BRICK Mosaic Tile Backsplash Ideas, Projects and Tips

Why not bring the beautiful structure of brick from the exterior of your home to the interior? Our gallery of brick backsplash ideas will have you running to do just that. These beautiful brick backsplash ideas create simple structure and design that makes designing your kitchen a breeze.

Beautiful Brick Backsplash Ideas

Whether you already have white cabinets, brown cabinets, or black cabinets, you’ll find brick backsplash ideas to match. You can choose from stark whites, glittering coppers, chocolate browns, or neutral grays. Select from stone, glass, marble, or metal for brick backsplash ideas that are truly your own.

Fall in love with the low-maintenance aspect of these brilliant brick backsplash ideas. Wipe them clean quickly to keep them looking just as good as these pictures for the years ahead. They are constructed of strong, durable materials that make them perfect for long-term use in heavily trafficked areas. You won’t have to worry about whether these brick backsplash ideas will last for the long-haul.

Modern Brick Backsplash Ideas

Brick backsplash ideas are ideal for modern or contemporary spaces that want the structure they can lend. With the clean lines and simple pattern of these brick backsplash ideas, your kitchen will feel instantly elevated into the contemporary category.

Let the natural beauty of the materials shine through for a contemporary space that has a traditional vibe. Select brilliant whites and solid colors that shine for a modern backsplash idea that is eye-catching and elegant. You’ll discover any number of design dreams that you’ll want to chase after with these ideas.

No matter what your design preference, we’re confident you’ll enjoy these brick backsplash ideas. Find something to fall in love with our collection of completed projects that highlight these beautiful pieces. They’ll be the perfect addition to your new kitchen project.

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