Modern Kitchen Island Ideas Sleek and Elegant Island Designs

37+ Modern Kitchen Island Ideas

ID# 158014 | – Credit© New Age Design

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas for Farmhouse Kitchens with Glass Pendants

Both modern and farmhouse, this kitchen design abides by modern aesthetic principles with its clean-lined joinery. Yet the open cabinet shelving, fluted-design island, wood-clad ceiling, and exposed appliances create a farmhouse flair. The black hardware, again, is kept emphasized to add depth to the design. The waterfall island with glass pendants and modern stools further the modern aspect of the kitchen.

ID# 158017 | – Credit© STUDIO 8 DESIGN INC

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas with Wood Island and Black Pendants

Illuminated by clerestory windows, this modern kitchen is also blessed with a high ceiling clad in wood. This way, it easily radiates warmth and is put into an intimate conversation with the wood kitchen island. Consisting of cabinets and a hefty countertop, the island, here, serves as a multi-functional object. It even accommodates a stove and seats for 4, serving as an informal dining space. And lastly, overhead, the black pendants bring an industrial edge, synchronizing harmoniously with the black hardware.

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas

Designing a kitchen requires several decisions, including kitchen islands as well. Given the variety of options, choosing the right size, material, and style can turn into a firm dilemma and a daunting task. Thus, to guide you on that and give you a solid idea about the recent island trends, in this round-up, we take a closer look at modern kitchen island ideas.

From waterfall islands to units with cantilevered extensions and multi-layered designs, modern kitchen island ideas are various. Each one is unique in itself and the impact it gives on the interior. Here, we gathered a myriad of modern island designs. You will also be broadly introduced to various island sizes, colors, and styles while observing them in different contexts. So, keep reading to explore those inspiring design projects more closely!

ID# 158001 | – Credit© Hasler Homes Ltd

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas with White Countertop and Floating Shelves

Designed as a half-waterfall unit, this modern kitchen island boasts a wood base topped by a thick white countertop. This combination adds warmth to the white and black scheme of the kitchen while creating a sociable space with seating. Behind, the timber floating corner open shelving is a smart addition to keep the upper corner opened up and add further depth. In the rest of the room, the black range hood fixture with shiplap details and black full-height cabinets ground the entire room.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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Modern chevron backsplash tile, white gray brown color mixed chevron tile

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Gray Island with Wood Overhang and Glass Sheet Backsplash

This open-plan contemporary kitchen features an I-shaped kitchen layout supported by a modern island that accommodates an electric hob. Overhead, a well concealed hood in a false ceiling provides the room with ventilation without creating clutter. The LED strip lighting adds accent lighting to the room, injecting coziness. And below, the large gray island is positioned, which is attached to another layer of wood as an overhang extension. This way an informal laid-back design is created for guests and family members.

Are kitchen islands outdated?

Kitchen islands are still in style, featuring a high potential to turn any kitchen design into a more viable version. Better put, a kitchen island, can increase the utility of one’s kitchen. It offers storage and a benchtop and can be a house to a sink, wine rack, or beverage cooler. And that is not even the entire story. In addition to those functional benefits, it also increases the aesthetic value of the room. You can tile it, play with its format and structure, and add seats to create a socialization area. So, having a kitchen island is like having another kitchen within a kitchen. Even if it may not be for everybody, it is also not likely to go out of style. From tiny ones to the mobile kitchen island, there are plenty of different types that can fit your style!

ID# 158003 | – Credit© Jonathan Cross Interiors

Concrete Island with Concrete Floor and Black Backsplash

One way to make a kitchen look taller is to use vertically installed slim windows and slim cabinets taken up to the ceiling. And this modern kitchen has both, generously benefiting from thin cabinet forms and windows that keep it in line with contemporary looks. The resulting product, though featuring a dark palette, is very individual and characteristic, which is made possible with smart material choices. For example, the patterned black backsplash and sleek black counter space add to this impactful design. Secondly, the concrete island carves out a space for itself, looking as if it is a natural extension of the concrete floor. Its contribution to the design is not only a bonus prep surface but also an industrial feel with a sense of rawness.

