Sunroom Ideas Strongest Bond Between Outdoor and Indoor

70+ Sunroom design ideas

Colorful Modern Sunroom Design

ID# 111504 | Source – Credit© Vie & Véranda

Modern Sunroom Ideas with Colorful L-shape Sofa

In the cozy sunroom area where many colors are harmoniously used together, the L sofa in vibrant red tones and the blue chair around the glass dining table attract attention. For the sunroom that opens to the garden, light colors are used on the floor, wall, and ceiling. Comfort is at the forefront in the space designed with a modern design approach.

Sunroom Design With Traditional Furniture

ID# 111538 | Source – Credit© SLC Interiors

Sunroom Ideas with Traditional Furniture

Designed with traditional furniture, the sunroom is covered with a wooden roof in light colors. On the floor, carpeting in gray tones is preferred and the furniture used in the space are items with traditional lines.

Designing a spacious, colorful, traditional, modern, and stylish sunroom design ideas

You can design your sunrooms, which have one of the strongest bonds between outdoor and indoor, according to your dreams and budget, more easily than you think. Check out our stylish sunroom ideas!

Choose the right colors, the right furnitures, and the right purpose of use for your sunroom

To design your sunroom according to your dreams and budget, it should be your priority to determine what purpose you will use this area for. Otherwise, all your effort may be wasted. You should determine what kind of space you want for the sunroom for which you have decided the purpose of use. Then, if you choose the colors and finally the furniture in line with the style you have determined, you can have a sunroom in line with your wishes and your budget.

Below you can find several ideas in many different styles where you can create the space that suits your style and the mood you have.

Colorful Energizing Sunroom Design

ID# 111501 | Source – CreditBen Carpenter | © Ben Carpenter Photography

Energizing Sunroom Ideas with Bamboo Outdoor Furniture

In the sunroom design where more than one color is used together, the seating area created from wicker seats is used with cushions in beige colors. The use of green color on the walls complements each other with the outdoor landscape and porch sunroom.

Sunroom Design In A Wooden Chalet

ID# 111502 | Source – Credit© Midlake Builders

Four Season Sunroom Design in a Wooden Chalet

Designed as a continuation of the chalet, this sunroom is made of wood. In the place where gray tiles are used on the floor, the furniture used as the seating area is selected in the same tones as the wood that forms the space.

Traditional Style Sunroom Design With Wooden Roof

ID# 111505 | Source – Credit© Rigsby Builders Inc.

Traditional Sunroom Ideas with Wood Roof

In the screened sunroom, where the roof is covered with wooden material and has skylights, the wall surfaces are painted gray. A traditional atmosphere is created in the space by using a classic sitting area in the space where beige tones tiles are preferred on the floor.

Minimalist Sunroom Design With Rocking Seat

ID# 111506 | Source – Credit© Stockton Construction LLC

Minimalist Type of Sunroom with Hanging Seat

With its modern slate floor material, natural stone walls, and wooden roof, the sunroom was designed very modern, and no other furniture was used except the sofa, which is suspended from the ceiling from both sides. All materials are in harmony in the space designed with a minimalist approach.

Sunroom Design As A Living Space With A Wooden Roof

ID# 111507 | Source – Credit© Innovative Construction Inc.

Transitional Sunroom Ideas with Vaulted Ceiling

Designed as an extension of the living space, the cozy sunroom is covered with a wooden roof in red tones. Full-height windows are used in the space where the beams of the roof are shown without being hidden indoors and become part of the design. In the area where light colors are preferred as furniture, one sofa is covered with a fabric that literally expresses spring. It is seen that a beige tones carpet is preferred in the place where light-colored tiles are used on the floor.

White Sunroom Design Designed As A Dining Area

ID# 111508 | Source – Credit© Greenmark Homes

White Dining Sunroom Ideas with Shiplap Walls

Designed in pure white, the sunroom is functional as a dining area. In the place where light wood material is used on the floor, the ceiling is painted in white and its carriers are exposed. Modern chairs produced by laser cutting were preferred for dining table chairs.

Wooden Furniture Sunroom Design

ID# 111509 | Source – Credit© Bountiful

Coastal Sunroom Ideas with Wood Outdoor Furnitures

The sunroom, which is designed completely different from the other parts of the house, uses a concrete-looking gray floor material, while white color is preferred on the walls and window joinery. The main material of the furniture chosen for space is wood. Also, in the kitchen modern white cabinets paired with a marble countertop.

