Backsplash Tile Shapes Most Popular and Unique Backsplash Tile Designs

39+ Backsplash Tile Shapes

ID# 134703 | – Credit© Terri Sears, Kitchen, and Bath Designer

White Cabinets with Glossy White Tiles and Blue Island

If you want to add a splash of color to your kitchen design, the island is a perfect place! In this transitional kitchen, the navy-blue kitchen island makes a statement with its bold paint color and elevates the design. Using white cabinets and a simple white backsplash is a great way to make the island is the star of the design. Also, these subway tiles make the space feel larger by reflecting light with their glossy finish. The brass hardware and the brass details of the pendant lights and counter chairs add a dose of sparkle and complement the warm feel of the dark wood floor.

ID# 134721 | – Credit© moss

Modern White Cabinetry with Blue and White Square Tile

The unique blue and white backsplash tile design transform this otherwise ordinary kitchen into an eye-catching design. The geometrical pattern of the tiles adds a modern vibe to the atmosphere while creating a visual illusion. The reflection on the gray countertop emphasizes the impact of the backsplash. The modern white kitchen cabinets give a clean look and allow the stunning backsplash tiles to stand out.

Backsplash Tile Shapes

When it comes to kitchen design, a backsplash is one of the most important elements that affect the overall look. Kitchen backsplashes can bring all the other elements together, and provide visually pleasing appeals while creating a protective layer for kitchen walls. That’s why choosing the right backsplash is important to finalize your design and among all the different alternatives, finding the right one might be overwhelming. But do not worry! In this article, we rounded up different backsplash tiles shapes. So, you can see the different applications and their impact to learn how to incorporate your design project!

In today’s market, there are different products that you can use for kitchen backsplashes and among all these different alternatives, tiles are the most common and popular material. With their almost infinite range of color, material, pattern, and shape options, backsplash tiles both provide visual interest and durable surfaces. But what kind of backsplash tile is right for your kitchen? From classic geometrical shapes to unique shapes, there are a bunch of alternatives and before deciding, check these stunning backsplash tile shapes!

ID# 134702 | – Credit© Kandrac & Kole Interior Designs, Inc.

Black and White Hexagon Backsplash Tile Shapes

If you are looking for a sleek geometrical shape, hexagon tiles are perfect for it. And adding some patterns or textures onto your hex tiles is a great way to emphasize them and create a striking focal point! In this traditional kitchen, the black and white picket tile backsplash instantly draws attention and brings a charming theme. The white shaker-style cabinets and white countertops serve a clean and elegant look and allow the backsplash to be the centerpiece of the design. The black hardware complements the black details of the wall tiles while the black and gold pendant lights complete the traditional style.

ID# 134701 | – Credit© Zawadski Homes Inc.

Transitional Kitchen with White Subway Tile Backsplash and Wood Range Hood

Rectangular tiles are the most popular shapes which are used as kitchen backsplashes. In this transitional kitchen, these white rectangular tiles create a subway pattern which is also a classic for all kitchen types. It creates a clean and fresh backdrop and creates a cohesive look with the white shaker cabinets and white countertops. The wooden range hood pulls the attention at the first sight with its sculptural shape and creates a focal point between the white shaker cabinets.

Subway Mosaic Tiles

Modern look, slim white marble mosaic tile, for kitchen backsplash and bathroom projects.

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Dark gray slate subway tile for a contemporary yet timeless kitchen backsplash

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Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Modern Subway Rosewood and Gray Marble Backsplash Tile

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ID# 134704 | – Credit© By Design Interiors, Inc.

Black and White Luxurious Kitchen with Quartz Countertops

This black and white kitchen serves a timeless appeal with a luxurious vibe! The white kitchen island with a Cambria quartz countertop is definitely the centerpiece of the kitchen! It makes a statement and provides a stunning textural look with its marble texture. On the other hand, the black chevron tile backsplash and the black countertop of the base cabinets create a striking focal point between the white cabinets with brass hardware. The appliances coordinate with the black and gold finishes as well. The range hood is dressed in brass bezel accents and the stainless-steel apron-front sink is brushed with a brass decorative front.

