Modern Small Kitchen Ideas Sleek Designs for Compact Spaces

32+ Modern Small Kitchen Ideas

Cream Cabinets with Wood Accents and Open Shelving

This cozy and heartwarming kitchen, though small, feels privileged enough thanks to the accent pieces and wood additions. Plus, the use of two tones is always a good idea in such small kitchens to play with the scale of the space and enrich the overall look without cluttering the space. Here we have cream beadboard cabinets mixed with flat-front ones to achieve a sense of diversity without overwhelming the look. A little further what stands out are fluted wooden design volume and a wooden island with wooden floating shelves that add a characteristic feature to make a statement. On the other side of the island, the use of a black rod as support is an eccentric touch that provides a different form. Lastly, to expand the visual scheme of the kitchen, the floor is finished with light large format tiles.

Modern Small Kitchen Ideas with Marble Backsplash and Two-tone Cabinetry

In this L-shaped kitchen, complementing the two-tone cabinetry is the ceiling-height marble backsplash featuring bold streaks camouflaged in shades of cream. It is put into the spotlight with a duo of metallic rod pendants and under-cabinet accent lighting. As for the layout, the L-configuration of the cabinets and the order of the sink, free countertops, and the lastly the electric hob create an excellent work order as well. In other words, you can start by washing the vegetables, move to the countertop for prep, and finally go to the hob zone for cooking.

Modern Small Kitchen Ideas

Not everybody is lucky enough to have super-spacious kitchens. But that’s nothing to despair about, as small kitchens can feel stylish and feature enjoyable designs as much as spacious ones. Plus, that’s what modern small kitchen ideas are for, which mainly focus on the optimal use of the space and how to benefit from natural lights and navigate the architectural features of the kitchen. Such focuses are especially helpful in compact spaces.

Modern designs are already known for their vertical and horizontal lines and geometric forms that keep things minimal and decluttered. So, they already have a lot to offer for small kitchens. And all you have to do is to recognize your available space and decide the configuration of the cabinets accordingly. The rest just follows naturally, but just a few design tricks need to be known. This is what this blog is for. Here we have rounded up 30+ modern small kitchen ideas that play with these tricks and introduce you to different kitchen layouts, backsplash types, and color schemes from which you can pull inspiration for your next home improvement projects.

Modern Small Kitchen Ideas with Two-tone Cabinetry and Open Shelving

This modern small kitchen sticks to the lighter shades that help the feeling of airiness and spaciousness to prevail over the space. The white flat-front and hardware-free cabinets topped by white countertops create a sleek and decluttered look with no visual intervention. The open shelving in place of overhead cabinets is used to open up this compact space a bit more. And complementing them are the marble full-height backsplash and wooden floor-to-ceiling cabinets that stand out as other strategical choices to make the kitchen look taller. The cabinets also offer ample storage making up for the lack of upper cupboards. Also, just because the space is small, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add accessories to spice up the design. In this kitchen, for example, the black rectangular forms vertically attached to the floating shelves not only add a visual accent but also bring some depth to the background.

Glazed Modern Cabinets with White Countertops and Peninsula

Nestled in a small corner, this compact yet self-contained kitchen uses ceiling-height cabinets to make up for the lack of space, while the glazed finish gray cabinets help create a more reflective design to let light bounce off. This way, it achieves a playful character, making the kitchen look a bit more spacious and dynamic. The glass sheet backsplash also serves the same purpose, and the accent lighting that comes with under-cabinet spotlights and LED-strip lighting highlights the length of the cabinets to play with the proportions and scale of the space. Likewise, the white thick countertops add a high-volume character, which is also used as a peninsula to create a practical eating space.

Modern Small Kitchen Ideas with White Stacked Backsplash and Gray Cabinets

The soothing atmosphere of the design stems from the minimalist palette of the light gray cabinets, whose flat-front design feels like dividing the kitchen into variously sized geometric forms. This way, the cabinets create an additional form for the space to make the kitchen look taller and wider. Paired with a white ceramic stacked subway tile backsplash, they support the modern look of the design. And the running rug adds a homey vibe to make the kitchen feel cozier. A gray dining table paired with timber spindle stools brings a soft touch to complement the perimeter counters. Lastly, an indoor plant delivers a splash of green, coloring the space.

