Open Shelving Kitchen Display Kitchenware without Trying Too Hard

48+ Open Shelving Kitchen

Simple Wooden Shelves With White Backsplash

ID# 101824 | Source – Credit© Tunde Decor, LLC

Open Shelving Kitchen and Simple Wooden Shelves With White Backsplash

Gray wooden cabinet with quartz countertop and undermount sink. Black pendant lighting matches the cabinets. Wooden shelves and custom-designed bar chairs create the space warmer. The dark wooden floor completes this warmth. Don’t afraid that show off your plates and mugs on the open shelves!

Yellow Detailed Kitchen With Wooden Floating Shelves

ID# 101809 | Source – Credit© Cillian Johnston

Yellow Detailed Kitchen With Wooden Shelves

Single wall kitchen with central island and concrete countertop. Wooden shelves placed under the small openings. The wooden niche on the ceiling gives deepness to space. Yellow appliances bring color into this plain kitchen. Wooden bar chairs with white seating!

Modern, Neat, and Elegant Open Shelving Kitchens with Gorgeous Accessories

The shelf is an overall leaning towards simplicity. It can look insanely chic and totally contained if done right. Open kitchen shelving gives you plenty of storage space even while turning it into a chic and elegant display without trying too hard.

Merge the shelves with kitchen cabinets.

Shelves give spacious look between the cabinets. The shelf material can be reclaimed or rough-cut wood, glass, or a modern and smooth surface. Shelves can lay on a wall bracket or be floating shelves. You can pop up the shelves with different backsplash materials, appliances even with your kitchen equipment such as plates, jars, products, or recipe books. We are here to offer you all the inspiration you need with open shelving kitchen ideas!

With some creative thinking, you can make open shelves the most remarkable element of your kitchen!

Gray Floating Shelves With White Ceramic Tiles

ID# 101801 | Source – Credit© Bba Architects

Natural Wood Shelves With White Ceramic Tiles

Floating shelves can be a useful choice for a tint kitchen like this! White flat-panel cabinets with black granite countertop! Undermount metal sink fits perfectly with the countertop. Dark Brown wooden floor and ceiling. Lighter wooden color choice for shelves becomes remarkable!

Gray Kitchen Cabinets With White Open Shelves

ID# 101802 | Source – Credit© Studio Mônty

Gray Kitchen Cabinets With White Shelves

The open-plan kitchen is finished in calming light grey handleless cabinets and a Duropal laminate countertop. Using the same White color for the countertop and kitchen shelving provides continuity. Look at the reflection of pure White shiny backsplash tiles! Peninsula island providing additional countertop and dining space. Gray kitchen cabinets look glamorous on these dark parquets. Adding the light wooden bar chair brings some coziness to this contemporary kitchen.

Pure White Floating Shelves With Bottom Lightning

ID# 101803 | Source – Credit© Trevor Brown Architect

Pure White Floating Shelf With Bottom Lightning

Look at this gorgeous contemporary kitchen! White shelf and marble backsplash top of the gray flat- panel cabinets with a white quartz countertop create a clean look. We love two different colored marble backsplash together! Gray and black steel pendant lightning complete the contemporary look. Long medium-tone wooden dining table and black leather chairs bring warmth to the white floored kitchen.

White Open Kitchen Shelves In Triangle Opening

ID# 101804 | Source – CreditBlack and Milk | Interior Design | © London

White Open Kitchen Shelves in Triangle Opening

The color transition from white to wooden material through the kitchen looks famously in this contemporary kitchen. Using the shelves in small openings like this can be the best choice! Marble backsplash brings depth. Light wooden flat-panel cabinets with quartz countertop. U-shaped counter maximized the space of this tiny contemporary kitchen.

Dott Patterned Porcelain Backsplash With Wooden Floating Shelves

ID# 101805 | Source – Credit© Molla Builders LLC

Open Shelving Kitchen With Dott Patterned Porcelain Backsplash

White shaker cabinets and marble countertop with distinctively patterned backsplash. Look at the harmony between the wooden shelves and the white kitchen. Wooden material which used on shelves and flooring complete the cozy look! Gold appliances on the shaker cabinets bring modernity!

