Glossy Kitchen Backsplash Add Glamorous Look to Kitchen with Glossy Finish

29+ Glossy Kitchen Backsplash

ID# 169303 | – Credit© TB.Design

Cozy Kitchen with Glazed Square Tile Backsplash and Wood Shelves

The visually soothing cozy kitchen abounds in wood, textures, and shiny touches that complement each other perfectly. The crisp white cabinets bring a more natural flavor, warmed up thanks to the wood flooring. The green square tile backsplash copies the color palette of the kitchen to reclaim its worthy place in the overall design. Sheltered by wooden floating shelves, it also adds some gloss to portray a contrast to the wooden textures.

ID# 169320 | – Credit© Anna Koroleva

Scandinavian Kitchen Design with White and Wood Cabinets

This free spirited Scandinavian kitchen benefits from colors in addition to meeting the ideals of Nordic aesthetics! These subway tiles, stacked vertically, provide height to the kitchen while their shiny sheen contrasts nicely with the rough wood cabinets and matte white counters.

Glossy Kitchen Backsplash

The definition of kitchen and cooking varies for everyone. Some prefer cooking in a soothing atmosphere enveloped by a clutter-free design abundant in neutral colors. Some prefer to be surrounded by pops of colors that are visually energetic and empower the homeowners in the same way. For some, it is all about reflecting their personality that is disguised in the kitchen design elements and color and pattern options. But above all, whatever your style is, there is one thing that remains the same: the need for a backsplash. Regardless of its material, pattern, and color options whether it is a matte or glossy kitchen backsplash, walls need to be clad with backsplashes covering the areas that are most prone to getting dirty where grease and dust accumulate.

Luminous Charm of the Glossy Tiles

In aesthetic terms, materials, colors, patterns, and finish options are all impactful elements to create a sanctuary of sorts in the kitchen, and kitchen backsplashes are one of the most significant elements of the kitchen in that sense. Providing both functional and aesthetic benefits, the backsplashes make a statement at eye level and can alter how a kitchen looks drastically. When it comes to the glossy kitchen backsplash, it creates a luminous surface that will make itself a centerpiece effortlessly. Aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean and maintain, a glossy kitchen backsplash can fit into any style, whether it be modern, contemporary, transitional, or farmhouse. In this blog, we will be discovering project ideas with a glossy kitchen backsplash. So let’s just start.

ID# 169301 | – Credit© YourStyle Kitchens Ltd

Transitional Kitchen with Glossy Kitchen Backsplash and White Shaker Cabinets

Unfolding in shades of white, wooden textures, and metallic accents, this visually bright and airy transitional kitchen delivers a sense of freshness. The white shaker cabinets topped with quartz countertops provide a clean and sleek base for the design! The glossy gray hexagon tile backsplash offers a shiny backdrop that looks natural. In the center, an oversized island sits gently and oozes a deep blue shade, complemented with gray counter stools. As complementary elements to the main bones of the kitchen, brushed nickel hardware, stainless steel appliances, and wood flooring pull the whole design theme together and make a cohesive final touch.

Is matte or glossy better for a backsplash?

Whether it is a matte or glossy finish better for a backsplash is dependent on the personal taste. For those looking for a more natural look that makes the kitchen connect with the earth, the matte finish backsplashes are better. The tumbled and honed finishes, for instance, give more of a raw and organic look to see and feel. In contemporary kitchens, for instance, you can combine the matte finish backsplashes with high gloss cabinets.

On the other hand, the glossy or glazed finish provides the backsplashes with a shimmering and polished look that adds extra charm to the surface. Its high-level reflectivity establishes a mirror effect. But this shine doesn’t necessarily mean that the backsplash will look artificial. Rather, the glossy finish highlights the tiles, making the kitchen backsplash the centerpiece. One of the best parts of the gloss finish is that it brightens up the interiors and works as a space-enhancing factor. That’s why it is particularly preferable in enclosed and small kitchens.

You can also make this decision depending on the style of the other elements. For example, if other main elements of the kitchen feature matte finishes or are made of wood, you can try a glossy-finish backsplash. To complement it, you can use glass pendants, glass-front top cabinets, glass floating shelves, and transparent counter stools. In beach-style kitchens, particularly, this combination does pay off wonderfully.

