Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas Cool Gray Tiles for Bathrooms

31+ Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas

ID# 151302 | – Credit© Homekin

Transitional Bathroom with Nickel Hardware and Freestanding Tub

This transitional bathroom masters the division of the bathroom functions and the design elements that bridge modern and oriental forms. To start with, the elevated part of the bathroom is allocated for showering and bathing. The glass door leads to the freestanding tub, preventing the vanity area from getting wet. It, in turn, makes it much safer for homeowners and non-slip in the vanity section. In terms of design, despite the bathroom having two levels, the floor and wall tiles match to unite these two sections. The white-and-gray marble tiles give the space a classical finish. Likewise, the far wall behind the tub has a sheathe of gray tiles with oriental patterns that transcend modern trends. Lastly, the nickel hardware gives a visual uplift, resonating with the gray accents used throughout.

ID# 151316 | – Credit© SGDI – Sarah Gallop Design Inc.

Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas with Wood Vanity and Wood Floor

Taking cues from the green outdoor views delivered by the clerestory windows, this contemporary bathroom uses wood in abundance. From the door to the vanity and floor design, each element comes in different warming shades of wood. Despite the tonal alterations, they form a sense of unity. To complement them, the gray tile backsplash has a checkerboard design for extra interest, again, with tonal variations. Right above it, the oversized mirror stretches from wall to wall to make the space larger. And its frameless form helps improve the impact of spaciousness. The colored glass simple pendants and a plant also take their place to finalize the look. They add pops of shades without breaking the unity of the total look.

Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas

Covering a large spectrum of shades with warm and cool undertones, gray bathroom tiles open up endless color combinations. This rich repertoire of gray tiles makes gray bathroom tile ideas suitable for any style, including transitional, contemporary, Scandinavian, and minimalist designs.

Whether you go with larger or smaller tiles, make a combination of variously sized ones, or keep the entire room toned-down and monochromatic, gray tiles ensure your bathroom oozes enough character to draw attention. And just because it is a neutral shade doesn’t make it boring or random. When combined with the right pieces, each gray bathroom can stand out easily. To show you how, in this round-up, we compiled a list of gray bathroom tile ideas. Keep reading to discover some inspiring design tricks and projects to apply to your own bathroom.

ID# 151301 | – Credit© Michael Downes – UA Creative

Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas with Floating Shelves and Round Mirror

“Less is more” is definitely a thing for this contemporary bathroom. Here, while the large format gray tiles clad the walls and floors as a wraparound backsplash for a cohesive look, it also ties the space together. And the white L-shaped vanity with a curvy edge creates a brightening effect to break up the otherwise too-monotonic look. The black floating shelves and black exposed plumbing fixtures add nuanced details to the background. The round mirror is frameless to keep the design more relevant. And the round sink, mirror, and curved washbasin make for a continuous look.

Gray Mosaic Tiles

Elevate your space with our custom-made limestone tile, designed to bring a modern touch to any interior with its sophisticated gray tones.

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Bring elegance and modernity with our glass and metal mosaic tile, offering a stylish and refined finish.

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Experience the perfect blend of modern design and classic elegance with the white and gray marble subway tile, offering sophisticated and elegant finish.

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Discover the modern elegance with our gray glass and marble mosaic tile, offering a strikingly unique and elegant look with a sophisticated pattern.

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Our black slate stone subway tile offers a sophisticated look that blends classic elegance with modern design for a timeless appeal.

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Introduce a romantic flair with our white and gray marble mosaic tile. The delicate leaf pattern provides a unique, elegant touch perfect for creating a refined atmosphere.

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Our long gray porcelain tile, with its honed finish, creates an ultra-modern look that blends sleek lines with an elegant touch for a refined finish.

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The luxurious white and gray waterjet mosaic tile features a delicate, soft pattern that enhances any space with its rich appeal.

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The statement finish and unique pattern define our blue and white marble mosaic tile, making it an exceptional choice for backsplashes.

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ID# 151303 | – Credit© Tennille Joy Interiors

Double Wood Floating Vanity and Mirrored Cabinets with Gold Accents

In this Brunswick contemporary bathroom, the light gray tiles stretch across the space for a cocooning effect with a sense of formality. To offset the distant look, the double wood vanity and wood sides of mirrored cabinets soften the gray-dominant scheme. This way, the color palette feels enriched with texture and warm shades. The thick gray marble countertop, on the other hand, stands out as another statement feature. Its thickness also gives a lot of room for the integrated sinks to protrude outwards. As such, these farmhouse-style sinks are given a contemporary spin. To complement them, the yellow gold hardware asserts a glam aesthetic. At the back side of the bathroom is a freestanding tub that adds a luxurious detail. Right above it, the picture window lets an abundance of sunlight internally without compromising privacy.

