Waterfall Kitchen Island Make Statement with Dramatic Look

34+ Waterfall Kitchen Island

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Bright Kitchen with Marble Slabs and Dark Blue Glass Pendants

In a modern look, usually, a contrast is utilized to create that wow effect due to the usual lack of textures and ornaments. The overall light look in this kitchen is created by the white flat-panel cabinetry with hidden hardware, light wood floors, white walls and ceiling, and a large amount of daylight. While these elements are set against, beautiful dark glass light pendants, and black leather furnishings. To complete this look, the marble waterfall countertop is perfect. The highly textured marble has unusually dark veins for the material creating a dialogue between the elements of the kitchen. It is always good to match your backsplash and countertops to the island for a cohesive feel.

ID# 134532 | Houzz.com – Credit© John Lewis of Hungerford

Sharp Clean Grey Kitchen with Quartz Island and Backsplash

Not breaking the sharp clean lines of the space, the island in this space is pushed up against the wall and follows the counter space on the side. All the surfaces in the space are continuous; with the quartz single slab backsplash and countertops, and stone grey cabinetry that is seamlessly installed. The hidden hardware further emphasizes the sharp lines. The matte grey is balanced by the marble-like texture of the Corian quartz countertop, and a touch of warmth is added to the wood. Adding circular furniture such as the globe pendants and round stools will soften up some of the sharp turns.

Waterfall Kitchen Island

Having an island in your kitchen is great for the extra counter space, but it can do so much more! When picked right, an island can become the focal point of your kitchen, making it perfect as an entertainment space. You can add elements such as a bar or extra cabinetry for even more functionality. When picking an island for your kitchen, you can either choose the standard design or the waterfall design. A standard design island features a single slab that is placed upon the cabinets and stops at the edge. On the other hand, in the waterfall design, the slab continues down the sides and meets the floor. So, if you want to learn about this waterfall countertop trend, scroll down and find these stunning waterfall counters that can add a dramatic look to your kitchen!

A waterfall countertops design usually features a stone countertop such as quartz, marble, or granite, and tends to be more expensive than the standard design due to more material used. The costs also add up due to the detailed craftsmanship needed. However, whether it is a natural or engineered stone, a waterfall island is no doubt a show-stopper and will be worth every penny you invest! In this article, we gathered a selection of kitchens for you that features the marvelous waterfall island for you to determine if it is your cup of tea!

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White Shaker Cabinets with White Subway Tile Backsplash

A waterfall island can easily become the focal point of your home! One way to achieve this is to create a contrast in your space. In this contemporary kitchen, white cabinetry and white subwya tiles along the sides of the kitchen is kept white and minimal, only adding brass knobs that match the pendant lighting above the island. The waterfall island, on the other hand, is fully black and is designed to have two pieces interlocking. The lower piece is made of glamorous quartz with a luxurious texture, while the higher open frame waterfall island is out of dark wood and creates the perfect bar space overlooking the countertop. This is the perfect focal point to gather around in your home!

ID# 134502 | Houzz.com – Credit© Dichotomy Interiors

Contemporary Kitchen with A Stone Waterfall Island and Grey Glass Backsplash

Not only a waterfall island can transform a space, but it can also act as a connector between design elements in your kitchen. Here, the beautifully textured stone waterfall island features all the colors in the space completing the look. The grey of the glass subway tiles, the white of the shaker cabinetry, the warmth of the wood flooring, and the brass light fixtures can all be seen in the material. Along with this, during the creation of a contemporary kitchen, materials are often smooth and sleek, adding a textured stone and showing it off in a waterfall style will add a touch of liveliness to your kitchen.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Minimalist White Kitchen with Marble Island and Backsplash

You don’t need to go over the top to pinpoint your waterfall island as the focal point. In a minimalist kitchen like this, you can keep to simple elements and use the luxurious vein texture of marble to have your island stand out. Opting for flat-panel cabinetry, single slab backsplash and countertops to match the island, light wood linings, and floors, and silver hardware will ensure that the texture of the marble won’t be overpowered. You can also choose to cover your range hood in the same materials to create a unique look. For more on how you can use this glamorous combination, head to our article: “White Cabinets with Marble Backsplash Timeless Elegance of Simplicity”.

