Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Natural Rich and Reddish Undertones

27+ Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry Cabinets With Wood Countertop And White Backsplash

ID# 104614 | Source – Credit© Traditional Bespoke Furniture

Cherry Cabinets with Wood Countertop and White Backsplash

Open and spacious kitchens are one of the favorites, but who wouldn’t want to add some fun to their kitchen? You can also get a dynamic kitchen with colorful chairs that will add a different atmosphere to your cherry colored cabinets. With subway white backsplash, you can have a kitchen that complements the modern look of the kitchen, and you can add warmth with a wood countertop.

Cherry Cabinets With Marble Backsplash 2

ID# 104644 | Source – CreditJennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath | © John Cole

Kitchen Design Cherry Cabinets with Marble Backsplash

Another kitchen that opens your mind at first sight! Check out the texture on the cherry cabinets! Isn’t this a great touch to this modern kitchen? The wood look touch on the wall is complemented by the chandelier and looks perfect. Marble backsplash softened the whole look a bit and added a modern look to the kitchen.

Stylish, Elegant and Cherry Kitchen Cabinets in Many Different Styles

Design kitchens in many different styles such as traditional, modern, farm kitchens with cherry kitchen cabinets. Look at our examples where cabinets are used not only as storage but as a design element with multiple cabinet ideas.

Decide your kitchen concept and find your cabinets

After choosing the concept you want to apply, you have dozens of different cherry cabinet options where you can apply that concept. Of course, you need to support your design with items such as backsplash tile, flooring, countertop.

When you combine your stylish touches with the right combination of shades and materials, you can reach the kitchen design you want. Check out some of our design ideas below and decide on the best combination for yourself.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets With White Quartz Countertop

ID# 104602 | Source – CreditKon-strux Developments | © Calgary Photos

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets with White Quartz Countertop

These eye-catching cherry cabinets provide a balanced and warm atmosphere to the kitchen with white porcelain backsplash and dark gray cabinets. Dark gray kitchen cabinets also match the cabinets on the island and complement the look on the kitchen. The chairs that attract attention with their different designs refer to the metals in the kitchen.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets With Blue Backsplash

ID# 104603 | Source – Credit© Interior designers Pavel and Svetlana Alekseeva

Two Color Kitchen Cabinets with Blue Backsplash

The idea of completing the cherry cabinets with blue color is great. Flat-panel cabinets provide a fun kitchen design with blue backsplash blue countertop and multicolored floor and look excellent.

Rusted Stone Backsplash With Cherry Cabinets And Stone Countertop

ID# 104604 | Source – CreditGilmans Kitchens and Baths | © Treve Johnson

Rusted Stone Backsplash with Cherry Cabinets and Stone Countertop

The stones of this modern kitchen catch our eye at first. The harmony of cherry cabinets with rusted stone backsplash and countertop provides a perfect unity. Although the two materials stand very differently, they come together and achieve a perfect synchronization. Gray upper cabinets were used to complete the look of metal appliances and cherry cabinets.

Farmhouse Kitchen With Cherry Cabinets And Granite Countertop

ID# 104605 | Source – Credit© Rill Architects

Farmhouse Kitchen with Cherry Cabinets and Granite Countertop

If you want cherry color in your kitchen, this kitchen will be a great idea for you. In this kitchen with all the cherry colored cabinets, the upper cabinets are open. Stone slab backsplash designed to complement cherry cabinets. White granite countertop helped to reveal all the colors. The cozy atmosphere of the kitchen is completed with the wood detail on the floor.

White Subway Backsplash With Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104606 | Source – Credit© New England Design Elements

White Subway Backsplash with Cherry Cabinets

Who doesn’t love a brightly lit kitchen? The harmony of this magnificent white subway backsplash with cherry cabinets combined with the daylight brought the kitchen to another level. The window in front of the sink provides a different experience to the user and added a different atmosphere to this modern kitchen.

Light Cherry Cabinets With White Countertop

ID# 104607 | Source – CreditIDF Studio | © Christopher Stark

Light Chery Cabinets with White Countertop

Here is a proof of how this sweet color, which you can use even in the small corners of the kitchen, can change the atmosphere of the environment. You can style your small kitchens with multicolored floor and white countertop and some accessories.

