Rustic Living Room Ideas The Warmth of The Earthy Beauty

57+ Living Room Ideas

ID# 115302 | – Credit© Unique Homestays

Cottage Living Room with Contemporary Rustic Decor

This contemporary living room with white walls, medium brown wood floors, light wood ceiling, and earthy toned furniture mixes a laid-back attitude and rustic style in this romantic cottage.

ID# 115323 | – Credit© Weninger Construction & Design Ltd.

Loft-Style Family Room with Wood Chandelier

This open concept vaulted living room with wood ceilings creates an uplifting space to gather and connect. The room features expansive windows, slate floors, white walls, a corner stone fireplace, and an upper loft with decorative railing panels.


Rustic Living Room Ideas

The rustic style has a special character that we identify snowy mountains, winter get-aways, and romantic, cozy holidays with. But you can bring the spirit of winter wonderland into your home, wherever the location is! The natural color palette of rustic interiors will inspire you to add some warmth to your living room. Check out our rustic living room ideas!

Design your living room with earthy beauty

There are lots of options gathered for you to design different-sized living rooms to achieve an ideal rustic atmosphere. We also would like to show that it is possible to uplift the classic rustic style with some contemporary or modern touch!

You can find your dream living room that has a rugged, earthy beauty within our rustic style living room selection. The large variety will give you all the charm of this grounded style with fresh and new designs.

ID# 115301 | – Credit© Unique Homestays

Farmhouse Living Room with Black Fireplace

This mid-sized open concept living room is the ideal cozy spot set around a fireplace with its light wood walls, medium brown wood floors, and beige furnitures.

ID# 115307 | – Credit© Hunter and Company Interior Design

Rustic Mountain Style Living Space with Teal Blue Details

This large open concept living room is a perfect example of incorporating a fresh color palette into a rustic style home with its log walls, exposed wood beams, light wood floor, contemporary furnitures with teal blue accents.

ID# 115308 | – Credit© The PRG Group

Bright Living Room with Exposed Dark Wood Vaulted Ceiling

This living room with dark wood floors, exposed dark wood beams, marble fireplace, and beige walls is a fine example for creating the perfect mountain retreat. Incorporating a soft, neutral palette, contemporary seating and dark wood accents creates the ultimate winter holiday corner.


ID# 115309 | – Credit | © The PRG Group

Rustic Living Room Ideas with Chic Modern Decor

A modern take on a cozy rustic style in a mid-sized open concept living room brings clean lines of chic decor and the bright tones of snow-covered mountains with light wood floors, stone wall, medium tone exposed wood-beamed ceiling, white furnitures with deep brown accents.


ID# 115310 | – Credit© LKID

Mid-Sized Contemporary Family Room with Metal Fireplace

This large living room has the ultimate edgy take on the rustic interior with its dark wood floors, light wood vaulted ceiling, exposed metal I-beams, stone and wood walls, and contemporary furniture that create a fun atmosphere.


ID# 115311 | – Credit | © Terra Firma Custom Homes

Modern Ranch House Living Room Ideas with Rustic Style

This beautiful rustic design offers a rich and tasteful design with its white walls, exposed medium brown wood vaulted ceiling, medium brown wood floors, completed with modern furnitures.


ID# 115312 | – Credit© ARQ socis

Rustic Family Room with Gray Sofa and Black Built-in Cabinets

This mid-sized rustic family room is designed with luxurious decor and enriched with medium tone wood floors, exposed wood ceiling, wooden walls, black metal fireplace, and chic contemporary furniture. Built-in black cabinets provide plenty of storage space.


ID# 115313 | – Credit© F3 Architects

Rustic Living Room Ideas with Contemporary Style

This large living room presents a unique take on the rustic interior with its concrete walls, metal, and glass linear fireplace, exposed medium tone wood beamed vaulted ceiling, and luxurious contemporary furnitures.


ID# 115314 | – Credit© Rebus Italia srl

Mountain Style Family Room with Colorful Decor

This small attic living room has special renditions of rustic style including colorful decorative elements with exposed medium tone wood-beamed ceiling, wooden walls, medium brown wood floors, and contemporary furniture.


