized frameless mirror, and glass pendant lights.

White Vanity With Recessed Niche And Gray Tiles

ID# 105615 | – Credit© Ирина Крашенинникова

White Vanity with Recessed Niche and Gray Tiles

White vanity breaks the domination of the gray and creates a clean and fresh look. Gray wall tile adds a few rustic vibes to this contemporary bathroom. Recessed niche provides additional space for decors and bath products. A stunning white chandelier with gold finishes elevates this otherwise boring bathroom.

Gray Bathroom With Tropical Wallpaper Design

ID# 105616 | – Credit©

Gray Bathroom with Tropical Wallpaper Design

The eye-catching tropical wallpaper design brings the beauty of nature into this small bathroom and elevates the look perfectly. Gray wood vanity paired with white sink, wall-mounted faucet, and oval frameless mirror. Glass separation wall of the shower creates a fresh and airy look.

Contemporary Bathroom With A Touch Of Wood

ID# 105617 | – Credit© Residential Attitudes

Contemporary Bathroom with a Touch of Wood

A combination of wood and gray brings a relaxing spa feeling to this bathroom with gray floating vanity, white vessel sink, black wall-mounted faucet, black-framed oval mirror, concrete floor, and gray walls, and natural wood wall panels.

Small Bathroom With Wood Vanity And Wood Shelf

ID# 105618 | – Credit© Blakes Of Sydney

Small Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Wood Shelf

Small, minimalist but elegant! The small gray bathroom ideas feature natural wood vanity, white sink, wood shelf, rectangular mirror, toilet, black pendant light, and large gray walls.

Contemporary Bathroom With Glossy Gray Shower Tiles

ID# 105619 | – Credit© SweisKloss

Contemporary Bathroom with Glossy Gray Shower Tiles

Inspiration for a mid-size contemporary bathroom with gray vanity, white waterfall countertop, frameless mirror, multicolored floor tile, bathroom glossy gray vertical shower tiles. Different colored and patterned floor tiles add a nice texture to the bathroom.

Modern Scandinavian Bathroom With Gold Details

ID# 105620 | – Credit© Tennille Joy Interiors

Modern Scandinavian Bathroom with Gold Details

Inspiration for a large Scandinavian bathroom with wood and marble vanity, mirrored upper cabinets, gray backsplash tile, white freestanding bathtub, and gold details. These gold details make a luxurious touch to the bathroom. Thanks to the large window opening, the bathroom has a bright and spacious atmosphere.

Carrara Marble Elegance In Master Bathroom

ID# 105621 | – Credit© Galleria delle Idee

Carrara Marble Elegance in Master Bathroom

The bathroom, characterized by the strong contrast between the opacity of the Carrara marble and the glossy ceramic tiles. Gold shower kit and gold towel rack make an elegant and refined touch to this bathroom.

Freestanding Tub With Gray Shaded Hexagon Floor Tiles

ID# 105622 | – Credit© Eldridge Company Design | Build

Freestanding Tub with Gray Shaded Hexagon Floor Tiles

Love the combination of the different patterns and textures of this contemporary bathroom with black wall tiles, freestanding bathtub, gray-shaded hexagon floor tiles, recessed wall niche, and large window.

Victorian Bathroom With Marble Subway Tiles

ID# 105623 | – Credit© Decorations Lucullus

Victorian Bathroom with Marble Subway Tiles

The Victorian bathroom ideas show that the old can be as luxuriously commodious as anything the “modern” can promise! The rich marble texture of the subway tiles brings depth and gravitas to the bathroom. Vintage gold accents like shower kit, faucets, and chandelier complete the Victorian style perfectly.

Gray Bathroom With Warmth Of The Wood

ID# 105625 | – Credit© Black Door Building

Gray Bathroom with Warmth of the Wood

A great example of a Scandinavian style bathroom with wood vanity, white sink, white hexagon backsplash, circular black framed mirror, concrete wall and floor tiles, recessed wall niche, metallic shower kit, and a wooden stool.

