Ceramic Tile Shower Change the Aura with Trendiest Shower Tiles

17+ Ceramic Tile Shower

White Ceramic Tile Shower in Contemporary Bathroom Design

In a modern bathroom design, all areas exhibit a simple and cool stance in straight lines. In the bathroom, which has a thin and long shower area, wooden deck flooring is used on the floor, while keeping the warmth of the wood alive, it is a very functional product with its non-slip surface. White hexagonal ceramic tiles are preferred on the walls. It is a type of ceramic that complements each other with its linear hexagonal motifs. While reflecting the pure and clean state of white, it also adds movement to its linear appearance. By choosing chrome for the shower mixer and shelf, a quality product that is resistant to water is used.

Contemporary Bathroom with Walk-in Shower and Wood Vanity

In this contemporary bathroom, the lovely blue color of the blue ceramic shower tiles stands out between the neutral colors and brings coastal vibes to the space. Thanks to the unique shapes of the tiles, the blue wall acts as a piece of art and elevates the design. The glass separation unit of the walk-in shower perfectly displays the beauty of the tiles. The tiny marble herringbone shower floor tiles add another layer of texture to the space.

Ceramic Tile Shower

Bathrooms are one of the most important points of the house. Since it is an area where we feel the most comfortable and peaceful, it should be prepared as carefully and as well as possible. As it is a place where we are cleaned, refreshed, and rested, that ambiance should welcome us as soon as we enter. With an unlimited variety of ceramic tile models, magnificent bathroom designs can be created. If you are thinking of making minor changes to an existing bathroom, a ceramic tile shower will change the aura of the entire space.

When choosing ceramic tiles for the shower, the first thing to consider is that it is non-slip, both wet and dry. It may also be a good idea to use mosaic tile for shower flooring, as smaller tiles with more joint lines can provide more traction.

Bacteria and mold thrive in damp areas. Ceramic tiles are available in options with antimicrobial properties that can suppress or even destroy harmful microorganisms such as mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. In other words, ceramic tiles can help create a healthy environment. In addition, ceramic tile does not stain easily and can be cleaned with a little soap and water, making cleaning very easy. No harsh chemicals are needed.

Ceramic tile comes in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and patterns to create the perfect ambiance for showers. You can create a personal luxury spot, a comfortable retreat, or a refreshing, productive space. You can choose your shower floor by considering the texture under your feet. There is a wide variety of surfaces, rough or smooth. When choosing tiles for your shower floor or countertop, you can make choices based on your tactile preferences.

Green Color Combination with White Ceramic Tile in Contemporary Bathroom Design

We are faced with a simple but lively bathroom design. The bathroom, which consists of black, hexagonal, and square tiles, with a motif floor tile, white flat cabinet, and herringbone furnished subway wall ceramic tiles are used. White tiles are very pleasing to the eye by providing a fresh and clear appearance. It is complemented by a white sink on a white cabinet. Wall ceramics are applied only where the bathtub coincides, while the other sides end at the level of the sink faucet. The remaining upper parts are painted in dark green paint, creating a lively energizing look. A curtain is used as a separator in the tub. While the wooden open shelf cabinet adds a friendly atmosphere to the bathroom, living space is created with the plants used.

Color Options for Ceramic Tile Shower Wall

Deciding on the perfect color for bathrooms can be quite difficult because there are endless options. Whether you are working in small or large spaces, you can make a big impact in bathrooms with the right color combinations. From bold and dramatic hues to softer neutral hues, a stylish ceramic tile color can transform any design. While white, gray, blue, and black color ceramics are the most preferred options in showers, patterned ceramic tiles have been very popular lately. It also creates very stylish designs in glazed ceramic tiles.

White Ceramic Tile Shower Wall

As always, white is a timeless beauty tile for showers. There are many white ceramic models available in various shapes, sizes, and styles. They are among the first choices of many designers and users, as they are long-lasting products that never go out of fashion. Thanks to the spacious and bright effect that white creates, it is also very advantageous to use it in small bathrooms.

