Red Kitchen Cabinets Extremely Hot Glossy and Matte Surfaces

57+ Red Kitchen Cabinets

ID# 105117 | – Credit© Tallman Segerson Builders

Light wood cabinets with gray-shaded mosaic backsplash

With its gray glossy mosaic tile backsplash, this kitchen has a striking appearance. Proof that a lot can be changed in kitchens with an assertive touch of a backsplash. The red flat-panel cabinets are a great match with the gray quartzite countertops. Adding the gray mosaic tile backsplash to this harmony, a modern but unusual kitchen has emerged.


ID# 105108

Red cabinets with glass sheet backsplash and gray countertops

We love kitchens with a view in front of the sink. In this kitchen, this beautiful view is decorated with red kitchen cabinets. The natural light taken in from the window, combined with the red color, creates a bright and stylish kitchen. Flat-panel cabinets, chairs, and gray countertops have supported this elegance of the kitchen with minimalist touches.

Remarkable and Stylish Kitchen Cabinets with Minimalist Touches!

The assertive appearance of the red color can suit your kitchens very well. Modern, minimalist, farmhouse… No matter what style of kitchen you want, red cabinets will suit your kitchens very well. Check out the examples we’ve selected and see how beautiful things come out with red cabinets.

Glossy, matte, stylish cabinets

Red kitchen cabinets don’t just mean one tone. You can create wonders by choosing the one that suits your kitchen from dozens of shades of red. There are many options available, from matte red cabinets with dark tones to bright red cabinets matched with white.

After deciding what style, you want, all you have to do is choose your tones. Check out the kitchens below to find the right shades.

ID# 105102 | – CreditThink Contemporary | © Barbara Egan

Modern kitchen with red and white cabinets

We love kitchens dominated by light colors. In this kitchen, red cabinets are in perfect harmony with white upper cabinets. A bright atmosphere is achieved in the kitchen with a light color floor. Thus, the kitchen gained a stylish appearance and at the same time reached the perception of spacious space. Glass sheet backsplash contributed to this bright look.

ID# 105103 | – Credit© Planet Furniture

Red cabinets with granite countertops and ceramic backsplash

A beautiful sit-at island in red is enough to form the focal point in this kitchen. The ceramic subway tile backsplash harmony used next to this beautiful red that attracts attention looks great. Black tile has a beautiful color match with floor red.

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Offering an authentic and sophisticated touch, our red and silver porcelain square tile is perfect for any elegant setting.

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ID# 105104 | – Credit | © Дизайнер Юлия Арефьева

Single wall kitchen with gray backsplash and wood cabinets

It is possible to say that red, gray, and brown are harmonious examples by looking at this kitchen. Light wood cabinets used with these wonderful red upper cabinets have achieved beautiful integrity with each other and with the rest of the kitchen. The Gray floor is a very modern and elegant touch to the whole atmosphere of the kitchen.


ID# 105105 | – Credit© Big Renovations & Design Inc.

Bright red cabinets with white countertops and white floor

When red cabinets are used with white, simple, and elegant kitchens are obtained. In this example, white is used both on the floor, on the counter, and on the backsplash. Thus, the clean look has turned into a great design with red kitchen cabinets. It also helped the white red stand out even more.

ID# 105107 | – Credit© Renovation Man

U-shaped kitchen with red cabinets and gray floor

Red cabinets in this small kitchen are designed with black details. Thus, the harmony of black and red was used in cabinets. This harmony combined with a gray floor became the solution to reach a stylish kitchen in a narrow space. Red bar chairs have also matched with cabinets and look great.

ID# 105109 | – Credit© Sara Lucci

Red cabinets with gray countertop and black counter chairs

Isn’t the harmony of wood and red great? With gray countertops and stainless-steel appliances, this harmony has been taken one step further. Although mirror backsplash is an unusual choice, it made the kitchen perceive wider. Thus, the chairs with black color preferred did not narrow the space.


