Bathroom Wall Tiles – Enliven Bathroom Walls with Stylish Tile Designs

30+ Bathroom Wall Tiles

ID# 176514 | – Credit© Muti Kitchen & Bath

Small Powder Room with Black Wall and Floor Tiles

The focal point of the powder room is the accent wall covered in black penny tiles! The intriguing pattern created by the placement of the circular tiles gives the room depth and texture and makes an impression on everyone who enters. The freestanding wooden sink is a striking feature that adds to the modern feel. The brass finish adds a warm, retro charm while the black floor tiles complement the elegant design plan.

ID# 176529 | – Credit© St James Residential

Minimal and Cool Contemporary Bathroom with Gray Subway Tiles

Large marble tiles in a variety of gray hues adorn the walls and floor of this compact powder room design, organized like subway tiles for a classic look! The gray marble adds a very amazing cool, sophisticated feel to the space. A tiny shelf was created to optimize utility and give a handy place to store necessities for the shower, such soap. The sink is open, giving off an industrial vibe that is both fashionable and futuristic.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathrooms are one of the most important points of the house. They are the first areas we use when we enter the house and leave the house. Bathrooms are our areas of relaxation, cleaning, and relaxation. For this reason, it should be in a way that makes you feel happy and good. It is important to design in a balanced way according to needs and wishes. No matter what type of bathroom, small or large, one of the most important rules is functionality. That is why tile choices are one of the most important things when it comes to bathroom design. In this article, we gather bathroom wall tile ideas that will help you create your own sanctuary!

Enliven your Bathroom Walls with Stylish Tiles!

In today’s market, there are varieties suitable for bathrooms of all tastes, sizes, and styles, and they have unlimited design possibilities. Undoubtedly, it is tiles rather than cabinets and fixtures that characterize a bathroom. Because in a correctly chosen tile, everything applied shows itself better!

ID# 176501 | – Credit

Black Patterned White Bathroom Wall Tiles

In this bathroom design, the white vanity perfectly matches the black hexagonal tiles that make up the floor and produce a cool effect. Two under-counter sinks are harmoniously integrated with the white countertop. To add an extra touch of elegance, brass hardware was used for the cabinet handles, basin mixers and over-the-basin sconce fixture details. This bathroom is fortunate enough to have natural ventilation and abundant natural light, further improving its beauty. Moreover, a window in the shower area, separated by a glass divider, amplifies the feeling of spaciousness. And lastly, the wall tiles truly make the difference. The white and black linear patterned wall tiles create a dynamic atmosphere.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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ID# 176502 | – Credit© BENT Architecture

Minimal Bathroom Design with Small Square Wall Tiles

The bathroom exudes a unique ambiance with its small white tiles covering both the floor and walls! The shelves appear to be hanging freely and an elegant suspended sink further adds to the distinctive character of the space. The striking use of black grout between the tiles makes the design stand out. Mirrored cabinets offer more than just storage as they add depth to the room. The presence of glass on the floor adds to the brightness and airy feel of the bathroom with natural ventilation flowing seamlessly. The wooden countertops cater to a warm effect that blends beautifully with the overall decor.

Which tiles are best for bathroom walls?

In bathrooms, ceramic tiles are the most suitable and preferred tiles. Glazed or polished ceramic tiles are a great option for the walls of bathrooms with their various shapes, patterns, and sizes. However, they are not a very suitable option on the floor as they can be slippery when wet. There are also examples of the same ceramics that can be produced in two ways non-slip so that functionality and elegance can be combined.

ID# 176503 | – Credit© Kitty Lee Architecture

Combination of Pink Wall Tile and Terrazzo Floor

Whoa, this bathroom design is really gorgeous! The terrazzo floors and pink wall tiles provide a harmonic combination that makes for a very charming color scheme. The room is infused with light and vitality by the well-positioned windows on either side of the bathtub. The exquisitely designed mid-tone oak cabinets which are matched by their mirrored equivalents, give the room a sense of coziness and vitality. And to top it all off, there’s a stylish bowl basin over the counter and a wall-connected basin mixer with brass fixtures!