Are grey tiles good for a bathroom?

Gray tiles are versatile and timeless, going well with almost everything. Available in a wide range of materials, patterns, and design options, you can create various looks with them. Especially if you want to avoid a sterile look yet desire a monochromatic scheme that is light, gray tiles provide the best alternative. And you can always liven up gray tiles with colorful touches presented by vanities, wall sconces, and accessories.

What is more, even though gray tiles feel ubiquitous, their patterned and printed versions can give them a new look. In other words, since the design options with them are limitless, you can easily make your bathroom stand apart by merely going with a more fun gray pattern.

ID# 151304 | – Credit© Improva

Gray Tiles with Timber Floating Shelf and Vanity

The minimalist design of this bathroom is mainly characterized by decluttered lines and a modest color scheme. The small wood floating vanity adds a nice gesture to the wall. With its three drawers or so, it helps homeowners organize their personal items and towels easily. Paired with an open shelf, it also creates a more continuous look. The ceiling-mounted industrial-style pendant provides task lighting. The frameless small mirror is also rigorously proportioned to the vanity size. And lastly, in the presence of the gray tiles, a touch of green and these wood touches are enough to make the space feel young and exuberant.

ID# 151305 | – Credit© Kariouk Associates

Luxurious Bathroom Design with Marble Backsplash and Freestanding Tub

Nestled near a forest, this bathroom capitalizes on its detachedness from the rest of the world by going for oversized picture windows. The fact that they are left without any shade exposes the green stretching right outside of the house. As such, it directly delivers natural views and makes a bathing experience a delight. When it comes to interior design, the marble splash-back wraps inside the entire room. It brings colors, texture, elegance, and coherence. The wooden window beams and the door add a calming contrast to the busy pattern of solid stone sheathing. The freestanding tub with chrome tapware gives bathers true relaxation. And the wall niche to store the shampoos makes for a smart storage solution without breaking the unity of the design.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

Elevate your space with our custom-made limestone tile, designed to bring a modern touch to any interior with its sophisticated gray tones.

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Experience the perfect blend of modern design and classic elegance with the white and gray marble subway tile, offering sophisticated and elegant finish.

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Experience modern sophistication with the white glass and metal mosaic tile, offering a bright and elegant finish that transforms any space.

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Designed with a chevron pattern and long size, our white marble chevron mosaic tile offers a sleek appeal with a sense of luxury.

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Our long gray porcelain tile, with its honed finish, creates an ultra-modern look that blends sleek lines with an elegant touch for a refined finish.

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Achieve a modern look with our pure white marble mosaic tile, featuring a geometrical shape that adds a sleek and sophisticated touch.

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Our beige porcelain tile features a long, slim shape and elegant design, providing a modern and stylish enhancement.

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Experience modern sophistication with our white marble backsplash mosaic tile that features a bold geometrical design.

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Featuring a modern look with a dynamic pattern, our white, gray, and brown chevron mosaic tile delivers a chic and eye-catching design.

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Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas with Marble Countertop and Black Accents

This contemporary bathroom is a nod to the Art Deco movement. Yet it is reincarnated in a modern industrial vibe to make it cater to the needs of modern life. First, the soothing light gray scheme is used to inject serenity. And the opulent marble countertop topping the black floating vanity adds a bonus elegance. The sleek and clean lines of the bathroom make it super sleek and minimalist. The shower zone, likewise, is divided by two glass-made walls, featuring a free central way. This way, the design proposes symmetry that offers comfort for the eyes. Opposite the floating vanity is also the freestanding tub placed under the skylight that lends abundant natural light to the bathers. In the rest, the black tapware strengthens the color scheme with solid vibes. The resulting scheme feels calm, stylish, and sophisticated.

Gray Bathroom Wall Tile

Gray bathroom wall tiles are generally preferred to be large subway tiles or large square tiles. This way, the cleaning routine is kept simpler since the larger tiles are, the fewer the grout lines. Plus, the use of larger tiles also expands the visual scheme. You can stack them vertically/horizontally or lay them in a running-bond style. Each layout gives a different sense of movement to the design.

