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41+ Kitchen Island Ideas

ID# 157611 | – Credit© Space Craft Joinery

Rustic Modern Kitchen with Black Countertops and Wood Cabinets

Here, this rustic kitchen has a sleeker profile defined by clean lines, which gives it a more civilized look. The clean-line timber shaker cabinet topped by polished black countertops characterizes the kitchen. The kitchen island mirrors the perimeter counters for visual consistency. Off-white backsplash, gray lighting fixtures, and gray floor tiles balance out the black and wood design elements. The final product feels warm, modern, and industrial all at once.

ID# 157638 | – Credit© New Age Design

Fluted Design Wood Island and Range Hood with Open Cabinets

There is a wide range of ways to spice up a wood island- as showcased by this kitchen. Here, for example, the wood island features a fluted design, synchronizing perfectly with a fluted range hood fixture. It, in return, creates a continuous look along with the wood-clad ceiling and open cabinets.

Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen islands add functional and aesthetic values to kitchens. Especially in vast and open floor plans, they serve as space-organizing design elements and are mostly a visual focal point. Still today, kitchen island ideas garner a lot of attention, gaining futuristic assets and coming back as upscale designs. That’s why we always need a further look into this ever-changing and coveted utility object. From marble islands to l-shaped kitchen island, there are plenty of different island designs that can choose from them for your design.

For years, kitchen islands have served multiple needs, from providing an extra worktop to offering storage space and seating. And they still do. And if you wish, you can even use them to house a dishwasher, sink, or beverage cooler. Thus, when getting a kitchen island, it is a must to first prioritize your needs. Then, focus on the overall theme of your design. Is it farmhouse, contemporary, or traditional? Based on the theme, the island should be given a matching character not to look out of place. And if you are not sure what is best for you, here you find several inspiring kitchen island ideas. They introduce you to various island styles and colors in a wide array of kitchen designs from modern to country.

ID# 157601 | – Credit© MR.MITCHELL

Kitchen Island Ideas with Mirror Backsplash and Statement Chandeliers

In this open-plan contemporary kitchen, the scene-stealing island serves as a seating spot and a space-dividing device. And by mirroring the perimeter counters strategically, it also affirms that it belongs to the kitchen. Designed as a cantilevered form with a gravity-defying structure, the island is also anchored to the room with a duo of statement chandeliers. And in the background, a mirror backsplash adds to an already existing flow by reflecting the room and ensuring visual connectivity.

ID# 157602 | – Credit© LD&A

L-Shaped Island with Black Stools and White Countertops

In this transitional kitchen, the custom-design island is well-adapted to the floor plan of the room. First, its L-shape offers plenty of room to pack guests and family members. Secondly, it features a good-sized benchtop, thus being very functional. In terms of aesthetics, topped with a polished finish white quartz countertop, it provides a contrast to the richly-textured wood base. Serving as an embodiment of an antithesis, it is surely eye-catching, paired with intriguing black stools.

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The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Industrial Kitchen with Beadboard Island and Glass Pendants

Mainly characterized by gray shaker cabinets, this industrial kitchen has a bit of farmhouse flair, which is evident in the beadboard island. This gray V-groove island is paired with white countertops and wood stools, staying loyal to its farmhouse roots. Overhead, the exposed pipes make a counterpoint, highlighting the industrial character of the kitchen. And the oversized glass pendants with brushed brass hardware overhang the island, adding a modern vibe.

Different Styles for Kitchen Islands

Multi-functional kitchen islands come in a wide range of styles and shapes, ranging from L-shaped to curved, linear, U-shaped, waterfall, and more. And each design is unique in itself, coming with specific aesthetic and functional benefits. To name a few, while curved designs introduce soft aesthetic features and minimize sharp edges, waterfall islands add a sense of flow. Modern designs, for instance, feature cantilevered extensions, some giving the illusion of being suspended.

In addition to their styles, we can also discuss them based on their sizes. Overall, all these different styles and sizes for kitchen islands ensure that there is a perfect island size and shape that can be adjusted to any kitchen space, whether the kitchen is large or small, open or enclosed.

