Living Room Wallpaper Ideas Monochrome, Colorful, Neutral and More!

33+ Room Wallpaper Ideas

ID# 108918 | – Credit© Wallpaperdirect UK

Black Living Room with Palm Leaf Wallpaper and Leather Sofa

The ultimate sophistication of the black surrounds the whole atmosphere in this eclectic living room. The black leather sofa provides a comfortable yet elegant look. The palm leaf patterns of the black wallpaper bring dynamism to the design while carpeted floor enhancing the cozy feel. The gold sconces, coffee table, and table lamp add a dose of sparkle.

ID# 108902 | – Credit© Jere Bradwell

Traditional Living Room with Blue and Green Accents

This modern updated wallpaper takes this room to a level you cannot achieve with paint alone. The blue and green patterns of the wallpaper are complemented by pillows and an armchair. The cream sofa, stark white windows, wainscoting, and ceiling accent the beautiful seashore blue and green colors. The wooden coffee table and beige patterned rug bring warmth to the atmosphere.

Chic, Timeless, and Elegant Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpaper is a great way to inject a personality into the room. If you are looking for some inspiration to liven up your walls, scroll down and find beautiful living room wallpaper ideas that will help you to decorate your living room in imposing styles.

Fresh-up your living room with a wallpaper

When it comes to making a statement in your living room, wallpaper is the best way to do it. It can transform your space easily and usually cheaply. You can use the wallpaper to make the space feel larger or create a focal point with a vibrant colored one or cover all the walls. Whether it is a splashy and whimsical mural, or a traditional style, these living room wallpaper ideas will inspire you to design your living room with stunning wallpapers!

Be brave, find colors that match your style, and adapt them to your living room!

ID# 108901 | – Credit© Jere Bradwell

Blue and White Living Room with Wood Touches

The coastal living room offers an inviting atmosphere with a blue and white color scheme. Crisp whites and seaside blues make this room vibrant yet very relaxing. The blue floral wallpaper brings a romantic look. The wallpaper is complemented by white wainscoting. The small wooden touches bring a coastal feel between blues and whites.


ID# 108903 | – Credit | © Australian Interior Design Awards

Comfortable Sofa with Black Coffee Table and Sconce

The large gray and black sofa offers a comfortable resting nook with a beautiful backdrop. The gray and yellow patterned wallpaper dominates the room without overwhelming. The minimalist style of the living room is complemented by the black coffee table, black sconce, and wood-framed artwork.

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White Beige Marble Elegant Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Luxury marble and mother of pearl mixed mosaic tile

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Mother of Pearl Waterjet White Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 108904 | – Credit© Svenskt Tenn

Colorful Living Room Wallpaper Ideas with Wood Furniture

If you want to go bold, this wallpaper design might be your solution! Josef Frank’s wonderfully bright and indulgent wallpaper design surrounds nearly every surface and creates an eye-catching backdrop. The same pattern is used also on the sofa that almost disappears in front of the wall. The wooden living room furniture provides plenty of opportunities to sit and ponder the design.

ID# 108905 | – CreditThe Sibarist Property & Homes | © Pedro de Agustín

Blue Velvet Sofa with Beige Ottoman and Patterned Rug

Creative wallpaper designs can be great ideas for small spaces. In this apartment living room, the beautiful street view is used on the wallpaper. That beautiful backdrop brings depth to the room and makes space feel larger. The blue velvet sofa and large beige ottoman are placed next to the wallpaper. The blue and white patterned rug adds a texture to space and complements the sofa.


ID# 108906 | – Credit© Wallpaperdirect UK

Pink Chair with Teal Side Tables and Colorful Wallpaper

A combination of the pink chair, teal side tables, and colorful floral wallpaper offer a cozy and joyful reading nook. The bold and striking look of the flower, butterfly, and fruit motifs create an all-over riot of color. Painting the wooden furniture in the same color combination with the wallpaper provides a completed look.

ID# 108907 | – CreditReveny | © Björn Johansson

High Ceiling Simple Living Room Ideas with Gray Wallpaper

Thank the high ceiling and large window opening, the minimalist living room has a bright and spacious atmosphere. The gray l-shape sofa is placed next to the window to maximumly take advantage of the natural light. Different patterned pillows and black and white rugs bring a cozy look. The gray wallpaper and black-framed paintings create an accent while the wood floor and side tables adding warmth.


ID# 108908 | – Credit© Habachy Designs

Tree Birch Living Room Wallpaper Ideas with Luxury Furniture

In this contemporary living room, the tree birch wallpaper complements the elegant look created by living room furniture. The white armchairs, black buffet, black onyx coffee table, and accessories create a luxury living room design.

