Mirror Backsplash Create Visual Illusion and Dramatic Atmosphere

53+ Mirror Backsplash

ID# 118601 | Houzz.com – Credit© Arlene Williams

Transitional Home Bar with Dark Wood Cabinets and Antique Mirror Backsplash

This home bar offers a warm yet sophisticated design with its dark wood cabinets and antique mirror backsplash. The backlit lights highlight the beautiful bottle collection in the glass-fronted cabinets and add a dramatic appeal to this bar. The starburst frame of the mirror creates a focal point on the backsplash.

ID# 118636 | Houzz.com – Credit© Honsen + Flemming Interiors

Gray Glass-fronted Cabinets with gray Shelves and Mirror Backsplash

If you are working on small spaces like this design, clever storage options will save your design. Here, glass-fronted cabinets and gray shelves provide additional storage space above the light wood cabinets without overwhelming. Adding a mirrored wall as a backsplash makes the space feel larger.

Mirror Backsplash

A backsplash needs to protect the wall against water and food spills. But besides its function, a backsplash is one of the most important key elements for a kitchen and it is a perfect way to add style and personalize the design. There is a wide range of material, colors, and finish options for backsplashes. If you are looking for something different than classic looks and add something special, a mirror backsplash can be the thing you might be looking for. Scroll down and find some design tips and tricks about the mirror backsplash!

From beveled tiles to aged mirrors, classic subway tiles to mosaic tiles, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a mirror backsplash into your kitchen. Whatever your choice is, a mirror not only provides a visual illusion, but it is also a great way to add style to your kitchen. Also, thanks to its reflective surface, a mirror can add light, space, and bling, and create a dimension that can make space feel larger.

Mirror backsplashes can work with different aesthetics. You can complete your modern kitchen cabinets with a mirror backsplash or make a twist and bring a clean and fresh look to your traditional kitchen. Besides the kitchens, these backsplashes are a popular choice for home bars. A mirror can easily adapt to the dramatic atmosphere of the bars and offers a beautiful backdrop for bottle collections. Here, different types of mirror backsplash ideas that you find some inspiration for your kitchen and home bar.

Antique Mirror Backsplash

Using a mirror as a backsplash is a great way to open up space by reflecting the light and give a dimension to space. But if you want to give a unique and vintage appeal to the mirror, an antique mirror backsplash will be the best choice. You can purchase an antique mirror backsplash from your local home improvement stores, or you can add a rusted appeal to a modern mirror by distressing it with some products. From small tiles to one large piece of mirrors, there are different size options to use for an antique mirror backsplash.

ID# 118602 | Houzz.com – Credit© Chandos Interiors

Pastel Blue Cabinets with Black Countertop and Brass Accents

The combination of the pastel blue cabinets, black countertop, and brass accents offers an elegant wet bar. The antique mirror backsplash adds drama to the atmosphere and creates a visual illusion. This illusion carried from the backsplash to the ceiling with metallic paint. Brass hardware, shelves, and sconces complement the vintage appeal of the backsplash.

ID# 118603 | Houzz.com – Credit© Mowlem & Co

Black and White Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances

The shiny surfaces of the stainless-steel appliances and mirror backsplash bring a modern appeal and contrast with the traditional style of the white shaker cabinets. Black Countertop elevates the design while metallic hardware complements the appliances.

Glossy Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Try a Sample

Hex glossy glass tile with gray veins.

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Elegant Rhomboid White Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White interlocking marble glass & metal mosaic tile contemporary look mosaic

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ID# 118604 | Houzz.com – Credit© O’Connors of Drumleck Ireland

Large Metal Range Hood with Mirror Backsplash and Crystal Chandelier

The stunning metal range hood is definitely a statement maker! It creates a focal point on the white wall. The mirror backsplash brings depth to the atmosphere and complements the vintage style of the range hood with its dusty surface. The gray kitchen island centralizes the room and brings warmth to space with its rustic wood kitchen countertop.

ID# 118605 | Houzz.com – Credit© Traditional Bespoke Furniture

Gray Shaker Cabinets with Black Soapstone Countertops and Wood Floor

Gray shaker cabinets and black soapstone countertops offer a sleek look for this transitional kitchen. The antique backsplash brings a vintage vibe and contrasts with the clean look of the gray shaker cabinets. Stainless steel professional range and the antique clock in a harmony with the rustic appeal of the backsplash.