Attic Bathroom Design With White Floating Vanity

ID# 105626 | – Credit© AN Property Development AB

Attic Bathroom Design with White Floating Vanity

Attic design sometimes can be tricky because of its sloped shape but with a clever organization, you can design it perfectly like this design. This attic bathroom features a white floating vanity, circular vessel sink, curved mirror, white side table, wicker basket, white rug, and gray granite tiles.

Transitional Bathroom With Multicolored Backsplash And Trough Sink

ID# 105627 | – Credit© Barker Associates Architecture Office

Transitional Bathroom with Multicolored Backsplash and Trough Sink

A combination of the shades of gray and gold creates an elegant bathroom even if it is small. Black trough sinks in beautiful harmony with the gray square tiles. Black and white backsplash adds a texture to space. Gold faucet, shower kit, sconces, and framed mirror complete the look.

Contemporary Bathroom With Timber Vanity And Gray Tiling

ID# 105628 | – Credit© Greenstruct

Contemporary Bathroom with Timber Vanity and Gray Tiling

Beautiful gray tiling makes a big impact and creates a beautiful backdrop in this contemporary bathroom. Timber vanity paired with a white top, white circular vessel sink, black wall-mounted faucet, and black-framed oval mirror. Gray rectangular tiles create a dramatic look while wood vanity bringing warmth to the atmosphere.

Wood Vanity With Concrete Countertop And Multicolored Backsplash

ID# 105629 | – Credit© Watershed Design

Wood Vanity with Concrete Countertop and Multicolored Backsplash

Inspiration for a gray modern bathroom with wood vanity, concrete countertop, vessel sink, multicolored geometrical backsplash, frameless mirror, and gray shower tiles. The beautiful door design of the vanity complements the geometrical backsplash tiles.

Luxury Bathroom With Concrete Vanity And Geometric Wallpaper

ID# 105632 | – Credit© Lori Gentile Interior Design

Luxury Gray Bathroom with Concrete Vanity and Geometric Wallpaper

The design inspiration of this bathroom is modern with a high-style glamorous edge. All of the furniture is custom-made and extremely detail-oriented. Gray concrete vanity in beautiful harmony with the geometrical wallpaper. The decorative lighting sets the signature tone and creates a sexy excitement that completes each space.

Contemporary Walk In Shower With Eye Catching Tile Design

ID# 105633 | – Credit© HouseUP

Contemporary Walk-in Shower with Eye-catching Tile Design

What an eye-catching tile design! It definitely takes this otherwise boring bathroom to the next level and it creates a unique look. The black shower kit, Black frames of the glass shower doors, and black legs of the vanity complement the patterns of the tiling.

Minimalist Bathroom With Custom Wood Vanity With Concrete Wall

ID# 105634 | – Credit© Caterina Martini

Minimalist Bathroom with Custom Wood Vanity with Concrete Wall

In this contemporary minimalist bathroom, custom-made wood vanity with a gray top combined with gray walls and beige floor. With its graceful lines and tapered legs, this bespoke vanity evokes the feel of a luxury hotel – a look we can’t get enough of! LED lights behind the circular frameless mirror bring depth to the atmosphere.

Contemporary Small Bathroom With Freestanding Tub

ID# 105635 | – Credit© Yarrabank Builders

Contemporary Gray Bathroom with Freestanding Tub

Bathrooms that receive ample natural light or have an even layer of artificial lighting can use darker shades of gray. Thanks to the large window opening, in this small bathroom dark gray tiles are easily used, and still, the space is quite bright. Dark wood floating bathroom shelves provide a space for towels. A white freestanding tub creates a fresh look between these dark color schemes.

Gray Walk In Shower With Concrete Wall Tiles

ID# 105637 | – Credit© Gray Walk-in Shower with Concrete Wall Tiles

Gray Walk-in Shower with Concrete Wall Tiles

This modern gray walk-in shower design using concrete tiles which create a dramatic look and add a few rustic vibes. The recessed wall niche provides a space for bath products. Gray square floor tiles in a harmony with the other features. Natural light comes through the windows even if they are small!

Black Vanity With Concrete Top And Black Sconces

ID# 105638 | – Credit© Freestyle Interiors

Black Vanity with Concrete Top and Black Sconces

Contemporary bathrooms are current, sophisticated spaces, which may be a fantastic add-on to any house. In this contemporary bathroom black cabinets paired with concrete vanity, wall-mounted faucets, rectangular mirror, and black vertical sconces. Gray shaded tiles cover the walls and floor and add a texture to space.