Types of Modern Kitchen Island Ideas

Modern kitchen islands vary in style, color, and design options. From farmhouse style to rustic, these islands can work with different design aesthetics and bring an elegant look. If you want to integrate them into a certain design look, there are some key features according to the style. For example, a farmhouse kitchen might have X features, while a rustic island is made of reclaimed wood. Or a modern island may have a waterfall countertop or a cantilevered extension. Islands can also be painted any color and given a distressed finish. For more complicated designs, they can also be custom-designed.

Modern Small Kitchen Island

Generally measuring 2 and 3 feet, modern small islands still benefit kitchens drastically. They can be used for seating, food prep, and storage. And if you want to add more dimension to them, you can use a waterfall countertop. Also, if you have a very small kitchen space, a movable kitchen island can be a great addition!

ID# 158004 | – Credit© Novari Collective Property Styling

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas with White Countertop and Stacked Backsplash

This open-plan kitchen bridges old and new, creating a harmonious whole. First, it creates a blank canvas with white shaker cabinets and a stacked subway tile backsplash. Both together give the kitchen a failsafe backdrop, complemented by a small island. Topped by a white countertop, this island unit comes with seating for three. And it is anchored to the design via a duo of oversized black pendants. The lighting fixtures design also helps keep the island look more modern than it actually is.

Black Mosaic Tiles

Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

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Dark gray slate subway tile for a contemporary yet timeless kitchen backsplash

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Black & white color with crackle glass kitchen backsplash tile

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ID# 158005 | – Credit© Whiting Young Interior Design

Marble Island with Linear Lighting Fixtures and Seating

In this contemporary kitchen, the island is made of two different materials: marble and wood. While the wood is topped by a white quartz countertop that extends in a gravity defying way, the second part is a black giant marble block. The former offers a seating section, paired with black stools. Overhead, a duo of linear lighting fixtures provides lighting for each section separately.

What is the best use of a kitchen island?

The best use of a kitchen island rather depends on the needs of a kitchen design and homeowners. For example, do you need extra storage or an extra cabinet to accommodate a sink? Or do you want it only for its looks? So, it rather depends on the needs of the individuals. Though, if there is one thing that makes the island more popular is probably its storage capacity.

ID# 158006 | – Credit© avenue design inc

Modern Waterfall Island with Black Pendants and White Countertop

Rigorously proportioned to the scale of the open-plan kitchen, this small island is a counterpoint to the perimeter design. Its white waterfall countertop with a wood base just lends warmth to the design. And variously-shaped lighting fixtures overhang it, suspended at different heights to sculpt a more dimensional presence.

Modern Waterfall Kitchen Island

Modern waterfall islands feature countertops falling over the edges and reaching down to the floor, which is where the name comes from. Associated with modern designs, they allow you to show off your marble/quartz countertops due to their larger surface area. Plus, they add a sense of fluidity to any design. You can also find their half-waterfall versions with countertops falling only over one edge. These versions are generally preferred for extra-large and split-level islands.

ID# 158007 | – Credit© MAC Renovations LTD.

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas with Black Stools and Linear Lighting Fixture

This high-contrast contemporary kitchen is introduced to a sense of movement with a waterfall island and color shifts throughout. First, topped by a quartz backsplash, the waterfall island holds a beautiful mirror image on the backsplash. And its countertop falling over the edges add a nice gesture. Secondly, the black upper units transform into brown cupboards that bring earth-ed quality to the room. And brass-finish linear lighting fixture lends further interest to the design.

ID# 158008 | – Credit© Kaza Contracting

Modern Waterfall Island with Wood Cabinets and Subway Tile Backsplash

The well-balanced design of the wood cabinets with a white waterfall island is a blessing to any kitchen. And here we have one of them. From a white subway tile backsplash to a modern waterfall island, each white element ensures the openness and lightness of the design. The wood cabinets deliver warmth, while stainless steel appliances add a high-end feel.

What are the disadvantages of an island kitchen?

Everything has pros and cons; the same applies to kitchen islands as well. Despite all the benefits they offer, they may end up taking up too much space. The working triangle might be interrupted. And when it is not proportioned to the room, it might overwhelm the space, intervening with human traffic and circulation.


