Modern Rustic Kitchen Ideas Charming and Inviting Rustic Kitchens

53+ Modern Rustic Kitchen

ID# 114134 | – Credit© Allweather Builders

Gray Cabinets with Glossy White Subway Backsplash

In this kitchen, gray looks beautiful and very modern as it is used with wood. Along with rustic features like a wooden ceiling and exposed beam, the classic appeal of the white subway tiles used for backsplash stands out. Gray modern cabinets look simple and elegant with gray marble countertops, while wooden windows let the view in. The island with a gray marble countertop looks great on the wooden floor and metal pendant lights and gray barstools add elegance.

ID# 114108 | – Credit© J&S Custom Homes

Gray Cabinets with Gold Marble Waterfall Island

Soft, smoky hues add a touch of glamorous sophistication to this rustic kitchen. Wooden beams bring rustic style, look beautiful and modern as they are combined with gray cabinets. The gray glossy backsplash matches the gray marble kitchen countertop that looks great with its natural pattern and blends modernity. The waterfall-edged kitchen island with a gray marble countertop brings a perfect balance to the kitchen with beige wood floors. Metal pendant lamps and comfortable barstools look luxurious.

Charming, Warm, and Inviting Modern Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas!

There is something undeniably comforting and charming about rustic kitchen designs. Just add a few simple design elements to your space for create a warm and inviting modern rustic kitchen in your home. Includes natural materials, a neutral color palette, and a worn feel. We’ve created a collection of gorgeous and inspiring kitchen design ideas that show you can achieve rustic culinary success wherever you live in the world!

Choose Natural Materials

A rustic kitchen has a certain warmth and charm. When choosing materials, you want to stick to something natural to create a cozy look at the heart of the home. This helps bring nature into your home. You can mix decorating ideas such as weathered wood beams and wooden cabinets, stone walls, and use wood, marble, quartz, or granite kitchen countertops. Granite and marble give your kitchen a more luxurious feel and keep your kitchen from looking too rustic. This style gives any home an inviting feel and looks equally stylish in both small spaces and large homes. If you want to design the modern rustic kitchen of your dreams, look no further than our stunning ideas.

Pictures and descriptions of rustic kitchens are available, featuring surprising natural wood elements, old stones, roughhewn wood beams, and a few unexpected modern elements that blend surprisingly well with rustic living.

ID# 114101 | – Credit© Walker Workshop

Wood Cabinets with Marble Countertop and Window Backsplash

This kitchen has a modern elegance! A large window backsplash with a metal frame matches the natural wood cabinets and brings expansive views into the kitchen. Continuing along the wooden wall, the cabinets look rustic with the naturalness of the oven and firewood. The white marble kitchen countertop that gives the kitchen a balanced look continues with a wooden island and adheres to natural material. Wooden barstools complement this modern kitchen with gray floors.

ID# 114102 | – Credit© Jaffa Group Design Build

Stone Wall and Marble Countertop Elegance in Modern Kitchen

With a modern, stone wall feature, this kitchen has a large island. The wooden cabinets match the natural look of the beige-veined white marble kitchen countertop and stone slab backsplash while balancing modern and rusticity. Natural stone walls make the perfect accent piece. The marble countertop island ties all the looks together well. Green plants add a refreshing atmosphere to this kitchen with dark wood floors.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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Modern chevron backsplash tile, white gray brown color mixed chevron tile

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ID# 114103 | – Credit© SH Built

Modern Rustic Kitchen Ideas with Black Marble and Wooden Countertop

How wood texture goes well with black and metal accents in this kitchen! The wood used for the cabinets continues with different tones of wood on the floor and the island. The black marble kitchen countertop matches the black backsplash and adds an elegant touch to the rustic space. The island with a wooden countertop brings warmth and prominently showcases the beauty of the wood. Metal details, barstools, and beige chandeliers complete the design.

ID# 114104 | – Credit© Beechtree Building Ltd.

Elegant Kitchen with Black Marble Island and Glass Backsplash

The kitchen rustic features of this modern kitchen are really beautiful! Stone and granite work together to add a striking appeal to the kitchen. The black and white handle-free cabinets add a modern look, while the multi-colored glass sheet backsplash and the smooth surface of the stainless-steel kitchen countertop. The concrete floor combines different styles with a gorgeous island of black granite and metal barstools. The stone wall makes a natural touch and the elegant lighting highlights the island.