Can you use a mirror as a backsplash?

A mirror backsplash does not only provide a stylish look for kitchens, but also it makes the space feel larger by bringing a dimension to the space. They perfectly reflect the natural light and add brighten up the space. Also, this reflective surface can work with any style that means it can look beautiful with any material, color, and style. So, yes you can use a mirror as a backsplash without hesitating.

ID# 118606 | Houzz.com – CreditTempler Interiors | © Kallan McLeod

White Traditional Kitchen with Wood Floor and Open Shelves

The glass-fronted upper cabinets, open shelves, and stunning mirror backsplash add visual interest to this white traditional kitchen. The wood floor breaks the white domination in the space and brings warmth to the atmosphere. The shiny surface of the backsplash reflects this warmth and elevates the design.

ID# 118607 | Houzz.com – Credit© Peden & Pringle Ltd.

White Cabinets with Purple Island and Antique Pendant Lights

Using a colorful island is a great way to incorporate a pop-up color and create a distinctive overall look. In this kitchen, the purple kitchen island draws attention at the first sight and serves as a piece of art. The granite countertop emphasizes the sophisticated look of purple. At the back, white cabinets, wood countertop, shelves, and mirror backsplash create a clean and fresh backdrop. The antique style of the backsplash complements the bronze pendant lights.

ID# 118608 | Houzz.com – Credit© MAW Chicago LLC.

Mini Home Bar with Black Floating Shelves and White Countertop

When designing a home bar, you don’t need a large space. You can turn the corner of your living room into an entertaining space like this design. Here, using a mirror backsplash makes space feel larger and highlights the beautiful bottle collection on the black floating shelves. Also, even it has a small space this mini home bar provides everything that you need: a beverage cooler, mini-fridge, and plenty of space for the collection, sink, and storage space.

Mirror Subway Tile Backsplash

Subway tiles are classic for kitchen backsplash. They come in a wide range of colors, materials, and size options. Between these endless opportunities, a mirror subway tile backsplash offers a unique and stylish look for kitchens, and you can’t go wrong with it. Mirror subway tiles offer a timeless look that can work well with any kitchen aesthetic and instantly add a bunch of character to the design.

ID# 118609 | Houzz.com – Credit© Teoria Interiors

All-white Kitchen and Herringbone Mirror Backsplash with Frosted Finish

In this traditional white kitchen, mirror subway tiles are laid in a herringbone pattern which adds modernity to the design. Unlike the reflective mirrors, the frosted finish of the backsplash tiles offers a softer look but still reflects the natural light. The white shaker cabinets, white quartz countertops, and white appliances create a bright and spacious atmosphere. The marble floor tiles complement the countertops.

ID# 118611 | Houzz.com – Credit© Joey Leicht Design Inc.

Black Home Bar with Subway Tile Backsplash and Backlit Lights

The sophistication of the black surrounds this traditional home bar and offers a dramatic look with the help of the backlit lights. Glass-fronted upper cabinets add a dose of luxury while mirror subway tile backsplash brings depth. The gray granite countertop complements the strong characteristic look of the cabinets.

Metal Mosaic Tiles

Try a Sample
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Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Sleek brown metal and glass mixed modern kitchen backsplash & bathroom tile

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Gray white marble & metal kitchen backsplash tile for modern projects

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White interlocking marble glass & metal mosaic tile contemporary look mosaic

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

ID# 118612 | Houzz.com – Credit© Bilotta Kitchens

French Blue Cabinets with Quartz Countertop and Brass Accents

A combination of the Blue French and brass is absolutely beautiful and it
gives a vintage look and feel. This elegant combination of blue cabinets and brass accents is completed with a mirror backsplash and quartz countertop. Glass-fronted upper cabinets allow displaying the kitchenware while adding a sophisticated look.

ID# 118613 | Houzz.com – Credit© Martin Manley Architects

Contemporary Kitchen with Black Cabinets and Wood Floor

In this contemporary kitchen, the mirror subway tiles are used in large format, and they bring a dimension between the black cabinets. The backsplash tiles are accentuated by stone tiles on the other walls. The sculptural shape of the range hood and other stainless-steel appliances enhances the contemporary vibe of the design.

