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60+ Living Room Ideas

Contemporary Living Room With Multicolored Rustic Decor

ID# 115720 | Source – CreditBrandt Construction LLC | © Jacob Snavely

Luxury Living Room with Multicolored Rustic Decor

This mountain house offers a luxurious living room that has a warm character and a comforting atmosphere with its rich color palette used in white walls, concrete tile floors, chic rustic-inspired furnitures, and tasteful decorative elements.

Transitional Living Room With White Marble Fireplace

ID# 115707 | Source – Credit© JSE Interior Design

Transitional Living Room with White Marble Fireplace

This large open concept living room is a fine example of incorporating a crisp color palette into a luxurious design with its white paneled walls, white beamed ceiling, light wood floor, white marble fireplace, and contemporary furnitures with blue and gold accents.

Chic, Elegant, and Luxury Living Room Ideas

The luxurious look is not an impossible ideal; it is an aesthetic you can achieve with tasteful décor and choosing the right design approach. Also, luxury does not mean the most expensive-looking furnitures or having the most dazzling materials. If you like the rustic style or minimal interiors-it can look the highest quality it ever can be! Check out our luxury living room ideas to renovate your house beautifully!

Fill out your living room with luxury decors

For your living room, you can find the best luxury option within our selection. You can create a suitable design, or you can pick up the materials, objects, and furniture that have been shown in the project. You will see how with the right composition; luxury is at your fingertips. Enjoy the lots of different options of glamorous living rooms!

White Living Room With Marble Fireplace And Luxurious Decor

ID# 115701 | Source – Credit | © Gina Holz Designs, Inc.

Modern Sitting Set with Marble Fireplace and Bronze Coffee Table

This mid-sized open concept living room is a bright, calming spot with its white walls, light wood floors, marble fireplace, and luxurious contemporary furnitures.

Contemporary Living Room With Pastel Toned Luxurious Design

ID# 115702 | Source – CreditDavid Scott Interiors | © Gianni Franchellucci

Contemporary Living Room with Pastel Toned Luxurious Design

This chic living room with white walls, wood floors, white ceiling, gray velvet sofa, side tables, and gray carpet mixes a soft attitude of pastel-colored elements and a luxurious feeling in this beautiful apartment.

Luxurious Living Room With Blue Walls And Contemporary Design

ID# 115703 | Source – Credit© Cook Construction

Navy Blue Wall Paint with Blue Bubble Chandelier

This colorful living room has impressive dark blue walls and a ceiling that creates an intimate atmosphere. The contemporary style is complemented by a mix of beautiful luxurious furniture and design element.

Open Concept Living Room With Double Height And Wood Floors

ID# 115704 | Source – Credit © Photolux Commercial Studio

Open Concept Luxury Living Room with Double Height and Wood Floors

This open concept, the contemporary living room is a perfectly serene and bright area with a rich color palette of white walls, light wood upholstered floors, luxurious gray and burgundy furnitures with silver accents.

Contemporary Living Room With Dark Wood Wall Design

ID# 115705 | Source – Credit© Esra Kazmirci Mimarlik

Contemporary Family Room with Dark Wood Wall Design

This chic, contemporary living room consisting of dark wood floors, a white ceiling with a geometric pattern, dark wood-paneled walls with gold metal accents has the most tasteful furnitures and the cozy warm palette to create a luxurious interior.

Contemporary Living Room With Forest Themed Mural Design

ID# 115706 | Source – CreditAmy Lau Design | © Steven Kent Johnson

Contemporary Living Room with Forest Themed Mural Wall Art

This highly impressive contemporary living room manages to evoke an inspirational vision with its beige walls, medium brown wood floors, an artistic forest-themed mural white and gold luxurious decor offering moments of tranquil pause for creative reflection. This wall art is the main piece of the room.

Brownstone Living Room With Earth Toned Luxurious Design

ID# 115708 | Source – Credit© Blackstock Photography

Brownstone Living Room with Earth Toned Luxurious Design

This romantic mid-sized living room with light wood floors, white walls, and a standard fireplace is the perfect cozy yet luxurious room within a Brownstone apartment. Incorporating a warm, earth-toned palette, classic seating and sophisticated elements creates a beautiful resting area.

Transitional Living Room With Beige Paneled Wall

ID# 115709 | Source – Credit© Jonathan Adler

Transitional Luxury Living Room with Starburst Chandelier

A luxurious take on an elegant transitional style in this large open concept living room brings the richness of a warm palette and mix patterns and the dynamism of contemporary furniture with dark brown wood floors and beige paneled walls.

Contemporary Double Height Living Room With Gray Walls

ID# 115710 | Source – Credit© Shakuff

Double-Height Luxury Living Room with Gray Walls

This bright and luxurious living room radiates a magical vibe with its double-height ceiling, light gray walls, contemporary furniture that has a purple and gray palette.