In addition to those, if you want to keep the design more practical and utilitarian, tile materials are key. Gray ceramic and porcelain tiles are highly recommendable. But if you don’t mind resealing, natural stones like marble are better at achieving high-end looks.

ID# 151307 | – Credit© ArdenHomes

Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas with Freestanding Tub and Black Tapware

If you have an open bathroom in your bedroom, the best way to create a division is to add a partition– as showcased by this bathroom. Here, for example, this contemporary bathroom uses wood slats that distinguish the bathroom from the bathing area. And to define the former, the gray bathroom tiles clad the wall and floor to make it look like a box without feeling claustrophobic. Yet the best design trick is the horizontal alignment of wall tiles, while the floor tiles are vertically stacked, fostering movement and making the space much larger. And the light gray color scheme brings subtle beauty, teaming up perfectly with the wood accents. In the rest of the space, a freestanding tub paired with black tapware creates a cozy corner for homeowners to relax.

ID# 151308 | – Credit© Kirsten Johnstone Architecture

Contemporary Bathroom with Gray Tiles and Black Floating Vanity

This small yet self-contained contemporary powder room has an industrial vibe to it, thanks to the concrete-look tiles. The black floating vanity is suspended to keep the floor level airier and more spacious. Above, the round mirror and black vessel sink blend seamlessly with the vanity. The ceiling-mounted lighting fixture is also kept simple and industrial, making the space look a bit cavernous. If wished, woven baskets can be stowed underneath the vanity to keep towels.

What colors go with a grey-tiled bathroom?

White, black, wood and blue are the most popular colors used with a grey-tiled bathroom. If you want to go for an industrial or rustic look, black and wood are the colors to go with. To lighten up the interior, a white floating vanity can enliven the atmosphere. If you love monochromatic looks, you can also use different saturations of gray. By doing so, you also achieve a sophisticated aesthetic with depth and dimension.

ID# 151309 | – Credit© smarterBATHROOMS+

Gray Vanity with White Countertop and Mirrored Cabinets

This gray bathroom proposes a calm and clean look. In doing so, it especially relies on the gray palette that curates a scheme with subtle shades of color. And to support it, white countertops team up with the gray double floating vanity for the sake of brightness. They bring lightness and optimism, breaking the unified visual scheme. In a similar way, the mirrored cabinets add bonus brightness and provide extra storage. The glass division between the shower room and the vanity zone maintains the visual connection between the different functions of the bathroom. This way, the design keeps itself in line with contemporary looks.

ID# 151310 | – Credit© Zou Build Pty Ltd

White Vanity with Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas and Indoor Plants

This stylish contemporary bathroom is well-appointed with large speckled-finish gray tiles that keep the design modern and practical. The white floating vanity topped by a gray countertop adds a breath of fresh air. And the frameless mirror makes for a simple touch that suits the overall design aesthetic. The skylight in this bathroom is key that allows for a darker color palette as it already keeps the interior bright enough during the day. And at night, it could be supported by a good lighting system. The glass division of the walk-through shower also enhances the reflectivity inside the room. Lastly, the indoor plants sprinkled throughout the space add pops of green. Not only do they deliver freshness but also bring the design to life.

ID# 151311 | – Credit© Tailor Build

Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas with Double Wood Vanity and Black Accents

A freestanding tub set by the window brings a sense of casualness to the design. It is simply surrounded by a wood double vanity and gray floor and wall tiles that create a timeless look. To complement them, black hardware, black mirror frame, and other black accents bring a soft contrast. The open shelf of the vanity offers a practical spot to keep the towels within arm’ s reach. If you would like to add more interest, you can bring in more plants like the miniature bonsai tree on the countertop.

Gray Bathroom Backsplash Tile

Behind the vanities, you can go with a wide range of gray backsplash tiles. From mermaid to the subway, marble slab, gray granite, hexagon, herringbone, and chevron, gray bathroom tiles are available in several design options. Adding to them are also the printed and patterned tiles that introduce fun immediately.

These backsplash tiles can stretch from floor to ceiling, between the countertop and mirror, or mirror and floor. It, indeed, all depends on the homeowners. But for full protection and visual cohesiveness, floor-to-ceiling gray backsplashes serve best. Plus, this way, the vanity section can be distinguished from the rest of the space and be transformed into a visual focal point.