ID# 105110 | – Credit© Starline Cabinets

Red cabinets with gray countertops and gray backsplash

Loved the combination of red and white cabinets. Gray countertops harmonize with white and red. cabinet handles are also matched with metal materials.

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Our brown and gray slate mosaic tile showcases a chevron pattern with a rough texture, delivering a rustic and organic look that enhances natural beauty.

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Discover the modern charm of the blue glass mosaic tile, designed in a hexagon shape with luxurious marble textures for a stylish and elegant update.

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Offering an authentic and sophisticated touch, our red and silver porcelain square tile is perfect for any elegant setting.

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Brighten your interiors with the luxurious sparkle of our slate, shell & glass mosaic tile. The combination of honed and glossy finishes creates a dazzling effect.

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Our eye-catching multicolored marble tile, adorned with a diamond pattern, offers a blend of luxury and elegance.

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ID# 105111 | – Credit© Thorcraft Custom Kitchens

Dark wood cabinets with red central island with beige countertop

Dark wood cabinets have good contrast with red shelves and cabinets. What makes this kitchen different is that the wood is used in more than one place and matched with the right shade of red. Beige countertops made the red kitchen cabinets and shelves more eye-catching. While creating an elegant kitchen with all these tones, the transitions remained soft.


ID# 105113 | – Credit© Bkt Loft Italian Kitchen Cabinets in San Diego

Modern kitchen with granite countertops and deep red cabinets

This minimalist modern kitchen has become very stylish with great design details. The combination details of the granite countertops that continue in harmony with the red kitchen cabinets are very stylish. At the same time, the shelves on the wall have great harmony with the cabinets and give the kitchen a fun look. The wood floor paired wonderfully with gray countertops and red kitchen cabinets.

ID# 105114 | – Credit© Виола Левина

Small kitchen with gray floor and gray countertop

Glossy red cabinets are preferred in this u-shaped kitchen. This preference is supported by the lighting details on the ceiling. Thus, integrity has been achieved in the kitchen. The gray floor has adapted to red color and gave a soft appearance to stainless steel appliances.


ID# 105115 | – Credit© No Drilling Required

Deep red cabinets with ceramic backsplash and quartzite countertops

Doesn’t ceramic backsplash and red glossy cabinets look great? The light color of the ceramics matched with the glossiness of the red kitchen cabinets and created a wonderful image. The wood countertop and wood floor create integrity together. On the other hand, when ceramic countertops were used in light colors, both dark and light colors were used predominantly in the kitchen, which gave dynamism to the kitchen.

ID# 105116 | – Credit© Karel Architecte d’intérieur

Modern kitchen with cherry cabinets and mosaic tile backsplash

Doesn’t the mosaic tile backsplash compatible with red kitchen cabinets look great? Distancing from the ordinary atmosphere of the whole kitchen, these mosaics harmonized with the red color and softened the gray wall transition. The gray wall provides a combination with the same color table. The use of flat-panel cabinets has also drawn attention to the harmony of colors.


ID# 105118 | – Credit© Palandri Cabinets

White countertops with bright red cabinets

We can see the usage of black and white everywhere. In this kitchen, in addition to these colors, the red color was used in the cabinets and the whole atmosphere of the kitchen suddenly changed. With the addition of red cabinets to the wonderful contrast created by black and white, a remarkable and stylish kitchen has been created. Gray tile backsplash has caught harmony with cabinets and stainless-steel appliances.

ID# 105121 | – Credit© Mariomarino Photo

U-shaped kitchen with red cabinets and gray backsplash

The red color used in this red cabinet kitchen is also used on the chairs and the door. We loved the integrity and the combination of the metal details and the gray backsplash. In such a modern kitchen, red and white were used graciously, and this was the source of the elegance of the kitchen.

ID# 105123 | – Credit© Design Rush

Modern kitchen with dining area and an eye-catching chandelier

When black and red are combined, elegance necessarily emerges. This combination has also been used in this kitchen and a wonderful kitchen design has been created. The harmony of colors looks great in this kitchen, which is created with white cabinets without overwhelming the environment.