Interesting Hipped Roof Sunroom Design

ID# 111510 | Source – Credit© Mozolowski & Murray

Cozy Sunroom Ideas with Interesting Hipped Roof

In the glass sunroom where the hipped roof is designed interestingly, some parts of the roof are opaque and some parts are transparent. A light blue sofa set was used in the sunroom area, which was designed as a seating area. For the floor, a wooden floor in medium color tones is preferred.

Classic Sunroom Design With Dark Wood Floors

ID# 111511 | Source – Credit© Design Builders, Inc.

Classic Sunroom Design with Dark Wood Floors

In the sunroom area, where wood floors in dark tones are preferred on the floor, the roof form stands out strikingly and it is designed as wood in light colors. Classical furniture is used as a seating group in the space where all white is used on the vertical surfaces.

Sunroom Design With Wooden Roof In Polygonal Form

ID# 111512 | Source – Credit© Rachel Reider Interiors

Sunroom Ideas with Wooden Roof in Polygonal Form

The design with a wooden roof in the polygonal form is designed as a seating area in the sunroom. In the space where the furniture has brown-beige outlines, the energy of the space has been increased with colorful cushions. The color selection for the floor and the middle table was in light tones. Large windows provide a brighter atmosphere.

Sunroom Design As A Seating Area With High Energy

ID# 111515 | Source – Credit© Linwood Custom Homes

Sunroom Design as a Seating Area with Earthy Tones

This design, which can be shown as an answer to the question of how to increase the energy of a wooden sunroom balcony year-round, is the use of orange color. The fact that everything in the space is in wood tones creates a boring situation, while the orange color preferred in the cushions has increased the energy of the space.

Rustic Sunroom Design

ID# 111516 | Source – Credit© Cipriani Remodeling Solutions

Rustic Sunroom Ideas with Blue Traditional Rug and Stone Fireplace

In the sunroom, where wood is used on almost all surfaces, only the area where the fireplace is desired to be emphasized consists of stones. The sunroom, on which a traditional motif is laid on the wooden floor, is designed with a rustic approach.

Bohemian Style Sunroom Design With Glass Ceiling

ID# 111517 | Source – Credit© Memar Architects Inc.

Bohemian Style Sunroom Ideas with Glass Ceiling

Designed in bohemian style, the sunroom has a glass ceiling. The use of more than one color is seen in the place where the use of wood is seen on the floor and window and door joinery. There are a blue sofa and two burgundy single armchairs in the space, where colorful carpets in traditional motifs are used on the floor. The design of the space is also supported by the use of different plants.

Sunroom Design In Blue And White Colors

ID# 111518 | Source – Credit© Mozolowski & Murray

Sunroom Ideas with Blue and White Colors

Light-colored wooden floor material was preferred in the glass sunroom area designed in blue and white colors. The roof, window, and door frames of the place are preferred in white, while the light blue tone is preferred as the wall color.

Beach Style Sunroom Design With Polygonal Roof Form

ID# 111519 | Source – Credit© Brooke Wagner Design

Beach-style Sunroom Ideas with Polygonal Roof Form

The beach-style sunroom, the roof of which is designed in the form of a polygon, and the top of which is covered with glass, is designed to be a sitting area under the window. The second main color in the space design dominated by white is dark blue.

Sunroom Design As A Modern Dining Area In Light Colors

ID# 111520 | Source – CreditAbadi House Design | © Ishot Photography

Dining Sunroom with Wood Dining Bench and Colorful Rug

In the minimal modern sunroom area designed as a dining area, the colors of nature are brought to the fore by avoiding the use of excessive colors. There is a skylight at the top of the dining area consisting of a wooden table and bench.

Luxurious Sunroom Design With Black And White Tiled Floor

ID# 111521 | Source – Credit© Gast Architects

Luxurious Sunroom with Green Furnitures

The luxury sunroom with a floor covered with black and white tiles has a very large and spacious volume in terms of size. In the place where green tones are preferred in the furniture, one wall was painted in dark tones with purple and small frames were placed on it asymmetrically. In the place where hidden lighting is used on the ceiling, a skylight is applied at the top of the roof.

Modern Sunroom Design With Dark Walls Under A White Gable Roof

ID# 111522 | Source – Credit© Construction

Modern Sunroom with Dark Walls Under a White Gable Roof

Designed under a white gable roof In the modern sunroom design, wall surfaces and window frames are painted in petrol blue. In the place where wood material of medium darkness is preferred on the floor, the furniture is preferred in light gray and beige tones.

