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Modern White Living Room With Brown Marble Fireplace

ID# 114825 | Source – Credit© Mohamed Keilani

Modern Monochrome Living Room with Herringbone Parquets

A prime example of a modern living room that harmonizes the classic elements including medium tone wood floors and a ravishing brown ribbon fireplace with sophisticated modern furnitures and white walls.

Modern Living Room With Gray Slate Floors

ID# 114805 | Source – CreditZiger|Snead Architects | © Adam Rouse & Jennifer Hughes

Farmhouse Living Room with Gray Slate Floors

A perfect example of a modern living room with a neutral palette of gray slate floors, white and gray furnitures. The wooden frames of floor-to-ceiling windows and white walls complement the natural atmosphere.

Modern Living Room Ideas

Living rooms are one of the most used areas in our houses and definitely considered as the most important to showcase your personal style. It is hard to narrow down our personal style and pick a design complementing our life. However your preferences vary, there is definitely a solution within the modern interior design! Although it is associated with many of the recent trends, modern style can extend beyond the repeated design elements that make our living areas the same as any other house.

Go with clean and simple lines for your modern living rooms!

So whether you think for a large family or a single user; a laid-back ambiance, cozy nook, or a more practical design- you can find inspiration here! You may have lots of space for you to fill with stylish modern furnitures, mix different materials and place bold focal elements.

Or, you may be considering adding some personality to your smaller room. Clever layouts with carefully chosen furniture, materials that will expand your space and increase the amount of light will broaden your perspective before deciding your final design. You are welcome to dive into a variety of modern alternatives for your ideal living room.

Modern Rustic Living Room With Concrete Fireplace

ID# 114801 | Source – Credit© Johnston Design Group

Rustic Living Room with Concrete Fireplace

This living room perfectly blends the modern simplicity with the coziness of rustic style. The concrete fireplace makes a focal point while the colorful rug compliments the neutral tones of mixed style furnitures.

Modern Rustic Living Room With Black Wooden Walls

ID# 114802 | Source – Credit© Hampton Architecture

Modern Elegant Living Room with Black Wooden Walls

You can add some colorful decorations to liven up your dark spaces like this design! This stylish cabin in the woods includes a colorful living room with modern furniture’s which contrasts with striking black wooden panels of the walls and brown marble tile flooring. Colorful blanket, pillow, and purple armchair bring joy to the atmosphere.

Modern Living Room With Neutral Palette

ID# 114803 | Source – CreditNew Urban Home Builders | © gsStudios

Modern Living Room with Neutral Color Palette

This spacious living room with white walls, medium tone cool brown wood flooring and wood-paneled accent wall has a fireplace that adds warmth to the cozy atmosphere that is complemented by comfortable modern furnitures.

Modern White Living Room With Light Wood Floors

ID# 114804 | Source – Credit© Devlin McNally Construction

Monochrome Living Room with Light Wood Floors

This modern living room has the ultimate calmness of minimal living with light wood flooring, a big white couch as a single piece of furniture, and a black marble ribbon fireplace that creates a focal point.

Large Modern Living Room With Black Wall Panels

ID# 114806 | Source – CreditCommonwealth Building Design | © Certified Luxury Builders

Large Modern Living Room with Black Wall Panels

This open concept living room has all the strong characteristics of modern style with its concrete floors, large windows, white furnitures, and black paneled media wall including a flush fireplace and a wall-mounted TV.

Open Concept Living Room With Concrete Walls 1

ID# 114807 | Source – Credit© Ornare

Scandinavian Living Room with Natural Design Elements

This contemporary living room harmonizes the laid-back feeling of diverse modern furnitures with simple finishing elements including bare concrete walls, white floors, and medium tone brown wood floors.

Modern And Minimal Living Room With Gray Floors

ID# 114808 | Source – CreditMike Piche Principal Architect | Studio B Architecture + Interiors | © David Lauer

Minimalist Cozy Sunroom with Rocking Chairs

This humble yet striking living room mixes the minimal approach and modern style with a few amount of tastefully selected modern furnitures, a flush black fireplace, gray tile floors, and white walls.

Modern Open Concept Living Room With Concrete Floor

ID# 114809 | Source – Credit © Sherri J

Modern Open Concept Living Room with Wood Ceiling

The interior designer made a great job in this design! This beautiful living room with white walls, concrete floor, and wooden ceiling provides bare necessities of comfortable space with simple yet tasteful decor.

Modern Living Room With Medium Tone Wood Floors

ID# 114810 | Source – Credit© Housed Inc.

White Living Room with Built-in Shelves and Metallic Coffee Table

This monochrome living area is enriched with comfortable modern furnitures, white walls, and medium tone wood floors that add warmth to space.