L Shaped Kitchen With Granite Island Countertop And Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104608 | Source – Credit© New England Design Elements

L-shaped Kitchen with Granite Island Countertop and Cherry Cabinets

You can create farmhouse kitchen look with this nice antiqued granite island countertop and wood floor. What goes well with these? Of course, cherry cabinets. We love the idea of combining antiqued granite countertop and cherry cabinets.

Dark Wood Floor With Glossy Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104609 | Source – CreditNicely Done Kitchens | © Chipper Hatter

Dark Wood Floor with Glossy Cherry Cabinets

Everyone agrees that black is stylish, right? You can reach this elegance with the dark wood floor and black countertop. You should add some color with the white and cherry cabinets. Many backsplashes can be used to complement the look of the kitchen. We loved these light-colored ceramic backsplashes.

Cherry Island Cabinets With White Countertops

ID# 104610 | Source – Credit© J Hill Interiors

Dark Cherry Island Cabinets with White Countertops

If you want to use white cabinets but are afraid that it will look simply, you should check out this design. With the cherry in the island’s cabinets, the boringness of the white cabinets was removed, and a fun and eclectic atmosphere was provided to the kitchen with the multicolored backsplash. Chandeliers that are compatible with backsplashes are a great design idea.

Modern Kitchen With Black And Light Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104611 | Source – Credit© Kon-strux Developments

Modern Kitchen with Black and Light Cherry Cabinets

Can we say black is the best color with cherry? White backsplash is the best choice for black and light cherry cabinets. Moreover, it will complement each other with your stainless-steel appliances and quartz countertop. We loved the idea of keeping the bottom of the island open and designing it with accessories.

Granite Countertop With Red Cabinets

ID# 104612 | Source – CreditJohn Kraemer & Sons © Landmark

Granite Countertop with Red Cabinets

Combining the brown colors of quartz granite with cherry cabinets creates a cool kitchen. When this atmosphere is accompanied by the black wall and the wood floor, a wonderful kitchen has emerged. Our eyes catch the legs of the chair and the wooden part of the kitchen. Different material details on the floor have been used gracefully.

Contemporary Kitchen With Gray Backsplash And Red Cabinets

ID# 104613 | Source – Credit© Sosna Inc.

Contemporary Black Granite Cherry Cabinets Kitchen

Dark gray red and black are cleverly used in this kitchen. Solid surface countertop red cabinets and gray backsplashes have reached the modern kitchen look. By using light wood on the floor of the kitchen, it is avoided to darken the environment completely.

Subway Tile Backsplash With Red Cabinets

ID# 104615 | Source – Credit |

Subway Tile Backsplash with Red Cabinets

This shade of red can suit your cabinets very well. Applying subway tile backsplash on a large area is a great step to reveal the black and cream tones of the kitchen.

Eclectic Kitchen With Red Cabinets

ID# 104616 | Source – Credit© Harvey Jones Kitchens

Eclectic Kitchen with Red Cabinets

What better suits a kitchen than soft tones and transitions? Of course, the red cabinets will complement this. Wood countertop, its matching wall paint and red cabinets that save the chairs from being boring gave the kitchen an eclectic vibe. When you look at the shades of brown wood and red, your desire to cook here immediately awakens.

Gray Backsplash And Brown Countertops With Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104617 | Source – Credit© Inside Her Home

Gray Backsplash and Brown countertops with Cherry Cabinets

A great example of a multicolored floor and cherry cabinets. The harmony of the gray on the floor and the gray backsplash tile is completed by cherry cabinets. Wood countertop elegance has taken the drop-in sink kitchen to another level.

Farmhouse Kitchen With Beige And Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104618 | Source – Credit© Thomas & Thomas

Farmhouse Kitchen Rustic Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets

You can create a lovely design by combining beige cabinets with cherry island cabinets. If you support this with wood-based materials, you can have such a great farmhouse kitchen.

Brick Wall Tile With Glossy Red Cabinets

ID# 104619 | Source – Credit© MAD Martinelli Architecture & Design

Brick Wall Tile with Glossy Red Cabinets

The beauty of this modern kitchen comes from the harmony of the brick wall and red cabinets. The glossy of the cabinets tied the metal appliances together. The glossy cherry cabinets, the wooden floor and the tones of the brick wall are in perfect harmony with each other.

