Small Sunroom Ideas Small Yet Bright and Functional Spaces

26+ Sunroom Design Ideas

ID# 110404 | – Credit© Michael LoBuglio Architects

Beach Style Small Sunroom Ideas with Soft Colors

Unlike the wood color used on the floor in this small cozy sunroom area designed with beach style, other colors in the space were preferred in pastel tones. The design prioritizes comfort and calmness.


ID# 110401 | – Credit© Build Prestige Homes Pty Ltd.

American Style Sunroom with Window Seat

In this small sunroom design designed with the classic American style, dark-colored flooring is used on the floor, while white is preferred in furniture and wall colors. In this way, the landscape design that flows through the windows can be easily perceived inside.


Modern, colorful, and spacious small sunroom ideas

It is actually not so difficult to design small sunroom areas in many different ways according to your taste and budget, which can affect our mood when we enter the door.

Choose the right colors and the right style for your sunroom

When designing small sunroom areas, it is very important to use the right colors and furniture to make them look larger and more spacious than they are. These sunroom areas, where contact with the external environment is quite high, should be designed primarily in line with their intended use. These small sunroom areas can turn into places where you will want to spend most of your day with the right design decisions.

Below you can find several ideas in many different styles where you can create the space that suits your style and the mood you have.

ID# 110403 | – Credit© Vernich Interiors

Small Sunroom Ideas with Bamboo Lounge Chairs

In this farmhouse-like design with its original roof design, the tones of wood, gray, and beige are used in harmony. All the materials used in the design are added to the design as if they are a part of nature.


ID# 110402 | – Credit© Blue Ridge Distributors, LLC

Minimal Sunroom Design Idea in Wood Tones

In this very minimally designed small sunroom area, only the necessary furniture was placed and space was used in a spacious way. Warm tones of wood are preferred for color usage.


White Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 110406 | – Credit© HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

Attic Room Design with Skylights and Cozy Couches

In the small sunroom space designed in white and beige colors, wood tones are used on the floor and coffee table. By using beige and white in other colors of the space, it is perceived as larger and higher than it is.


ID# 110407 | – Credit© Cynthia Hayes Interior Design

Cream Sofa with Wood Chair and Wood Ceiling Detail

Beach style is dominant in the living room area where light wood-colored flooring is preferred. While the rug used on the floor emphasizes the design, the use of white, the other dominant color, expands the volume of the space. At the same time, the wood detail on the ceiling is one of the elements that complement the space.


ID# 110411 | – Credit | © House of Fraser

Contemporary Cozy Living Room with Gray Couch

This cozy living room designed with a contemporary approach, the pendant lamp lowered to the center stands out. The geometric-patterned carpet, which is laid on the light wooden floor material, is chosen in dark colors to create a contrast.


ID# 110415 | – Credit© Element Home Builders

High Ceiling Small Sunroom Ideas with Bamboo Furniture

In the high living room design, the spider chandeliers suspended from the ceiling added movement to space, and the geometric patterned carpet and wicker furniture used on the floor created a background. The mat-dense seating group is completed with white cushions. Light wood buffet used as a kitchen storage cabinet.


ID# 110418 | – Credit© By Rydéns

Scandinavian Style Sunroom Office with Wicker Pendant

In this small sunroom office furnished in Scandinavian style, gray tiles were preferred on the floor against the dominance of white color. Due to the small size of the space, besides the fixed sitting area, a table and 2 movable stools were used. The wicker pendant complements the look.


ID# 110421 | – Credit© Gina Sims Designs

Circular Dining Table with Acrylic Chairs and Wicker Pendant

The small dining room designed in an eclectic style, a table consisting of transparent chairs is positioned by emphasizing the center of the space with a circle-shaped carpet and pendant lamps. All colors exist in the space without getting in front of each other. The Blue and white printed dining room curtain completes the look beautifully.