ID# 134705 | – Credit© CODIA

Gray Cabinets with Yellow Tiles and Wood Kitchen Island

Using different layouts for classic rectangular tiles is also a great way to give a different visual impact to kitchens. Here, the vibrant color of the yellow ceramic tiles directly puls the attention and brings a warm and cozy feel to this contemporary kitchen. The white floating shelf above the backsplash provides storage space while displaying the beautiful decors and plates. The gray raised-panel perimeter cabinets give a traditional feel while the white countertop adds a fresh look. The herringbone pattern of the wood kitchen island adds a nice texture and complements the oversized herringbone floor tile.

ID# 134706 | – Credit© Qt Interior Design

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinetry with Blue Scallop Backsplash Tiles Shapes

If you want to go with unique shapes, fish scale tiles are the way to go! The navy-blue mermaid backsplash tile creates a wow factor in this beach-style kitchen. Gray lower cabinets and white upper cabinets offer a timeless look with their shaker-style cabinet doors. The rustic wood kitchen countertop brings warmth to the atmosphere and adds a dose of a rustic feel. The farmhouse sink complements the upper cabinets.

Rectangular Tile Backsplash

A classic for a good reason, rectangular backsplash tile shapes are the most popular and timeless option for all kitchen types. They come in a wide range of color, material, pattern, and textures options and this variety provides versatility for these tiles! Rectangular-shaped tiles also come in a range of different sizes from 1 x 2 inches to 12 x 16 inches. Smaller ones are perfect to create a nice textural look without overwhelming. On the other hand, larger ones offer a clean and sleek backdrop for the kitchens.

When it comes to rectangular tiles, subway, brick, or offset pattern is the most popular option and the traditional subway tile backsplash will never fail you down! On the other hand, you can try different patterns with these tiles such as herringbone, chevron, basketweave, or stacked. Each of them has different visual impacts. To create a classic subway tile look, 3 x 6 inched tiles will be perfect but longer tiles like 3×12, 2×20 inches work well with other patterns. So, if you want to go with classics, rectangular tiles never fail you down and classic doesn’t have to mean boring!

ID# 134707 | – Credit© JWH Design and Cabinetry LLC

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets with Rectangular Backsplash Tile Shapes

The lovely bluish-gray color of the raised-panel kitchen cabinets dominates the space and reflects the classic beauty of the traditional style with a romantic feel. The white subway tiles and the white countertops provide a clean and fresh look while the wood kitchen island and other wood accents such as the trim of the range hood and counter chairs bring warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 134708 | – Credit© Lissa Lee Hickman

All-White Kitchen with Black and Wood Accents

Besides the classic running bond pattern, rectangular backsplash tile shapes can also be laid in different patterns. In this all-white kitchen design, the white rectangular tiles are laid in a herringbone pattern behind the stove which creates a focal point without breaking the clean and sleek look. Also, using two different layouts for the tiles adds more visual interest to the design. On the other hand, the white shaker cabinets, white quartz countertops, and paneled appliances serve a timeless look. The black hardware and the black pendant lights nicely contrast with the white features to add a sense of luxury. The dark wooden extension of the kitchen island and counter chairs also create a contrasting look while adding a rustic vibe to the atmosphere.

Chevron Mosaic Tiles

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White Gray Gold Chevron Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Chevron Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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Modern chevron backsplash tile, white gray brown color mixed chevron tile

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Warm Color Gold White Gray Chevron Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 134709 | – Credit© Karen Berkemeyer Home

White Shaker Cabinets with Chevron Wall Tiles and Black Appliances

Instead of the light-colored stainless steel appliances we are used to, the dark-colored stainless steel appliances used in this kitchen create a nice contrast with the white kitchen cabinets with white countertops. The harmony of plain handles and white kitchen cabinets combines with white quartzite countertops, adding a magnificent look to the chevron tiles which consist of a shell and marble tiles. Chevron and herringbone are very similar patterns but for the chevron pattern, the end of the tiles are cut at an angle to create a continuous zigzag pattern.

What are the most popular tile shapes?

Among all different tile shapes, rectangular tiles are the most popular option for all kitchen types. With their effortless beauty and versatility, a subway tile backsplash is a classic for kitchens. From modern to traditional, these tiles can work with different styles. Besides the subway pattern, you can also lay the tiles in different patterns such as basketweave, herringbone, or chevron. So, you can give different visual impacts with these tiles and this opportunity makes them the most popular backsplash tile shapes.