ID# 151312 | – Credit© Penman Brown Interior Design

Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas with Washbasin and Round Mirror

This bathroom is skillfully divided into two sections, while an alcove is created at the back behind the vanity wall. First, the large format and light gray tiles clad the entire room. This way, the room is given a subtle shade of color and visual lightness. Secondly, the gray handmade ceramic square tiles define the vanity zone, accommodating a marble-carved washbasin. The marble and backsplash deliver instant sophistication and elegance. The antique brass tapware builds in an aged feel. With the help of these antique features, the bathroom design gains a sense of life. And lastly, the vertically mounted frameless round-edged mirror provides an excellent spot for self-grooming.

ID# 151313 | – Credit© Jane Cameron Architects

Contemporary Bathroom with White Suspended Vanity and Gray Tile Backsplash

What this bathroom does differently is to use a gray square tile backsplash with subtle blue undertones. As colors change with understated transitions, it makes the background more intriguing and expressive. In the rest, the white floating vanity and mirrored cabinet introduce brightness immediately. The gray floor and wall tiles sheathe the rest of the space. And the grayish-blue-tile backsplash makes the overall design aesthetic pop. Above, the clerestory windows lend enough sunlight to inject wellness into the bathroom.

Do grey tiles look good?

The gray tiles look great. They can even be used as a substitute for white tiles as they also bring a subtle shade of color and lightness. The gray tile material and design options also create a plethora of different looks. For example, gray marble tiles, marble-look porcelain tiles, and concrete-look gray tiles can bring different impacts. Gray glass tiles, likewise, have their own unique look with a beautiful sheen. In addition to those, kit kat, mermaid, hexagon, and Escher tiles in shades of gray can curate expressive and intriguing designs.

ID# 151314 | – Credit© Mihaly Slocombe

Wood Vanity with White Countertops and Walk-in Shower

If you want to create diversity, why not go with two backsplashes? This contemporary bathroom, for example, makes use of large gray tiles and a white ceramic square tile backsplash simultaneously! First, the top part boasts ceramic tiles to add brightness and elongate the space. Secondly, the oversized gray tiles are vertically stacked to bring further movement to the wall. On the floor, the larger and square versions of these gray tiles create a continuous look and a sense of a waterfall effect. In the rest of the room, the wood vanity delivers warmth. The white countertop adds a breath of fresh air. And a walk-in shower highlights the utilitarian character of the design.

ID# 151315 | – Credit© avenue design inc

Gray Kit Kat Tile Backsplash with Blue Vanity and Black Hardware

In this contemporary bathroom, the muted blue floating vanity brings a subtle surge of new energy. Inviting serenity and calmness, it also pairs perfectly with the gray tile backsplash. Consisting of kit kat mosaic tiles, this backsplash gives the bathroom a sophisticated vibe. The linear wall sconce and a circular mirror punctuate the backsplash. And black matte tapware adds enough contrast with the white countertop and intrigue to this calm setup.

ID# 151317 | – Credit© Tailor Build

Blue Vanity with Gold Accents and Gray Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Geometric tiles make any design look contemporary and up-to-date, and this bathroom is no exception. Here, the gray hexagon tiles stretch from floor to ceiling to define the vanity zone. By contrast, the adjacent walls are painted white to create a well-lit grooming space. Likewise, the blue azure vanity adds a splash of color that energizes the room. The gold tapware and cabinet handles complement it with a touch of glam. The globe-shaped wall sconces centered above the mirrors also puncture the design. With all these small additions, the bathroom gains a more sense of character, making it delightful to look at.

ID# 151318 | – Credit© PURE Design Inc.

Contemporary Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Patterned Tile Backsplash

Blue shower curtains and a patterned tile backsplash are enough to bring this bathroom to life. In the rest, the gray subway tile defines the bathtub zone, inserting it into an urban context. The wood floating vanity and black hardware complement the rest of the visual scheme.
Yet above all, this bathroom makes most of the vanity zone by placing it underneath the skylight- since there is nothing better than natural light to provide task lighting-. And of course, for one final touch, it doesn’t skip adding a splash of green.

ID# 151319 | – Credit© M-Squared Contracting Inc.

Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas with Escher Patterns and Hexagon Floor Tiles

This expressive bathroom design bridges traditional and contemporary, making it extra exceptional. To start with, the Escher tile backsplash makes for a contemporary background for the vanity. The tiles’ gray and white shades give it a 3-dimensional feel. On the floor, the hexagon floor tiles bring an Art deco effect. By contrast, the bespoke wood vanities with curved lines curate a fine balance between modern and straight lines. The rose gold touches add warmth without making the design burst with yellow gold, which would break the unity.

