Purple Kitchen Ideas Incorporate the Rich Hues of Purple

23+ Purple Kitchen Ideas

Purple Kitchen Idea with Purple Transitions

From pale purple to white and purple itself, this kitchen has a stylish color transition. The light wood floors and the light hue of purple complement each other creating both a warm and colorful look. The pale purple bar stools and countertops create a matching look. Using flat-panel cabinetry without handless is a good idea to make the purple color of the cabinets stand out.

Purple Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops and a Hexagon Tile Backsplash

The dark purple base cabinets draw attention with their beautiful hue. The white countertops, white hexagon tile backsplash, hood, and white uppers enlighten the dark base cabinets creating a contrast between them. The monochromatic color of the gray hexagon tile floors increases the movement of the kitchen harmonizing with the white hexagon tile backsplash.

Purple Kitchen Ideas

Purple kitchen ideas are quite interesting in terms of design. Sweet lilac, aubergine, or another color for effect will undoubtedly offer tons of flair to kitchens both large and tiny. The interior design industry is seeing a resurgence of the vibrant purple kitchen ideas that were popular in the 1990s. Purple has symbolic meanings related to monarchy, grandeur, richness, and luxury in color psychology, as well as knowledge and spirituality. It is wise to use this hue for the kitchen. This hue works well for many styles and is available in a variety of tones. These include plum, mulberry, eggplant, periwinkle, barely lilac, heather, amethyst, and iris.

The color purple may be used as an accent hue in items like a food mixer, toaster, and tea towels, as well as a large section of a lavender-colored backsplash. As an alternative, if you enjoy the hue, go all out with painted cabinetry and a separate color for the walls for the purple kitchen ideas. On all counts, we adore vibrant kitchen designs, and purple unexpectedly complements a ton of other hues. As well as lighter tints, darker tones like dark cherry, raisin, and plum also look good. For a contemporary style, you may combine both, or you can stick with a single eye-pleasing color. A purple color scheme in the kitchen offers countless design possibilities. For more inspiration let’s scroll down and get inspired by the purple kitchen ideas that we gathered for you!

Modern Farmhouse Style with White Countertops and Wood Accents

The modern look of the farmhouse-style kitchen creates a luxurious feel with the perfect tone of the purple cabinets. The dark hue of purple stands out blending with the light wood accents. The white cabinetry, countertops, and white and gray backsplash design highlight the purple shaker cabinets. White walls and the ceiling with the light wood floors enlighten the purple cabinetry design.


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Bright and Airy Purple Kitchen with a Light Color Palette

Who would guess that light creamy tones and purple hues complement each other in such a perfect way? The light beige floor tiles and the cream walls surround the light purple cabinets creating an elegant appeal. Thanks to the high ceilings and wide window openings, the purple cabinetry has an airy and spacious atmosphere with a bright look.

Open Concept with a Light Color Scheme with Light Wood Details

The modern look of this small kitchen design stands out with the help of the purple color combination. The gray tones and the purple put a beautiful view in the kitchen. The open shelving system helps the small kitchen to look wider and makes the gray wall create a stylish combination with purple cabinetry. The light wood details add an elegant touch with a modern look to the small kitchen design.

Is purple color good for the kitchen?

Colors and styles can come and go in the design world. Purple is one of a good colors for kitchens that you can use without hesitation. From dark tones to light hues this color can bring energy and elegant appeals to your kitchen environment. Because it is rich, vibrant, and characterful like blue, and adds warmth to the kitchen, purple has become a popular alternative for kitchens. It is an incredibly adaptable hue.


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Purple Kitchen Idea with White Countertops and a Slab Backsplash

The stylish kitchen welcomes you with an energetic atmosphere. The perfect hue of the purple shaker cabinets creates joyful vibes. Having white marble countertops and a white marble slab backsplash is an excellent choice to enlighten the purple color and the environment. The light wood chevron floors bring movement to the interior and put an elegant appeal.

Butcher Block Countertops and Colorful Backsplash Tiles for a Spanish Design Style Look

The brown floor tiles and the butcher block countertops complement each other creating a matching look in terms of hues. The matte black hardware and the black stools put contrast toe purple shaker cabinets. The energetic atmosphere of the kitchen is boosted by the colorful backsplash tiles that increase the spring breeze of the environment with a Spanish design style touch.

Elegant and Modern Purple Kitchen Idea With Gray Countertops

The soft and light purple color transition boosts the elegant look of the kitchen and carries the design look to the next level. The light gray hue of the handleless cabinetry has a stylish combination with a soft contrast with gray countertops. This combination shines before the light and soft purple walls. Even the gray hues have purple hints that the overall look of the kitchen can create a perfect purple color transition.

How to Decorate a Purple Kitchen?

