Brick Backsplash Distressed Glamour with Strong Durability

47+ Brick Backsplash

ID#123701 | – Credit© Sardone Construction

Gray Shaker Cabinets with Red Brick Backsplash

The red brick backsplash creates a distinctive focal point between the gray shaker cabinets and breaks the cool atmosphere which is created by the cool undertone of the cabinets. The white countertop, black handles, and stainless steel appliances bring a modern and fresh appeal.

ID#123724 | – Credit© Atlantic Lighting Design

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Gray Brick Wall and Wood Island

Even if it has a rustic appeal, the clean look of the gray brick wall brings modernity to this farmhouse kitchen and creates a sleek backdrop with the white cabinets and countertops. Wooden floating shelves serve a minimalistic look not to disturb the backsplash. The wood kitchen island makes a statement with its beautiful textures and grains while the black granite countertop and metal bar stools enhance this look. Black lantern pendant lights complement the modern look of the brick veneers with their geometrical shapes.

Brick Backsplash

Brick is a strong and durable material used to build masonry constructions. Today, not only for an exterior, brick is one of the trendiest interior design elements, especially for kitchens. Its incredibly durable structure makes the brick a perfect material for kitchens. Solid brick backsplashes are harder to install but you can’t beat their strength and durability. If you are installing a solid brick, you need to lay bricks over an existing masonry foundation and it can cost more expensive. That is why generally homeowners prefer brick veneers. Brick veneers are a type of decorative wall paneling made of thin, brick panels which give the real brick look cost-effectively and provide an easy installation which you can install with a DIY project. Whether it’s a solid brick or a brick veneer, a brick backsplash complements every style from farmhouse to modern gives a unique look for kitchens.

A kitchen backsplash needs to provide durability, easy maintenance, and style. Material choice is one of the important decisions that you need to make to achieve these functions. With its beautiful rough texture, strength, and durability, brick is a perfect material for backsplash. If you want to highlight your backsplash area, the brick backsplash is a great way to get a natural and distinctive look. You can use real shades of the brick to bring an industrial feel to your kitchen or use painted bricks to incorporate it into different styles. Whatever your choice is, brick has a timeless and nostalgic appeal that provides a distressed glamour for kitchens. Scroll down and find some design tips and tricks about brick backsplashes to get inspiration!

ID# 123702 | – Credit© NOTION, LLC

Traditional Kitchen with White Cabinets and Brick Wall

In this farmhouse kitchen, the white raised panel cabinets offer a timeless kitchen design while the red brick walls add a dose of rustic charm. The wooden trim of the white range hood complements this rustic vibe. The stainless steel range provides professional cooking space for home cooks.

ID# 123703 | – Credit© LiB contents

Whitewashed Brick Backsplash with Light Blue Cabinets

In this shabby-chic style kitchen, the light blue shaker cabinets with a white countertop create a cute and cozy look while black handles stand against the light colors and emphasize the design. The whitewashed brick walls bring a rustic appeal but thanks to the whitewashing, the strong look of the original red brick is softened and it is not disturbing the flow of the look.

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ID# 123704 | – CreditАнастасия Уфимцева | © Anastasiya_ufimtseva

Industrial Kitchen with Black Cabinets and Decorative Bricks

In this industrial kitchen, black flat-panel cabinets create a simple yet strong look. The walls are finished with decorative bricks and plaster with the effect of an aged surface. The granite countertop of the wood kitchen island expanded to create a dining area while making a separation between the living room and kitchen.

ID# 123705 | – Credit© Barzotti Woodworking Ltd.

Black Cabinets with Black Marble Countertops and Exposed Brick Wall

The redbrick backsplash between the black lacquer cabinets brings an industrial look while the black marble waterfall countertop of the island makes a luxurious twist and instantly elevates the design. Stainless steel appliances compliment the industrial look of the backsplash.

