Red Brick Backsplash Natural Texture with Characteristic Look

25+ Red Brick Backsplash

Stunning Double-Height Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

Could you think of anything more impactful than a double-height kitchen with sloping ceilings? We can’t, especially when it is enriched with natural textures and shades as in this particular kitchen. Dappled by sunlight through the fabulous triangular window, the kitchen gets its main definition through the brick walls. Yet, layers of timber shelving break up the expansive wall surface overlaid with a brick veneer panel backsplash, while greige cabinets bring the right amount of lightness and warmth retaining a sense of distance.

At the back, the bulky range hood dressing adds a proportionate volume to the double height of the space, while the island unit placed at the heart of the kitchen maintains a dialogue with the surrounding elements, mirroring the perimeter site. In between, a traditional rug in earthy shades caresses the light wood flooring. Overall, modern and old features become enmeshed in this marvelous space that enjoys the exposed greeneries thanks to the untreated expansive window.

White Floating Shelves with Wooden Range Hood and Brick Backsplash

Creating a distinguished cooking zone with a brick backsplash and wooden range hood, this farmhouse-inspired kitchen ensures everyone gravitates toward this statement cooking zone with a fireplace effect. Enriched with white floating shelves that give the brick wall a break, this statement zone is also put into dialogue with the island. This way, homeowners can serve guests and family members easily with freshly-cooked dishes. As for the complementary features, the cage pendants and farmhouse-style timber stools make the design more approachable and characterful, along with the white cabinets keeping the space light and airy. Overall, rich in variegated sandy shades, the total look of this space embeds warmth, intimacy, and lots of texture tinged with a sense of nostalgia.

Red Brick Backsplash

Durable and charming, a red brick backsplash is a great addition to any kitchen, which can be incorporated into any style, be it modern, rustic, farmhouse, industrial, Mediterranean, or classic. Especially if you live in a loft or have a double-height kitchen, a red brick backsplash can easily change the overall atmosphere, highlight the grandeur of the space, and bring the outdoors in. So, whether you are fond of natural designs, warming shades, textures, or robust and raw looks, exposed brick backsplashes are up your alley for sure.

Even if you don’t want to deal with a real brick backsplash, on today’s market, you can find many alternatives that come in tile, panel, and wallpaper versions, which also stand out as more cost-efficient options. If you want to inject a dose of personality, texture, and warmth into your kitchen, we can’t think of anything better than a red brick backsplash. In this round-up, we compiled 20+ design projects that use the red brick backsplash as the protagonist of the space cohering perfectly with a wide range of textures and materials. Why don’t you check it out to steal some inspiration for your next home improvement project?

Red Brick Backsplash with Custom-Designed Arch and Tin Ceiling

Preserving the original features of the apartment, including the exposed brick backsplash and a centuries-old traditional hand-pressed tin ceiling, this kitchen is a testament to the old natural textures, crowning it with a custom-designed arch. Flanked by full-height off-white cabinets, the red brick backsplash brings in lots of texture and color. It is complemented by an oversized island topped by a black marble countertop oozing opulence. The industrial-style lighting fixtures, rustic wood floor finish, and a glass vase add to the material vocabulary of the kitchen, layering a unique narrative throughout.

Whitewashed Brick Backsplash with White Cabinets and Floating Shelves

The wooden floating shelves give a break to the ceiling-height brick backsplash. The whitewashed surface of the background helps it blend into the surrounding dotted by white cabinets and countertops. The black hardware, pot filler, and vintage wall sconces add contrast to the whitish backdrop, while styled cutting boards add extra interest and warmth.

Does brick make a good kitchen backsplash?

Coming with both aesthetic and functional benefits, brick backsplashes are popular for good reason. They not only make durable kitchen backsplashes but also bring nicely styled backdrops with lots of texture, color, and character. Whether you live in a standard apartment or a loft, a brick backsplash is always a good choice, conveying a sense of nostalgia and coziness.

Plus, you can try different layouts, including herringbone, basketweave, and running bond. Or even better, you can even use different layouts to create diversity and a focal point if you have an expansive wall and want to give it a better definition.

Apart from that another advantage of the brick backsplashes is that they are adjustable to any kitchen style, whether it is modern, rustic, cottage, or farmhouse. If your dream kitchen has a brick backsplash, you can have it installed confidently.

Cons of the bricks

But of course, like any other statement materials, bricks have their cons as well. First of all, bricks are quite heavy and thick materials. Thus, you will have to sacrifice a few inches of your kitchen space to get one. But if you wish, you can use thin brick or brick veneer with a thickness of ¾, instead, as an alternative.  This way, you can save yourself from dealing with extra weight and bulk.