ID# 134710 | – Credit© Вера Шеверденок | Roomba interior

Multicolored Kitchen Backsplash with Two-Tone Cabinets

When designing a kitchen backsplash, there are no certain rules. That means you can be creative and playful as you want! And if one color is not enough for you, you can match different colored tiles like this design! Here, the black, gray, and white herringbone tiles create an accent behind the two-tone kitchen cabinetry. The full-height placement of the tiles emphasizes their impact. Also, with its color scheme, these tiles complement the other kitchen furniture like white cabinets and black countertops. The wooden upper cabinets break the monochrome color scheme to add warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 134711 | – Credit | © Creative Home

Blue Herringbone Backsplash Tile Shapes for Black Cabinets

The ceramic herringbone backsplash creates edges with a strong shade of ocean blue that gives a relaxing feel. The black cabinets and the ocean blue herringbone backsplash are in harmony with each other. The butcher block countertop of the perimeter cabinets completes the beachy vibe which is created by blue shades. The hexagon tiles on the floor that keeps the blue shades on them complete the look of the kitchen.

Hexagon Mosaic Tiles

Blue & gray hexagon glass & marble mix mosaic tile.

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Hex glossy glass tile with gray veins.

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White Marble Small Picket Design Backsplash Mosaic Tile

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Picket Design Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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White Hexagon Marble Look Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 134712 | – Credit© Toulmin Kitchen & Bath

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Wood Island and White Countertops

This transitional kitchen serves an elegant and luxurious look with its light gray kitchen cabinets, wood kitchen island, beige ceramic subway tile backsplash, and white quartz countertops. The gray shaker-style cabinets give a classic traditional look while the subway tiles make a modern twist. The brass details like the hardware, legs of the acrylic counter chairs, and finish of the white pendant lights complete the warm feel of the neutral color palette.

ID# 134713 | – Credit© Yates Desygn

Full-Height Rectangular Backsplash Tile Shapes for Transitional Kitchen

If you want to create a more modernized look for your backsplash, try vertical installment! Vertical tiles are perfect to create a sleek and modern look and also make the space feel higher which can be a good advantage for small spaces! In this bright kitchen design, the white full-height backsplash serves a clean look for the rest of the kitchen. The wooden kitchen island makes a statement in this transitional kitchen and provides both style and function with its large worktop. The black range hood stands out in front of the white kitchen backsplash and creates a beautiful backdrop for the brass lighting fixture.

ID# 134714 | – Credit© Broderic Design

Contemporary Kitchen with Modern White Cabinets and Tiles

Just like the vertical layout, using a stacked layout is also a great way to add a modern vibe to kitchens. In this contemporary kitchen, the stacked layout of the white subway tiles completes the ultra-modern look of the flat-panel cabinetry. The black kitchen island with quartz countertop breaks the white domination of the atmosphere which is created by the white flat-panel cabinets and white backsplash. Black and wood counter chairs complement the wooden flooring while oversized white pendant light makes a statement above the island.

Which shape can be used to tile?

In today’s market, you can find a tile in all geometrical shapes from rectangles to hexagons. Rectangular tiles are the most popular option but you can try different alternatives like hexagon, arabesque, fish scale, square, or diamond.

ID# 134715 | – Credit© Christopher’s Kitchen & Bath

Gray Cabinets with Green Wall Tiles and Wood Shelves

The green glass subway tile backsplash is definitely the centerpiece of this contemporary kitchen with gray wood cabinets. The eye-catching color of the backsplash tiles stands against the neutral color of the cabinets while the vertical placement of the tiles makes the space feel taller. Wooden floating shelves give an open and airy feel and allow the backsplash tiles to steal the attention.

ID# 134716 | – Credit© O’Brien Harris LLC

Light Wood Kitchen Cabinets with White Subway Tiles and Wood Shelves

You never can go wrong with classics! A white subway tile backsplash is always a savior for all kitchen types, as in this transitional kitchen. Here, the 3 x 6 white subway tiles cover all the walls and provide a sleek yet impactful backdrop. The gray grout of the tiles emphasizes this classic pattern. The light wood kitchen cabinets and wood floating shelves create a harmonious look with the backsplash while the white marble countertop makes a luxurious twist. On the other hand, the black and white patterned floor tiles bring visual interest and complement the traditional cabinetry.