Cozy Modern Living Room With Concrete Fireplace

ID# 114811 | Source – CreditCLB Architects | © Matthew Millman

Cozy Modern Living Room with Concrete Fireplace

This living area presents the simplistic approach of modern style and creates a cozy snug with its remarkable concrete fireplace as a focal point, wood floors, and comfortable furnitures.

Modern Living Room With Stone Walls

ID# 114812 | Source – CreditTate Studio Architects | © Thompson Photographic

Gray Sitting Group with Stone Walls and Modern Fireplace

An impressive living area that harmonizes modern style with a statement linear fireplace that anchors the whole room. The generous use of floor-to-ceiling glass and light beige tile floors complements the strong character of the stone walls.

Open Concept Living Room With Dark Wood Floors

ID# 114813 | Source – Credit© Axiom Luxury Homes

High Ceiling Living Room with Gold Geometrical Chandelier

This double-height living room offers an intimate feeling in a spacious place with a mix of rich textures including dark wood floors, white wood-paneled walls, white walls, a linear black flush fireplace, and modern style furnitures. Light wood cabinets and shelves perfectly fit in the white walls and provide additional storage space.

Modern Living Room With Gray Porcelain Tile Floors

ID# 114814 | Source – CreditHills & Grant | © Lisa Petrole

Scandinavian Living Room with Gray Porcelain Tile Floors

This large open concept living room a perfect example of elegant modern style with gray porcelain tile floors, dark wood-paneled ceiling, tasteful furnitures, and recessed bar area with a concrete wall, black kitchen cabinets, white glossy backsplash, and wood floating shelves.

Modern And Minimalist Living Room With Dark Wood Floors

ID# 114815 | Source – CreditBarenz Builders | © Tricia Shay

Cozy Gray Sofa with Modern Fireplace and Colorful Painting

This living room design offers great comfort and a polished look with its statement large gray couch as a piece of single furniture, a flush linear black fireplace, and white walls.

Colorful Modern Living Room With Wooden Panelled Skylight

ID# 114816 | Source – Credit | Circle Design Studio | © Kip Dawkins

Elegant Sunroom with Leather Furnitures and Traditional Rug

This bright sunroom functions as a cozy and vibrant living room with a mix of modern furnitures, colorful rug, wooden ceiling panels, white walls, and gray porcelain tile floors.

Modern Living Room With Dark Walnut Wood Panels

ID# 114818 | Source – CreditSpecht Architects © | Dror Baldinger

Modern Living Space with Dark Walnut Wood Panels

This open concept living room offers a bright and inviting space with its white epoxy floors and gloss lacquered surfaces that continue the sense of reflectivity, contrasting dark walnut paneled cabinetry and wall.

Modern Living Room With Light Wood Accent Wall

ID# 114819 | Source – Credit© Reynaers Alluminum

Modern Living Room with Light Wood Accent Wall

This warm living room includes a variety of options for spending a relaxed time with its music area, a daybed, and seating area around a concrete fireplace. The modern style of light wood floors, light wood-paneled wall and ceiling, white walls, and stylish furnitures enhances the tasteful look.

Modern White Living Room With Herringbone Parquet Floor

ID# 114820 | Source – Credit© Sieckmann Walther Architekten

Modern Bright Living Room with Herringbone Parquet Floor

An elegant example of a renovated living room with modern design elements consists of medium tone herringbone parquet wood floors, white walls, a corner metal and glass fireplace, and a gray stone bespoke TV unit that creates a well-coordinated look complete with minimal furnitures.

Large Modern Living Room With Light Wood Floor

ID# 114822 | Source – Credit | © Sokol Kokoshi

High Ceiling Living Room with Concrete Fireplace

This beautiful open concept living room is defined with a concrete wall consist of a corner glass and metal fireplace. The design has a warm and inviting feel along with its modern style of light wood floors, huge glass windows, wood detailed furniture, and white walls.

Mid Sized Modern Living Room With White Porcelain Tile

ID# 114823 | Source – Credit© T-Square Design Associates

Mid-Sized Living Room with White Porcelain Tile

This medium-sized living space has white porcelain tiles and white walls that create a stylish nook defined with a concrete wall and black furniture.

Mid Sized Living Room With Gray Bamboo Floor

ID# 114824 | Source – Credit© J Square Architecture

Mid-Sized Living Room with Gray Carpeted Floor

This modern living room offers a chic and formal atmosphere with its monochrome palette. The room is dominated by a striking black stone ribbon fireplace and gray bamboo floor, white walls, white vaulted ceiling compliments the strong design.

Laid Back Modern Living Room With Concrete Wall

ID# 114826 | Source – Credit© Life-Archi

Laid-Back Living Room with Concrete Wall and Wood Shelves

This cleverly designed living space offers modest yet a modern appearance with its concrete wall, white walls, light wood floors, and an industrial-style ceiling.