White Floating Shelves With Marble Backsplash

ID# 101806 | Source – Credit© Walcott Adams Verneuille Architects

White Open Shelving Kitchen With Marble Backsplash

Using the shelving along the wall even the small space next to the window, maximize the space and bring a wide look to this farmhouse kitchen. White shaker cabinets and marble countertop with farmhouse sink. Don’t afraid that put some plates and kitchen items on the shelves!

Transitional Kitchen With Open Shelves

ID# 101807 | Source – Credit© Harvey Jones Kitchens

Transitional Open Shelving Kitchen With Multicolored Backsplash

Look how colorful backsplash popping up in this white kitchen. Shelving provides a wider environment. Backsplash also supports the glamorous of the shelves. Pure white shaker cabinets and farmhouse sink totally complete the cozy look. Small gold details!

One Wall Kitchen With Open Shelves

ID# 101808 | Source – Credit© Hannah Portman Interior Design

One Wall Kitchen With Single Shelf

Look at this clean simple look. Light wooden flat-panel cabinets and a white quartz countertop with a single long wall shelf represent modernity through simplicity. Beige backsplash completes this simplicity. Light wooden flooring catches the contrast. Black kitchen stuff and gold faucet give some mobility!

Dark Wooden Floating Shelves With White Subway Backsplash

ID# 101810 | Source – Credit© Bellweather Design-Build, LLC

Dark Wood Floating Shelves With White Subway Backsplash

Marble countertop and undermount sink with pull-down faucet! Wooden breadboard detail matches the wooden shelves. Small plant touches increase the coziness in this contemporary kitchen.

White Open Shelves With White Kitchen Cabinets

ID# 101811 | Source – Credit | © Chris Reilmann Photo

Open Shelving Kitchen With White Cabinets

White flat panel cabinets with black countertop. Brown wooden flooring creates a warmer environment in this white contemporary l-shaped kitchen. A tiny wine cabinet catches the see wooden floor. Also, blue bar chairs add little joy! Shelving almost disappeared on the wall with help of the wine glasses!

Single Wooden Shelf With White Backsplash

ID# 101812 | Source – Credit© Palette Pro Painting & Renovation

Single Wooden Shelf With White Backsplash

A beautiful example of the small space usage! Strong color choice on the shaker cabinets with marble countertop! Also eye-catching contrast between the wood and deep blue. The smartest way to use a shelf in this tiny kitchen. So to say wooden shelf creates a bridge between the stairs and cabinets.

Glass Tile Backsplash With Steel Floating Shelves

ID# 101813 | Source – Credit© Boston Counters

Glass Tile Backsplash With Steel Shelves

Hanging shelves show off the beautiful colorful backsplash! Light wooden shaker cabinets with white quartz countertop. White bar chairs catch the modern look. Same colored material of the flooring and cabinets in great harmony.

Tiny Wall Shelves In A Contemporary Kitchen

ID# 101814 | Source – Credit© Keough Stearns Interiors

Tiny Wall Shelves in a Contemporary Kitchen

Look at the reflection of the shiny ceramic backsplash. White shelves match perfectly with the shaker cabinet and marble countertop.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets And Wooden Wall Shelves

ID# 101815 | Source – Credit© Cabinet Designers, Inc

Open Shelving Kitchen With Blue Cabinets

Harmony between the blue and light wooden cabinets is glamorous. We love the idea that using different shades of wood on the ceiling and floor. White quartz countertop on one wall kitchen and central island. The same wood used on the shelving and provides continuity. Blue cabinets and same colored chair seats catch the modernity.

One Wall Kitchen And Long Floating Shelves

ID# 101816 | Source – Credit© Eric Aust Architect

One Wall Kitchen and Long Floating Shelves

Flat-panel cabinets with white quartz countertop and wooden shelves create a neat appearance in this modern minimalist kitchen. A white countertop with an undermount sink. Wooden shelves popping out helps with small decorations. The beige backsplash matches perfectly with the concrete floor.