Bathroom Wall Tile Shapes

Bathroom wall tile is an exciting and inspiring piece in any bathroom design project. Water-resistant and easy-to-clean wall tiles are the perfect way to bring personality to bathrooms. Available in an unlimited number of materials, colors, and shapes, wall tiles create countless appearance alternatives. For example, even plain white tile can be used to create all kinds of decorative effects when laid in creative ways.

Various options are available such as subway, hexagon, and penny. And very different effects are created according to the general designs of the bathrooms, the colors they are applied to, and the size of the space. Together with the other details applied in the bathroom, very successful, and different energies are created.

Subway Tile Bathroom

Subway tile is an absolutely timeless type of tile that is always on trend, can be adapted to all tastes and is highly durable, classic and versatile! What’s more, it’s incredibly affordable, especially when compared to other bathroom wall materials. With assertive color options, it’s easy to create different moods and looks. And if you want a calming, clear aesthetic, you can always opt for white or light-toned subway tile. It’s no wonder that designers and users alike adore subway tile; it’s a true classic that can fit in with any style!

ID# 176504 | – Credit© Cathi Colla Architects

Blue and White Bathroom Design with Black Floor

The floating white vanity gives this contemporary bathroom a sleek, minimalist feel! Its floating construction enhances the feeling of openness and visual appeal. The other wall is covered in immaculate white subway tiles that compliment the backsplash of blue subway tiles. The backsplash of blue subway tiles makes a dramatic contrast with the white vanity while the dramatic black large format tiles on the floor finish off the contemporary design of this bathroom.

White Mosaic Tiles

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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Modern look white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

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ID# 176505 | – Credit© KjK Interiors

Contemporary Bathroom with Pink Square Subway Tiles

Square tiles are a great option if you want to give your bathroom a retro feel without sacrificing the classic attractiveness of subway tiles! A lovely textural backdrop is produced by the vertical running bond pattern in which the square wall tiles are set. The gorgeous pink hue creates a cozy and inviting ambiance and the white grout accentuates this exquisite pattern. The marble top and white vessel sink lend a touch of luxury while the wood floating vanity and pink tint work together to create a unified effect.

ID# 176506 | – Credit© Patrick + Rosie

White Floating Vanity with Green Floor Tiles

There are a plethora of arrangement alternatives available for subway tiles that can yield diverse effects! A modern elegance is provided by the arrangement of the rectangular subway tiles in a vertical stacking pattern. The gentle pink hue of the tiles evokes a romantic ambiance while the gentle green floor tiles offer an additional layer of texture. The white floating vanity acts as a clean, simple design between two gorgeous tile patterns, letting the tiles take center stage. Brass embellishments provide the vintage elegance to a flawless finish.

What color tile is best for a bathroom?

White is a hue that never goes out of style and may improve the design of any area! White tiles are a popular choice for tiny bathrooms because they give the impression of space and brightness. Selecting white tiles which will function as a timeless and traditional decor feature, is even more practical in situations where there is little to no natural light. Because of its adaptability, it can be utilized for a long time without becoming boring or losing its charm!

ID# 176507 | – Credit© ABI Interiors

Industrial Bathroom with Dark Gray Floor Tiles

The way your wall tiles are arranged has a big impact on how beautiful your bathroom looks overall! The space appears higher because of the vertical placement of the subway tiles. A clean airy environment is produced by the white background. The large window frame and the floating wood vanity provide a rustic touch while the gray vessel sink and floor tiles emphasize the industrial vibe.

ID# 176508 | – Credit© TO THE MIL excellence in construction

Small Powder Room with Blue Accent Wall

A well-selected wall tile may immediately alter a boring environment, even in a small powder room! The blue subway tiles in this tiny powder room create an accent wall that gives it a beachy feel. The subway tiles stand out thanks to the minimalist appeal of the circular mirror and wall-mounted sink while the black accents give the space a contemporary feel.