How to install mirror backsplash?

The installation process of the mirror backsplash is the same as the other backsplash materials. When installing a mirror tile backsplash, first you need to prepare the walls for the application. Sand the roughness and patch the holes on the wall and clean it with an all-purpose cleaner. Define the boundaries of the backsplash with painter’s tape and prepare the layout of your tiles.Apply the mortar with a trowel in small sections. Whether your tiles come with a mesh or individual pieces, applying the mortar in small sections is important. If you apply it to all the surfaces it will dry until the last piece. Then stick the tile on the mortar.

Repeat these steps until cover the all-backsplash area. If you need to cut tiles, use a proper cutting tool for the material that you used.Insert the spacers per tile side and wait overnight to dry. Sweep the grout over the tiles with a float using a 45-degree angle and make sure to fill all the spaces. After waiting about an hour to set the grout, wipe the tiles with a wet sponge. If you are using one large piece of mirror, locate the sockets and cut these parts of the mirror and apply the adhesive behind the piece. Attach it to the wall and wait overnight to dry.

ID# 118614 | Houzz.com – Credit© Paper Moon Painting

Black Raised-panel Cabinets with Granite Countertop and Brass Hardware

In this fabulous home bar/butler’s pantry, the raised panel door style of the black cabinets reflects the traditional style perfectly and offers an elegant look. The antiqued mirror backsplash tile enhances the elegance. The granite countertop and brass hardware make a beautiful final touch while the wood floor brings warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 118615 | Houzz.com – Credit© Crisp Architects

Gray Shaker Cabinets with White Countertop and Wood Floor

Gary shaker cabinets, white countertop, metal hardware, and mirror subway tiles create a sleek home bar design. The warm hue of the gray is in a harmony with the dark wood floor parquets while upper cabinets give an open and airy feel with their glass fronts. These glass-fronted cabinets provide a space to display a beautiful glass collection.

Beveled Mirror Tile Backsplash

Unlike the flat surface of the classic subway tiles, beveled tiles slope down to the edges. These raised beveled edges add depth and dimension to a tiled backsplash and make the beautiful pattern more noticeable. And when this characteristic look is combined with the eye-catching appeal of the mirror, the result is undeniably perfect. Beveled mirror tile backsplash offers something amazing that can instantly elevate your design.

ID# 118616 | Houzz.com – Credit© Gilley Kitchen + Bath

Traditional Black Cabinets with Beveled Subway Tile Backsplash

The antique mirror bevel-edge tile backsplash adds glam to the sophisticated appeal of the black cabinets. Bar cabinets are paired with granite countertop, under-mount sink, and brass handles. The white framed window creates a focal point and is accentuated by glass-fronted upper cabinets on both sides.

ID# 118617 | Houzz.com – Credit© ML Interior Designs

Dark Gray Shaker Cabinets with White Quartz Countertop and Shiny Backsplash

In this transitional home bar, the cool tone of the gray creates a sleek and elegant look while the white countertop and beveled mirror backsplash bring a clean and fresh look between the gray cabinets. The stainless-steel beverage cooler and handles complement the shiny look of the backsplash.

ID# 118618 | Houzz.com – Credit© Marie Flanigan Interiors

Transitional Bar with Gray Cabinetry and Vintage Faucet

This transitional bar features gray cabinets, a white countertop, an under-mount sink, a vintage faucet, beveled mirror tile backsplash, and glass-fronted upper cabinets. Sloped edges of the beveled tiles add a dramatic interest while the vintage faucet creates a harmonious look with the tiles.

ID# 118620 | Houzz.com – Credit© Gilley Kitchen + Bath

Elegant Wet Bar Design with Black Cabinetry and Wood Floor

In this home bar, black cabinets offer a sophisticated look while the wood floor breaks the sharp look of the black and adds warmth to the atmosphere. Black cabinets are paired with granite countertop, undermount sink, metal handles, and mirror backsplash. Beveled subway tiles bring depth to the design while a crystal chandelier makes a warm glow above the counter.

Wet Bar Mirror Backsplash

The powerful impact of the home bar instantly creates a sense of luxury and comfort for your family or friends. Finishing this look with a mirror backsplash is a great way to elevate the design and bring a dimension to space. A wet bar mirror backsplash can work with any style and reflects the luxurious beauty of the bar design.