What is a waterfall kitchen islands?

Differing from the single slab standard design islands, a waterfall kitchen island’s countertop continues down the sides of the island. This type of island shows off the texture of your material while creating a cohesive surface and also further protects the cabinetry below.

ID# 134505 | Houzz.com – Credit© Haven Design and Construction

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinetry with Brass Accents

This kitchen really brings the groovy air of the 70s into your home. The sea blue cabinetry is perfect with the walnut ones. The walnut continues, the floors, and the bar chairs, while the blue is repeating inside the island. In this kitchen, it is all about the unusual geometric cuts! The walnut cabinetry adds dynamic movement to the kitchen with its triangular design, and the waterfall island is unique with its mirroring cut. To add a modern twist to the style, marble is used as the countertop option and is paired with a simple glossy subway tile backsplash. Going for brass hardware, and sculptural light fixtures will complete the look.

ID# 134506 | Houzz.com – Credit© Tanner Homes

White Shaker Cabinets with Patterned Backsplash and Brass Hardware

Such a soothing kitchen! The usual blue, wood, and white combination are lightened to create a calm air, while the grey geometric backsplash matches the stainless steel appliances. Using brass hardware will highlight the wood in the space. To keep the tranquility of the space, you can choose a waterfall island and match the material color to the white cabinetry. This will contain the brightness of the wood and only show it off where necessary.

Waterfall Kitchen Island Materials

What surface material is right for my island?

When choosing a surface material for your waterfall island, it is important to consider both the cost and the style of kitchen you would like to achieve. As the waterfall kitchen uses the material not just on top but also on the sides of the island, the material cost increases. Additionally, a waterfall island requires a skilled professional to get the continuation of the material texture and the joints just right. As it costs a lot more than the standard island and also considering the extraordinary design, usually waterfall islands become the focal point of a kitchen.

That’s why when choosing the material, you should also consider how much it fits into your design. Generally, these islands are made of stone, but in some cases, you can also choose unique materials such as wood. Read on to learn more about just how you can use different materials to create your waterfall kitchen island.

Quartz Waterfall Kitchen Island

Quartz is an engineered type of stone that is great as countertops as it is almost 100% non-porous and is very durable. It also comes in many different varieties and can even be installed seamlessly allowing you to pick exactly what you want for your space. One thing to keep in mind is that even though quartz is usually cheaper than natural stone, it can add up if you request a custom design. With a waterfall island, however, as the standard design only calls for a couple of slabs, you may be able to save money by opting for this material.

ID# 134507 | Houzz.com – Credit© True North Development

Minimalistic White Kitchen with Quartz Backsplash and Waterfall Kitchen Island

This contemporary kitchen uses the minimal yet timeless combination of white and gold giving a luxurious feel but allowing room to play with various textures. The white flat cabinetry and the french windows pair really well with the statement gold range hood and the ornamented ceiling. To highlight the ceiling pendant light fixtures are used. The space also plays around with the quartz material to achieve a dynamic space by combining tiled backsplash with one-piece countertops, stove backsplash, and a waterfall island. It is important to note that the key to such a kitchen style is to keep to as few material and color variations as possible.

Marble Mosaic Tiles

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Dark Blue Cabinets with Wood Island and Quartz Countertop

Due to its engineered nature, quartz can really come in a lot of different variations. This makes it easy for you to find one that matches your space perfectly. This luxurious kitchen features a blue and white quartz waterfall island that instantly catches the eye and does a great job of connecting all the elements. The deep blue cabinetry, brass hardware, and light fixtures, along with the white flooring and countertops are all in dialogue with the island. To add a unique twist, you can choose trendy furniture like circular bar chairs.