Colorful Modern Living Room With Gray Marble Tile Floor

ID# 114827 | Source – Credit© Architecture Discipline

Colorful Modern Living Room with Gray Marble Tile Floor

This double-height room harmonizes a clashing mix of materials including a gray marble tile floor, light brown wood parapet wall, blue metal stair banister, and white walls.

White Modern Living Room With Minimal Furniture

ID# 114828 | Source – Credit© Wayne Bowden Painters

Minimalist Mid-Century Living Room with Shiplap Ceiling

This modern living room has a captivating effect achieved by its serene white walls and ceiling, dark wood floors, large window opening, and modern furnitures which appears as sculptures within the space.

Open Concept Living Room With A Stylish Modern Style

ID# 114829 | Source – Credit© HCD Group Corp

Contemporary Living Room with Colorful Artworks

A great example for a timeless modern design with light gray concrete floors, white walls and ceiling, light wood accents, and minimal amount yet tastefully selected furnitures.

Large Modern Living Room With Gray Stone Tile Floors

ID# 114830 | Source – Credit© June Street Architecture

Blue L-shaped Sofa with White Coffee Table and Gray Tile Floors

A spacious room designed with gray stone tile floors, white walls, matt brown marble tile wall with a linear fireplace completed with a sophisticated and colorful selection of furniture.

Medium Sized Modern Living Room With Monochrome Gray Palette

ID# 114831 | Source – Credit© DLM Architects Limited

Comfortable Gray Sofa with Glass Coffee Table

This simple elegant room is defined by a large single l-shaped gray couch that is harmonious with the monochrome color palette of gray concrete floors and white walls.

Modern Gray Living Room With Concrete Floors

ID# 114832 | Source – Credit© Duearchitetti

Modern Gray Living Room with Leather Armchairs

This beautiful design achieves a striking look with an overall medium tone gray palette on walls, ceiling, and concrete floors. The cohesive finishing materials draw attention to the corner glass fireplace, wood accents, and earthy tones of furnitures that create a warm atmosphere.

Indoor Outdoor Living Room With Modern Design

ID# 114833 | Source – CreditEhrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects | © Lance Gerber

Open Concept Living Space with Orange Armchairs

This living space dissolves the barriers between indoors and out by integrating sliding doors and operable windows to facilitate natural ventilation while offering a stylish look with a mix of colorful modern furnitures, a flush fireplace, concrete floors, and white walls.

Modern Living Room With Dark Wood Herringbone Parquet Floors

ID# 114834 | Source – Credit© Tye Architects

Black Armchair with Metal Fireplace and Animal Rug

This sunroom has a minimalistic approach in creating a cozy atmosphere completed with bold dark wood parquet floors, glass walls, white walls, and carefully selected furnitures including a wood stove and modern chairs.

Modern Living Room With Beige Stone Tile Wall

ID# 114835 | Source – Credit© Ye-h Photography

Gray Lounge Chair with Black Fireplace and Wood Coffee Table

A living room with a beige stone tile wall as a focal point along with a unique black stone fireplace design. The white walls, gray marble tile floors, and minimal furniture complete the chic modern look.

Unique Living Room Design With Concrete Floors

ID# 114836 | Source – Credit© Fotógrafo de arquitectura e interiores Pablo Sanz

Unique Living Room Design with Concrete Floors

In this beautifully renovated historic building, a living room offers an example of a unique design created with concrete floors, a hidden fireplace beneath cement walls, a cement ceiling, and chic wooden furnitures.

Modern Living Room With Hanging Black Fireplace

ID# 114837 | Source – Credit© FD Building Company

Wood Window Seat with Colorful Cushions and Hanging Fireplace

A simple yet striking living space design with white wood-paneled vaulted ceiling, white walls, concrete floor, wood bespoke furnitures, and a hanging black fireplace as a statement piece.

Modern Living Room With Concrete Fireplace Design

ID# 114838 | Source – CreditThe Ranch Mine | © Roehner + Ryan

Brown Leather Sofa with Blue Armchairs and Concrete Fireplace

This bright living space brings all the chic characteristics of modern style with a concrete wall, a flush fireplace, concrete floors, white walls, and floor-to-ceiling windows which compliments the warm-toned furniture selection.

Modern Living Room With Linear Fireplace

ID# 114839 | Source – Credit© Tracy A. Stone Architect

Modern Living Room with Linear Fireplace

This sleek living room design includes iconic modern furnitures that harmonizes with white walls, medium tone wood floors, and the black linear fireplace.

Mid Sized Modern Living Room With Gray Terrazzo Floor

ID# 114840 | Source – Credit© Actual Architecture Company

Mid-Sized Family Room with Gray Terrazzo Floor

This living room constitutes a cozy nook with a floor-to-ceiling medium tone wood-paneled wall design, gray terrazzo tile floor, white walls, and gray furniture. Storage spaces are hidden behind the wood wall panels.

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