Gray Bathroom Shower Tile

To avoid extreme grout work, large-format gray tiles are much more suitable to clad the shower walls. Gray ceramic and porcelain tiles are especially convenient and practical since they are almost pore-free. But if you want to go with gray natural stones such as marble and granite, it is essential to keep them resealed annually. This way, you can prevent the growth of mold and mildew, and avoid dirt being built up in the crevices of stones.

ID# 151320 | – Credit© DW Architects and Interiors

Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas with Marble Backsplash and Dark Floating Vanity

You can always count on gray as this contemporary bathroom does. Here, the gray comes in the form of large gray shower tiles, separating the shower room from the vanity zone. Yet the glass doors strategically keep the visual connectivity to make the room feel larger and integrated. This way, the design also feels more contemporary and sleeker. In the rest, the marble countertop and backsplash paired with a dark wood veneer floating vanity break up the otherwise too-gray look. And the mirrored cabinets reach up to the ceiling to give extra spaciousness and brightness to the space.

ID# 151321 | – Credit© C. Kairouz Architects

Contemporary Bathroom with Mirrored Cabinet and Double Vanity

The floor plan of this bathroom is very well-managed with the shower room under the skylight that bathes the farthest part in daylight. The black showerheads and a wall niche peek out behind the glass division. On the other side of this division is the black double vanity that feels at home. The gray tiles clad the entire room for a cohesive look, relying on the intriguing layout of the room that saves it from feeling boxy. The white countertop brings a brightening effect along with the mirrored cabinet. This way, homeowners can enjoy plenty of storage and benchtop to stow towels, lotions, and creams.

Are grey tiles outdated?

Gray tiles are still in style, withstanding the test of time. These neutral-colored tiles, though providing distant and moody vibes, can be used in any design. Used as wall, shower, floor, and backsplash tiles, they are much more popular in bathrooms than in kitchens. They create unified and cohesive looks that lend simplicity and character.

ID# 151322 | – Credit© Kirsten Johnstone Architecture

Gray Shower Tiles with Freestanding Tub and Steel Hardware

As this skylight allows sunlight to trickle into the interior, it would be impossible not to enjoy a bath here. Placed right under the skylight, the egg-shell-shaped contemporary freestanding tub relishes streaming lights. The surrounding gray tiles wrap it with a moody yet approachable ambiance. Yet they also insert this vibe into a larger contemporary design that feels sleek and streamlined. The glass partition separates this bathing zone that also accommodates a stainless-steel shower option. Also, a short-legged stool serves as a table to keep novels, towels, or candles. Overall, this gray contemporary bathroom features a refined design theme that makes the gray tiles the protagonist.

ID# 151323 | – Credit© Contempo Studio

White Vanity with LED Mirror and Gray Shower Tiles

This light-filled contemporary bathroom makes use of spotlights and a LED mirror that creates an efficient bathing and grooming place. Additionally, it keeps the shower room elevated to prevent any water from seeping toward the vanity zone. The large gray shower tiles clad the walls for a neutral setup, while small floor tiles provide traction to make the floor non-slip. The rest of the bathroom accommodates a white floating vanity that blends with the white-painted walls. It, in turn, creates a seamless look, while the shower room distinguishes itself with its tile choices.

ID# 151324 | – Credit© Homekin

Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas with Different Patterns

This contemporary bathroom design employs variously sized gray tiles to ensure diversity even with a monochromatic color scheme. For example, the floor design of the shower room features hexagon tiles for a contemporary effect. The walls, by contrast, are sheathed in soft gray tiles in large formats. And finally, in the vanity zone, the slimmer subway tiles are used, elongating the floor on the horizontal axis.

ID# 151325 | – Credit | © Gray Square Tiles and Shower Bench with Glass Doors

Gray Square Tiles and Shower Bench with Glass Doors

This modern shower room peeks out behind the glass doors. The gray shower tiles with busy patterns encourage a surge of energy. The wood bench offers a resting spot when needed. The small gray square tiles characterize the floor design that ties the shower zone with the vanity section. This way, the two sections of the bathroom are pulled together for cohesiveness.

Gray Bathroom Floor Tile

The most important part of choosing gray floor tiles is to go with ones that do not slip. And to achieve that, you can tile the shower room with smaller tiles. They provide more traction and are texture -rich. Also, avoid giving them any polished finish, which would make them prone to being slippery. Gray mosaic tiles, matte-finish porcelain, and flattened stone tiles could make excellent tile designs for bathroom floors.