Minimalist Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 110426 | – Credit© Signature Designs Kitchen & Bath

Small Sunroom Ideas in Light Shades

Designed in a very small area, only one seating piece of furniture was used in this sunroom design. The colors are preferred in completely light tones and space is refreshed.


ID# 110423

Country-style Small Sunroom Ideas

Beige and white tones are used intensely for this small sunroom prepared in country style. The use of cushions in different colors in the living area and the carpet used on the floor strengthen the design. Also, the plants used in the corner have completed the space.


Beach Style Sunroom Design in Gray and White

In the small sunroom area designed in beach style, the harmony of gray and white has been used very harmoniously in both floor and furniture preferences.


ID# 110408

White Cozy Couch with Colorful Pillows and Wood Coffee Table

Beach style is adopted in the colorfully designed small living room. The color of the curtains preferred for the control of sunlight, the vintage coffee table used in the middle of the space, and the colorful cushions in the white seating area show the comfort of the space.


ID# 110410 | – Credit© 株式会社グランデザイン一級建築士事務所

Small Balcony with Wood Outdoor Furniture

In the Asian style small sunroom area, hexagonal tiles, and light-colored floor coverings are preferred, while the use of wood and plants stands out in the space. A small square table and 2 chairs were preferred as the seating area.


ID# 110409

Small Sunroom Ideas with Polygonal Ceiling

The polygonal wooden ceiling in the contrasting colors of the floor covered with gray tiles in light gray tones provides a contrast to space. The space is furnished around a central point. And the furniture used is preferred from classic pieces.


ID# 110412

Modern Small Sunroom Ideas with Gray Armchairs

In the glass sunroom area, which was designed in a modern way with the choice of colors and furniture, gray tones of epoxy were preferred on the floor. A corner is created in the space with the Chesters preferred in white color.


ID# 110413

Small Living Room with Wide Window Openings

Unlike the white color that dominates the entire living room, dark wood flooring was preferred on the floor. However, this hard transition was broken with the striped beige and white carpet used on the floor.


ID# 110414

Beach Style Sunroom with Cozy Sofa

In this small glass sunroom area on the beach, beach style is preferred in harmony with the landscape. The design is completed with the floor covering used in the space, the cushions in the sitting area, and the objects in the space.


ID# 110416

Cozy Gray Armchairs with Red Pouf and Wooden Ceiling Covering

In this small cozy sunroom design, where the wood coating used on the ceiling adds movement to the environment, a dark red leather pouf is used in the middle of the sitting area designed with single seats. This contrasting design concept is complemented by a geometric-shaped blue carpet laid on the floor.


ID# 110417

Cozy Sunroom Design in Beige Tones

Beige tones are dominant in the small sunroom area, which is quite simply furnished. The beach style stands out with the light wood flooring used on the floor and the preferred furniture.


ID# 110419

Built-in Window Seat with Gray Cushions and Orange Lounge Chair

Contrasting colors are used very harmoniously in this small sunroom, which is designed very peacefully for the reading area. The light color preferred on the walls has allowed the furniture and nature filtered through the windows to come to the fore.


ID# 110420

Small Sunroom Ideas with Eclectic Style

On the floor covering preferred in redwood color, the wooden parts of the sitting chair are preferred in red tones. An eclectic style has been adopted throughout the space.


ID# 110422

White Built-in Bench with Multicolored Cushion and Pillows

In this small sunroom area, which was created by blending many different colors and materials, wicker curtains were preferred in harmony with the wooden floor, while a traditional carpet was preferred on the floor. The seating area is located in front of the window.


Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 110424

Small Sunroom Ideas with Nautical Feel

In this small sunroom design where intermediate color tones are used, sea air is felt in this area with wicker curtains and rugs on the floor. This feeling is also supported by the preferred coffee tables and cushions in blue colors.


ID# 110425

Small Sunroom Ideas with Ceramic Floor

Beach style is preferred in the small sunroom area where ceramic is used on the floor. Light blue tones, white and pink colors were preferred to support this style in the environment.

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