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Renovated Apartment Living Room With Off White Color Palette

ID# 115825 | Source – Credit© Catherine Wilman Interiors

Renovated Apartment Living Room with Off-White Color Palette

A beautiful renovated London apartment with an off-white color palette offers special design elements such as hardwood parquet floors and contemporary furniture including an L-shape sofa to make maximum use of the space.

Small Apartment Living Room With Medium Tone Wood Floors

ID# 115805 | Source – CreditStudio PHH Architects | © HIE Photography

Small Apartment Living Room with Medium Tone Wood Floors

This simple and contemporary living room consisting of medium brown wood floors, white walls with black metal accents is the ideal resting corner across the amazing urban views of the apartment, complete with comfortable furnitures with a neutral palette.

Modern, Cozy, and Stylish Apartment Living Room Ideas

The majority of us who live in apartments face the challenge of creating interesting and well-designed living rooms-because we may have seen it all! But it is still very much possible to have a design that will push you out of the box while still provide the perfect solution suitable to your taste. You can find endless options to fill it up your apartment living room with a mix of different furniture that holds lots of dear memories.

Fill up your living room with decor elements!

If you are lucky to have a generous space, you can find endless options to fill it up with a mix of different furniture and decorative elements that holds lots of dear memories- or showcase your minimalist aesthetic with a few but impactful elements that will define a calming spot. But if you have a smaller space, you do not have to worry! Smaller apartment living rooms have the advantage of offering intimate and inviting nooks for you and your loved ones- you just need to choose the pieces cleverly, whether you prefer a colorful and neutral setting. Check out our ideas to make your living room livable!

For all those possibilities, we prepared the ideal guidebook for you to choose the best option for your living room. With this all-around selection, planning a design for your apartment will be so much fun!

Industrial Apartment Living Room With Brick And Wood Walls

ID# 115801 | Source – Credit© Tiffany Hanken Design

Industrial Living Room with Brick and Wood Walls

This open concept apartment offers a cozy yet luxurious living room filled with light and special design elements including dark wood, brick and concrete walls, concrete floors, a black ribbon fireplace, and a mix of tasteful furnitures.

All White Industrial Living Room With Exposed Metal Beams

ID# 115802 | Source – Credit© Room Shape Sweden

All-White Family Room with Exposed Metal Beams

This striking living room with white walls, medium brown wood floors, white ceiling, exposed metal beams, and contemporary furniture brings a laid-back attitude of industrial elements and a chic contemporary style to this beautiful Gothenburg apartment.

Multicolored Loft Living Room With Concrete Brick Walls

ID# 115803 | Source – CreditLori Pedersen Home Staging+Styling | © Alex @ VideoListings.ca

Multicolored Loft Living Room with Concrete Brick Walls

This colorful living room has impressive concrete brick walls and a black ceiling with exposed ventilation that creates an airy atmosphere. The contemporary style is complemented by gray terrazzo floors and chic furniture that adds to the fun decor.

Mid Sized Industrial Living Room With Brick Walls

ID# 115804 | Source – Credit© Southstudio Architects

Mid-Sized Industrial Living Room with Brick Walls

This multicolored, contemporary living room is the perfect industrial apartment that is full of character, due to its uplifting color scheme of brick walls, bare concrete ceiling, light wood parquet floors, a chic and unique mix of furnitures. All the furnitures give a spacious room feel.

Chic Apartment Living Room With Colorful Eclectic Decor

ID# 115806 | Source – Credit© Graham Atkins-Hughes Photography

Chic Living Room with Colorful Eclectic Decor

This gorgeous London apartment offers a multicolored living room decorated with an eclectic style that evokes an inspirational vision with its white walls, dark wood floors, a different mix of contemporary furnitures that creates moments of pure joy and ease.

Contemporary Apartment Living Room With Black Wood Floor

ID# 115807 | Source – CreditJust the Thing | © Ingrid Punwani Photography

Contemporary Living Room with Black Wood Floor

This fabulous living room is a fine example of incorporating a bright color palette into a penthouse-style apartment with its crisp white walls, white hip ceiling, black wood floor, and colorful contemporary furnitures with artistic decor. A Black and pink rug covers the floor space beautifully.