Hexagon Tile Bathroom

Tiles in catchy shapes are very fashionable. It has interesting and inspiring effects. Hexagonal tiles are one of them. Hexagonal tiles, which leave excellent effects on bathroom walls, create very cool designs with various joint contrasts. The moving structure of the tiles gives vitality and energy. For example, neutral and marble hexagonal tiles create a stylish and peaceful ambiance in bathrooms. While the large-size hexagonal tiles leave a bold effect in the space, the small-size tiles show themselves in large spaces and look very eye-catching. It can be used in all kinds of spaces with the way of application and the colors are chosen. With its dynamic structure, it is at the top of the designers’ preferences.

ID# 176509 | – Credit© BLD Homes

Modern Bathroom with Hexagonal White Wall Tiles and Wooden Cabinets

The beige square ceramics on the floors blend seamlessly with the light wooden flat wall-mounted cabinet! Two elegant bowls over the counter and a wall-mounted toilet add a touch of sophistication to the space while a breathtaking black registered shower cabin stands out as a striking centerpiece. The white hexagonal tiles applied on the walls add a sense of movement to the room. Expertly chosen black grout provides a daring yet stylish statement. Furthermore, the mirror frame, shower cabin frame, showerhead and sink faucets are all finished in chic black to complete the look. And let’s not forget about the different ceramics in the shower, which draw even more attention to the glamorous hexagonal tiles!

ID# 176510 | – Credit© Ravenwood Developers LTD

Black and White Contrast Harmony with Hexagon Bathroom Wall Tiles

White floor tiles and hexagonal wall tiles in the exquisite bathroom design provide an airy atmosphere. White hexagon tiles cover the walls, and a wooden cabinet lends an air of vintage appeal to the room to create the ideal balance of rustic charm and refined style. The black wall-mounted basin mixers add to the crisp clean tone created by the white countertops and sink. The shower tiles are the focal point of the bathroom because of the amazing effect created by merging the hexagonal ceramic tile in black and white.

ID# 176511 | – Credit© White Elk Interiors

Marble Hexagon Bathroom Wall Tiles with Single Vanity

The wooden single vanity is the focal point; its organic beauty and cozy vibe perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Nordic design. The full-height marble hexagon wall tiles which add an eye-catching shape and a contemporary touch to the traditional material, enhance the serene atmosphere.

Penny Tile Bathroom

Penny tiles are one of the most popular decor materials for bathrooms with their durable, easy-care and gorgeous appearance! There are many different colors to choose from. They look beautiful in any bathroom, from industrial to classic and are suitable for walls, shower interiors, and floors. Another trending feature of penny tiles is that you can create any pattern you want by mixing penny tiles of various colors. In addition, even white penny tiles which can be used easily everywhere, create an eye-catching appearance, especially when used with a contrasting color joint such as black!

ID# 176512 | – Credit© Studio Castille

Midcentury Bathroom with White Penny Tile Backsplash

Unquestionably the focal point of this bathroom with a midcentury feel is the unique wooden vanity that skillfully combines functionality and a dash of art! A big vessel sink creates a dramatic focal point and a sense of grandeur in the room. The backsplash made of white penny tiles pays tribute to the period’s love of fun patterns and textures.

ID# 176513 | – Credit© Breathe Architecture

Wood and Yellow Vanity with Brown Backsplash

The contemporary minimalist design of the vanity offers this bathroom a clean organized appearance! The wood and yellow accents give the bathroom a contemporary vibe. The white vessel sink adds a touch of style and practicality to the area. Everyone’s eyes are drawn to the brown penny tile backsplash because of its unique texture!

Bathroom Wall Tile Colors

A comfortable and peaceful bathroom can be achieved by carefully considering the colors of the tiles you choose. Light colors like white and grey have a reviving impact, but when creating a place, it’s important to take human preferences into account. A cool and dramatic ambiance can be created with dark colors. Bright vivid rooms that employ upbeat hues to stimulate the senses are popular in home décor. The bathroom can get an extra energy boost by including blue, red, yellow and green hues.

White Bathroom Wall Tiles

White bathroom tile is a vibrant, clean, and timeless color choice in the space. Even if it is desired to use assertive colors and patterned accents, it can make the space neutral and serve as a background. They go well with almost any style. They make the applied space feel lighter and brighter. It is a type that can be used without getting old in the long term compared to dense and active designs.