ID# 151326 | – Credit© Jenkins Construction Ltd.

Beach-Style Bathroom with Freestanding Tub and Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas

This stunning beach-style bathroom has a rock view overtly exposed by the full-height windows. This rock formation finds translation in the interior design through the seamless gray tile coating. On this almost joint-free sheathing resides a freestanding tub, while the timber ceiling screening envelops the interior with warmth. The antique tapware with wood stool brings further liveliness to the design. Yet the best part is the restfulness that comes with the view of nature offered so generously that no one could say no.

ID# 151327 | – Credit© Reena Sotropa In House Design Group

Gray Bathroom Floor Tiles with Chandelier and Subway Tile Backsplash

This cozy alcove by the window is characterized by a white ceramic subway tile backsplash and gray mosaic tiles. Both together orchestrate a calming design theme that slows the passage of time. And the freestanding tub just allows bathers to luxuriate in the tiny details. The traction-rich small floor tiles guarantee non-slip ground. The indoor plant and modern chandelier further honor this alcove while adding extra character.

ID# 151328 | – Credit© smarterBATHROOMS+

Double Wood Vanity with Gray Tiles and White Countertop

Here we have another contemporary bathroom that brings together a wood vanity and gray tiles. This timeless combination makes for a solid, approachable, and casual look. And it suits the bathroom design theme perfectly. Adding to them are also the white vessel sink and freestanding tub by the window. They team up perfectly shape-wise. And the glass pendants by the tub add a nice detail overhead, stylizing the design delicately.

How do you keep grey tiles clean?

The cleaning process of tiles is more or less similar, whether they are gray, blue, white, or black. But the good part of gray tiles is that they are better at hiding stains- especially when compared to white tiles. And for the cleaning process itself, vacuuming or dry-cleaning could be seen as the first step of floor cleaning. It prevents debris and dirt from accumulating and being carried to the other rooms.

For the second step, mild dish soap, vinegar, and a Ph-neutral floor cleaner can be used. If you want to use vinegar, mix 1/4 a cup of vinegar for every quart of water. Yet if gray tiles are made of natural stones like marble and granite, avoid vinegar. Since it is an abrasive cleaner, it can damage natural stones and their sealing. Rather, use a PH-neutral cleaner or any cleaner specifically produced for natural stones.

As for grout cleaning, you can use a toothbrush or a grout cleaner. You can make a paste with baking soda and water. And to make this cleaning process easier, you can go with large format tiles. Large tiles mean fewer grout joints. This way, you can keep your worries about cleaning grout lines at bay.

And to keep the tiles’ best version in the long term, try to get low-maintenance materials such as porcelain, glass, and ceramics. If you would like to go with statement materials like marble, make sure that they are sealed properly.

ID# 151329 | – Credit© Bobeche Interiors

Dark Blue Vanity with Large Format Gray Tiles and Glass Shower

This ensuite bathroom is designed for modern family life. With its large format gray tiles and dark blue vanity,  it offers a clean and modern look. By contrast, the small gray square tiles in the glass shower provide more traction for safety. And the small chevron tile backsplash takes the modern vibes to another level. The black hardware punctuates the design, bringing subtle contrast.

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Our white glass and metal mosaic tile combines elegance with contemporary design, perfect for creating a refined look in your home.

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Add a touch of modern elegance to your decor with our white glass and marble mosaic tile, offering a luminous and refined look.

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ID# 151330 | – Credit© Kim Jeffery Photographer

Marble Herringbone Floor Tiles and Wallpaper with White Vanity

This cozy transitional bathroom makes its users feel at home right away, thanks to its wallpaper design. Dotted with leaves, this wallpaper design adds warmth along with the white vanity with warm undertones. The light cream curtains and a globe-shaped pendant also enrich the fixture repertoire. The chrome hardware, likewise, stylizes the bathroom with a touch of glam. On the floor, the grayish-blue herringbone floor tiles ooze opulence. These good-sized tiles also enlarge the visual scheme, giving it an uplifting effect.

ID# 151331 | – Credit© Kim Jeffery Photographer

Printed Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas with Wood Vanity and Brass Accents

This modern bathroom owes its arresting look to the printed gray floor tiles. These multi-colored triangle patterns of the floor design give the room a contemporary spin. The wood vanity downplays the pattern-rich floor design, bringing a calming contrast. Brass accents are also available in rosy and yellow undertones to ensure diversity without sacrificing cohesiveness.

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