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas

With the advent of technology, modern kitchen islands have grown into more futuristic and upscale designs. From two-tiered units to ones with cantilevered dining counter extensions, sloping extensions, and more, modern kitchen islands are available in various styles.

ID# 157604 | – Credit© Bayside Built

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas with Window Backsplash and White Cabinets

Here, opposite a window backsplash that offers outdoor views is a modern kitchen island with a cozy seating section. Featuring layers of white and black, it is designed as a waterfall island.

ID# 157605 | – Credit© A+B² architettura

Black Monochromatic Kitchen with Mirror Backsplash and Waterfall Island

This monochromatic all-black kitchen executes a characterful design, visually stunning. As it is situated in a more recessed section of the room, a mirror backsplash is preferred to create the illusion of a larger space with a visual trick. Complementing this section is also an all-black waterfall island that creates a continuous look with the perimeter counters. It is accompanied by a trio of black backless counter stools, providing a social hub. Additionally, the island has enough extension to make room for an eating zone so that the work surface and eating space don’t bleed into each other.

How should I design my kitchen island?

One of the first things to decide when designing a kitchen island is its size to maintain the workflow. So, keep in mind that it is essential to leave enough space between the counters and the island for easy mobility. Secondly, why do you need an island? For a breakfast nook, storage, an extra worktop, or a functional object to be integrated with a sink, dishwasher, beverage cooler, or wine rack? Deciding what you expect from your island will guide you on how you should design it.

ID# 157606 | – Credit© avenue design inc

Marble Island with Black Accents and Linear Lighting Fixture

This marble-carved island is not only interesting because of its form but also due to the mixture of different textures and materials. A black geometric form is attached to this marble-clad island to differentiate the eating section from the rest of the countertop. It teams up with upholstered stools and a linear lighting fixture, which turns the island into a formal dining space.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island Ideas

It would be impossible to judge a farmhouse kitchen island if it looked out of place. Whether reclaimed or salvaged or accentuated with X-details, a farmhouse kitchen island is all about introducing texture and natural materials. It is also generally topped by natural stone benchtops or butcher block countertops. Gold cup pulls and antique finish metal hardware also punctures these texture-rich farmhouse islands. Some also feature open shelving to accommodate wicker baskets and large bowls that won’t fit inside a cabinet.

ID# 157607 | – Credit© John Lewis of Hungerford

Green Kitchen Island Ideas with Butcher Block Countertops and Beverage Cooler

Forgo minimalist and sleek designs and bring some life into your kitchen with a farmhouse island. Here, consisting of green shaker cabinets with butcher block countertops, this oversized kitchen island offers a hefty benchtop. Its open shelving and beverage cooler make it more characterful, turning it into a visual focal point. The glass pendants, gold hardware, and gold faucet team up with this island, rounding up its aesthetic look.

Marble Mosaic Tiles

Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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White & gray marble flower pattern floor wall mosaic tile

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Multi Color Marble Diamond Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Gray Marble Leaf Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Gray Gold Chevron Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Beige Marble Elegant Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Marble Small Picket Design Backsplash Mosaic Tile

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Luxury marble and mother of pearl mixed mosaic tile

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Modern look, slim white marble mosaic tile, for kitchen backsplash and bathroom projects.

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White Gray Dot Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Luxury Waterjet Gray & White Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 157608 | – Credit© Neolith Australia

Waterfall Island with Wicker Stools and Bronze Pendants

Not all farmhouse kitchens are rustic; some feature pretty clean looks tinged with chic statements. This kitchen is one of them, acting more stylish and modern while conjuring a farmhouse style for itself in its own way. To achieve that, it relies on its marble-topped waterfall island that lends opulence, which is contrasted with a wood island base, bronze pendants, and wicker stools. These different layers of materials further the kitchen’s country flair, creating a well-groomed look with a modern waterfall island.

Are kitchen islands out of style?