Elegant Apartment Living Room With Contemporary Decor

ID# 115808 | Source – Credit© Veronica Rodriguez Interior Photography

Comfortable Gray Couch with Green Armchair and Floor Lamp

This elegant, mid-sized living room with light wood floors, white walls, and contemporary furniture with a gray and green palette is the perfect serene room within a London apartment. Incorporating gold details, and sophisticated elements create a beautiful resting area.

Eclectic Living Room With Black And White Patterned Wallpaper

ID# 115809 | Source – CreditDarbyshire Designs | © Urban Oak Photography

Eclectic Small Living Room with Black and White Patterned Wallpaper

A vibrant take on an eclectic style in this high-rise Austin living room brings the liveliness of a colorful palette in addition to the dynamism of patterned wallpaper and chic contemporary furniture with medium brown wood floors to complete.

Contemporary Apartment Living Room With Gray Palette

ID# 115810 | Source – CreditLucy Harris Studio | © Sharon Radisch

Contemporary Apartment Living Room with Gray Palette

This New York apartment offers a trendy living room that radiates calmness with its gray palette, white walls, medium brown wood floors, and iconic contemporary furniture.

Eclectic Living Room With Yellow And Blue Minimalist Decor

ID# 115811 | Source – Credit© PlaidFox Studio

Eclectic Living Room with Yellow and Blue Minimalist Decor

This beautiful eclectic living room offers a luxurious yet fun design aesthetic in an airy apartment with its white walls, light wood floors, completed with bright yellow and navy blue furnitures with black accents.

Mid Sized Apartment Living Room With Minimalist Decor

ID# 115812 | Source – Credit© B Interior

Small Apartment Living Room with Minimalist Decor

This mid-sized apartment with light wood floors and white walls features a clean and sophisticated minimalist design aesthetic including the monochrome contemporary furnitures with pops of blue.

Industrial Living Room With Concrete And Earth Tones

ID# 115813 | Source – CreditSVOYA Studio | © Alexander Angelovskiy

Industrial Living Space with Concrete and Earth Tones

This beautiful industrial apartment presents a warm and inviting living room with its concrete and white walls, gray epoxy floors, and chic beige furnitures that has a timeless quality. Floor to ceiling store curtains completes the look beautifully.

Contemporary Living Room With Parquet Floors And Blue Accents

ID# 115814 | Source – Credit© Assen Emilov Photography

Contemporary Family Room with Parquet Floors and Blue Accents

This unique living room has a minimalist design enriched with gorgeous blue accents and medium brown wood parquet floors in addition to white floors, white and wood-paneled walls, and tasteful contemporary furniture.

Small Apartment Living Room With Minimalist Design

ID# 115815 | Source – Credit© Space Odyssey Design

Small Apartment Living Room with Minimalist Design

This contemporary living room design perfectly reflects the captivating effect of a minimalist style that compliments the sea view of the apartment with its simple yet functional furniture, bare concrete ceiling, white floors, white walls completed with warm touches of wood.

Contemporary Living Room With Wood Floors And Neutral Decor

ID# 115816 | Source – Credit© Juliet Gold Design

Contemporary Living Room with Wood Floors and Neutral Decor

This elegant contemporary living room in a bright Miami apartment offers a luxurious interior designed with harmonious elements, including white walls, light wood floors, completed with beige and gray furniture selection.

Contemporary Living Room With Beige Walls And Light Wood Floors

ID# 115817 | Source – Credit© Amanda James Photo

Scandinavian Living Room with Beige Walls and Light Wood Floors

The ideal bohemian-inspired, soft, and inviting contemporary style living room in this beautiful New York apartment, facing the romantic urban views and creating an intimate space feel. The view is complemented by the neutral yet special furniture selection, light brown wood floors, beige walls, and cute decorative elements.

Contemporary Apartment Living Room With Pastel Color Palette

ID# 115818 | Source – Credit© Harris & Harris London

Contemporary Apartment Living Room with Pastel Color Palette

A mid-sized living room with white walls, medium brown wood floor, chic contemporary furnitures with a pastel color palette, and cute decorative elements creates a Miami Beach-inspired fun atmosphere in this London apartment.

Apartment Living Room With Contemporary Style And Beige Tones

ID# 115819 | Source – Credit© Kimberly Peck Architect

Comfortable Sitting Group with White Built-in Cabinets and Shelves

This gorgeous New York apartment living room has designed with a sophisticated contemporary style consisting of white walls, beige-toned furnitures, concrete floors, and a black fireplace which makes the room the perfect spot for resting and entertaining. Built-in white cabinets feature a small wine cellar and a space for storage. Floating shelves create a visual feast with the marble wall.

