Art Deco Backsplash Bring Some Vontage Flair with Stylish Tiles

31+ Art Deco Backsplash

Art Deco Gold Detailed White Backsplash with Light Grey Shaker Style Cabinets

This art deco backsplash looks beautiful with light grey shaker-style cabinets. The gold detail with white gives the space a luxurious and bright look. Also, the beautiful backsplash adds texture and movement to the space. Choosing a light grey color tone for the kitchen cabinets is a brilliant way to highlight the backsplash. The gold handles on the cabinets and bronze faucet add more elegance to the space. Moreover, hardwood flooring invites coziness to the kitchen and completes the stylish look.

Art Deco Diamond Ceramic Backsplash with White Shaker Style Cabinets

For a vintage kitchen look, choosing an art deco ceramic backsplash is a must. The art deco diamond ceramic backsplash brings homeowners back to the past. It is very chic and stylized. The white shaker-style cabinets with the green kitchen island support the vintage look. It is a very good decision to use the diamond shape in chandeliers to be compatible with the diamond shape on the backsplash. Wooden open shelves and white stools with wooden legs invite warmth to the kitchen space. To highlight the diamond tile ceramic backsplash, every other corner in the kitchen is simple, but not boring, or outdated. On the contrary, this kitchen looks stunning and trendy.

Art Deco Backsplash

When we talk about art deco, the first thing that comes to mind is the 1920s. The inspiration behind this style is to create fresh, modern, and unique spaces. The art deco backsplash adds a glamorous and vintage look to the kitchen. Geometric, angular, and linearity forms, bold and bright colors, use of gold, silver, black, or chrome with colors are essences of this style. The art deco style is a brilliant choice to make a big statement in your kitchen.

An art deco backsplash is an effortless way to invite elegance to the kitchen for those who love bold and uncommon kitchen areas. You can use trapezoidal shaped backsplash, zigzag, or chevron backsplash. Pairing the art deco backsplash with dark–colored cabinets creates a stylish cook space. Gold, silver, and chrome are key elements of the art deco style. So, add these elements to your kitchen cabinets. Thus, you create a classic kitchen. Also, you can combine art deco backsplash with other styles.

Art Deco Black and White Backsplash with Beige Flat Panel Cabinets

Using an art deco backsplash is a great way to create a fun and elegant kitchen. Choosing neutral-colored flat panel cabinets is a smart move to highlight the backsplash. The cabinets help to give attention to this beautiful black and white backsplash. The black open shelf unit and barstools match the black tiles of the backsplash. White tile flooring helps balance the color palette in the kitchen idea. Also, the flooring provides a light and spacious look in the space. Using the cabinet materials for the kitchen island adds harmony to the cooking area. This art deco kitchen is very stylish and spectacular.


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Art Deco Curved Black and White Backsplash with Cream Shaker Style Cabinets

Neutral colors always make us feel calm and peaceful. In this creamy kitchen, you can never feel exhausted, or tired. Using the same neutral color for both shaker style and glass-front cabinets with the wall is a good way to have wholeness in the space. Despite all these effects of neutral color, it is very easy for the kitchen space to become boring. An art deco backsplash is a savior to prevent this situation. This stunning black and white curved backsplash give joy and gorgeousness to the kitchen. The gold details on the backsplash add richness to the space. Using black and white countertops is a smart choice to match the countertops with the backsplash. Thus, you have a fresh and modern art deco-inspired kitchen.

Art Deco Gold and Black Backsplash with Wood and White Flat Panel Cabinets

Thanks to the gold and black backsplash, this kitchen looks fashionable and glamorous. The gold diamonds on the black backsplash add texture and style to the space. White and wooden flat panel cabinets bring attention to the backsplash tiles. The harmony between this stunning backsplash with wood and white kitchen cabinets gives homeowners a cozy cooking space. The use of black in the oven, chandelier, and sink is to continue the blackness on the backsplash. Using a wood stool and wood decorative items is for the equivalence of the feeling of warmth that dominates the cooking area.

Art Deco Glass Black and White Backsplash with Black Flat Panel Cabinets

This dazzling backsplash gives Great Gatsby vibes. The black and white mosaic tiles on the backsplash are the helpers of the elegant look. Black flat panel cabinets support this classy and stunning look. Although the patterns of the backsplash are lively, the atmosphere of minimalism is dominant thanks to the kitchen cabinets. It is an excellent choice to add a silver look to maintain a stylish vibe in the kitchen. The open shelf unit prevents a dark and dull feeling in the space. On the contrary, it adds coolness to the area. Although black is a powerful color, it doesn’t create a cloudy and claustrophobic environment since the art deco backsplash shines like a diamond.