ID# 115315 | – Credit© Living Stone Design + Build

Mountain Lodge Living Room with Natural Materials

This open concept living room design perfectly reflects the cozy aspect of rustic style with its medium tone brown wood floors, medium tone wood vaulted ceiling, gray stone fireplace, and earth-toned classic furnitures.


ID# 115316 | – Credit© Replus Bureau

Rustic Living Room Ideas with Beige Stone and Wood Parquet Floor

This renovated small living area is designed tastefully with a contemporary rustic style including white walls, wood-planked walls, medium brown herringbone parquet wood floors, beige stone floors, and a metal fireplace that are unique to this historic building.


ID# 115317 | – Credit© Charleston Home + Design Mag

Elegant Living Room with Stone Fireplace and Stunning Chandelier

The ideal cozy living room in this rustic style house with a striking stone fireplace, dark wood floors, white walls, timber frame exposed beamed ceiling, and chic modern furnitures.


ID# 115319 | – Credit© MHK Architecture and Planning – Aspen

Rustic Living Room Ideas with Leather Seating Group

This gorgeous mountain house offers a colorful living room designed with a contemporary rustic style using wood-beamed beige walls, earth-toned furnitures, medium brown wood floors, vaulted wood ceiling, and patterned decorative pieces which make the room the perfect cozy spot for resting and social moments.


ID# 115321 | – Credit© Paula Berg Design Associates

Traditional Style Living Room with Exposed Beams

An impressive rustic look open concept living room celebrates the classic decor and earthy colors of mountains used in beige and stone walls, stone fireplace, dark wood floors, gray and beige furnitures with dark wood accents.


ID# 115322 | – Credit© Poss Architecture + Planning and Interior Design

Large Modern Living Room with Comfortable Seating Group

The amazing landscape of this modern rustic-style living room is complemented by a bright and serene atmosphere using warm tones with shades of blue, dark wood floors, exposed beam wood ceiling, and a sleek, beige stone fireplace and a Castile chandelier.


ID# 115324 | – Credit© KAM Designs

Mountain Style Living Room with Shades of Beige

This dreamy mountain house living room incorporates a contemporary beige-toned palette to an updated rustic style using light wood floors, beige walls, wood-beamed vaulted ceiling, stone walls, and modern beige furniture.


ID# 115325 | – Credit© Collective Design Group

Traditional Living Room with Modern Finishes

An elegant living room designed with a rustic style incorporates modern finishes using beige walls, white shiplap vaulted ceiling with exposed wood beams, dark brown wood floors, beige, and gray furniture.


ID# 115326 | – Credit© Beasley & Henley Interior Design

Farmhouse Living Room with Striking Vaulted Wood Ceiling

This rustic living room is designed around an accent dark wood vaulted ceiling and completed with a stone fireplace, dark wood floor, beige and stone walls, and neutral-toned formal furnitures.


ID# 115331 | – Credit© West One Design

Mid-Sized Family Room with Log Walls and Colorful Decor

This mid-sized living room is designed with a colorful and contemporary rustic style. The room has log walls, a white and wood-beamed ceiling, a beige carpeted floor, neutral-toned furnitures with patterned accents.


ID# 115332 | – Credit© KTG Design

Large Rustic Living Room Ideas with Concrete Fireplace

This chic and elegant living room design offers a tasteful decor in a rustic interior with white and wood walls, medium brown wood floors, dark wood-beamed ceiling, concrete fireplace and competed with stylish light gray furnitures.


ID# 115337 | – Credit© Big Ass Fans

High-ceiling Rustic Living Room Ideas with a Black Metal Fireplace

This mid-sized living room perfectly harmonizes contemporary cabin design and a calming rustic style with wood walls, medium tone gray wood floors, black metal fireplace, and modern furnitures that create the ideal romantic spot.


ID# 115338 | – Credit© Wiseman & Gale Interiors

Mediterranean Living Space with Stone Walls and Gray Couches

This mid-sized living room has a refreshing take on a classic rustic style with stone walls, medium tone wood floors, wood-beamed ceiling, a white marble standard fireplace, and Mediterranean-inspired interior design.


ID# 115339 | – Credit© Pearson Design Group

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Stone Fireplace

This stunning living room design uplifts the room that has stone walls, a log beamed vaulted ceiling, a stone fireplace, and medium brown wood floors with stylish contemporary decor.