What is most important when designing a kitchen island waterfall edge?

When designing a waterfall island the most important thing is the joints. The joining edge of the top and sides are crucial for a perfect end look and there is very little room for error. Consequently, it is always good to rely on a professional when building a waterfall island for your space.

Along with this, what material you choose for your island is also very important. As the island will be showcasing a lot of the material, it is vital that you pick one that suits your overall design. You can go with a tone that matches your color palette or opt for something crazy and opposing to contrast and create a focal point.

ID# 134509 | Houzz.com – Credit© Kennedy Cole Interior Design

Contemporary Kitchen with Grey Glossy Cabinetry and Quartz Waterfall Island

This contemporary kitchen is designed to catch as much of the daylight as possible coming in from the vast windows on the kitchen door. The flat panel dove grey cabinetry has a glossy finish that pairs really well with the glossy quartz waterfall island and the backsplash. Of course, the best choice is stainless steel appliances to complete the shiny look. Adding walnut flooring will anchor the space and balance the light.

ID# 134510 | Houzz.com – Credit© Urbane Design

Minimal Transitional Kitchen with Quartz Island and Cream Backsplash

Creating a contrast between your floors and the rest of the kitchen can create a trendy look while allowing a cohesive feel at eye level. In this kitchen, the bright wood floors are paired against the cream shaker cabinetry and the quartz waterfall island. The quartz material is continued onto the backsplash in a tiled style. Black pendants with the golden interior, gold vanity fixtures, and hardware add just the right amount of sparkle for a luxurious finish. For a homey feel, you can complete the look with oriental rugs.

ID# 134511 | Houzz.com – Credit© Condovate Interiors Inc.

Tonal Simple Kitchen with a Quartz Waterfall Kitchen Island

The sleek angular nature of a waterfall kitchen island is the perfect choice if what you are going after is a minimalistic and quiet kitchen. This contemporary kitchen plays with tonalities to keep the space interesting yet has a contained and cohesive design direction that is easy on the senses. While the white of the flat-panel cabinetry matches the Silestone quartz countertop, the grey backsplash mirrors the interior of the island. The ashy flooring is the perfect medium leaving the monolithic oak cabinetry as the focal point. In a kitchen like this, to add depth you can always rely on undercabinet lighting.

Are waterfall kitchen islands expensive?

Generally, the cost of a waterfall island’s material will be the same per square foot, of course, you will be using more of the material cost will be higher than going for a standard design countertop. Along with this, you will also need to invest in a skilled professional for the best manufacturing so yes, waterfall islands can get expensive. But seeing how gorgeous they are, it is definitely worth it!

ID# 134512 | Houzz.com – Credit© Lenton Company, Inc.

Walnut Cabinetry with Quartz Backsplash and Countertops

The best thing about quartz is that you can really go bold with what you pick due to the vast amount of options to choose from. This ensures that you always end up with the perfect match for the rest of your design. In this transitional kitchen, the quartz waterfall countertop and its matching backsplash really create an eye-catching focal point; great for open plan kitchens. The bright walnut adds a pop of color, while its knotty texture pairs well with the cloudy quartz. You can also match blown glass pendants that have the same texture to complete the look. A pro tip is to keep your flooring subtle to balance out the boldness.

ID# 134513 | Houzz.com – Credit© Huxley Home Design Group

Gorgeous Open Plan Kitchen with Quartz Island

It is a clever designer trick to create a focal point island, especially in an open plan kitchen as it instantly creates a space of gathering in the middle of your living space. Here, the quartz island is a block of glow that catches all the light coming in from the sleek French doors. The matte dark flooring is the perfect contrast and merges the kitchen into the living room seamlessly. Acting as the ultimate background the rest of the kitchen is kept simple with the flat-panel white cabinetry and elegant black appliances. For a little glamour, you can always rely on brass light fixtures.

