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39+ Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas

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Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas with Plants and Wicker Baskets

When designing a Scandinavian living room, you don’t need big pieces of furniture. Instead, just small tiny additions can make the entire room pop. Here, for example, plants placed in wicker baskets and round-shaped rugs with colored rims bring enough warmth and color. To enjoy their company, all you need is a ceiling-mounted swing chair made extra comfortable with a sheepskin throw.

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Scandinavian Entry with Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas

This Scandinavian entryway is characterized by a graphite wallpaper that makes the entrance instantly homey. Also, a wood bench made extra comfy with accent pillows just adds to it as a welcoming gesture. By the door, a small blackboard brings a fun twist but is quite functional too if you want to leave a welcoming message for your guests. Complementing them is an industrial-style lighting fixture and a gray runner that play it minimalist. And finally, what brings this muted off-white palette to life is a green plant adding a splash of color.

Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas

Not all kitchen designs can manage to be both minimalist and homey but Scandinavian designs do, thanks to Scandinavian home décor ideas that channel warmth and bring the right amount of texture in their own subtle ways.

Championed for their clean looks, decluttered lines, and soft and high-contrast color palettes, Scandi designs are also famous for merging functionality with aesthetics. Yet, sometimes they may look too neutral, which is warmed up with Scandinavian home décor ideas to keep monochromatic and high-contrast schemes alive and homey.

In this round-up, you find multiple Scandinavian home décor ideas and get the chance to explore what Scandinavian design is all about. Read on to get familiar with the most common strategies to incorporate a Scandinavian feeling into your home.

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Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas with Floating Shelves and Bronze Hardware

Off-whites and wood are the hallmark elements of Scandinavian designs. In this kitchen, they are introduced by shaker cabinets and floating shelves, respectively. Together they create a neutral yet warm design taken to the next level with bronze hardware. The slim silhouettes of these cabinet handles add a sleek note to the cabinet doors. In the rest, the soft color palette expands the impact of natural lights, offering a visually lightweight design that you would expect from Nordic aesthetics.

ID# 158302 | – Credit© Carter Williamson Architects

Wood Cabinet with Mermaid Tile Backsplash and Oval Mirror

Frequently used, bathrooms are spaces that we visit for self-grooming, bathing, and most importantly, relaxing. As such, bathroom designs are key to providing us with a serene atmosphere, which is best established by Scandinavian designs. A Scandinavian bathroom means light color palettes and stimulating textures- as exemplified by this bathroom. Here, the fluted-design wood cabinet with a solid stone countertop captures the Scandinavian flair. The oval mirror with its curved edges adds soft aesthetics. Likewise, the white marble mermaid tiles add another layer of curvaceous forms for visual interest. The final product fulfills all the premises of a Scandinavian look.

What is considered Scandinavian decor?

Scandinavian design is minimalist in its own way with a focus on ordinary life. By that, we mean that a Scandinavian décor has a well-defined focus on daily utility objects and home decorations. Its respect for natural materials and elegance of form finds its way through these home decors, which are evident in carpets, pillows, sheepskin throws, and kilim rugs. These texture-rich decorations are championed by Scandi homes as they bring life by adding color, pattern, or texture to monochromatic and high-contrast Scandi rooms.

In addition to those, handcrafted items and ergonomic designs are also key features of these looks. Keep in mind that Scandi decorations also aim to merge functionality with aesthetics. For example, they improve the mood and functionality of rooms with biomorphic ceramic vases and lighting fixtures with adjustable arms that offer convenient use. Additionally, graphite artworks, wood accents, and tapestries could also be added to this rich list of Scandinavian home décor ideas.

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Scandinavian Living Room with Sheepskin and Indoor Plants

This is a quite dynamic Scandinavian living room, perhaps even more dynamic than what you could expect from a Nordic design. But all the elements in it serve Scandinavian ideals, which are warm and soft textures with a breath of fresh air. For example, the sheepskin throw on the couch, a wood ladder used for accessories, and a large carpet cover the Scandinavian home décor list to a great degree. In the corner, a sun-spoiled large green indoor plant adds a touch of green. Biomorphic vases on the glass-topped coffee table, not to mention the legs of the table, also bring further interest to the design.

Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Grey blue with rusty earth tones Brazilian slate mosaic tile with red glass inserts.