How to design a small modern kitchen?

Kitchens are the heart of our homes, mainly composed of a sink, fridge, cabinets for storage, a stove, and many more. That’s why everybody wants a roomy kitchen to work freely and fit everything they need. But don’t despair if you have a small one. With a few design tricks, you can make the space feel larger.

First of all, you can use a light color palette to brighten up the space and get smaller appliances to leave more space for cabinets. Or you can get floating shelves to ditch the upper cabinets to make the space breathe. If you want to introduce color, you can do so with patterned floor tiles, a rug, sleek cabinet handles, and kitchen plants. Also keep in mind that the streamlined look achieved with flat-front cabinets helps a clutter-free space, visually enhancing the space skillfully. In other words, make use of geometric forms that emphasize the vertical and horizontal lines, which will expand the visual scheme on those axes as well. That’s why ceiling-height cabinets are especially helpful in small spaces.

More importantly, the layouts of the kitchen play an important role to maximize the use of square footage in the most functional ways. The galley, U-shaped, and L-shaped kitchens harness the efficient use of space, to which you can pay specific attention. That’s why knowing the architectural features of the space is the key point and the rest just follows.

Contrasting Kitchen Design with Subway Tile Backsplash and Black Appliances

In this modern kitchen, the use of black and white cabinets paints a striking contrast that defines the overarching narrative of the space. The upper black cabinets with pitch black appliances add depth to the design, while off-white sleek countertops and cabinets create a visually lightweight look. The subway tile backsplash and galley-style island just add timeless design features to ensure the relevance of the design in the long term. The multi-functional island features a drop-in sink with a drain board, paired with a trio of light gray modern lights and gray cushioned stools. This way, it becomes an excuse to bring in more stylish elements to complement the overall look.

White Cabinets with Statement Range Hood and Waterfall Island

Here we have a monochromatic kitchen design made more ambitious with the integration of a statement hood, waterfall island, and black floating shelves. Posing against a white quartz backsplash, this champagne-colored steel hood sandwiched by black open shelving adds a dramatic element. Complementing it is a white waterfall island with dark blue bottom and backless stools of the same color. And to retain cohesiveness, the kitchen only needs a couple of small details. For example, the black footrest on the island coordinates with the black shelves, while the modern lighting fixture befriends the hood. Lastly, the medium-tone wood flooring brings just the right amount of warmth to tie the space together.

Minimalist Modern Small Kitchen Ideas

Famous for its decluttered style, light shades, and functional simplicity, minimalist kitchens indeed offer everything that small kitchen spaces need. That’s why if you have a small space, it is better to check out minimalist design principles to maximize the use of the space with a focus on simplicity and functionality. This way, you can keep the kitchen free and self-contained.


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Minimalist Modern Small Kitchen Ideas with White Flat-front Cabinets and Sleek Appliances

If you want to experience a small kitchen space to the fullest, what you can do is look at minimalist kitchen designs that emphasize simplicity and functionality and apply some of their principles. To achieve that, you can start by making sure that your kitchen is designed to benefit from the sunlight and using lighter shades to enhance the openness and airiness. Here, for example, the white cabinets and the kept-free top half of the space create a minimalist and decluttered space that is open enough to feel extra spacious. It is complemented by a black modern-vintage lighting fixture that you can orient to whichever spot you need to illuminate. Likewise, the sleek appliances help the kitchen feel free, while the hardwood floor finish gives a natural flavor for a sense of warmth.

Monochromatic Kitchen with Floating Shelf and Seamless Concrete Floor

Don’t you also think that this achromatic kitchen seems almost invisible, ghosting you? Completely melted into the white background thanks to the surrounding white walls, it is composed of white slab-front cabinets, a white backsplash, and a floating shelf feeling almost completely camouflaged if weren’t for their volumes. They all sit in some deep niche wall-like corner, offering a sleek look supported by the under-mount sink that adds another minimalist element to the kitchen repertoire. The gray seamless concrete flooring partly covered with a white carpet, a wooden step stool, and an empty frame complete the look, emphasizing the minimalist and decluttered lines. Especially the empty frame is such a smart addition for a kitchen that barely exists!