ID# 105126 | – Credit© Was-Studio

Red and white kitchen design with stainless steel appliances

This kitchen is the perfect combination of elegance, simplicity, and flow. Porcelain tile floor and gray countertops harmonize with each other so that the red cabinets have contributed to this harmony with a wonderful flow. With the decorations you will use in such a kitchen, you can easily highlight your style without disturbing the atmosphere of the kitchen.


ID# 105127 | – CreditNexus Designs | © Fraser Marsden

Red central island with white countertop and red counter chairs

These red cabinets can be a great alternative for those who want to use red cabinets. These cabinets that you can use with the wood floor will suit metal backsplash very well due to their matte appearance. It’s a great idea to complement all this with white cabinets and countertops.


ID# 105129 | – Credit© Alair Homes Arlington

Modern kitchen with wood countertop and wood counter chairs

We love this form of wood! In our opinion, the thing that suits this wood best is red. The darkness of red and the lightness of the wood create a great contrast. This gives a stylish look to the kitchen. Using wood bar stools in a place where you use wood countertops is a great idea. Who wouldn’t want to eat in such a kitchen?

ID# 105131 | – Credit© Dyna Contracting

Industrial kitchen with metallic backsplash and black countertop

Another great kitchen that can suit such a wonderful home. It is not difficult to achieve such a stylish design. If you combine your red cabinets with a black countertop and metallic backsplash, you can get such a stylish kitchen.


ID# 105134 | – Credit© Lennar Utah

Wood floor with cherry cabinets and quartzite countertops

What makes this look in this clean and simple kitchen is the harmony of the cabinets with the gray countertops. This harmony combined with the white backsplash softened the air and this beautiful kitchen emerged.


ID# 105135 | – Credit© Bkt Loft Italian Kitchen Cabinets in San Diego

Red cabinets with solid surface countertops in modern kitchen

A kitchen that modern kitchen fans will love. The tone of the red cabinets is so wonderful that when combined with white, a spacious and simple modern kitchen has emerged. If you want a modern kitchen, you should look at these shades.

ID# 105145 | – Credit | © Precision Cabinets

Contemporary kitchen with red cabinets and white countertops

We love kitchens with large windows and lots of natural light! In the kitchen with a great view, red cabinets were used with white countertops and the attention of the kitchen was drawn to the island. Brown cabinets provide simplicity around the edges, while they are matched with the floor.

ID# 105152 | – Credit© Ddcnycla

Flat-panel cabinets with metallic backsplash

The style of the kitchen is designed according to the harmony of the red color thanks to the flat-panel cabinets. Metallic backsplash with matching countertops and red cabinets create a great atmosphere in the whole kitchen. This kitchen, which has a great view with its high windows, also gets plenty of daylight. This allows the beauty of colors to be revealed.

ID# 105153 | – Credit© Walter Battaglia Architetto

Open concept kitchen with wood ceiling and red cabinets

The harmony of red and white is revealed in this kitchen with a wood ceiling and wood countertops. Red cabinets defined a spacious area with white shelves. The wood ceiling transformed the modern atmosphere of the kitchen into an intimate environment. The gray backsplash is matched paired with red and white.

ID# 105101

Red cabinets with glass sheet backsplash and marble countertop

What a bold color choice! This kitchen, which consists entirely of red cabinets, has benefited from the beauty of bright red. The glass sheet backsplash suitable for this gloss has provided integrity in the kitchen. With the dark floor, harmony and contrast are achieved with red.

Black wall paint with red cabinets and gray countertop

We do not witness that black wall paint is used heavily in the kitchen. But in this kitchen, this density is used with red, which makes it a stylish choice. Red and black come together to create a cool kitchen atmosphere. A smooth transition between black and red is achieved with a gray countertop.

ID# 105141 | – Credit© Eoin Lyons

Cherry shaker cabinets with black countertop and white subway backsplash

A kitchen that can appeal to those who want to escape from the chaos. When subway tile backsplash is applied to a large area, simplicity prevails in the kitchen. Red cabinets and gray countertops give this simplicity an understated elegance. With the light brown chairs, a different style has been created in this kitchen from the kitchens we are used to.