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White & gray marble flower pattern floor wall mosaic tile

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White pearl and marble mixed mosaic tile, elegant look for projects.

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Soft Color Palette with Wood Floor and Rattan Lighting Fixture

Nestled under a sloping roof and opening onto a balcony, this living room is born to be Scandinavian. Its soft and warm palette rich in taupes, whites, and sepias only add to the cozy atmosphere of the room. The L-shaped couch enables various seating options. One can lie down or just sit in a relaxed way. A large carpet zones this sitting area while adding warmth underfoot. In the rest, the wood floor is fully exposed to disclose the warm and rustic feel. A rattan lighting fixture, another key Scandinavian feature, beautifully layers the interior. For final touches, a plant and a relaxing painting round up the overall look.

How to Decorate Your Home Scandinavian Style?

To create a fully-fledged Scandinavian look, home décor ideas play a significant role. Since Scandinavian designs love natural materials, light color palettes, and textures, decorations also stay loyal to these design principles. A great combination of wood floors, rugs, carpets, faux fur blankets, pillows, plants, and subtle artwork can give you a well-curated Scandi look. A mixture of different styles and elements borrowed from different eras also come together in Scandi home designs. Put better, without going over the top, you can also act a bit eclectic.

Natural Materials

From nesting wood tables to rattan chairs, wicker baskets, rattan rugs, and more, natural materials are popular in Scandinavian homes. In each corner, you can find something related to the wood or another natural form. Terrazzo and marble can also be included in this category. Perhaps not as popular as wood, they also promise longevity and sustainability.

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Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas with Natural Materials

Abundant in warm shades, this Scandinavian-style apartment is well-appointed with a rattan chair, an antique solid wood glass-front cabinet, and a timber coffee table. This way, the wood finds a form in each corner of this room. And a contemporary art print that merges a human body with a deer creates a focal point, adding depth to the room. In this Scandinavian context, such a print has more meaning, suggesting a co-living of nature and humans.

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Scandinavian Living Room with Leather Couch and White Chandelier

This light-engulfed living room enjoys its warm color palette. While the white walls provide a clean and light setup, the brown leather couch adds earthliness. A patterned large rug and pillows bring lots of patterns. Overhead, a white intriguing hand-made chandelier makes an understated statement unexpectedly. Behind, two plants inject a healthy dose of fresh green shades.

What are Scandi colors?

Neutral, soft, and monochromatic color palettes are heavily used in Scandi homes. These neutral and soft hues cover taupes, off-whites, grays, sepias, and wood. Additionally, high-contrasts are also a hallmark of Scandi designs, letting pops of black furnishings make a counterpoint to the all-white walls, which add depth to the room.

Surely, there is also room for pops of vibrant hues, though to a very modest degree. They are generally introduced by accent pieces, such as lighting fixtures, artwork, and accessories. Yellows, oranges, and blues are especially popular. Of course, warm earthy palettes -as they feel more natural-are also quite popular for those looking for extra coziness and warmth.

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Scandinavian Nursery with Wicker Crib and Faux Sheepskin Rug

Designed for a newborn baby, this Scandinavian nursery is filled with a wide range of textures. And in the way it brings them together, it is very educative and speaks to the baby’s tactile senses. From a wicker crib to a faux sheepskin rug, a wooden toy, and another soft wall accessory, each feature adds an intriguing texture that can easily calm a crying baby. The subdued color palette of the room, again, instills calmness in the space and its users.

Organic Shapes

Curvy shapes, archways, oval accent mirrors, round nesting tables, globe wall sconces, and many more. These are only some of the most popular organic shapes used frequently in addition to biomorphic ceramic vases. These nature-inspired soft aesthetic features boost the mood of the space, imparting calmness.

ID# 158309 | – Credit© Intrim Group Pty Ltd

Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas with Organic Shapes

Here we have a very minimalist living room, where the curved forms of stools and round nesting tables break up the regularity and formality of rectilinear forms. A side table also introduces an undulating form, which evokes visual interest. Altogether they counteract and soften the high-contrast color palette of the room.

Minimalist Mosaic Tiles

Modern light gray long porcelain mosaic tile

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Modern look white square white marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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Modern look, slim white marble mosaic tile, for kitchen backsplash and bathroom projects.

