Farmhouse Living Room Cozy and Welcoming Farmhouse Style

18+ Farmhouse Living Room

ID# 123704 | – Credit© SAV Digital Environments

Rustic Cozy Living Room with White L-Shape Sofa

The large l-shaped sofa looks stunning under the wooden roof! The ribbon fireplace makes the environment warmer in this snowy view. Woods for fireplace placed the openings on both sides of the stone wall. Wooden flat-panel unit brings modern touch with sharpened edges. Patterned huge carpet contrasts!

ID# 123703 | – Credit© Sharratt Design

Vaulted Ceiling with Traditional Chandeliers in Living Room

Look at the harmony between the leather and wood in this farmhouse living room! A leather l-shaped sofa complements the rustic atmosphere in this living room. Love using different materials on the armchairs! Huge metal chandeliers hanging through the beautiful beams.

Cozy and Welcoming Farmhouse Living Rooms with Elegant Details

Farmhouse-style home design offers a trendy way to achieve a timeless setting. Farmhouse decor is all about mixing comfort and practicality by using natural materials. Check out our farmhouse living room gallery to find some inspiration!

Modernize with fabric.

Comfortable and casual couches, rough-hewn barn-wood coffee tables, along with organic decor elements, typify the appearance. Color-blocking with fabrics combined with more primitive elements is also an easy way to create the best modern farmhouse look. Check out our farmhouse living room ideas to design your living room!

Layer with broken-in textures like leathers, woods, and vintage textiles to personalize your space!

ID# 1237701 | – Credit© Pacific Peninsula Group

High Ceiling Living Room with Stone Fireplace and Beige Couches

Open concept farmhouse living room design with beautiful timber beams. A neutral color palette provides a calm and cozy atmosphere. Mutually positioned sofas create perfect perspective with the help of the marble coffee table! The material choice of the fireplace fits perfectly with the cozy atmosphere.

ID# 123702 | – Credit© New West Partners

Rustic Modern Living Room with Wide Window Openings

Wide window openings directly take the attention in the room. Natural light comes through these openings. Remarkable beams complete the continuity with the windows.

ID# 123705 | – Credit© Divine Custom Homes

Rustic Sunroom with Bamboo Living Set and Stone Fireplace

Stone fireplace popping up between the large openings. Natural light comes powerful through the windows. Buckhorn combining perfectly with the stone between the wooden beams.

White Mosaic Tiles

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Dark Rustic Family Room with Gray L-shape Sofa

Love the idea that used wall-mounted beds in the farmhouse living room. It provides extra spaces for your children or guests! L-shaped gray sofa and velvet ottoman create harmony with wood and stone material. Vintage posters with pop-up colors perfectly match the atmosphere. Spotlights between the beams provide to light up the whole room.

ID# 123707 | – Credit© Demi Ryan Home

High Ceiling Living Room with Light Timber Rafters

The design shows off the whole structure of the farmhouse living room. Darker wooden walls create contrast between the lighter timber columns. A Black and gray sitting group would be an interesting choice. Pink pillows color up the atmosphere.

ID# 123717 | – Credit© Vernich Interiors

Blue and White Sitting Group with Rectangular Coffee Table

Look at the clean lines in this design. The stunning pastel blue color brings joy to the room. Cozy look all around the room with the help of the wooden beams. Rectangle coffee table brings modern touches with its sharpness.

ID# 123718 | – Credit© Rosewater Construction

Rustic Elegant Living Room with Traditional Lantern Pendants

The remarkable stone wall matches perfectly with the wooden beams and columns. Gray sofas and brown armchairs in a harmony with wooden coffee table. Gray carpet and black pendant lighting complete this look.

ID# 123719 | – Credit© LMK Interiors

Modern Living Room with Gray Sitting Group and Wooden Flooring

Farmhouse style with an industrial, contemporary feel! Open concept living room idea with medium tone wood floor and gray walls. Cozy furniture provides comfortable seating. Wooden coffee table popping up between the gray sitting group. All wooden details make a cozier atmosphere.

ID# 123720 | – Credit© Pike Properties

White Living Room Design with Black Fireplace and Gray Sofa

We are obsessed with this plain, elegant look! Wooden beams and a single shelf above the fireplace stand out in the white room. A different shade of wood is used for the flooring. A blue detailed rug encoloured the space.

ID# 123721 | – Credit© Studio Mark Ruthven – Somerset

Ceiling Hanged Black Fireplace and Beige Stone Walls

Distinguish ceiling hanged fireplace placed at the corner of the space. Black color popping up in this warm-toned living room. Cozy camel sofa and brown armchairs in great harmony with the patterned rug and wooden coffee table.

Slate Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 123722 | – Credit© Absolute Kitchens

Scandinavian Elegant Living Room with White Paper Lantern

Love the coherence between the black and wood! Paper lantern brings a fresh touch. This minimalist look completing with the black and white rug and small decorations. Even a wooden ladder can be an excellent accessory for living spaces!