Luxurious Living Room With Orange And White Minimalist Decor

ID# 115711 | Source – Credit© Natalia Neverko Design

Luxurious Living Room with Orange and White Minimalist Decor

This beautiful minimalist interior design offers a luxurious yet fun design aesthetic with its white walls, concrete floors, completed with white modern furnitures with bright orange accents. Large orange wall decor completes the theme.

Monochrome Living Room With Double Height Ceiling

ID# 115712 | Source – Credit© Amy Lau Design

Monochrome Luxury Living Room with Double-Height Ceiling

This open concept living room with light wood floors and white walls features an impressive double-height ceiling and has designed with luxurious decor including the monochrome contemporary furnitures with gold accents.

Luxurious Living Room With Dark Wood Ceiling And Beige Palette

ID# 115713 | Source – Credit© Darcy Bonner & Associates

Luxurious Family Room with Dark Wood Ceiling and Beige Palette

This large living room presents a luxurious and contemporary interior complimenting the gorgeous urban view with its triple-height, dark wood ceiling, dark wood floors, and chic beige furnitures that has a timeless style.

Contemporary Living Room With Wood And Marble Walls

ID# 115714 | Source – Credit© 2id Interiors

Contemporary Family Room with Wood and Marble Walls

This living room has a mix of different materials that have enriched its luxurious décor, consisting of beige ceramic tile floors, dark wood ceiling, dark wood-paneled and marble tiles, and chic contemporary furniture with a splash of red.

Mid Sized Living Room With A Cozy Contemporary Style

ID# 115715 | Source – Credit© Design Solutions

Mid-Sized Living / Dining Room with a Cozy Contemporary Style

This romantic yet luxurious living room design perfectly reflects the cozy aspect of contemporary style with its Mid-Century inspired furnitures, light brown wood floors, white walls completed with a warm, neutral palette.

Modern Living Room With Dark Wood Interior And Beige Decor

ID# 115716 | Source – Credit© Lencioni Construction

Modern Living Room with Dark Wood Interior and Beige Decor

This striking modern living room offers a luxurious interior designed with a cohesive approach, including dark wood walls and floors, complete with iconic beige furnitures.

Luxurious Living Room With Black Fireplace And Minimalist Decor

ID# 115717 | Source – Credit© Mark Brand Architecture

Luxurious Living Room with Black Fireplace and Minimalist Decor

The ideal contemporary and luxurious living room in this beautiful San Francisco, facing the breathtaking urban views. The view is complemented by the unique yet simple furniture selection, medium brown wood floors, white walls, and a striking black fireplace design as a focal point.

Contemporary Living Room With Blue And Purple Palette

ID# 115718 | Source – Credit | © Megan Grehl

Elegant Sitting Group with Oversized Abstract Painting

A mid-sized living room with white walls, double-height ceiling, medium tone wood floor, sleek contemporary furnitures with beautiful shades of blue, purple, and beige with black accents that completes the luxurious look.

Luxury Living Room With Rustic Wood Shiplap Walls

ID# 115719 | Source – Credit© Lavka-Design

Luxury Living Room with Rustic Wood Shiplap Walls

This gorgeous living room has designed with luxurious rustic style medium brown wood shiplap walls, wood ceiling, beige toned furnitures with brown accents, stone floors, and a beige stone ribbon fireplace which makes the room the perfect cozy spot for resting and gathering.

Contemporary Living Room With Luxurious Wooden Interior

ID# 115721 | Source – Credit© Paul Uhlmann Architects

Farmhouse Living Room with Luxurious Wooden Interior

This barn-inspired luxurious house offers a unique, open concept living room that celebrates the rustic style and earth tones of a rural setting used in wood walls, wood hip ceiling, slate floors, comfortable furnitures with colorful pattern accents.

Open Concept Rustic Living Room With Stone Fireplace

ID# 115722 | Source – Credit© SAV Digital Environments

Open Concept Rustic Living Room with Stone Fireplace

Interior designer created amazing design! This bright and spacious living room features an exposed beam wood ceiling, wood, and beige walls, medium brown wood floors, contemporary furnitures with luxurious elements which adds a fresh take to a rustic setting.

Contemporary Living Room With Luxurious Blue And Gray Decor

ID# 115723 | Source – Credit© Ardent Architects Pty Ltd.

Contemporary Living Room with Luxurious Blue and Gray Decor

This mid-sized living room with a blue, gray, and black palette has a serene atmosphere and offers a luxurious setting to rest and gather. The room features medium brown wood floors, white walls, a black fireplace, and chic contemporary furniture.

Minimalist Living Room With Double Height And Multicolored Decor

ID# 115724 | Source – Credit© Proto Homes, LLC

Minimalist Family Room with Double-Height and Multicolored Decor

This bright and uplifting living room incorporates a contemporary color palette to an updated luxurious style using concrete floors, white walls, and minimalist furniture selection.