Marble Waterfall Kitchen Island

Marble is a material that requires no introduction. Wherever it is set, no matter the style, it will instantly add a luxurious feel. Though marble can get expensive, it is always a worthy investment. And what better way to show off your material choice than a luxurious waterfall island sitting right in the middle of your space?

ID# 134514 | Houzz.com – Credit© Hayasa Flooring Design, Inc

Calm Minimalist Kitchen with a Marble Waterfall Kitchen Island

Sometimes minimalist kitchens can get dull if the materials are not chosen right. The rule of thumb is always to include at least one textured material in your palette to add the dynamic nature and keep things interesting. This kitchen does a great job of using the timeless white and oak combination while layering the space with various lighting techniques. Hence, the addition of the textured marble waterfall island completes the look. Using the sole textured material to create the focal point allows the rest of the design to be simple and calm.

ID# 134515 | Houzz.com – Credit

Contemporary Kitchen with Blue Cabinetry and Marble Island

Marble is a great material to create contrast in your kitchen. When using deep colors such as dark blue and wood here, adding a light marble island will balance them out. The waterfall design of the island not only balances out the horizontal surfaces but also the vertical surfaces due to its sides. Additionally, the grey-blue veins of the marble countertop material pair perfectly with the rest of the color palette. Keeping to simple silver hardware and plush furniture will enhance the luxurious feel. And don’t forget to decorate with a contemporary style painting to really create an alive feeling.

ID# 134516 | Houzz.com – Credit© Jennifer Wundrow Interior Design, Inc.

Light Wood Cabinets with Glossy White Subway Tile Backsplash

To keep your marble versatile, try to always choose the right vein color. In this farmhouse kitchen with a modern twist, the unique yellowish veins of the marble are amazing with the wooden cabinetry. The subtle texture also avoids overpowering the gorgeous texture of the range hood. Contrast is created with the light blue under the island, also adding a pop of color. To create that farmhouse feel, basket bar chairs and lantern-like pendants are added to the design.

Wood Waterfall Kitchen Island

We are used to wood on countertops but on a waterfall island? Now that is new! An unorthodox choice compared to the usual stone islands, a wood island can really create the warmth you are looking for. However, it is important to keep in mind that wooden countertops require a little more maintenance than their stone peers, so make sure to inquire about the regulations before selecting your wood. You can also choose to pair your wood island with a stone one and keep the wood in the less used areas for less wear. Keep reading to learn just how cozy a wood island feels in a space!

ID# 134517 | Houzz.com – Credit© Anders Lasater Architects

Modern Kitchen with White Flat-Panel Cabinets and Wood Accents

If you just don’t have the time to pick up the additional maintenance of a waterfall wood countertop in your food preparation areas but still want the warm feeling that comes with it, try this interlocking design! Truly the best of both worlds, the quartz lower island pairs with the bright oak that together adds a luxurious focal point to the space. The rest of the kitchen mirrors this material palette, while the cabinetry is kept at flat-panel glossy white. Black details sharpen the space by adding contrast. This sort of design will guarantee that you catch every bit of daylight coming in from the skylights above.

ID# 134518 | Houzz.com – Credit© Urbane Design

Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen with a Wooden Waterfall Kitchen Island

In a farmhouse kitchen, adding a wooden kitchen island countertop may work better to preserve the air of warmth compared to a stone island. Here, the butcher’s block-like island pairs really well with the glossy rusted flooring, and the brick backsplash creates a cohesive air of grunge. In contrast, light blue cabinetry is added. It is smart to leave the rest of the kitchen grey to avoid clutter and match the decorative elements as well.