Art Deco Grey Floral Marble Backsplash with White Shaker Style Cabinets

Marble is always the right material to create stunning floral art deco backsplash. This backsplash is the star of the kitchen. It is a very smart choice not to use the upper kitchen cabinets and center the window to highlight the area where the backsplash is installed. The light coming through the window makes this wonderful floral backsplash shine. In order not to overshadow this shine, using the white shaker-style cabinets is a brilliant choice. Gold handles on the cabinets and gold faucet match the gold details on the backsplash. Gold is always a good way to invite richness into the area. Also, placing green plants on the countertops keeps the indoors as green as the outside.

Art Deco Linear Backsplash with Black Shaker Style Cabinets

An art deco backsplash is everything to have a stylish kitchen. The linear tiles on this backsplash give the trendiness and uniqueness that this kitchen needs. Blending the backsplash with black shaker-style cabinets helps to emphasize the art deco style of the area. White walls and white quartz countertops are good choices to have a fresh and light atmosphere in the cooking area. White parts of the kitchen make the space looks bigger. Also, the gold details on the chandeliers, cabinet handlers and faucets look phenomenal. The use of gold and the art deco backsplash provides a contemporary and elegant look to the kitchen.

Art Deco Metal Backsplash with Black Glass-Front Cabinets

To have a glamorous and chic kitchen, use an art deco backsplash. This gold chain patterned backsplash with black glass front cabinets and kitchen islands make the space becomes luxurious and modern. The use of gold in chandeliers and black barstools is the right choice to harmonize them with the backsplash and to ensure the continuity of the gold theme. Also, the barstools and the chandeliers add an industrial style to the kitchen area. Installing open shelves above the backsplash and decorating the shelves with copper and gold items support the fashionable look.

Modern Art Deco Backsplash

Using modern art deco backsplash creates detailed and charming kitchens. Modern art deco backsplash uses lots of modern materials such as gold and marble. To surround yourself with an outstanding modern art deco backsplash, choose attention-grabbing patterns. For instance, geometrical or linearity shapes with gold, or metal details give glitz to the modern art deco backsplash. Pick neutral tones for the rest of the cooking space to highlight the backsplash. Also, you can prefer a floral-patterned backsplash. This style of backsplash is very easy to use because you can blend it with a lot of different designs. Thus, the modern art deco backsplash stands out and brings perfection to the kitchen.


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Modern Art Deco Silver Detailed White Backsplash with Emerald Green Flat Panel Cabinets

The modern backsplash is the attention grabber in this stunning kitchen. It brings light into the cooking space and prevents a dark and suffocating look. The green flat panel cabinets bring luxury to the space. The chic black marble countertops blend beautifully with the kitchen cabinets. Also, the countertops help to create a contrast with the backsplash. The use of gold and silver on the kitchen items increases the elegance and shine elements of the cooking space. And the white marble flooring helps highlight the modern backsplash. The metal stools, pendant lights, and faucet add an industrial style to this classy kitchen.

Modern Art Deco Square Mint Green Backsplash with Grey Flat Panel Cabinets and Light Pink Kitchen Island

This modern art deco backsplash is cute and fresh. It blends with grey flat panel cabinets and the light pink kitchen island perfectly. And this backsplash adds a pattern to the area. The mixture of grey and light pink gives a romantic feeling to the kitchen. The gold faucet and gold pendant add glamour to the space. Preferring the cabinets and countertops in the same color provides integrity in the space. Choosing big windows makes the kitchen luminous and spacious. The green plants and wood usage in the door and stools create a natural and cozy environment.


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Modern Art Deco Colorful Square Tile Backsplash in a Retro Kitchen

To achieve a retro look in the kitchen, using a modern square tile backsplash is the right option for homeowners. The colors such as blue and red create a contrasting vibe. Even though the space is colorful, blue is the dominant color which provides a vibrant look. The color palette in the cooking space and the colors in the living area combine the two parts beautifully. The black and white striped flat panel cabinets add a different vibe to the kitchen atmosphere whereas the neutral-colored floors balance the whole look. Also, the blue and orange glass panel supports the modern art deco style and brings light to the space.