ID# 114105 | – Credit© Patti Dixon Design

Contemporary Rustic Kitchen Idea with Blue Cabinets and Beige Countertop

Rustic surfaces of stone, beams, and wood add texture and contemporary soft furnishings make this kitchen cozy and inviting. The blue cabinets create a balanced look with a beige granite kitchen countertop and beige backsplash. The stone wall, exposed wood trim, beams, and wood flooring bring a natural style to space. The blue island and wooden barstools with granite countertops are complemented by rustic-style white metal pendant lamps.

ID# 114106 | – Credit© IBD Design Studio

Modern Rustic Kitchen Design with Gray Countertops

Wooden cabinets make a rustic foundation in the kitchen of this modern chalet. Modern kitchen with stylish features uses not only wood for cabinets but also a gray granite kitchen countertop and a beautiful stone slab for backsplash behind the oven. Modern touches of the granite kitchen countertop are combined with the wooden island and leather barstools. Glass multiple pendant lamps emphasize the wood island with their modern and stylish looks.

ID# 114107 | – Credit© IBD Design Studio

Rustic Modern Kitchen with Wooden Backsplash and Beige Quartz Countertop

This interior design is quite open and airy. Wooden ceilings and floors, with wooden cabinets, make the room truly rustic. The light-toned wood backsplash matches the wood cabinets and adds to the overall rustic aesthetic. The white kitchen countertop creates a smooth transition. The kitchen island, which is completely made of beige quartz, combines with a wooden counter at a low level to create a nice area for eating. Minimal lamps and wooden chairs complete the design.

Rustic Mosaic Tiles

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Chevron Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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Rusty brown and gray color slate tile mixed with burgundy color iridescent glass tiles.

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Picket Design Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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6 x 6 Red & Silver color luxury look porcelain tile, Made in Italy

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ID# 114109 | – Credit© StudioSTL, Inc.

Concrete Floor and Gray Countertop Idea in Modern Rustic Kitchen

It is the steel beams, wooden ceiling, and cabinets that make the combination of rustic and modern design really beautiful in this kitchen. The wooden cabinets match the gray quartz kitchen countertop and beige painted backsplash, while the gray concrete floor blends the colors and materials beautifully. The gray quartz countertop rises to form a peninsula, bringing a smart solution to this small kitchen. Black barstools and stainless-steel appliances complete the integrity.

ID# 114110 | – CreditE Tanny Design, llc | © Randall Perry

Farmhouse Kitchen Design with Green Paint and White Cabinetry

The contrast of natural woods and green paint looks great in this modern rustic kitchen! Creating a stylish base, white cabinetry makes a beautiful combination with a black granite kitchen countertop and white backsplash. White really balances out all the wood in the rest of the room and the wooden floor. The white kitchen island with a wooden countertop creates a cozy space with a wooden table and stools. Wooden beams meet the contrast of green paint and stylish lighting.

ID# 114111 | – Credit© Glacier View Studio

Brick Backsplash and Marble Countertop Harmony in Rustic Kitchen Design

This stunning modern kitchen does look really nice making it appear very rustic! Reflecting the charm of wood and dark colors, the marble kitchen countertop matches the raw look of the brick backsplash. Old-looking wooden cabinets and a wooden kitchen island with a marble countertop combine rustic style with modern design. Daylight illuminates dark tones with black-framed kitchen windows. Wooden flooring and ceilings add to the rusticity of this space.

ID# 114112 | – Credit© MHK Architecture and Planning – Aspen

Dark Wood Cabinetry with Concrete Countertop and Marble backsplash

Exposed wooden beams and flooring – all of which bring rustic style to this modern kitchen. Dark wooden cabinets take on another dimension with the timeless modern look of the concrete kitchen countertop and backsplash. Split windows add a more rural feel to the kitchen. The concrete kitchen countertop matches the wooden island. Wicker barstools and minimal lamps complement this rustic modern kitchen.