Secondly, as bricks are thick and heavy materials, it is important that your walls can bear the load of bricks. If not, you may have to add extra reinforcement to support the weight of the bricks.

And thirdly, they require regular sealing. Unless treated, it can stain and soak the dirt and harbor bacteria because of its porous nature and the crannies and nooks on the surface that invite dust to accumulate. Also, the constant contact with moisture causes the brick to crumble over time. To avoid that, regular cleaning and sealing are important. In that regard, brick backsplashes could be a little bit demanding.

White Shaker Cabinets with Statement Island and Copper Sink

Consisting of a very basic but ambitious palette, this classic-style kitchen lays its foundation upon the natural elements and textures. The brick backsplash, the wooden statement island, and the copper sink stand out as the main dramatic pieces, tied together by white shaker cabinets. Also complemented by cottage-style discolored pendants and wall sconces, they feel warmed up in a more sentimental space. And if you would like to create a more distressed and rustic background, there are a couple of things you can do to a brick backsplash. One of the ways is to coat the bricks with a German smear, which is an alternative to whitewashing. This way, you not only give the brick partial coverage but also add extra texture and soften the hard edges.

Red Brick Backsplash with White Cabinets and Black Hardware

White cabinets are one of the most popular combinations with a red brick backsplash, especially if the bricks are given a whitewash. This combination offers a still look that feels like resting, upgrading the mood of its users as well. To enrich this vibe, you can incorporate a traditional rug, some kitchen utensils made of natural materials, and black hardware. By doing so, you bring in a sense of contrast and solidify the connection between red brick and white with the help of a stronger character.

Is a brick backsplash practical?

Favored for its excellent guarding of wall surfaces against grease, water splatters, and everyday spills, a brick backsplash has made a name for itself for its practicality for sure. Expansively used both in residential and commercial places, they continue to be a popular material for their raw texture and natural earthy shades that bring the outdoors in as well.


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Stylish Industrial Kitchen with Blue Island and Whitewashed Brick Backsplash

Brick backsplashes aren’t necessarily used for rustic kitchens. You can even get a very stylish look out of them with the right color and material additions. Starting by whitewashing them, you can already assimilate them to some extent. The same goes for this kitchen, which is complemented by light and dark blue cabinets to ensure color variety. A duo of silverish pendants drops down over the island, pairing well with the industrial-style stools tucked under the island. Lastly, the wooden floor and stainless-steel appliances tie this transitional kitchen design together, while white flowers decorate the island countertop nicely with a fresh look.

Real Red Brick Backsplash

Real red brick backsplashes convey a sense of nostalgia, bringing earthy shades that warm up the interior space instantly. For those looking for textures and the outdoor feeling invited indoors, real brick backsplashes will allow them to have both.

Transitional Kitchen with Real Red Brick Backsplash and Blue Island

It doesn’t come as a surprise to see a blue island paired with a brick backsplash in transitional kitchens. And here we have a fine example of it that works out perfectly. Despite the distance between the back and the center of the space, the backsplash and blue island still feel connected. The white marble backsplash with bluish striations also commutes between these two protagonist pieces of the kitchen. The rest is defined by the white shaker cabinets, wood floors, a beautiful painting, and lots of spotlights ensuring that the kitchen is well-lit with a characterful ambiance.

Brick Backsplash and Hood with Shiplap Boards and White Cabinets

The brick backsplash and the hood clad in brick tiles create a focal point, complemented by white shiplap boards and cabinets that put them in the spotlight by enhancing the openness surrounding them. Right across them, the wood statement island and black hardware come as complementary features to add accents and enrich the material vocabulary of the kitchen. And the wall-mounted wire basket of three rows by the window adds a nice touch, filled with fruits, adding color and fine decoration to the wall.

How much is a brick backsplash?

The real brick costs 12 to 20 USD per square foot. But this may go up depending on the bricks whether they have some intricate patterns or not. But if you want to look for cost-efficient alternatives, you can check the faux brick backsplashes which have many options, including tiles, wallpaper, and panels.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles, for example, have their brick-look versions as well. And using them always feel safer for homeowners for they are commonly used and affordable. Plus, these versions are easier to install and very lightweight, which makes them DIY-friendly as well.

As for the wallpapers, they are one of the on-trend backsplash options in 2022. So, why not give a chance to the ones that mimic the brick pattern skillfully? Plus, given the self-adhesive versions of wallpapers that can be removed without any damage to the walls, you can consider brick wallpaper options as more practical and budget-friendly alternatives.