ID# 123707 | – Credit© Rock’n’wood

Black Flat Panel Cabinets with Wood Countertops and Red Backsplash

The combination of the natural brick and wood accents and the matte black cabinets creates a modern industrial look. A Black island with a wooden countertop attached to the wall creates a separation between the kitchen and living room while providing a dining area. The bronze pendant lights add a sparkle and make a perfect final touch.

ID# 123708 | – Credit© 4arts

Industrial Kitchen with Pastel Green Walls and Red Fridge

Pop-up colors make a big impact in this cozy eat-in kitchen. The white shaker cabinets create a fresh look between the colors while the stainless steel countertop, range, black hood, and concrete ceiling add an industrial look. The red fridge nicely contrasts with the olive green walls to elevate the design. The wooden flooring and chandelier complete the natural feel which is created by the green wall paint.

Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

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Experience the perfect blend of modern design and classic elegance with the white and gray marble subway tile, offering sophisticated and elegant finish.

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Featuring gray and rusty earth tones with glass accents, our slate mosaic tile offers a natural charm that's perfect for any rustic-inspired space.

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The marble mosaic tile in white and gray features a flower pattern, providing a delicate and sophisticated look.

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The luxurious white mosaic tile, made from pearl and marble, presents a unique design that enhances any design.

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ID# 123709 | – Credit© Barc Architects Ltd

Contemporary Kitchen with Brick Accent Wall and Yellow Pendants

The black kitchen cabinets, white countertops, and brass hardware offer an elegant look for this contemporary kitchen. The brick exposed wall makes a rustic twist while yellow pendant lights add a funky vibe.

ID# 123710 | – Credit© Uxtaposed Interiors

White Cabinets with Stainless Steel Appliances and Brick Walls

The exposed brick wall makes a statement and stands out between the white shaker-style cabinets. The wooden floor parquets and exposed wooden beams complement the rustic appeal of the brick wall while stainless steel appliances modernize the design. Gray countertops and the black hardware of the cabinets complete the timeless look.

Brick Backsplash Colors

Brick backsplashes are no longer seen as an old-fashioned style. From classic red bricks to whitewashed bricks, there are plenty of color options for a brick backsplash. Depending on the style of your kitchen, you can incorporate different shades of brick that create a one-of-a-kind backsplash for your kitchen.Here are some beautiful examples of the brick backsplash colors.I

Red Brick Backsplash

A red brick backsplash offers an undeniable charm and timeless character for kitchens that make it a popular choice for homeowners and it tops the rising kitchen design trend list. From reddish-brown to super red, red brick comes in a wide variety of colors. The strong and distinctive look of the red brick affects every element in the room and creates an eye-catching focal point.

ID# 123712 | – Credit© General Shale

Traditional Kitchen with White Raised Panel Cabinets and Granite Countertops

This warm and inviting kitchen is surrounded by the “English pub” thin brick which creates a unique look. The white raised-panel cabinets and granite countertops offer a timeless look and reflect the elegance of the traditional style. The wooden flooring complements the warm tones of the brick while metallic accents like hardware and chandeliers complete the design.

ID# 123713 | – Credit© Knight Custom Homes

Gray and White Cabinetry with Red Brick Backsplash and Metal Range Hood

The combination of the different colors, patterns, and materials offers a unique and stylish craftsman kitchen design. The light gray shaker cabinets are paired with black soapstone countertops and brass hardware which complements the statement brass range hood. The black countertop of the perimeter extended through the hood to create a backsplash between the exposed brick walls.

ID# 123714 | – Credit© Acadia Craft

Contemporary Kitchen with Dark Gray Cabinets and Countertop

Sleek, modern, and elegant. In this contemporary kitchen, the dark gray cabinets create an ultra-modern look with their matte finish and flat-panel style. Brick veneers, stainless steel appliances, and open shelving add an industrial vibe.

How to clean brick backsplash?