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Modern Art Deco Gold Detail Light Pink Backsplash with Green Flat Panel Cabinets

Modern art deco backsplash gives a texture to your simple kitchen style. In this beautiful modern kitchen, the gold detail light pink backsplash blends flawlessly with the green flat panel cabinets thanks to the harmony between pink and green. Choosing flat cabinets makes the backsplash stand out, so you pay attention to the beauty of the backsplash. Also, the wood-open shelf unit increases the warm and romantic feeling that the backsplash gives. The modern backsplash provides this kitchen with a fascinating and gorgeous look.

Modern Art Deco Gold and Silver Hexagon Backsplash with Dark Brown Wood Cabinets

You can never go wrong with the combination of gold and silver. These two colors make everything fancy and elegant. In this breathtaking U – shaped kitchen, the backsplash gets all the attention with the gold and silver hexagon detail. The backsplash brings light to the space and makes the U – shaped area look roomy. Installing open shelves and a large window supports the spacious look. The dark flat panel cabinets with creamy countertops blend with the backsplash perfectly. Also, the kitchen cabinets give calm energy to the cooking space. The glass-made pendant lights and silver cabinet holders match this luxurious modern backsplash.

Art Deco Hexagon Backsplash

Cubism and Futurism are the main inspirations of the art deco style. Using a very trendy hexagon backsplash is a brilliant idea to highlight this inspiration. Art deco hexagon backsplash provides an aesthetic and vibrant look to the kitchen. And the hexagon is a modern and artistic shape. You can combine the backsplash with neutral-colored shaker style or flat panel style cabinets. Also, preferring dark–colored cabinets is convenient to make the hexagon backsplash the star of the area. So, an art deco hexagon backsplash is a pleasing choice to give an extraordinary and contemporary look to the kitchen space.

Art Deco Black and White Hexagon Backsplash with White Shaker Style Cabinets

Hexagon backsplash is the perfect way to add character to the kitchen. The black detail on the backsplash adds contrast to this white-dominated kitchen. This hexagon backsplash looks elegant and trendy. The white shaker-style cabinets blend with it perfectly. Using parquet flooring adds warmth to the space. Wooden barstools with black metal legs, and the use of silver on the kitchen items such as the oven and faucet help to add an industrial style to the kitchen. Also, the greyness of the kitchen island prevents white from making the cooking space look cold and dull.

Art Deco Black and White Hexagon Backsplash with White Shaker Style Cabinets and Light–Colored Wood Kitchen Island

Art deco hexagon backsplash is the best way to add some glam to white contemporary kitchens. The use of two different kinds of wood, one for flooring and the other for the kitchen island, provides a warm feeling to the space and helps us to pay attention to the beautiful black and white hexagon backsplash. The white shaker-style cabinets match perfectly with the backsplash and wooden parts of the kitchen. The chrome cabinet handles, and faucet continues the harmony with the dark flooring and balances the white look. This choice prevents eye strain caused by the white color.

Art Deco Linear Hexagon Backsplash with White Glass – Front and Shaker Style Cabinets

This art deco hexagon backsplash gives the kitchen a sleek look. The white glass-front cabinets and white shaker-style cabinets make the stunning backsplash stand out. This linear hexagon backsplash adds character and a luxurious look to the space. The golden handles on the kitchen cabinets and the silver stove blend perfectly together. Also, they add shimmer to the kitchen. Preferring a white aspirator enables us to admire the beauty of the hexagon backsplash. And the wood and neutral-colored decorative items not only balance the look but also add color to the space.


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Hexagon Backsplash with Grey Open Shelves and Light Grey Shaker Style Cabinets

This shiny hexagon backsplash looks dreamy with grey open shelves and light grey shaker-style cabinets. Using grey tones with a wood countertop provides a modern and stylish look to the kitchen. The hexagon backsplash adds style and texture to the space. Choosing modest cabinets and countertops allows for highlighting the backsplash. White decoration items such as picture frames and vases bring more light to the cooking space. Putting colorful accessories into the cooking area is an easy and brilliant way to bring joy to the area. Also, the silver kitchen cabinet handles blend beautifully with the art deco hexagon backsplash.

Grey and White Ceramic Hexagon Backsplash with White Shaker Style Cabinets

Hexagon backsplash is always a clever way to create a fashionable and unique kitchen environment. The grey and white ceramic hexagon backsplash give a personality to this kitchen. Also, it provides a fabulous and unique look to the space. To highlight the backsplash preferring white as the dominant color is a great choice. The white shaker-style cabinets with white quartz countertops blend amazingly with beige and blue walls and the backsplash. Silver cabinet handles and a silver oven adds glamour to the space. Also, blue walls, wood open shelves, and green plants bring a heartwarming feeling to this spacious and bright kitchen.

