113+ Blue Backsplash Tile Ideas ( Beach-Style ) Layouts, Tips + Advice

Blue can easily be a neutral color category all on its own, but the variation can be striking. Navy blues make a dramatic statement akin to black. Baby blues create light and airy spaces, while shades in the middle can create a coastal charm with ease. Our gallery has all the blue backsplash ideas you’ve been searching for.

Beach Style Backsplash Kitchen Ideas


We can impress you with this massive collection of slate blue subway tiles perfect for modern spaces. We can help you to imagine earthy hues with bright blues when combined with slate and glass. We can assist you in creating a classic kitchen with sapphire blue insets within a travertine tile pattern. Design patterns are infinite with blue backsplash tile ideas. These high-quality images depicting completed projects will have you voting for blue backsplash tile ideas in a heartbeat. All of these materials are low on upkeep and large on style, just the way you like it.


Blue Gray Marble Glass Backsplash Tile White Cabinet Cambria Countertop BA62026

Marble & Glass Backsplash

Gray Blue Quartz Glass Kitchen Backsplash Tile Cabinet Cambria Countertop BA62037

Gray – Blue Backsplash Tile

Blue Cabinet Glass Mediterranean style backsplash tile BA62045

Mediterranean Style Blue Backsplash

Versatility with Blue Color Mosaic Backsplash Tiles


Whether you’re creating a contemporary kitchen or a more modern spaceblue adds a charming twist on your color palette. Updating your kitchen or building it from the start, any design element you choose can match these blue backsplash tile ideas. Consider straying from the beaten path with bold design choices including:

Your inner-designer will have a field day with all the fabulous decisions you can make. Blue mosaic backsplash are the perfect mate for any number of decorating schemes. Let us make your choice easy with this collection of images.

Blue & gray hexagon glass & marble mix mosaic tile.

Gray with few blue glass quartz mosaic tile contemporary look to a project.

White Cabinet Blue Glass Mediterranean style backsplash tile BA62045

Blue Gray Marble Glass Backsplash Tile BA62026