What is the best layout for a small kitchen?

The answer to this question is also dependent on the architectural features of the space (whether it is an open plan or separate, etc.). But generally, the galley kitchen layouts are considered the best layout for a small kitchen. They make optimal and efficient use of space. For example, while you can dedicate one wall for prep, sink, and hob, the other wall can accommodate full-height cabinets and built-in appliances.


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Luxurious Kitchen with Marble Counters and White Slender Tile Backsplash

Minimalist kitchens, unlike what has been assumed mostly, don’t have to look boring or jarring. If you want to create a both minimalist and statement kitchen, you can utilize statement materials that will jazz up the complete look. This kitchen, for instance, benefits from black marble-made counters that offer an upscale feel with an integrated sink made of the same material. The white flowing patterns on the marble also bring a sense of fluidity to break the inflexible regular forms of the counters. Apart from that, another interesting addition is the mirror cabinet doors that create an interactive space and an illusion of spaciousness. Complementing them is a full-height white slender tile backsplash that provides a whitewashed brick look for a visual accent and a seamless Scandinavian-style floor finish not to break the seamless look of the design.

Rustic Modern Small Kitchen Ideas

Rustic modern kitchens are the best design styles if you love natural forms and textures. In these kitchens, you can combine white and cream cabinets with wooden cabinets and natural stone backsplashes. You can even integrate gray shades for a sense of moodiness.

Rustic Modern Small Kitchen Ideas with Two-tone Cabinetry and Marble Backsplash

This small yet self-sufficient rustic modern kitchen benefits from natural materials to the fullest. Starting from the richly stained wood cabinets to marble backsplash and countertops, each piece adds a statement finish. Below, the sleek gray cabinets coordinate with the gray striations on the marble that add soft contrast to the wood. The under-cabinet accent lighting and open shelving features build extra interest, as the kitchen uses accent lighting to emphasize the beauty of the materials.

What color makes a small kitchen look bigger?

Light colors are recommended as they reflect light better to encourage the kitchen to feel roomier. So, off-white, white, Linen, light wood, and cream shades are the safest colors. For something more colorful, pastel shades, light green and blue shades, and yellows are also great additions. And if you want to spice a neutral color scheme up, you can use brass and metal hardware, glass pendants, and wood accents, depending on the theme of your kitchen.


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Gray Cabinets with Two-tiered Island and Metal Pendants

Small kitchen spaces might be compact and make it hard for more than one or two people to work at the same time. But since it is compact, it also keeps everything close to the user, minimizing how much they have to move around. This cozy and tiny kitchen is the same, defined by gray cabinets, a marble backsplash, and a two-tiered peninsula. The use of marble and the butcher block countertop of the peninsula create a visual drama, while the second level of the peninsula blocks the could-be-messy counters from being seen. Plus, it also provides a home bar atmosphere that is put into the spotlight by metallic lighting fixtures.

Modern Kitchen with Wooden Cabinets and Curved Terrazzo Island

The protagonist of this modern kitchen is without a doubt the terrazzo that comes in the form of backsplash, countertops, and a curved kitchen island, occupying the largest portion of the kitchen. Its neutral shades and small-big chips make an interesting addition to complement the dark wood cabinets that bring extra texture to the space. This timber and terrazzo combination is also repeated for the island design with an addition of a light wooden circular layer that cantilevers out to serve as a cutting board and eat-in space. Overall, it all works out well, creating a natural and sophisticated look. For the ones who are not strict on budget, terrazzo is one of the greatest material options for small kitchens.

Modern Small White Kitchen Ideas

Not to anybody’s surprise, white is known as a space-enhancing factor, which makes it one of the essential colors for small kitchens. That’s why all-white color schemes are very popular in compact spaces to create a visually lightweight design with an airy and bright atmosphere.