Waterfall Island with Orange Stools and Glass Pendants

Here, the white shaker cabinets with gold hardware are paired with a waterfall island. The black base of the island is a contrasting touch, paired with orange stools that pop. The glass pendants with brass hardware draw further attention to the island, while its quartz countertop falls over the edges to create a waterfall effect.

ID# 158010 | – Credit© Shaunn Lipsey + Co.

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas with Marble and Slab Backsplash

The protagonist of this all-white achromatic design is a marble slab backsplash used in multiple ways throughout. Serving as a backsplash and range hood, the same marble is also introduced via a marble waterfall countertop. Under it are white shaker cabinets punctuated by black hardware just like the rest of the room. Complementing the design are mid-century-inspired orb lighting with black stools and a black faucet that round up the look.

Midcentury Modern Kitchen Island

Midcentury modern kitchens are fond of wood and pristine white, using them in abundance. This choice applies to islands as well. To give a more specific example, for example, you can use a walnut island topped by a white Silestone quartz countertop. And to complement it, you can use mid-century lighting fixtures such as sputnik chandeliers and orb pendants. Starburst lighting fixtures and ergonomic designs with flexibility also add to this list, helping you achieve a fully-fledged mid-century flair.

ID# 158011 | – Credit© My Upgrade

Midcentury Modern Kitchen Island Ideas with Marble Backsplash and Countertops

Paying homage to midcentury designs, this contemporary kitchen displays an extended love for wood. Brought in via wood cabinets, floating shelves, and a wood island, it just washes the interior with warmth. The white marble backsplash and countertops with white walls brighten up the interior, while the exposed glassware and accessories inject a dose of personality. The black stools tucked under the overhang countertop extension remain completely concealed. And wall-mounted artwork lends the kitchen an artsy vibe and sublimity.

ID# 158012 | – Credit© Loop Interior Design Inc.

White Modern Island with Wood Cabinets and Black Stools

This modern kitchen turns its sloping ceiling into an advantage, seeing it as a chance to build an intriguing cabinet design adjusted to the architectural features of the room. Consisting of wood cabinets, this modern flat-front cupboard also has a break for a white floating shelf. This particular area is used to put biomorphic accessories on display to evoke more interest. And complementing them is a white modern gravity-defying island. It cantilevers out to offer a broadened seating area paired with black stools. Right above, what we again see are black pendant lights that are oversized and modern.

ID# 158013 | – Credit© Lisa Lev Design

Wood Cabinets with White Countertop and Midcentury Modern Kitchen Island Ideas

Though some kitchen islands are split-level, separating dining and food-prep sections from each other, this kitchen shows that is not necessary. Especially if you are on a low budget, you can just place a white dining table near a wood island-as showcased by this kitchen. Here, the wood cabinets with a white backsplash set the tone of the design. And a wood island topped by a white countertop mirrors the perimeter counters. The open storage, kitchen plants clustered together, and yellow lighting fixtures add to the mid-century vibe of the design.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Among the most characteristic features of modern farmhouse kitchens, we can count clean lines, polished finishes, and waterfall countertops. Neutral color schemes and soft earthy color palettes also add to those features. Some designers and homeowners prefer modern farmhouse islands to be in wood to introduce warmth to the design. Those are generally topped by white polished Premium Natural quartz countertops. Some go with all-white modern farmhouse islands, pairing them with glass pendants.

ID# 158015 | – Credit© Bloomsbury Kitchens and Fine Cabinetry

Blue Island with Gold Hardware and Wood Pillars

In this farmhouse kitchen, the exposed wood pillars give the kitchen a more definitive frame, distinguishing the cooking section from the dining area. And the blue island rests in the middle, consisting of multiple drawers instead of standard cabinets. Such a design, in turn, makes it more functional and allows for better organization. Complementing these drawers are brass cup pulls that accentuate the cabinets, bringing warmth out of them. Additionally, the white countertops and backsplash are introduced to lighten up the interior along with the white walls.

ID# 158016 | – Credit© Logs End, Inc.