Most kitchens are white or neutral, but have you ever seen a purple one? For individuals who desire something unique that doesn’t resemble any other area and won’t be frequently seen here and there, a purple kitchen is a daring choice. The fact that purple and lilac colors are so uncommon for kitchens makes them ideal for people seeking something unique. But how to decorate a purple kitchen? Because it is an unusual color for kitchens you may hesitate to use it because you do not know how to decorate a purple kitchen.

You want purple in your kitchen and wonder how to decorate a purple kitchen with many hues of it; there are many different shades of purple, ranging from extremely light pastel ones to deep and dramatic ones. Keep in mind that light and pastel colors make the kitchen feel calm and spacious, while dark and striking purples give it a moodier feel. Warm colors of purple will make the room feel cozier and more relaxing, whilst cool shades will make it less cozy but still quite attractive. To prevent any gloomy appearances, consider using a really deep or brilliant color solely on the walls, only to lower cabinets, or only on the kitchen island. Black, white, grey, buttermilk, red, blue, and various metallics from silver to brass all complement purple well and give it a refined appearance.

All hues may be used in colorful kitchens, while dark kitchens can be decorated in black and purple or grey, and open, bright kitchens can be updated with white and neutrals. Consider a modern two-tone kitchen with white top cabinets and deep purple lower ones to create a light and stylish environment.

Purple Kitchen Cabinets

Shades of purple are fashionable and go nicely with contemporary kitchen cabinetry. This is not a rule, of course, you can see Spanish kitchens with purple kitchen cabinets, or farmhouse kitchen designs with them. Depending on whether red or blue tones are used in the kitchen design, purple kitchen cabşnet colors can create a cold or warm feeling in an interior area. The kitchen decor in light purple appears spacious and tranquil. With their striking contrasts and color schemes, rich purple kitchen cabinets create a statement.

Beautiful flowers like clematis or iris, as well as grapes dangling from wine, are often linked with deep purple hues. Light purple has a lilac-like fragrance that blooms in the spring that can bring natural and fresh air with purple kitchen cabinets to your kitchens. Purple is a distinctive and calming hue that may be included in your kitchen design to produce distinctive, remarkable, and fashionable decor. Although purple is not the most common hue, individuals that choose purple tones for their kitchen designs adore and delight in the lovely purple décor. Let’s scroll down and see some of the stunning examples of purple kitchen cabinets.

Contemporary Design with Purple Kitchen Cabinets and Brass Hardware

Such an elegant combination! The purple color scheme of the kitchen cabinets is accentuated by tray and brass hues. The brass hardware enriches the purple kitchen cabinets with a luxurious glam. The dark gray countertops and the light gray backsplash are terrific complementary elements for the cabinets. The contemporary design look of the kitchen is boosted by the brass hood which has a matching look with the faucet and the hardware.

White Subway Tile Backsplash and White Countertops with Brass Hardware

If you do not like the gray color, white is one of the perfect hues that complement the purple tones. The combination of the brass hardware and the light purple cabinets already looks stunning while the white countertops and the white subway tile backsplash enlighten the cabinetry. The classic farmhouse look is modernized by the purple cabinets and brass hardware.

Modern Design Style with Dark Purple Kitchen Cabinets and Black Countertops

The black countertops and the waterfalls of the island complement the dark purple flat-panel cabinets creating a sophisticated look. The chrome hardware and the faucet modernize the kitchen’s overall look. The stool tops match the slab backsplash putting a warm and casual appeal.


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Glossy Black and White Countertops with a Decorative Tile Backsplash

The yellow patterns of the decorative tile backsplash and the purple kitchen cabinets have such a stylish harmony. While the backsplash brings movement to the overall look the mismatched look of the black and white countertops balances the environment. The white countertops enlighten the dark purple cabinets while the light purple cabinets of the island are complemented by the black glossy worktop.


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Contemporary Design Look with Flat-Panel Cabinets And White Marble Countertops

This kitchen welcomes you with energetic vibes. The white marble countertops and the brass backsplash with the brass pendant lighting fixture enrich the kitchen’s overall look with a luxurious touch. Handleless cabinetry design prevents any busy look on the cabinet fronts. Thanks to the white marble countertops, the purple cabinets are enlightened and balanced.


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Purple Kitchen Cabinets and Terrazo Countertops with Wood Base Cabinets

You may think that all the design elements do not have any matching touch at the first glance, however, then you can realize the matching combinations in this kitchen. The purple cabinets and the terrazzo countertops complement each other harmonizing with the wood flat-panel base cabinets. The white square tile backsplash enlightens its multicolored environment and balances it.

What colors go well with purple?

The beautiful thing about purple is that it has such a wide spectrum of warm and cold undertones, making it fit with almost any color palette. Additionally, because purple has such a wide variety of colors, you can select a purple that leans classic or modern to suit any style. Typically, it complements orange, yellow, green, brown, black, white, and grey the best. However, different shades of purple also have suggested color pairings. In the end, the use of a room or the desired style would be the sole factor influencing these color choices.

