Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas Creative and Stylish Lighting Fixtures

41+ Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

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Modern Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas for Waterfall Island

Kitchen island lighting fixtures can be multiple and also don’t need to match each other. Especially, in modern kitchens, they come in various shapes for the sake of visual diversity. Similarly, in this modern kitchen, hung at different heights with a staggered lighting arrangement, they create a visual statement. Also, by accompanying the waterfall island, they draw more attention to it.

ID# 157725 | – Credit© Devix Kitchens

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas for Contemporary Kitchen with Wood Accents

This otherwise all-white kitchen is accentuated with wood open cabinets, timber accents, and a fluted-design range hood fixture. Adding to them is also a black lighting fixture that coordinates with the black seats of the stools. The final product feels well-curated with a high level of intentionality, thus resulting in a designer look.

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

A well-illuminated kitchen is a must to secure an efficient and safe working space for chopping, food preparation, and cooking. The same goes for kitchen islands used for similar purposes. Since ambient and perimeter lighting is not always enough, kitchen island lighting ideas contribute to the overall lighting system helping set the tone of the design.

Kitchen island lighting ideas range from pendants to ceiling-mounted flush mounts, chandeliers, downlighting, and tracking spotlights. Appearing in a wide range of sizes, styles, and materials, kitchen island light fixtures can put the island in the spotlight. Also, these lights for the kitchen island provide task and accent lighting, depending on the needs of homeowners. Since kitchen islands also serve as breakfast bars and bar counters, one needs a cozy ambiance to get oneself in the right mood. That’s when the kitchen lights over the island come in.

In this round-up, we gathered kitchen island lighting ideas to introduce you to lighting over kitchen island and kitchen island lighting ideas 2023. What kinds of lights over the kitchen island make the design more viable? What is a kitchen island light fixture and What kitchen lights over the island serve best the kitchen? You will find answers to all these questions in this blog. So, scroll down to explore kitchen lighting ideas and see what suits your interests the most.

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Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas with Pendants in Contemporary Kitchen

In high-ceilinged rooms with sloping roofs, pendants do a great job, especially in aesthetic terms. Dropped all the way down, they highlight the grandness of the kitchen. Likewise, in this contemporary kitchen, a duo of pendants overhangs a two-tiered island, putting it in the spotlight. The brass details on the fixtures with brass hardware make them even more eye-catching in a black-dominant kitchen design. If you also want to make a statement with lighting over the island, get it in a gold finish. This way, they can pop effortlessly, asserting a glam aesthetic- as showcased in this kitchen.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Transitional Kitchen with Blue Island and White Pendants

In this open-plan transitional kitchen, the blue V-groove island adds not only a jolt of color but also a nice texture. It is topped with an off-white countertop conversing with the grayish marble tile backsplash. The wooden stools are almost fully tucked underneath the overhanging countertop. Overhead, a duo of oversized lighting fixtures draws further attention to the island, providing ample task lighting. And they are anchored to the design with their black hardware coordinated with black cabinet handles.

How do you pick a light for a kitchen island?

The kitchen lighting system is so much more than recessed lighting or flush mounts. From wall sconces, LED downlighting, pendants, island lighting fixtures, and interior-cabinet lighting, the kitchen lighting system has many components. And one of its most important dimensions is lighting over a kitchen island.

Islands are where you do your dishes, host guests, have your dinner, and chop your onions. That’s why it needs great lighting. And when picking a light for a kitchen island, there are multiple issues to consider. The first is the design of the theme. Going with a fixture that reflects your kitchen’s style ensures coherence.

Secondly, the size of your island is a determining factor. The larger it is, the more lights you will need to illuminate it. For the large ones, a rule of thumb is generally 3 pendants.

Thirdly, the style and design of your lighting fixture also play a key role. Consider your priorities. For example, multi-directional hanging lamps let you navigate light in the direction you want, which makes it extra practical. You can also get dimmers to change the light levels. If you love romantic dinners, it could be a great reward for you.

ID# 157703 | – Credit© Avalon Interiors

Picket Tile Backsplash with Black Island and Gold Fixtures

Led through a cased opening, this Mediterranean kitchen boasts a black island topped by a marble countertop, which comes as a dramatic piece. Put into dialogue with a picket tile backsplash, it is given a contemporary upgrade. Also, double-head globe-shaped lighting fixtures make the island look more stylish and opulent. In the rest, the wood floating shelves with gold wall sconces and cabinet handles wrap the kitchen with warmth.