ID# 169302 | – Credit© LD&A

Transitional Kitchen with White Cabinets and Black Hardware

Ranging from white shaker cabinets to glass backsplash and wood accents, this modern kitchen values minimalist aesthetics and contrasts that visually amplify the space! At the rear, the hexagon backsplash with a gloss finish takes its part to benefit from the natural lights falling into the space. The white cabinets support this look only to be contrasted by black cabinet hardware. To create a well-balanced look, the wooden range hood comes in and complements the wood island with a granite countertop.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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ID# 169304 | – Credit© “ЭСТЕТ DESIGN ” Надежда Ракова и Алёна Гуслиц

Contemporary Kitchen with Blue and Green Color Scheme

The magnificent blue base cabinets which convey a cool and serene vibe, are the foundation of this modern kitchen! The green hue provides a fresh natural aspect to the atmosphere, to create a sense of peace and tranquillity! The elongated hexagonal backsplash tiles in a fresh green tone contribute to the visual interest of the space while the white quartz countertop provides more than just a sense of pure beauty!

Glossy Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Hex glossy glass tile with gray veins.

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Elegant Rhomboid White Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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ID# 169305 | – Credit© Lydia Maskiell Interiors

Green Glossy Kitchen Backsplash with Two-Tone Cabinetry

Two-tone cabinets can be used for a variety of things while maintaining variation! For instance, the use of wood and green in this space gives it a natural feel. The green subway tile backsplash is another feature that adds a faint sheen and a satin finish to the tiles to provide more intrigue! Apart from that, the rest of the room is defined by white countertops and an island that echoes the counters around the perimeter with unusual pendant lights in a bohemian style hanging overhead.

ID# 169306 | – Credit | © Константин Малюта

Full-Height Orange Kitchen Backsplash with Light Brown Cabinets

Awash in color, this modern kitchen in Moscow understands how to spruce up a compact area and make the most of it. Its primary design techniques for achieving a fully-fledged look include the use of color-blocking and segmenting the kitchen into color blocks. Second, the kitchen has extra height thanks to the variously sized cabinet forms and the backsplash made of orange subway tiles that extend to the ceiling as part of a design trick. The kitchen is well divided by the white peninsula, which is complemented by two pendant lights and orange stools that nod to the vibrant backsplash.

Color Options for Glossy Kitchen Backsplash

Funky, edgy, cozy, industrial, masculine, feminine, heartwarming, or soothing? What kind of mood would you want your kitchen to represent? Whether you love pops of bold colors or prefer pastel tones, color is essential to the kitchen as it defines and determines the mood of the space. Especially when everything feels in a rush and we get dizzy and lost most of the time, it is important to feel safe in our comfort zones or, in other terms, in our homes. The surrounding environment, colors, and materials play a significant role in that, exerting influence on the mood of its users.

Bearing this in mind, now we can turn to our major topic, the glossy kitchen backsplash and its color options. The color options range from white to black, green, yellow, gray, and blue, in short, any color you can think of. Given that you don’t have any limits for the color, what you should consider is the color and materials of the other elements and what kind of impact you aim for. For an edgy and industrial look, the black glossy kitchen backsplash is one of the best with a shimmering surface that emphasizes its dramatic look. For a sense of freshness, blue and green glossy backsplashes add subtle beauty. Especially sticking to pale and muted shades makes the design soothing.

Glossy White Kitchen Backsplash

The glossy white kitchen backsplash offers an engaging surface by providing a blank but polished canvas that adds natural movement to the wall! Though it is appropriate for any design, it works best in modern farmhouses and beach-style kitchens. It may be used with brass accents, white shaker cabinets and glass pendants to create a sophisticated effect. Furthermore, the wooden floating shelves highlight the backsplash, which attracts attention to the wall!

ID# 169307 | – Credit© Danielle Victoria Design Studio P/L

Transitional Kitchen with Zellige Backsplash and Wood Flooring

In this transitional kitchen, design elements stick to the natural elements saturated in a refined architectural language through modern and clean lines. To start with, the white cabinets punctuated by antique brass hardware are complemented by white quartz countertops that are kept thin for a gentle touch. Standing out between the cabinets, the white Zellige subway tile backsplash creates an authentic and shimmering background thanks to its glazed finish. The wood flooring adds dimension and emphasizes the natural theme of the kitchen, keeping the kitchen’s bonding with the earth alive. Lastly, the gray marble countertops and 4-inch backsplash add a strong element that anchors the design while the white shiplap ceiling brings warmth!