ID# 114113 | – Credit | © Toddmather

Rustic Modern Kitchen with Gray Stone Backsplash and Marble Countertop

Graystone adds an elegant touch to this modern rustic kitchen design. The veins of the stone inspire various grays such as islands and countertops. Wooden kitchen cabinets are integrated with the wooden floor. Graystone slab backsplash works in conjunction with gray marble countertops to add striking appeal. The all-marble island creates a stylish seating area around it with a dark gray marble countertop. Dark gray bar stools and elongated pendant lamps look great.

ID# 114114 | – Credit© Edgewater Design Group

Contemporary Rustic Kitchen with Beige Countertop and Blue Island Idea

The stone backsplash and old wood look add rustic touches to this contemporary kitchen. The natural design of the stone tile multi-color backsplash adds detail and interest to the kitchen, while white old-style cabinets and beige marble kitchen countertop show the space open. With a touch of country style, the blue-painted island with beige countertops ties all the looks together well. The dark wooden floor is complemented by metal-detailed barstools and pendant lamps.

ID# 114115 | – Credit© Дизайн-студия “Двое”

Onyx Marble Island and Black Accents in Modern Rustic Kitchen

This rustic kitchen adds a modern twist to the classic wooden club look. Exposed wooden beams and a wooden ceiling – bring a rustic style to space. The emphasis of the black cabinets goes well with the wooden texture. Beige granite kitchen countertop and beige backsplash create modern touches. The beige granite countertop matches the exclusive decorative look of the onyx marble island. While the black glossy floor adds modern touches, black metal pendant lamps become part of the design.

ID# 114116 | – Credit© Musser Home Builders, Inc.

White Shaker Cabinets with Green Island and Wood Countertop

What makes this kitchen combination of rustic and modern design beautiful are wooden beams and the island with a wooden countertop. In terms of new and design, modern white cabinetry matches with beige stone backsplash and beige marble countertops. The blue kitchen island with a wooden kitchen countertop brings a sense of openness and comfort and adds a luscious color. The wooden floors and wooden barstools add rustic touches, while beige pendant lamps emphasize the blue island.

ID# 114117 | – Credit© Defined by Design

Dark Gray Cabinets with Gray Backsplash and Wooden Shelves

The magic happens when rustic meets modern in this kitchen. The gray subway backsplash looks beautiful and very modern as it combines with the open wooden shelves. Gray cabinets match the warm finish of the wooden kitchen countertop, while the wooden floor and ceiling details add to the overall rustic aesthetic. The gray island with wooden countertops adds to the relaxed yet stylish atmosphere of this kitchen. Metal barstools and spotlights become part of the design.

ID# 114118 | – Credit© Cornerstone Architects

Rustic Modern Kitchen with White Backsplash and Marble Countertop Elegance

The clean lines and simple forms of this modern kitchen with timeless aesthetics, combined with the warm space and material choices, give an atmosphere of true luxury. The porcelain white backsplash continues along the entire wall, adding a modern touch to space with white cabinetry and a white marble kitchen countertop. The white marble countertop adds an elegant touch to the wooden kitchen island. The wooden floor contributes to the look by creating a soft surface.

ID# 114119 | – Credit© Cobalt Design

Modern Rustic Kitchen Design with Black Quartzite Countertop

Original wooden beams and wooden cabinets are what make the rustic and modern design of this kitchen truly beautiful. Wooden cabinets create an intense look with the woods of the floor and ceiling while combining with the black backsplash and black quartzite kitchen countertop gain an attractive harmony. Reclaimed hardwood floors and underlighting add luxury touches to the kitchen. Spotlights and copper accents complement the modern kitchen.

ID# 114120 | – Credit© Wesley-Wayne Interiors, LLC

White Glass Tile and Marble Countertop in Modern Rustic Kitchen

What a beautiful mountain-style kitchen indeed! Dark wooden cabinets look dim and impressive, while the white backsplash whitens the space, making it look wide and spacious. A multicolored marble kitchen countertop raises the kitchen with its natural and luxurious appearance. The beautiful pendant lights on the dark wood and marble kitchen island gain striking appeal. The dark wooden floor creates a beautiful base that connects all textures and materials.