Marble Vanity With Marble Backsplash And Wood Shelf

ID# 105639 | – Credit© Glenn Hester

Marble Vanity with Marble Backsplash and Wood Shelf

The combination of the concrete and wood elements maintains the balance between warmth and coolness. Marble floating vanity and marble backsplash make a luxurious touch while gray square tiles creating a dramatic look. Mirrored cabinets make space feel larger. Wood wall decors complement the wood shelf under the vanity and also provide a space for hanged the tower.

Wood Vanity With Stone Sinks And Grey Wall Paint

ID# 105640 | – Credit© Kroqy

Wood Vanity with Stone Sinks and Grey Wall Paint

Brown and gray bathroom boasting wood framed mirrors above the wood washstand with stone sinks. Slate grey bathroom walls bring a contemporary finish offering the perfect contrast to the warm wood washstand and mirror. Gold sconces next to the mirrors, make a traditional touch.

Grey Vanity With Quartz Countertop And Brass Accents

ID# 105641 | – Credit© Chervin Kitchen & Bath Inc.

Grey Vanity with Quartz Countertop and Brass Accents

This large main bathroom is beautifully outfitted with a grey and brass, furniture-style, double-sink vanity, and quartz countertop, creating one cohesive space. Simple forms but modern door fronts keep the cabinetry in this bathroom fresh, novel, and streamlined. A combination of marble and brass accents creates a luxurious look in this bright bathroom.

Modern Bathroom With Contrast Of Wood And Grey

ID# 105642 | – Credit© Tennille Joy Interiors

Modern Gray Bathroom with Contrast of Wood and Grey

This minimalist bathroom serves a serene color palette with contrasting timber for warmth. Marble vanity combined with wood drawers, sinks, and gold faucets. Gray granite tiles create a modern and sleek backdrop for this space.

Wood Floating Washstand with Quartz Countertop

Placed on gray square floor tiles, a dark wood vanity is accented with a white quartz countertop and a vessel sink. Wood vanity brings warmth to the atmosphere and breaks the domination of gray. Gray vertical wall tiles create a modern and stylish look. Frameless glass separation of the shower provides an airy look.

Grey Master Bathroom With Grey Vanity And Backsplash

ID# 105644 | – Credit | © EA Specialty Contractors

Grey Large Bathroom with Grey Vanity and Backsplash

This contemporary bathroom features gray vanity, quartz countertop, freestanding tub, black faucets, black and white backsplash, and a wooden stepladder. Backsplash tiles add a nice pattern to space. The grey wood floor complements the look harmoniously.

J Marble Elegance With Rose Gold Accents

ID# 105645 | – Credit© Henrik Nero

Marble Elegance with Rose Gold Accents

Covering the whole space with marble may sound scary to you, but this design will change your mind. In this design marble tiles cover the whole atmosphere without overwhelming. Also, these tiles provide a transition between the black vanity and the freestanding tub. Rose gold accents break the domination of the gray color scheme and shine out between them.

Charred Floating Benchtop With Vessel Sink

ID# 105646 | – Credit© PLANtoBUILD

Charred Floating Benchtop with Vessel Sink

By opting for clean-lined tiles and fixtures, there’s no missing the star of the show in this sleek design – a rustic, charred benchtop. It also serves to add warmth and natural appeal to space. Gray tiles create a beautiful and modern backdrop. Mirrored cabinets bring depth to space. Minimalist pendant light complements the vanity with its wood finish.

Modern Scandinavian Bathroom With Multicolored Floor Tiles

ID# 105647 | – CreditKart Projects | © Architecture

Modern Scandinavian Bathroom with Multicolored Floor Tiles

This Scandinavian-style interior design serves a modern and sleek look with its clean and simple lines of features. The floating sink enhances the floor space and allows to shine this beautiful gray and bathroom floor tiles out. Wood shelves and greenery plants bring warmth to the atmosphere and create a more intimate space feel.