ID# 169308 | – Credit© FREYA Architects

White Kitchen Design with Glossy Kitchen Backsplash and Quartz Countertops

In this cozy and heartwarming kitchen, light tones and warm textures coat the space to provide a breathing space among all the sweat and heat produced during cooking! The stacked glazed tile backsplash brings a natural shine and flow to complement the white quartz countertops and off-white cabinets. To emphasize the layout of the kitchen, the floor-to-ceiling white backsplash tiles are used to add a sense of grandeur which is reinforced by the circular white range hood.

ID# 169309 | – Credit© Blue Tea Kitchens and Bathrooms

Monochromatic Modern Kitchen Design with Glass¬-Fronted Cabinets

This monochromatic modern kitchen unveils itself in the shades of gray in the company of textured surfaces. Ranging from tempered glass-front cabinets to apron-front sink, and Zellige tile backsplash, each element is unique on its own and masterfully brought together for a unique design. Particularly, the glossy finish of the backsplash makes it the visual focal point, standing out from the matte black cabinets. To subdue its glow, the gray marble countertops ground the look. The brass details bring sophistication, while the wood flooring adds much-needed warmth to the space! Apart from these, what makes this kitchen more approachable is the glass-fronted cabinets that give hints about the quotidian schedule of the homeowners and the kitchen itself.

ID# 169310 | – Credit© Kaiko Design Interiors

Two-Tone Cabinetry with White Countertops and Tiled Island

The cream-glossy kitchen backsplash enhances the two-sided open-plan kitchen! The use of light wood and blue for flat-panel kitchen cabinets adds character to the space. Furthermore, the kitchen cabinet selection contributes to the kitchen backsplash being the center point of the cooking area. As a result, the magnificent crystalline backsplash is the first thing you see when you walk into the kitchen! The use of the same material for the kitchen cabinets and the kitchen island offers a sense of continuity in the area. In addition, putting white tiles on the kitchen island adds texture to the area and serves as a breakfast bar. The medium hardwood flooring adds warmth to the otherwise white kitchen area!

ID# 169311 | – Credit© Donolux

Modern White Cabinets with Butcher Block Countertops

Use wood textures to warm up the chilly impression of the concrete texture, as shown in this industrial kitchen design. Butcher block worktops and medium-tone kitchen wood floors complement each other to add a natural element to the white kitchen cabinetry. The white ceramic tile backsplash in the kitchen provides texture and beauty.

Glossy Black Kitchen Backsplash

For a moody and dark kitchen design, there is nothing better than a black backsplash! You can combine it with white or mustard yellow cabinets to brighten up the space or reinforce a masculine look. Or, you can create a monochromatic look that is all-black presenting a single body. As a backsplash you can use black-painted and handmade terracotta and zellige tiles that create an authentic look to complement the black color palette. And a glossy finish is most likely to provide the best finish that will highlight the imperfections and staggered edges for a more natural and textured look that enriches the design masterfully!

ID# 169312 | – Credit© Redl World Class Kitchens

Modern Kitchen with Lacquer Cabinets and White Floor Tiles

We just can’t get enough of this beautiful kitchen where the protagonist is black and white and executes elegance throughout the space! Ranging from black glass mosaic tile backsplash to gray high gloss cabinetry, each element brings something unique and authentic. The metallic pendant lights and stainless steel appliances add a sleek charm to bring a ripple of finish to the otherwise ordinary kitchen. Also, the glossy finish of the backsplash and cabinets creates an interactive design as the glazing lets different parts of the kitchen flow into each other.

Should kitchen tiles be glossy?

There is not such a rule but rather an aesthetic value that could be added for some extra charm and glittering effect and to open up the space. If you have small kitchens that don’t receive enough natural lights, you can utilize it to visually expand the kitchen and add more dynamic and movement to the backsplash. And if you have dark tiles, you can highlight them and make them look more dramatic and luxurious with a glossy finish. As long as the glossy tiles are not used to clad the floors ( since the glossy finish provides a more slippery surface), it wouldn’t cause any safety issues. In aesthetic terms, they do achieve impressive and illuminating looks for the kitchen backdrop.