As the workhorses of kitchens, islands will never go out of style, thanks to their countless functional benefits. It is not only that they bring extra storage but also worktops and a seating option. Plus, they can even accommodate dishwashers sinks, and wine racks, creating focal points. And in open-plan kitchens, they serve as space-dividing utility objects, developing a sense of space.

ID# 157609 | – Credit© Intrim Group Pty Ltd

Farmhouse Kitchen with Blue Island and Butler Sink

Despite their casualness, farmhouse kitchens are not short of being spectacular. This modern farmhouse kitchen, for example, prides itself on its marble backsplash and its dramatic navy island. Here, also, from the butler sink to gold fixtures and stark contrasts, everything just comes together harmoniously. The navy island offers an eye-striking contrast to the white countertops, spicing up the otherwise all-white look.

Rustic Kitchen Island Ideas

Rustic kitchen islands are mostly made of stone, brick, and wood. Sometimes they can even infuse two or more of these natural materials for extra raw texture. From reclaimed wood islands to a piece of antique furniture, and distressed cabinets, anything that looks woody, stony, and antique could be a rustic kitchen island. So, they have a way of putting kitchens into dialogue with outdoor life. If you like texture-rich and raw designs, rustic kitchen islands are ideal for you.

ID# 157610 | – Credit© Linda Mazur Design

Rustic Kitchen Island Ideas with Wood and Metal

The overarching narrative of this design is built upon two key materials: wood and metal. Coming in salvaged and new forms, they create a well-balanced whole, bridging the present with the past. This is especially evident in the kitchen island composed of wood and lined with a metal countertop, resulting in a perfectly rustic look. In addition to that, the wood beam, metal butler sink, and range hood fixture also contribute to the rustic aura of the room.

ID# 157612 | – Credit

Wood Island with Concrete Floor and Marble Countertops

It is easy to recognize that this double-volume kitchen is a staunch proponent of wood. From ceiling to walls, cabinets, wishbone stools, and island, almost everything is timber, enveloping the interior with warmth. The thick gray marble countertop on the island also adds another layer of organic touch. And on the floor, the seamless concrete floor coating gives the design a contemporary upgrade. Featuring a plain finish and grout-free installation, the seamless concrete keeps the floor easy to clean for the convenience of homeowners.

Small Kitchen Island Ideas

Just because you don’t have a vast kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to give up on islands. Small kitchen islands measuring less than 2-3 feet suit compact spaces quite well. And despite their small size, they can still provide you with storage and a benchtop for food preparation. Plus, they can even host two people for a laid-back meal.

ID# 157613 | – Credit | © Князева Вероника /студия “ProIntDesign”

Small Kitchen Island Ideas with Gree Industrial Stools and Statement Backsplash

In this industrial kitchen, this all-white kitchen island is reserved for two, paired with green-legged industrial stools. And it is placed right opposite the statement backsplash consisting of blue subway tiles and a faux brick splash-back. In a way, it gets one of the best views, offering a scene hard to get bored of.

ID# 157614 | – Credit© Olga Ladurko Interior Design

Small Waterfall Island with Picket Tile Backsplash and Cylinder Hood

This contemporary kitchen accommodates a small waterfall island that enjoys its own cozy spot. Thanks to the island’s sexy polished black countertop, the low-profile stove is perfectly camouflaged, making it impossible to tell if it weren’t for the rounded hood that signals where the stove is. In the rest, the gray ceramic picket tile backsplash extends on the wall, which is stopped by a wood accent wall.

What can I use instead of a kitchen island?

In case you don’t have enough space for an island or simply you don’t want it, here are some of the alternatives. A kitchen table, peninsula, bar carts, and a breakfast bar could serve as great substitutes for islands. Additionally, consider an antique storage table, a wood console, and rolling islands.

ID# 157615 | – Credit© avenue design inc

Statement Island with Wood Cabinets and Marble Countertops

Making a counterpoint to the rest of the design defined by black cabinets, this wood-base island brings softness. And its white quartz countertop just falls over the edges, creating a sense of flow. The modern black wire stools and black lighting fixtures visually connect it to the kitchen design.

