Slate Mosaic Tile Backsplash Ideas, Projects and Tips

Emphasize the earthy beauty of natural stone by taking advantage of our top picks for slate backsplash tile. From the smooth honed surface stone to the textured 3D look of a natural cut stone, slate backsplash tile ideas will bring your kitchen to life.

Bring Nature in with Slate Backsplash Ideas

Need ideas for how to incorporate slate backsplash tile into your home? Try it these ways:

  • Try colorful natural slate backsplash ideas with medium brown cabinetry and beige quartz countertops with orange veining.
  • Mix white marble countertops with deep cherry cabinets to complement the natural color variation of slate.
  • Choose a mosaic tile with slate and glass to complement your brown cabinetry and sandy beige countertops.

Design schemes for incorporating slate backsplash ideas are endless. What will work the best in your home? You don’t need a high-end designer to make decisions for you. Let our gallery of images help you to decide which slate backsplash ideas appeal to you.

Slate Backsplash Ideas Natural Choose for Any Kitchen Projects

There’s a reason so many homeowners are choosing to go with slate backsplash ideas in their new kitchen projects. Besides the versatility of design choices available, slate backsplashes can offer features that few other high-quality materials can boast.

Slate tile comes with different settings, like mosaic tile, subway tile with individual pieces or mixed with glass inserts. Each slate tile pieces is unique because each looks different than others.

Slate is a natural stone, durable even when found in nature. When finished and polished to perfection, this backsplash will last for the long-haul in your kitchen. Water and stains will roll right off this rock, making it easy to maintain. Your slate backsplash ideas will look as good as new for years to come.

Don’t waste your time and money on a design feature that won’t last. Slate backsplash ideas bring the best of high-class design and durability together. These unique looks will be the envy of all your friends who wish they had followed their instincts.

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