Open-Plan Kitchen with Quartz Countertops and Wooden Island

In this farmhouse-inspired open-plan kitchen, the whitewashed brick backsplash with the range hood creates a focal point, flanked by white cabinets. The wooden island topped by quartz countertops adds a modern and optimistic feature, while the cage pendants offer a contrast that makes a statement over the island.

White Cabinets with White Galley Kitchen Island and Glass Pendants

Executing a robust look with a ceiling-height brick backsplash and wooden floating shelves, this modern farmhouse kitchen feels airy and well-lit. The galley-style kitchen island mirroring the perimeter site provides extra storage, worksurface, and eating space, paired with glass pendants and modern minimalist black stools contrasting with the all-white look.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Cage Pendants and Exposed Beams

If you want to combine white cabinets with a red brick backsplash, you can whitewash the backsplash to soften the all-red background while achieving a distressed look at the same time. This modern farmhouse kitchen, for instance, uses the same technique for the brick backsplash that now pairs perfectly with the white cabinets and gray countertops. Complemented by rustic floor, exposed ceiling beams, and wood trim of the range hood, the kitchen reflects the farmhouse flair perfectly, not to mention the X-details on the cabinets that are like signatures of farmhouse kitchens. The sleek appliances and a duo of oversized caged pendants over the island suit the vastness of the space, where old and new feels masterfully saturated and punctuated by matte black accents. Apart from those, don’t you also feel transported to a Mediterranean kitchen as well through that stunning archway?

Herringbone Brick Backsplash with White Cabinets and Oversized Island

One of the best parts of the bricks is that you can experiment with the layout of the brick tiles freely. Here, for example, we have a herringbone layout that generates movement on the wall surface, sheltered by white cabinets on all sides to create a cozy cooking zone. Right across it sits the oversized island projecting the generous and foodie Mediterranean spirit paired with comfortable stools in shades of cream. To complement them, glass pendants, silverish hardware, and rustic floor along with the authentic plates exhibited on the walls make for a memorable look for sure. And of course, when you have such a statement kitchen, you wouldn’t mind exposing it to the rest of the home through the case openings as here, would you?

Black Countertops with White Cabinets and Custom-Built Hood

If you are looking for ways to put a brick backsplash in the spotlight but also don’t want other elements to steal attention from it, a custom-built hood can help you with that. This kitchen, for example, uses a custom-designed hood produced with an age-old artisan tradition yet reinterpreted to make it more sustainable and sophisticated. By matching it with the ceiling-height brick backsplash, it orchestrates a detail-oriented look, complemented by dark countertops to bring out the warmth. And in the center, the blue kitchen island topped by granite countertops delivers enough interest, bringing just the right amount of color to break up the white cabinets and earthy color scheme.

Faux Red Brick Backsplash

Mostly made from polyurethane, faux brick veneer backsplash panels offer a durable and lightweight alternative to real red brick backsplashes. Being easy to install and easy to maintain, they also come as cost-efficient materials for those who are on a strict budget. Both used in indoor and outdoor areas, along with residential and commercial spaces, faux brick backsplashes look as authentic as the real ones, plus come with some extra benefits, including impact and insect resistance.

On the market, you can even find panels as a type of manufactured stone with an industrial finish and UV inhibitors, which make them eligible for high-traffic areas, including bathroom and kitchen backsplashes. But apart from those, the ceramic and porcelain tiles have brick-look versions with which you can achieve similar impacts.

Industrial Kitchen with Faux Red Brick Backsplash and Black Sleek Cabinets

This industrial kitchen conjures up a well-articulated design theme with a faux red brick backsplash, black sleek cabinets, and symmetrical placements of wooden floating shelves. Breaking up the expansive brick wall, these shelves are beautifully styled with kitchen plants, glassware, and mugs, provided with accent lighting by spotlights above. To enrich the utility area of the kitchen, a kitchen island is added, introducing contrasting elements with a concrete base and wooden countertops rich in texture. Overall, championing the harmonious integrity of the industrial vibes and natural textures, the kitchen ensures a sentimental design that speaks to the five senses of its users.

What goes with a red brick backsplash?

Long gone are the days when red brick backsplashes were considered outdated, something to be covered up, and alternated. Now, the architectural features of the old houses are embraced and revamped by respecting their vernacular character that embeds history, character, texture, and more. And for the same reason, the exposed brick backsplashes are preserved and the complementary design elements are chosen to cohere with what is already present in the house. But how do you complete a red brick backsplash?