White Ceramic Tile Shower Wall Design in Modern Bathroom

In the bathroom, which has a minimal, modern design, white herringbone tiles cover the walls. Large white ceramics create a clean and clear environment. A small window creates a very bright effect in the space, the brass fixtures add a dose of sparkle. The glass divider exhibits a transparent stance and making it look wider than the bathroom. The black and white bathroom floor tiles add another layer of texture to the space and add visual interest.


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White and Blue Ceramic Tile Shower Wall Effect in Industrial Bathroom Design

Tiny hexagonal gray tiles are used on the floor in the bathroom, which consists of blue and white wall ceramics. The walls are applied as blue subway wall tiles from the bottom to the half, the remaining parts are applied as white square tiles up to the ceiling. A different and eye-catching design is created with a sharp color transition. By using a linear window inside the shower, the bathroom is illuminated with natural light. This gives a more spacious look. In addition, it is divided by a glass divider, creating a wide-angle without cutting the bathroom. The sanitary ware materials are white and the washbasin is an industrial-looking model. A wall-mounted model with golden connection details is used. In all other luminaires, the golden color is chosen, adding an elegant atmosphere and providing integrity.

Can ceramic tile be used in a shower?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are frequently used products in bathrooms and showers. While installing the shower, deciding between ceramic and porcelain tiles, they can make suggestions in terms of functionality and budget-balancing by using ceramic shower tiles for the walls and porcelain shower tiles for the floor.

Black and White Bathroom Design with Tiled Shower Niche

In this black and white bathroom, tiles are the centerpiece of the design. Contrasting tiles add personality to the overall look and create a one-of-a-kind design. The black frames of the glass separation complement the black tiles while the white tiles enhance the spaciousness of the room.

Gray Ceramic Tile Shower Wall

When decorating a space, gray bathroom tiles, one of the most popular choices, create a subtle elegance. Tiles are the best choices for bathroom, shower interior walls, and floors. And for the best reasons, it’s tough, water-resistant, and has a wide variety of design options. Gray ceramic tiles are an extremely versatile, neutral tone that can be used in both classic and contemporary homes, which is why gray bathroom ideas are a popular choice today. Combine it with bursts of color or use it in monochrome, creating magnificent designs in every way. Kaymaz is a very popular product color for shower interiors with its varieties.


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Minimalist Walk-in Shower Design with Gray Wall Tiles

In this minimalist walk-in shower design, the light gray square tiles cover the walls and create a nice textural look. The raw finish of the ceramic tiles adds an authentic vibe to the design while the brass fixtures complete this vibe. The arched shape of the walls adds a bunch of character to the design. The black frames of the glass separation unit contrast with the light gray tiles and add visual interest.

How long do ceramic tile showers last?

If you’re wondering how long a ceramic or porcelain tile shower can last, ideally, it should last around 60-80 years, considering annual maintenance. If you use the shower very often, you may need to reseal the tiles once a year and replace the grouting every ten years or so.

Blue Ceramic Tile Shower Wall

Since blue evokes the sea and the sky, it also reflects the emotions they feel in the areas used. It is the right choice to create serene, peaceful, and calm designs. When it comes to soothing hues, it may be the first color that comes to mind for interior design. We can make an assertive sentence by saying that nothing looks as cool and trendy as blue tile in a shower. Of course, depending on the shade of blue, it can create a calming, spa-like atmosphere or energizing space in your bathroom. It is a very trendy option with unlimited tone colors and models for designs that add vitality away from the ordinary.

Transitional Bathroom with Black Vanity and Marble Vanity Top

In the bathroom, which is formed by the cool combination of black shaker cabinets, white, black veined marble countertop, and black hexagonal floor ceramics, the under-counter sinks and round wooden framed mirrors placed at the level of the sinks create a sweet and pleasant environment. In the shower, which is designed by separating with a glass divider, the blue vertical subway ceramic tiles leave a very cool effect, while attracting all the attention with the natural elegance coming from the ceiling. With the reflections of light, tones of blue are formed, almost reflecting the naive activity of the sky.