Sunroom Design For Spacious And Daily Use

ID# 111523 | Source – Credit© Building Concepts and Design

Sunroom Design for Spacious and Daily Use

In the sunroom area where comfort is prioritized, space is perceived quite spacious thanks to the white color used on the surfaces. Furniture that can be spent comfortably in the sunroom area designed for daily use was preferred. An oval modern coffee table was preferred in the space, which consists of a blue sofa and two single armchairs in camel color.

Sea View Sunroom Design With Beach Style

ID# 111524 | Source – Credit© Hutker Architects

Beach Style Sunroom Ideas with Bamboo Furnitures

While designing the sunroom with a sea view, a beach-style design concept has been adopted. Light colors are used in the place where comfortable sofas with wicker details are preferred. In the area where patterned and two-color flooring material is used on the floor, it is tried to give the appearance of brick on the walls.

Modern White Sunroom Design With Arched Windows

ID# 111525 | Source – Credit© RLDC

Modern White Sunroom with Arched Windows

In the sunroom with arched windows, white color is used on the floor, wall surfaces, and window joinery. In the space designed as a dining area, a modern white table and chairs and stools with modern lines are used.

Rustic And Casual Sunroom Design

ID# 111526 | Source – Credit© Lakeshore Designs

Rustic and Casual Sunroom with Comfortable Sofa

In the sunroom designed in a rustic and casual fashion, wooden materials are used on the roof and floor. In the place where the white window joinery attracted attention, an L sofa with a beige cushion in a wicker look and a modern coffee table with a wicker look was preferred. A carpet in gray tones is used on the floor.

Sunroom Design With White Gable Roof

ID# 111527 | Source – Credit© User

Cozy Living Room with Gray Couch and Wood Details

In the sunroom, where white color is used on both the gable roof and the walls, the window joinery is preferred in modern and dark colors. There is a wooden coffee table in the middle of the sitting area, which consists of one beige sofa and two single sofas with leaf patterns in gray tones. Light wood flooring material was preferred for the floor.

Sunroom Design Made Of Dark Wood

ID# 111533 | Source – Credit© Artizan Builders LLC

Sunroom Design Made of Dark Wood

Designed as an extension of the chalet, the sunroom made of dark wood is designed as a sitting and resting area. In the place where the sitting group with modern lines is preferred, gray tones floor material is used on the floor.

A Stylish And Modern Sunroom Design In Light Colors

ID# 111534 | Source – Credit© Michael Lewis Architects PC

Stylish Sunroom with Light Gray Furniture and Carpeted Floor

The sunroom area where light colors are preferred has a very large and spacious area. The space designed as a seating area is designed by using a beige L armchair in beige tones and two single seats in light gray. The coffee table used in the middle can also serve as a pouf. Space, which was designed as a polygon in the center of the roof, was raised one level and skylights were formed.

Luxurious Sunroom Design With Jacuzzi

ID# 111536 | Source – Credit© Feinmann, Inc.

Luxurious Sunroom Design with Jacuzzi

The sunroom design, which includes a jacuzzi, was designed with a very luxurious approach. Also, a corner has been created to watch television in the other part of this sunroom area located at the garden level.

Sunroom Design In Continuation Of The Living Room

ID# 111537 | Source – Credit© Scott Edmonston Architecture Studio

Sunroom Ideas In Continuation of The Living Room

The sunroom, which is separated by folding glass doors in the continuation of the living room, is a continuation of the beach style in the living room. In the sunroom where light-colored wood material is used on the floor, wood material is preferred in the ceiling. Two comfortable wooden chairs are placed to watch the green area outside.

Sunroom As A Seating Area Designed In Beach Style

ID# 111539 | Source – Credit© Murphy & Co. Design

Beach Style Sunroom Ideas with Gray Sofa and Blue Patterned Rug

The sunroom, which is designed as a sitting area, is seen in the furniture in light beige tones. On the floor, light wood material is preferred and a blue-colored carpet is used. The general design of the place is compatible with the beach style.

Spacious Sunroom Design With Plant Use

ID# 111540 | Source – Credit© Serret Residential

Scandinavian Sunroom Design with Natural Details

In the sunroom area where light colors such as white and beige are preferred, plenty of plants are used. The place, where the furniture is used as much as needed, has a spacious appearance.

