Porch Sunroom Ideas Spacious, Modern, Simple and Natural Sunrooms

58+ Porch Sunroom Ideas

ID# 111407 | Houzz.com – CreditSube Susaeta Interiorismo | © Erlantz Biderbost

Tropical-inspired Sunroom with Natural Elements

In the four-season screened porch, where the ceiling is covered with a glass of white frames, the exterior and interior are perceived together, colors in nature are preferred. In addition to the calming tones of wood and green, the tropical patterns preferred on carpets and cushions have brought the space to life.


ID# 111420 | Houzz.com – Credit© Douglas VanderHorn Architects

Contemporary Living Space with a Timeless Design Concept

There is a timeless design concept in this porch sunroom area, which has arched windows using terra-cotta tile and firebrick. Modern and colorful furniture and classic and plain colored furniture are placed on the carpet in light colors, complementing each other.


Spacious, Modern, Simple, Natural, and Stylish Porch Sunroom design ideas

Designing porch sunrooms that will make you happy, is actually not so difficult. There are plenty of ways according to your taste and budget, See how to create your porch sunroom with your expectations.

Choose the right colors and the right style for your porch sunroom

To design a porch sunroom that will be defined according to your expectations, you should realize how much space you have there and what kind of activities you want to there. Determining which activities you will do there and how much time you are going to spend there will be an outline of your design. In addition to this, you can design the porch sunroom area as a continuation of your home or in a completely different style. Test out some of our porch sunroom ideas, below, to get the look in your own home and enjoy the outdoors.

Below you can find several ideas in many different styles where you can create the space that suits your style and the mood you have.

ID# 111401 | Houzz.com – Credit© 吉田建設株式会社

Rustic Porch Sunroom Design with Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to create a connection between the great outdoors and indoors you will love this design. The rusticly furnished screened porch is colored with plants used in the space. The interior of the additional living space has been made a part of nature, just like its surroundings. Most of the plants in the space are displayed on metal flower shelves, while some are hung from the ceiling. Under-counter natural wood cabinets used in the space were preferred in the same color tones as the wood coating used on the ceiling. Square tiles in light brown tones are used on the floor.

ID# 111403 | Houzz.com – Credit© Abag Studio

Modern and Minimalist Screened Porch with Concrete Accents

Designed with an extremely modern design approach, the floor of this living space was chosen with reflective light gray tones. Except for a small part of the side surfaces of the space, the ceiling is entirely made of glass. All furniture used in the area is designed with minimal lines. Pictures in beautiful harmony with the concrete wall.

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ID# 111405 | Houzz.com – CreditArkitekturfotograferne | © Martin Tørsleff

Scandinavian Style Three Season Room with a Glass Ceiling

The dominant colors in the glass ceiling screened porch area where the Scandinavian style is highlighted are the tones of wood and gray. In this design, where the outdoor landscape is integrated with the indoor planting, a simple but elegant appearance is obtained.


ID# 111408 | Houzz.com – Credit© Timber Tech

Coastal Sunroom Design in Shades of Blue

In the screened-in porch where blue tones are used quite but decisively, light gray floor deck coating was preferred. On the wooden seating group, there are cushions in light beige tones, while the colors are blended with colorful pillows and the blue coffee table in the middle of the space.


ID# 111409 | Houzz.com – Credit© Four Brothers Design + Build

Modern Sunroom with a Black Bamboo Couch and Gray Floor

The only different color in this modern screened porch area, crowned with gray in the combination of black and white, is the color of nature reflected from the wooden dining table and windows. Gray tiles are used on the floor of the area where the corner sofa and sitting area are set up. And a small rug was preferred in front of the fireplace to complement the space.


ID# 111410 | Houzz.com – Credit© Cynthia Hayes Interior Design

Scandinavian Living Space with White Couch and Wicker Rug

You can create an elegant and cozy atmosphere in your three-season room without cost too much. The use of beige tones and straw stands out in the additional living space, where the sloping wooden ceiling creates a different atmosphere. These choices emphasizing the beach style are also supported by the furniture used in the space.