Is ceramic tile waterproof?

Although you may use ceramic tiles believing that they are waterproof, they are not completely waterproof.

Modern Bathroom Design with Black Vanity and White Countertop

In a bathroom designed in modern lines, black ceramic tiles are used on the floor. All walls offer a clean and simple look with white small square ceramic tiles. The white countertop on a black cabinet exhibits a very stylish stance. The shower, located in a recess in the bathroom, is divided by a glass door, and when you enter through the door, it is furnished with some black patterned ceramics, adding mobility and providing a different atmosphere. On the opposite wall of the direct shower, subway blue glossy ceramic tiles are laid, and all the attention in the bathroom is shifted there. In the bathroom, which consists of soft colors and a very neutral line, blue ceramics make the space explode.

Is polished ceramic tile good for shower walls?

You should avoid polished tiles as the bathroom floor can be very slippery, but polished tiles can be a great choice for shower walls and help create a smooth surface for easier cleaning. Cleaning the smooth matte tiles is not as difficult as one might think. Prints and textures contain grooves that can trap dirt.

What is best for shower walls ceramic or porcelain?

Because porcelain tiles are virtually waterproof, they are the best materials to use in wet areas because of their humidity levels. Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, are an excellent choice for use throughout a standard bathroom, with a wide range of design options, especially with anti-slip properties.

Black Ceramic Tile Shower Wall

Black always has a cool stance. The enormous dramatic and bold effect of black is dazzling. Black is always a sophisticated choice, whether you apply it in the background or make it stand out. Black ceramics are available in various color tones, matte, shiny, and textured varieties. It has quite cool options for showers. Black concept bathrooms always have a characteristic atmosphere.

Black Honeycomb Ceramic Tile Shower Wall Design in Contemporary Bathroom

In the bathroom, where marble-looking gray tiles are used, the floor and walls are used in the same material, while a single wall is laid with black small hexagonal ceramic tiles. With the cool air created by black, the bathroom has a very stylish look. While gray flat cabinets, white countertops, and bowl sinks are used, all faucets are chosen black, making their black nobility speak. The linear window above the shower and the window on the wall where the bathtub is located provide natural lighting to the space, providing a spacious environment.

Does ceramic tile need to be sealed?

Most ceramic and porcelain tiles do not need to be surface sealed, but some may require a light sealant application to fill the micropores in the tile surface. However, the joints between tiles are often very porous and often made of cementitious material.

The effect of Black in Modern Bathroom Design with Subway Ceramic Shower Tile

We are faced with the noble and cool stance of black. While tiny hexagonal tiles are used on the floor, the walls are covered with white subway ceramic tiles, and only the sidewall of the shower is covered with matte black subway ceramic tiles, creating a magnificent appearance. While the black and white veined marble countertop on a black cabinet adds an air of luxury, the under-counter sink and metal fixtures accompany this bathroom design. The small window that coincides with the upper wall of the shower provides a bright area of the space. A wonderful bathroom design is created with the elegance created by simplicity but simplicity, where the perfection of black is exhibited.

Patterned Ceramic Tile Shower Wall

It is a type of ceramic that becomes popular day by day and offers more interesting designs every day. You can incorporate patterns into your shower tiles to create refreshing effects, and don’t be afraid to use them in bulk.
If you want to create a luxurious appeal, one way to do it is to grab all the attention with a wall of brightly patterned tiles. Or you can create a cozy warm design shower area with chirping patterns. Patterns are now well in our lives, and day by day, most people started to use them with bold designs. When creating a space with patterned tiles, choose a pattern type and stick with it, for example, you could combine two graphic patterns instead of mixing them with a floral pattern.