White Island with Lantern Lighting Fixtures and Brown Stools

Here, while the brown stools and a gray display cabinet bring earthliness, the white cabinets and the white island lend lightness. Since this kitchen is designed as open, it uses the island to develop a better sense of space. The black lantern lighting fixtures, on the other hand, draw further attention to the island’s pristine white body. The white-painted walls let the entire room breathe, while little accents build a farmhouse flair bit by bit.

Luxury Modern Kitchen Island

What makes a modern kitchen island more luxurious is generally the material it is made of and the complexity of the design. For example, islands carved out of upscale natural stone materials, such as marble, add a high-end feel to the room. The same goes for large multi-layered islands with cantilevered extensions that ooze opulence.

ID# 158018 | – Credit© Alair Homes Forest Hill

Luxury Modern Kitchen Island Ideas with Marble and Sink

Here, if it weren’t for the accent detailing, probably the white cabinets would go unnoticed. Kept achromatic to compensate for the lack of windows, this luxurious modern kitchen ensures that the light color palette pays off to create the illusion of brightness. Kept-all-white cabinets just blend into the room seamlessly. And what further accentuates them is marble used both as a backsplash and island. As the protagonist of this design, it adds an upscale look to this already luxury space. The island accommodates an integrated sink, while the undulating striation on marble gives the design a sense of fluidity.

ID# 158019 | – Credit© Tailor Build

Contemporary Kitchen with Quartz Island and Black Backsplash

The juxtaposition of black and white cabinets provides enough brightness and solidity for this contemporary kitchen, which comes as the double sides of the same coin. The flat-front cabinets ensure a clean-lined look, while the black backsplash adds depth to the background. The white quartz-carved island is like a more functional version of marble-carved islands. Without requiring annual sealing and any complicated cleaning routine, it just keeps the lives of homeowners much easier. Thus, for those who prefer functionality and convenience over aesthetics, it is a great alternative. Plus, since quartz can also mimic marble veining, it can create a similar visual impact on the overall design aesthetic.

ID# 158020 | – Credit© Alair Homes Forest Hill

Marble Island with Black Glass Sheet Backsplash and Gold Faucet

For a luxurious look, you can benefit from upscale materials like marble and high-end finishes like yellow gold. Here, this contemporary kitchen presents both, respectively, via a kitchen island and a faucet. Behind, a black glass sheet backsplash adds further luxury to the overall design. And the engineered wood flooring brings much-needed warmth to make the design more approachable.

Modern White Kitchen Island

Already have an all-white kitchen? A modern kitchen island can complete your already white kitchen seamlessly. And if you want to add more interest to it, you can benefit from colorful stools and statement pendants. They help your kitchen island to pop against a white backdrop. Plus, when you get bored, you can change them without spending a fortune.

ID# 158021 | – Credit© Alair Homes Forest Hill

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating and Black Stools

This all-white modern kitchen expands its body with a white large island that consists of two sections. Its main body serves as storage and benchtop while also accommodating an integrated sink. And its cantilevered extension supported by two black legs offers a dining space for four and an extra counter space. The black stools and modern lighting fixtures just team up with the island to finalize the overall aesthetic. Brass inside and white outside, these dual-character lighting fixtures are a true statement piece, drawing eyes upward.

ID# 158022 | – Credit© Francesco Pierazzi Architects

Blue Marble Backsplash and Countertops with White Cabinets

This sleek contemporary room keeps it simple by just employing a blue marble slab backsplash and matching countertops balanced out by white flat-front cabinets. The color of the blue marble picks up on the sky, which puts it into dialogue with the sky peeking out behind the oversized skylight. The block form of the island drags its giant body to be positioned under the skylight, neighboring the patio. The perimeter countertops behind the island are opened up; cabinets are kept hardware free. It is only the colors and forms that do the whole talking in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Is it better to have a stove or sink on a kitchen island?

Having a stove or sink on a kitchen island requires a wide array of arrangements, from water supply to electricity. Thus, it is a topic that also needs to be negotiated with a plumber and electrician. But generally speaking, if you have a large island, you can even have them together. It also helps with the working triangle and workflow. However, if you prefer to use your island for food preparation, it would be better to keep the sink on the island. And if you prefer socialization and regard the island as a dining zone, then it is better to have a stove on the island.