ID# 114121 | – Credit© Zetooney Hanson Interiors

Modern Rustic Kitchen with Gray Quartzite Waterfall Island Idea

Although many wooden elements were used in this kitchen and wooden beams appeared, modern equipment is used in the kitchen. The vintage-looking wooden cabinets match the modern look of the gray mosaic tile backsplash. Gray quartzite kitchen countertop adds timeless, contemporary touches. The gray quartz kitchen island with waterfall edging turns out to be a stunning design in this kitchen with wooden floors. Metal stylish pendant lamps highlight the island, while black metal details complete the design.

ID# 114122 | – Credit© Norman Building & Design

White Wooden Cabinets and Marble Countertop in Modern Rustic Kitchen

This rustic modern kitchen is beautiful with its elegant design. Rustic details like wooden cabinets and beams match with the white backsplash and white marble kitchen countertop. At the same time, white cabinets are creating a bright and happy atmosphere and a kitchen island with a white marble countertop on the dark wooden base. The mid-tone wooden floor enhances the rustic effect. Luxury pendant metal lamps highlight the island, while comfortable barstools ensure the functional use of the island.

ID# 114123 | – Credit© Cobalt Design

Gray Marble Countertop and Copper Details in Modern Rustic Kitchen

This modern kitchen is in a rustic ski chalet with incredible details. Copper details, natural materials, wonderful lighting, and a spacious layout make this kitchen special. The wooden cabinets are separated by a mid-tone wooden floor and under-lighting. The contemporary look of the gray backsplash and gray marble kitchen countertop creates the transition between the woods.

ID# 114124 | – Credit© KTG Design

Contemporary Rustic Kitchen with Black Shelves and White Backsplash Details

Natural materials, a neutral palette, and a weathered feel make up this contemporary kitchen. Open beams and wooden floors make the room truly rustic, while glassy black shelves make the white backsplash stand out. Wooden cabinets pair with gray quartz countertops in a modern, neutral way. The wooden kitchen island with a gray quartz kitchen countertop integrates with the wooden floor, while black barstools complete the design.

ID# 114125 | – Credit© Bardi Designs-Custom Residential Interior Design

Dark Gray Cabinets with Marble Countertop and Stone Range Hood

Modern rustic quirky textures add a natural charm to this kitchen. The aged-looking gray wooden cabinets are paired with a stone range hood and brown backsplash, while the gray marble kitchen countertop adds a natural refinement. The kitchen island with a gray marble countertop becomes the focal point and rises with stylish vintage-style pendant lamps in metal. The wooden floor improves the visual flow and wooden old-style barstools complement the decor.

ID# 114126 | – Credit© Devon Grace Interiors

Modern Black Cabinets with Natural Wooden Countertop

Black cabinets are the design of a contemporary kitchen, while wooden details make up this rustic design. The wooden ceiling and floor radiate a true country vibe. Black cabinets create a contemporary design with a gray quartz kitchen countertop and gray backsplash. The island with gray quartz countertop continues with the amazing natural wood countertop higher up, combining different styles. Black metal lamps hanging from the black beam and wooden barstools reflect the integrity of the design.

ID# 114127 | – Credit© Sun Forest Construction

Rustic Contemporary Kitchen with Concrete Countertop and Raw Wood Cabinets

Rustic materials turn into this stunning kitchen with contemporary details. The wooden cabinets that give the kitchen a raw look stand out with the white backsplash and the light color of the white quartz kitchen countertop. The wooden kitchen island with a concrete countertop creates a contemporary aesthetic. The timeless and distinctive feel of the concrete countertop adds a modern touch to this kitchen with wooden floors. Stainless steel appliances are very stylish and glass pendant lamps complement the decor beautifully.

ID# 114128 | – Credit© K. Donavan

Rustic Modern Kitchen with Wooden Backsplash and Wooden Countertops

This kitchen with woods has modern touches. The wooden open shelves in the kitchen make the wooden backsplash stand out, while the wooden vault merges with the ceiling. Mid-tone wooden cabinets create contrast and stylish match with the natural and modern texture of the gray granite kitchen countertop and the appeal of the concrete floor. With a wooden countertop, the island enhances the rustic feel and looks like part of nature with wood-detailed glass pendant lamps and wooden stools.