ID# 118621 | Houzz.com – Credit© Alair Homes Decatur

Small Wet Bar with Diagonal Wine Rack and Beverage Cooler

This small home bar features white shaker cabinets, a black countertop, a mirror backsplash, an undermount sink, and a wood floor. Shaker cabinets fitted with a stainless-steel beverage fridge. The mirror backsplash, diagonal wine rack, and backlit lights in the glass-fronted cabinets make the design more powerful and characteristic.

ID# 118623 | Houzz.com – Credit© Soler Architecture

Wood Cabinets with Black Countertop and Mirrored Wall

This transitional wet bar offers a warm and sophisticated space with dark wood cabinets, a black countertop, an undermount sink, and mirrored wall. The mirrored wall not only gives the living room a larger appearance but also lends an authentic vibe. Glass floating shelves provide a space for bottle collection while giving an open and airy feel.

ID# 118624 | Houzz.com – Credit© Sterling Development Corp.

Contemporary Wet Bar with Flat-panel Cabinets and Gray Countertop

This contemporary wet bar delivers a sharp aesthetic and sophistication with its beautiful dark wood cabinets. The flat panel door style of the cabinets creates an ultra-modern look, and they are accentuated by wood wall panels. LED lights under the upper cabinets and mirror backsplash create a dramatic atmosphere.

ID# 118625 | Houzz.com – Credit© Charco DESIGN & BUILD Inc.

Small Wet Bar with Antiqued Mirrored Wall and Glass Shelves

The antique mirrored wall instantly adds a character to this transitional home bar and creates a visual illusion with the glass shelves and glasses. The dark wood cabinets are paired with a black countertop, beverage fridge, integrated sink, black faucet, and metal handles. Spotlights highlight the bar area.

ID# 118626 | Houzz.com – Credit© Total Concepts

Farmhouse Bar with Gray Cabinets and Open Shelves

The combination of gray, white and wood offers a cozy yet elegant bar design. Gray shaker cabinets create a sleek look while the white quartz countertop adds a dose of luxury. Glass-fronted upper cabinets, mirror backsplash, and bottle collection in the open shelves complement this luxury vibe. Wood wall cladding adds a coziness to the design.

Home Bar with Mirror Backsplash

A home bar is a powerful design statement that adds a sense of luxury to any room and a backsplash is the key element of this design. A well-chosen backsplash can instantly elevate the overall look of the bar and help to create an elegant design. A home bar with a mirror backsplash is a popular choice for homeowners and interior designers because of its charming appeal that can work well with any style.

ID# 118628 | Houzz.com – Credit

Light Wood Shaker Cabinets with Quartz Countertop and Wood Floor

The warm appeal of the light wood cabinets nicely contrasts with the sharp look of the mirror subway tiles. The white quartz countertop works well with the luxurious look of the mirror backsplash while glass-fronted cabinets allow to display the glass collection and create a fresh look. The light wood floor creates a continuous look under the cabinetry.

Can I use a mirror for a stove backsplash?

Yes, if you will do regular cleaning, you can use a mirror backsplash behind the stove. But rather than a clean mirror, an antique mirror might be a better option.

ID# 118629 | Houzz.com – CreditSnug Kitchens | © Darren Chung

Black Flat-panel Cabinets with Exposed Brick Wall and Concrete Countertop

This contemporary bar features black flat-panel cabinets, a concrete countertop, a brick wall, an integrated sink, and beverage coolers. The exposed red brick wall and the concrete countertop bring an industrial vibe while the natural wood patterns on the cabinet doors add a slight texture. Beverage coolers are placed above the counter that increases the functionality.

ID# 118632 | Houzz.com – Credit© Virtuoso Builders

Traditional Home Bar with Walnut Raised-panel Cabinets and Floating Shelves

Plenty of storage, wine racks, and beverage coolers. This one-of-a-kind room provides everything that you need in a home bar. Dark walnut cabinets and brown granite countertops offer an elegant look while wood shelves and mirror tiles create an airy atmosphere. Using shelves instead of upper cabinets allows the backsplash tiles to stand out.