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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Scandinavian Family Room with Round Tables

Round tables looking like mushrooms and an oval study desk with an undulating chaise are more than enough to create soft aesthetics. This Scandinavian living room complements them with a pristine white background and an intriguing ceiling design.

ID# 158311 | – Credit© Alair Homes Forest Hill

Biomorphic Forms and Soft Carpets with Plants

This Scandinavian living room has a bit of everything. Biomorphic forms introduced by a side table, plant pot, and armchairs deepen the artistic mood of the room. Plants add a breath of fresh air. And carpets bring softness and extra comfort. All in all, it speaks to almost all senses of homeowners.

ID# 158312 | – Credit© Carter Williamson Architects

Scandinavian Dining Room with White Cabinets and Terrazzo Floor

This cozy and elegant dining room prides itself on its archway, the undulating form of white beadboard cabinets, and gray terrazzo flooring. Positioned in the center, the round dining table enjoys visual connectivity on the one hand. On the other, it feels flattered by the genteel atmosphere created pink-painted top half of the kitchen.

Earthy Color Palette

Given Scandi designs love natural materials and warmth, surely, an earthy color palette is also embraced. From green plants to wood cabinets, light sandy shades, and beige-brown rugs, each warm touch helps sculpts a natural design.


Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas with Earthy Color Palette

White-painted walls are warmed up with pieces of furniture that bring an earthy color palette. The wood table, brass-accented lighting fixture, and engineered wood flooring complement well the bright setup of the room. The incorporation of artwork and faux leather cushions play up the Scandi feel, adding to the room’s resilient yet warm look.

Where to buy Scandinavian home décor?

IKEA, Design Within Reach, Connox, Houzz, and Urban outfitters are popular places where you can buy Scandinavian home décor online.

ID# 158314 | – Credit© Ryan Linnegar Photography

Wood Floating Vanity with Geometric Tiles and Penny Round Tile Backsplash

In this Scandinavian bathroom, the interior is split into two sections. While the black penny round tile backsplash defines the vanity zone, the light gray-and-white geometric tiles characterize the bathing section. Even the bathtub itself is treated with these subtle yet eye-catching tiles that lend enough interest to the room. Going back to the vanity section, a wood-floating vanity brings the right amount of warmth and solidity. Overhead, a round accent mirror introduces an organic form for a softening effect.

Different Textures

Linen, wool, knitted and wicker accessories, faux sheepskin rugs, carpets, and pillows. All of them are used in different compositions to make a Scandi home cozier and homey.


Scandinavian Bedroom with Different Textures and Carpet

In this Scandinavian bedroom, the bed layered with multiple textures is made extra cozy and comfortable. The wool blankets, linen sheets, and cluster of accent pillows make the bed extra alluring and inviting. Likewise, the first thing the users feel when they emerge from the bed is a large soft carpet underfoot. Surrounding people with tons of texture, Nordic designs are surely experts at layering rooms. Here, also, the floor-to-ceiling window shades dress the gridded windows to navigate the entrance of natural lights. The rest is furnished in a very minimalist way to play up the abundant textures.

ID# 158316 | – Credit© Sha Studio Inc.

Nordic Living Room with Accent Pillows and Graphite Artwork

Abiding by Scandinavian aesthetics, this living room also promotes engagement with different textures. From the accent pillows to the patterned blanket, and soft fabric of the sofa, each piece enhances the texture repertoire of the room. A pair of graphite artwork with wood pieces of furniture complement this Scandi aesthetic.

ID# 158317 | – Credit© Project 22 Design Inc

Scandinavian Living Room with Faux Sheepskin Carpet

The showstopper of this Scandi-design living room is without a doubt the faux sheepskin carpet. And it is ready to flatter and pet the feet of its users. The gray couch, on the other side, is made more alluring with a collection of variously-shaped pillows. Each features a different texture, pattern, and shade, ensuring visual and tactile diversity.

Black & White Contrast

High-contrast color themes are as popular as monochromatic and warm color palettes in Scandinavian designs. Generally, the pitch-black couches and dining tables with dining chairs paint a sharp contrast to the plain white walls. While some designers soften it with warm accents or sheepskin carpets, some keep it as it is and use statement pendants.

ID# 158318 | – Credit© Hibou Design & Co.

