Glass Sunroom Ideas Bright and Spacious Screened Rooms

44+ Glass Sunroom Ideas

ID# 110925 | – Credit© Feldman Architecture, Inc.

Glass Sunroom Ideas with Amazing City View

Black window joinery and a modern glass selection were made for the sunroom, which was designed as a dining area with the city view and its surroundings. Light-colored tile covering material was applied on the floor.


ID# 110901 | – Credit© Ambient Lounge Deutschland

Cozy Sunroom with White Armchair and Wood Pendant Light

The sunroom, on which wooden material is used on the floor, is surrounded by trees. For this reason, window joinery has been preferred to be minimal and the thinnest in order not to divide the view. A modern coffee table is used in the middle of the sitting area, which consists of a dark gray pouf and a white wooden leg chair.


Colorful, modern, minimal, and stylish glass design ideas for sunroom

It is actually not difficult to design mudroom areas in many different ways according to your taste and budget, which can affect our mood when we enter the door. Scroll down and find inspration from the best glass sunroom ideas!

Choose the right function and the right style for your glass ideas to adding a sunroom

The glass and window joinery you choose to design your sunroom area, which is a transition space between indoor and outdoor, is very important. In this way, you can set or remove your borders as much as you want between outdoor and indoor. To do this correctly, you have to define a function for the sunrooms and decide on their style. Test out some of our glass ideas, below to get the look in your own sunroom.

Below you can find several ideas in many different styles where you can create the space that suits your style and the mood you have.

ID# 110902 | – Credit© Meitheal Architects

Glass Selection for Minimal Sunroom Design

In the sunroom, where no furniture is used, window joinery is used at a minimum and the view is interrupted to a minimum. The material used on the floor for the minimalist sunroom is a light gray floor material.


ID# 110903 | – Credit© Fougeron Architecture FAIA

Modern Living Room with Marble Fireplace and Glass Roof

The sunroom, which has a sea view, is covered with glass from the floor to the ceiling as well as the ceiling is covered with glass. In the place where colorless glass is used, the view can be seen clearly. A very small but stylish fireplace was used in the place where gray flooring material was used on the floor. The wall with the fireplace is lined with open shelves.


ID# 110904 | – Credit© Transition Interior Design

Colorful Glass Sunroom Ideas with Blue Patterned Floor Tiles

Comfort is prioritized in the colorfully designed sunroom. The sunroom balcony with the city view is completely covered with glass. A yellow modern chair and a comfortable green sofa are used in the space where light blue tones are used on the floor.


ID# 110906 | – Credit© Imperfect Interiors

Glass Selection for the Beige Floor Sunroom

In the place where beige-colored floor material is preferred, black window frames are used on the sliding door opening to the garden and the glass ceiling. A very spacious look is achieved in the area where the dining table is preferred from wood.


ID# 110907 | – Credit© Robert Beyer I Architekt

Glass Selection for High Ceiling Sunroom in Light Color Palette

For the high ceiling sunroom where completely light colors are preferred, light-colored wooden floor material is used. The windows in the sunroom are designed with white frames, as well as being from floor to ceiling.


ID# 110908 | – Credit | © Solarlux GmbH

Glass Sunroom Ideas with Stone Wall and Black Floor

Dark tiles were preferred on the floor for the glass ceiling porch sunroom with a forest view. The sunroom is designed as a dining area and the relaxation area has a glass ceiling. In the place where colored glass is not used, nature integrates with the interior.


ID# 110909 | – Credit© Marvin

Glass Selection for a Sunroom with Black Lounge Chairs

In the sunroom where the interior and exterior spaces are designed together under the wooden roof, wooden window joinery was preferred for the windows from floor to ceiling. The concrete-looking floor material is used on the floor.

Modern Minimalist Sunroom Ideas with Glass Roof

ID# 110910 | – Credit© Fillonneau Vérandas,Grand Artisan de mon Habitat

Modern Minimalist Sunroom Ideas with Glass Roof

For the sunroom where one wall is stone-covered and the other wall is painted in white, light wood material is used on the floor. Very little furniture was used in the space designed as a seating area. The glass from the floor to the roof continues on the roof and surrounds the space.


ID# 110911 | – CreditAtelier 100 Architecture | © Brice Desrez

Minimalist Sunroom with Contemporary Furnitures

The sunroom, arranged in a contemporary style, also consists of beige color floor material and quite contemporary pieces. In the space surrounded by glass, half of the roof is designed with glass.


Glass Sunroom Ideas with White Chairs and Concrete Floor

In the sunroom, where modern gray tiles are used both outdoors and indoors, only a rocking white chair is used. The sunroom where the water element is used is completely covered with glass and black frames are used.


ID# 110913 | – Credit© Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc.

Glass Selection for Sunroom as a Seating Area with Fireplace

The sunroom, which is designed as a seating area, is also designed as a hipped roof with the roof half of it being glass. Bamboo sofa sets and beige single seats are used in the place where the light-colored floor is used on the floor. The seating area is divided into two and a part is arranged by the fireplace.