ID# 169313 | – Credit© Laurie Yapp Design

Black and White Kitchen Design with Glossy Kitchen Backsplash

The mix of the white flat-panel kitchen cabinets and the chrome hardware gives the room a very modern and minimalist feel. White counters lighten the space, but the black herringbone backsplash ties everything together and gives it a cohesive look. The island, wood trim, and white pendant lighting complete the rest of the design!

Glossy Gray Kitchen Backsplash

A gray kitchen backsplash adds versatility to the kitchen. Depending on its shades, it can develop soothing or dramatic aesthetics. Light-colored shades suggest a lived-in feel and look that beautifully harmonizes with the white and off-white cabinets. If you would like to bring out the warmth of the gray elements, brass and wooden accents will do it for you. On the other hand, chrome finish hardware achieves a more stylish design that might look a bit distant unless you get used to it. For the darker shades, you can create a visual drama and combine them with dark wood to reinforce the dramatic impact.

ID# 169314 | – Credit© Erashevich studio_Ерашевич Алёна

Dark Wooden Cabinets with Glass Subway Tile Backsplash and White Quartz Countertops

In this kitchen, the brightness is provided by a polished light gray square tile backsplash. This backsplash, with modest color differences throughout, offers a more genuine backdrop rather than being overly – matchy – matchy. The blue cabinets and black countertops give the design a more powerful appearance while the wood range hood fixture provides a natural touch to the space to provide a peaceful contrast. The red stools keep the design active at all times and contrast with the blue tones to add visual appeal.

ID# 169315 | – Credit© Remodel

Contemporary Kitchen with Gray Glossy Kitchen Backsplash and Wood Countertop

This contemporary kitchen couples the gray glossy backsplash with the warming shades of wood countertops for a sense of visual dynamism and radical color exchanges. Matte gray cabinets don’t attract much attention and seem like a natural extension of these reflective tiles. At the back, the stacked subway tile backsplash reaches the bottom of the tiled range hood which adds another layer of texture.

Are glossy tiles easy to clean?

Yes, probably one of the most lovable features of the glossy tiles is their ease of cleanliness, even if the glossy finish spotlights the speckles of dirt right away. All you need is a soft cloth, warm water, and an ordinary mild or non-abrasive detergent. By being easy to clean, glossy tiles kind of compensate for their susceptibility to easily getting stains, smears, and watermarks. Just don’t forget to dry the surface after rinsing to ensure not to leave any watermarks.

ID# 169316 | – Credit© Harbour City Kitchens

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Black Cabinet Hardware

Two-tone cabinets, a gray subway tile backsplash and a big range hood with wood trim define this country-style kitchen. Here, the satin finish of the stacked tiles contrasts sharply with the surface texture of the base timber cabinets. The black stove is anchored to the kitchen’s general design by the white quartz worktops which give it a contemporary edge. The black hardware highlights the cabinetry for additional contrast.

Glossy Blue Kitchen Backsplash

If you are bored of neutral colors, why not try something new? Ranging from pastel shades of yellow, pink, green and blue to bold shades, the market is filled with countless color options for those looking for a pocket of warming shades. When it comes to the blue kitchen backsplashes, they not only introduce a splash of color but also enliven the interior space. As blue is associated with water bodies and the sky, it connotes outdoor spaces and a sense of freedom which differentiates it from many other colors as well. If you would like to highlight this color, you can give it a gloss finish that will become the visual focal point of the kitchen without a doubt!

ID# 169317 | – Credit© Designtank

White Cabinets with Glossy Kitchen Backsplash and Brass Hardware

Adorned by a rich repertoire of blue colors, this beautiful kitchen offers a cheerful atmosphere that will upgrade the mood of its users right away! The blue Kit Kat tile backsplash is strategically colonized by white shaker cabinets while the white quartz countertops complement the luminous effect of the cabinetry. The design feels finally complete with the brass cabinet hardware which is an excellent addition to bring warmth to the atmosphere!