Scandinavian Bathroom with Black Vanity and Penny Round Tiles

This Scandinavian high-contrast bathroom surely knows how to make bathing and self-grooming routines more enjoyable. First of all, it is led through a black sliding door, which makes the entrance more convenient. Secondly, above the mirrors read “Elle” and “Lui”- she and him-, assigning couples to their own section. It adds a very fun twist with a sense of humor. And in the rest, the black double vanity anchors the entire room, punctured by brass accents. Overhead, a duo of mid-century-inspired wall sconces adds to the stylish character of the room. The white penny round tiles continue on the floor, providing lots of traction while making it almost impossible to slip.

ID# 158319 | – Credit© SmithErickson Designs

Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas with Black and White Contrast

Here, the black dining table with black spindle chairs creates a focal point, enveloped by white-painted walls. The epitome of one of the most favored Scandi-looks, this dining room features a high-contrast theme. Overhead, an artful chandelier reimagined in a modern context creates a visual statement. Behind, a monochromatic print also winks at its users, while thin curtains let sunlight pour into space. Complementing and offsetting this color scheme is also engineered wood flooring that radiates warmth.

ID# 158320 | – Credit© SmithErickson Designs

Subway Tile Backsplash with White Shaker Cabinets and Black Hardware

This light-filled monochromatic kitchen is added contrast with black hardware and a faucet. Taken up to the ceiling, the white ceramic subway tile backsplash creates a clean background. The small wood floating shelves further puncture the design, layering it with a sense of warmth. On the floor, a floral-patterned rug brings some texture. All in all, a Scandinavian design comes alive full-fledged in this room, where contrasts, brightness, natural elements, and texture all come together skillfully.

Greenery Elements

Scandinavian designs love creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. And the best way to achieve that is to introduce the interior space to plant life. Small or big, get many indoor plants, such as Monstera or the so-called Swiss cheese plant. You can even use them in abundance in bathroom designs to add splashes of color to neutral Scandi designs. Plus, getting plants also help boost your mood, adding a new dynamic to the interior.

ID# 158322 | – Credit© Sha Studio Inc.

Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas with Indoor Plants

Wicker plates, ergonomic chairs, and a biomorphic coffee table sculpt a perfect Scandinavian look for this living room. And a beautiful plant behind the seating area adds a breath of fresh air, enlivening the earthy color palette of the room.

ID# 158323 | – Credit© SHIFT Interiors

Light-filled Living Room with Muted Color Palette

Though they may look unfinished to some, plain white walls are a way to keep the interior lighter to compensate for the cold dark days. This lively living room, likewise, embraces white for the walls. The wood furnishings and muted couches liven up the interior to a degree, while a Swiss cheese plant brings a pop of color.

How do I add color to Scandinavian design?

Scandinavian designs basically live for neutral color schemes and calmness. So, they don’t like bombarding their users with bursts of color. Rather, they prefer to integrate them in subtle and unexpected ways and mostly through decorations. For example, accent pillows, art prints, plants, rugs, and other accessories are the best ways to add color to Scandinavian designs.

ID# 158324 | – Credit

Scandinavian Home Office with Wood Desk and Indoor Plants

Exposing the outdoor views, the untreated window lets the greenery be an inspiration for the interior design. And this beautiful nature translates into a wood desk and indoor plants inside the room. Complementing them are soft pillows, a faux sheepskin throw, and a kilim rug that add to the overall design aesthetic. Altogether, they make the room more alluring, ensuring it speaks to the tactile senses of its users.

ID# 158325 | – Credit© Carter Williamson Architects

White Beadboard Cabinet with Terrazzo Floor and Wood Coffee Tables

Outfitted with a white beadboard cabinet, wood coffee tables, and a timber open cabinet, this living room abides by Scandinavian aesthetics. The natural materials and textures all find a correspondence in the furnishings. Lush plants sprinkled here and there supply the room with freshness and a jolt of color. A green bulky couch strengthens the impact of green shades, while the terrazzo floor ensures the sustainability of the floor design.

ID# 158326 | – Credit© Breathe Architecture

Scandinavian Bathroom with Plants and Brass Hardware

A bathroom or jungle or perhaps both? This Scandinavian bathroom goes with a muted and neutral color palette, keeping the design downplayed. Light gray marble mosaic flooring introduces a subtle hint of color. By contrast, the brass showerhead and brass faucet radiate warmth to give the room a healthier look. Accompanying them is also a cluster of green plants that create a tropical environment. Bringing outdoors in, these plants make showering a memorable and rejuvenating experience in this bathroom.