ID# 118633 | Houzz.com – Credit© Cynthia Karegeannes, Registered Architect

White Raised Panel Cabinets with Stainless Steel Appliances

The raised panel cabinet doors create a traditional design with a granite countertop, wine racks, and beverage coolers. The mirror backsplash acts as a window by reflecting the beautiful nature view which becomes part of the design. Also, the backsplash creates a fresh look between the cabinetries.

ID# 118634 | Houzz.com – Credit© Braklow Custom Homes, Inc.

Navy Blue Cabinets with Hexagon Backsplash Tiles and White Countertop

The bold look of the navy-blue cabinets meets with a stylish mirror backsplash and offers a unique home bar. The hexagon shape of the mirrored tile brings a modern appeal while the beveled edges of the tiles make the pattern stand out. Crisp white countertop creates a clean and fresh look between the cabinetries.

Do you grout mirror backsplash?

Grouting is optional for mirror tile backsplashes, but backsplash is a wet area, so it is better to grout tiles for waterproofing. Even the mirror tiles are fitted perfectly, the adhesive still absorbs the water, and it may occur mold and bacteria.

ID# 118635 | Houzz.com – Credit© Sanctuary Kitchen and Bath Design

Walnut Cabinets with Mirrored Wall and Walnut Shelves

This small Scandinavian home bar features walnut cabinetry, white quartzite countertops, stainless appliances, walnut shelves, and white inset wall cabinets. The mirrored wall and upper cabinet doors distract the compact dimensions of the design while walnut shelves enhance the spaciousness.

ID# 118647 | Houzz.com – Credit | Orsman Construction | © Richard Chivers

White Kitchen with Wood Peninsula and Gray Pendant Lights

The vintage appeal of the gold backsplash brings a rustic feel between the modern flat-panel cabinets and breaks the white domination. Using all-white cabinets and mirror backsplash enhances the bright feel of the atmosphere while the wood extension of the peninsula brings warmth.

ID# 118637 | Houzz.com – Credit© Studio Shelter

Elegant Home Bar with Open Shelving and Herringbone Mirror Tiles

The light wood cabinets are paired with a black soapstone countertop, open shelving, and a mirror backsplash. The copper pipe-look stand of the wooden shelves brings an industrial feel while the herringbone pattern of the mirror tiles creates a modern backdrop.


Bronze Mirror Backsplash

Using a mirror backsplash is not only offers a modern and sleek look. but also make a kitchen larger appeal. Rather than a regular mirror, if you want to use some warmer shade, bronze mirrors might be your solution. The warm allure and earthy tones of the bronze mirror backsplash can transform any kitchen and create a distinctive focal point.

ID# 118638 | Houzz.com – Credit© Cathy Dean Interior Design

Modern Rustic Kitchen with Exposed Ceiling and Black Floor

This open-concept kitchen offers a modern contemporary look with a rustic charm. Dark wood cabinets, black countertops, and leather counter chairs create an elegant look while the shiny look of the bronze mirror backsplash contrast with the rustic appeal of the cabinets. Exposed black painted beams and the stone wall complement the rustic vibe of the design.

ID# 118639 | Houzz.com – Credit© Bailey London Interior Design & Build

Contemporary Kitchen with Black and White Cabinets and Bronze Backsplash

The bronze mirror backsplash creates a harmonious look with the modern style of the cabinets and brings warmth to the black and white color scheme. Black perimeter cabinets are fitted with stainless steel countertop which enhances the contemporary vibe. Thanks to the large window opening, the kitchen has a bright and spacious atmosphere.

How much does a mirror backsplash cost?

Depending on the size and style, the average cost of a mirror backsplash is between $8-$15 per square foot.

ID# 118640 | Houzz.com – Credit© Peden & Pringle Ltd.

White Cabinets with Navy-blue Island and Custom Counter Chairs

In this transitional kitchen, the navy-blue kitchen island stands out and offers a unique design with custom counter chairs and gray pendant lights. The aged mirror backsplash adds visual interest while white shaker cabinets create a clean and fresh backdrop. Gray countertops of the perimeter cabinets complement the grayish appeal of the mirror.