ID# 114129 | – Credit© Shearer Designs

Wood Cabinetry with Beige Countertop and Black Details

This modern kitchen adds a natural charm with interesting textures! Alder cabinets and black accents add a soft touch with a beige travertine backsplash. Leathered granite kitchen countertop continues uninterruptedly, forming a peninsula. The soft and modern beige color of the granite countertop brightens the kitchen. The earthy feel of wooden beams and wooden floor creates a rustic effect, while black metal lighting adds contemporary aesthetics to wooden barstools.

ID# 114130 | – Credit© ZED Studio

Black Cabinets with Gray Countertop and Brick Backsplash

Wooden floors and brick walls make a beautiful foundation in this contemporary kitchen. The black cabinets add a modern twist to stand out along with the white quartz kitchen countertop. The brick backsplash adds an industrial touch that doesn’t age over time, while the lighted metal open shelf creates a beautiful decor. Warm-up with the wooden floor, the kitchen looks contemporary with metal barstools, metal pendant lamps, and stainless-steel appliances.

ID# 114131 | – Credit© KA DesignWorks

White Kitchen Cabinets with Wooden Backsplash

This modern kitchen has a bright interior without losing its rustic appeal. The white cabinets create a tranquil ambiance by pairing with the white quartz kitchen countertop, while the dark wood backsplash creates a contrast with the rustic style. The wooden floor emphasizes the white island and cabinets while adding a country effect. The island with white quartz countertops is complemented by black barstools.

ID# 114132 | – Credit© Colorado Timberframe

White Countertop and Brown Backsplash in Modern Rustic Kitchen

All of the wonderful wooden elements bring nature into this kitchen. The wooden cabinets match the modern look of the white quartz kitchen countertop, while the brown backsplash provides a soft undertone. The wooden ceiling and beams create a striking ambiance while complemented by the wooden floor. Industrial-style metal lighting and metal barstools complete the decoration.

ID# 114133 | – Credit© F3 Architects

Modern Rustic Kitchen with Gray Limestone Countertop and Wooden Island

This modern rustic kitchen has a soothing palette that reflects warm tones. The wooden panel cabinets create a natural effect with their raw looks, while beautifully integrating with the gray floor. Gray limestone countertops with waterfall edging intertwine with the wooden island. While the wooden ceiling detail enhances the rustic effect in the room, the transparent pendant lamps harmonize with this space with their different designs. Gray barstools and stainless-steel appliances are the finishing touches.

ID# 114135 | – Credit© PureHaven Homes

Wooden Countertop and Gray Marble Island in Contemporary Rustic Kitchen

Wood and natural stone combine perfectly in this contemporary rustic kitchen. A black frame adds a crisp finish to the wooden cabinets and matches the natural pattern of the gray stone slab backlash. The solid wood kitchen countertop lifts the kitchen by creating contrast texture and color with the gray marble island and gray marble countertop. The open wooden floor contributes to the look, while the metal barstools and the chandelier resembling tree branches offer contemporary aesthetics.

ID# 114136 | – Credit© Paffrath & Thomas Real Estate

Rustic Kitchen with Wooden Countertop and Mosaic Backsplash

The wood effect in this kitchen style brings a modern rustic tone. Old-style wooden cabinets are detailed with a mosaic tile backsplash. Wooden countertops are durable and strong to withstand the abuse of daily use. The island with a rough cut-edged wood countertop brings the raw beauty of nature. It also adds a unique detail. The wooden ceiling and beams create an intensely rustic ambiance with the wooden floor. Pendant lamps integrated with wood and leather barstools add detail.

ID# 114137 | – Credit© The PRG Group

Modern Rustic Kitchen Design with Stone Walls and White Countertop

The rustic features of this modern kitchen are really beautiful, as wood and stonework together give it a stunning appeal. Dark wooden cabinets pair with elegance with a white backsplash and white quartz kitchen countertop. Wooden exposed beams and natural stone walls make the perfect accent piece. Two islands with white quartz countertops create a comfortable workspace. This kitchen with wooden floors is complemented by fabric cozy barstools and minimal glass pendant lamps.

ID# 114138 | – Credit© 2 Design Group

Wood Cabinets with Gray Backsplash and Granite Countertop

This kitchen showcases beautiful modern touches. The smooth finish of the gray granite kitchen countertop pairs well with the wooden cabinets and the gray backsplash with complementary colors to even out the style. The old style of the black metal hood strikes a balance between rustic and modern. The mid-tone wooden floor adds a warm and rustic feel to the kitchen, while the stainless-steel appliances look stylish and contemporary.