Due to uneven surfaces, a brick backsplash is harder to clean than other materials. Before the cleaning, you need to remove surface dirt. You can use a brush to get rid of the dirt on the surface. Brick is porous so you need to avoid some cleaning products which include undiluted acids. This can cause permanent damage to your brick backsplash. Natural cleaners that you mix up yourself are always a better option. Prepare a paste with two tablespoons of cream of tartar and water. Then apply it to brick, wait 10 minutes and wipe down with warm water and a soft cloth.If it is not enough to get stains, mix a tablespoon of boric acid and a gallon of warm water and gently scrub with a bristle brush.

ID# 123715 | – Credit© Barzotti Woodworking Ltd.

Rustic Kitchen with Dark Wood Cabinets and Red Backsplash

The rough textures of the dark wood cabinets and the exposed brick wall create a warm rustic design. The kitchen cabinetry is paired with the dark gray countertop, black hardware, and open shelves. Backlit lights in the upper cabinets add drama to the atmosphere.

ID# 123716 | – Credit© Joséphine Bonne

Industrial Kitchen with Black Cabinetry and Wood Countertops

In this industrial kitchen, matte black cabinets and red brick backsplash supplement each other marvelously. The brick backsplash gives a nice punch of attitude while brick and wood textures bring warmth to the atmosphere. Globe chandelier creates a contrast with natural elements with its shiny and luxury style.


White Brick Backsplash

Real brick shades have a sharp and strong look that may not match the style of your kitchen. Using a white brick backsplash is a great way to soften this look and create a smooth backsplash with a natural texture. If you don’t want to lose completely the classic brick look, whitewashing will also create a softer look while protecting the original beauty of the brick.

ID# 123717 | – Credit© Line Design Studio

White Kitchen with Wood Accents and Beige Floor Tiles

In this contemporary kitchen, warm textures the wood, and crisp white surfaces beautifully blend and offer a cozy and stylish look. The exposed brick wall is painted in white and it brings another layer of texture without straining the eyes. The beige floor tiles complement the wooden cabinets which add warmth to the atmosphere between the white cabinets.

ID# 123718 | – Credit© Banner Day Interiors

Farmhouse Kitchen with White Cabinets and Stainless Steel Appliances

The white cabinets, white countertop, and white brick backsplash offer a bright and spacious farmhouse kitchen. The open shelving completes the country vibe while stainless steel appliances bring an industrial feel. The polished finish of the brick backsplash adds a fresh look.

Gray Brick Backsplash

A gray brick backsplash is a versatile material that creates a cohesive look with different kitchen styles and color schemes. From light grays to almost black ones, gray come in a wide range of shades that bring the richness and substance of brick with a cool appeal.

ID# 123720 | – Credit© JDR Designs, LLC

Cozy Kitchen with Gray Brick Wall and Wooden Ceiling

This small kitchen has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere! White shaker cabinets, white countertops, gray brick backsplash, and floating shelves create a stylish kitchen between the wooden ceiling and flooring. The rustic appeal of the brick wall contrast with the clean look of the cabinets while complete the country feel.

ID# 123721 | – Credit© Brent Campbell, Architect

White Cabinets with Black Island and Metallic Pendant Lights

The high-end materials and craftsmanship make a big difference for this farmhouse kitchen and create a design that will be a conversation piece for years. The white shaker cabinets and black kitchen island are paired with beige granite countertops. Metallic pendant lights highlight the island while exposed brick walls bring a rustic vibe.

ID# 123722 | – Credit© Bespoke Woodwork

Transitional Gray Kitchen with Professional Appliances

The elegance of gray surrounds this transitional kitchen and offers an elegant design. Gray shaker cabinets, marble countertop, stainless steel appliances, handles, gray brick backsplash, and concrete floor tiles create a harmonious look.

Black Brick Backsplash

Black is an elegant color that can lend sophistication to any room. Matching this elegant look with the rough texture of the brick is a great way to create a distinctive focal point and one-of-a-kind backsplash. A black brick backsplash can instantly elevate the overall look of your kitchen and from contemporary to traditional, it can work well with different styles.