Peninsula Kitchen With Red And Black Cabinets

ID# 104620 | Source – CreditBristol Design and Construction LLC | © Holland

Peninsula Kitchen with Red and Black Cabinets

We loved the contras between red and black. If you have a Peninsula kitchen, you can move the shades of these colors outside. The bamboo and tile flooring transition detail on the floor limited the kitchen without segregating it and black tile flooring puts a modern look on the kitchen, while bamboo warmed the environment.

Farmhouse Kitchen With Cherry And White Cabinets

ID# 104621 | Source – Credit© Refined Llc

Farmhouse Kitchen with Cherry and White Cabinets

White cabinets and wood floor create a great sense of a vintage farmhouse vibe! Cherry island cabinets attracted attention and changed the atmosphere of this kitchen. The harmony of subway tile backsplash with white cabinets is great!

Transitional Kitchen With Cherry Cabinets And Mosaic Backsplash

ID# 104622 | Source – CreditCorvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths | © Terry Poe

Transitional Kitchen with Cherry Cabinets and Mosaic Backsplash

The wood ceiling and wood countertop are in perfect harmony with cherry cabinets and mosaic wave pattern in the backsplash. Details and accessories that support the wooden appearance complete this transitional kitchen. The green color on the wall has separated the sitting part of the kitchen and put it in a different atmosphere.

Gray Countertop With Dark Wood Floor And Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104623 | Source – Credit© Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Inc.

Gray Countertop with Dark Wood Floor and Cherry Cabinets

Another glossy cherry cabinet. In this kitchen we see glossy cherry cabinets combined with a gray matte countertop. There is no need to mention how glossy cherry cabinets match with stainless steel appliances. Dark wood floor blends in very well with this combination. The different design in the lighting has highlighted the modern look of the kitchen.

Rustic Kitchen With Cherry Cabinets And Concrete Countertops

ID# 104624 | Source – CreditRMT Architects | © Eric Morley

Rustic Kitchen with Cherry Cabinets and Concrete Countertops

We see many shades of brown that add rustic atmosphere to this kitchen. It is a great idea to make this atmosphere more stylish with cherry cabinets. We loved the different material details on the floor, cherry cabinets and concrete countertop.

Modern Kitchen With Red And Gray Cabinets

ID# 104625 | Source – Credit© Ds Interior Solutions

Modern Kitchen with Red and Gray Cabinets

What could be more remarkable than dark wood floors and red cabinets? In this wonderfully styled kitchen, this situation is used wisely, and the style of the kitchen is supported with gray cabinets. We loved the bookcase idea on the wall!

Farmhouse Kitchen With Light Cherry Cabinets And Granite Countertop

ID# 104626 | Source – Credit© J M Interiors

Farmhouse Kitchen with Light Cherry Cabinets and Granite Countertop

Isn’t the combination of light cherry cabinets with wooden details look very cozy and stylish? The combination of granite countertop and cherry cabinet formed the main axis of the kitchen, and the porcelain floor and wood fit well with the details. The colorful curtains seem to be hung to complement the island’s integrity.

Traditional Kitchen With Cherry Cabinets And Mosaic Tile

ID# 104627 | Source – Credit© Wende Woodworking LLC

Traditional Kitchen with Cherry Cabinets and Mosaic Tile

We loved the idea of completing this beautiful mosaic backsplash with cherry cabinets! Moreover, the dark tone of wood floor allowed the mosaic tile to stand out even more. When the lightest color mosaic in the kitchen is combined with the most striking tone cabinets, a visual feast has emerged.

Modern U Shaped Kitchen With Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104628 | Source – Credit© Justine Dewitte – Architecture & Paysage

Modern U-Shaped Kitchen with Cherry Cabinets

This kitchen is an example of how you can create wonders in small spaces. The glass partition complementing the wall allows more light to be taken in without reducing the space in the kitchen. The use of colors is just as important as maximizing space utilization. After adding depth to the space with wood countertop and cherry cabinets, it is smart to keep the remaining materials as light as possible!