ID# 157704 | – Credit© Kingsgate Construction Ltd.

Blue Island with White Countertop and Brown Stools

This relaxed and colorful enough transitional kitchen gives birth to a modern look, though drawing from its farmhouse roots. A blue kitchen island with a white countertop overhanging on all sides provides ample benchtop and seating. Accommodating 5 stools, it can definitely pack a large family. To complement its design, brown stools bring a sense of earthliness. And overhead, two oversized white lighting fixtures add further charm to the island. Their black hardware, again, refers to the black tapware and black cabinet handles to pull the design together.

How many lights should be on a kitchen island?

The number of lighting fixtures on a kitchen island depends on the size of the island and the type of lighting fixture. For example, a linear lighting fixture would be enough for a large island by itself. But if you prefer pendants, then depending on the size, two or three pendants may need to be installed to provide enough lighting for the entire countertop.

ID# 157705 | – Credit© Studio Z Design

Gray Island with Glass Pendants and Brass Accents

For this industrial kitchen, two oversized glass pendants team up with a gray V-groove island. They lend transparency, letting light diffuse more directly and thus, providing better and brighter lighting. Plus, their brass hardware adds to this brightness with a touch of glam.

ID# 157706 | – Credit© Ryan Fung Photography

Blue Island with Gold Hardware and Geometric Lighting Fixtures

This multi-functional island j does so much, from accommodating a sink to hosting a beverage cooler and a dishwasher, that it deserves to be the visual focal point. Though its gold hardware and faucet add a glamorous vibe to it, geometric lighting fixtures play a bigger role. Reminiscent of rectangles intertwined with each other, these dark blue lighting fixtures are reimagined modern versions of caged pendants. They make a strong visual statement, adding a very chic design element over the island. When switched on, they initiate intimate communication with the high-gloss finish white quartz countertops, letting the interplay of light and shadow.

What Is the Best Lighting for A Kitchen Island?

From chandeliers to pendants, rattan baskets, tracking spotlights, kitchen island lighting ideas are just countless. It is hard to tell what is best since each one contributes something unique in its right. Below, we will be looking into the most popular kitchen lighting styles. See the designs and decide for yourself what would suit your interests the most.

Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island

Pendants are dropped-down lighting fixtures that provide ample light which is enough for the entire room. You can find pendants in many different styles, sizes, and materials. And each material fits a specific kitchen style. For example, rattan light fixtures suit Scandinavian, Bohemian, and coastal designs, and heavy metal fixtures go well in industrial designs. Also, when shopping, you can consider their ease of maintenance. Fabric-made ones, for instance, are harder to clean, whereas the metal or glass versions provide more of ease of maintenance.

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Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas with Glass Pendants and Gold Hardware

With its abundant warm wood installations, this transitional kitchen is like a nod to mid-century kitchens. The pristine white flat-front cabinets support it, while the patterns on the marble-effect slab backsplash mimic a mountainous landscape. Right opposite, the wood island extended with columns solidifies the kitchen’s bonds with mid-century looks. Tucked into the island, the stools feel at home, without taking up any space from the walkway. And their industrial design is camouflaged by their earthy color palette so that they blend with the rest. Overhead, glass triangular pendants with gold hardware bring transparency and warmth.

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ID# 157708 | – Credit© West of Main Design

White Cabinets with Black Countertops and Globe Pendants

This transitional kitchen is not just some ordinary, “the next” white-and-black kitchen. It offers so much more than that with artsy touches and smart compositions of intriguing elements. For example, a still-life painting mounted on the white backsplash adds a very artsy feel. The backless wooden stools soften the black-and-white scheme, while glass globe pendants come as modern features. Altogether they contribute to the aesthetic and opulent design of the kitchen.

ID# 157709 | – Credit© Eurodale Developments Inc

Pendant Lighting For Kitchen Island with Integrated Sink

Outfitted with white shaker cabinets with black hardware, this transitional kitchen doesn’t take any risk. It plays safe by preferring a timeless color scheme. More specifically, here, while the white cabinets and a white island set the tone of the kitchen, black hardware punctures the space. As for the island, it is accompanied by orb lighting fixtures- half-white, half-black. A black commercial faucet adds a statement element for the island to make it the visual focal point.

What is trending in kitchen island lighting?