Blush-Pink and Plum Color Scheme for a Modern Design Style

The light and dark purple hues of this kitchen create a movement in the environment. The white countertops and the wood panel walls increase the natural look bringing freshness to the kitchen’s interior. The energetic vibes of the purple kitchen cabinets are enriched by the brass and glass pendant lighting fixtures putting an elegant touch.


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Granite Countertops with a White Hexagon Tile Backsplash and Purple Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen has such an energetic personality! The granite countertops combine both brass hardware and purple cabinets. The matching look of the brass hardware and the countertops has a natural touch given by the wooden textures. The white hexagon tile backsplash adds texture and movement to this colorful kitchen look while enlightening them at the same time.

Purple Kitchen Backsplash

Backsplashes may beautify a room’s appearance while shielding the walls from spills and moisture. If you want to construct the ideal eye-catching kitchen interior design, you may develop and have the perfect backsplash to fit with your kitchen. Colors are significant since they make it simple to alter the atmosphere’s mood. Purple kitchen backsplashes are an excellent choice if you want a striking design that exudes energy and has a fashionable appearance.

Understanding the various purple kitchen backsplash styles is crucial since the patterns, materials, and lines may alter a number of aspects. You have the option of using a purple hexagon tile backsplash or a purple subway tile backsplash to give your kitchen personality. To the overall design theme, the purple kitchen backsplash types are equally as crucial as the color scheme. To get some kitchen backsplash inspiration, scroll down to discover some wonderful and stunning purple options!

Purple Kitchen Backsplash with White Quartz Countertops

The elegance of the purple kitchen backsplash enlightens the dark purple cabinets with a stylish appeal. The subway tiles, as a classic, keep the stylish farmhouse look. The white quartz countertops increase the organic flow of the kitchen interior with their gray marble-look veins. The mirror glass behind the hop adds an illusion and depth to the cabinetry design.

Classic Design with a Vibrant Color for a Large Space

The classic design look of the subway tile backsplash meets with the perfect purple color making a difference in this stylish kitchen. The purple open cabinets and the island worktop create a color transition between purple and white. The stone floor tiles and the soft cream walls complement each other emphasizing the purple color in the kitchen.

Is purple backsplash stylish?

If you want a vibrant design that radiates energy and has a stylish appearance, purple kitchen backsplashes are a great choice. The tile layouts and the purple color can bring all you need! From dark and deep tones to soft and pastels the purple backsplash designs can easily create stylish design looks in your kitchens.

Modern Look with a Classic Touch of a Beadboard Purple Kitchen Backsplash

The elegant look of this kitchen welcomes you with a warm atmosphere. The casual combination of the wood surfaces with purple cabinetry creates a stunning view with an elegant touch. The white countertops enlighten the purple cabinetry while the beadboard purple kitchen backsplash adds a stylish appeal.


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White Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops with a Bold Eye-Catchy Look

The purple kitchen backsplash makes a difference already with its stunning color and the herringbone layout makes it more eye-catchy and bold. The white grout of the purple tiles helps the tiles to stand out more and combine with the white kitchen cabinets. The dark charcoal tone of the hardware combines stylishly with the backsplash while creating a contrast with the white cabinetry design. White kitchen cabinets and countertops are perfect canvases to have a bold and eye-catchy backsplash design in the kitchens.

Purple Kitchen Appliances

In general, people get used to having stainless steel or white appliances in their kitchens. In recent times we see black appliances, too. This trio is popular among homeowners, of course. However, the ones who want some color in their kitchens but do not want to change their backsplash, wall, or cabinetry color want vibrant and vintage touches to their kitchens, and nowadays colorful kitchen appliances become popular. Let’s make the color spruce up with small touches in our kitchens! You can have many colors, and of them is the purple kitchen appliances that can shine through in your kitchens.

For a reason, all-white kitchens and kitchens that experiment with darker, moodier palettes are timeless styles. They are very adaptable and simple to change to accommodate the emergence of new kitchen fads. Big and small kitchen equipment is considerably more adaptable and the ideal method to add a dash of fun color to your house. You can have purple kitchen appliances in various ways. For instance, a vibrant refrigerator, oven, or dishwasher will make a bold statement in a kitchen, just like a trademark couch or eye-catching lamp might be the star in a living area. To make a statement, choose one large appliance, or go all out for the most impressive.


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Purple Kitchen Appliances with Deep Charcoal Shakers

This purple stove steals the show from the deep charcoal color shaker cabinets! When it comes to the purple appliances, this is a sleek and normal stylish kitchen with dark cabinets and white countertops with soft cream backsplash tiles, but the purple appliances bring all the energy to the kitchen and make a strong statement in the kitchen with a bold look.

Stunning View of the White Kitchen Cabinets with White Marble

This modern kitchen welcomes you with an elegant appeal! The white kitchen cabinets and the marble countertops with the marble slab backsplash increase the home’s value by harmonizing with the purple appliances! Thanks to the stainless steel top of the purple stove and the gray veins of the marble the color combination of the gravy and purple also creates a beautiful match.

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