Sunroom Design With Dome Shaped Roof

ID# 111542 | Source – Credit© Laura Yeager Smith Home & Design

Sunroom Design with Dome-shaped Roof

A dome-shaped roof and a classic chandelier hanging from the roof were used for the design of the sunroom, which reflects the luxurious comfort of the home and is also associated with the exterior. The furniture, which is preferred in the space where wood material is used on the floor, are pieces that emphasize comfort and in light colors.

Colorful Sunroom Design In Eclectic Style

ID# 111543 | Source – Credit© Prime Oak Ltd.

Eclectic Sunroom Ideas with Colorful Details

In the eclectic style sunroom space, where many different styles are used together, both a sitting area and a dining area have been created. In addition to different styles in furniture selection, many different colors are used in the space.

Colorful Sunroom Design With Classic Vinyl Flooring

ID# 111544 | Source – Credit© Alexander Design Group, Inc.

Colorful Sunroom Design with Classic Vinyl Flooring

In the sunroom area where classical vinyl flooring is preferred, light colors were used on the walls and ceiling surfaces, while a colorful style was adopted in the furniture. The sunroom with a wooden coffee table in the middle is arranged as a seating area.


Sunroom Design With Beige Tones

ID# 111546 | Source – Credit© Floyd Dean Inc

Sunroom design with beige tones

The sunroom, in which beige tones floor material is used, is designed for multiple functions. In the area where you can sit or lie down in one corner, meals can be eaten in comfortable chairs in the other corner. In this sunroom, wicker dining room curtains are preferred on the windows for privacy.

Design A Wooden Sunroom In Nature

ID# 111547 | Source – Credit© Main Street Homes

Farmhouse Sunroom Ideas with Comfortable Furnitures

Located in nature, the wooden sunroom is designed for sitting while enjoying nature. While the use of a candle chandelier adds elegance to space, it brings the comfort of the sofa away from the show.

Eclectic Style Sunroom Design

ID# 111548 | Source – CreditAniss Studio | © Photo by Stud AA

Eclectic Sunroom with Multicolored Floor Tiles

Small square tiles were used in the porch sunroom area designed in an eclectic style. It is possible to come across many different colors in the place where different styles of furniture are brought together.

Sunroom Design In Dark Colors In Chalet Style

ID# 111549 | Source – Credit© Lands End Development – Designers & Builders

Sunroom Design with Dark Colors in Chalet Style

The sunroom, furnished in chalet style, is designed in dark colors. In the place where the roof is wooden, extra natural light can be used in the space thanks to the skylights. The lines of the furniture were chosen in a classical style and this approach was supported by the motif carpet preferred on the floor.

Sunroom Design With Light Wood Floor On The Floor

ID# 111550 | Source – Credit© Lauren Collins Interiors

Bright Sunroom Ideas with a Touch of Wood

In the sunroom, where a light wood floor is preferred, there is no dark surface or furniture. Beige tones dominate the space where the mansard roof is painted in ice blue.

Sunroom Design With Vaulted Roof

ID# 111552 | Source – Credit© Gable Building Corp.

Sunroom Design with Vaulted Roof

Covered with a wooden roof in the form of a vault, the sunroom is designed as a living space. Unlike the dark wood used on the roof, lighter wood material was preferred on the floor. Beige and white tones are dominant throughout the space.

Sunroom Design With Wooden Ceiling And Stone Details

ID# 111553 | Source – Credit© JL Loper Construction Company, Inc

Sunroom Ideas with Wooden Ceiling and Stone Details

Rectangular tiles in light colors are used on the floor for the stone detailed modern sunroom, which has a wooden ceiling and columns. There is a sofa in beige colors and a carpet in blue tones under the coffee table.

Sunroom Design Covered With Wood

ID# 111554 | Source – Credit© Rimland Construction

Sunroom Design Covered with Wood

It is designed as a sunroom seating where wood material is used on almost every surface. Four single beige armchairs and a modern white coffee table in the middle are used in the living area, which is designed under the modern lighting element suspended from the ceiling.

Sunroom Design With Mansard Roof

ID# 111555 | Source – Credit© SLC Interiors

Sunroom Design with Blue and Green Furnitures

The surfaces of the sunroom area, which has a mansard roof form, are preferred in light colors. The use of blue and green colors in furniture stands out. In the sunroom, where light wood material is preferred on the floor, a rather large size blue patterned carpet is used.