Kitchen lighting trends in 2023 treat lighting fixtures as statement-makers that add a luxury feel, a vintage touch, and a rustic vibe. As this is the case, an extra curiosity for textured and natural materials has been evoked. Especially, this year, homeowners opt for natural materials, which influences their shopping for lighting fixtures as well. And rattan, wicker, and bamboo-carved lighting fixtures give the kitchens that sought-after homey look. Plus, they bring the design to life in kitchens filled with upscale yet cold appliances.

This year we also see that kitchen lighting trends love taking risks and creating contrasts and antitheses. Such preferences come back as authentic designs rather than curating something too-matchy-matchy. For the same reason, mixing and matching materials is highly encouraged, which is accompanied by a resurgence of old-world charm. From encased lanterns to vintage fixtures and softened metal fixtures, different lights find their way back to our kitchens. Most of the time, they are tinged with a farmhouse, retro, or industrial feel.

Besides those, it is also recommended to keep an eye on the curvaceous and organic forms. These features are also followed by angular and geometric designs. In other words, kitchen lighting ideas in 2023 are not very subtle and understated. Rather, they come with their provocative presence.

ID# 157710 | – Credit© Loop Interior Design Inc.

Mid-Century Kitchen with Black Pendants for White Kitchen Island

The combination of walnut cabinets with a white island and black lighting fixtures is sometimes all you need. It gives you contrasts, warmth, and tranquility to start and finish a day.

ID# 157711 | – Credit© Case Design/Remodeling Halifax

White Island with Yellow Pendants and Wicker Stools

One could tell from the Zellige tile backsplash that this kitchen cares about craftsmanship. Natural brown blinds, floating shelves, and gold tapware also ensure a sustainable design. Yellow pendants overhang the island, adding a pop of color and waking up the entire room. Wicker stools, additionally, bring another layer of texture and warmth.

Modern Kitchen Island Lighting

Linear lighting fixtures, bold pendants, tracking spotlights, and LED ceiling lights are some of the most prominent modern lighting fixtures. Of course, futuristic and sculptural forms, artful tube lighting, and playful designs also fall into this category. The best asset of modern lights is that they merge functionality, versatility, and beauty, which makes them extra popular.

ID# 157713 | – Credit© Pizzale Design Inc.

Dark Wood Island with Modern Lighting Fixtures

To make a modern statement, modern lighting fixtures are the route to go. For example, here, a dark wood island is given a contemporary upgrade with geometric lighting fixtures. Their miniature size, unlike oversized pendants, keeps them subtle and modest. Yet, they are still as effective as large pendants, asserting a provocative presence.

ID# 157714 | – Credit© Jodie Rosen Design

Wood Cabinets with Marble Countertop and Modern Kitchen Island Lighting

Energy-efficient, LED pendants are probably one of the best modern lighting fixtures you could get. Perfect for task and accent lighting, they provide a relaxed and cozy ambiance, too. And in this modern kitchen, they are dropped over a marble-topped wood island, while the perimeter side of the kitchen is illuminated with spotlights that offer ambient light.

ID# 157715 | – Credit© Karly Parker Interior Design

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas for Contemporary Kitchen with Waterfall Island

Even if a kitchen owns an oversized window that opens toward views of nature and the sea, filling the interior with light, it still needs pendants. Here, reminiscent of paper clips, a duo of lighting fixtures overhangs the white waterfall island. They create a warm atmosphere at night, enabling homeowners to enjoy the view in a different mood.

Rattan Basket Lights

Richly-textured and casual-looking rattan basket lights are a perfect fit for Scandinavian, farmhouse, and Bohemian kitchens. To create a well-curated look, they can be complemented with wood islands, butcher block countertops, and Zellige tile backsplashes. Or shortly, anything that can be linked to craftmanship and artistry looks great with rattan basket lights.

ID# 157716 | – Credit© Sustainable Kitchens

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas with Rattan Basket Lights for Nordic Aesthetic

A very meticulous study of Nordic aesthetics, this Scandinavian kitchen channels warmth, and intimacy with its abundant use of wood. The floating shelves with indoor plants and accessories bring more life to the design in addition to natural materials. And surely, in this context, nothing could ring truer than rattan basket lights that bring a Bohemian feel.

ID# 157717 | – Credit© Eternal Kitchens

Contemporary Kitchen with Dark Island and Concrete Floor

Priding itself on its vaulted ceiling, this contemporary kitchen knows how to live up to its potential. A dark blue island’s dramatic presence is alleviated with a wood installation that reaches up to the ceiling. The seamless concrete flooring adds an industrial edge, which is, again, offset with romantic rattan basket lights. Overall, this kitchen is replete with moments of antithesis that form a harmonious whole and a memorable design.