ID# 123726 | – CreditArchic | © William Eckersley

Black Kitchen with Brick Backsplash and Flat-panel Cabinets

You might think it is not a good idea but all-black kitchens, like this design, are in the rising trends lists. Here, black flat-panel cabinets are fitted with a black countertop, undermount sink, and matte black faucet. The black brick backsplash adds a nice texture between the flat surfaces and completes the look flawlessly.

ID# 123727 | – CreditFireclay Tile | © Daniel Barcelo

Black and White Kitchen with Stacked Tile Backsplash and Wood Shelves

In this contemporary kitchen design, the black brick backsplash creates a distinctive focal point between the white cabinets and wooden shelves. The stacked layout of the brick veneers modernizes the rustic look of the brick.

Farmhouse Kitchen Brick Backsplash

Farmhouse kitchens have a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects country style. And choosing a cohesive backsplash for this look is important. If you want to create a vintage and cozy feel there is no better choice than a farmhouse kitchen brick backsplash. You can use a red brick backsplash to give a more traditional look or use a white painted brick backsplash to create a softer look. Whatever your choice, the rough texture and natural beauty of the brick will be a nice addition to your farmhouse kitchen.

ID# 123728 | – Credit© RJ Aldriedge Companies Inc.

Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen with Wood Range Hood and Floating Shelves

The wooden range hood is the centerpiece of this farmhouse kitchen. The sculptural structure of the hood directly draws attention at the first sight and creates an accent wall with the help of the brick tiles and wood floating shelves. White shaker-style cabinets allow the accent wall to stand out by creating a simple and clean look.

ID# 123729 | – Credit© Inde Kitchen Remodelers

Shaker Style Cabinets with Beige Granite Countertops and Metallic Panel

This farmhouse kitchen features white cabinets, granite countertops, a wood kitchen island, black hardware, a brick backsplash, and a wood floor and ceiling. The crisp white color of the cabinetries brings a fresh look to the rustic atmosphere which is created by rough textures. The metallic backsplash behind the stove creates a focal point between the bricks.

Can i paint brick backsplash?

Painting backsplash, cabinets, or walls is the easiest and cheapest way to create a new look for your kitchen. However, some materials are difficult and laborious to paint, but you can easily paint your brick backsplash and give it a fresh look.

ID# 123732 | – Credit© NOMI – Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Oversized Copper Hood with Brick Wall and Black Countertop

The oversized copper range hood steals all the attention and creates a focal point while the brick wall provides a stunning backdrop for the hood. White shaker-style cabinets and black leather finish countertop complement the traditional look of the hood.

ID# 123733 | – Credit© Hudson Construction Group

Dark Gray Kitchen Island with Onyx Countertop and Blac Pendants

The earthy color palette of this farmhouse kitchen offers a strong characteristic look. White cabinets, whitewashed brick wall, white range hood, and stainless steel appliances create a sleek and elegant backdrop while the dark gray kitchen island makes a statement with its bold color and thick onyx countertop. The onyx countertop makes a luxurious twist against the rough surfaces.

Brick Backsplash White Cabinets

White cabinets are like a black canvas, so if you want to highlight your brick backsplash, there is no better option than them. Whatever its color is, brick has already a characteristic look that can draw attention. Depending on the style of the cabinets, brick backsplash white cabinets can create a cozy farmhouse look or sleek modern appeal.

ID# 123734 | – Credit© Hixon Interiors, Inc.

Beautiful White Cabinets with Embellishments and White Countertop

In this transitional kitchen, white raised panel cabinets, range hood, stainless steel stove, and bricks create a bold accent wall. The arched shape of the recessed wall emphasizes the impact while crown moldings, embellishments, and legs of the cabinets reflect the timeless beauty of the traditional style.

Painted Brick Backsplash

A painted brick backsplash offers a new and fresh look while still keeping the beautiful texture of the brick. You can paint them white color to gets a more clean look or use black to bring a sophisticated look. If your brick backsplash gets old and needs to be replaced, painting is the easiest and cheapest option.