Art Deco Ceramic Backsplash

The ceramic backsplash is one of the trendiest backsplash types nowadays. It is budget-friendly, durable, and easy to clean. In addition to these advantages, ceramic backsplash adds color and texture to the kitchen. Thus, it is a suitable backsplash type for an art deco style. Art deco ceramic backsplash helps homeowners, especially art lovers, to create a detailed and exceptional kitchen. It has many shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Art deco ceramic backsplash adds a different atmosphere to the cooking area with its customizable options. Also, it provides an amazing visual appeal and character to your kitchen. So, if you want to have an outstanding cooking space, an art deco ceramic backsplash is the best option for you.

Art Deco Linear Ceramic Backsplash with Black Shaker Style Cabinets in An Industrial Style Kitchen

This industrial and contemporary kitchen looks fabulous thanks to its ceramic backsplash. The linear ceramic backsplash feeds the jungle look the kitchen has. The lines on the backsplash look like a flower field that covers all the walls. To highlight the backsplash there are no upper kitchen cabinets. For increasing the jungle sense in space, choosing art pieces and big green plants is genius. Black shaker-style lower cabinets and a black kitchen island add modernity and an industrial style to the kitchen. Gold and black give the space an elegant vibe whereas neutral-colored barstools and light wood parquet flooring harmonize the industrial and contemporary style with art deco.

Black and White Ceramic Backsplash in A Neutral Colored Kitchen

This modern and unique kitchen looks phenomenal with the black and white backsplash. This amazing black and white triangle backsplash prevents the concrete countertop from looking boring and ordinary. The lines on the ceiling that match the white beadboard cabinets complete the art deco and modern look of the kitchen. The large window brings sunshine and nature to the kitchen space. Also, the window makes this minimalist and stylish kitchen look bigger and brighter.

What defines the Art Deco style?

The Art Deco style is a modernist art style. It uses geometrical or symmetrical shapes such as zigzag, triangular, and chevron. It is simple, clean, and sleek. This harmonious style is usually uncomplicated, also it contrasts with the avant-garde art style.

Triangle Ceramic Backsplash with Black Glass – Front and Shaker Style Cabinets

This black kitchen space is stunning. Black shaker-style and glass front cabinets with ceramic backsplash give a luxurious and fun look to the area. To avoid a dark and suffocating environment in the kitchen, painting the walls white is helpful. The black marble countertop completes the chic black look. Also, it blends perfectly with the art deco triangle ceramic backsplash. The contrast between gold and silver provides a modern and unique look and adds sparkle.

Art Deco Gold and White Linear Ceramic Backsplash and Marble Countertops with Black and White Shaker Style Countertops

This enormous black and white kitchen looks elegant and shiny thanks to the beautiful Geometric, angular, and linearity forms, bold and bright colors, use of gold, silver, black, or chrome with colors are essences of this style.artceramic backsplash. The gold and white linear details on the backsplash give shimmer to the cooking space. The gold barstool leggings and pendant lightings add richness to the area. The marble countertops blend perfectly with the art deco gold and white linear ceramic backsplash. Choosing white tile floorings helps to highlight the backsplash and the kitchen island.

What colors are Art Deco?

Bright green, red, pink, yellow, and blue tones, and neutral tones such as creams and beiges are trendy in Art Deco.

Gold Detailed Hexagon Ceramic Backsplash with Black Open Shelves and White Flat Panel Cabinets

Having a cute and colorful kitchen is very easy with a ceramic backsplash. In this kitchen, the art deco gold detailed hexagon ceramic backsplash is an attention grabber. The black open shelves and white flat panel cabinets with black laminate countertops match flawlessly with the backsplash. The white ceiling and parquet flooring make the kitchen area lighter and more spacious. The gold cabinet handles and copper-gold decorative items add more spark to the kitchen.

Art Deco Mosaic Backsplash

The mosaic backsplash is one of the most attractive backsplash types. Mosaic backsplash consists of many little tiles with glass or natural stones. These glass and natural stones give glam and brightness to the backsplash. Also, you can use mosaic backsplash in every kitchen style like art deco style. Art deco mosaic backsplash is a splendid way to bring charm and delicacy to your kitchen. You can customize the art deco mosaic backsplash because it has lots of sizes, shapes, and colors. This amazing backsplash adds an eye-catching characteristic to the space. If you want to make a fashionable and modern kitchen, an art deco mosaic backsplash is the perfect choice for you.