White bathroom wall tiles vary widely with different material options such as porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, cement, and glass mosaic. And there are many different shades. It is also available in a variety of finishes such as polished, semi-polished, matte, and velvety textured.

ID# 176515 | – Credit© Architect George

White Kit Kat Bathroom Wall Tiles with Small Wood Vanity

This bathroom showcases a sleek and straightforward design, complete with terrazzo ceramic tiles on the floor! To add a touch of warmth, a wooden hanging cabinet and a white countertop with an over the counter bowl sink are incorporated. The fixtures are all in a metallic stainless steel finish which blends beautifully with the overall look. White Kit Kat bathroom and shower wall tile design add further to the simplistic yet elegant ambiance of the space!

ID# 176516 | – Credit© Tom Robertson Architects

Natural Wood Vanity Design with White Top and Sink

We witness a harmonious blend of modern elements with natural beauty! The large grey square tiles on the floor coupled with the slanted ceiling create a sense of spaciousness and brightness thanks to the large windows. The sleek wooden cabinets with white countertops and bowl sinks add a touch of earthiness to the space. The upper cabinets, designed to fit the slope of the roof, feature an open shelf on one side and a mirrored cabinet on the other while the black sink mixers exude sophistication. Finally, the small white square tiles on the wall add a contemporary touch!

ID# 176517 | – Credit© Architectural Studio RE

‘Sonic’ Themed Industrial Bathroom Design

You can use the tiles to include your child’s favorite cartoon character into a creative and entertaining kids bathroom decor! The Sonic mural that the tiles produced is the first thing that grabs notice. White small tiles that give the bathroom a bright, airy appearance cover the remaining space. The red vanity and step stool match the mural’s hues, while the black grout lines on the tiles draw attention to the grid design and intensify the retro feel of the whole bathroom.

ID# 176518 | – Credit© Arcologic Design

White Farmhouse Bathroom with Vintage Wall-Mounted Sink

These exquisite Kit Kat wall tiles will take you to a classic yet contemporary white farmhouse bathroom! Slender and elongated, they have a modern flair and visual intrigue while paying homage to the traditional subway tile design. The herringbone floor pattern gives movement and depth to the room while the antique sink offers genuineness and nostalgia along with fine details that accentuate its attractiveness.

Blue Bathroom Wall Tiles

Our general well-being, emotions, attitude and peace of mind are all greatly influenced by colors. We feel better when our favorite colors are used in the areas where we spend the majority of our time. And blue is the most relaxing hue of them all! Blue tiles give the bathroom a revitalizing and serene appearance by encapsulating the sense of the tranquil sky and sea. It is an excellent option for bathrooms due to its unparalleled cooling properties.

ID# 176519 | – Credit© Nicky Percival Limited

Blue Wall Tile Effect in Transitional Bathroom

The sweet harmony of blue and wood creates a soothing ambiance! The blue subway wall tiles perfectly complement the wood-like ceramics on the floor and elevate the minimalist style achieved through the use of suspended washbasins and wall-hung WC pans. The mirrored cabinet above the sink side and the open shelves provide ample storage solutions for all your needs. The bathtub, covered with wood of the same color as the tall cabinet, completes the harmonious ensemble. With a large window that lets in plenty of natural light and the glossy texture of the wall tiles that look incredibly stylish, this bathroom promises to be a bright, fresh and cool spot in your home!

ID# 176520 | – Credit© Interiors by Maz

Double Sink Vanity with Blue Bathroom Wall Tiles

The focal point of the room is without a doubt the gorgeous blue Kit Kat tile backsplash! The eye is immediately drawn to this striking and colorful feature which guarantees that the bathroom is anything but typical. The wood double vanity, with its natural finish adding a touch of nature that roots the design, gives warmth and refinement to the room but it’s not only color that makes the space pop. The vessel-style sinks, which sit atop the vanity with an impression of elegance and luxury, are simply amazing. The vast format of the modern gray floor tiles gives the design a contemporary edge while facilitating a smooth transition that gives the room an air of spaciousness.

ID# 176521 | – Credit© AMR Interior Design & Drafting Ltd.