ID# 123738 | – Credit© Красюк Сергей

Eclectic Bathroom with Wood Washstand and Copper Vessel Sink

A backsplash is an important point in bathrooms as well as in kitchens. This eclectic bathroom gives a cozy atmosphere with its unique elements. The wooden stool is transformed into a bathroom vanity with a copper vessel sink and floating shelve. The exposed brick wall is painted in a light blue color. The rough texture of the brick complements the rustic look of the vanity while softens the atmosphere with its pastel blue color.

Rustic Brick Backsplash

Because of its rough texture and raw look, real brick shades have a rustic appearance. Whether you have a modern, traditional, or farmhouse kitchen, rustic brick backsplash work well with different styles and offers a distinctive focal point that adds drama to the overall look.

ID# 123740 | – Credit© New River Building Co.

Transitional Kitchen with Whitewashed Backsplash and Wood Shelf

The combination of the gray cabinets, quartz countertops, whitewashed brick wall, and wood floating shelf offers a cozy yet elegant transitional kitchen. Using floating shelves instead of upper cabinets gives an open and airy feel and also allows the brick wall to stand out.

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ID# 123741 | – Credit© Tenhulzen Painting & Construction Partners, Inc.

Rustic Home Bar with Black Cabinets and Open Shelving

With its brick backsplash, open shelving, and black cabinets, this rustic home bar gives also an industrial feel. The light gray countertop of the cabinets adds a fresh look to this dramatic atmosphere.

Are brick backsplashes in style?

The short answer is yes. The rustic charm of this backsplash can make a beautiful twist in your contemporary kitchen or complete the country style. Whatever your style is, brick backsplashes work well with different styles and easily become the focal point of the kitchens. Besides its visual beauty, brick is known for its strength and durability that makes it a perfect material for backsplash. Also, brick backsplashes are easy to install and you can install them on your own. That is why brick backsplashes are in style!

ID# 123743 | – Credit© Donley Brick Co.

Rustic Kitchen with Brick Veneers and Oversized Copper Range Hood

Thin brick veneers are a great and cheaper alternative for real brick stones. In this rustic kitchen, bricks surround all the walls and create a statement maker design. The oversized copper range hood emphasizes this strong look with its sculptural structure.

How To Paint Brick Backsplash?

Before starting to paint, clean the brick, remove the electrical switches, define the border with painter’s tape. Then apply a border primer with a brush and let it dry. Now you can paint your brick backsplash with your favorite color. The easiest way to paint brick is using a paint sprayer but if you don’t have experience operating a sprayer, you can use simple tools like a brush or roller. If you are using these tools, make sure to paint all the tiny cracks and crevices and apply a second coat if you need it.

ID# 123744 | – Credit© Promenade Design + Build

Small Kitchen with Black Stove and Gray Hood

The gold details of the black stove and gray hood bring the charm of the vintage style while light gray cabinets, white countertop, brick backsplash, and wood shelves create a harmonious look. The high-end materials distract the compact dimensions of the kitchen.


Herringbone Brick Backsplash

Herringbone brick backsplash is a beautiful way to add some interest to your kitchen. If you want to add some rustic or industrial feel to your kitchen in an outstanding way, lay the bricks in a herringbone pattern instead of the classic brick pattern. This way you will combine the raw look of the brick with a modernized pattern and create a unique backsplash.

ID# 123745 | – Credit© Fireclay Tile

Gray Herringbone Backsplash with Wood Floating Shelves and Countertops

The herringbone pattern of the gray painted bricks transforms this farmhouse kitchen into a homey retreat. The sleek herringbone pattern creates a sleek backdrop and modernizes the design. The white cabinets, wood countertops, and floating shelves contribute well to this homey feel. Also, using open shelving enhances the spaciousness of the atmosphere.

ID# 123746 | – Credit© River Woodcraft

Custom Cabinetry with Herringbone Brick Backsplash and Hammered Copper Hood

This old-world elegant kitchen features custom cabinetry mixed in paint and walnut, herringbone brick backsplash, wood countertops, brass faucets, hammered copper range hood, stone walls, and black lantern pendant lights. The warm glow of the pendant completes the drama of the atmosphere.