ID# 105112

Flat-panel red kitchen island with granite countertops

In the modern kitchen where these different styles come together, the red kitchen cabinets are used in the right place. The brick wall detail of the kitchen with wood ceiling creates a farmhouse kitchen atmosphere, but the granite countertop, dark floor and, wood bar detail used in the red island give the kitchen a modern look.

ID# 105119

Eclectic open concept kitchen with cherry cabinets

Red cabinets were used to define the kitchen boundaries in this area. Using such distinct colors in an open concept kitchen is a great idea for area definition. Here, too, a friendly atmosphere has been achieved by making use of the wonderful harmony of red and white.

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ID# 105120

L-shaped kitchen with blue appliances and white backsplash

What looks fun in this kitchen is, of course, blue appliances. Although red cabinets are not the first thing that comes to mind with these appliances, we loved their use together. Open shelves also provide a shabby look in the kitchen.

Modern kitchen with cherry cabinets and gray countertop

Are you looking for a combination of red with other colors in your kitchen? This kitchen can be a good example for you. White and gray countertops combined with red cabinets look great. We’ve seen many kitchens with wood floors in red, but here this transition is very soft. This has brought a calm atmosphere to the kitchen.

ID# 105124

Wood countertops with wood floor and red cabinets

It is very smart to use countertops in the same way in a kitchen where you use a light wood floor because this gives the kitchen overall integrity. Red cabinets can of course be what will give a wonderfully designed atmosphere to such a kitchen. The harmony of red and wood is most evident in this kitchen.

ID# 105125

Red cabinetry with white countertops and black wall

Doesn’t the simplicity of the white countertops with large windows look great? Red cabinets and concrete floors create a modern atmosphere. Combined with its spacious and simple appearance, a kitchen that you will love has emerged.

ID# 105128

Transitional kitchen with red island and wood floor

We loved the stylish look of the white cabinets. Ceramic backsplash, which matches the white cabinets, gives the kitchen a character. The use of red on the island was a nice touch and attracted attention. Quartz countertops were out of expectation and, we think they look good on red and wood.

ID# 105130

Rustic kitchen with brick wall and red central island

We love kitchens with wood ceilings, creating a cozy atmosphere. It is a great design to match red cabinets with black tile backsplash in this cozy environment. You can get such a warm kitchen together with the lighting.

ID# 105132

Farmhouse kitchen with red cabinets and concrete countertops

The combination of wood and red creates an intimate atmosphere in this beautiful family kitchen. It fits perfectly with the concrete countertops tone and the red. We can imagine the wonderful food and beautiful atmosphere that can be cooked in this beautiful kitchen.

ID# 105133

Wood floor with white cabinets, quartz countertops

In this beautiful kitchen, white cabinets are combined with the red island and this contrast creates a beautiful image. Quartz countertops fit perfectly with red. The wood floor creates a stylish kitchen.

ID# 105136

Farmhouse kitchen with cherry cabinets and granite countertops

If your design idea is a kitchen that will make you feel in the farmhouse every time you come home, this kitchen will provide it. If you combine the wonderful details created with wood and red cabinets, a visual feast will emerge. Brown backsplash has created integrity throughout the kitchen. It is a great idea to use an ethnic patterned rug in such a kitchen, and it goes well with the kitchen.

ID# 105137

Small kitchen with red cabinets and red countertop

If you want to use red cabinets in narrow spaces like here, there is not much space to use other colors. But if you use a multicolored backsplash, you can get the color difference you want. While doing this, it is a very good idea not to go away from red tones. By using gray countertops, you can achieve harmony with cabinet handles and create a stylish kitchen in a narrow space.

ID# 105138

Minimalist kitchen with metal backsplash and cherry cabinets

When these beautiful red cabinets are used with a full-height stainless steel backsplash, a great kitchen has come out. Flat-panel cabinets create an appearance that contributes to minimalist touches. Cooking in this kitchen with plenty of storage space should be as beautiful as it looks.