ID# 157718 | – Credit© Elska Interiors

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Wood Ceiling and Basket Lights

While the dark cabinets anchor the entire design, the rest of the elements enjoy lightness and warmth. Especially the basket lights dropped from the wood-shielded vaulted ceiling add a nice texture, keeping the focus on the island.


Elegant and opulent, chandeliers are the route to go if you want to incorporate luxury into your kitchen. Featuring crystals or intriguing glass shapes, they are easy to notice. Eclectic kitchens as well as luxurious designs love crystal chandeliers that make instant statements. You can consider their oversized versions in high-ceiling rooms to highlight the grandness of an already vast space. Plus, their modern versions are as impressive as the traditional ones.

ID# 157719 | – Credit© Matthew Giles Architects

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas with Chandelier and Marble Island

This extraordinary all-white kitchen is brought back to life with green stools and a bunch of artsy bird prints treating the kitchen as if it were a tropical forest. Adding to them is a marble-carved island that adds a natural and opulent vibe, suiting the overall design theme of the room. Yet the most eclectic touch comes with a luxurious chandelier that adds a fun twist to the design.


Traditional Kitchen with Double Islands and Chandeliers

Double kitchen islands are imperative for this kitchen to get more lighting fixtures so that each island feels privileged enough. Thus, here are four chandeliers, two for each island, in this traditional kitchen that looks like the epitome of ultimate luxury. Here, also, the pillar candles polished countertops, and eye-catching patterns on cabinets contribute to the upscale look of the kitchen.

ID# 157721 | – Credit© Herringbone Kitchens

Marble Island with Chandelier and Transparent Stools

From black cabinets to glass-front cupboards, a marble island, and a chandelier, everything speaks volumes of luxury in this modern kitchen. Conversing with glass-front units, transparent bar stools with brass hardware attend to the marble island. The stools and the island are anchored to the design by a glamorous chandelier. The black floor files also add to the rich and dramatic character of the design.

Linear Lighting Fixtures

Looking for something sleek and contemporary? Linear lighting fixtures are quite discreet and basic. Especially if you have a large island, you can utilize a linear lighting fixture instead of two or three pendants! It just makes things easier, if you are into minimalist designs. Plus, linear lighting fixtures may feature rotating reflector bars and have LED-integrated versions. So, you can adjust them according to your needs and the look that you want for your kitchen.

ID# 157722 | – Credit | © Lesley Brookes Design

Wood Island with White Countertop and Linear Lighting Fixture

Relishing the garden view, this wood island in a transitional kitchen takes its design references from nature. Featuring a wood base and a white countertop, it brings warmth and texture to the gray shaker cabinets. And its large base that offers both multiple seats as a dining table and a hefty benchtop is accompanied by a linear lighting fixture. If you also have a large island and don’t want multiple pendants, a linear lighting fixture is a great alternative.

ID# 157723 | – Credit© Frahm Interiors – Burlington ON

Gray Island with Black Linear Lighting Fixture and White Countertop

The black linear lighting fixture adds an extra decorative touch to this contemporary kitchen. Its black body introduces a solid element that constitutes an understated contrast to the gray cabinets and white countertop. Despite its thin body, it is as effective as other pendants and chandeliers when it comes to providing effective task lighting and accent lighting.

Should lights be centered over the kitchen island?

Centering lights over the kitchen island has two main benefits. First, it looks more symmetrical, offering a more visually appealing design. Secondly, it allows for light to spread evenly across the entire countertop. So, if you want to give a stylish and completed look to your island, center your lighting fixture!

ID# 157724 | – Credit© Homekin

All-White Kitchen with Black Linear Lighting Fixture

Without going over the top, black linear pendants can bring enough excitement to an all-white kitchen. In this achromatic Scandi-inspired kitchen, for example, the kitchen island lighting fixture adds a decorative touch, synchronizing with the black modern stools. Together they bring enough intrigue and interest to break up the monotonic design.

Lantern Lighting Fixtures

Available in various finishes and sizes, lantern lighting fixtures are best to bring an old-world charm to your kitchen. Their different versions can be used to introduce luxury or casualness and in some contexts both. Popular in the farmhouse and transitional kitchens, they elevate the overall aesthetic and make the island a focal point.