Glass Hanging Shelves In The Modern Kitchen

ID# 101817 | Source – Credit© Leicht Westchester-Greenwich

Glass Hanging Shelves in the Modern Kitchen

Open concept kitchen with black flat panel cabinets. A combination of black and wood brings elegance. Warm wooden material used as a backsplash. Wood usage minimizes the sharp look of the black. Glass shelves almost disappear on the wooden backsplash. LED lights popping up the shelves perfectly.

Oak Cabinetry With Single Wall Shelf

ID# 101818 | Source – Credit© Naked Kitchens

Oak Cabinetry With Single Wall Shelf

This kitchen makes plentiful use of natural light! Oak cabinets complete the natural look with small plants. in this stunning extension to showcase the natural beauty of the grain in the exposed oak cabinetry. This simple, clean look completing with a single floating shelf.

White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Hanging Shelf

ID# 101819 | Source – Credit© Anna Kolpakova-Sanasaryan

White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Hanging Shelf

Steel hanging shelf makes modern touch to this traditional kitchen. Two different colors on the kitchen cabinets! White quartz countertop and shiny backsplash tiles ensure continuity through the wall. Adding a wooden counter with transparent bar chairs reinforced the modern side of this Scandinavian kitchen.

Gold Detailed Hanging Shelf With White Backsplash

ID# 101820 | Source – Credit© Savvy Interiors

Gold Detailed Hanging Shelf With White Backsplash

The simplicity of the light wooden and white cabinets is remarkable. Herringbone backsplash brings mobility in the space. Interesting design for the hanging shelves. Gold details connect kitchen cabinets in a different way!

Open Shelves Kitchen Between White Cabinets

ID# 101821 | Source – Credit© Kandrac & Kole Interior Designs, Inc.

Open Shelving Kitchen Between White Cabinets

Shaker cabinets with marble countertop. Tiny wine cabinet in the middle of the cabinet. Mosaic tile used as a backsplash. Wooden corner shelves gave this a clean and sophisticated look.

Eat In Kitchen With Open Shelves

ID# 101822 | Source – Credit© Hart Wright Architects, AIA

Eat-in Kitchen Shelving With Green Backsplash

Contemporary eat-in kitchen with central island. Marble countertop brings dark wooden cabinets to perfection. Gray herringbone parquet and gray backsplash tiles create harmony. Wooden shelves become more attractive with flashes of lightning under them. The same colored wooden bar chairs match perfectly.

Gray Kitchen With Yellow Wall Shelves

ID# 101823 | Source – Credit© Vertebrae Architecture

Gray Kitchen With Yellow Counter

Yellow wall shelves and wall-mounted tables popping up in this one-colored kitchen. The yellow color makes this contemporary kitchen more dynamic. Small wooden backsplash and wooden bar chairs complete each other. Flat-panel cabinets give elegancy.

Black Kitchen Cabinets With Open Shelves

ID# 101825 | Source – Credit© Leicht Westchester-Greenwich

Black Kitchen Cabinets With Open Shelves

Minimalist l-shaped concrete floor open concept kitchen with central island. Flat-panel cabinets with a concrete countertop. Open shelves connecting perfectly with the countertop. Wooden touch on the central island gives distinguish detail in this modern kitchen. Simplicity completing with the steel bar chairs.

Wooden Cabinets With L Shaped Wooden Hanging Shelves

ID# 101826 | Source – CreditPrime Renovations, Inc | © Photography by Kris Tamburello

Wooden Cabinets With L-shaped Hanging Shelf

U-shaped kitchen cabinets with white quartz countertop. Flat-panel cabinets and the same colored wooden floor create a natural and clean look. Open shelves support this look. You can use also picture frames on your kitchen shelves beside kitchen products. Wooden bar chairs match perfectly with the environment.

Open Shelving Kitchen With Blue Kitchen Cabinets

ID# 101827 | Source – Credit© Kelsey Ann Rose

Open Shelving Kitchen With Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Eclectic l-shaped kitchen with blue flat-panel kitchen cabinets. Outstanding gold details on the edges of the cabinets. Wooden details on shelves and window frames bring warmness to this sharpen look kitchen. The Stone backsplash looks stunning with wooden shelves.

