Small Living Room Ideas Functional Solutions for Tiny Spaces

26+ Small Living Room

ID# 114707 | – Credit© McGarry Constructions

Brown Leather Sofa with Black and Yellow Piece of Art

If you are working on a small living room, a large l-shaped sofa can be perfect furniture. In this small living room, the leather l-shaped sofa provides plenty of sitting space while creating an open and airy feel. The sofa paired with a small black coffee table and colorful patterned rug. The yellow and black pieces of art create a focal point on the white wall. The black spider chandelier in a harmony with the other features.

ID# 114703 | – CreditArchiBlox | © Tom Ross

Small Living Room Ideas with Soft Color Palette

The interior designer chose a soft color palette to create a warm and cozy room feel. The stark white walls prove an open and airy look even the living room has small window openings. Colorful pillows and gray curly rug in a harmony with the beige l-shaped sofa.

Tiny yet Functional and Stylish Small Living Room Ideas

How do I arrange a small living room? This is one of the most common questions in city life. As buildings get higher, our living spaces inside homes are getting more and more compact. Therefore, we need to organize our living spaces accordingly. Below are small living room ideas that show you how to maximize the functionality.

Maximize the functionality with clever storage solutions

A small living room, especially with small windows, can feel catastrophic. But do not worry there is plenty way to make space feel larger. If you are working on a small space, first you need to shop for small-scale furniture. Otherwise, the overall look might be overwhelming. Therefore, the layout as important as the furniture. You need to find the best option according to your room dimensions. The bright color schemes are the saver for small spaces and this way you can pop up statement pieces. Placing a focal point mirror or covering walls with wallpaper can be another good solution to enhances the space feel. One of the most crucial elements is storage. You need to find clever storage solutions like hidden cabinets, floating shelves t increase the spaciousness of the room.

Yes, it may seem like there are too many details to consider. Here, we gather out some of our favorite small living room ideas. Scroll down and find how to organize them!

ID# 114701 | – CreditSarah Nettleton Architects | © Don Wong

Gray Divan Sofa with Red Pillows and Large Windows

In this modern living room, large black framed windows invite the beautiful outside in and provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The gray divan sofa which is placed next to the window takes advantage of the daylight and turns into an elegant resting nook. The red pillows and traditional rug color up space without overwhelming.

ID# 114702 | – Credit© T.Z.F Architecture Studio

Contemporary Living Room with a Touch of Blue

Thanks to the high ceiling and bright color scheme, this small living room has a bright and spacious atmosphere. the glass panel above the TV unit enhances this airy atmosphere. The large gray l-shape sofa provides a comfortable seating area while the gray concrete wall giving a bit of an industrial feel. The black and gold pendant lights hung above the center of the room. The few blue details make a joyful touch between the monochrome colors. The layout of the living room furniture enhances the floor space.

ID# 114704 | – CreditBower Architecture | © Nikole Ramsay

Gray Sofa with Wood and White Home Library

As we mentioned before, storage is one of the most important features of small living rooms. A built-in library can solve the storage problem and gives a visual interest like this design. The wood and white library covers all the wall and create a beautiful backdrop for gray sofa and gold side table.

ID# 114705 | – Credit© Croma Design Inc.

Small Living Room Ideas with White Walls and Gray Floor

The monochromatic color scheme and subtle textures soften the atmosphere of this minimalist living room. The gray l-shape sofa stands out between the white walls and turns into a comfortable resting nook. The wooden stand of the glass coffee table brings warmth to the atmosphere. White framed paintings act as the part of the white wall and add a lovely tone of the blue without overwhelming.

ID# 114706 | – Credit© Alexandra Angle Interior Design

Brown Velvet Sofa with Green Pillows and Gallery Wall

This contemporary apartment living room gives an intimate and cozy feel with its brown velvet sofa, green pillows, gray carpeted floor, and green bench. The wood coffee table and library bring a modern appeal with their clean lines and sharp edges. The black-framed pictures create the illusion behind the sofa.

ID# 114708 | – Credit© Prohome Construction Ltd.

Industrial Small Living Room Ideas with Blue Rug

The open concept small living room offers a cozy resting area with its gray l-shaped sofa. The black coffee table, side table, and floor lamp bring a modern appeal while the blue patchwork rug adds a texture to the design.


ID# 114709 | – Credit© Patrice Rios Design

Fuchsia Sofa with Mustard Yellow Armchairs and Stained Concrete Floor

The strong contrast between the fuchsia and mustard yellow offers an eye-catching look in a neutral color palette. The fuchsia sofa is paired with wood and steel side tables. The coffee table, side tables, and concrete floor give a bit of an industrial vibe while geometrical patterns of the stained concrete floor adding a nice texture without overwhelming.

ID# 114711 | – Credit© Chioco Design LLC

Minimalist Small Living Room Ideas with Neutral Color Scheme

In this contemporary living room, the gray sofa is centered in front of the wall. The gray armchair sits opposite the sofa, with black and marble coffee tables in between. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling corner window, the living room maximumly takes the advantage of natural light.

