Outdoor Fireplace Tile Ideas Best & Stylish Fireplace Surrounds

6+ Outdoor Fireplace Tile Ideas

Ceramic Outdoor Fireplace Tile Ideas with Dark Gray Floor Tiles

How stunning is this ceramic outdoor fireplace design! You may love the idea of the pop-up of the blue color among the black and beige patterns of the ceramic tile of the outdoor fireplace surround! The organic shape keeps up with the outdoor and summons mother nature! Thanks to the dark gray floor tiles the ground creates a natural aspect for the outdoor fireplace and brings a contrast with the light colors to increase the stylish view!

Mesmerizing Look of the Floral Patterns

It is possible to increase the stylish look by changing the places of the eye-catchy tiles such as in this outdoor fireplace. The beautiful floral-patterned tiles are placed on the inner faces of the fireplace and the plain ceramic tiles are placed on the surface of the surround that giving the design mesmerizing look. A modern and stylish look can be created by making differences like this.

Outdoor Fireplace Tile Ideas

Except for an outdoor fireplace, there is nothing nicer than chilly evenings or sweater weather spent next to a fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces are a terrific spot to spend quality time with your family or as a focal point for your next backyard get-together. As a focal point of your backyard design, you could wish to enhance it with basic design elements such as the tiles! Outdoor fireplace tile ideas for fireplace surrounds provide terrific alternatives to give your outdoor space a stylish and beautiful appeal.

Cozy and Warm Atmosphere with Stylish Outdoor Fireplace Tile Surrounds

Fireplace surrounds are an important component of any fireplace, whether it’s an open fireplace, a gas fireplace, or a wood-burning stove. Fireplace surrounds assist to make a fireplace more of a centerpiece and focal point for a home, as well as provide a shelf area above the fireplace for personal objects to be displayed. Think about tiling it! Outdoor fireplace tile ideas for fireplace tile surround improve this eye-catchy design element and carry your design to the next level. From stone to glass mosaic tiles, concrete to granite tiles, there are plenty of different tile materials.

The crackling, the scent, roasting hot dogs, and toasting marshmallows for the finest s’mores recipes—simply there’s something so comforting about the fire. Homeowners are embracing the romantic attraction of having a fire in their backyards, even though campfires get the most of the attention. When it comes to the greatest backyard ideas, an outdoor fireplace tile idea is increasingly becoming a prominent point in the design.

When the weather begins to cool, you may be tempted to put your patio furniture away, say goodbye to outdoor barbeques, and retire to the warmth of your home for the season. That, however, does not have to be the case! During the winter months, outdoor fireplaces keep your outside space comfortable and attractive. If the notion of having an outdoor fireplace for your house is appealing to you, we’ve assembled a list of stylish outdoor fireplace tile ideas to get you started.

Outdoor Fireplace Tile Ideas with a Porch

Do not be afraid of the rainy weather and cold air when you have a porch and an outdoor fireplace! The green color of the fireplace matches the outdoor fireplace tile surround and creates a bond with nature! The floral patterns of the tiles increase the energetic vibes of the atmosphere when you watch the fire cracking!

Tile Materials for Outdoor Fireplace

A fireplace is a fire-containment structure composed of metal, brick, or stone. It creates a sense of comfort in the environment by soothing the chilly surroundings. The heat efficiency of modern fireplaces varies depending on the design. A well-designed fireplace is the ideal focal point for drawing guests’ attention to the space. It may be designed in a variety of styles, such as classic, contemporary, Victorian modern, and so on. Because of its beauty and elegance, it should be highlighted in the space. Tile is one of the many materials available on the market for designing and decorating fireplaces. Tile materials for outdoor fireplaces are tough, heat-resistant, and long-lasting. They also give the fireplace surround a stylish look. They give the place a lovely appearance.

Since tiles have many abilities to increase the value of the look of your outdoor fireplace, you may wonder about the tile materials for outdoor fireplaces. There are ceramic tiles, cement tiles, or stone tiles that you can go with. Let’s see what are the tile materials for outdoor fireplaces.

Ceramic Outdoor Fireplace Tile Ideas

Ceramic tile is made of clay, which is molded into a uniform shape, coated for strength, then baked to solidify. It is one of the most often used tiles for fireplaces and radiant heat systems because of its high heat resistance. It’s also reasonably priced and long-lasting. Thanks to these perfect options you can rely on ceramic outdoor fireplace tile ideas. They’re a popular choice for fireplace surrounds. Ceramic tiles can be used on the hearth, but only the floor tiles are suitable for this application.

Ceramic tiles are available in a broad selection of colors and styles, and they are quite affordable. You can lose yourself in this endless world of alternatives. Whether you are going with the contemporary design style or traditional there are proper selections for ceramic outdoor fireplace tile ideas! Scroll down to see some of the stylish ceramic outdoor fireplace tile ideas!