Sunroom Design With Bicolour Marble Floor

ID# 111556 | Source – Credit© Fritz Carpentry & Contracting, LLC

Sunroom Design with Bicolor Marble Floor

Two-colored marble is used on the floor of the sunroom balcony area, which is refreshed with the energy and colors of Bikes. While a dining table is positioned in the corner, a quiet sitting area is created in the front of the space.

Sunroom Design As A Fire Brick Dining Area

ID# 111557 | Source – Credit© Shine Design

Dining Nook with Brick Walls and Marble Table

The firebrick detail used on the walls has definitely changed the atmosphere in the sunroom and brought a different elegance to space. The marble surface table consisting of wicker detailed chairs and a bench by the wall provides an ideal environment for the dining area.

A Narrow And Long Sunroom Design With Skylights

ID# 111558 | Source – Credit© Paper Moon Painting

Narrow and Long Sunroom Ideas with Skylights

The sunroom design, which has a narrow and long area with roof windows, is perceived as wide and spacious by using white color in general. The furniture used in the space is wooden furniture with classic touches. On the floor, a carpet with a traditional motif in vibrant colors is used.

A Bright Sunroom Design With Dark Background

ID# 111559 | Source – Credit© College City Design Build

Gray Sunroom with Traditional Patterned Armchairs

A sunroom area with a dark floor can be made quite spacious and bright by choosing a light color on the ceiling and laying a beige carpet on the floor, as in this spacious design. The furniture used in this space has been chosen in a classical style but harmony with space.

Sunroom Design As A Classic Seating Area

ID# 111560 | Source – Credit© Beth Howley Creative LLC

Elegant Scandinavian Sunroom with Wicker Details

In the modern sunroom area where the ceiling, walls, and window frames are preferred in white, large gray tiles in the square form are used on the floor. In this place, which is designed as a sitting area, besides beige and dark brown tones, classical furniture was preferred.

Sunroom Design As A Traditional Dining Area

ID# 111561 | Source – Credit© Drew Castelhano

Traditional Dining Room with Arched Windows

In the sunroom area where the roof was created by breaking more than one, all surfaces were covered with wooden material. In the area designed as a dining area, a classic-cut oval six-person dining table in dark green tones is used.

Sunroom Design In Oval Form With Roof Windows

ID# 111562 | Source – CreditNick Bonadies, The Professional Remodeler | © Nick Bonadies

Glass Sunroom Design with Small Dining Area

The sunroom area with the skylight, where beige and brown tones are used extensively, is in oval form. In the area where beige color is preferred for the seating furniture used in the space, the window frames are wood.

Sunroom Design In Chalet Style

ID# 111563 | Source – Credit© Liberty Hill Construction

Sunroom Design in Chalet Style

Designed in chalet style in the forest, the sunroom is functionalized as a sitting area with its wooden roof and dark wood material. While beige cushions are preferred for the furniture in the place designed quite simply, the main lines are dark.

Sunroom Design As A Sitting Area In Beige Tones

ID# 111564 | Source – Credit© Sasser Construction L.C.

Sunroom Balcony with Beige Furnitures and Colorful Cushions

Beige tones were preferred in the space designed on the floor covered with porcelain tiles. In the place where a single sofa and a sofa are preferred, the wall surface is painted in gray, while white color is preferred for the roof covering and window joinery.

Beach Style Sunroom Design With Gray Floors

ID# 111565 | Source – Credit© Maloney Interiors

Beach-style Sunroom Design with Gray Floors

The sunroom area, where colors and furniture are preferred in the style of the beach style, is designed as a seating area. In the space where blue tones of paint are used on the walls, wicker curtains are used on the windows to control privacy. In the place where gray tiles are used on the floor, two chairs and a white sofa are placed.

Modern Sunroom Design In Shades Of Gray And White

ID# 111566 | Source – Credit© Kingdom Home Builders

Modern Sunroom in Shades of Gray and White

White seating group and a white circular carpet are placed on the gray wooden floor, while the wall surfaces and window joinery are also used in white, the colors used in the roof are also gray and white.

Sunroom Design In Narrow And Long Areas

ID# 111567 | Source – Credit© JML Interior Design

Eclectic Living Room with Colorful Details and Glass Roof

In this sunroom area, which is narrow and long in terms of space dimensions, space is functionalized by dividing it into two zones with furniture without using any divider walls. While one of these areas is designed as a more private and lonely place to spend time, the second area is designed as a chat area by furnishing colorful armchairs and furniture.