ID# 157726 | – Credit© Avalon Interiors

Country Kitchen with Lantern Lighting Fixtures and Butcher Block Countertop

In this country kitchen, the blue kitchen island is the showstopper of the design. Topped by butcher block countertops, it radiates warmth. And most importantly, a lantern lighting fixture with its bulky corpse keeps the island in the spotlight. Completing them are the whitewashed shiplap ceiling, a butler sink, and a patterned blue runner that round up the country look.

ID# 157727 | – Credit© MAC Renovations LTD.

Dramatic Design with Dark Wood Cabinets and Black Lantern Fixtures

Instead of going with one bulky lantern lighting, this dramatic kitchen prefers a trio of black lantern lighting fixtures. Installed at equal intervals, they provide a symmetric look and enough lighting for the kitchen island. In the rest, the dark wood cabinets and marble countertops ensure a timeless and dramatic design.

How big should a pendant light be over an island?

To keep everything symmetrical, we recommend getting a pendant, half the width of the island. It should also be 30 or 32 inches above the island countertop. This way your island will look proportioned and aesthetic.

ID# 157728 | – Credit© Dizeh Group

Blue Kitchen Island with Quartz Countertop and Nickel Lighting Fixtures

In this transitional kitchen, white shaker cabinets create a neutral setup, accompanied by a marble-effect quartz backsplash and countertops. Located in the heart of the kitchen, a blue island makes a statement. Its bulky decorative corbels and brass accents give it special treatment. Likewise, a duo of nickel lantern lighting fixtures brings an old-world charm that suits the overall design theme.

ID# 157729 | – Credit© Lux Decor

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas for Shiplap Ceiling and Blue Island

Dropped from the shiplap ceiling, this brushed lantern lighting fixture delivers a country flair for this subtle kitchen design with muted blue cabinets. While the white quartz countertops lend brightness, the understated blue cabinets and a gray runner evoke a gloomy atmosphere. A level of mystery that comes with a lived-in feel occupies the kitchen, evoking curiosity and luring its guests for longer stays.

Oversized Pendant Lights

Just a little more dramatic than standard pendant lights, oversized pendants make themselves noticed right away. The key issue is to arrange the height of these pendants meticulously not to end up with a blocked view. To avoid that, all you need to do is to leave 75-90 cm between the countertop and the lighting fixtures.

ID# 157730 | – Credit© Eurodale Developments Inc

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas with Oversized Pendant Lights

The farmhouse kitchen island with X-details makes a statement in this kitchen. The oversized pendant lights allow for an unhindered view across the kitchen. The white base cabinets, white marble backsplash, and countertop provide a clean and sleek backdrop for the island. The wood Floating shelves and the trim of the range hood bring warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 157731 | – Credit© Laurie Yapp Design

Kitchen Island Lighting for Transitional Kitchen with Herringbone Tile Backsplash

Though featuring an open floor space, this transitional kitchen has a well-defined zone, thanks to the kitchen island and oversized pendants. Both together curate a border of sorts, while oversized pendants build the upper part of the island in their own way. Kept humble and understated in aesthetic terms, they allow the black herringbone tile backsplash to stand out.

What color light is best for the kitchen island?

Kitchen work demands cutting and a lot of chopping. That’s why it is important to have a good lighting system. The ideal light bulbs for kitchens are in the 3000k and 4000k range. They are also known as bright and cool white, which is ideal for task lighting. On the other hand, using different kinds of lightings for particular areas also an important factor to maximize efficiency.

ID# 157732 | – Credit© Erin Interiors

Pendants as Lighting over Kitchen Island in Transitional Kitchen

Borrowing from different designs, transitional kitchens are best to integrate your favorite fixtures in a regulated formula. Here, for example, white shaker cabinets come together with a wood island and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Modern versions of caged pendants give these classical features a contemporary upgrade. The black cabinet hardware perfectly complements the vibe of the lighting fixtures.

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ID# 157733 | – Credit© PARAND Design KITCHENS & Cabinetry

White Island with Oversized Lighting Fixtures and Orange Stools

Oversized pendants in intriguing shapes effortlessly elevate the overall design aesthetic, and this transitional kitchen is no exception. Teaming up with a white island, these white oversized lighting fixtures command attention. Similarly, the orange stools pop against the white background dotted by white shaker cabinets.