ID# 158023 | – Credit© Schmidt Kitchens Palmers Green

White KitchenConcrete with Sink and Concrete Floor

This open-plan kitchen boasts a multi-level island that comprises two intertwined sections. One of them comes in black while the other is white. This two-tone island is in resonance with the overall color scheme of the kitchen and the entire house as well. It also provides a division with the living space. And on the floor, the poured concrete provides a seamless one-color look as opposed to the color-blocking used throughout the house.

ID# 158024 | – Credit© Wanda Ely Architect Inc.

Large White Island with Sink and White Floating Shelves

Accommodating a sink and two bar stools for kitchen island seating options, this large white island also serves as a space-dividing element between the kitchen and living room. At the back the black cabinets make a counterpoint to the white cabinets. And the white floating shelves with exposed glassware and dishware add a personality to the design. The wood flooring and the gold details of the pendant lights break the monochrome color scheme and bring warmth.

What is the best size modern kitchen island?

Islands measuring 36 inches in width and 24 inches in depth provide multiple options to be designed in different combination possibilities. But it is also essential to consider the kitchen’s overall area. According to experts, the island should be about 10 % and 15 % of the total area for a well proportioned look. If you are not short of space, you can use other cues. For example, if you want your kitchen to serve as a breakfast bar, decide on how many seats it should accommodate. And reserve 24 inches for each seat and multiply it by the number of seats. It will give an ideal size for your dream kitchen island.

ID# 158025 | – Credit© Karly Parker Interior Design

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas for Monochromatic Contemporary Kitchen

Timeless and fail-safe, all-white kitchens are still on-demand, giving the illusion that time has stopped. And here you have one great example. Outfitted with white modern cabinets, a white backsplash, and white countertop space, this kitchen acts as a single body. The white modern waterfall island also plays along, staying true to the kitchen design. It is only a few kitchen utensils distributed here and there that add a small dose of color, while the wood flooring brings much-needed warmth.

ID# 158026 | – Credit© Homekin

All-White Kitchen with White Island and Black Tracking Fixtures

If you are fond of high contrasts, it is best to keep your kitchen in synchrony with the rest of your white kitchen. Here this contemporary kitchen goes monochromatic to keep the calmness of the design intact. It is only the black stools and black lighting fixtures that add a soft contrast, giving the design movement. The black linear fixture especially comes as a very practical element. Its pendants can be directed in various ways to direct the light in the way it is needed. As such one may not even need ambient lighting.

Modern Black Kitchen Island

Dramatic and immersive, modern black kitchen islands are favored by contemporary, industrial, and rustic designs. To offset their all-black body, you can add open storage and accentuate them with gold hardware. Statement pendants and stools, again, are very helpful, as well as polished finishes to balance out the black island.

ID# 158027 | – Credit© Square Footage Inc.

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas with Open Storage and Wood Ceiling

In this modern kitchen, the wood-clad ceiling is a true counterpoint to the black custom island with storage space. While the wood channels warmth, the all-black island acts as an anchor for it. Behind, the gray base counters add a nice transition to the interior color-wise. The white marble countertops and slab backsplash, likewise, brighten up the interior and come as gentle touches. The choice of vertical picture windows gives the room extra height, which serves any room well, especially when it features a ceiling design to highlight.

ID# 158028 | – Credit© ZED Studio

Two-Tiered Island with Gold Pendants and Bar Extension

Do you want to extend your kitchen island? A bar extension can easily be attached to an island. Generally reaching up to 42 inches in height, it provides a laid-back dining space that could be turned into a cozy spot with lightning. Here, for example, the two-tiered custom kitchen island is illuminated by two pendants that keep the island in the spotlight. Not only do they add color with gold detailing but introduce curvature forms. To finalize the look, the polished finishes on the backsplash, floor, and countertops give the kitchen a brightening effect to balance out the black cabinets.