ID# 110914 | – Credit© Vitsœ GmbH

Brown Leather Sitting Group with Wood Floor

For the sunroom, where a fairly light wooden floor is preferred, black joinery windows that continue from the floor to the ceiling are used. An inclined glass ceiling is designed for the sunroom, which consists of a sofa and a single seat.


ID# 110915 | – Credit© Kaben mein Wintergarten OHG

Eat-in Kitchen with Wood Dining Table and Wicker Chairs

Gray tiles were preferred in the sunroom, which was designed as a kitchen dining area. The place where wooden materials are used in the kitchen cabinet and dining table is surrounded by glass. Some of the roof windows of the sunroom, whose roof is covered with glass, are designed opaque to balance the sun.


ID# 110916 | – Credit© Bechtold – Architektur in Glas

Glass Sunroom Ideas with Bamboo Outdoor Furniture

In the design of the modern sunroom designed together with the outdoor garden, modern metal legs and coffee tables with wooden surfaces attract attention. In the space separated from the exterior by sliding windows, black window frames are used.


ID# 110917 | – Credit© Moderne Bauelemente Ludwig

Glass Sunroom Ideas with White Couches and Marble Floor Tiles

In the sunroom, which was designed as a continuation of the garden, a different floor material was used from the exterior. Beige furniture is preferred in the interior and is covered with a hipped glass roof.


ID# 110918 | – Credit© Tff architects

Small Sunroom with Circular Table and Black and White Chairs

In the sunroom area, where limestone floor was preferred as the floor material, the walls were built with fire bricks. In this place, which evokes industrial style, black color is preferred for window joinery.


ID# 110919 | – CreditErika Lidén | © Erika Lidén

Eclectic Reading Nook with Colorful Pillows

The use of color in the sunroom created for the reading area with a wooden sofa on the edge of the glass draws attention. Black window frames are used in places where many colors are used in harmony.


ID# 110920 | – Credit© Studio SAL_14

Dining Sunroom with Glass Table and White Chairs

Wooden flooring was preferred on the floor of the sunroom, which was designed as a dining area with white modern chairs with wooden legs placed around a glass dining table. In the place where light color is used on the wall surfaces, light colors are used in the window frames.


ID# 110921 | – Credit© John Kinsley Architects

Glass Sunroom Ideas with Minimalist Furnitures

In the sunroom area, which was designed with very little furniture on the floor covered with a wood material of medium-temperature color tones, the table used in the corner and the seating area were preferred by wood. The roof of the sunroom, in which gray aluminum material was used in the window joinery, was formed with a glass ceiling with a slope.


ID# 110922 | – Credit© Фотограф интерьеров Денис Золотов

Long and Narrow Sunroom Balcony with Acrylic Chairs

In the sunroom, which is set up in a very long and narrow area, light wood material is used as the floor material, while the chairs used for the sitting area are preferred from a transparent material with metal legs. In the window joinery, some of the glasses with the choice of white color can be opened transversely for ventilation.


ID# 110924 | – Credit© Moderne Bauelemente Ludwig

Black Bamboo Outdoor Furniture with Wood Floor

Designed in a contemporary style, the sunroom is designed as a sitting area. As the seating group, a cream-colored cushioned set on dark bamboo was selected, while light wood floor material was used and space was surrounded by sliding glasses.


ID# 110927 | – CreditAzman Architects | © Lyndon Douglas

Dining Sunroom with Wood Dining Set and Black Floor

In the porch sunroom where the dark gray floor material is used, the wall surface is painted in white, while the large dining table in the middle of the room has been chosen to be wooden. Shading elements were used on some window surfaces of the sunroom, where the ceiling surface is also covered with glass.


ID# 110928 | – Credit© Woodford Architecture and Interiors

Rustic Three Season Sunroom with Blue Sofas and Stone Wall

In the sunroom, which has a glass ceiling with wooden carriers, beige tones floor material was chosen for the floor material. A modern sitting group in a harmony with the rustic atmosphere.


ID# 110929 | – Credit

High Ceiling Dining Room with Traditional Rugs

A classic dining table is positioned in the middle of the sunroom, carpets with traditional motifs are preferred for the floor. Light wall color and window frames in light wood tones provide a bright atmosphere. In the place where the ceiling height is quite high, the roof surface is covered with glass.


ID# 110930 | – Credit© Onormes

Glass Sunroom Ideas with Wood Dining Set

The sunroom, designed to physically separate the exterior and interior spaces from each other, while maintaining their relationship, is designed as a very modern dining area with black window joinery.


ID# 110931 | – Credit© Vie & Véranda

Scandinavian Kitchen with White Cabinets and Wood Island

In the sunroom area designed as an island kitchen, light gray square tiles are preferred, while light wood and beige tones are used in modern kitchen cabinets. In the space where white window joinery is used in the roof window, black window joinery is used in the vertical windows.


ID# 110932 | – Credit© Resi

Blue Couch with Stone Wall and White Rug

In the sunroom, where some of the walls are made of firebrick, light-colored floor and wall surfaces are preferred, while colorful preferences are made in furniture. Half ceiling window provides a bright and spacious atmosphere.