Curved Cream Sofa with Blue Chair and Rattan Coffee Table

This gorgeous London apartment offers a multicolored living room decorated with an eclectic style that evokes an inspirational vision with its white walls, dark wood floors, a different mix of contemporary furnitures that creates moments of pure joy and ease.

ID# 114714 | – Credit© Studio Sven

Contemporary Living Room with Teal Painted Fireplace

In this small contemporary living room, each piece of furniture acts as an art piece. Blue sofa and gray and burgundy armchairs offer a joyful yet elegant sitting area. The black coffee table in a harmony with the sofas. The statement fireplace is painted in teal color which is provide a rich color palette. Black wall decors above the fireplace enhance the contemporary style.

Small Living Room Ideas with Purple Sofas and Blue Cabinets

The combination of the shades of purples and blues serves a joyful atmosphere for this small living space. Purple sofas are placed opposite to each other, with a wood coffee table between them. The pastel blue cabinets recessed into the wall and provide storage space without disturbing the flawless design.

ID# 114716 | – Credit© Nic Abbey Luxury Homes by Lisa Nichols

Blue Velvet Sofa with Red Buffet and Acrylic Coffee Table

Combining contrasting colors is a great way to liven up small square footage areas. In this small living room, the blue velvet sofa contrasts with the red buffet and creates an impactful design. the abstract painting complements the buffet and sofa with its colors. Light gray walls provide a bright and spacious atmosphere. The acrylic coffee table enhances the airy feel in the room. Gray cabinets and shelves evaluate the unused wall space while providing storage space. The gold and glass chandelier adds glam to the design.

ID# 114721 | – Credit© Kaiden Seidel Interior Decorations

Eclectic Small Living Room Ideas with Red Armchairs

Inspiration for an eclectic living room with red and wood armchairs, glass top coffee table, white fireplace, red patterned carpet, black lounge chair, brass floor lamp, and wall decors.


ID# 114722 | – Credit© Mcgowan_Builders

Cozy Living Room with Wood Floor and Ceiling

This small living room serves a comfy look with its gray couch, patterned rug, and colorful fabrics. The wood floor and ceiling enhance the cozy feel in the room, and they are accentuated by the white wall paint. The wood cabinet is a great way to hide goods and it provides a clutter-free look.

ID# 114723 | – Credit© Billy Kien Designs

Transitional Family Room with Green Sofa and White Armchair

The bold shade of green makes a strong impact on this small living room. The white armchair is placed next to the green sofa, with a white and brass coffee table between them. The tropical patterned curtains complement the green sofa. White framed rectangular mirrors act as part of the white wall and make space feel larger.

ID# 114725 | – Credit© Trionfi Interiors

Gray Vinyl Wallpaper with Brown Couch and White Pendant Light

The picture of people looking towards you adds a wow factor to this small and cozy living room! The brown l-shaped sofa is emphasized by colorful pillows. The gray vinyl wallpaper provides a sleek backdrop. The white pendant light adds glam with its gold details while the black and white rug enhances the cozy feel in the atmosphere.

ID# 114726 | – Credit© J. Pocker

Yellow Leather Armchairs with Glass Top Coffee Table and Fireplace

In this small contemporary living room, each feature has a wow factor and contrasting colors create an impactful design. Yellow leather armchairs are placed opposite the green sofa, with a glass-top coffee table between them. The white-painted fireplace is emphasized by a black paint and hexagon mirror above it.

ID# 114720

Compact Living Space with Oversized Floral Piece of Art

The u-shape of the gray sofa provides a compact yet stylish living room. Like the sofa, all other features also design in compact and well-organized. The wood logs are placed into the recessed niche next to the fireplace. The oversized artwork brings a romantic atmosphere with its floral pattern.

Farmhouse Small Living Room Ideas with Stone Fireplace

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, it means you already have a statement maker piece. In this farmhouse living room, the stone fireplace creates a focal point and is accentuated by white floating shelves on both sides. The white shelves provide a simple appearance and allow the fireplace to stand out. The minimalist furniture offers an open and airy atmosphere.

ID# 114713

Transitional Living Room with Globe Chandelier

In this small living room traditional accents and contemporary furniture perfectly blends and offer a beautiful transitional style. The gray and wood armchairs are paired with unique gold and brown coffee tables. The globe chandelier enhances the traditional feel while blue and white floor-to-ceiling curtains creating a sleek backdrop.

ID# 114719

White Couch with Mustard Yellow Fabrics and White Shelf

If you do not want to design a colorful living room but still want to include some shades, you can incorporate your favorite color with some textiles. The monochrome color palette of this minimalist living room is broken by the mustard yellow fabrics which add a visual impact to the design. The white l-shape sofa provides a comfortable relaxing area with pillows. The white single shelf and some paintings perfectly fill the blank white wall. The black and white striped rug brings a texture and creates a dynamic look.

ID# 114724

Contemporary Living Room with Leather Armchairs and Pouf

The combination of black, white, and leather offers an elegant and sophisticated living room design. The leather armchairs are placed around the leather pouf. The bubble chandelier with a brass finish highlights the seating area. The white-painted brick fireplace is accentuated by black libraries on both sides. The black-framed painting creates a focal point above the fireplace.

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