Matte Mosaic tiles

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Try a Sample

Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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White Marble Small Picket Design Backsplash Mosaic Tile

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ID# 158029 | – Credit© Samurai Hardwood Flooring

Split-Level Modern Black Island with Butcher Block Countertop

This modern farmhouse kitchen prides itself on its split-level black massive kitchen island topped by a butcher block countertop. On one level, it is designed more like bench seating. On another level, it serves as a breakfast bar. The resulting product gives multiple socialization opportunities to choose from.

Modern Kitchen Island with Seating

Modern design homes tend to feature open-plan kitchens that directly open onto the lounge. In such designs, modern kitchen islands with seating are extra beneficial for two reasons. First, they allow for a smooth transition from the kitchen to the lounge, offering another socialization spot. Secondly, they develop a sense of space by acting as a space-dividing utility object.

ID# 158030 | – Credit© Best Builders ltd

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating and Butcher Block Countertop

This light-flooded contemporary kitchen is centered around a light-color palette and an eye-catching island design. Featuring two levels, the island cantilevers out to create a bar countertop, accommodating up to 5 people. If needed, more stools could also be added. Positioned under the skylights, it also benefits from the best task lighting, which is sunlight. Yet to compensate for the lack of sunlight during the night, it is paired with a timber-carved lighting fixture.

ID# 158031 | – Credit© avenue design inc

Marble Waterfall Island with Black Range Hood and Stove

In this contemporary kitchen, the multi-purpose island comes with a stove, paired with an upscale rounded range hood. The marble countertop falling over the edges adds luxurious detail. Since the range hood already adds a bulky presence over the island, the designers, here, skip adding pendants. Rather they go with ceiling-mounted directional lighting to avoid any potential visual clutter.

ID# 158032 | – Credit© The Design Yard

Gray Island with Seating and Window Backsplash

When you get an island with seating, make sure that it has a good view, too. This contemporary kitchen places it right across the window backsplash which offers landscape views and abundant natural light.

ID# 158033 | – Credit© MerceVida

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas with Storage and Seating

In this kitchen, the white kitchen island with wood open storage echoes the kitchen design perfectly. Designed to keep accessories and a wine rack, this island adds high value to the kitchen To complement its look, the backless wood stools and black small pendants are brought in creating a contrast.

Modern Kitchen Island Lighting

Modern lighting ranges from linear chandeliers to dimmable LED pendants and geometric-shaped lighting fixtures. Cluster pendants, glass shades, and many more are also included in this list. Indeed, the repertoire of modern island lighting is quite extensive, promoting experimentality with forms. So, feel free to play with materials and buy pendants of abstract forms to create a visual focal point.

ID# 158034 | – Credit© avenue design inc

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas with Luxury Linear Lighting Fixture

A luxury kitchen design awash with marble and gold features surely deserves statement lighting. Here, this opulence finds embodiment in the linear LED pendant intertwined with rounded features.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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ID# 158035 | – Credit© Karly Parker Interior Design

Paper Clip Pendants for Waterfall Island with Seating

In this contemporary kitchen, a duo of pendants reminiscent of paper clips overhangs the waterfall island with seating. They are very contemporary and eye-catching, coordinating with the commercial goose-neck faucet harmoniously.

Should I put a waterfall on my kitchen island?

A waterfall countertop is not a necessity. It is rather something preferred for its aesthetic value. Especially if you want to show off your quartz or natural stone countertop, it gives you more surface area. And due to its waterfall effect, it adds a sense of fluidity to the room.

ID# 158036 | – Credit© Madison Taylor

Achromatic Kitchen with White Oversized Pendants and White Island

Blending seamlessly with the all-white achromatic kitchen and white island, white oversized pendants create a visual statement in their own way. Their modern shape adds more modernism to the already contemporary design.

ID# 158037 | – Credit© RZ Interiors

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas with Linear Lİghting Fixture

Fond of minimalist and sleek designs? A linear lighting fixture like this one is probably your cup of tea. Especially if you have a large island, you can just skip on pendants and get one linear pendant that provides enough task lighting across the entire countertop. In case you want to create a visual focal point with it, get one with a gold or brass finish.

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