ID# 111411 | Houzz.com – Credit© Morgante Wilson Architects

Interesting Ceiling Design in Porch Sunroom

In this modern porch sunroom area where the ceiling design is emphasized and the columns are emphasized, a simple carpet of a size that emphasizes the boundaries of the sitting area is placed on the floor. Soft line furniture was preferred as the seating group.


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ID# 111412 | Houzz.com – Credit© Create Design Build

Chalet-like Porch Sunroom Design

In addition to its modern design, in the porch sunroom area, which resembles a chalet with its design lines, the shades of gray and wood are supported by the stones around the fireplace and calm and calm colors are used. Other elements that add warmth and color to space are the orange pillows used on the seat and the fire burning in the fireplace.

ID# 111413 | Houzz.com – Credit© Quartersawn Design Build

Eclectic Sunroom with Stone Fireplace and Dining Area

The second dominant element in the season room, where the white color is used on almost all surfaces, is the stone-covered fireplace. The light gray tiles used on the floor are laid geometrically. In addition to the colored lighting element hanging from the ceiling to accentuate the dining area, the chair cushions are also colored like the carpet on the floor.


ID# 111415 | Houzz.com – Credit© T.S. Adams Studio, Architects

Classic Sunroom with White Furnitures and a Touch of Wood

The porch sunroom, which was designed in a very standard and classic way in terms of usage and furniture, was dominated by white and beige tones, while the outdoor windows were moved inside. The blue tone used on the ceiling is reminiscent of the sky.


ID# 111417 | Houzz.com – Credit© Sheffield Furniture & Interiors

Porch Sunroom in Gray Tones with a Wooden Ceiling

Contrary to the warm atmosphere created by the wooden ceiling, this season room, where gray tones are used intensely, is preferred in almost gray color, except for the wall and window joinery. However, the cold perception of the space is broken thanks to the gradient of the gray tones used on the floor.

ID# 111418 | Houzz.com – Credit© Prima Impressione – Home Staging

Porch Sunroom with Minimal Wood Warmth

In the porch sunroom area where limestone is used on the floor, wooden ceilings and wooden window and door joinery contribute to the spirit of the environment. This sunroom is designed like a viewing terrace thanks to the very minimum amount of items used.


ID# 111419 | Houzz.com – Credit© Matthew James Carpentry & Design Inc.

Large and Spacious Sunroom with Bamboo Outdoor Furniture

There are two different functional spaces in the porch sunroom area, which is designed in a very large area. Although these functions are set up in two different corners of the space, the use of furniture provides unity in the space. The colors of the large tiles preferred on the floor are ideal for both the living area and the dining area. In this design, where coffee and beige are intense, white was preferred for window and door joinery.


ID# 111421 | Houzz.com – Credit© Anthony James Construction

Gray Outdoor Furniture with Wood Ceiling

Quite plain colors are preferred in this porch sunroom, which has a classic dark wooden ceiling. Although it was attempted to establish a relationship with the living room right next to it by directing the chairs there, the floor of the space was also preferred to have a gray floor covering that is sharply separated from the other space.


ID# 111422 | Houzz.com – Credit© Brickmoon Design

Porch Sunroom in Dark Wood Tones

In this season room area where a wall is covered with stones and surrounded by nature, the use of wood is intensely used in the ceiling, furniture, and woodwork. In addition to the colors of nature that seep through the window, there are colors thanks to the pillows used in the sitting areas.


ID# 111423 | Houzz.com – Credit© Posh Exclusive Interiors

Narrow and Long Porch Sunroom Design

In the porch sunroom surrounded by arched windows, black color joinery was preferred in modern lines as window and door joinery. White and beige tones were preferred in the wall colors due to the low ceiling as opposed to the narrow and long space. The colorful painting on the narrow and longwall energizes the space.


ID# 111425 | Houzz.com – Credit© Malone Maxwell Dennehy Architects

Minimalist Concrete and Wood Use Porch Sunroom

While the use of wood in the minimalist porch sunroom ceiling is continued on a part of the wall, concrete blocks highlighting the fireplace were preferred in the slab part of the wall. Although no unnecessary furniture is used in the space, the preferred items are also wood.