Industrial-Style Light Fixtures

Known for its unfinished look and functionality, industrial kitchen island lighting helps kitchens emulate factory-like environments and industrial spaces. Though looking unfinished, they ensure durability since they are made of strong materials, which are mostly metal. Among the most popular ones, we can include exposed Edison bulbs, wire cages, matte black and heavy metal lighting fixtures, and spider pendants.

ID# 157734 | – Credit© The Main Company

Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures for Eclectic Kitchens with Concrete Island

In this eclectic kitchen, industrial-style spider pendants with multiple flexes create a true statement moment. The best part of this fixture is that you can arrange the flexes as you wish. It is also a way to think outside the box and bring casualness in and get formality out. In this context, it really pulls it off, overhanging an eye-striking island with a concrete countertop and an oxidized metal body.

ID# 157735 | – Credit© Aspen & Ivy

Beach Style Kitchen with Blue Island and Chrome Lighting Fixtures

Nestled under a shiplap ceiling, this beach-style kitchen is added color with a blue island. The wood band on the edge of the hood and two giant green leaves bring nature in. By contrast, two oversized metal lighting fixtures add an industrial edge to the room.

ID# 157736 | – Credit© LIFE HOME DESIGN

Industrial-Style Lighting Fixture for Kitchen Island with Seating

Blessed with a high vaulted ceiling, this transitional kitchen combines industrial elements with country touches. The dark cabinets accentuated by wood accents feel softened, while white shiplap walls and ceiling ensure brightness. In addition to them, a generously sized island with seating occupies a good portion of the kitchen. Suspended in the air, the intriguing industrial lighting fixture bestows the island.

Bold Kitchen Island Light Fixtures

Bold kitchen lighting fixtures could be considered anti-hero elements that dare to draw all attention. Whether you prefer an oversized pendant, an intriguing geometric shape, or clustered lighting fixture, each version brings a unique decorative touch. Even if the main kitchen setup is simple, you can make the entire room glow with bold kitchen lighting fixtures and transform the overall look.

ID# 157737 | – Credit© Rüme Design

Bold Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas for Transitional Kitchen with Double Islands

Turned into a modern masterpiece, this luxurious kitchen island is replete with statement pieces. From a sizeable artwork to the slab backsplash, double islands, and gold accents, it has a lot to say. Spanning a wide space, surely, it also needs plenty of lighting fixtures, which explains the four bold lighting fixtures distributed over the islands.

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ID# 157738 | – Credit© West of Main Design

Brass-Detailed Gold Geometric Lighting Fixtures for Wood Island

In this farmhouse-inspired modern kitchen, the geometric lighting fixtures with brass details make a strong statement. And to calm its glamorous vibe, a wood island and forest green cabinets bring a calming effect. The leather bar stools perfectly complete the vintage vibe. The white subway tile backsplash and the marble slab behind the stove balance the dark shades and bring a bright and spacious appeal. The glass-fronted cabinets at the back compliment this airy feel while providing a display unit for the beautiful kitchenware.

Do pendant lights give enough light in the kitchen?

Mostly hung over a kitchen island, pendant lights can provide enough light for an entire kitchen. It also explains their popularity.

ID# 157739 | – Credit© Erin Interiors

Cluster Light for Transitional Kitchen with Gray Island

Perhaps a modern chandelier or perhaps a cluster light, this kitchen island lighting fixture consists of multiple globe shades. Due to their non-transparent nature, they hide a little bit of mystery. And their slight gray striations provide a perfect match to the gray island and gray striations on the white countertop.

ID# 157740 | – Credit© Micieli Design

Elegant Kitchen Design with Glass Globe Pendants

This luxurious transitional kitchen boasts two glass globular pendants, whose gold details coordinate with the cabinet hardware and stools. Besides the spotlights used for ambient lighting, they provide task and ambient lighting, of course, in addition to making a visual statement. The crisp white shaker cabinets, floor tiles, white quartz countertops, and gorgeous backsplash slab provide a clean and sleek appeal. The wood kitchen island adds a warm sense to the space. The combination of these glamorous lighting fixtures and the wooden island brings some midcentury design vibes.

ID# 157741 | – Credit© Neolith Australia

Statement Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas for Waterfall Island

Bronze ceiling light fixtures channel warmth in this farmhouse kitchen, along with wicker cabinets that bring earthliness to the interior. The marble-topped wood-base waterfall island layers the kitchen with natural textures to create a seamless transition between inside and out.

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