ID# 118641 | Houzz.com – Credit© Searle & Taylor

Gray Handless Cabinets with Walnut Details and Mirrored Glass Backsplash

The combination of the gray flat-panel cabinets, gray stone countertop, mirror backsplash, and walnut accents offers a timeless modern handless kitchen. Handless gray cabinets serve an ultra-modern look.The mirrored bronze glass backsplash brings a warmer look to the cool tone of the gray cabinets and increases the modernity.

Gold Mirror Backsplash

Gold is a glamorous material that provides both visuality and functionality. When the glam of the gold meets with the eye-catching appeal of the mirror, this combination offers a unique and one-of-a-kind appeal. You can use a gold mirror with flat-panel cabinets to create an ultra-modern look or bring a fresh look into your transitional kitchen. Whatever your choice is, a gold mirror backsplash creates a kitchen or home bar that will be discussed for years.

ID# 118642 | Houzz.com – Credit© BDR Executive Custom Homes

Walnut Shaker Cabinets with Backlit Marble Countertop and Open Shelves

The beautiful walnut cabinetry serves as a piece of art and is completed with a marble countertop, aged gold mirror backsplash, shelves, metal handles, and a beverage cooler. The backlit lights of the marble countertop emphasize the workspace while the antique look of the backsplash bring a vintage vibe.

ID# 118643 | Houzz.com – Credit© Smarter Bathrooms+

Black and White Kitchen with Gold Accents and Wood Floor

You can never go wrong with the combination of black, white, and gold. In this kitchen, white countertop, and open shelves contrast with the black cabinets to create a luxurious look while gold accents add a sparkle to the design. The reflective surface of the gold mirror backsplash makes the space feel larger and creates a one-of-a-kind kitchen.

ID# 118644 | Houzz.com – CreditSculleries of Stockbridge | © Sean Beagley

Blue Shaker Cabinets with White Countertop and Gold Details

This kitchen has a wow factor! The bold blue color of the shaker cabinets offers a strong characteristic look while brass accents elevate this look. The brass handles and faucet complement the gold mirror backsplash. The white countertop brings a fresh look to this dramatic atmosphere. Backlit lights under the upper cabinets highlight the backsplash and counter.

How to install antique mirror backsplash?

The installation process of the antique mirror backsplash is the same as a regular mirror backsplash. Prepare the wall behind the backsplash, apply adhesive, lay down the tiles, and let it dry. After the adhesive dries, apply the grout with a trowel and wait half an hour to grouts dry. After cleaning the tiles with warm water and a soft sponge.

ID# 118645 | Houzz.com – Credit© BedfordBrooks Design Inc.

Gray Home Bar with Glass-fronted Cabinets and Beverage Coolers

Clean, bright, and transitional. This elegant home bar offers a stylish entertaining space at the corner of the living room. Gray flat panel cabinets are fitted with beverage coolers on both sides. Glass-fronted cabinets display the beautiful glass collection while the gold backsplash brings a luxurious feel with the brass hardware.

ID# 118646 | Houzz.com – Credit© Анна Муравина

Gray Raise-panel Cabinets with White Quartz Countertop and Vintage Backsplash

This beautiful shade of gray can elevate any space with elegance. The gray cabinetry and gold backsplash offer a charming traditional bar. The gold mirror backsplash makes a dramatic atmosphere with its glossy surfaces and white quartz countertops contribute well to this atmosphere.

Aged Mirror Backsplash

A coating at the back of the mirror oxidizes over time and takes on an aged look. Although some people do not like this view, some people find this antique look very pleasing. You can make a vintage twist with an aged mirror backsplash in your modern kitchen or enhance the dramatic atmosphere in your home bar. Whether you have a modern or traditional styled kitchen or home bar, this backsplash will make a beautiful final touch.

ID# 118650 | Houzz.com – CreditHumphrey Munson | © Paul Craig

Gray Island with White Range Hood and Mirrored Backsplash

The statement maker white range hood is the centerpiece of this transitional kitchen. The strong appeal of the range hood is complemented by an aged mirror backsplash. The large gray kitchen island acts as the main prep area and features plenty of storage space, a white countertop, and an integrated sink.

What color grout for mirror backsplash?

Generally, these tiles are placed adhering to each other. Because of the adjoining placement of the mirror tiles, grout is not so visible between the mirror tiles. But if you want to show off the grout more, white, gray, and black colors are suitable for this material.