Different Wood Tones

Using natural elements, yes, is a significant part of Scandi designs. But integrating different wood tones is also beneficial to bring further depth and dimension to a space. Mixing dark and light tones with white oak, walnut, and pine furnishings, curate a very Scandi feel.


Marble Slab Backsplash and Wood Cabinets with Wood Floor

This gorgeous Scandi kitchen shows off its white marble slab backsplash. Taken up to the ceiling, it creates a statement movement, extending on the countertops for cohesiveness. In the rest of the room, wooden base counters and full-height cabinets form part of the design, contrasted by a black kitchen island. The soft and warm palette, this way, is counteracted to create a high contrast Scandi designs adore. The black slim and oversized cabinet handles add a big statement in their own way to coordinate with the island. And a rug in soft warm shades lends extra intrigue and interest, partially cladding the wood flooring.

ID# 158328 | – Credit© Sha Studio Inc.

Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas with Wood Table and Art Prints

Abounding in natural textures and materials, this cozy corner in a Scandi living room lives up to its potential. It is generously outfitted with two different designs of wood furnishings. The modern and abstract art prints befriend them, adding subtle hints of warm colors. Accessories, books, and naked branches round up the look while injecting personality into the space.

Pops of Color

We are all accustomed to seeing neutral and muted color schemes in Scandinavian home designs. But this doesn’t mean that there is no place for pops of colors. When introduced as accent pieces, pops of colors are also welcomed to enliven the interior.

ID# 158329 | – Credit© Alair Homes Forest Hill

Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas with Pops of Color

Sometimes minimalism is misinterpreted when it comes to Scandinavian designs. Though Scandinavian spaces love minimalist and clutter-free looks, they also embrace pops of color and pattern. In this design movement, as long as meticulously curated, each décor element comes with a heightened aesthetic value, which is celebrated by the Scandinavian style. This living room, for example, is one of the ultimate examples. Outfitted with an open cabinet filled with accessories and a gallery wall of art prints, it orchestrates a colorful and rhythmic look. And a yellow armless chair adds a pop of color.

ID# 158330 | – Credit© PlaidFox Studio

A Gallery Wall of Artprints with a Corner Fireplace and Wood Accents

In addition to light wood accents and pieces of furniture, muted blue hues add a subtle hint of color. While the corner fireplace is accentuated by a blue-painted wall, the adjacent wall exhibits a large collection of colorful prints. Without screaming at your face, they inject layers of color to bring a rejuvenating impact and curate a more impactful design.

ID# 158331 | – Credit© PlaidFox Studio

Scandinavian Bedroom with Pops of Color

Thanks to a pink lamp, yellowish-orange bed linen, and introduced plant life, this Scandinavian bedroom abounds in bright hues. And this spiced-up room is surely a satisfying design, offering the kind of design one would enjoy seeing every morning.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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Modern chevron backsplash tile, white gray brown color mixed chevron tile

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ID# 158332 | – Credit© ASANTI HOMES

Scandinavian Kid’s Bedroom with White Cabinets and Accent Pillows

Placed in an alcove by the windows, a bed couch offers a cozy and relaxed spot for children. Its blue bed adds a splash of color, while accent pillows make it more welcoming. On both sides of it are also white open cabinets that pack some books and toys, keeping everything fully exposed for easy access.

Statement Lighting

Oversized pendants, modern chandeliers, and ergonomic mid-century-inspired fixtures are popular statement lighting designs. They help create visual focal points, especially popular in dining rooms.

ID# 158333 | – Credit© PURE Design Inc.

Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas with Statement Lighting Fixtures

Natural light is key for a Scandinavian home, which is almost considered an element that takes part in the design. And the white walls just propose a neutral setup to be more inviting for lights. Though, in this dining room, they come with an extra benefit as the white flat-front full-height cabinets just blend into the walls seamlessly. And this achromatic setup lets the statement lighting be the focal point while the exterior of the lighting fixtures reminds us of sea shells, bringing a coastal flair. Under them, the timber wishbone stools receive a soft message from sheepskin throws that make them extra stylish and comfortable.

ID# 158334 | – Credit© Sha Studio Inc.