White, dark, gray, and wood are the most popular colors used to keep the focus on the brick as well. So, the rest generally plays along to compose a timeless aesthetic for the brick backsplash to be the protagonist. As complementary elements, floating shelves, glass pendants, cage pendants, and wooden countertops help balance the brick look. If you want a modern kitchen, you can include flat-front cabinets, use glass and marble, and stick to a refined material language to keep the overall look decluttered and sleek. To add some color, you can also bring in kitchen plants or flowers placed in large glass vases. Concrete countertops and bulky range hoods can be incorporated in rustic and farmhouse kitchens.

Additionally, when you have a red brick backsplash, you can benefit from white-black contrasts throughout that give the kitchen a more defined look. And to enlighten the kitchen, quartz countertops serve as great additions. If you want to soften the red-brown backsplash look, you can use cream, ivory, or pale-yellow shades.

White Flat-front Cabinets with Sleek Appliances and Statement Island

As authentic as the real ones, this distressed-finish faux red brick backsplash exposes the kitchen to a sense of nostalgia, while white cabinets and black accents create a modern vibe throughout. The sleek stainless-steel appliances, black statement island, and mid-century-inspired globe pendants bring enough character to allow a fully-fledged cooking experience. The wall sconces, windows letting abundant natural light internally, and light wood floor finalize the look, creating a well-lit and lightweight design to ease the body and soul of its users.

Red Brick Backsplash with Timber Cabinets and Suspended Shelf

Offering an ultimate form of escapism, this industrial kitchen creates an urban retreat, bringing the outdoors in with timber cabinets and a red brick backsplash. In the background, the stunning suspended shelves expose books, plants, glassware, and decorative items for a stylish look, while the faux brick backsplash peeks out behind the shelves. In addition to the open shelving, the cabinet shelves help build up extra interest with woven baskets and oversized copper and ceramic bowls put on display.

Whitewashed Red Brick Backsplash

If you love brick backsplashes but want to soften their dark reddish-brown shades and add a human print, you can whitewash them. This way, you can offset the brick look and give the backdrop a new outfit. If you have white cabinets, it will also make the backsplash melt into the background better thanks to the whitewashing.

Modern Industrial Kitchen with Brick Exposed Wall and Two-tiered Island

Want to create an indoor place that gives the impression of an “out” with a bar-like ambiance? A brick backsplash complemented by dark cabinets and a two-tiered island is one of the ways to go. Using a similar design formula and lucky to get plenty of natural lights internally, this modern industrial kitchen uses a whitewashed brick backsplash to expand the visual effect of lights, while the surrounding white walls and light textures serve the same aim. To build up a contrast, the kitchen also brings in darker shades and black countertops to anchor the look with a high level of sophistication. And a duo of oversized semi-globular pendants pairs perfectly with the two-tiered island topped by the wooden countertops on the second level. Lastly, the ultra-modern backless stools with wooden seats bring the right amount of drama and can be tucked under the island to expand the walkway.

Two-tone Cabinetry with Marble Countertops and Rustic Floor

Feeling lightweight and airy, this oversized kitchen is outfitted with a whitewashed brick backsplash, creamy shades with yellow undertones, and a light gray cabinet that define the main bones of the kitchen. Spanning an internal volume, the shaker cabinets keep the main vocabulary basic while the rest of the palette features a variety of natural forms, including thick marble countertops with rustic wooden floors and brick walls. To command attention drawn to the top half of the kitchen and the brick backsplash, the upper wall is treated with a bulky statement range hood, and the island with a trio of oversized pendants. This way, the kitchen keeps the focus on the brick wall, drawing eyes upward to emphasize the grandeur of the kitchen.

Red Brick Backsplash with White Cabinets

White cabinets are skilled at illuminating the kitchens, adding a sense of freshness and bringing contrast with a red brick backsplash. If you want the brick backsplash to look rather assimilated, you can get a whitewashed backsplash. This way, you can help the bricks fade into the white-dominant theme of the kitchen and blend with the rest of the space seamlessly.

White Cabinets with Blue Island and Black Hardware

If you are looking for a different look on the backdrop, you can create two different layouts with the brick backsplash. In this kitchen, for example, the running-bond and herringbone layouts make a great definition for the cooking zone, complemented by a black pot filler as a visual accent. And complementing them are white shaker cabinets with white quartz countertops that open up the space. The reclaimed barn beams and a blue statement island enrich the overall look, adding drama and a pop of color, while the gloss finish on the countertops comes with a beautiful sheen on them.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with White Cabinets and Wood Floor

Capturing light efficiently with the white cabinets, this modern farmhouse kitchen serves its purpose of creating a welcoming atmosphere very well. Also, giving the brick backsplash a slight white finish and pairing it with white countertops improves the lightness of the design. To make use of efficient use of space, the classic-style island with front legs and topped by a wooden countertop is placed at the center as a connecting piece. Of course, how could we forget to mention the generously sized “Gather” that reads on the wall, which is a very inviting gesture that encourages guests and family members to use this fabulous kitchen as a gathering point?