Sleek Wood Vanity with Blue Hexagon Backsplash

These can be the wall tiles you’re looking for if you want to make a statement with them! These hexagon tiles are a real eye-catcher that elevated the entire design with their sophisticated blue color and white starburst pattern. The wood vanity with white countertop lets the wall tiles take center stage with its simple elegant design. The porcelain bathroom floor tiles with a marble appearance offer an opulent touch and a vivid appearance.

ID# 176522 | – Credit© Langlois Design

Blue and White Bathroom with Black Lighting Fixture

Undoubtedly, the vivid blue mosaic wall tiles are the most prominent aspect of this contemporary bathroom. These add a striking and creative touch to the room because of their varied combination of patterns and colors. An air of peace and tranquillity is also engendered by the calming blue tone of the tiles. In addition to adding a sense of wealth and elegance, the freestanding tub in the same tone complements the sleek and sophisticated white floating vanity well, which matches the tiles.

Gray Bathroom Wall Tiles

When decorating a bathroom, the most important part is undoubtedly the wall tiles. Because it is the lifeblood of bathrooms. The effect it has on people is very important. And a correctly chosen tile affects all other details in the space. Gray bathroom tiles are one of the best bathroom tile color options.

Gray is an extremely versatile, neutral tone preferred in both classic and modern homes, so gray bathroom ideas have been and continue to be a popular choice. While creating different moods by combining them with different colors, soft looks can be obtained by leaving it as a single color. Beautiful combinations can be easily made by using grays of different tones together. Striking spaces emerge with various flooring shapes and color tones.

ID# 176523 | – Credit

Gray Bathroom Wall Tiles with Wood Floating Vanity

In this stunning bathroom design, the floor and walls are adorned with oversized gray ceramic tiles. A sleek and modern appeal is added with a suspended cabinet featuring a white countertop and natural wood-colored drawers. Exclusively on the sink wall, a glittering white subway wall tile that exudes utter sophistication is applied. Its splendid glossy texture contrasts impeccably with the matte gray tiles in the other areas, creating a harmonious balance that breathes new vitality into the space.

How much does bathroom wall tile cost?

The amount to be paid per square meter for the flooring of the bathroom walls can vary between 7 and 25 dollars. We can think of an average-sized bathroom as 5 x 8 feet. Considering that two walls are laid, the price will be between $ 780 and $ 2600.

ID# 176524 | – Credit© Feng Shui Concepts

Gray Bathroom with Marble Subway Tiles

Marble subway tiles are ideal if you want a classic style with a sophisticated appeal! These marble subway tiles form a sleek backdrop behind the beige floating vanity in this gray bathroom decor by covering the full wall. The marble tiles’ inherent veining gives them an opulent appearance. A unified aesthetic is produced by the gray floor and wall tiles.

Green Bathroom Wall Tiles

The green color takes people to nature like the traces of blue. It reflects a calm mood felt by the oxygen deep in the forest. It almost brings you the peace of green in nature. The refreshing and energetic effect of mint tones is kept alive.

In these color tiles, which have beautiful designs with various tones and patterns, what the user wants is very important. For example, if one wants a luxurious place, dark tones of large marble can be preferred, while a fun bathroom can be designed by choosing more vibrant tones. By using different tones together, different spaces can be created with nice pattern work.

ID# 176525 | – Credit© ZAC and ZAC

Scandinavian Bathroom with Glossy Green Vertical Subway Tiles

This Scandinavian bathroom design showcases an artful blend of earthy greens and classic wooden elements! The choice of floor is strikingly bold for a wet space but it works perfectly in this design. An old-fashioned, medium-tone wooden cabinet provides added charm to the bathroom. The use of green porcelain tile up to the window level brings a sense of life and vibrancy while the whitewashed ceiling creates an airy and spacious feel. The calming properties of green are evident throughout the bathroom which exudes a modern yet timeless style. The glossy texture of the tiles adds a touch of sophistication to the space.

Marble Mosaic Tiles

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White & gray marble flower pattern floor wall mosaic tile

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White Gray Marble Leaf Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Beige Marble Elegant Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Marble Small Picket Design Backsplash Mosaic Tile

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Luxury marble and mother of pearl mixed mosaic tile

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Modern look, slim white marble mosaic tile, for kitchen backsplash and bathroom projects.