Open Kitchen Shelves And Blue Central Island

ID# 101828 | Source – Credit© Erin Kelly Photography

Open Shelving Kitchen and Blue Central Island

Look at the eye-catching blue central island! It makes a contrast with a dark wooden floor, brick backsplash, and traditional rug. Thin wooden shelves create a plain look with white shaker cabinets and subway backsplash tiles. Wooden breadboard detail catches with the open shelves.

Wooden Detailed Kitchen With Open Shelves

ID# 101829 | Source – Credit© Leicht Westchester-Greenwich

White Kitchen Cabinets With a Touch of Wood

Minimalist l-shaped white kitchen with wooden hanging shelves. L shape used different areas such as open shelves and countertop. Open shelves popping up in this white kitchen helps with lightning inside of the shelves. Harmony of the white, wood, and black looks stunning!

Open Shelving Kitchen With Gold Details

ID# 101830 | Source – Credit© Deniece Duscheone Design

Open Shelving Kitchen With Gold Details

Glamorous color on the Flat-panel cabinets! Hanging shelves are the smart choice in tiny spaces. Plants and wooden shelves bring a natural look to this modern kitchen. unique patterned backsplash matches with the gold hardware.

Ceramic Backsplash With Wooden Open Shelves

ID# 101831 | Source – CreditBuilt Design Collective | © Photography by Haris Kenjar

Ceramic Backsplash With Wooden Open Shelves

Wooden details show off in this white kitchen. wooden flooring catches the details even the breadboard! Little yellow pots complete the natural look. This nature cause simplicity! Gold appliances and wall lightning add some modernity.

Single Wall Kitchen With White Floating Shelves

ID# 101832 | Source – Credit© Taylor + Taylor

Single Wall Kitchen With Wine Cabinet

Flat-panel cabinets with White quartz countertop! A small wine cellar makes a distinguish look. White long shelves give a clean, simple look with a pure white background. Small green touches with the plants create a coziness. Alcohol bottles and some plates can be good decoration elements!

Contemporary Home Bar With Glass Hanging Shelves

ID# 101833 | Source – Credit© Taylor + Taylor

Contemporary Home Bar With Marble Backsplash

Harmony between the wood, marble, and gold materials creates a glamorous look! Flat-panel cabinets with marble countertop and distinguished wine cellar. Wooden bar chairs provide continuity with the wooden floor. Marble backsplash highlighting the glass hanging shelves helps with the gold appliances. Also, gold pendant lighting matches the appliances.

U Shaped Kitchen Counter With Hanging Shelves

ID# 101834 | Source – Credit© Arndt Design and Build

U Shaped Kitchen Counter With Hanging Shelves

U-shaped kitchen counters can be a good solution for small areas like this kitchen. Distinguish backsplash tiles matches perfectly with the blues kitchen cabinets with a white quartz countertop. Gray hanging shelves in a harmony with the backsplash tiles. Steel bar chairs with wooden seating bring a natural look with a dark wooden floor.

Small Wooden Shelves In White Kitchen

ID# 101835 | Source – Credit© Amanda Louise Interiors

Small Wooden Shelves in White Kitchen

It is possible to bring mobility with small wooden touches in fully White places like this kitchen. Also, small colorful details like painting or pots complete the look. White subway backsplash popping up the wooden shelves next to the window. Gold appliances on the White shaker cabinets with granite countertop bring modernity.

Gray Hexagon Backsplash Tiles With Light Wooden Floating Shelves

ID# 101836 | Source – Credit© Craig O’Connell Architecture

Gray Hexagon Backsplash Tiles With Lightwood Shelves

Beautiful custom wooden cabinetry and wood details bring warmth to the kitchen. Dark Blues central island with dark wooden countertop complete with gold sink faucet. Hexagon backsplash tiles insert a personality. The concrete countertop on the kitchen cabinets, light wooden shelving, and sink brings a modern and functional touch. Wooden bar chairs and the same colored flooring provides continuity. The fabric choice of the chairs softens the environment.

Natural Shaped Wooden Shelves With Blue Cabinet

ID# 101837 | Source – CreditLawrenceville Remodel by Katy Popple Design | © Erin Kelly

Natural Shaped Wooden Shelves With Blue Cabinet

We love the idea that using the wooden shelving with tree burst wallpaper! Also, the pattern seems behind the hanging kitchen cabinet. Using the shelves in natural shapes completes this concept. Blue cabinets with a white quartz countertop and placement of the bottles create a chic look. Liddle wooden details and bronze sink faucet complete this look rights reserved.