ID# 114139 | – Credit© Magleby Construction – Sun Valley

Black Cabinets and White Quartzite Countertop in Modern Rustic Kitchen

Despite the combination of white and black, this kitchen looks rustic because of the woods. Black cabinets match the contrast of contrast with the white backsplash and white quartzite kitchen countertop. Open shelves create an open and airy feel and the frameless window lets the view in. Natural wooden beams and columns add a rustic feel to the room. While the wooden beige floor combines the colors beautifully, black metal pendant lamps and black leather barstools become modern design elements.

ID# 114140 | – Credit© Artisan Builders LLC

Modern Rustic Kitchen with Stone Backsplash and Concrete Countertop Elegance

With a beautiful stone backsplash and woods, this modern rustic kitchen is magical. Reclaimed wooden cabinets match the cool, modern look of the gray concrete kitchen countertop, while the stone tile backsplash and open shelves add mountain style to the kitchen. Hand-cut wooden beams and old wooden floors create a rustic air. The kitchen island with a concrete countertop adds modernity, while the farmhouse sink and dim lighting complete the kitchen.

ID# 114141 | – Credit© CK Design

Wood Cabinetry with Glossy Blue Backsplash and Marble Countertop

This kitchen has an amazing blue backsplash. Old-style wooden cabinets and wooden ceiling detail add rustic detail. Blue backsplash creates a bright and happy atmosphere. The natural look of the gray marble kitchen countertop adds fine detail to the kitchen. The kitchen island with an old wooden gray marble countertop becomes the focal point of the kitchen. The dark wood floor combines different wood tones, while glass pendant lamps add elegance.

ID# 114142 | – Credit© Brandt Construction LLC

Elegant High Ceiling Kitchen with White Bubble Pendant Lights

The light color palette of this rustic kitchen is truly modern. Light wood cabinets blend modern and rusticity and match the soft hues of the mosaic beige backsplash and beige quartz kitchen countertop. The wooden ceiling and walls radiate a true rustic vibe, while the gray floor combines beautifully with the woods. The gray kitchen island creates a dark clear line with the black countertops, while the frosted glass pendant lights and elegant barstools elevate the kitchen.

Slate Mosaic Tiles

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Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

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Grey blue with rusty earth tones Brazilian slate mosaic tile with red glass inserts.

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Dark gray slate subway tile for a contemporary yet timeless kitchen backsplash

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Chevron Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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Rusty brown and gray color slate tile mixed with burgundy color iridescent glass tiles.

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Picket Design Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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ID# 114143 | – Credit© Granifera

Wooden Island and Gray Stone Backsplash in Rustic Modern Kitchen

Wooden cabinets and wooden floors make this modern kitchen truly rustic. The natural wood cabinet continues with the natural and glamor of the gray stone slab backsplash, while the white quartz kitchen countertop brings a light tone. The lighter wooden island stands out with a white quartz countertop. The wooden floor continues the rustic effect, while the distinctive style of black barstools and black metal pendant lamps blend into the kitchen.

ID# 114144 | – Credit© Timberlake Custom Homes

Black Rustic Cabinets with Gray Stone Backsplash and Black Shelves

This gorgeous modern kitchen features a mix of wood and stone textures in shades of brown, gray, and black. Black cabinets mix with the distinctive colors of stone slab backsplash and gray quartz kitchen countertop. Illuminated open shelves are decorative and add a rustic effect. The solid wood table adds a natural-looking air and adds detail. The wooden floors and ceilings create a beautiful atmosphere. The gray island, black chairs, and beautiful large glass chandeliers complement the decor.

ID# 114145 | – Credit© NSPJ Architects

Gray Countertop and Old-Style Cabinets in Modern Contemporary Kitchen

This rustic country kitchen looks gorgeous with its rustic features. The old-style dark wood cabinets match the contemporary look of the gray glossy backsplash, while the gray marble kitchen countertop helps it blend in with the rest of the kitchen. The wooden kitchen island with a lighter gray countertop has a luxurious feel. Wicker barstools and wooden floors add rustic flair to this dining-style kitchen. Large mesh pendant lamps fit perfectly into the country-style ambiance.