ID# 134519 | Houzz.com – Credit© Elms Interior Design

Serene Kitchen with Wooden Waterfall Island

In this modern kitchen, the wood waterfall island creates the contrast and the focal point in the space. The bright oak is beautiful and pairs well with the austere wood stools. The range hood carries the wood material to the back wall, where the flat-panel white cabinetry is matched with the light grey subway tile backsplash with white grout lines. The light wood floors, black knob hardware, and simple bulb pendants complete the look. This kitchen keeps things curvacious and serene to give that true Scandinavian feel.

Concrete Waterfall Kitchen Island

A very popular choice in contemporary houses, concrete can do the same trick for your kitchen. The cloudy texture adds an air of grunge to your kitchen breaking the usual soft look. However, beware of the maintenance required for a concrete countertop. As it is more porous than the traditional stone countertops, concrete countertops should absolutely be sealed. And even then there isn’t a holy grail sealant for concrete, requiring you to keep to a regular maintenance schedule. So if you are a busy bee, you may want to opt for a stone counter. But, we guarantee that a concrete countertop’s trendy and elegant look will be worth the extra care!

ID# 134520 | Houzz.com – Credit© Younger Homes

Modern White Cbainets with Gray Backsplash and White Countertop

In this contemporary kitchen, only three colors are used; grey, white, and walnut. The white of modern cabinetry, the grey of the stainless steel appliances and the concrete island, and finally the wood floors, walls, and back of the island. The light grey backsplash is the perfect connector piece. The inherent cloudy texture of the concrete is marvelous with the knotty wood, creating a trendy air. You really don’t need to go overboard with decorations or the design to achieve a luxurious and elegant kitchen. Just pick a couple well worth materials and you are set!

ID# 134521 | Houzz.com – Credit© Everingham Design

Contemporary Kitchen with Concrete Island and Backsplash

Concrete’s texture does not always have to be subtle. You can discuss with your manufacturer the options of creating a design here to really show off the material. The dark grey concrete with its intricate texture creates a focal point in the space and pairs really well with the simple ashy walnut cabinetry. The overall feel of the kitchen seems almost sculptural with the proportions just right! To avoid disturbing the artistic feel, you can opt for hidden hardware and simple black furniture. Stainless steel faucets and appliances will also serve the space well.

Are waterfall kitchen islands out of style?

The apple of the eye of any contemporary kitchen, waterfall islands aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Along with their ability to add instant texture to the space, they also add functionality. The extra protection over the cabinetry below is just the cherry on top. With how clean they look, waterfall islands seem to be here to stay for now.

ID# 134522 | Houzz.com – Credit© Tielens Construction Inc.

Concrete Island in a Big Serene Kitchen

This vast contemporary kitchen feels so serene, bringing in the natural feel of the garden outside. The ashy light wood cabinetry is one with concrete due to the similarities of the textures between the two materials. Yet while the cabinetry is finished matte, the concrete waterfall island is glossy. The slightly darker wood flooring anchors the space while the white walls and large white light fixtures feel fresh and spacious. This kitchen is perfect for lazy Sunday mornings!

Modern Waterfall Kitchen Island

Waterfall islands are generally placed in kitchens with a modern style. This is due to their clean look with sharp directionality and their ability to showcase solid fields of material inherent to a contemporary style. We gathered below a couple of contemporary kitchens that utilize a waterfall island beautifully to inspire your next renovation project! For more inspiration on modern kitchens, check out our article: “Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas (Contemporary Design Style!)”.

ID# 134523 | Houzz.com – Credit

Cozy Contemporary Kitchen with a White Waterfall Kitchen Island

The cozy feeling of this kitchen definitely stems from the beautiful natural wood cabinetry used with the vertical knotty texture. The wood is set against a cloudy ceramic tile backsplash that covers the entire wall creating the perfect backdrop. Steel hardware matches the backsplash perfectly. To create a centerpiece, the island is glossy white, its thin slabs mirroring the textures in the space. The white is continued up with pendants with golden interiors and luxurious leather chairs that match the wood. The flooring is a light beige that connects all the pieces in space.