Black and White Shower Design with Brass Accents

If you want to add a wow factor to your shower, patterned tiles are perfect options. In this small shower, the black and white patterned tiled shower niche creates a striking focal point between the white subway tiles and brings a personality to the design. The rest of the shower is covered with white tiles which create a clean and bright atmosphere. The brass shower head and plumbing fixtures make a vintage touch and enhance the luxurious feel.

Is porcelain tile slippery when wet?

Ceramic and porcelain tile floors can be quite slippery when wet. With its feature that makes the tile easy to clean, it also means that if a smooth, non-porous structure is desired, it will also be slippery.


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Colorful Mosaic Tiles in Fish Scale Pattern

When tile becomes art, your walls become your canvas! In this glamorous shower, the mosaic tiles create a fish scale pattern and offer an eye-catching appeal. The perfect installation of the mosaic tiles acts as a mural on the wall and turns this otherwise ordinary shower into a one-of-a-kind design.

Glazed Ceramic Tile Shower Wall

Glazed ceramic tiles are more resistant to chemicals and highly resistant to stains. Water absorption rates are less than other ceramics. They are resistant to breakage and abrasion. Their resistance to cold is also quite high. In this way, it can be used both outdoors and indoors. Glazed ceramics are often preferred because they are the areas where the humidity is most intense in the showers. It enters the radar of designers with examples of various colors, patterns, and shapes. Thanks to both their visual beauty and functional qualities, they are very popular and popular products.

Transitional Bathroom Design with White Glazed Subway Ceramic Tile Effect

In the transitional bathroom design dominated by white, gray hexagonal ceramics are used on the floor, offering a stylish and high-quality look. A bottom-mounted tub is used and is divided by a curtain. A clean, pure elegance is created by using glazed white subway wall tile on all walls. The glossy surface of the glazed tile adds cool air.

Scandinavian Modern Bathroom Design with Pink Details

In a Scandinavian bathroom design that cheers up, terrazzo flooring is applied to the floor. A sweet atmosphere is created by laying glazed vertical pink subway ceramic tiles on all walls. Wooden cabinet, bowl sink, and upper cabinet with mirror door are used. A nice elegance is created by choosing the golden color of the sink mixer. The wall where the toilet is located is terrazzo tiles up to a certain height. The bathtub, located in the middle of two windows, looks great for relaxation. The warming energy of pink envelops the whole place. At the same time, its glossy texture adds a luxurious elegance.

What’s more expensive porcelain or ceramic?

Porcelain tile is a more costly product. This means a higher price compared to ceramic tile. However, taking into account their long-term durability, porcelain tiles provide savings over time.

Midcentury Bathroom Design with Wood Vanity and Black Accents

In the midcentury bathroom design, all the walls are left with white paint while using patterned tiles on the floor. A wooden sink cabinet, white counter, and under-counter sink are used. While using a white bottom-mounted tub, a stylish line is created by choosing black for all fixtures. While the mirror frame on the washbasin is black, the sconce details located right next to it are also used in black. Green glazed vertical subway tile is used on the three walls remaining in the shower area from the upper level of the tub to the ceiling. This bathroom in a minimalist vibe and has been a great pairing of ceramics that maintains the same vibe. These ceramics, which exhibit a quality stance with their glossy texture, also look very cool with their soft state.

Large Ceramic Tile Shower Wall

Large bathroom tiles make the space feel larger than it is, as they have fewer joint lines. It also gives the bathroom a more luxurious feel and helps your bathroom look more stylish and shortens cleaning time. Large ceramics applied in the shower, on the other hand, make you feel the effect of a bath. These large tiles, which go from the floor to the wall, also create a spacious effect.

Transitional Bathroom Design with White Large Ceramic Tile Shower Wall Effect

Using large tiles is a great way to make the space feel larger. They are the perfect choice for small bathrooms. In the transitional bathroom design, the large subway tiles create a feeling of spaciousness. These tiles make the space look more spacious. The gray shower floors adds a nice textural look while the black shower head provides a modern look.

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