All-White Kitchen with Glass Lighting Fixtures and Pink Carpet

If you have a small kitchen and don’t know how to integrate color, why not use it on the floor? This kitchen, for example, benefits from a large pink carpet that feels discolored and distressed in certain spots to suggest an aged look, while the rustic wood floor still manages to peek out under the carpet. And the rest of the kitchen is occupied by sleek off-white cabinets, backsplash, and countertops that stand out as a unified achromatic body. It is only the timber additions, cutting boards, beautiful vases with dry plants, and a trio of basic glass lighting fixtures that break up this achromatic look along with the stunning pink carpet.


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Modern Small White Kitchen Ideas with Black Hardware and Brown Stools

Simple yet functional, this all-white kitchen only has a couple of contrasting elements that save the space from looking too monotonic. As contrasting elements, you can benefit from black hardware, cylinder-shaped flush mounts, fixtures, and brown-cushioned faux leather stools as showcased in this particular kitchen. Apart from that, another way to enrich the look is to introduce different forms such as a two-tiered island that will also help designate the kitchen zone in open-plan layouts. If you want to enliven the space, you can use indoor plants that will bring a breath of fresh air.

How can I make my small kitchen beautiful?

Suspended shelves, painted timber balustrades, accent walls, pegboards, floating shelves, and indoor plants are some of the key decorations you can use to beautify your small kitchen. You can, for example, hang your pans on your pegboards. This way, you not only create an accent wall but also open some space in lower cabinets for other kitchenware. Also, statement finish hardware, marble backsplashes, and terrazzo countertops enrich the overall look without cluttering kitchens. Glass-front or mirror door cabinets also encourage the space to feel extra roomy, enriching the aesthetic value of the small spaces simultaneously.


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White Marble Backsplash with Stainless Steel Appliances and Wood Accents

This tiny yet cozy kitchen corner is well-appointed with white cabinets and stainless-steel appliances that create an upscale feel spanning across the space. And it is enriched with a marble backsplash that also envelops the range hood for a seamless look and a wood open cabinet injecting a sense of warmth to the design. The peninsula, on the other hand, supported by a timber cylinder leg creates a tiny corner for your guest to sit and enjoy the calmness of the kitchen, while you can do your kitchen work and engage in a conversation with your guest.

Modern Small Galley Kitchen Ideas

Galley kitchens, also favored by professional chefs, are one of the best kitchen layouts to maximize the limited use of space. And there are multiple ways to make galley kitchens more enjoyable. First of all, you can benefit from a brighter color scale that will cheer up the room. Secondly, to add dimension and warmth, you can use wood floating shelves that will provide more breathing space in the absence of upper cabinets. Instead of open-floating shelves, you can also go with pegboards which you can paint any color and organize and hang your stuff as you wish. These pegboards not only color the kitchen but also compose a lively look that will entertain the space.

But if you have too much kitchenware, what you can do is utilize two-tone cabinetry in light shades to create a soft contrast for a sense of character. Plus, contrasts help build more interest, drawing attention to the color scale rather than the size of the space. Besides, symmetrical placements and layouts of cabinet arrangements should be thought-out well as they can endorse a sense of calmness and upgrade the mood of the space.

Additionally, though it is not a problem to have big appliances and farmhouse sinks extending forward for a touch of character, you can as well hide your appliances. To do so, you can use panels in the same color as your cabinets and get under-mount sinks.

Modern Small Kitchen Ideas with All-White Cabinets and Glass Sheet Backsplash

In this small galley kitchen, all-white cabinets make it less claustrophobic, while their lacquered surfaces let the streaming lights bounce off for a sense of roominess. Complemented by a white glass sheet backsplash and quartz countertops, the space feels cheered up. The symmetrical layout also helps the space feel calm while the window does a big favor to the kitchen by keeping it airy and bright.


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Modern Small Galley Kitchen with Black Open Cabinet and Marble Countertops

One of the best ways to spice up your galley kitchen is to introduce a contrasting color and an open cabinet that reveal the content and your essential kitchenware for a sense of character. Additionally, the climbing indoor plants, statement hardware, and fixtures in complementary colors bring the space together while adding extra charm to the kitchen. To serve the same aim, you can also use marble countertops with slight striations and wood-finish open cabinets to accompany white counters.