ID# 169318 | – Credit | © Князева Вероника /студия “ProIntDesign”

Industrial Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances

This industrial kitchen gives an eye-catching style with a lot of individuality, thanks to two contrasting tile designs! The blue high shine tiles in the rear offer a focal point and liven up the ambience while the red brick veneers above these tiles add to the industrial feel while the wood floating shelves create a consistent aesthetic with the red brick texture. The white kitchen cabinets, countertops and island provide a clean and simple design that allows the tiles to shine out!

White Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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Modern look white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

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ID# 169319 | – Credit© Designs by KS

White and Wood Kitchen Cabinetry with Blue Island

The combination of white and wood cabinetry in this contemporary kitchen provides the kitchen with a timeless setting! The blue subway tiles set in a running bond pattern enhance the design while the tiles’ satin surface gives an extra layer of texture for added mystery and interest. The blue kitchen island with open storage adds another focus point to the otherwise quiet design, to keep the overall look active and alert. The style is completed with black cabinet hardware, a black faucet and globe pendants.

Tile Styles for Glossy Kitchen Backsplash

The timeless tile style, subway tiles, has been very popular for ages for a reason. It’s not only that they can fit into any style but also have something to contribute to any style. Needless to say, the glossy finishes suit the subway tiles wonderfully, whether they are laid out in a running bond style or vertically or horizontally stacked. For a change, you can replace subway tiles with square tiles that achieve a modern and graphic look.

For those looking for more geometric patterns, chevrons, herringbones and hexagons create intriguing backdrops, providing texture and movement. Chevron backsplashes, for instance, if their arrow-like edges point upwards, play a visual trick to draw your eyes up and make the kitchen look taller!

Glossy Subway Tile Backsplash Kitchen Backsplash

Who doesn’t love subway tile backsplashes? They are everywhere and always on-trend. However, just because they are popular, it sometimes becomes a shared concern that they will start to look boring at some point. But it is also dependent on how it is combined with other elements and how it is finished. One way to turn them into exciting elements is to give them a glazed finish. Thus, you can highlight their presence and give them natural movement while increasing their performance to interact with the natural lights falling into the space.

ID# 169321 | – Credit© My Beautiful Abode

Glossy Kitchen Backsplash with Wooden Accents and Gray Countertops

Rich in gray and white shades and wood textures, this beautiful kitchen is well-appointed with white shaker cabinets that harmonize beautifully with gray countertops. At the back, the white ceramic subway tile backsplash makes a statement between the cabinets thanks to its glazed finish. Placed at the center of the room, the gray kitchen island with a wood countertop feels at home in an open conversation with the perimeter cabinets across the stainless steel stove. Additionally, the small accessories and white pendant lights personalize the design while the wood flooring seals the overall look with an organic touch.

ID# 169322 | – Credit© PlaidFox Studio

Stylish Farmhouse Kitchen with Gray Backsplash and Black Countertops

Configured in an “L” shape, this white-dominant kitchen looks larger thanks to the white cabinets and glossy gray backsplash. The gray subway tile backsplash adds subtle color to the otherwise all-white kitchen. The black countertops and matte black hardware evoke visual interest to add extra luxury to coordinate with the backsplash. This multi-functional space is delineated through the addition of the black kitchen island that compensates for the kitchen zone. The wood flooring also marks the changing room functions with a radical material and color change.

ID# 169323 | – Credit© Анна Кларк

White Subway Tile Backsplash with Basketweave Pattern

In this transitional kitchen, blue cabinets are an unexpected twist that brings a beautiful pop of color and liveliness refreshing the atmosphere. Topped with gray granite countertops, the cabinets highlight the joyful side of the design! The white subway tile backsplash which is laid in a basketwave pattern, creates a contrast against the deep blue hue and provides a breathing space. The luminous surface of the glossy backsplash adds extra interest to the walls, complemented by gray and white flooring while to add warmth, the wooden cabinet shelves accentuate the wall.

Shell Mosaic Tiles

White pearl and marble mixed mosaic tile, elegant look for projects.