ID# 111427 | Houzz.com – Credit© Sasser Construction L.C.

Modern Porch Sunroom with a Pitched Roof

The relationship of the porch sunroom area, in which cottage porcelain tile is used, which is cut in different sizes on the floor and used together, with the outdoor space, is provided by the windows highlighted by white joinery. In addition to the use of beige tones on the floor, beige tones were also preferred in the sitting area.


ID# 111429 | Houzz.com – Credit© Dennison and Dampier Interior Design

Wood Dining Bench with Stone Floor

In the porch sunroom designed in a very simple and minimalist way, a wooden set of seats in the form of a dining table bench was chosen. Solid white color was used, not choosing any coating or element on the ceiling. In this way, the volume of the space is perceived as wide.


ID# 111430 | Houzz.com – Credit© Nostalgic Porch Swing Co. LLC

Traditional Sunroom with Hanging Chair and Wood Ceiling

In the porch sunroom area, which is designed with a traditional design approach, we can see that many different colors are used together, not focusing on a single color. This area consisting of stone and wood has an atmosphere thanks to the colors.


ID# 111404

Porch Sunroom with Sea View

The soft-colored design, which perceives all the splendor and peace of the sea view inside, stands out with its beach style. In addition to the warmth of the wood used on the floor, the shades of blue and green used in the area dominated by white also add warmth to space.

ID# 111402

Sunroom Design with Dining Area and Two-color Flooring

Dark wicker chairs in the screened porch, designed as a dining area, create an antique impression. Two contrasting colors are used on the ground. In this area, which is reminiscent of a country house, white color was preferred in vertical planes to support the lighting of the space.

ID# 111406

Transitional Living Space with Brown and Beige Tones

In the outdoor living space, where the wooden ceiling is exhibited as a design element, modern and black window frames are used on the exterior, while white color is preferred for the door and window joinery on the wall connecting the interior and sun area. Unlike the modern floor covering used on the floor, a traditional carpet in the eastern style was preferred. Unlike the coffee and beige tones that are used extensively in the space, red color, which energizes the space, was preferred for the pouf and the pillow used in the sofa.

ID# 111414

Modern Rustic Porch with Cozy and Elegant Details

If you don’t have too much space to design a porch, a sliding door might be your solution and you can create your porch in less expensive. In this porch sunroom area, where the spirit of wood is felt, the seating elements are placed facing the outside. Although this sunroom area is small in square meters, it has a very stylish and sufficient usage area thanks to the preferred furniture and colors in the design.

High-ceiling Sunroom with Wood Dining Table and White Chairs

In the porch sunroom, where square tiles in gray tones are preferred on the floor, all door and window joinery are preferred in white. In the vertical planes of the space, beige tones wall color is preferred, while the white ceiling is preferred to make space appear higher than it is. While the dining table is preferred in wooden tones, the chairs are used with wooden legs and beige cushions.

ID# 111424

Modern Porch Design with Fireplace in Gray Tones

In this porch sunroom area, where gray tones and wood are used in a very modern way with the right decisions, travertine was used as the floor material. While the fireplace, one of the prominent elements of the space, is designed quite simply and elegantly, the sitting area is arranged around the fireplace. Thanks to the windows in the sunroom, the nature outside has also been brought inside.

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ID# 111426

Porch Sunroom That Integrates with Nature

All materials used in the porch sunroom, where nature integrates with the interior, were preferred in the tones of wood. Therefore, integrity with nature has been brought to the fore in material selection.

ID# 111428

Porch Sunroom with Kitchenette Equipment

In the porch sunroom, where natural material colors and materials intertwined with nature are preferred, a tiny kitchen area is designed. The choice of faucets in this area where the farm sink is used is also quite simple.

ID# 111431

Simple Porch Sunroom Design with Fireplace

Although the dominant color is white in the porch sunroom, where very dark tiles are used, the fireplace used in the space consists of dark brown and black. Although the place has a cold impression, the presence of the swinging wooden chair eliminates this feeling.

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