Minimalist Master Bathroom With Stone Bathtub

ID# 105648 | – Credit© Eco Outdoor USA | Peter Clarke

Minimalist Master Bathroom with Stone Bathtub

The granite surfaces lend a sense of permanence and strength that is mediated by the brightness and openness of the space. The master bathroom includes a custom tub and dual sink basin made from solid blocks of stone. Thanks to the large window opening the atmosphere are quite bright.

Concrete Walk In Shower With Brass Accents

ID# 105649 | – Credit© Matt Woods Design

Concrete Walk-in Shower with Brass Accents

This walk-in shower, dominated by concrete, creates a sleek and relaxing atmosphere with its color scheme. The transparent shower door with black hinges creates a powerful modern effect. A brass shower kit and brass faucets make a luxurious touch and shine out between the dark colors.

Gray Bathroom Design With Light Wood Vanity

ID# 105650 | – Credit© Graham Jones Design

Gray Bathroom Design with Light Wood Vanity

Inspiration for a contemporary modern interior design with gray-shaded wall and floor tiles, marble tiles, wood vanity, toilet, recessed wall niche, black shower kit, and black towel rack. Glass separation of the shower provides an airy and fresh look. wood vanity brings warmth to the atmosphere.

Marble Bathroom With Green Vessel Sink

ID# 105651 | – Credit© Ariana Ahmad Interior Design

Marble Bathroom with Green Vessel Sink

With the walls, floor, and vanity all in matching Calacatta gold marble, this white and gray bathroom makes a major—yet minimalist—statement. Green vessel sinks in a harmony with the marble features.

Elegant Gray Bathroom With White Washstand

ID# 105652 | – Credit© Horton & Co

Elegant Gray Bathroom with White Washstand

Elegance abounds in this transitional white and gray bathroom. Vanity paired with quartz countertop which provides continuity with the marble wall tiles. Grey shaded mini floor tiles add a nice texture to space. A frameless glass panel used a separation unit for a walk-in shower.

Gray Powder Room With Gray Vanity And Stone Vessel Sink

ID# 105654 | – Credit© Ideasxchange Ptd Ltd.

Gray Powder Room with Gray Vanity and Stone Vessel Sink

A combination of the gray tones and LED lights creates a dramatic and moody atmosphere in this powder room. Gray vanity with stone vessel sink, perfectly fits in the wall. Mirrored cabinets and shelves provide plenty of space for bath products.

Transitional Bathroom With Mirrored Wall Tiles

ID# 105655 | – Credit© Du Bois Design Ltd.

Transitional Bathroom with Mirrored Wall Tiles

Each feature working in cohesion together in this transitional interior design. A stand-out bespoke Mirrored wall in the room and fresh pops of color against muted grey tones throughout. Marble tiles cover all the space and create an eye-catching look.

ID# 105602

Gray Bathroom with Floating Vanity and Gray Walls

The modern gray bathroom ideas represent the beauty of simplicity. Gray floating vanity enhances the sense of floor space. Rectangular mirrors bring depth to space. Gray white patterned rug makes a traditional touch. Wicker baskets, gray walls, and wall sconces complete the look beautifully.

ID# 105606

Mediterranean Bathroom with Stunning Gray Floor Tiles

This master bath staging is light and airy, with a spa-like feel. ARTOBrick floor tiles make a big statement in the space and create contrast with the other light-colored features. Beige shaker vanity paired with white countertop, frameless mirror, and black sconces. Marble subway tiles as a backsplash add a luxurious feeling.

Walk-in Shower Design with Gray Herringbone Tiles

Ceramic tiles in gray make a feel the power of this color! In this design, herringbone wall tiles create a dramatic impact in the shower. The recessed niche provides a space for bath products. Built-in white marble bench in a harmony with the with grays and it provides a smooth transition between the grays and white with its gray texture.

ID# 105636

Modern Bathroom with Marble Accent Wall and Wood Floor

Interior designer transforms an outdated and cramped Guest Bathroom into a modern, luxury space by replacing a tiny pedestal sink with a custom-built vanity providing much-needed storage space in a small bathroom. Making every inch count, the vanity is complete with deep storage drawers on soft-close hinges. With the gray shaded marble accent wall behind the toilet, this once tiny bathroom gets a new lease on life!

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