Eclectic Kitchen With Wooden Wall Shelves

ID# 101838 | Source – Credit© Pillar & Peacock

Eclectic Kitchen With Wooden Wall Shelves

Green shaker cabinets with a dark wooden countertop. Farmhouse sink and bronze pull-down faucet complete the traditional look with the brick floor! Different color choices on the wooden shelves popping up with the beige backsplash.

Wooden Hanging Shelves With Subway Backsplash Tiles

ID# 101839 | Source – Credit© Fredrik Karlsson

Wooden Hanging Shelves With Subway Backsplash Tiles

Small details can provide more powerful looks in your kitchen! Natural shaped wooden shelves and black appliances complete the rustic look in this kitchen. Black flat-panel cabinets with granite countertop and a drop-in sink. Black pendant lighting with gold details. Different types of kitchen equipment can be great decorations!

Farmhouse Kitchen With Blue Wall Shelves

ID# 101840 | Source – Credit© British Standard by Plain English

Farmhouse Kitchen With Blue Wall Shelves

Light blue kitchen cabinets with a wooden countertop! The same color used on the shaker cabinets and Wall shelves. White vertical backsplash provides mobility and matches with the hanging shelves. Traditional rug, plates on the shelves, and tiny black appliances complete the environment.

Contemporary Kitchen With Dark Blue Cabinets And Wooden Floating Shelves

ID# 101841 | Source – CreditMod Cabinetry | Architecture by Tom McElroy | © Photography by Rachel Styer

Contemporary Kitchen With Dark Blue Cabinets and Wooden Shelving

Strong color choices make great harmony in this contemporary kitchen. Even the choice of kitchen equipment’s color! Lidle black details complete the total look. Central island with White quartz countertop and black faucet! Leather bar chair with metal rung. Herringbone backsplash tiles match perfectly with the wooden shelving which gives some airiness with a modern touch 1/19!

Wooden Hanging Shelves In Tiny Open Kitchen

ID# 101842 | Source – CreditAustin Kitchen Ideas | © Photography by Magnolia Homes

Wooden Shelving in Tiny Open Kitchen

Small wooden details popping up in this White tiny kitchen! White shaker cabinets with a concrete countertop and White farmhouse sink. You can make more pleasant areas with some signboards or stickers!

Light Wood Hanging Shelves With Black Steel Appliances

ID# 101843 | Source – CreditTexas Construction Company | © Photography by Ryann Ford

Lightwood Hanging Shelves With Black Steel Appliances

Black shaker cabinets with marble countertop and black appliances make a coherence. Hanging shelves create a cozy environment in this Scandinavian kitchen. Danish light wood floor and White subway tiles give depth to a tiny kitchen.

Rustic Kitchen With Three Understated Shelves

ID# 101844 | Source – CreditCrown Point Cabinetry | © Photography Crown Point Cabinetry

Rustic Kitchen With Three Understated Shelves

White ceramic backsplash poping up the wooden hanging shelves and recessed-panel cabinets with granite countertop! Black pendant light completes the coziness!

Blue Painted Cabinets With Mahogany Floating Shelves

ID# 101845 | Source – CreditArchitecture + Indigo, LLC | © Wayne Smith Photography

Blue Painted Cabinets With Mahogany Floating Shelves

Simplycity of the light wooden shelves and herringbone backsplash are in great harmony. Blue painted wooden shaker cabinets with grey farmhouse sink. White oak flooring and same colored bar chairs complete the atmosphere of the kitchen.

Wooden Kitchen Shelves With Steel Appliances

ID# 101846 | Source – CreditStudio Miel | © Photography by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Wooden Kitchen Shelves With Steel Appliances

White subway backsplash tiles and dark blue shaker cabinets with a wooden countertop! The white farmhouse sink matches perfectly with the shaker cabinets. Leather bar chairs and soft pink lighting with gold details complete the cozy look of the kitchen!

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