Cherry Cabinets And Granite Countertop In Rustic Kitchen

ID# 104629 | Source – Credit© Fredman Design Group

Farmhouse Kitchen With Cherry Cabinets and Granite Countertop in Rustic Kitchen

Rustic kitchen lovers will love this design! In this carefully designed kitchen, a design was created by using mostly cherry cabinets. While the granite countertop brings freshness to the kitchen, the rustic patterned carpet and wood details complete the design of the kitchen. Flowers and accessories made us love the kitchen even more.

L Shaped Kitchen With Red Cabinets With Subway Tile Backsplash

ID# 104630 | Source – Credit© Abode Kitchen & Design Studio

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets With White Quartz Countertops

White subway tile backsplash and quartz countertop illuminated the kitchen. Red cabinets have also undertaken the task of creating a beautiful contrast. If you also want a red-dominated kitchen, you can choose all your cabinets red and catch this domination and soften the environment with white backsplash and white frame color. With wood floor in soft tones, you can complete the floor without being too noticeable.

Rustic Kitchen With Red Cabinets And Black Countertop

ID# 104631 | Source – CreditLaura U Interior Design | © Jason Dewey

Rustic Kitchen with Red Cabinets and Black Countertop

We loved the bar table detail on the island! With such a touch, you can easily turn your modern kitchen into a rustic kitchen. The lightings both helped the natural light coming from the large window of the kitchen and contributed to the rustic look of the kitchen. Red cabinets could of course be the best thing for this kind of kitchen. This kitchen, where every detail is dominant but perfectly harmonizes with each other, draws you in for cooking!

Open Concept Kitchen With Red Cabinets And Metallic Backsplash

ID# 104632 | Source – Credit© CK Architects

Open Concept Kitchen with Red Cabinets and Metallic Backsplash

Using metallic backsplash is both very assertive and very smart! A good harmony has been achieved in this kitchen, where 4 different textures catch the eye at first glance. Red cabinets, solid surface countertop, metallic backsplash and wood cabinets have become parts that complement each other.

Minimalist Kitchen With Cherry And Wood Cabinets

ID# 104633 | Source – Credit© C.H. Newton Builders, Inc

Minimalist Kitchen with Cherry and Wood Cabinets

This kitchen with plenty of daylight is the delight of minimalist lovers. Another example of the wonderful harmony of wood with cherry, this time with the creation with more minimalist touches. We loved this kitchen where lots of sunlight used.

Cherry And White Cabinets With Black Countertop

ID# 104634 | Source – Credit |

Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Black Countertop

Can you imagine a family spending time here? We think yes. With its fun flooring, this kitchen is the ideal design for your family. The contrast of cherry black and white gives depth to the kitchen. You can have such a kitchen with such stylish touches.

Cherry Cabinets With Brown Backsplash And Granite Countertop

ID# 104635 | Source – Credit© LuxeMark Company

Cherry Cabinets with Brown Backsplash and Granite Countertop

We loved this farmhouse kitchen. This ton of cherry cabinets fascinate you in the kitchen. Wooden details on the floor and beams have made the kitchen feel like a farmhouse. Complementing these, the backsplash and dining table will provide a complete farmhouse kitchen experience. The cherry cabinets are of a kind that will amaze those who see the harmony with wood.

Quartz Countertop With Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104636 | Source – Credit© Liv4 Architecture

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Dark Cherry Cabinets

Who wouldn’t want a fireplace view in a rustic kitchen! We loved the wooden detail that conceals the hood and its harmony with the beams and ceiling. Subway tile backsplash in harmony with wood adds elegance to the kitchen.

Concrete Countertops With Red Island

ID# 104637 | Source – Credit© Steel Root Builders, LLC

Kitchen Backsplash With Cherry Cabinets and Concrete Countertops

A bright farmhouse kitchen will give you the feeling of a modern kitchen moved to the farm. The ceramic herringbone backsplash and the white cabinets underneath created a wonderful atmosphere in this corner of the kitchen. But the wonderful countertop appearance on the island and its harmony with the red is the main design of the kitchen. Isn’t it look great with the light wood floor?