ID# 134524 | Houzz.com – Credit© Cathers Home Furniture + Interior Design

Modern Kitchen with Dark Grey Details and a White Waterfall Island

If you have an open-plan kitchen, you really want to bring the colors from your living space into your design to ensure a cohesive end result. This contemporary kitchen pulls the dark grey of the couch onto its flat cabinetry in ashy wood matched by silver hardware. Dark grey is also used on the interior of the island and the fabric of the bar chairs. The rest of the kitchen creates a contrast that completes the modern feel. The white walls, marble tile backsplash, and the glossy white waterfall island ensure that the daylight coming is used well.

ID# 134525 | Houzz.com – Credit© Coleman Builders, LLC

Coastal Kitchen with a Quartz Waterfall Island

This bright kitchen really keeps things minimal to allow you as much entertainment space as possible. The classic combination of white cabinetry with oak floors is elevated by the quartz waterfall island that also carries the wood in its interior. The cabinetry and solid elements are kept low in the kitchen to allow as much daylight as possible from the vast windows on one side. The dark blue framing of the windows and the door, along with the woven bar chairs give a coastal twist to the design.

Is a waterfall island worth it?

Waterfall islands are great if you would like to have an eye-catching kitchen. If you are looking to sell your house, a waterfall island will be a showstopper for any potential buyer. With a beautiful stone texture added, these islands are a great investment for an impressive and durable kitchen.

ID# 134526 | Houzz.com – Credit© JLV Creative

Beach Style Kitchen with Quartz Countertop and Blue Cabinetry

For a coastal style, the combination of white, light wood and deep blue is all you need. This simple color palette, also usually comes with a minimal choice of textures to keep things bright and breezy. Here, the kitchen features blue lower cabinetry that matches the interior of the island, while the horizontal lines of the island pair perfectly with the off-white beadboard backsplash and wood flooring. Floating shelves avoid covering up the wall design, while dark brown leather stools with brass detailing add a luxurious feel. The quartz countertops continue the white feel while adding the beautiful vein texture.

ID# 134527 | Houzz.com – Credit© Joel Contreras Design

Open Plan Kitchen with Marble Waterfall Island

This vast kitchen blends seamlessly into the next room, allowing no disruptions in the open plan. The back wall of wood cabinetry with hidden hardware looks one-piece and is flush with the adjacent wall, while the flooring continues with the same material. To anchor the space as a kitchen, the marble countertop also adds a beautiful texture. The backsplash matches the island, hinting that the back wall is also a part of the kitchen. In a continuous open-plan as such, you can use an island to draw an invisible border without breaking the flow of your home.

How much waterfall kitchen island?

Though installation charges are the same as standards, the manufacturing is where the waterfall islands get expensive. Because the slabs are cut with CNC machines for the perfect fit, you may have to pay as much as $2,000 extra. Your material choice is also a factor. If you go with a natural stone like granite, you will also need to add in the costs for resealing once or twice a year. However, you can save on this cost if you opt for a quartz island instead.

ID# 134528 | Houzz.com – Credit© Devco Homes

Transitional Kitchen with Shimmering Backsplash and Waterfall Island

This kitchen utilizes differing textures in white to add dynamic movements to the space. The quartz waterfall island pairs with the shimmering tiled backsplash and white walls, while the medium wood cabinetry is against lighter wood flooring. The black details of the space such as the light fixtures and the hardware connect one texture to the next, while stainless steel appliances give a timeless effect. The waterfall island also adds an additional storage with its cabinets.

Small Waterfall Kitchen Island

The general thought is that to have an island, you need a big kitchen. This cannot be further from the truth. An island is a great tool that will enhance the functionality of your kitchen. It can become a seating area, extra counter space, or even extra storage… Thus, an island is always a good investment no matter the size of your space! On top of this, a waterfall island will create less clutter visually in the space due to its continuous material and keep your kitchen spacious. Keep reading to see how you can elevate your small kitchen with a waterfall island!

