Fireplace Sunroom Ideas Warm, Cozy and Relaxing Atmosphere

49+ Fireplace Sunroom Ideas

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Black Fireplace in Sunroom with Gray Floor

In this narrow and long sunroom area, where gray flooring is preferred on the floor, the common wall with the other room was preferred in white. In this area where the small wall and ceiling are preferred in dark gray, a design consisting of black and modern lines is used for the fireplace.


ID# 111220 | – Credit© AIBD – American Institute of Building Design

Fireplace with Light Gray Stones in Sunroom

In the sunroom area where light wood is often used in furniture and coatings, white window joinery is preferred, while light gray cushions are used in wooden living areas. The fireplace, one of the main design elements of the space, is covered with gray stones.


Colorful, modern, traditional, warm, and stylish fireplace design ideas

It is actually not difficult to design a sunroom with a fireplace in many different ways according to your taste and budget. Test out some of our fireplace sunroom ideas, below, to get the look in your own home!

Choose the right colors and the right style for your sunroom with a fireplace

For the sunrooms which include fireplaces and connecting indoor and outdoor, it will be the best method for you to determine your needs and decide on the design accordingly. Determining what you will do there and who will use there will determine the outline of your design. Also, sunroom with fireplace that you can organize in the style of your home.

Below you can find several ideas in many different styles where you can create the space that suits your style and the mood you have.

ID# 111201 | – Credit© Alair Homes Clemson

Rustic Sunroom with Stone Fireplace with Castile Chandelier

Surrounded by the lake view, this house carries the whole view inside thanks to its windows as large as possible. While natural wood tones are preferred in this rustic-style space, the fireplace used in the space is made of stone and maintains the integrity of the space.


ID# 111204 | – Credit© Honka UK Ltd.

Modern Fireplace in Modern and Rustic Sunroom

Rustic and modern blend together in this sunroom area, which consists of wood veneered walls and a white tiled floor. The modern fireplace used in the area attracts attention in the space.


ID# 111206 | – Credit | © Home Design by Annie

Cozy Wood Sofa with Yellow Side Tables and Brick Fireplace

In this sunroom, where a warm atmosphere is created with the ceiling covered with light wood, the design was created in a modernist framework. In this area where gray flooring is preferred on the floor, the orange colors used in the coffee tables have added color to space. In the fireplace used in the space, a fireplace made of dark gray bricks was used.


ID# 111207 | – Credit© Michael Lee, Inc

Sunroom Area with Wooden System

Traditional furniture was used in the sunroom area built with a wooden system. The flooring material used on the floor is also preferred wood that is compatible with the carrier system. A simple and classic model was preferred for the fireplace selection.


ID# 111208 | – Credit© Billinkoff Architecture PLLC

Gray Armchairs with Patterned Rug and Metal Fireplace

While the Scandinavian style is adopted in the sunroom area where white color is dominant, the color used on the floor merely combines the colors in the space. The modern fireplace at the corner of the space is preferred in metallic gray color and its reflective feature has been used.


ID# 111209 | – Credit© 金田博道建築研究所 株式会社

High Ceiling Sunroom with Wood Shelves and Green Wall

In this spacious place where the ceiling height is quite high, light gray tiles are used on the floor. In the sunroom where the wooden beam is clearly displayed, the wood color is used for the door and window joinery. In this sunroom area, which we encounter as soon as we descend from the stairs, the wall opposite the staircase is painted in dark green and decorated with wooden shelves porch. Also, the black fireplace located right in front of this wall adds warmth to space.


ID# 111210 | – Credit© Lucash Montgomery builders

Modern Living Room with Black Fireplace

In this sunroom area, which is covered with a wood-covered ceiling, wooden carriers have become elements of the space without being hidden. The furniture used in the sunroom area is preferred in pastel tones. The window frames and the fireplace hanging from the ceiling are preferred in black and a modern atmosphere has been achieved.