Modern Kitchen With Glossy Cherry Cabinets And Porcelain Backsplash

ID# 104638 | Source – Credit© Was-Studio

Modern Kitchen with Glossy Cherry Cabinets and Porcelain Backsplash

The eye-catching glossy cherry cabinets combined with white porcelain and quartz countertop create this wonderful modern kitchen look. The harmony and elegance of these colors will provide you the modern kitchen you want.

L Shaped Kitchen With Red Cabinets

ID# 104639 | Source – CreditCorvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths | © Terry Poe

L-Shaped Kitchen with Red Cabinets

Do you see how pendant and natural lights can change the mood of the kitchen? The maple countertop blends well with the yellow light in the lighting. On the other hand, the fact that the countertop on the sink side is unpolished and the countertop on the island is polished has created differences in different areas. Red cabinets and a wave pattern mosaic backsplash add a very stylish atmosphere to the whole kitchen.

Modern Kitchen With Dark Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104641 | Source – Credit© No Drilling Required

Modern Kitchen with Cherry Red Kitchen Cabinets

This contemporary kitchen is in the modern kitchen style we imagined. We are used to seeing quartz countertop and ceramic backsplash, but its combination with these dark cherry cabinets impressed us. The dark wood on the floor and the wood countertop detail on the island are very well thought out. We loved the hanging kitchenware idea!

Red And Gray Cabinets With Walnut Floor

ID# 104642 | Source – Credit© Bill Fry Construction

Modern Kitchen Backsplash With Cherry Cabinets with Walnut Floor

Who wouldn’t want to cook with a view from a wide window? Especially in a kitchen with such wonderful cabinets. Didn’t these red and gray cabinets show their style even more with natural light?

Cherry Cabinets With Marble Backsplash

ID# 104643 | Source – Credit© Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath

Cherry Cabinets with Marble Backsplash

We loved the cherry and cream-colored cabinets in this kitchen. The harmony of the cabinets with the brown floor looks great. It went very well with marble countertop and marble backsplash cabinets. The concrete look bar table is a great design idea!

Granite Countertops With Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104645 | Source – Credit© DLB Custom Home Design

Granite Countertops with Cherry Cabinets

Do not kitchens designed with cherry cabinets complete with brown tones look great? The completion of the dark wood floor with cherry cabinets is very well thought out. Granite countertop fits perfectly in glossy cherry cabinets. Beige cabinets complete the look beautifully.

Open Kitchen Concept With Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104646 | Source – Credit© Clb Network

Open Kitchen Concept with Cherry Cabinets

This kitchen is an example of how modern lighting transforms the kitchen. The kitchen, which has all cherry colored cabinets, has completed itself with soft touches. The black door and chandelier detail add elegance to the kitchen.

Subway Tile Backsplash With Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104647 | Source – Credit© NIiche home styling

Subway Tile Backsplash with Cherry Cabinets

We loved the dining area that opens to the end of the kitchen and its wonderful view. The kitchen you will pass to reach this perfect dining area is designed with the perfect harmony of cherry cabinets, subway tile backsplash and countertop. White upper cabinets are left in the background and all attention is designed to be on cherry cabinets. We loved this hierarchy!

Modern Kitchen With Wood Floor And Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104648 | Source – Credit© Melinda Mandell Interior Design

Modern Kitchen with Wood Floor and Cherry Cabinets

Marble backsplash and quartz countertop have a very good match with cherry cabinets. Stainless steel appliances have perfectly adapted to this tone of cherry. Chandeliers also made a reference to steel and completed the kitchen. We love this modern look kitchen with cherry cabinets!

Farmhouse Kitchen With Quartz Countertop And Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104649 | Source – Credit© Selle Valley Construction, Inc.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Quartz Countertop and Cherry Cabinets

We like cherry color in this kind of kitchen with an exposed wooden carrier because every shade of wood is very compatible with every shade of red. As we can see in this example, kitchens with a perfect rustic atmosphere can be achieved with cherry cabinets, light quartz countertop, wooden floor and ceiling. And if there is a view you can watch in front of the sink, what could be more enjoyable than cooking in this kitchen?