ID# 134717 | – Credit© cityhomeCOLLECTIVE

Mid-Century Kitchen Design with Red Marble Countertops

This burgundy shade is so elegant and it can lend sophistication to any design! In this Midcentury kitchen, the burgundy backsplash makes a statement with its strong color. The red marble backsplash creates a continuous look with the backsplash while adding a luxurious feel. The brass range hood complements the vintage appeal of the burgundy while the light wood kitchen cabinets bring warmth to the atmosphere. The vertically stacked layout of the backsplash modernizes the design.

Square Tile Backsplash

Just like the rectangular tiles, a square is one of the most simple shapes that you can use for a backsplash. But it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring! Square tiles offer a wide range of material, color, size, pattern, and texture options so that you can get the precise look you want! Whether you are working with a classic 4” x 4” white ceramic square tile, or use a patterned square for an authentic look, a square tile backsplash is a perfect material to create a timeless appeal for kitchens!

ID# 134718 | – Credit© Becker Building & Remodeling Inc.

Green Zellige Tiles with White Cabinetry and Green Island

Beautiful warmth, modern fixtures, and green semi-handmade Zellige tiles round out this one-of-a-kind design! The custom white and green cabinetry, white quartz countertops, and dark wood flooring add to the functionality of a beautiful space. The glossy finish of the backsplash tiles brings a fresh look to this kitchen while the brass hardware makes a vintage touch.

ID# 134719 | – Credit© Gemma Dudgeon Interiors

Green and Off-White Cabinets with Handmade Pink Tiled Backsplash

Two-tone kitchen cabinets in soft green and off-white offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere for this traditional kitchen. The handmade pink wall tiles add a splash of color without dominating the color scheme. Also, the lovely color of the tiles complements the naturality of the green paint color of the kitchen island. The patterned floor tiles add visual interest while bringing dimension to the space.

ID# 134720 | – Credit© Paper Moon Painting

White Beach-Style Kitchen with Terracotta Floor Tiles

If you are designing an all-white kitchen, using patterned tiles or contrasting colors for the grout might be a great way to add visual interest to the design. In this beach-style kitchen, white shaker cabinets, kitchen island, and quartz countertops offer a clean, fresh, and bright look. The white square tiles are finished with a gray grout which emphasizes the grid pattern. On the other hand, the patterned backsplash behind the stove creates a focal point and brings some Moroccan vibes. The terracotta floor tiles complement these vibes perfectly.

ID# 134722 | – Credit© Stone Acorn Builders

Square Backsplash Tile Shapes for Light Blue Cabinets

Bright blue shaker cabinets create a cozy and elegant kitchen. The white tile backsplash creates a clean look between the cabinets while providing a nice textural look with their square backsplash tile shapes. Pink and purple upholstered benches are in great harmony with the cabinets. Bronze lantern lights hanging over the island and lights make a traditional touch. The white Caesarstone quartz countertops make a luxurious touch. The large center island with a quartz countertop provides plenty of space.

ID# 134723 | – Credit© Trager Kitchens and Interiors

Blue and White Patchwork Tiles in White Kitchen

The stunning blue patchwork backsplash tiles elevate this white kitchen design and bring a Mediterranean vibe to the atmosphere. White cabinets, the gray countertop, white kitchen island, and white wall paints create a clean, fresh, and bright atmosphere and allow the beautiful Moroccan tiles to become the centerpiece of the design. The wooden stools complement the beachy vibes of the backsplash tiles while the beige floor tiles make a soft touch.

ID# 134724 | – Credit© Женя Постухова

Small Open Concept Kitchen with Green and White Color Scheme

The self-contained U-shaped transitional kitchen is nicely fitted in a corner in an open-plan apartment, emitting contemporary vibes. The pops of colors come from a green ceramic square tile backsplash. The modern design brown range hood enlivens this white-dominant kitchen. The white recessed panel cabinets harmonize perfectly with the backsplash and white Corian quartz countertops, while the last base cabinet with a round edge offers a soft finish, eliminating future accidents with a smart and aesthetic solution. The glass front cabinets at the top with X detailing add a more classic and textural feel.

Diamond Tile Backsplash

If you opt for a unique look in the kitchen, a diamond tile backsplash might be what you are looking for. This timeless pattern allows, in return, very eccentric shapes to dress your kitchen in spectacular backsplashes. Also, the unique geometry of diamond tiles offers endless visual impacts. You can go with a classic diamond pattern or lay these tiles in different ways to create hexagon or cube shapes!