Contemporary Apartment Living Room With Multicolored Elements

ID# 115820 | Source – Credit© Joy Street Design

Cozy Apartment with Gray Sofa and Marble Coffee Table

This New York apartment with spectacular views offers a contemporary living room that has a joyful character and a comforting atmosphere with its furniture in bright colorful accents, white walls, and tasteful decorative elements.

Apartment Living Room With Gray Walls And Contemporary Decor

ID# 115821 | Source – Credit© Studio Daria Alimova

Blue Velvet Sofa with Gray Coffee Table and Gray Rug

This Moscow apartment offers the ideal contemporary living room that incorporates trendy jewel tones with neutral gray shades used in walls, complimenting the medium brown wood floors and chic furnitures.

Small Apartment Living Room With Multicolored Design

ID# 115822 | Source – Credit© Красюк Сергей

Blue One Arm Chaise Lounge with Colorful Decorations

This colorful small living room features white walls, dark gray ceramic tile floors, mic of unique contemporary furnitures which creates the most uplifting interior setting.

Contemporary Living Room With Blue And Beige Decor

ID# 115823 | Source – Credit© Petko Slavov Photography

Contemporary Living Room with Blue and Beige Decor

This mid-sized apartment living room with a blue, beige, and white palette has a serene atmosphere and offers a comfortable setting to rest and gather. The design compliments the misty London views with its medium brown wood floors, white walls, and simple contemporary furniture.

Contemporary Living Room With Blue And Green Accents

ID# 115824 | Source – Credit© Interior Concepts

Contemporary Living Room with Blue and Green Accents

This apartment incorporates a contemporary color palette to a relaxed open plan living zone using beige ceramic tile floors, white walls, and comfortable furniture including a tan leather sofa with blue and green accents.

Chic Contemporary Living Room With Neutral Color Palette

ID# 115826 | Source – Credit© Philip Gorrivan Design

Chic Contemporary Living Room with Neutral Color Palette

This New York apartment with an enchanting urban view features a bright, contemporary living room designed around a simple yet very chic aesthetic and completed with medium brown wood floor, white walls, and contemporary furniture with a neutral color palette.

Contemporary Living Room With Gray Walls And Colorful Decor

ID# 115827 | Source – Credit© Studio Munroe

Contemporary Living Room with Gray Walls and Colorful Decor

This San Francisco apartment living room is designed using bright colors, complimenting the city view. The design blends fun trendy elements and a fresh look of contemporary style including gray walls, dark wood floors, and mic of multicolored furnitures.

Contemporary Apartment Living Room With Wood Floors

ID# 115828 | Source – Credit© Darci Hether New York

Contemporary Apartment Living Room with Wood Floors

This cozy reading nook of a contemporary New York apartment designed with a simple yet inviting approach, completed with medium tone wood floors, white walls, neutral-toned décor with wood and brass accents complimenting the amazing urban view.

Mid Sized Transitional Living Room With Golden Color Wall Design

ID# 115829 | Source – Credit© Gold Media Co.

Mid-Sized Transitional Living Room with Golden Color Wall Design

This transitional living room in Kansas City apartment has a luxurious mix of different textures, complemented with contemporary elements including Art-Deco inspired and gold color painted wall design, black and white walls, black ceiling with white beams, dark wood floors, and chic furniture.

Industrial Living Room Design With Concrete Floors

ID# 115830 | Source – Credit© Marshall Sabatini Architecture+

Industrial Living Room Design with Concrete Floors

A mid-sized, contemporary living room designed in harmony with the industrial apartment its places and features exposed ceiling, white walls, concrete floors, and tasteful contemporary furniture.

Small Contemporary Family Room With Gray Textured Wallpaper

ID# 115831 | Source – CreditNina Carbone | © Kelsey Ann Rose

Small Contemporary Family Room with Gray Textured Wallpaper

This cozy family room is designed with a neutral color palette and a contemporary style. The room has enclosed gray textured wallpapers and gray carpeted floor which creates an intimate atmosphere, and chic décor with a pop of navy blue.

Contemporary Apartment With Multicolored Living Room Design

ID# 115832 | Source – Credit© Barker Associates Architecture Office

Small Family Room with Gray Furnitures and White Built-in Shelves

This energetic and fun living room design incorporates a contemporary style in a New York apartment with complimentary orange, blue and gray decor, dark wood floors, and crisp white walls.