ID# 134529 | Houzz.com – Credit© Jennifer Tulley Architects

Small Bright Kitchen with Small Wood Island and Stone Countertop

In an open-plan kitchen, an island will be the perfect connector piece between your spaces. As one of the sides could be used as an eating space, you will be able to entertain right out of your kitchen, elevating your cooking space. With a stone slab backsplash and waterfall kitchen island like this, you can create the perfect modern look for your guests or your morning coffee. But it is important to keep it simple to avoid overcrowding the small footprint. Keeping to white flat-panel cabinetry and occasional wood will do the job!

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ID# 134530 | Houzz.com – Credit© Balnei & Colina

Transitional Kitchen with White Cabinets and Gray Wall Tiles

You can opt for a small island even if your kitchen is big to keep the design space. In this transitional kitchen, white shaker cabinetry contrasts with the grey walls and matches the staggered subway tile backsplash. The white grout lines of the backsplash enhance the rectangular lines of the space. The oak floors add warmth to the space, while stainless steel appliances are perfect for the overall material palette. Big windows bring in a lot of daylight, which the opposite monolithic white cabinetry catch to brighten up the space. In the middle, the waterfall island is small but functional with eating space and quartz material for extra counter space. The glossy finish glows under the sunlight.

How to build a waterfall kitchen island?

A waterfall island, differing from a standard island design, has three different slabs that are joined together. For the perfect joints, you will need your island to be fabricated. Each slab is cut with a computer numerical control laser cutter, CNC, to ensure a precise joint. You should rely on a professional fabricator for this job. If you can you should shop around the find the right one for you before deciding. The right fabricator will determine the thickness of the top slab the same as the sides. You should also avoid overcomplicating the slab design to ensure a clean waterfall look and avoid any fabrication mistakes or additional upcharges.

ID# 134531 | Houzz.com – Credit© Streamline Construction

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets with Marble Herringbone Backsplash

Your island does not always have to be a detached piece in the middle, for smaller footprints you can get creative with how you locate your extra seating space. Here, the island is attached to the end of the side counter space to avoid dividing up the circulation spaces in the kitchen. It almost wraps up the kitchen, creating a cozy space in front of the bright windows. The usage of wood against white further enhances this homey feeling, while glass pendants catch the light for that extra sparkle in the space.

Granite Waterfall Kitchen Island

Being heat and scratch-resistant, granite has been a favorite among homeowners for a long time. Not only it is durable, but granite countertops are also so visually appealing that they will instantly elevate any design. There are many colors and types to choose from when it comes to granite, so you won’t have a problem picking the best option for your space either. Read on to see the selection of granite countertops we chose for you!

ID# 134533 | Houzz.com – Credit© Rochele Decorating

White Contemporary Kitchen with Gray Granite Countertop

This pure contemporary kitchen really brings home the meaning of monochromatic. White color surrounds all space from flat-panel cabinets to subway tile backsplash and even to the ceiling and walls. The focal point and the only contrasting element is the grey granite waterfall island in the space, perfect as a gathering space in the open plan kitchen. Here, for even more contrast, you can choose different styles for your countertops and island, matching your countertops to the overall style. Adding beige flooring and wooden stools will add warmth and black appliances will keep the sleekness.

ID# 134534 | Houzz.com – Credit© Hartman Homes

Huge Transitional Kitchen with Double Islands

This huge transitional kitchen is designed cleverly in how it is divided into functionalities. Each of the double islands carries out differing functions, hence their design also changes accordingly. While the back island holds appliances and upper cabinetry for extra storage and cooking space, the front island is perfect for entertaining guests, laying out a buffet, or use as a bar. The different heights of the front island create a functional preparation space, while the higher part is the bar. As the highlight of the space, the bar is made out of beautiful granite in a waterfall style and is lined with gold pendants above. The rest of the kitchen pairs well with the granite in dark wood and white cabinetry.

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