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White Hexagon Marble Look Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Beachy brown & beige slate natural shell & glass mosaic backsplash tile

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Multi Color Marble Diamond Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 108909 | – Credit© Avalana Design

Sunset Jaguar Wall Mural with Green Velvet Armchair

The stunning hand painted mural encapsulates the extraordinary beauty of our natural world and brings the jungle into the living room. The green velvet armchair, marble top coffee tables, and brass touches enhance the luxury feel of the design while the light wood floor complementing the jungle theme created by the mural.

ID# 108910 | – Credit© Making Spaces

Animal Painted Mural with White Sofa and Wood Coffee Table

The Rebel Walls Mural Cochin transforms this room into an eye-catching and unique living room design. It creates a dramatic yet joyful atmosphere and softens the square lines of the sofa and coffee table with its curving lines. The white l-shape sofa, colorful pillows, faux furs, and the natural wood coffee table complete the eclectic style.

ID# 108912 | – Credit© Barker and Stonehouse

Midcentury Modern Living Room with Geometric Wallpaper

The sophisticated mid-century modern living room offers a cozy and stylish look. The large gray armchair provides a comfortable seating area. The geometric wallpaper adds visual interest. The frameless round mirror creates a focal point on the wallpaper and softens the sharp edges of the patterns. The wooden shelf and flooring enhance the cozy feel of the atmosphere and bring warmth.


ID# 108915 | – CreditDecor Maison AB | © Secret Jardin

Brown L-shape Sofa with Cream Tufted Armchair and White Buffet

In this bright living room, the beautiful wallpaper brings to mind the stately style of the French castles. The pattern of the wallpaper consists of fine motifs, such as butterflies, numbers, plants, a magnifying glass, keys, letters, and flowers. The wallpaper design in a harmony with the soft color palette of the living room. The cream tufted armchair complements the style of the wallpaper while the brown sofa, white buffet, and marble coffee tables bringing a modern appeal.

ID# 108916 | – Credit | © Robin Petillault

Blue Sofa with Modern Gold Chandelier and Glass Coffee Table

In this transitional living room, the navy-blue sofa centralizes the large windows and creates a beautifully symmetrical look. The white armchair breaks the symmetry and provides extra seating while the glass coffee table gives an open and airy feel. The gold modern chandelier highlights the sitting area. The blue patterned wallpaper fills the spaces between the windows and adds visual interest. The wallpaper design is complemented by white wainscoting and molding frames.

ID# 108919 | – Credit© Hayley Bridges Design

Custom Wood Buffet with Oversized Artwork and Tree Birch Backdrop

In this eclectic living room, the tree birch wallpaper invites nature into the room and provides a relaxing atmosphere. Also, the monochrome color scheme of the wallpaper provides a clean contrast, so the furniture can stand out. The oversized piece of art creates a focal point on the custom wooden buffet. Blue armchairs with pink pillows, brown sofa, wooden coffee table, and gray rug create a cozy seating area.

Leather Armchair with Antique Fireplace and Blue Wall

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, make it the focal point of the room and place the furniture around it. This way you can reach the perfect layout for your room. In this eclectic design, the antique fireplace is complemented by light blue wall paint and navy-blue living room wallpaper on both sides. The painting, artworks, decors, and sconce emphasize the impact of the fireplace. The brown leather armchair creates a cozy yet elegant resting nook.

ID# 108921 | – Credit© John Lewis & Partners

Tropical Living Room Wallpaper Ideas with Blue Armchair

The blue tropical living room wallpaper offers a journey to the lush tropics where lavish colors and patterns. This corner of the living room makes us feel the unique magic of Christmas with its Christmas tree, ornaments, lights, and gifts!

ID# 108922 | – Credit© Wallpaperdirect

Bird Printed Living Room Wallpaper Ideas with Fireplace and Gold Mirror

The pastel blue color and bird prints of the living room wallpaper make the white fireplaces a focal point of this eclectic design. The gold round mirror emphasizes this impact. The crystal chandelier hung above the dining area with a white table and wood chairs. The pink velvet tufted armchair and wooden side table create a resting nook next to the dining room.

ID# 108925 | – Credit© Will’s Decorating

Living Room Wallpaper Ideas with Abstract Edgy Lines

In this contemporary living space, each feature acts as a piece of art. The geometric-patterned wallpaper gives life to the living room with its edgy abstract lines. The blue velvet armchair, black marble coffee table, and abstract artwork create a futuristic look.

ID# 108928 | – Credit© Karen Alagna for The Living Room

Butterfly Printed Wallpaper with White Armchair and Black Side Table

If covering the walls will not enough for you, you can carry the wallpaper from walls to ceiling to emphasize the impact of the patterns. In this eclectic room, the butterfly printer living room wallpaper surrounds all the surfaces and creates a fun and joyful atmosphere. Thanks to the gray base of the wallpaper, butterflies look like flying in the air! The white armchair, glass coffee table, black side table, and crystal pendant light offer a simple and cozy look.