ID# 115303

Living Room Design with Oak Wood Vaulted Ceiling

This stunning open concept living room has an impressive oak wood vaulted ceiling design as a focal point. The rustic style is complemented by gray stone tile floors, a metal wood stove, and comfortable leather living room furniture.

ID# 115304

Small Living Room with Natural Wood Furniture and Colorful Cushions

This modest yet well-designed living room is a perfect resting nook with a warm color palette of medium brown wood walls, a metal fireplace, wood vaulted ceiling, and rustic decor.

ID# 115305

Rustic Contemporary Living Space with Black Leather Sofa

This chic contemporary living room consisting of exposed dark wood beams, wood walls, and the concrete floor has chic design elements with the cozy rustic style together to create a stylish interior.

ID# 115306

Large Open Concept Living Room with Rustic Style

This large living room manages to evoke a warm and inviting feeling with its impressive dark wood vaulted ceiling, beige stone ribbon fireplace, medium brown wood floors, beige walls, and modern rustic decor.

ID# 115318

Modern Rustic Living Room Ideas with Castile Chandelier

A stunning vaulted wood ceiling open concept living room with beige stone and wood walls, gray terrazzo ceramic floor, black metal fireplace, and chic, neutral-toned modern furnitures that completes the tranquil atmosphere.

ID# 115320

Contemporary Family Room with Blue and White Patterned Rug

This contemporary style living room has a fresh character and a comforting atmosphere with its rustic-inspired neutral color palette used in white walls, wood separators, medium brown wood ceiling, neutral-toned furnitures, dark brown wood floors, and tasteful decor.

ID# 115327

Rustic Living Room Ideas with Natural Stone Fireplace

This rustic living room is centered around the natural stone fireplace, creating a warm gathering area. The design blends modern cream-colored decor and intimacy of rustic style with earthy, natural details including stone and beige walls, wood ceiling with exposed metal beams, dark brown wood floors, and soft gray furnitures.

ID# 115328

Open Concept Family Room with Wood Walls and Floor

This modern barn features an open concept living room with a stylish rustic-inspired design achieved by its medium brown floors, wood vaulted ceiling with exposed metal beams, wood and gray walls, black kitchen cabinets, blue and neutral-toned decor complimenting the peaceful rural view.

ID# 115329

Gray Seating Group with Wood Coffee Table and Bubble Chandelier

This open concept living room has a luxurious and look design with its natural stone and white walls, medium brown wood floors, wood-beamed vaulted ceiling, and chic, gray-toned furniture.

ID# 115330

Family Room Design with Laid-Back Contemporary Design

A small open concept, rustic living room that radiates ease of the cabin in the woods living influenced by romantic forest views. The laid-back design includes medium brown walls, a wood-beamed hip roof, slate floors, a wood stove, and a minimal amount of contemporary furniture. The kitchen features natural wood cabinets, a black countertop, and wood counter chairs.

ID# 115333

Bright Contemporary Living Room with Gray L-shaped Sofa

This beautiful mountain estate features a contemporary living room with the characteristics of rustic style in the most stylish way possible. The room has special design elements including black stone walls, a stone fireplace, light wood floors, medium brown wood ceiling, and iconic furnitures with colorful accents.

ID# 115334

Double Height Rustic Living Room Ideas with Contemporary Decor

The dramatic two-story living room features beige walls, a dark wood ceiling, a stone-clad fireplace with an integrated television niche located at an optimal height for comfortable viewing above a linear stone fireplace framed with quartz.

ID# 115335

Open Concept Farmhouse Living Room with Natural Stone Walls

This open concept living room has a stunning lake view that inspired the rustic style design. The room offers a cozy atmosphere with its stone and beige walls, stone fireplace, medium tone wood floors, and neutral-toned furniture selection that compliments the main design element, which is the wood hip ceiling with dramatic wood and metal beams.

ID# 115336

Eye-catching Family Room with Unique Ceiling Beam Feature

This mid-sized living room is dominated by a unique wood ceiling design featuring wood and metal beams. The bold, contemporary elements are balanced by the cozy atmosphere achieved by a stone fireplace, medium brown wood floors, beige walls, and beige furnitures.

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