ID# 134725 | – Credit© Laura Lochrin Interiors

Transitional Home Bar with Blue Cabinets and Wood Shelves

Just like the kitchens, a backsplash is also an important element for home bars, especially for wet ones. The blue, wood, and white harmony gain an elegant look with the brass hardware in this transitional home bar. The mirror bar backsplash creates a visual illusion between the navy blue cabinets while providing a nice textural look with the white frames of the diamond tiles. Those details and the white Premium Natural quartz countertop softly complete each other.

ID# 134726 | – Credit

White Cabinetry with Marble Countertops and Glass Tile

In this L-shaped traditional kitchen, what attracts our attention is the white glass rhomboid backsplash that brings glamour. It is well-coordinated with light gray cabinets and countertops that offer a more neutral background to highlight the glass backsplash. Also, to cancel the full-sparkle effect, the glass tiles are combined with marble diamond pieces that compliment the marble-like quartz countertops. The monochromatic scheme of the kitchen is preserved in that it only brought glimmer with shining finishes of chrome hardware and the faucet, while medium-tone wood flooring softens the white-gray palette and brings warmth and richness to the kitchen.

ID# 134727 | – Credit© Uniik Design

White and Wood Cabinetry with Wood Flooring

With its color transition from wood to white, this kitchen offers a balanced look! The wood perimeter cabinets, island, and flooring act as one piece while white countertops and white upper cabinets create a bright look and make the space feel larger. The blue backsplash stands out between the two-tone cabinets and brings beachy vibes. Also, the unique pattern of the porcelain tile backsplash adds visual interest to the design.

ID# 134728 | – Credit© Mon Concept Habitation

Black Kitchen Cabinets with Wood Countertops and Shelves

This unique backsplash design is a gamechanger! The patterned beige hexagon tiles create a mosaic appeal between the black kitchen cabinets and create a striking focal point. The wood countertops and floating shelves complement the warm look of the beige mosaic tiles. The blue velvet and gold counter stools make a luxurious touch.

Hexagon Tile Backsplash

In today’s market, hexagon tiles are one of the most popular options for homeowners and interior designers. With their sleek geometrical shape, these tiles can be a stunning addition to any kitchen design. The geometrical shape of the hexagon or honeycomb tile backsplash offers timeless and chic appeals to kitchens. From copper to marble, black to white, the endless array of material, color, and style options allow you to incorporate this material into your design project!

ID# 134729 | – Credit© Göser Tile Studio

Contemporary Kitchen with Colorful Hexagon Backsplash Tile Shapes

In this contemporary kitchen, the stunning backsplash takes all the credit and creates an accent wall. Colorful triangles on the white hexagon tiles add visual interest while Wood shelves give an open and airy feel. White upper cabinets allow the backsplash to stand out while a wooden island with a white countertop provides plenty of work and eating space.

ID# 134730 | – Credit© Cedarglen Homes

Navy-Blue Cabinetry with Stainless Steel Appliances

The elegance of the navy blue color surrounds the whole atmosphere in this transitional kitchen and creates a timeless design. Navy blue cabinets are paired with quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, marble hexagon backsplash, and floating shelves. Gray counter chairs complete the elegant look while brass accents like a faucet and lighting fixtures add a dose of sparkle.

Round Tile Backsplash

If you are looking for something catchy but unobtrusive, penny or round tile backsplash might be your solution. From the bathroom backsplash to the kitchen backsplash, these tiny tiles can be a perfect addition to your design project. With its slightly beautiful texture, a round tile backsplash will help you to create a timeless appeal. You can create a retro look with white penny tiles with black grout or add a luxurious feel with marble penny tiles.

ID# 134732 | – Credit© Mos Interiors

Modern Kitchen with Flat-Panel Cabinets and Round Tile Backsplash

Clean, fresh, and minimal! This modern kitchen perfectly represents the effortless beauty of the minimalist approach while giving a timeless appeal with its black and white color scheme. The contrasting grout color of the white penny tile backsplash emphasizes the tile pattern and creates a distinctive focal point between the white flat-panel cabinets. Other black accents like the finishes of the glass pendant lights, and the faucet complement the black grout.