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White Gray Dot Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Luxury Waterjet Gray & White Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 176526 | – Credit© Robeson Architects

Contemporary Bathroom Design with Retro Vibe

With its beautiful green tiles, this contemporary bathroom offers modern elegance with a dose of retro vibe. These tiny green tiles surround the shower walls and tub surround. Other features are chosen in white color. This way the green tile design becomes the centerpiece.

How to tile a bathroom wall?

To lay bathroom wall tiles, you first need a sander, sponge, painter’s tape, fine-tuning grout, notched trowel, tape measure, wet saw, grout float, grout sealer and caulk gun. Then you need to clean and sand the application area to create a smooth surface.

Before starting to build, if using patterned and especially consecutive tiles, place them elsewhere and establish the layout. In this way, you can easily find which parts need to be cut. When cutting tiles, if you are using ceramic or porcelain tiles, a simple tile cutter will do the job. On the other hand, for natural stone tiles such as marble, a wet saw with a diamond blade can be used to prevent cracking.

You can lay the tiles on the mortar by spreading the adhesive mortar in small sections with a notched trowel. To fix the tiles, place spacers between the tiles (this is not necessary if you are using tiles with a small tile mesh) and follow these steps until you have covered all surfaces and wait until it dries and the tiles adhere. Next, remove the spacers, if you are using a sealant, you can do this after the tiles are completely dry. Apply the joint mortar you have prepared with a trowel and wait for it to dry. After the mortar dries, you can clean the tile surfaces with a damp cloth. You can fill the spot where the counter and the tile meet with caulk.

ID# 176527 | – Credit© rtg designs

Granite Vanity with Green Fish Scale Tile Backsplash

The gray granite vanity exudes elegance and grandeur in this contemporary bathroom. The wooden shelf offers an additional option for storage in addition to adding a touch of nature. The backsplash made of green fish scale tiles, nevertheless, is the real show-stopper in this area. The vibrant, cutting-edge tile design gives the bathroom a playful, creative vibe. A dash of glitz is added by the brass fixtures, which blend in flawlessly with the striking and dramatic backdrop.

Marble Bathroom Wall Tiles

Marble bathroom tiles are a very stylish-looking tile material that always maintains its weight. With its luxurious appearance, it is the favorite of users and especially designers. Compared to other types of materials, very high fees have to be paid in terms of cost. However, since it is an easy to use and durable material, it can be used very comfortably for many years, so when we evaluate it in terms of price and performance, it seems quite reasonable. It expands the design range as it can be used in many sizes and shapes, large and small.

ID# 176528 | – Credit© Lyons

Modern Bathroom with Luxurious Gray Marble Tiles

Elegant gray marble tiles on the walls and floor of the bathroom provide a calm and refreshing mood! The end effect is a luxurious and stylish deep space design that is aesthetically spectacular. A light wood vanity set with a smooth marble countertop and sinks complements this minimalist look. The upper cabinets provide the impression of a larger space because they are made entirely of mirrors which adds a glamorous touch to this already gorgeous bathroom.

Floor Mosaic Tiles

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Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Dark gray slate subway tile for a contemporary yet timeless kitchen backsplash

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White & gray marble flower pattern floor wall mosaic tile

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White Gray Marble Leaf Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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Is tile good for bathroom walls?

Tiles are a good choice with various options for bathroom walls. But it doesn’t have to be. Traditionally, tiles are used in wet areas of a bathroom, i.e. around the bathroom and inside the shower stall, to waterproof the walls. But now, alternative materials that can be added to decorative and waterproof bathroom walls are used. Therefore, tiles are not obligatory but can be decided purely by design.

ID# 176530 | – Credit© Emma Merry Styling

Marble Herringbone Bathroom Wall Tiles with Small Vanity

Marble tiles are a simple way to improve the overall decor of a small area and turn an uninteresting bathroom into one that stands out! The marble herringbone shower tile in this transitional bathroom are striking and offer a sophisticated background, as shown here. The little black vanity gives the room depth and serves as a focal point. The polished brass fixtures flawlessly finish the vintage flare and the black frame of the bathroom mirror matches the vanity.

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