ID# 114146 | – Credit© Élysée

Natural Wood Cabinets with Black Countertops and Stone Backsplash

With rustic stone walls and woods, this kitchen is on a modern line. Raw-looking kitchen cabinets are used with a gorgeous stone backsplash. The black granite kitchen countertop explodes with the wonderful contrast it creates with the texture and color of the wood. The beige tile floor creates a harmonious tone, while the wooden ceiling adds the mountain style. The wooden island with a black granite countertop becomes the focus, and stainless-steel appliances are part of the design.

ID# 114147 | – Credit© Élysée

Gray Wood Cabinets with White Countertop and Stone Backsplash

The tones and materials used to create this wonderful contemporary rustic country kitchen. Gray wood cabinets look modern lines with a white quartz kitchen countertop. The gorgeous gray stone backsplash provides the rustic ambiance of the room with wooden beams and columns. The kitchen island with a light patterned white quartz countertop looks like a big table and adds functionality. The concrete floor becomes a stylish base that connects wood and grays. White barstools and a little green branch complete the kitchen.

ID# 114148 | – Credit© Locati Architects

Rustic Modern Kitchen with Multicolored Backsplash and Wooden Shelves

The colorful backsplash of this rustic modern kitchen enlivens the cooking space. Wood cabinets mix with old and contemporary pieces, including the multicolored backsplash. The white quartz kitchen countertop creates a simple transition. While wooden open shelves make the backsplash stand out, it is decorative. The kitchen island with a white quartz countertop, which can be eaten, continues with the wooden floor. The wooden beams look old, while white pendant lights add elegance.

White Cabinetry with Black Quartzite Countertop and Shiplap Ceiling

Wooden beams add natural warmth to this calm white modern kitchen. With white cabinets and a glossy gray backsplash, the room looks bright. The black quartzite kitchen countertop adds charm with its contrasting color. Wooden floors and old wood beams add rustic style to these neutral colors. The black quartzite countertop adds functionality to the kitchen with the white island, and the black metal pendant lights complete the design with modern touches.

ID# 114150 | – Credit© Gaskill Architecture

White Shaker Cabinets with White Quartz Countertop and Gray Floor

With the appeal of neutral colors and rustic details, this modern kitchen looks great. The white cabinets match the classic appeal of the white subway backsplash, while the white quartz kitchen countertop with gray accents adds subtle color. The gray floor creates a contemporary aesthetic and allows whites to appear. White quartz countertop with light gray accents catches style with wooden barstools. Wooden details and metal black pendant lamps combine different styles.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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ID# 114151 | – Credit© Arcanum Architecture

Beige Quartz Countertop and Glass Backsplash in Modern Rustic Kitchen

This serene kitchen that opens to a magnificent view of nature is modern and rustic. The wooden wall, ceiling, and wooden floor create rustic air. Dark kitchen cabinets create storage space and the kitchen cabinets match the beige quartz kitchen countertop. The black metal framed window backsplash takes the magnificent nature view into the kitchen. The kitchen island with a beige quartz countertop creates extra space and is complemented by leather barstools. Steel beams and metal lamps are stylish details.

ID# 114152 | – Credit© Riverbend Builders

Contemporary Rustic Kitchen with Concrete and Wood Countertop Idea

With woods and contemporary details, this rustic country kitchen has a pleasant ambiance. The wooden ceiling complements the wooden floor and cabinets, giving the space an even more rustic feel. Stylish light wood cabinets with glass showcase match the neutral and modernity of the concrete kitchen countertop and white subway backsplash. The kitchen with wooden floors continues with the dark wood countertop kitchen island that creates a warmer surface. Metal materials and stainless-steel appliances are a beautiful part of the design.

ID# 114153 | – Credit© VPC Builders, LLC

Wood Kitchen Cabinets with White Marble and Backsplash Elegance

With its distinctive wood tone and marble elegance, this modern rustic kitchen is very stylish. Brown wood cabinets match the cool look of a white stone slab backsplash with brown veins. Brown-veined white marble countertops continue as a stylish peninsula. The red barstools add an elegant pop of color, while the concrete floor adds a gentle tone to the browns.

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