ID# 111212 | – Credit© Kitchen Design Studio, LLC

Light Metallic Color Hanging Fireplace in Sunroom

In this sunroom design where wood is prioritized, the sitting area is preferred in light beige, while the coffee table in the middle is used in dark colors. In contrast to the light-colored joinery, the dark color was preferred for the walls. The fireplace positioned in front of the glass was preferred in light metallic color, among the models suspended from the ceiling.


ID# 111213 | – Credit© Stebnitz Builders, Inc.

Industrial Sunroom with Black Brick Fireplace

Industrial style materials are used in the sunroom where the floor is preferred as polished concrete. The television is located just above the fireplace area created with dark bricks. In the sunroom, where the steel structures are not hidden on the roof, the exterior and interior spaces are intertwined.


ID# 111214 | – Credit© Kitchen Design Studio, LLC

Sunroom with Light Gray Fireplace

In the sunroom surrounded by dark vertical walls, wood is used on the floor and ceiling, while the ceiling is framed with white in the window joinery. The fireplace in the space was preferred to be suspended from the ceiling in light gray metallic color.


ID# 111216 | – Credit© Place Architecture Design

Wood-burning Fireplace in  Modern Sunroom

In this sunroom area where the fireplace is used as the main design element, nature has been moved to the interior. In the sunroom where the window frames are preferred white, black tiles are preferred on the floor.

ID# 111217 | – Credit© Imery Group

High Ceiling Sunroom with Brick Walls and Shiplap Ceiling

In the sunroom area where white dominates, firebrick was preferred as the wall material. The tiles used on the floor are used in graded colors. In the sunroom, where the ceiling height continues for almost two floors, a black industrial-style fireplace was used in front of a fired brick wall.


ID# 111219 | – Credit© City Homes, LLC

Yellow Tufted Chester Sofa with Gray Armchairs

In the sunroom area where yellow and brown colors are used in the foreground, a fireplace-centered area has been designed. In the design where the fireplace area is covered with stones and highlighted, the interior is integrated with the exterior thanks to the windows.


ID# 111222 | – Credit© Kawartha Lakes Construction

Fireplace with Dark Stones in Wooden Sunroom

In the sunroom design, where wood is used in all areas of the design, the window frames are preferred in black, while the area surrounding the fireplace consists of dark stones.


ID# 111223 | – Credit© Bickford And Company

FarmhouseFamily Room with Concrete Fireplace

While all colors are preferred to create a peaceful environment in beige and brown tones in the sunroom area, which is designed in the center of the fireplace, different energy is provided to space with the colors used in the living areas and some objects.


ID# 111224 | – Credit© Solaris Inc.

Octagonal Wooden Ceiling and Brick Fireplace

In the sunroom area, which is designed between an octagonal wooden ceiling and wooden floor, the wall color is gray, and the wicker, which is preferred in the furniture, stands out. The fireplace in the place is emphasized by turning it with fire bricks.


ID# 111225 | – Credit© Luna Design Group

Minimal Black Fireplace in Wooden Sunroom Area

In this design, where the wood in yellow tones is dominant in the entire sunroom, the dark coffee table in the form of wood is positioned in the middle of the space, while a traditional carpet is preferred on the floor. Unlike the classic and white seating group, the fireplace used in the space was preferred in minimal and black color.


ID# 111227 | – Credit© Meadowlark Design+Build

Cozy Sunroom with Gray Bamboo Furniture and Gray Rug

In the sunroom area, where the wood in orange tones is dominant, the modern fireplace is surrounded by stones and harmonized with the environment. The design integrity is achieved with the gray and beige tones used in the carpet used on the floor and in the sitting group.


ID# 111228 | – Credit© Mueller Homes Inc

Fireplace with Brown-colored Stones in Sunroom Area

Featuring a gray floor covering and white windows, this room is heated by a wooden ceiling and stone fireplace in brown tones. The sunroom is colored with the blue tone used in the wooden arm seating area in front of the fireplace.


ID# 111229 | – Credit© Matthew James Carpentry & Design Inc.

Rustic Sunroom with Bamboo Outdoor Furniture

In the sunroom area where the fireplace is covered with beige-colored stones, the slate floor is preferred on the floor, while white wood is preferred on the walls and ceiling. The use of wicker in seating groups is complementary to wicker and wood.