Large Kitchen Island Ideas

If you have a large kitchen, surely, your island will get larger to echo the proportions of the room. Otherwise, it might end up looking awkward. And when it comes to design, one of the most common large island styles is the galley style. Galley-style islands are basic and functional. Adding to them are also two-tiered islands with separate dining and food prep zones, curved-edge islands, and half-waterfall islands ranking among popular large kitchen island ideas.

ID# 157616 | – Credit© BD Building Design

All-White Kitchen with Large Kitchen Island Ideas and Gold Fixtures

Positioned under a trio of skylights in this all-white kitchen, the large white island luxuriates in streaming lights. Running parallel to the perimeter counters, this galley-style island has a lot to offer. It has plenty of storage and benchtops and houses an integrated sink. Also, the social hub of the room, it is bestowed with gold tapware and a duo of pendants.

What is the best size for a kitchen island?

The ideal size for a kitchen island changes according to the kitchen size. If your kitchen is small, you can opt for a 2-3 feet wide and 4 feet long island. In bigger kitchens, a kitchen island should be at least 3-4 feet wide and 13 feet long.

ID# 157617 | – Credit© SGDI – Sarah Gallop Design Inc.

Traditional Kitchen with Coffered Ceiling and Dark Wood Island

Kitchen islands are not only functional but also statement-makers- as proven by this traditional kitchen. Here, coming in the form of dark wood, this colossal island is centrally located under the coffered ceiling. Its polished white countertops make a stark contrast to its dramatic base, giving it a modern spin. Overhead, a trio of country-style yet chic lighting fixtures add another layer of sophistication.

Waterfall Kitchen Island Ideas

Waterfall kitchen islands are one of the most popular island styles widely adjusted to any context. Unlike many other island designs, they have a countertop falling over the edges. And that’s where the name comes from. You can encounter them in designs ranging from contemporary to transitional, modern, beach-style, and farmhouse. They serve as transitional pieces that suggest the turn from traditional designs to more modern ones.

ID# 157618 | – Credit© Comma Design Studio

Waterfall Kitchen Island Ideas with Glass Floating Shelves and Chandeliers

In this all-white kitchen, surely, there is also a reserved spot for an all-white waterfall island. It is paired with a duo of luxurious small chandeliers dropped from a false ceiling. And 4 rows of glass floating shelves exhibit delicate glassware. As such, the island can be treated as if it is a bar counter to enjoy a couple of drinks. And those chandeliers definitely put the island in the spotlight.

ID# 157619 | – Credit© Blue Tea Kitchens and Bathrooms

Waterfall Island with Gray Marble Backsplash in Open-plan Contemporary Kitchen

This naturally well-lit L-shaped contemporary kitchen with a gray-white palette exudes elegance with a flawless design. The V-groove white cabinets add a sense of movement while streaming light lets the interplay of light and shadow. The white countertops paired with a marble backsplash instill a sense of warmth to create flow, envisioning an escape into something peaceful with idyllic comfort. Also, the waterfall island reinforces this flow with the marble countertop falling over the edges. The use of natural stone adds a natural touch, while the black lighting fixtures bring a strong dynamic, sealing the overall look of the design.

ID# 157620 | – Credit© Екатерина Федорова

Marble-Carved Waterfall Island with Marble Backsplash and Wood Stools

Aren’t we all suckers for marble? And this contemporary kitchen surely knows it, showing off its gorgeous marble-carved waterfall island and marble slab backsplash. The brownish veining on the marble finds correspondence in the wood stools, timber cabinets, and reddish-brown pendants, which keeps the design more communicative.

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

Kitchen islands are the perfect spots to socialize with your guests and family members. They can serve as the social hubs of your kitchen, which especially benefit homeowners in open-plan layouts. And what is even better is that you can also add a footrest to place your feet instead of having them dangling. So, instead of having a separate dining table, a custom kitchen island can provide you with a dining space.