ID# 123723 | – Credit© Scribe Studio

Modern Luxurious Living Room with Brown Leather Armchairs

Stunning leather armchairs popping up in front of the stone fireplace. Fireplace placed in the middle of the windows. Natural light comes through these wide windows. Black open shelves are placed around the window frames to provide a space for books or decorations. Wooden ceiling and modern carpet complete this elegant look!

ID# 123724 | – Credit© Linc Thelen Design

Cozy Modern Living Room with Stone Fireplace

Two-story space open to the kitchen features a cultured cut stone fireplace and wood niche. Firewoods are used as home decor and it looks stunning! White shiplap ceiling with white oak beams! Flooring is rough wide plank white oak and distressed. A large l-shaped sofa fits the room perfectly.


ID# 123725 | – Credit© Donald Lococo Architects

Rustic Elegant Living Room with Luxurious Features

Black window frames creating contrast with the cream curtains! Modern black and gray sitting group placed next to the windows. Light wooden ceiling and wooden beams bring a warmer look to this modern living room.

ID# 123727 | – CreditJ© ason Thomas Architect

White Modern Living Room Design with Circular Lighting Fixture

Dark wooden beams popping up in this white living room. Gorgeous wide window opening provides maximum daylight! Graystone fireplace brings mobility to the wall. Remarkable lightning in a harmony with the white sofas with wooden details.

ID# 123728 | – Credit© Webb Yates Engineers

Bright Living Room Design with Wood Ceiling Panel

How amazing this glass opening with a black frame! The wooden niche on the ceiling completes the continuity with the opening. The dining table is placed next to the window. White Chester sofa with a back-console table creates a contrast with gray sofas. Carpet with traditional motif makes a colorful touch.


ID# 123729 | – Credit© Reflections | Studio

Contemporary Living Space with Black Vintage Stove

Love the use two different texture on one wall. Brownstone and gray wood create a contrast. Blackwood stove popping up in front of them! Also, use different materials and colors for the sofa and chairs. Fury pouf is an interesting touch to the design. Circular pendant light breaks the sharp edges!


ID# 123731 | – Credit© Black Door Interiors

Cozy Family Room in High Ceiling Farmhouse

Great harmony between the green sofa and wooden details such as stools, coffee table, and armchairs! Stone fireplace between the window openings. The vintage metal chandelier hanging on the wooden beams.

ID# 123732 | – Credit© Weather Shield Windows & Doors

Bright Family Room with Rustic Castile Chandelier

Openings above the wooden beams maximize the usage of natural light. The wooden tv unit matches with the dark brown leather sofa.


ID# 123733 | – Credit© Lisa Furey Interiors

Rustic Modern Living Room with Gray Armchairs

Perfect relaxing area with modern gray armchairs and fireplace! Exposed columns and beams can be a great decoration feature like this design. Green plants touch the naturalness of the columns and beams.

ID# 123735 | – Credit© Jeffrey Hitchcock Enterprises, Inc.

Rustic Cozy Living Room with Stone Fireplace and TV Above

Windows with black frames looking stunning between the wooden beams. Gray sofas placed oppositely to each other middle of the room. Cream carpet leaps out on the dark wooden floor. Wall mount the television above the stone fireplace.


ID# 123736 | – Credit© Gardner Homes

Farmhouse Living Room with Light Hardwood Flooring

Stained wooden beams contrast beautifully with the crisp white tongue and groove ceiling. Light hardwood floors flow from room to room. Oil-rubbed bronze light fixtures add a sense of eclectic elegance to the farmhouse setting. Horizontal stair railings give a modern touch to the farmhouse. In the kitchen Black cabinets paired with white subway backsplash tiles.


ID# 123737 | – Credit© Rafter House

Cozy Farmhouse Family Room with Brick Fireplace

Gorgeous wooden beams leaping out in this white living room. An L-shaped sofa placed center of the room. Stone fireplace between the open shelves. cabinets under the shelves provide space for storage.

ID# 123740 | – Credit© Linc Thelen Design

Natural Wood Dining Table with White Chairs and White Shiplap Ceiling

Custom live edge white oak table with white chairs on the rough wide plank white oak flooring. Rattan pendant lighting hanging above the table. Large picture windows bring the maximum natural light. White flat-panel cabinets placed under the window provide space for storage. White shiplap ceiling with white oak beams.

ID# 123741 | – Credit© Wade Design

Rustic Elegant Family Room with Brown Leather Bench

The skylights at the top really draw eyes upward and make it a focal point. Steel beams reflection on the mirror is majestic! Stone firestone between the display cabinets. Brown leather tufted bench brings personality to space.


ID# 123742 | – Credit© Atelier Noël

White Family Room with Built-in Shelves and Leather Couch

What an elegant look! Brown leather sofa leaping out in this white living room. Wall-mounted TV between the display cabinets. Flat-panel cabinets under the tv. Upper windows help to get maximum daylight!

ID# 123743 | – Credit© The Rath Project

Eclectic Modern Living Room with Exposed Beams

Farmhouse living room design rising with the modern touches and pops of color. Love the harmony between the colors. Strong color choices bring personality to the spaces!

ID# 123746 | – Credit© Midlake Builders

Large Open Concept Living Room with Blue Artisan Rug

Love the harmony between the blue and wood! Remarkable blue carpet and same-colored cushions bring attention. The white l-shaped sofa makes the wider look. The bronze chandelier hanging on the vaulted ceiling.