ID# 111230 | – Credit© Fraerman Associates Architecture

Dark Fireplace in Sunroom Area Dominated by White

While the dominant color in the sunroom area, which is designed as both a living and dining area, is white, the fireplace used in the space has been preferred in a modern way in dark color and oval cut. In this design, the indoor user can also experience the outdoors.


ID# 111232 | – Credit© Alair Homes Clemson

Sunroom with Stone Fireplace and Lake View

The sunroom area, which stands out with the large ring-shaped lighting hanging on the wood-coated ceiling, is surrounded by a 180-degree view of the lake. While modern black color is preferred for window joinery, natural wood tones and classic design elements are dominant in the space. The fireplace in the space is covered with stones, thus completing the harmony of nature and space.


ID# 111233 | – Credit© CL&PP Architectes

White Fireplace in Industrial Sunroom Area

While dark rectangular tiles are used on the floor in the industrially furnished sunroom area, the shelves under the windows are preferred in dark red tones. Beige tones are used in the color selection of the carpet and seat. The fireplace, which is used in front of the wall, where it is not covered with any paint or material, is also preferred in a light color and Scandinavian style.


ID# 111234 | – Creditアトリエ137 | © atelier137 Architectural Design Office

Black Fireplace in Scandinavian Style Sunroom Area

The Scandinavian-style sunroom area is located right next to the staircase. In the area where the light-colored herringbone-shaped material is preferred as the floor covering, wooden joinery has been preferred. In the corner of the space, a modern black fireplace with an oval cut is preferred.


ID# 111235 | – Credit©

Modern Fireplace in Minimal Contemporary Sunroom Area

The black modern fireplace suspended from the ceiling in the Contemporary sunroom area is one of the main objects of the space. The area where light color flooring is.


ID# 111202

Black Fireplace in Modern White Sunroom

In this modernly furnished sunroom area, white is the main color, while dark wood is used on the floor. Also, a black gas fireplace with modern lines was preferred in the space.

ID# 111205

Sunroom Design with Wooden Ceiling and Gray Floor

In the sunroom area where dark colors are used as a ceiling covering, gray graded tiles are preferred on the floor. In the sunroom furnished with modern furniture, the sitting area is designed around the fireplace, which is preferred in modern dark gray. The black fireplace creates a focal point in the room.

ID# 111211

Black Oval Modern Fireplace Hanging from the Ceiling

Light-colored furniture is preferred in the sunroom area, which is designed on the floor where wood color is preferred in warm tones, while window frames are preferred in black. The modern black fireplace, which is preferred to be hung on the joint of the roof, is positioned centered in the space.

ID# 111215

Modern Sunroom with Gray Walls and Fireplace

The sunroom area surrounded by gray walls is designed to let the surrounding nature in. The most striking point of the design is the fireplace area on the wall where the two spaces meet. Modern lines prevail in this sunroom area where comfort is prioritized.

ID# 111218

Minimalist Sunroom with Black Fireplace

The black fireplace is the main design element in the sunroom furnished in a rustic style. While warm tones of wood are preferred throughout the design, a bench in black and chairs in beige tones are considered as the sitting area.

ID# 111221

Farmhouse Living/dining Room with a Stunning Chandelier

On the contrary, the wooden structure is not hidden, the sunroom area, where it is displayed as one of the prominent elements of the design, is designed both as a living and dining area. The fireplace, which warms the environment used in the space, is covered with light-colored stones.

ID# 111226

Cozy Sitting Group with Stone Fireplace and Blue Details

In the sunroom area where white color is dominant, the sitting group is located around the fireplace made of light beige stones. The seating group preferred light beige tones to add color to the environment with a blue cushion, a single sofa, and a geometric patterned blue carpet.

ID# 111231

Scandinavian Living Room with Gray L-shaped Sofa

In the sunroom where the wooden roof structure is highlighted, there is a marble coffee table in the center. While a very large gray L seat is preferred in the space, black and white patterned tiles are used on the floor. The fireplace in the corner is placed in a way that does not kill space. French white windows add freshness to space with their white wall color.

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