ID# 157621 | – Credit | © Lesley Brookes Design

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating and White Countertop

This transitional kitchen sits by the garden, and so is the kitchen island. Its wood base takes its material cues from the outdoor views, stimulating dialogue between inside and out. And with its seating option, it allows family members and guests to luxuriate in this view.

ID# 157622 | – Credit© West of Main Design

White Island with Black Countertops and Glass Pendants

This monochromatic kitchen is spiced up with pops of brass and black. Introduced respectively by fixtures and countertops, these two colors make the design look more assertive and opulent. The intriguing wood stools and glass pendants paired with the island also contribute to the luxury feel of the room. And mounted on the backsplash, a still-life painting just winks at us, deepening the artistic mood of the room.

ID# 157623 | – Credit© Jodie Rosen Design

Transitional Kitchen with Wood Accents and White Cabinets

Wide enough to accommodate three people, this good-sized kitchen island is accentuated with wood-carved legs. This way, it easily coordinates with the wood trim of the hood and timber floating shelves to retain design integrity.

Kitchen Island Ideas with Storage

If you are one of those people fond of all sorts of kitchenware and dishes, it means that you will need more storage space. In such cases, kitchen islands are very helpful, offering plenty of storage space. You can also get them custom-designed according to your needs with smart storage solutions.

ID# 157624 | – Credit© Gemma Dudgeon Interiors

Kitchen Island Design Ideas with Multi-colored Backsplash and Off-White Cabinets

A combination of an earthy palette with subtle textures offers restful repose in this renovated traditional Victorian home. Here, the heart of the kitchen is dedicated to a multifunctional green island topped by a polished countertop. And on the floor, antique tiles are redesigned to fit around the island, honoring it. In the rest, backless wood stools, vintage-style minimalist lighting fixtures, and brass-finish goose-neck faucet team up with the island, turning it into a visual focal point.

ID# 157625 | – Credit© Jodie Rosen Design

Contemporary Kitchen with Wood Island and White Countertop

Who would say no to more storage? And if you need some extra spot to store unsightly items, kitchen islands are great additions. This contemporary kitchen also gets one that offers plenty of space. The quartz-topped wood island is also accentuated with black cabinet handles. A black sink, a few accessories, and giant brass semi-globe pendants finalize its aesthetic design.

How far should an island be from the cabinets?

Leaving 42 inches of space between the island and cabinets is recommended. But it also depends on how many cooks the kitchen has. If two or more people are cooking at the same time, then 48 inches feel much better for smooth human traffic flow. Also, if your island has seatings, you should consider leaving 44 inches by their side.

ID# 157626 | – Credit© Designs by KS

Contemporary Kitchen with Blue Island and Cookbooks

If you want your kitchen island to pop, it is easy. Use it to introduce a vibrant color- as this contemporary kitchen does. Coming in a bright blue shade, here, the island is a true statement piece. Plus, its open storage helps kitchen users to further personalize it. With cookbooks and accessories, it looks even livelier. And if you don’t want it to look out of place, you can go with a backsplash in a similar shade as the island. For example, this kitchen uses a darker blue backsplash to develop a connection and a more purposeful design.

Color and Material Options for Kitchen Islands

Kitchen island designs are just so varied that they can give you any look you aim for. From solid wood to marble, walnut, MDF, laminate, and plywood, kitchen island materials are multiple. The same goes for color options too. Though, among the most popular ones we can count white, black, gray, and blue islands. And when it comes to integrating them into a kitchen, islands are either used to mirror the perimeter cabinets or make a statement by introducing a different color and texture. If you feel indecisive, take note of the design projects shared below and choose your style.

White Kitchen Island Ideas

White islands evoke refreshing sentiments, imbuing the kitchen with a sense of lightness. If you like white and monochromatic kitchens, then go with a white kitchen island. The best part is that you can always color it up. Be it brass fixtures, wood accents, stylish pendants, or colorful stools, any addition can liven up an all-white kitchen without troubling you financially.