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Floral Mosaic and White Subway Backsplash with White Shaker Style Cabinets

This white kitchen doesn’t look boring, or ordinary thanks to the art deco mosaic backsplash. The blue floral mosaic backsplash adds color and coziness to the cooking area, and it matches perfectly with the white subway backsplash. Covering walls with the white subway backsplash completes the look. White shaker-style cabinets with white laminate countertops and the white subway backsplash widen and create an airy feeling in the L-shaped kitchen. Wooden open shelves harmonize with the blue floral mosaic backsplash. Moreover, the open shelves add warmth and modernity to the space.


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Art Deco Mosaic Backsplash in A Navy Blue Kitchen with Gold Details

The mosaic backsplash is the star of this blue kitchen. It provides style and uniqueness to the space. Its harmony with navy blue and wood shaker-style cabinets is phenomenal. The navy-blue oven and range hood match the cabinets and they look amazing with their golden details. Putting mirrors and reflective materials on the wall not only prevents having a chaotic and obscure kitchen view but also makes the area look spacious and roomy.

How to create an Art Deco Backsplash?

Use geometric patterns such as diamond and chevron—blend bold-colored cabinets with the backsplash to highlight it. Also, golden detailing creates an elegant look for the backsplash.


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Mosaic and White Subway Backsplash with White Shaker Cabinets in A Monochromatic Kitchen

The mosaic backsplash is breathtaking in this monochromatic kitchen. It looks aesthetical with the white subway backsplash. The white shaker-style cabinets with dark grey laminate countertops complete this perfect cooking space. The silver faucet and silver small kitchen handles add a contemporary look. Thanks to the art deco mosaic backsplash this kitchen design is very stylish and fresh.

Art Deco Metal Backsplash

The metallic details are the key characteristics of the art deco style. Therefore, using metal backsplash in the kitchen supports the art deco atmosphere of the space and adds glamour and elegance to the kitchen. An art deco metal backsplash is affordable, deluxe, and easy to install. It has many color and design options. Furthermore, this backsplash gives brightness and glimmer to the space. The eye-catching metallic details such as gold and silver add richness to the kitchen. So, an art deco metal backsplash is a great way to add color and pattern to the cooking space.

Gold Backsplash with Blue Shaker Style and Glass–Front Cabinets

The harmony of blue and gold is undeniable. These two colors bring style to every environment. They look stunning together. The gold backsplash gives a vintage look to the space and the blue shaker-style and glass-front cabinets with elegant golden handles complete this look. Preferring glass-front cabinets is a good idea because they not only brighten the area but also prevent the blueness becomes suffocating.

Gold Metal Subway Backsplash and Green Flat Panel Cabinets with Chrome Countertops

This ceramic metal backsplash makes the kitchen shiny and bright. Choosing green flat panel cabinets is a genius way to highlight the art deco gold metal subway backsplash. Using gold for other areas in the kitchen completes the rich gold look in the space. Also, the white ceiling and white-green spotted flooring balance the green and gold look.

What goes with Art Deco tiles?

Geometric shapes such as hexagons, squares, and other geometric-shaped mosaic tiles are good choices for Art Deco. Using black and white mosaic tiles is another option. Also, for small kitchens, reflective elements and mirror tiles are very suitable which help to create a light and spacious look. Creating elegant and stylish Art Deco-style metals like gold is a very good idea.

Metal Linear Backsplash with Black Flat Panel Cabinets

The use of metal in interior design always invites modernity to the space. The metal backsplash and dark blue flat panel cabinets with quartz countertops make this kitchen trendy and industrial. The silver cabinet handles and faucet match beautifully with the stunning backsplash. Decorating the space with glass and ceramic-made items completes the contemporary and industrial look completely.


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Golden and Black Metal Triangle Backsplash with Green Flat Panel Cabinets

This unique metal backsplash looks stunning. It is fun and stylish. The gold details on it highlight the green flat panel cabinets. Using geometrical shapes on the area always provides a contemporary look and adds pattern to minimalist spaces. The glass and metal open shelves complete the modern look and help to relieve the beauty of the backsplash. So, choosing glass as an open-shelf material is a wise idea to create industrial, art deco, and modern kitchen areas.

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