ID# 108929 | – CreditBernidesign | © Сергей Красюк

Elegant Living Room with Earthy Color Palette

The earthy color palette of the living room offers an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. The green sofa is paired with colorful cushions, an orange armchair, black coffee tables, a pink and red patterned rug, and a black floor lamp. This elegant seating group is complemented by orange patterned wallpaper and green wall paint. Greenery potted plants enhance the impact of nature.

ID# 108930 | – Credit© Vadim Maltsev Design & Decor

Blue Velvet Sofa with Glamorous Chandelier and Marble Coffee Table

Different shades of blue and rich patterns beautifully come together in this family room. The blue velvet sofa centralizes the wall and creates a harmonious look with the blue living room wallpaper. The wood-framed artwork creates a focal point on the deer-printed wallpaper. The circular chandelier hung above the marble coffee table and it makes a statement. The blue and pink patterned rug adds a traditional feel and contrast with the curved edges of the other furniture.

ID# 108931 | – CreditДизайн-студия Elementarno | © Василий Буланов

Black Leather Sofa with Onyx Wallpaper Design

In this elegant living room, the striking beauty of the onyx is reflected by wallpaper. The vibrant colors and rich textures of the onyx create an eye-catching backdrop, even as wallpaper. The wallpaper is accentuated by burgundy paint on the home office wall. The black leather sofa and black coffee table create a minimalist appeal. The floor-to-ceiling black velvet curtain provides provide both privacy and light control.

ID# 108932 | – Credit© Дизайн-студия Elementarno

Colorful Wall Covering with Gray Leather Sofa

The colorful geometric print of the wallpaper offers a visual illusion as a backdrop. The gray leather sofa provides a comfortable seating area. Colorful pillows and traditional carpet complement the wallpaper and create a completed look.

ID# 108933 | – CreditLavka-Design | © Евгений Кулибаба

Mustard Yellow Couch with Pink Armchair and Wood Coffee Table

Using contrasting colors and striking patterns is a great way to enhance small spaces like this design. In this eclectic living room, the mustard yellow couch contrasts with the blue wallpaper and pink armchair that provides an impactful look. The blue wallpaper creates an accent wall with colorful artworks.

ID# 108911

Linen Living Room Wallpaper Ideas with Elegant Furniture

When you are using wallpaper, it does not have to be with vibrant colors or striking patterns. In this contemporary design, the dark gray linen living room wallpaper creates a sleek backdrop and adds a nice texture. The leather sofa with gray cushions, gray lounge chair, leather coffee tables, black side table, and custom lamp offers an elegant look. Black framed artworks create a small gallery wall behind the lounge chair.

ID# 108913

Gray Velvet Sofa with Bronze Coffee Table and Built-in Niche

This eclectic living room gives a homey feel with its rich textures and colors. The gray velvet sofa and matching armchairs are placed oppositely with a bronze coffee table between them. The coffee table makes a statement with its shiny and rough surface. A built-in bench is recessed into the wall. So, the functionality of the room is maximized. The recessed niche is covered with geometric wallpaper. The striking patterns of the wallpaper bring depth to the niche and disrupt the compact dimension of the room. Also, the built-in bench provides additional storage space with its drawers.

ID# 108914

Tropical Living Room Design with Vaulted Ceiling and Wood Floor

Thanks to the high vaulted ceiling of the house, this living room has already a character. The symmetrical layout of the furniture enhances the design. Two beige velvet sofas are placed back to back at the center of the room and two lounge chairs are placed oppositely next to the window. The palm tree patterns of the wallpaper surround all the room and bring beautiful nature into the design.

ID# 108923

Colorful Resting Nook with Teal Armchair and Gold Side Table

The eye-catching beauty of the contrasting colors offers a joyful yet elegant corner in an eclectic living room. The teal armchair, red pillow, and yellow blanket in a harmony with the colorful floral wallpaper. The light blue floor-to-ceiling curtain brings a fresh look between striking patterns.

ID# 108924

Tropical Living Room Wallpaper Ideas with Gold Accents

You can create a relaxing corner in your living room by adding a lounge chair and tropical wallpaper. The faux furs of the white lounge chair and gold accents add a dose of luxury to the exotic vibe of the wallpaper. The black and white photography pulls the attention to this cozy yet luxurious corner.

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ID# 108926

Contemporary Living Space with Crystal Chandelier and Blue Ceiling

Modern forms and ethnographic elements create a crescendo to the day in this contemporary living space. The white sofa pops against the copper and blue armchairs. The crystal chandelier hung from the blue painted ceiling, and it adds a luxurious sparkle. The copper wallpaper adds visual interest with its black patterns and complements the copper armchairs.

ID# 108927

Small Home Bar with Tropical Wallpaper and Acrylic Buffet

The combination of the colorful tropical wallpaper, acrylic buffet, and wicker round mirror creates an elegant and eye-catching home bar in the corner of the living room. The bottle collection and some accessories add sparkle to the design.

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