ID# 157627 | – Credit© Archventil

White Kitchen Island Ideas with Mirror Accents and Polished Backsplash

A full-height mirror and an all-white color palette are enough to create the illusion of a larger space. And to guarantee spaciousness, this kitchen goes with both. Full-height mirrors play their visual trick, expanding the kitchen visually. And the polished marble backsplash just lets light bounce around the room, again, adding to the feeling of brightness and spaciousness.

ID# 157628 | – Credit© Demardi

Modern Kitchen with White Kitchen Island and White Stools

Nothing exudes calmness as a white-dominant kitchen does. And here, we have a great example of it. Characterized by a white kitchen island and white cabinets, it proposes a visually relaxing spot. White stools just blend with the white island, creating a harmonious whole.

Black Kitchen Island Ideas

If you want your kitchen island to draw all the attention, deliver a sleek look, and build contrast. Black kitchen islands are one of the best options to achieve all. They add depth and character while making a bold statement.

ID# 157629 | – Credit© Demardi

Black Kitchen Island Ideas with Marble Countertop and Gold Tapware

In this Mediterranean kitchen, the island accommodates an integrated sink, which comes with a runner to protect the floor from water splashes. The island’s black base introduces a strong bulky body. Topped by a marble countertop and a faucet, it lends enough interest to the room.

ID# 157630 | – Credit© Raven Valley Kitchens

Farmhouse Kitchen with Black Island and Qıartz Countertops

In this farmhouse kitchen, the black island boasts X-details, robust legs, and a V-groove base, which makes it the star piece of the kitchen. Though a loyal design itself to its farmhouse roots, it is modernized with orange stools, oversized pendants, and a marble-effect quartz countertop.

Do you need a kitchen table if you have an island?

If you have enough space, why not have both? You can create various cozy socialization areas, which are especially beneficial if you are a large family or just love hosting crowded groups of people. However, if the island has a seating area and you think that it is enough for you, then you don’t need to get a kitchen table.

ID# 157631 | – Credit© ZED Studio

Luxury Kitchen Design With Black Island and Gold Lighting Fixtures

This luxurious kitchen owes its opulent look to the black two-tiered kitchen island. It consists of a food prep zone and an eating space, and its main body is galley-style. Yet a quartz countertop is attached to its main body, adding a stylish detail. Also, overhead, a duo of gold-detailed lighting fixtures ensures that the island is the showstopper piece.

Blue Kitchen Island Ideas

What follows white, gray, and black islands in popularity is probably blue islands. Generally paired with white, gray, and butcher block countertops, they introduce a splash of color and elevate the overall impact of the design. Their base could be clad in shiplap or V-groove boards for a more casual feel. If you want to draw further attention to it, you can team it up with statement lighting fixtures.

ID# 157632 | – Credit© Erin Interiors

Blue V-Groove Island with White Countertops and Statement Pendants

This transitional kitchen boasts a blue V-groove island that brings a ripple of color to the otherwise all-white kitchen. It is topped by white quartz countertops not to look out of place yet match the perimeter counters. Overhead, a duo of white pendants comes as a statement feature with their bulky size without going over the top.

ID# 157633 | – Credit© Kingsgate Construction Ltd.

Blue Kitchen Island Ideas with Cream Cabinets and Orange Stools

Oozing warmth, the cream cabinets in this transitional kitchen create a very intimate atmosphere. The orange faux leather stools pop against the light background, while the blue kitchen island livens up the interior. Thanks to the large island area and the bar stools, this island serves as a dining table.

Marble Kitchen Island Ideas

If you love luxurious designs, marble kitchen islands are the way to go. Some kitchen islands also infuse wood with marble to create a more authentic design full of life. In short, when it comes to the kitchen islands, it mostly feels that there is no limit.