ID# 118651 | Houzz.com – CreditHumphrey Munson | © Paul Craig

Contemporary Kitchen with White Cabinets and Black Island

The spacious, calm, and uncluttered feel of this contemporary kitchen is perfectly suited to modern family living. The black kitchen island stands out between the white features while white cabinets create a clean and fresh backdrop. The aged mirror backsplash contrasts with this clean look of the cabinets and brings a rustic vibe.

ID# 118652 | Houzz.com – Credit© Humphrey Munson

Gray Kitchen Island with Black Countertop and Gold Pendant Lights

The best quality materials, appliances, and color scheme offer a timeless kitchen design. The large gray island unit acts as the hub of the kitchen and provides plenty of work and dining space. The black countertop and gold pendant lights emphasize the island while the large mirror backsplash reflects the beauty of nature.

ID# 118653 | Houzz.com – Credit© Danconia Interiors

Industrial Kitchen with Exposed Beams and Wooden Floor Parquets

Black kitchen cabinets and white countertops create a modern look while the mirrored wall doubles the size of the kitchen. Wood floating shelves provide storage space without drawing the attention of the mirrored wall. The wood floor complements the exposed beams and adds a nice texture with its herringbone pattern.

ID# 118630

Elegant Home Bar with Open Shelves and Brass Accents

If you want to create a game room, you might consider installing a bar that adds value to the room. This home bar serves as a piece of art at the corner of the game room. The gray shaker cabinets are paired with black granite countertop and antique mirror backsplash. Brass details of the hardware and brass accessories complement the goldish look of the mirror backsplash.

ID# 118610

Black and White Kitchen with Marble Countertops and Black Range Hood

The transitional kitchen offers a timeless look with its black and white color palette and high-end materials. The mirror subway tile backsplash provides a visual illusion between the white shaker cabinets while the black range hood creates a focal point. The curved edges of the subway tiles add a dimension to the backsplash and bring a nice texture. Marble countertops elevate the luxury level of the design.

ID# 118619

White Cabinets with Vintage Appliances and Black Countertop

This cozy kitchen gives a vintage appeal with its white cabinets, black countertop, white appliances, and brass details. The beveled mirror subway tile backsplash brings a clean and fresh look to the rustic atmosphere while creates a focal point between the black backsplashes.

ID# 118627

Modern Home Bar with Gray Lacquer Cabinets and Brown Wallpaper

In this modern home bar, gray flat-panel cabinets offer a modern look with their lacquer finish and the white countertop. Metal handles complement the modern look of the cabinets. The mirror backsplash brings depth and emphasizes the impact of the beautiful brown wallpaper while the light wood floor completes the warm look of the wallpaper.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Combining rustic California gold slate with burgundy glass, distinctive and unique aesthetic.

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Try a Sample

Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Try a Sample
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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample
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ID# 118631

Transitional Bar with Diamond Tile Backsplash and Wooden Shelves

The diamond shape of the mirrored tiles adds a nice texture and creates an eye-catching backdrop for this transitional home bar. The white cabinets and quartz countertop are in a harmony with the backsplash. Wood shelves are fitted with upper cabinets, and they complement the wooden flooring.

ID# 118649

Industrial Kitchen with Mirrored Backsplash and White Shelves

The beautiful concrete ceiling adds a bunch of character to this kitchen with navy blue cabinets, black countertops, aged mirror backsplash, and white floating shelves. Using white shelves and white paint for the upper walls makes the space feel higher while cabinets stand out between the whites.

ID# 118648

Wood, White and Black Kitchen Cabinets with Aged Mirror Backsplash

Thanks to the high-ceiling, skylights, and generous glazing, this transitional kitchen has a bright atmosphere. Using different colors and materials for the cabinets adds interest to the kitchen. The unique island design features a wood extension to create a dining space. The mirror backsplash and the trim of the hood create a focal point.

ID# 118622

Dark Walnut Cabinets with Stainless Steel Countertop and Mirror Backsplash

The high-end materials elevate this contemporary wet bar and serve an elegant look. The stunning dark walnut cabinets feature a pewter–toned stainless steel countertop, pewter-tone faucet, and integral sink. A wine cooler and beverage fridge enhance the functionality while the antique silver finish of the mirror backsplash adds visual interest.

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