ID# 123747 | – Credit© Build Prestige Homes Pty Ltd.

Luxury Classic Living Room with White Window Seat

White color popping up on the tongue and groove timber floor in this plain, elegant living room. Beige carpet matching perfectly with the floor. white coffee table whit glass top completes the look.

ID# 123748 | – Credit© APEX Architecture

High Ceiling Open Concept Living Room with Wooden Flooring

Look at these remarkable beams in this open concept living room! Blue color popping up on the wooden flooring. Wall color goes beautifully with the wood. Dark brown leather sofas contrast with the wood.

ID# 123726

High Ceiling Family Room with Wooden Fireplace

Wooden fireplace placed center of the room. The vaulted ceiling creates a perfect symmetrical lool with the help of the fireplace. Wooden console table mathes with the beige sitting group. Love the beautiful mint cabinet touch!

ID# 123708

Cozy Living Room with Exposed Wooden Beams

Dark wood exposed beams and coffee table popping up in this pastel-toned living room. Wall-mounted tv above the standard stone fireplace. Natural light comes through the wide openings.

ID# 123709

Open Concept Living Room with Large Bubble Chandelier

Gorgeous high ceiling living room! You can see the mountain view with the wide window easily! Stone fireplaces almost merging with the wooden roof perfectly and it seems like a part of the roof. An L-shaped sofa is placed in front of the fireplace. Leather chairs with gold details touch the look in a modern way.

ID# 123710

Modern Scandinavian Sunroom with Wooden Sitting Group

Love the openings around the fireplace! Black window frames make attention to the white wall. A single floating shelf fits perfectly placed above the fireplace. The wooden sitting group with a beige mattress. Colorful cushions encolour the environment.

ID# 123711

Modern Cozy Living Room with High Coffered Ceiling

A gorgeous white fireplace stands out middle of the open shelves. You can get natural light through the remarkable window when you are sitting on comfortable beige couches! Drawers under the open shelves provide storage space.

ID# 123712

Transitional Family Room with Cozy Grey Sofas

Three-seater sofas placed on both opposite sides in the open concept living room. Leather armchairs matching with the exposed black beams perfectly. Gorgeous custom coffee table in a harmony with the Scandinavian style. Steel pendant lights bring modern touches to the room. White kitchen cabinets paired with marble herringbone backsplash.

ID# 123713

Denim Blue Tufted Sofa with Exposed Beam Ceiling

Blue l-shaped sofa and colorful cushions get the attractions in this cute white living room. Open shelves perfectly fit both sides of the large window opening. An excellent way to put family photos! Exposed wooden beams bring mobility to the ceiling. The black matte coffee table matches the black window frames.

Rustic Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 123714

High-ceiling Family Room with Large Black Chandelier

We love the symmetric look in this farmhouse living room. Even the lamps support this look. Natural light comes through the wide window openings. Green plants and wooden floors make the warmer atmosphere.

ID# 123715

Elegant Comfortable Home Theater with Exposed Beams

Light wooden beams popping up on the black ceiling. L-shaped comfy sofa and big screen are best for movie nights! Natural light is important especially for dark painted rooms.

ID# 123716

Vaulted Ceiling in Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Cozy living room design with white two-seated sofas. A bronze chandelier hanging on the vaunted ceiling. White giant beams popping up on the wood ceiling. we love using different colors and patterns of wood together!

ID# 123730

Modern Elegant Living Room with Gold Geometrical Pendants

The black leather sofa completes the elegant look perfectly! Plain pendant lighting with gold details hanging on the white vaulted ceiling. the light wooden floor provides a warmer atmosphere.

ID# 123734

Midwestern Living Room Design with Wooden Wall Panels

Spaces can be enjoyed within a new custom timber frame and colorful curtains! The tonality between the greenish colored sofa and orange curtains is stunning. Dark wooden floor and walls complete the look perfectly with the classically patterned carpet.

ID# 123738

Scandinavian Family Room with Comfortable Sitting Group

Daylight comes through the wide openings perfectly. Comfy sitting group, rug, ribbon fireplace, and green plant support the cozy look. The white wall between the gray wall and openings provides the deepness with the help of the white vaulted ceiling.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 123739

Eclectic Living Room with Blue Velvet Chester Sofa

Blue Chester sofa popping up on the traditional carpet in this natural atmosphere! It creates contrast with the wooden elements. Green plant supports the natural look. The custom floor lamp looks stunning!

ID# 123744

Modern Rustic Living Room with Castile Chandelier and Stone Fireplace

The combination of wood, stone, and metal textures embrace the charm of a classic farmhouse living room. The tall ceilings and windows allow ample natural light into the room. The leather sofa and gray armchairs match perfectly with the atmosphere. Wooden exposed beams merging with the stone fireplace.

ID# 123745

Industrial Living Room in Modern Rustic Style

Wooden beams look stunning in this high-ceiling farmhouse living room. The white color is used for the walls between the dark wooden ceiling and floor. The beautiful stone fireplace brings elegance with the modern sofa and leather armchair.

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