Wood and red cabinets with gray quartz countertop

We loved the elegance of flat-panel cabinets! If you combine these cabinets, which suit such a clean-looking simple kitchen, with red cabinets, a wonderful modern kitchen has come out. It is a great idea to use white on remaining surfaces such as countertops and maintain the simplicity to complete this simple and minimalist look.

ID# 105140

L-shaped kitchen with wood cabinets and white backsplash

Wherever you look at this kitchen, you will see order and elegance. What ensures this should be the harmony of the colors used. Brown and red cabinets are so compatible with each other! The great appearance of the white countertop makes everything look clean in the kitchen. Decorating such a kitchen with delicate flowers takes everything a step further.

ID# 105142

Dark wood floor with red cabinets and white backsplash

Using black countertops in the kitchen where you use a dark wood floor provides nice integrity. We loved the idea of using red cabinets with white top cabinets! The white subway tile backsplash creates a drastic transition with the black countertop, which matches the design language of the white and red cabinets.

ID# 105143

Minimalist modern kitchen with white countertop and red cabinets

This kitchen didn’t need much else when it got plenty of daylight. You don’t need to use too much color in a bright kitchen. If you use red cabinets like here with white countertops, you will get an elegant kitchen. Since minimal touches are desired here, the use of light colors contributed to this.

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ID# 105144

Transitional kitchen with hexagon backsplash and wood shelves

The hexagon shape of the ceramic backsplash tiles brings a dimension to the kitchen! This shape combined with the red cabinets makes you want to look again and again. The elegant appearance of the marble countertop has dominated the entire kitchen and this modern kitchen has been formed.

ID# 105147

Open concept kitchen with red cabinetry and wood countertop

These beautiful red cabinets and marble countertops have a great harmony between different colors. Who wouldn’t enjoy being in such a harmonious kitchen? This kitchen, which has plenty of storage space, fits in everything from wood floors to cabinet handles.

ID# 105148

Modern kitchen with multicolored countertops and red cabinetry

Style is the keyword in this modern kitchen. The multicolored countertops used here are a touch that changes the mood of the kitchen. Red cabinets have great harmony with countertops colors. Glass cabinets have created an assertive look with their red color.

ID# 105149

Rustic kitchen with stone backsplash and farmhouse sink

We loved using wood in this kitchen! In this kitchen, where a rustic atmosphere is captured by the use of intense wood, the use of dark countertops is in harmony with the woods. The red cabinets and their materials are a great touch to the whole kitchen. With the farmhouse sink, the kitchen has a style that does justice to the wooden ceiling and floor.

ID# 105150

Modern red kitchen with quartz countertops

The use of red in this mid-sized contemporary kitchen gives the kitchen an assertive look. The color of the quartz countertops provides a smooth transition between red and white cabinets. The multicolored selection of mosaic tile backsplash made the kitchen a fun atmosphere. The paintings and decorations used also helped this fun atmosphere.

ID# 105151

Red and gray cabinets with granite countertops and a peninsula

Dark tones dominate this kitchen, where granite countertops with black veins are used. Red cabinets are preferred in the kitchen, which has a lot of storage space. This shade of red goes well with wooden floors. The view in front of the sink attracts you. Who wouldn’t want to cook in a landscape like this?

ID# 105154

Minimalist kitchen with metal backsplash and metal racks

This minimalist kitchen with an island looks great with red and metal. Red cabinets, which will be loved by those who want to catch the style with minimal touches, immediately draw attention with their matte texture. Red chairs and gray countertops of the kitchen, whose countertops area is defined thanks to the metal backsplash, are the characteristic features of the kitchen.

ID# 105155

Contemporary kitchen with red and white cabinets

Who wouldn’t love such large kitchen spaces? The cabinet area, which attracts attention with red, has been softened with a white island. The wood table is designed with red chairs. Lighting played a big role in the spacious and large kitchen.

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