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Mother of Pearl Waterjet White Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Luxury marble and mother of pearl mixed mosaic tile

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Beachy brown & beige slate natural shell & glass mosaic backsplash tile

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Sophisticated brown gray glass, shell, & slate kitchen backsplash tile

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ID# 169324 | – Credit | © Spencer Constructions (QLD) Pty Ltd

White Farmhouse Kitchen Design with Rustic Wood Floor

Adorned by white cabinets, black worktops, and a white subway backsplash, this white farmhouse kitchen design creates a roomy, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere. By striking a balance between black and white with the white stone on the island, work areas made with a black quartz countertop create a more comfortable environment. By bringing warmth to the kitchen, which receives natural light, the wood grain on the floor aims to create a more natural living environment. To match the main tones of the kitchen, using white cabinets with black handles is a wise decision. The white subway backsplash gives these sections of white and black mobility while also creating a more substantial room with its reflected texture.

ID# 169325 | – Credit© Davonport Kitchen & Home

Farmhouse Kitchen with Exposed Brick Wall

The kitchen will take you to a serene rural haven with its wonderful design, stunning white backsplash and black granite countertops! A variety of textures are combined with the white and green cabinets to produce a cozy and welcoming atmosphere! The gleaming subway tiles provide a reference to the kitchen hub while the black granite emanates refinement from every nook and cranny to grab your attention with its elegant and endearing setting!

ID# 169326 | – Credit© John Lewis of Hungerford

Transitional Kitchen with Cozy Breakfast Nook

While the black countertops add a contemporary and chic edge, the white shaker cabinets and glass front upper cabinets give off a fresh, traditional vibe. Adorned by gray grout, the white subway tile backsplash adds texture and interest and breaks up the monotony of the white cabinets. This classic backsplash gives the kitchen a sense of cohesiveness and style! The contrast created by the gray grout and black countertops adds depth and texture while giving us a sense of coziness and peace.

Glossy Herringbone Tile Kitchen Backsplash

The finish options for materials can influence how the pattern looks drastically. For example, while tumbled and honed versions create a more natural look, the glossy finishes smoothen the surface and repattern the material in a way. The same goes for the herringbone tile backsplash. With a glossy finish, its intriguing patterns get more flashy and feel illuminated as if under spotlights. If you love some shine, then herringbone can be one of the interesting patterns that will highlight the glossy finish itself.

ID# 169327 | – Credit© Designtheory Inc.

All-white kitchen with Glossy Kitchen Backsplash and Quartzite Countertops

In this transitional kitchen, the white shaker cabinets with natural quartzite countertops lay the foundation of the kitchen in a rather monochromatic yet textually rich design. The composition of white elements provides a fluid space that charges the kitchen with positive vibes! Borrowing plenty of natural light that generously falls into the space, the white cabinets know what to do with streaming lights to brighten up the space even more. Just like the herringbone ceramic tile backsplash covers the area between the cabinets to achieve full impact, while its glazed finish creates a luminous background. In the heart of the kitchen, the wooden island finds its place and offers Lastly, the wood range hood complements the island while the matte black hardware enhances the modern aesthetic.

Are glossy tiles easy to maintain?

Glossy tiles are not only easy to clean but also easy to maintain. Unlike the matte surfaces that have much more traction, the glossy tiles with a smooth texture let you wipe them easily without any need for scrubbing. But evade using any strong and abrasive detergents not to damage the glossy effect as the glossy tiles have lower scratch resistance.

ID# 169328 | – Credit© Falken Reynolds Interiors

Contemporary Kitchen with Blue Herringbone Tile Backsplash

How would you contextualize classic elements in a more modern context? This contemporary kitchen does so with a herringbone pattern backsplash that becomes the visual focal point of the kitchen! The white grout between the blue tiles highlights its beautiful patterns while the glazed finish adds extra interest and visual drama. To keep the integrity and uniform look of the white upper cabinets provide a clean and fresh look. Finally, to add more character to the design, contrast is needed which is accomplished with the wood base cabinets and island.

ID# 169329 | – Credit© Reena Sotropa In House Design Group

All-White Kitchen Design with Wood Oepn Shelves

The herringbone backsplash, quartz countertops and white shaker cabinetry work together to create a timeless and classic look! The stainless steel kitchen appliances are the ideal complement to this elegance. The flooring and corner shelves made of wood, on the other hand, contrast with the white dominance and add visual flair.

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