Contemporary Kitchen with All-white Color Palette and Wall Decorations

Another all-white minimalist design for a contemporary galley kitchen. It provides the suggested color scheme for a small space, feeling enriched with sleek appliances and an under-mount sink. The best part of such galley kitchens is that you can dedicate one side to the floor-to-ceiling cabinets to maximize the storage, while the other side is for preparation and cooking. Lastly, what spices up this kitchen are two paintings of bottles in black frames that decorate the walls for a touch of character. Even they are kept as less colorful as possible to match the dominant black-white color palette of the kitchen.

Modern Small U-Shape Kitchen Ideas

If your space doesn’t allow for a galley design, U-shape kitchens are another layout option for you to maximize the space and harness its efficient use of it. Such U-shaped kitchens also are more flexible than galley kitchens, providing free use of space without restricting you to three adjacent walls. In other words, whether you have a separate kitchen or an open-plan layout, you can still create a U-shape layout with a kitchen island or a breakfast bar that will adjoin another layer of cabinets in the horseshoe shape.

However, when bringing the scheme together, it is important to ensure you leave enough space to open the cabinets and dishwashers without blocking the use of space. It is also recommended for the sink and hob areas to be perpendicular to each other. Like in galley kitchens, you can also extend the cupboard to the ceiling to maximize the storage space.


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Cream Cabinets with Slatted Wood Accent Wall and Butcher Block Countertops

U- shape kitchen layouts are one of the most functional alignments of counters to maximize the efficient use of space. And if you do it with cream cabinets and butcher block countertops, you also create a heartwarming design filled with the charm and texture of the wood. Also, to keep the streamlined look intact, a glass sheet backsplash can be used to create a sleek background that lets the light bounce off for a sense of spaciousness.


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Modern U-Shape Kitchen Ideas with Terrazzo Countertops and Green Balustrades

Don’t you also feel arrested by the complete look of this modern small kitchen? Filled with statement materials, including green balustrades and terrazzo countertops, the kitchen surprises its users with unexpected elements that complement the white slab-front cabinets. Apart from those two, another statement piece also comes as a wooden suspended shelf supported by timber balustrades that add an extra dimension to the space. As such, the kitchen borrows from industrial-style kitchen repertoire and naturalizes these elements in modern forms to characterize the look.

Modern Small Kitchen Ideas with U-Shape Layout and White Cabinets

The smart use of geometric forms and decluttered lines in neutral shades work so well in small kitchens, enhancing the openness and creating a visually lightweight space. And to spice it up a bit, open cabinets to exhibit essentials, kitchen plants, and black appliances serve as great additions. Lastly, to tie the design together without compromising its visual lightness, a light wood floor finish is enough to dose the space with warmth.

Clean-look Kitchen Design with Cream Cabinets and Brass Hardware

In small U-shaped kitchens, it is sometimes better to eliminate the overhead cabinets to maintain the focus on the base cabinets. This way, you can provide more open space for the kitchen to breathe. Here the casement window placement and its horizontal extension prepare the perfect set-up for a minimal settlement in the kitchen. The rest also plays along to keep everything on a basic level. From cream cabinets to a single light bulb fixture, brass hardware, and wood floor finish, everything looks modern, clean, and basic that caters to the needs of the homeowners.

Modern Small L-Shape Kitchen Ideas

The greatest part of L-shape kitchens is the efficient use of corners for space-saving solutions. Plus, its form is extra flexible. Even if your kitchen has a sloping ceiling and large windows, the L-shape layout compensates for the dysfunctionality of the spaces.

Sleek Kitchen Design with Brass Hardware and Wooden Open Cabinets

In this L-shaped kitchen, the combination of light blue cabinets with wooden open upper cupboards creates a sense of calmness that dominates the space. The brass hardware adds a touch of sparkle, while the Kit kat mosaic backsplash provides a modern set-up for two-tone cabinetry to settle in. This L-shaped kitchen also has such a great maneuver that it makes space for an appliance. If you don’t want it to break the uniform look, you can add a panel in the same color as cabinets to hide it.


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Scandinavian Kitchen with White Cabinets and Marble Backsplash

Known for their functionality and decluttered designs, Scandinavian kitchens can inspire you to make full use of space even in small spaces. This one, for example, uses a white palette that is spiced up with a marble backsplash and marble countertops featuring black pronounced streaks. The cabinets make an L-turn to make use of the corner efficiently, while the black wall sconces offer task lighting. Lastly, the medium-tone wood floor finish contributes warming shades to provide a soft contrast to the white-black color palette.