Mid-Century Style Lighting Fixture and Wood Table

Since mid-century and Scandinavian designs share similar design principles, they don’t mind borrowing from each other – as proven by this lovely dining room. Here, a mid-century-inspired lighting fixture acts as the highlight piece of the design. With its adjustable arms, it is very ergonomic, offering convenient use. As such, it also completely changes the definition of a chandelier, merging aesthetics with functionality. Below it, the dark wood table feels modern yet rustic in its own way, serving as another focal point.

What is Scandinavian-style furniture?

Emerging in the 20th century, the Scandinavian style is a design movement that focuses on functionality and simplicity without sacrificing aesthetics. Its main focus is to create calm designs that are light-filled, mostly monochromatic, and fitted with clean-lined furnishings. So, Scandinavian-style furniture refers to ergonomic and modern designs devoid of any ornate details. Rather, it adopts a clean approach that seeks functionality, ease of use, and simplicity.

Another definitive asset of Scandinavian design is the use of organic forms. In Scandi homes, curved and soft-edged pieces of furniture populate dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. Mostly carved out of wood, these furnishings also take their cues from nature and emulate organic patterns found in nature. This way, a seamless transition is aimed between inside and outside.

So, don’t only look for extremely geometric, minimalist, and angular forms. Soft and curved designs also count as Scandi furniture, especially when they are presented in organic materials.

That being said, it is also important to mention that Scandi designs borrow from different designs such as Mid-century-modern given their principles share a lot in common. The same goes for Boho-Scandi designs as well. In that sense, Scandinavian design is very inclusive in the way it incorporates different elements from different styles as well.

ID# 158335 | – Credit© ASANTI HOMES

Whitewashed Brick Walls with Banquette and Accent Hats

Adjoined to an open-plan kitchen, this Scandinavian dining room accommodates a cozy black banquette leaning against the whitewashed brick walls. The black wishbone stools pair with the dining table and a statement lighting fixture. With its undulating form, it introduces an organic form. Also, different styles of hats in various colors hung on the wall serve as accents in this room.

ID# 158336 | – Credit

Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas with White Paper Lantern

Perhaps Asian-inspired this white giant paper lantern acts very Scandinavian in this context. Dropped all the way down over a dining table, it is enjoying a moment of its own. And behind it, butterfly-like wall accessories peek out behind, adding depth to the all-white plain walls. Overhead, ceiling moldings and architectural details emphasize the unique architectural features of the apartment. And high-ceilings and oversized windows already make this dining room privileged.

Minimalist Details

A minimalist detail could be a wall ledge used as storage instead of a wall rack. Or a bathroom can go with integrated sinks rather than vessel sinks. The reason why such minimalist details are favored in Scandi designs is that they prefer a clean and sleek-lined look. With practical and smart storage solutions and well-integrated pieces, they support their minimalist furnishings. One reason to avoid ornate details is that they are regarded as excessive as they interrupt the energy flow in the room.

ID# 158337 | – Credit© Michelle Berwick Design

Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas with Minimalist Details for Bathrooms

A wall floating shelf or cabinet is replaced with a wall edge in this Scandi bathroom design. It is practical and minimalist to store a few accessories and a pair of candles to create a more romantic atmosphere.

Decorative Mosaic Tiles

Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Beige glass rhomboid design kitchen backsplash tile

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Black & white color with crackle glass kitchen backsplash tile

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White Beige Marble Elegant Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Luxury marble and mother of pearl mixed mosaic tile

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Mother of Pearl Waterjet White Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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ID# 158338 | – Credit© Alloy Homes Incorporated

Herringbone Tile Backsplash and Double Wood Vanity with Integrated Sinks

All-sleek and minimalist! This Scandinavian bathroom design is well-appointed with a wooden flat-front vanity. It is suspended to keep the floor level free. The herringbone tile backsplash extends on the floor to retain integrity. This way, the bathroom also stays more minimalist rather than mixing different tile styles, colors, or patterns. Additionally, the use of integrated sinks rather than vessel sinks help create a much sleeker look. Lastly, a frameless wall-to-wall mirror blends effortlessly into the background.

ID# 158339 | – Credit© Alair Homes Forest Hill

Scandinavian Closet with Minimalist Details and High Contrast Theme

Here the floor-to-ceiling black cabinets make the space feel taller. And a cozy nook is illuminated by LED strip lighting that diffuses warm lights. To create a seamless look, it is also kept black.

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