Cement Outdoor Fireplace Tile Ideas

Cement tiles are growing increasingly popular, from do-it-yourself remodeling projects to the houses of big-name celebrity stylists, with each passing year. You can use them for everything from kitchen backsplashes to natural-looking bathrooms and even entryways. However, a fireplace surround is one location where they may truly stand out! If you have a backyard with a fireplace and you want to remake it you can trust cement outdoor fireplace tile ideas!

Cement tiles may provide a rustic, deco, or even futuristic feel to an environment.

Cement tiles are among the most durable and adaptable tile options available. They may be used both indoors and outdoors, and they require little upkeep. They’re perfect for places like an outdoor fireplace. They can also withstand high foot traffic in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and even commercial applications. They are, nevertheless, fantastic surroundings for your fireplace. In fact, the possibilities for using these tiles to decorate your fireplace are practically limitless. Let your imagination go wild when it comes to choosing from the cement outdoor fireplace tile ideas. Cement tiles are a classic choice due to their rich palettes and unlimited design opportunities. Because they are all-natural and eco-friendly, you are also helping the environment. These tiles have it all, whether you want an old-world Moroccan design, a geometric pattern to pull the attention, or a striking modern alternative.

How to tile an outdoor fireplace?

Tiling an outdoor fireplace is a classy and attractive addition that is well worth the time and effort. Holidays and dinner parties with the family are more likely to be celebrated or organized in front of the fireplace in your backyard. Bricks and paint were once used to surround the fireplace, but today there are a variety of modern and stylish solutions and materials to choose from. Tile is one of the most common materials for fireplaces. The fireplace and the environment are given an exquisite, gorgeous, and modern aspect by the tile. Tiling a fireplace is a time-consuming process, but it transforms the area into a stunning, eye-catching, and entertaining focal point.

Define Layout

– To begin, choose a basic or decorative design for the outdoor fireplace, such as contemporary, classic, modern, Victorian, minimalist, and so on. Choose your tiles based on color, texture, pattern, and style preferences. Make a cardboard pattern on the floor before placing the tiles on the fireplace to ensure that they are equally spaced and arranged.

– Remove the mantel if feasible, or fix the edges where it joins the surrounds using painter’s tape. If the tiles will be set on an uneven surface, such as bricks, provide a smooth base for the tiles before beginning. Prepare the mixture according to the package directions and apply a thin-set coating to the bricks. Fill in the grout lines and cover them. After that, smooth the surface and leave it to dry overnight.

– Make a mark in the middle of the firebox opening’s top. Using a level, draw a plumb line from the firebox to the top of the surround at that point. To achieve a balanced design, use this centerline as a starting point.

Lay Tiles

– Place the row of tiles on top of the firebox to begin. Start with the middle line and work your way outward. This is because you can check if any tile adjustments are required to prevent slivers from being cut at the ends. Combine the new batch of thin-set and additive in a mixing bowl. Apply a thin-set over the center line above the support ledge with a trowel. Place the initial tile in the center of the grid, with its bottom edge resting on the support ledge. To properly put it in place, tip it into position and wriggle it. Keeping the concept in mind, continue to place tiles on each side of the center. Check the tile for level and plumb on a regular basis. Adjust the space between tiles as needed to keep them even.

– Course after course, work your way to the center line. Place the tiles in the pattern and design you like. Use spacing between the tiles to ensure that they are set evenly.

Allow the Tiles to Dry Overnight

– Remove the ledge of support. To estimate the size of the cut tiles at the bottom, add the height of each tile plus the grout line. Working from the bottom of the leg upwards, lay the tiles along the legs according to the pattern. In the same way, tile the other leg. Wait a few hours for all of the tiles to be completely set.

– Remove the support ledges and spacers. Calculate the distance between the hearth and the tile’s bottom. Subtract the two grout lines’ widths. Trim a tile to this size with a wet, cutting tile saw. Apply thin-set to the back of the tile and jiggle it into place to hold it to the wall. Allow it to cure overnight before repeating with the other cut tiles on the bottom of the legs.

Grout Tiles

– Remove any thin-set bits that have gotten stuck between the tiles using a putty knife. To prepare art tiles with unevenly shaped surfaces for grouting, use painter’s tape to cover them. The grout should now be mixed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Pull the grout over the face of the tiles with the grout -float at an angle to pack it into the joints. Remove any extra grout from the tile’s face.

– Fill a grout bag halfway with the slurry and squeeze it into the joints to grout the art tiles. Allow it to dry for 30 to 60 minutes, or until it is firm to the touch. To remove the excess, dampen a grout sponge and wipe the tiles in a circular motion. Allow it to air-dry overnight. To eliminate the white haze, buff, and polish the face of the tiles using a clean cloth. Install the mantel and caulk the gap between the tile’s outer edge and the mantel’s inner edge with a caulk gun. Allow another two to three days for the tiles to set before starting a fire.


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Cement Outdoor Fireplace Tile Ideas with Lovely Colors

It is possible to feel the Aegean breeze when you first step on this porch, the beautiful floral patterns of the cement tile surround create an amazing view and bond with the nature in the background. The light beige color of the walls and floors highlights these gorgeous tiles and helps them to stand out more! The dark wood ceiling joins this group to emphasize the tiles even more!