ID# 157634 | – Credit© Huxley Home Design Group

Kitchen Island Ideas with Marble and White Flat-Front Cabinets

We don’t know where to start when it comes to this kitchen. Is it the eye-catching arched windows or astonishing marble-carved island that adds more to the design? Well, both contribute big to the opulent design theme of this kitchen, while flat-front cabinets ensure that the space lives up to its potential, feeling more spacious and brighter.

Travertine Mosaic Tiles

Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Light beige and brown travertine with glass inserts mosaic tile in a diamond pattern

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ID# 157635 | – Credit© Alair Homes Forest Hill

Marble Island with Marble Backsplash and White Cabinets

This classical Victorian custom home is honored with a marble-carved island and a marble backsplash. Featuring blue bold striations, the marble boosts the aesthetic mood of the design. The white cabinets provide a blank canvas for the marble to remain the only statement piece in the room.

Can the kitchen island be taller than the counters?

Yes, it is very common for counters to be taller than the kitchen island. Particularly two-tiered islands reaching up to 46 inches in height shows a remarkable level difference.

ID# 157636 | – Credit© Kim Jeffery Photographer

Natural Design with Marble Island and Wood Cabinets

This nature-inspired kitchen showcases what an organic modern design would look like. From the marble island to wood cabinets and kitchen island seating, each design element comes together to introduce clean-line joinery and texture. While clean-lined joinery ensures modern lines, the textures provide enough interest to keep the design alive.

Wood Kitchen Island Ideas

For nature and texture lovers, a wood kitchen island is more than satisfying. It comes with warm shades, creating an intimate atmosphere. By switching the wood type and color, you can also achieve different impacts. For example, if you love drama, get a dark wood island. Or with a white oak island, inject calmness and restfulness into the design.

ID# 157637 | – Credit© Erin Interiors

Wood Kitchen Island Ideas with White Countertops and Black Hardware

This transitional kitchen’s all-white look is broken up with a wood island unit that lends warmth. Additionally, the black hardware, wicker stools, and eye-catching modern pendants give the all-white kitchen a fresh look rich in texture.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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Modern white glass & quartz mosaic tile, ideal for a backsplash

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Elegant Rhomboid White Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 157639 | – Credit© Collaroy Kitchen Centre

Country Kitchen with Wood Island and Brick Backsplash

This country kitchen is outfitted with a wood island, a brick backsplash, and white cabinets. Combining neutral and warm shades, it creates a design that offers the best of both worlds.

Tiled Kitchen Island Ideas

An easy way to make a statement with islands is to tile them. Whether you go with monochromatic or colorful tiles, you can effortlessly elevate a kitchen’s overall design scheme. From stacked subway tiles to kit kat mosaic tiles and geometrically-patterned tiles, there is a wide range of tile options to spice up any design.

ID# 157640 | – Credit© Soda Pop Design Inc.

Tiled Kitchen Island Ideas with Picket Tile Backsplash and Blue Cabinets

Take design cues from this kitchen, and match your backsplash to your island. Here, the white picket tile backsplash clads both the wall and the island, creating an entertaining and well-coordinated look. To complement them, the blue cabinets add a fresh splash of color, imparting serenity. The gold fixtures finalize the look, injecting a healthy dose of warmth and glam.

Is it better to have a kitchen table or an island?

If you can’t decide on whether to get an island or a kitchen table, consider your eating habits and lifestyle. For example, for those who love a laid-back dinner, an island with seating is a more practical option. However, if dinners and breakfasts are more like a family ritual, a time when everybody gets together, then a kitchen table is what is needed.

ID# 157641 | – Credit© studio gamp!

Scandinavian Kitchen with Geometric Backsplash and Tiled Island

This Scandinavian kitchen is bound to be loved by everyone enamored by geometric and colorful designs. And this Scandinavian kitchen is like a study of both. Introducing red and blue via a backsplash and tiled island, it presents a continuous look, ensuring integrity. Plus, the two-tiered island with its seating section adds a bonus aesthetic value. In the rest, white cabinets and butcher block countertops just repeat the main Nordic design aesthetic repertoire as the main setup.

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