Contemporary Living Room With Stone Walls And Exposed Beams

ID# 115725 | Source – Credit© RKD Architects, Inc

Contemporary Living Room with Stone Walls and Exposed Beams

A beautiful mix of industrial and rustic style in this mountain house offers a luxurious living room designed with white and stone walls, a stone fireplace, an exposed beamed ceiling, dark concrete tile floors, and beige furniture with wood accents.

Chic Industrial Living Room With All Black Interior

ID# 115726 | Source – Credit© N.concept建築計画

Chic Industrial Living Space with All-Black Interior

This industrial luxury living room is designed around a simple yet very luxurious aesthetic and completed with a concrete tile floor, white walls, black metal ceiling with skylight, and black metal feature all around.

Industrial Living Room With Black Beams And Multicolored Decor

ID# 115727 | Source – CreditRuhl Studio Architects | © Tony Luong

Industrial Family Room with Black Beams and Multicolored Decor

This renovated, Mid-Century Modern house features an industrial-style living room designed to complement the original setting using a multicolored palette. The design blends luxurious elements and the edge of industrial style including exposed black beams, white walls, exposed concrete ceiling, light-toned concrete floors, and modern furnitures.

Industrial Apartment Living Room With Colorful Luxurious Interior

ID# 115728 | Source – Credit© Think Construction

Industrial Apartment Living Room with a Touch of Red

This industrial living room features a contemporary approach to a multicolored luxurious design achieved by its medium tone wood floors, white walls, neutral-toned décor with red accents complimenting the dynamic interior setting.

Open Concept Minimalist Living Room With Concrete Interior

ID# 115729 | Source – Credit© Hudson Design Architecture & Construction Mgmt

Open Concept Minimalist Living Space with Concrete Interior

This cozy open concept luxury living room has a luxurious mix of different textures, complemented with contemporary elements including brick and white walls, hip ceiling with black exposed beams, concrete tile floors, and comfortable furniture. Also, the open kitchen features black cabinets.

Unique Living Room Design With Red Walls And Black Beams

ID# 115730 | Source – Credit© ADesign

Industrial Living Space with Unique Red Home Library

A mid-sized, contemporary living room designed around a striking red library and features exposed black beams with its luxurious style. The unique design also includes black walls, white wood floors, and tasteful contemporary furniture.

Industrial Living Room With Wood And Concrete Walls

ID# 115731 | Source – Credit© Donaire Milans Arquitectos

Industrial Living Room with Wood and Concrete Walls

This impressive living room is designed with rustic-inspired wood elements and industrial style. The room has wood and concrete walls, a concrete floor, a wood-beamed hip ceiling, a white fireplace, and neutral-toned luxurious decor.

Industrial Living Room With Multicolored Contemporary Style

ID# 115732 | Source – Credit© Stephen Sugg Photography and Video

Industrial Living Room with Multicolored Contemporary Style

This energetic and fun living room design incorporates a luxurious style in an industrial house with multicolored walls, orange epoxy floors, and competed with a mix of contemporary furnitures.

Luxurious Living Room With Brick Fireplace And Rustic Style

ID# 115733 | Source – Credit© Pinnacle Mountain Homes

Luxurious Living Room with Brick Fireplace and Rustic Style

This beautiful, rustic mountain estate features a luxurious living room with the characteristics of contemporary style. The room has special design elements including medium brown wood floors, brick, and black metal fireplace, wood hip ceiling, and chic furnitures.

Luxurious Mountain Estate Living Room With Rustic Style

ID# 115734 | Source – Credit© Creative Home Elements Ltd.

Luxurious Mountain Estate Living Room with Rustic Style

The gorgeous mountain house offers an elegant living room with a wood vaulted ceiling, white walls, medium brown wood floors, white and beige luxurious decor that brightens up the atmosphere.

Rustic Living Room With Black Metal Fireplace And Minimalist Decor

ID# 115735 | Source – Credit© Think Architecture, Inc.

Rustic Living Room with Black Metal Fireplace and Minimalist Decor

This serene, rustic luxury living room in a luxurious mountain house has the ultimate calming atmosphere achieved by warm, minimalist decor. The room offers white and wood walls, exposed metal beams, a wood ceiling, a black metal ribbon fireplace, medium tone wood floors, and a minimalist furniture selection with shades of beige.

Luxurious Living Room With Earth Toned Rustic Style Decor

ID# 115736 | Source – Credit© Harvest Timber Specialty Products

Luxurious Living Room with Earth Toned Rustic Style Decor

This large rustic luxury living room is filled with the warmth of earth tones used along with a luxurious aesthetic of dark slate floors, beige walls, and a rich selection of contemporary furnitures.

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