How to install a red brick backsplash?

Coming with both functional and decorative benefits, a red brick backsplash provides a timeless look and a hard covering for the walls. Though installing a red brick backsplash is not much harder and different than installing other materials, it requires appropriate tools such as a special saw to cut through the bricks. But to make things simpler, you can get faux brick veneer panels. And to install it, you can follow the steps aligned right below:

1)First, start by measuring the application area and get enough supplies to cover the area (you might also get some extra in case things go wrong).
2) Before starting, lay a plastic sheet on the countertops for protection. Then, see if the drywall is smooth enough or has any bumps. In both cases, you can sand it with sandpaper, which will help the thin-set mortar set properly and better. After sanding, don’t forget to remove the dust and clean the area.
3)After ensuring that the application area is ready, apply the thin-set mortar with the flat edge of the trowel.
4) Now it is time to press the brick veneer in place. You can start at the countertop and move upward. Press the brick until it sticks to the wall properly. When you need to cut it align the form according to the edges and electric outlets, you can use a wet tile saw or a hacksaw.
5) When you reach the ceiling or the bottom of the wall or upper cabinets, check the width of the gap. If it is greater than half the height of the brick, it is better to fill the gap by cutting the brick veneer. But if it is not that large, then you can just skip this part and leave the gap as it is.


6) After finishing laying the bricks, it is time to apply the grout to the joints. Mix the grout with water (or get a premixed one), spread it with a grout float, and wait for it to dry. Don’t forget to clean the excess with a dampened sponge.
7) Then add caulk with the caulking gun to the gap between the countertop and the backsplash.
8) After everything dries, apply the sealing, approximately 2 to 3 coats, until you make sure that the surface is fully sealed.

Green Island with White Cabinets and Quartz Countertops

Designing a kitchen is not easy, especially when there is just a lot to be outfitted in a space. But sometimes all that you need to know is the balance of the shades and textures even if they show variance among themselves. In this kitchen, for instance, the wooden beams, stools, and range hood trim, though looking different, orchestrate unity without looking monotonic. White cabinets, quartz countertops, and brick backsplash complement them gently, while the pale green island brings a subtle hint of color that feels soothing and tranquil. Above the island, a duo of glass pendants captures a moment of transparency, adding something modern and light overhead.

Whitewashed Brick Backsplash with White Cabinets and Black Island

Referred to as the hearts of our homes, the kitchens deserve special treatment all year round like this lovely kitchen getting a new outfit for Christmas Eve. Characterized by crispy white cabinets, whitewashed brick backsplash, and white countertops, it portrays a well-groomed and clean look. Complemented by the copper butler sink and statement island paired with modern farmhouse-style glass pendants, this kitchen also gains a robust and gentle character with contrasting materials. The contrasts make a great harmony together. Additionally, black hardware adds visual accents, punctuating the cabinets. Yet, nothing can steal attention from the stunning backsplash that just becomes the visual focal point.

Red Brick Backsplash with Gray Cabinets

Just like white cabinets, gray cabinets also help the color palette cohere even if the kitchen is awash with whimsical elements or unexpected pops of colors. They are lifesavers in that sense, especially when you are building a home that speaks to your taste. But apart from that, if you want to enmesh cool and warm shades together, you can pair gray cabinets with a red brick backsplash.

Gray Raised Panel Cabinets with Butcher Block Countertops

While feeling entranced by the synchrony between cool and warming shades, it is hard not to fall for this kitchen that orchestrates an authentic boho feel. Starting from the red brick backsplash to the gray cabinets, butcher block countertops, and intriguing accessories, it executes a curated look. To give a more specific definition to the main bones, sleek black appliances add a modern appeal; the black hardware punctuates the cabinets. And of course, the kitchen plants bring a ripple of color that lends a breath of fresh air to the interiors. Additionally, keeping the top half of the kitchen free from the upper cabinets provides more breathing space, making room for floating shelves that are better at building up an engaging character.

Transitional Kitchen with Gray Shaker Cabinets and Floating Shelves

Nestled in the corner, this transitional kitchen lays its design narrative on a neutral color palette and brick backsplash that creates a cool yet approachable atmosphere. The gray shaker cabinets and a classic-style range hood with floating shelves compose the main body of the kitchen. The rest features sleek and rustic touches, including black cabinet knobs that treat the cabinets, sleek appliances, and a brick backsplash that stands out between the shaker cabinets. On the floor, a traditional pattern rug coats the wood-finish ground partially, giving the kitchen a classic spin.

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