Minimalist Living Room With Gray Tile Floors And Modern Furniture

ID# 115833 | Source – Credit© Star Fans

L-shaped Leather Sofa with Oversized Blue Artwork

This beautiful, modern New York apartment features a minimalistic living room with the characteristics of a sleek contemporary style. The room has special design elements including gray tile wood floors, a white beamed ceiling, black and white furnitures.

Contemporary Living Room With Wood Partition Wall Design

ID# 115834 | Source – CreditDavid Barashi | © Derek Segismundo

Cozy Living Room with Wood Partition Wall Design

The gorgeous, industrial apartment offers an elegant living room defined with wood partition wall design and features an exposed concrete ceiling, white walls, medium brown wood floors, neutral colored contemporary décor.

Small Contemporary Living Room With Blue Patterned Wallpaper

ID# 115835 | Source – Credit© Apartment Jeanie

L-shaped Blue Sofa with Blue Patterned Wallpaper

This serene living room in a small contemporary apartment has the ultimate calming atmosphere achieved by a cool-toned decor. The room features a blue patterned wallpaper as a focal point, medium tone wood floors, and blue furniture with white and black accents.

Renovated Apartment Living Room With Light Wood Floors

ID# 115836 | Source – CreditPixy Interiors | © Photo by Pixy

Scandinavian Modern Apartment with Light Wood Floors

This large living room is filled with the warmth of earth tones used in light wood floors, white walls, and comfortable neutral-toned contemporary furnitures, and pops of bright blue that add a fresh look to the renovated New York apartment.

Luxurious Condo Living Room With Gray Transitional Decor

ID# 115837 | Source – Credit© Laure Nell Interiors

Luxurious Condo Living Room with Gray Transitional Decor

This glamorous apartment includes an open concept living room decorated with shades of light gray and occasional wood accents. The room features white floors, gray wallpaper and gray walls, marble wall panels, and a large gray couch.

Contemporary Living Room With Trendy Decor And Wooden Library

ID# 115838 | Source – CreditNick Noyes Architecture | © Bruce Damonte

Contemporary Living Room with Trendy Decor and Wooden Library

This contemporary living room in San Francisco apartment evokes all the positive feelings with a joyful attitude in mixing different furnitures in beige color, and special design elements including medium brown wood floors, vertical space, wood library, and blue tile fireplace together to create the perfect resting space.

Contemporary Artistic Apartment With Double Height Living Room

ID# 115839 | Source – Credit© Point B Design Group

Contemporary Artistic Apartment with Double Height Living Room

This contemporary living room in the gorgeous Austin apartment with a double-height ceiling, light wood floors, and white walls create an inspirational environment with unique decorative elements and art pieces.

Scandinavian Style Living Room With Concrete Brick Walls

ID# 115840 | Source – Credit© John Milander Architects

Scandinavian Style Living Room with Concrete Brick Walls

This Scandinavian living room in a Los Angeles apartment is a perfect example of brightening up a small space with lightly textured design elements such as light wood floors, light gray concrete brick walls, and trendy furniture.

Minimalist Living Room With Black Furniture And Metal Shutters

ID# 115841 | Source – CreditJohn Hill | © Michael Moran

Minimalist Living Room with Black Furniture and Metal Shutters

The winner of the 2014 Pritzker Architecture Prize from Shigeru Ban, this gorgeous New York apartment presents a minimalistic living room with a high ceiling, medium brown wood floors, and black furniture with dark wood accents, complimenting the metal shutters that are the buildings focal point.

Multicolored Living Room With Beige Wallpaper

ID# 115842 | Source – Credit© Katie Rosenfeld Design

Multicolored Living Room with Beige Wallpaper

This contemporary living room manages to create both a warm and a fun atmosphere in a beautiful Boston apartment with its authentic patterned decor and neutral design elements including beige wallpaper, dark wood floors, and soft gray couch.

Renovated Apartment Living Room With Dark Wood Parquet Floors

ID# 115843 | Source – Credit© Studio Zung

Curly Armchair with Black Fireplace and Circular Mirror

In this renovated Romanesque Revival pre-war apartment, textures of dark wood parquet floors, white marble, and beige walls merge with the beautiful curvature and direction of light within the space and offer a timeless elegance. Exquisite pieces add a sophisticated yet approachable charm to the living room and provide a distinctive and inviting character.

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