Is brick backsplash expensive?

A brick backsplash is more expensive than some other backsplash materials. But thanks to its strength and durability, this investment will never fail you down. The average cost of a brick backsplash is between $12 and $20 per square foot to purchase.

ID# 123747 | – Credit© General Shale

Herringbone Backsplash with Large Hood and Stainless Steel Range

In this rustic kitchen, the red brick backsplash is laid in a herringbone pattern behind the stove which adds another layer of texture to the space. The copper range hood and stainless steel range emphasize the impact of the herringbone brick backsplash by creating a focal point.

Transitional Kitchen with Beige Brick Backsplash and Wood Floor

The beige brick backsplash brings a rustic and cozy feel between the crisp white kitchen cabinets. The rough texture of the bricks stands against the clean look of the cabinets to create a strong design statement. The wooden flooring and wooden bar stools complement the warmness of the backsplash.

ID# 123731

White and Wood Kitchen with Red Brick Backsplash

Natural light pours into this kitchen through the large windows and highlights the contrast of the natural materials with the clean white cabinets. Kitchen cabinets provide plenty of storage space. The rustic appeal of the wooden island, brick backsplash, exposed wooden beams, and floor add a bunch of character.


Traditional Kitchen with White Cabinets and Red Brick Backslash

In this transitional kitchen, the red brick kitchen backsplash adds a character and appeal while creating a focal point with the black range hood. White kitchen cabinetry is paired with black countertops to create a luxurious feel. Bronze counter chairs and metallic pendant lights bring a vintage flair and light gray walls complete this elegant design.

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ID# 123711

Traditional Kitchen with Shaker Cabinets and Rustic Backsplash

In this transitional kitchen, the crisp white color of the cabinets nicely contrasts with the brick wall and offers a welcoming design. The marble countertops and the marble backsplash behind the stove make a luxurious twist.

ID# 123719

Transitional Kitchen with Two-Tone Cabinetry and Open Shelving

The beautiful combination of black and white creates a timeless and elegant look for this transitional kitchen. Black shaker cabinets are paired with quartz countertop and brass hardware. Using a white brick backsplash, open shelving, and white upper cabinets provide a brighter atmosphere.

ID# 123723

White Kitchen with Gray Backsplash and Black Countertops

The farmhouse kitchen features white cabinets with black granite countertops, a kitchen island, a gray brick backsplash, black counter chairs, and glass pendant lights. The exposed wooden beams and the wood floor reflect the beauty of the farmhouse style and add a rustic charm.

ID# 123730

Farmhouse Kitchen with Brick Backsplash and Exposed Wood Beams

The bright white color of the cabinets and rough textures come together harmoniously in this farmhouse kitchen and create a timeless look. Black hardware and black soapstone countertop of the cabinets emphasize the design. Professional appliances like range or microwave make mealtime easier.

ID# 123735

Farmhouse Kitchen with Muted Color Palette and Luxurious Details

The muted palette of this farmhouse kitchen creates a soothing space. The kitchen features cream shaker style cabinets, an oversized range hood, marble countertops, brick backsplash, cream counter chairs, and a black chandelier. Exposed wooden beams and wooden flooring enhance the rustic vibe of the atmosphere.

ID# 123737

Transitional Living Room with Navy Blue Painted Brick Fireplace

Not only for kitchens, but brick also is a popular material for fireplace surrounds. In this transitional living room, the navy blue painted brick fireplace creates a focal point and adds an instant character to the design. The elegant look of the navy blue color is completed with black trim. The fireplace is accentuated by white built-in cabinets and floating shelves.

ID# 123739

Light Gray Cabinets with Quartz Countertops and Brown Backsplash

Sleek, elegant, and timeless. This transitional kitchen features light gray shaker cabinets, brick backsplash, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a gray range hood. The brown brick backsplash brings a rustic appeal with its rough texture while the luxurious look of the quartz countertops contrasts with this rustic look.

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