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Modern Small Kitchen Ideas with Black Marble Look Quartz Countertops

This elegant kitchen design makes use of contrasting colors and layered materiality in favor of an immersive look. And for its material repertoire, it benefits from the wood cabinets and black marble-look quartz backsplash. What complements them is also the same black marble-look countertop that falls over the peninsula for a waterfall effect, which becomes the first thing the homeowners see as they enter the kitchen for a good impression. It is paired with gray-cushioned stools and a trio of glass pendants with brass detailing for a comfort-oriented stylish space. Apart from those, the rest features wooden base cabinets and white overhead cabinets to lighten and warm up the design.


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L-Shaped Layout with Cabinets and Floating Shelf

This L-shaped kitchen uses two layers of L-turns. The perimeter counters and a long linear wooden shelf structure them perfectly. Between the two, what stands out is the white square tile backsplash with black grout that emphasizes the patterns on the backsplash. Complementing them are white flat-front cabinets, sleek quartz countertops, and a wood finish floor that create a cohesive and well-curated look.

Modern Small Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Marble panels, square tile, subway tile, and slender tile backsplashes used in neutral shades are popularly employed in modern small kitchens to open up the space more. But to add depth and visual drama, black marble, soapstone, and marble-look quartz backsplashes could as well be used. You can pair them with white laminate or quartz countertops or book-match them with the backsplashes for a seamless design.

Herringbone Tile Backsplash for a Modern Small Kitchen with White Cabinets

Even if you have a small kitchen, a little bit of pattern won’t do any harm especially if it comes in a white palette. Here we have a white herringbone tile backsplash with white grout that creates a clean backdrop in full synergy with the white cabinets and countertops. What spices up the design is barely visible lip pull notches and brass fixtures that add warmth to the otherwise too-white kitchen.

Functional Kitchen with Escher Tile Backsplash and Floating Shelves

Small spaces require a well-thought-out spatial arrangement, and this one here does so with custom-built cabinetry designed with pull-outs and drawers to keep all sorts of things. What stands out above them is the white Escher tile backsplash that provides an intriguing background, while its glazed finish adds a shimmering effect for extra charm. Additionally, wood floating shelves used in place of overhead cabinets open up the space, letting the focus remain on the lower cabinets. Finally, what complements all those features is picket floor tiles in shades of gray to neutralize the wooden cabinets and crisp white backsplash.

What kind of backsplash makes a kitchen look bigger?

Natural stone and ceiling-height backsplashes in light shades are helpful to make a kitchen look bigger. Apart from those, slim-cut tiles like slender tile backsplashes extend the kitchen on the horizontal axis skillfully. Also, the bold striations on the marble make the kitchen look bigger, especially when taken up to the ceiling.

Another option is to use a mirror backsplash for an illusion of spaciousness. If you have an all-white kitchen, you can use a white backsplash that will make the space roomy again. You can complete these backsplashes with seamless flooring and large-format floor tiles to support the feeling of spaciousness.

Sophisticated Kitchen with Black Fluted Island and Mirror Backsplash

In an open-plan layout like this one, the I-shaped kitchen layout offers a direct reference with a mirror backsplash that reflects the lounge. The white flat-front cabinets frame it on all sides, while a black fluted island runs parallel to it, adding a statement element. The curved forms of the island base and the white countertop eliminate the sharp edges to provide a safer environment in this compact zone. Complementing it is a trio of black stools and spotlights for ambient lighting to avoid any clutter. But above all, the mirror backsplash seems to be the smartest addition to highlight the open-plan concept of the house.


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Modern Small Kitchen Ideas with Subway Tile Backsplash

It is almost impossible not to imagine a kitchen design list that doesn’t include a kitchen with a subway tile backsplash. And here we have one laid in running-bond style, coordinating with the modern white cabinets effortlessly. This subway tile backsplash adds a timeless value, while the kitchen’s all-white palette curates a soothing atmosphere warmed up by a wood-finish floor.

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