Stone Outdoor Fireplace Tile Ideas

Your fireplace is an excellent location to start whether remodeling or decorating your outdoor fireplace. The fireplace is regarded as the room’s center point. As a result, a tiled fireplace may bring light, beauty, and dimension to your area while also completing the overall design. The fireplace was renovated with tiles to give it a more modern and updated appearance. You’ll be able to construct a one-of-a-kind and gorgeous design that expresses your taste, style, and personality thanks to the numerous tile selections and colors available. A fireplace surround should be both attractive and long-lasting. Choosing the proper tile is the first step in creating a stunning fireplace. Stone outdoor fireplace tile ideas are one of the options that you can go with when designing.

When compared to wooden fireplace surrounds, the stone is the ideal material for providing a more realistic and classier aesthetic. For a variety of reasons, the stone is a popular choice for fireplace surrounds. Because the fireplace is generally the center point, it’s critical to choose an aesthetically beautiful stone that complements the environment’s overall design. The stone is not only extremely diverse in terms of design, but it is also quite durable. These stone surfaces are heat resistant and feature extremely hard and scratch-resistant surfaces. The stone is a fantastic option that can survive the wear and tear of daily use both indoors and outdoors. Let’s check the stone outdoor fireplace tile ideas to get you some inspiration!

Stone Outdoor Fireplace Tile Ideas with Graphic Tile Floors

The large-scale prints of the graphic tile floors create an energetic atmosphere while the stone outdoor fireplace tiles bring a more calm and mature look. The wood panel wall of the outdoor fireplace increases the natural impact of the stone tile fireplace. You will both have an energetic mood and a serene feel at the same time!

Modern Outdoor Fireplace Tile Ideas

One of the most memorable ways to spend a warm night or a crisp fall evening is to sit beside a crackling campfire. When a bonfire isn’t an option, or you’ve outgrown the days of the campfire, an outdoor fireplace will do the job in style. Thanks to the large plethora of the tile market there are many ways to create a stylish outdoor fireplace. You can start from the styles as a starting point before designing your outdoor fireplace. There are many options again and one of the beautiful options is the modern outdoor fireplace tile idea.

The style of modern design is characterized by sharp lines, warm neutrals, and balance. If you are not interested in what is happening now, which means contemporary design style, you can go with modern outdoor fireplace tile ideas and find your beloved fireplace design’s starting point!

Modern Outdoor Fireplace Tile Ideas with Neutral Tones

You will be amazed by the view near this outdoor fireplace! Such a clean and simple look! The small square zellige tiles create movement with energetic vibes and the warm neutral color palette balances these vibes. Thanks to the light-colored floor tiles the environment adds a clean and stylish look.

What are the best tiles for a fireplace?

Stone and porcelain tiles are the best tile options for a fireplace. Not only is the stone incredibly versatile in terms of design, but it is also extremely long-lasting. Heat-resistant stone surfaces with highly hard and scratch-resistant surfaces are available. The stone is a terrific alternative that can withstand daily wear and tear both indoors and out. Porcelain tile is comparable to ceramic, however, it is far more durable. Porcelain is exceptional at withstanding heat because it is made from clay that has been hardened at extremely high temperatures. Because it is non-porous (less water absorption), this tile is suitable for kitchen floors and worktops to prevent moisture damage.

What can I use for outdoor tiling?

When it comes to outdoor tiling, you need to consider also the functionality of the tiles besides their style. Due to the weather conditions, outdoor tiles need to be more durable than indoor tiles. Porcelain, slate, concrete, soapstone, and sandstone tiles are the most popular tile materials for outdoor tiling and these tiles are good choices also for outdoor tile fireplaces. 

What tiles are heat resistant?

Tiles may give your area a unique look and feel while also refreshing the décor. Natural stone, linoleum, and porcelain are among the many varieties, styles, and materials available. Some tile materials, such as linoleum, may melt fast if exposed to high temperatures. Porcelain tile, on the other hand, has components that allow it to resist greater temperatures. Heat Resistant Tiles have strong intrinsic bonding, which gives them a high melting point, as well as hardness and stiffness, making them ideal heat-resistant materials, or refractory.

Heat resistance is the most crucial feature to consider while covering the sensitive heat region. As a result, fireplace stone tile, ceramic tile fireplace surrounds, and porcelain tile fireplace surrounds are all excellent possibilities. Their density determines their heat absorption characteristics, allowing them to withstand considerable temperature variations. Not only for fireplace surrounds but also as a beautiful backing material for stoves and other heat-generating appliances.

Heat Resistant Tiles may also be used to produce an attractive finish that allows for a lot of creative freedom while remaining useful. When these heat-proof tiles are used in regions with a high tendency for heat, the heat is reflected back into the space, resulting in considerable energy savings.

Should fireplace tile be matte or glossy?

You can easily clean the soot and filth from the fire on the shiny surface — it’s one of the best-kept cleaning secrets in the house. Furthermore, using marble-effect or encaustic-effect glossy tiles will give your fireplace a genuinely unique and realistic look.

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