Sunroom Design With Wooden Roof With Shades Of Blue

ID# 111568 | Source – Credit© Nicholas Carl Design

Sunroom with Wood Roof and Shades of Blue

For the wooden triangular roof sunroom, which functions as a seating area, a gradient blue carpet was used on the light square small tiles on the floor. A white sofa and two blue velvet chairs are placed as furniture, and a coffee table with a circular cut is preferred as a coffee table.

111569 Wooden Roof Sunroom Design With Beach Style

ID# 111569 | Source – CreditAttainable Solutions Inc. | © David McDougall

Wood Roof Sunroom Design with Beach Style

Located in nature, this sunroom design has a triangular roof and a wooden roof. In the place where wood is used on the floor and in the main lines of the seating group, blue is the second main color.

ID# 111503

Sunroom Ideas with Furniture in Bright Colors

In the sunroom area, where the ceiling and wall surfaces are painted in gray, the colors preferred in colors that increase the energy of the space are used in blue and white tones.

ID# 111513

A Luxury Sunroom Design Ideas with Pool

The porch has been designed with a luxurious design concept, with a pool inside a glass-covered sunroom addition, not a roof. In the place where the wood veneer is preferred on the floor, wooden furniture is preferred.

ID# 111514

Cozy Sunroom Ideas with Comfortable Couch and White Rug

For the four-season sunroom, which is not separated from the other parts of the house by any dividing wall, a light beige carpet was used on the light wooden floor. In the place where comfort is highlighted, a swinging arm, a single-seat, and a sofa are used.

ID# 111528

Modern Bright Sunroom with Shiplap Ceiling and Wood Floor

The sunroom, in which white and beige colors are used, has a white gable roof. The dark beige carpet on the wooden floor material used in light colors on the floor emphasizes the seating area in the space. In the sunroom decorated with plants, there is no unnecessary furniture except a sofa, a single armchair, and a modern coffee table.

ID# 111529

Modern Elegant Sunroom with Brick Floor and Wood Ceiling

In the sunroom area where brick-looking floor material is used, brown tones are preferred as the dominant color in the space. Beige carpet, which is preferred to emphasize the living area with modern lines, plays a role in highlighting the furniture.

ID# 111530

Open Concept Living Room with Large Dining Area

In the sunroom with a wooden roof, where the bearing structure is emphasized, wood in the same tones was preferred as the floor material. Along with the wall where the fireplace is made of stones, wood details draw attention to the furniture used in the space. Brown tones are used in the elegantly designed sunroom.

ID# 111531

Bright Sunroom with Gray Furnitures and Shiplap Ceiling

In the sunroom, where white color is preferred on the wall surfaces, ceiling, and window joinery, gray tiles are used in harmony with the gray stone walls. In the middle of the seating area, which consists of a gray sofa and two armchairs in the form of white cushions, a light gray coffee table with modern lines is placed in a rectangular form.

ID# 111532

Sunroom Ideas with Natural Elements

The roof of the sunroom, which has a floor created with bricks, is designed from wood and the roof carriers are displayed in the space without hiding. Many plants are used in the sunroom where a dark color is preferred on the wall surfaces and window joinery. There are wooden tables and chairs in the place designed as a dining area.

ID# 111535

Sunroom Design with Glass Ceiling and Fireplace

The sunroom, in which wood material in medium color tones is preferred on the floor, is covered with a glass ceiling. Space functionally serves two purposes in the design of the sunroom, which also includes a fireplace. There is a dining area in the other corner of the place, which is designed as a sitting area by the fireplace.

ID# 111541

Beach Style Sunroom Ideas with White Bamboo Furnitures

The dominant color of the sunroom design, which is preferred in medium tone wood floor on the floor, is white. White color was preferred for the furniture used in the circular form, but the traditional motif and colored carpet laid in the middle of the space was used as a contrast to this approach.

ID# 111545

Eclectic Style Sunroom Design with Skylights

For the sunroom with skylight, ice blue color is used on the walls, while black and white colors are preferred on the floor. The eclectic style stands out in the design of the space. The sunroom, where multiple colors and different styles of furniture are used together, seems to be a very living space with the use of plants.

ID# 111551

Traditional Sunroom Ideas with Terra-cotta Tiles

The sunroom with terra-cotta tile on the floor is like a botanical garden. The area dominated by beige tones is also decorated with a very stylish staircase.


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