Modern Kitchen With White Countertop And Red Cabinets

ID# 104650 | Source – Credit© Cillesa Interior Design & Space Planning

Modern Kitchen with White Countertop and Red Cabinets

In this kitchen, we loved how the wonderful chandeliers blend into the modern vibe of the whole kitchen. Great work came out when red cabinets combined with white countertops. Marble herringbone backsplash tile added movement to the kitchen so that the kitchen is no longer an ordinary modern kitchen. The backsplashes kept the color harmony with the chairs on the island and the dining table.

Dark Cherry Cabinets With Mosaic Tile Backsplash

ID# 104651 | Source – Credit© W.A. Bentz Construction, Inc.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets With White Island with Mosaic Tile Backsplash

This large all-white island is cleverly positioned in the middle of the kitchen without obscuring the spaciousness of the kitchen. Dark cherry cabinets are wonderfully combined with white. Thus, while white attracts attention with its size, cherry tones create contrast and add depth to the kitchen. In this kitchen with high ceilings, patterned mosaic tile backsplashes between empty walls add a wonderful movement with a little touch.

Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplashes With Dark Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104652 | Source – Credit© Mark Brand Architecture

Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplashes with Dark Cherry Cabinets

We loved this dark-toned kitchen, it added great elegance to the kitchen. A kitchen dominated by dark tones is designed with marble countertop, black backsplash tile and dark cherry wood cabinets. Stainless steel appliances have caught a harmony with this darkness and almost disappeared between the cabinets.

Traditional Kitchen With Wood Cabinets

ID# 104653 | Source – Credit© Dream Kitchens, Inc.

Traditional Kitchen with Wood Cabinets

Doesn’t the beauty of the island’s soapstone countertop take your eyes off? The color matching of this countertop with the multicolored handmade backsplash behind the stove is very thoughtful. Subway tiles covering all walls and dark and light-colored wood cabinets add the traditional air to the whole kitchen. Referring to the colors of the cabinets with the multicolored floor, this kitchen has been furnished to the full taste of traditional lovers.

L Shaped Kitchen With Cherry Wood Cabinets

ID# 104654 | Source – CreditSignature Kitchens Additions & Baths | © Jason Weil

L-Shaped Kitchen with Cherry Wood Cabinets

It’s impossible not to admire the multiple brown-toned backsplashes. Especially when they fit perfectly with the color of the cabinets. The aged-looking wooden cabinets, along with the countertops, add a traditional air to the kitchen. The large white framed windows provided the well-being in the kitchen with natural light.

Modern Kitchen With Gray And Pink Cabinets

ID# 104655 | Source – CreditKon-strux Developments | © Calgary Photos

Modern Kitchen with Gray and Pink Cabinets

If you want to design a kitchen in soft tones, gray and pink cabinets may be what you are looking for. The wave-like ceramic backsplashes can be the perfect fit for your soft touch!

Modern Kitchen With Gray And Pink Cabinets 2

ID# 104656 | Source – Credit | Kon-strux Developments | © Calgary Photos

Modern Light Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Designing gray, pink cabinets with black floors may not be an idea at first glance but look how beautiful this bold step looks. The cupboards of the cabinets made a reference to them by not leaving the stainless-steel appliances alone. Can you imagine cooking with pleasure in this modern kitchen?

Mosaic Tile Backsplash With Red Cabinets In Traditional Kitchen

ID# 104657 | Source – Credit© Wende Woodworking LLC

Mosaic Tile Backsplash with Red Cabinets in Traditional Kitchen

We are used to traditional kitchen designs with a focus on wood but in this kitchen, the wood look with mosaic tile is very well designed. Didn’t you feel the warm air of the kitchen?

Granite Island Countertop And Cherry Cabinets In Farmhouse Kitchen

ID# 104658 | Source – Credit© New England Design Elements

Granite Island Countertop and Cherry Cabinets in Farmhouse Kitchen

We loved the idea of using two different materials as a backsplash! It looks very nice to enliven the light-toned island with a granite countertop and combine it with cherry cabinets.

Multicolored And Glass Tile Backsplash With Cherry Cabinets

ID# 104659 | Source – Credit© Home Style

Multicolored and Glass Tile Backsplash with Cherry Cabinets

Multicolored glass tile backsplash and wood island contrast have created a wonderful harmony. In this kitchen, where you will feel like you are using two different spaces on the island and the main counter, cherry cabinets are like trying to find between the two sides.

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