ID# 134733 | – Credit© Carter Williamson Architects

Modern Black Kitchen Design with Wood Accents

The sophistication of the black surrounds this kitchen and offers an elegant modern kitchen design. The black flat-panel cabinets and black penny tile backsplash create a sleek backdrop. Using a black grout for penny tiles provides a continuous look. The matte finishes of the cabinets and backsplash enhance the modernity while the wood dining table and copper pendants break the black domination to add visual interest.

ID# 134734 | – Credit© Анастасия Туганова и Ярослав Ряжский | Студия 25

Blue and White Kitchen with Patterned Floor

The beautiful blue shade of the penny tiles brings the calm and relaxing feel of the ocean into this contemporary kitchen. The glossy finish of the tiles complements the glossy white kitchen cabinets which create a bright and spacious atmosphere. The white countertop completes this bright look while blue and white patterned floor tiles add another layer to the design.

Fish Scale Tile Backsplash

Are you bored of classic backsplash tiles and searching for something different as backsplash tile shapes? Fish scale tiles are one of the hottest trends! With their uniquely whimsical shape, fish scale or scallop tiles allow you to create one-of-a-kind appeals for your kitchen walls. Whether you want to bring the calm and relaxing feel of the ocean with blue color or add a luxurious feel with marble, a fish scale tile backsplash comes in a wide range of material and color options.

ID# 134735 | – Credit

Beach-Style Kitchen with Blue and Wood Touches

In this beach-style kitchen, the navy blue fish scale tiles create an eye-catching focal point. With their clean and sleek appeal, white cabinets allow the backsplash to stand out. The butcher block countertop of the island and the wood counter chairs complete the beachy vibes which are created by the backsplash and natural textures. The glass pendant lights bring an open and airy feel to the room.

ID# 134736 | – Credit© Argue Custom Homes

White Home Bar with Glamorous Details

With its glamorous details and all-white color scheme, this stunning home bar design offers an eye-catching entertainment corner! The glossy finish of the scallop wall tile brightens up the space and offers a striking backdrop. The metallic details of the design such as the trim of the bar, the legs of the white chairs, and the chrome hardware complement the glossy appeal of the tiles.

ID# 134737 | – Credit© Jumble & Stack

Scallop Backsplash Tile Shapes for White Cabinets

If you are using all-white cabinets and countertops, the backsplash is the perfect place to add some color to your design. It doesn’t mean that you need to use vibrant colors, you can still make a statement with a sleek gray shade! Here, the gray scallop tiles create a striking focal point between the white features and make a soft touch against these crisp white colors. The black and gold hardware adds a luxurious feel to the design. The black lighting fixture and the wood counter chairs complete the modern style of the cabinetry.

Arabesque Tile Backsplash

If you want to reflect the classic beauty of the traditional style, arabesque tiles are the perfect choice for you! The unique and beautiful shape of these tiles is perfect to make a statement and it can easily characterize your kitchen with beautiful pattern and texture! Because of their curved shapes, these tiles are more suitable for traditionally styled kitchens but you can modernize them with different material options.

ID# 134738 | – Credit© Yana Svetlova Wallcoverings

Glamorous Arabesque Tile Backsplash with Modern Black Cabinetry

What a glamorous tile design! These arabesque tiles make a statement in this eclectic kitchen and create a glamorous backdrop for the modern black kitchen cabinets and black granite countertops. This kind of pattern might not be suitable for everyone’s taste. However, if you are looking for something eye-catching and bold, just go for it!

Herringbone Mosaic Tiles

White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

Try a Sample

Blue textured glass mixed herringbone mosaic tile

Try a Sample

ID# 134739 | – Credit© S&W Kitchens

Off-White Kitchen Cabinets with Granite Countertops

The stunning combination of off-white raised panel cabinets, white arabesque tile backsplash, and gray granite countertops offer a classic traditional kitchen design! The full-height white backsplash provides a nice textural backdrop while the rubbed oil bronze hardware and travertine floor tiles complete the traditional style.

ID# 134740 | – Credit© Masellis Designs

Black Kitchen Island With White Countertop and Wicker Chairs

This black and white traditional kitchen is spruced up with white arabesque tiles and brass details! The clean look of the white arabesque tile backsplash creates harmony with the light gray kitchen cabinets and white quartz countertops. The black kitchen island stands out between the light shades. The rattan counter chairs bring some beachy vibes and soften the sharp contrast between the white and black.

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