Gray Couch with Glass Top Wood Coffee Table

The modern sunroom designed at the lower part of the garden level is surrounded by pane glass. The dark wood material is used on the floor, a wooden leg part has been created for the coffee table in the middle. Two modern metal chairs are used in the place where a gray sofa is placed.


ID# 110934 | – CreditAzman Architects | © Lyndon Douglas

Screened Sunroom with Wood Dining Set

Gray floor material is used for the sunroom balcony, where black window joinery is preferred. The place, where a very large wooden dining table is used, is in harmony with the outdoor landscape.


ID# 110936 | – Credit© Peninsula Home Improvements

Cozy Living Room with Gray Couch and Wood Coffee Tables

For the sunroom with a large area, light colors are used on the floor and wall surfaces, while light gray colors are used on the sofas for the sitting area. The ceiling is covered with a glass surface in the form of a hipped roof, black window frames were preferred.


ID# 110937 | – CreditMaxwell & Company Architects | © Peter Landers

Black Framed Glass Contemporary Sunroom Design Ideas

In the sunroom where black window joinery is preferred, glass coating is preferred in the ceiling plane. A small glass detail is used on the floor of the place where light-colored flooring is used.


ID# 110938 | – Credit© Clear Living Ltd.

Glass Sunroom Ideas in Stone House

Designed as an addition to a stone building, the sunroom is designed with black window frames as a glass roof. In the place where light-colored floor material is preferred, beige-colored seats are used.


ID# 110939 | – Credit© Clear Living Ltd.

Glass Sunroom Addition Ideas with White Sitting Group

What a beautiful design idea that adding a sunroom to the stone house! Designed as a continuation of the historical stone building, the sunroom is designed as a sitting area in the form of a box. The glasses chosen in the place where black window joinery was preferred were chosen in a way that they did not shade the historical building.


ID# 110940 | – Credit© Atelier L Décoration et Rénovation

Cozy Living Space with Blue Walls and Wicker Pendant Light

In the sunroom, where comfort is prioritized, designed with contemporary design decisions, blue and green tones have created an incredible harmony with light colors. While white window joinery is preferred for windows extending from floor to ceiling, the floor is completely covered with carpet.


ID# 110941 | – Credit© Nonjetable Architecture D’intérieur

Open concept Kitchen with Gray Cabinets and White Countertop

A dining area is designed in the continuation of the sunroom designed as an open kitchen with gray cabinets and white countertops. In the place where light colors are preferred, gray window joinery is used in the windows extending from the floor to the roof.


ID# 110942 | – Credit© Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Inc.

Screened Sunroom with Metal Furnitures and Brown Cushions

For the sunroom designed by the pool, the use of glass from floor to ceiling was preferred. In the sunroom, where dark-colored floors are preferred year round, white and brown tones are used.


ID# 110945 | – Credit© Winges Architects Inc.

Glass Selection for Sunroom Design as Viewing Terrace

Very little furniture is used in the sunroom, which is designed as a comfortable place where the sunset can be watched calmly. In the place where glass is used on the ceiling designed in an inclined way, the window frames are preferred in a light color.


Glass Sunroom Ideas with Cream Lounge Chair and Stone Floor

In the wooden structured sunroom, where the same floor material as the outdoor floor is used, colorless glass is preferred, while wooden-colored window frames are used.


ID# 110926

Blue and Red Sunroom Design with Gray Floor

Red, dark blue, and white colors are dominant in the sunroom where wooden floor material in gray colors is preferred. Space, which is created with quite modern furniture selections, is surrounded by glass, while the ceiling is designed by closing the surface with the glass. Thanks to these generous glass surfaces, natural light fills the space.


ID# 110935

Glass Sunroom Ideas with Traditional Black Dining Set

In the sunroom where the roof and vertical surfaces are made of glass, beige and white tones appear as the dominant colors, while dark colors are preferred for the dining tables and chairs. Window joinery has been used in minimum dimensions for the reflection of nature to the interior.


ID# 110943

Cozy Sunroom with Hanging Chair and White Rug

Black modern window frames were preferred for the wooden sunroom designed in nature. Part of the roof is designed indoors, and part of it is made of glass. The cream-colored carpet on the floor is in harmony with the other furnitures.


ID# 110944

Cozy Sunroom Design with Light Wood Floor

Designed as a continuation of the living room, part of the roof is designed as glass in the sunroom. In the area where the vertical surfaces are designed as glass, light wood material is used on the floor and light colors are used in the window joinery.


ID# 110946

Screened Terrace Design with Wood Dining Set

The sunroom, which is located on the terrace floor and arranged as a dining area, has only one table and four chairs as furniture and a seating area in the form of a bench that continues along with the glass. Glass ceiling application was also applied in the sunroom, which is surrounded by glass so that the city can be watched.


ID# 110947

Industrial Sunroom Design with Wood and Brick Details

The sunroom is designed in an industrial style, while the floor is light colored large colored tiles and there are firebricks on the walls. Fully transparent glass and black frames were preferred with a large movable window.

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